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xx. See: B.7.II most people have SUPERFICIAL reasoning powers xxi. See: B.7.III most men of the masses are led by PETTY passions, paltry beliefs, traditions, and sentimental theorems xxii. See: B.7.V.a every resolution of the crowd depends upon CHANCE or a PACKED majority xxiii. See: B.7.VI.a all resolutions can SOW seeds of ANARCHY due to the crowds IGNORANCE of the 'Machinery of Politics' (MOD) xxiv. See: 24 Protocols of Zion xxv.1 Nephi 1:18,20 The Jews (SS) mock and try to kill Lehi (GAC) because he prophesies (GCOW) of their wickedness (UWIS), abominations (GAC) (MOL), and of the coming of the Messiah (COLG) xxvi. 2 Nephi 2:24-26 Laman and Lemuel (MOL) seek to gain power (GAC) by murdering Nephi (KOL); they argue that: Nephi wants power and authority over them; Nephi speaks sharp and angry words at them (WOG) xxvii. 2 Nephi 12:8 The land is full of idols (GAC); people worship the works made by their own hands (UWIS) xxviii. Mosiah 9:5-12; 10:18 King Laman (MOL), being lazy and idolatrous, used his cunning and craftiness by covenanting to allow Zeniff (KOL) and his people to possess and develop the land of Shilom; twelve years later King Laman sought to bring the people of Zeniff into bondage (KOD) xxix. Mosiah 11:6-10 King Noah (MOL) began taxing his people (UWIS) to support himself and his wicked priests (MOL); Noah caused his people: to build elegant buildings of fine workmanship (KOD); to build an elaborate palace (KOD); to build an expensive temple / headquarters with golden seats (KOD) for he and his priest to speak lying and vain words (MOL) to the people (UWIS) xxx.Mosiah 23:25-29,36-37 The Lamanite army (MOL) marched in and occupied the Land of Helam where Alma and his people (KOL) lived; the army promised to leave if Alma would help them; the army did not keep their promise (DIM) xxxi. Mosiah 24:1-9 Doctor / Professor Amulon (MOL) and his Nephite dissenter followers were appointed by King Laman (MOL) to be teachers and over the Lamanites teaching the following: the Nephite language/make-believe; reading; writing; mathematics/accounting; money/economics; law/tax/cunning; war/bondage/force (MOL) (GAC) xxxii. Mosiah 24:7-9 The Lamanites (MOL) became rich through economic trade (GAC); they became a cunning people (MOL); they gained the wisdom of the world (SUMW); they delighted in wickedness and plunder except among their own people (SS); they placed Alma and his people (KOL) in bondage (GAC) xxxiii. Mosiah 27:8-10 Alma, the younger (UWIS), uses flattery and many words of suggestive power to led away the people from the church (COLG); the enemy of God, the devil (SS), gains power over the people (UWIS), Alma, the younger, secretly works to destroy COLG with the sons of Mosiah (SS) xxxiv. Alma 1:2-8 Priest Nehor (MOL) teaches against COLG suggesting: that priests should not have to work (ATIC); that priests should receive money from the people (MOL) (priest craft, donation/tax); that all men would be saved (no devil) (SEG); the people believed Nehor (LOC) and gave him money to established his church (GAC) xxxv. Alma 1:20 Priest Nehor (MOL) and his followers persecute the members of the church of God (COLG) because they preached to each other without money and without price (ATIC) xxxvi. Alma 2:1-4 Amlici (MOL) knows the cunning (MOL) and the wisdom of the world (SUMW): he lures many people to follow him (SUMW); he seeks to gain the voice and vote of the people (MOL); he persuades them to help him become king (GAC), he seeks to deprive the people of their rights (MOL) (bondage) and destroy the church of God (COLG) xxxvii. Alma 10:32 The object of Zeezrom (MOL) and the other lawyers (MOL) is to get gain (money); they got gain according to their employment (GAC) xxxviii. Alma 11:22 Lawyer Zeezrom (MOL) offers money to Alma and Amulek (KOL) if they will deny the existence of the Supreme Being (COLG) xxxix. Alma 30:14-16 Korihor (MOL) declares that holy prophets (KOL) are a foolish tradition; no one knows what he cannot see (DIM); you cannot know Christ; your minds are frenzied and deranged by false traditions (COLG) xl. Alma 30:23-28 Korihor (MOL) teaches that ancient priests (KOL): have foolish ordinances (COLG); have usurped the power of the people (KOL); have kept people in ignorance and bondage (WOG); have never seen God (DIM) xli. Alma 30:17 Anti-Christ Korihor (KOL) preaches that these is no atonement for sin (SEG); men fare in this life: 1) according to the management of the creature (MOD) (bondage); 2) he prospers according to his genius (MOL); 3) he conquers according to his strength (SUMW); 4) there is no crime (GAC) (SEG) xlii. Alma 30:18 Korihor (MOL) causes people to lift-up their heads in wickedness (UWIS) and commit whoredoms (UWIS); he says there is no life after death (make-believe) (MOD) (SEG) xliii. Alma 30:53 Korihor (MOL) confesses that the devil (SS) appeared to him as an angel and deceived him (DIM); the devil told Korihor to reclaim the people (KOL); the devil said that the people worship an


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...