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judges (KOL) who will judge according to the Law of God (WOG) revealed on the Brass Plates of their fathers (WOG) xliii. Mosiah 29:27 King Mosiah (KOL) warns his people that when the voice of the people (liberalism) chooses wicked judges (MOL), God will visit the people with destruction (GCOW) according to His Word (WOG) as before (The Plates of Ether) (MOG) xliv. Mosiah 29:37-39 King Mosiah (KOL) convinces his people by comparative reasoning to elect judges (KOL) to administer justice according to the law of God (WOG) instead of having another king; the people agree (GRM); they gathered into bodies throughout the land and cast votes (LOC) for their first judges (liberalism) xlv. Alma 1:10-14 Chief Judge Alma (KOL) finds that Nehor (MOL) was using priest craft (receiving money for priest service) (donation/tax) (GAC) and that he was also guilty of murder; Nehor is executed for murdering Gideon (KOL) xlvi. Alma 2:5-7 Amlici (MOL) seeking to be king (GAC) by the voice / vote of the people before the judges (KOL) is unsuccessful xlvii. Alma 37:28 Alma warns of Gods curse on the wicked in the Promised Land (GCOW); destruction shall come by power of God to all the workers of darkness (SS) when they are fully ripe (MOG) xlviii. Alma 46:11-12,21-24 Captain Moroni (KOL) tears his coat; he writes a freedom slogan on it; he then attaches it to a pole (standard of liberty) symbolizing Joseph of Egypt‘s coat of many colors which was torn as he was sold into bondage (MOL) by his older brothers; the freemen (KOL) all enter a covenant with God (COLG) to preserve their liberty (KOL) (COLG) from bondage (MOL) (GAC) xlix. Alma 46:34-35 Moroni (KOL) received power over the Nephite army by the appointment of the chief judges (KOL); Moroni, to maintain a free government (SUMW), executed any Amalickiahite (UWIS) who would not enter into a covenant of freedom (COLG); there were few who denied the covenant of freedom (COLG) l. Alma 51:4-8 The king-men (MOL), those of high birth and seekers of power and authority (SS) over the people: seek to gain the voice of the people (LOC); seek to alter the laws (MOL) of government; seek to overthrow (SUMW) free government (COLG) and establish a king (GAC); the freemen (KOL) seek to maintain their rights (WOG), their religion, and their free government (ATIC) by a sworn oath and covenant with God (COLG) li. Alma 51:14 Moroni (KOL) was angry with the king-men (MOL) for their treason (SS); he obtains a petition with the voice of the people requesting for the governor (KOL) to give Moroni power to go against the dissenters (DIM) lii. Alma 51:16-19 The governor (KOL) grants Moroni (KOL) power to command the army against nobility (MOL); Moroni levels to the earth four thousand dissenters (DIM) that would not take up arms to support the cause of liberty (COLG) liii. Alma 51:20-21 Moroni (KOL) uses ‗fear of execution‘ to compel the king-men dissenters (MOL): to end their professed nobility (money) and pride (DIM); to yield to standard of liberty (COLG); to hoist a flag of liberty on their towers and cities; to fight to defend liberty from bondage (SUMW) liv. Alma 60:28-36 Captain Moroni (KOL) tells Chief Governor Pahoran (KOL): that he made a covenant (COLG) to keep the laws of God (WOG); that he does not fear their authority nor power (GAC); that he fears God (EG); that he defends his country by the sword according to Gods laws (WOG); that he does not seek for power, honor, or glory (DIM) (MOD); he seeks for the freedom of his country (COLG) lv. Alma 61:9 Chief Governor Pahoran (KOL): seeks not for power (GAC); seeks only to retain the judgment seat (KOL); seeks to preserve the rights and liberty of the people (COLG), the liberty by which God made the people free (WOG) lvi. Alma 62:9-10 Pahoran (KOL) executes the king-men (MOL) and the army of Pachus (DIM) for treason according to the law for denying freedom (KOL) and for the safety of the country (SUMW) lvii. Alma 62:46-48 Helaman (KOL) declared the Word of God (WOG) to the people (SUMR); they established the church of God (COLG) throughout the land; regulations made to the law (liberalism) and new judges and chief judges chosen (liberalism) lviii. Helaman 1:7-8 Paanchi (MOL) did not obtain the voice of the people to become chief judge and governor; he and his followers were angry (LOC); he began to flatter away the people into a revolution (SUMW); he was tried and executed by the voice of the people for rebellion and for seeking to destroy the liberty of the people (COLG) lix. Helaman 2:2 Helaman (KOL) was appointed to fill the judgment seat by the voice of the people (liberalism) lx. Helaman 13:14,22 Samuel the Lamanite (KOL) prophesies of the Nephite‘s (SS) curses (GCOW) except they repent (SUMR); the Nephites remember their riches, not to thank God, but to swell with pride, boasting, envying, strife, malice, persecutions and murders (GAC); when they (SS) cast out (LOC) the prophets (KOL) from their cities (KOD), they are ripe for destruction (MOG) (GCOW) lxi. 3 Nephi 12:1-2 Christ (COLG) gives power and authority to twelve disciples (KOL) to minister, teach, and


The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  
The Protocols of Zion - Freedom and Liberty  

The Protocols of Zion is a WARNING speaking from the dust of the IMMINENT apocalypse by God. Ancient Protocols of Zion from prophets of God...