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SPRING COLONIZATION TO CONSERVATION IN THE CARIBBEAN PAGE 14 Investigate the legacy of European colonialism in the history, culture, and marine MARINE BIODIVERSITY & CONSERVATION PAGE 18

environment of the Caribbean, alongside modern issues of environmental change and sustainability.

Atlantic Ocean

THE GLOBAL OCEAN PAGE 16 Explore the environmental and historical influences that have shaped New Zealand while examining the relationships


between different cultural groups and their marine environment. CARIBBEAN REEF EXPEDITION PAGE 8

MARINE BIODIVERSITY & CONSERVATION PAGE 18 Apply modern biodiversity research to place-based resource management in the coastal and open ocean environments. (Prerequisites) OCEANS & CLIMATE PAGE 20 Examine the role of the oceans in one of the most significant scientific dilemmas of our time – global climate change – in this upper-level research and policy semester. (Prerequisites)

SUMMER PACIFIC REEF EXPEDITION (2020 ONLY) PAGE 22 Investigate the changing Pacific Ocean environment, including a rare chance to study and compare remote, pristine coral reef ecosystems up close. PROTECTING THE PHOENIX ISLANDS PAGE 24 Take part in a rare scientific research voyage to the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, one of the last coral wildernesses on Earth.

SEA Semester Viewbook, 2019-2020