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“I learned about myself and who I want to be. It was a life-changing experience that gave me skills that will serve me throughout life and memories that will last forever.” SEA SEMINAR ALUMNA




You’re looking for a unique summer adventure, and an experience to help you grow.



Sea Education Association is the leading environmental studies program focused on the ocean.

A SUMMER YOU’LL NEVER FORGET Whether participating in our shore program, SEASCape, or going to sea with SEA Expedition, you’ll learn about ocean science and the environment, forge lasting friendships, and grow as a person and as a student. 2

FAST FACTS Located in the oceanographic research community of Woods Hole, Massachusetts Open to current high school students, including graduating seniors Programs on shore or at sea Over 10,000 high school and undergraduate alumni since 1971 Winner: 2016 National Science Board Public Service Award


Sea Education Association (SEA) was founded in 1971 by Corwith Cramer, Jr. and Edward “Sandy” MacArthur. Their passion – teaching people to “love the sea” – continues to drive SEA to this day. In addition to our flagship undergraduate study abroad program, SEA Semester®, SEA is pleased to offer multidisciplinary high school summer programs for motivated and qualified students. Learning by doing is a powerful element of SEA’s approach to education. For nearly 50 years, SEA has created ocean scholars, stewards, and leaders. Our alumni return home with a broader sense of the ocean’s importance to our planet and the critical need to preserve this precious resource for future generations. They also return with a deeper understanding of their own potential and ability to influence our world.



PROGRAM DATES Two 2-week sessions offered each summer. For dates: www.sea.edu/sea-expedition

“I learned lines and sails, but we also created a community I love and a strong feeling of dependence on each other.” SEA SEMINAR ALUMNA



SEA Expedition is a field-based program in which students participate in every aspect of an offshore sailing and oceanographic voyage. SEA Expedition takes place aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer, SEA’s Atlantic sailing research vessel. No sailing experience is required! Guided by professional scientists and crew, students gain hands-on experience, conduct marine science and policy research, operate a tall ship, and develop lifelong leadership and teamwork skills. Students stand watch as active crewmembers and are involved in all scientific and sailing operations on board. As busy as things are, there’s always time to make new friends, keep a journal, climb aloft to enjoy the view, and be inspired by the ocean environment!



Our scientific voyages focus on one or both of two protected offshore marine environments near Cape Cod, Massachusetts – Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and the Northeast Canyons & Seamounts Marine National Monument. Both are important habitats for rare and endangered species – whales, turtles, and seabirds – along with countless other marine organisms. Data collected by SEA Expedition students, ranging from acoustic recordings of whales to chemical nutrient measurements, help provide critical annual monitoring of these protected areas. Research is augmented with discussions of the history of and policy governing the protected areas.


and in lab, the learning process includes lectures, discussions, and written assignments. There is always something new to see, learn, or do! Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a Certificate of Completion with a ranking of high honors, honors, or pass based on their achievement and effort throughout the program. SAIL TRAINING & SEAMANSHIP


SEA Expedition’s sail training and seamanship components challenge students to form a team and sail a tall ship at sea. Teamwork, leadership, community, and a sense of shared mission are core values of all SEA programs. Students take responsibility for all shipboard operations to cultivate these life skills.

SEA Expedition is an academically rigorous program. In addition to routine watch standing duties on deck

The captain and professional crew instruct students in navigation, sail handling, and watch leadership

with emphasis on communication, thoughtful participation, and a planned approach to tasks - all essential in school, the workplace, and ultimately, in life. SEA Expedition participants grow not only as students, but as individuals, and as contributing members of a ship’s company. HEALTH & SAFETY

SEA fully recognizes the significant responsibility for training and housing young people at our campus in Woods Hole and for taking them to sea. Since 1971, SEA has continuously and thoughtfully honed its safety policies and procedures to minimize risk to program participants and personnel while achieving programmatic goals. We operate under a philosophy of prevention but prepare for and are capable of a broad spectrum of response. Safety is among our highest priorities on every voyage. The SEA Expedition vessel, SSV Corwith Cramer, is a 134-foot brigantine, custom designed

and built as an educational platform. It is a U.S. flagged, inspected, and regulated vessel, and designed specifically for SEA with student and crew safety foremost in mind. SSV Corwith Cramer is United States Coast Guard (USCG) certified and regularly inspected for ocean service. As a U.S. flagged Sailing School Vessel (SSV), the Cramer meets or exceeds the safety requirements for its USCG and American Bureau of Shipping class designations and possesses all required equipment for navigation and emergency situation response. The crew is highly trained, experienced, and fully licensed by the USCG. Daily contact is maintained with SEA’s office in Woods Hole and the vessel can be located at anytime. For more information about our commitment to health and safety, please visit www.sea.edu/safety.


PROGRAM DATES Two 3-week sessions offered each summer. For dates: www.sea.edu/seascape

“I made new friends that I know I will keep forever. I also came away from this experience with knowledge that most people will never have.” SEA SEMINAR ALUMNA



This shore-based program at SEA Headquarters offers motivated high school students the opportunity to study the marine environment from a variety of perspectives – scientific, historical, literary, and nautical. Participants live and study at our campus in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Academic programming is scheduled throughout each day, including on most weekend days. Coursework includes lectures, discussions, laboratory activities, and field trips; all introducing students to the study of oceanography, the history of humanity’s relationship with the oceans, and modern maritime issues. Teamwork, leadership, and sense of community are the underlying values of SEA’s academic curriculum. Participants not only grow as students, but as global citizens and individuals.



Introduction to Oceanography Taking full advantage of the local region, this course focuses on the coastal marine environment, with extensive fieldwork conducted in salt marsh and beach environments on Cape Cod. Students collect biological, geological, and physical data in the field, analyze that data in lab, and prepare and present group projects as part of this course. Woods Hole is an ideal location to introduce students to the exciting field of marine science. Students visit exceptional local research facilities such as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Marine Biological Laboratory, U.S. Geological Survey, and National Marine Fisheries. Oceans & Society Cape Cod and the surrounding New England coast have a rich heritage as a center for global maritime trade, commercial fisheries, shipbuilding, and naval


operations. Students explore the historical, political, cultural, and economic relationships between people and the oceans. Through an introduction to the skills and knowledge used by professional mariners over time, students examine how science and technology have developed both as a requirement for going to sea, and as a result of the maritime experience. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a Certificate of Completion with a ranking of high honors, honors, or pass based on their achievement and effort throughout the program. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

Leadership Training Effective skills in leadership, teamwork, and management are essential in school, the workplace, and in dealing successfully with dynamic or unplanned events. This program builds these skills in all three academic courses, emphasizing

communication, thoughtful participation, and a planned approach to tasks.

supervised by an adult house leader who also serves as a Teaching Assistant on shore.

Groups will work together to design, plan, and execute projects in the field, lab, and classroom, and the class will live as a community on the SEA campus for the duration of their time in Woods Hole.

Life in each cottage revolves around its common/ dining area, where students help prepare meals, share cleaning duties, and live in community with one other. After dinner, there is an evening activity, followed by quiet time for study and using the library, student lounge, and computer facilities. This environment is conducive to the underlying goals of teamwork and community building.

Field Work This program provides opportunities for field trips to Cape Cod National Seashore, New Bedford’s Whaling Museum and fishing industry, various labs and research facilities located in Woods Hole, the New England Aquarium, local salt marshes, and other locales. Students will be off campus several times a week. LIFE ON CAMPUS

The house leaders organize evening and weekend activities which may include special evening musical entertainment, and movie and popcorn nights. Students often join together to play volleyball, soccer, and Frisbee, and to participate in team-building activities.

SEASCape students live in three cottages on SEA’s campus, each accommodating up to nine individuals. While the cottages are co-ed, students are assigned to single-sex rooms. Each cottage is closely


PROGRAM COSTS For information on costs, which include room, board, tuition, lab and book fees: www.sea.edu/seascape www.sea.edu/sea-expedition

APPLICATION & ADMISSIONS SEA Expedition and SEASCape are open to high school students who have completed their freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior years and have successfully completed at least one high school level science and one high school level mathematics course. Admissions operates on a rolling basis, meaning we review applications on a first-come, first-served basis until each class is full. We welcome applications up to one year in advance of the program start. REQUIRED MATERIALS

1. Online Application & Application Fee 2. Original One-Page Essay 3. Official High School Transcript 4. Academic Reference Form For more details, visit www.sea.edu/high_school_programs.

“I hope I get teachers like this in college. They were unique and perfect for the program.” SEA SEMINAR ALUMNA



Limited financial aid is available for qualifying applicants. Financial aid applications are due by April 20. Awards are determined after acceptance to the program; recipients will be notified by email. To apply, please submit: 1. A letter from your parent explaining your family’s financial situation. This should address the number of children in college or private schools, special circumstances such as high medical bills or unemployment, etc. It should also include the amount that your family can contribute toward the program cost. 2. Your supporting parent’s most recent Federal Tax Return. ADDITIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS

A limited number of need-based scholarships are available. Milton Academy Scholarship Milton Academy awards the Roger Hallowell Scholarship to one Milton Academy student

each summer to cover their “Program Expenses.” Deadlines may apply. Contact: Mr. Tom Gagnon, Science Department, Milton Academy, 617-898-1798. Cape & Islands Resident Scholarship SEA awards this scholarship to one student each summer who is a year-round resident of Cape Cod or the Islands to cover his/her “Program Expenses.” April 20 deadline. Contact: Ms. Dale Dean, SEA Financial Aid Office, ddean@sea.edu. Henry H. Anderson, Jr. Sail Training Scholarships Tall Ships America (TSA) offers awards of up to $750 to students between the ages of 14-19 who are embarking on a sail training experience. To apply, students must first be accepted to SEA Expedition. Deadlines may apply. Contact: 401-846-1775 or www.sailtraining.org. Children’s School of Science Scholarships SEA awards special scholarships to alumni of the Woods Hole Children’s School of Science. Contact: Ms. Dale Dean, SEA Financial Aid Office, ddean@sea.edu. 14

Sea Education Association www.sea.edu P.O. Box 6 Woods Hole, MA 02543 800-552-3633 x770 800-977-8516 fax 15

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SEA High School Programs  

SEA offers two unique summer high school programs for current high school students, including graduating seniors. Choose from a shore-based...

SEA High School Programs  

SEA offers two unique summer high school programs for current high school students, including graduating seniors. Choose from a shore-based...

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