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Following SEA 2014-2015 Annual Report Issue, Winter/Spring 2016

45 Years of SEA Semester速

Illustrations Available for Purchase. Illustrations of SEA vessels are available for purchase in celebration of SEA’s 45th Anniversary. See page 16 for more information.

SSV Robert C. Seamans


SSV Corwith Cramer

SSV Westward


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2014-2015 Report to Donors From Board Chair Susan E. Humphris ................. 5 Annual Report ........................................................................................................................6-15

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Established by Congress in 1950, the National Science Board (NSB) is the policymaking body for the National Science Foundation. NSB also advises the President and Congress on science and engineering policy issues. The Board’s 24 members are drawn primarily from universities and industry and represent a variety of science and engineering disciplines. Board members are selected for their eminence in research, education or public service and records of distinguished service.

Sea Education Association Receives National Science Board Award Honoring 45 Years of SEA Semester®

Award Nominator: Robert B. Gagosian, Ph.D. President Emeritus, Consortium for Ocean Leadership Award References: George M. Woodwell, Ph.D. Founder and President Emeritus, The Woods Hole Research Center

Carl Safina Endowed Chair of Nature and Humanity, Stony Brook University, Founding President, The Safina Center Cynthia R. Robinson, Director, AAAAS Science & Technology Fellowships Program, American Association for the Advancement of Science

The National Science Board has announced that its 2016 Group Public Service Award honors Sea Education Association for substantial contributions to increasing public understanding of science in the United States. In his letter of nomination Robert B. Gagosian wrote: Since its inception in 1971, SEA has fulfilled a need to create ocean scholars, stewards, and leaders through interdisciplinary, hands-on experience at sea. It is fair to say that SEA, more than any other organization, has been responsible for inspiring undergraduates to go on to pursue careers in marine science. No other hands-on field research oceanographic program impacts so many young minds in such a profound way. No other undergraduate program alumni have such a profound influence in the world of marine science. Thus, it seems fitting that in its 45th year, SEA’s sustained excellence and dedication to exposing and educating students to ocean sciences and to contributing to an ocean-literate citizenry, is recognized by the National Science Board Public Service Award. I strongly recommend that you recognize SEA’s outstanding leadership and extraordinary history of shaping and encouraging the next generation of scientists and ocean scholars, stewards and leaders. The organization has had a substantial impact.

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016


Sea Education Association Receives National Science Board Award Sea Education Association (SEA) is an internationally recogresearch. Today, Sea Education Association is a valued member of nized leader in undergraduate ocean education. Since 1971, it has the Woods Hole community and a recognized leader in education equipped students with tools to become environmentally literate under sail. leaders prepared to address the defining issue of the twenty-first SEA has evolved dramatically over the years. Much of that century: the human impact on the environment. For 45 years, expansion can be credited to Rafe Parker, who succeeded Cory SEA Semester students have been conducting research, collecting Cramer as director in 1982. In addition to making substantial data, and contributing to what we know about the world’s oceans. improvements to SEA’s campus, Rafe oversaw the building of a SEA Semester provides an experiential opportunity to gather second ship; in 1987, the Corwith Cramer was launched, and with firsthand knowledge that will influence students’ lifelong relationit an entirely new classification of sailing school vessel. It was also ships with the ocean. As society becomes more aware of how during his tenure that the SSV Robert C. Seamans, a brigantine integral the oceans are to the planet, it must also understand how with a sophisticated laboratory funded by the National Science to conserve these important resources. Moving Foundation, replaced Westward. This beyond the textbook toward practical state-of-the-art vessel, launched in 2001, has “I believe that there is no application, hands-on research, and personal made it possible for SEA to offer SEA substitute for hands-on experience, SEA Semester prepares students to Semesters in both the Atlantic and Pacific experience, especially at this take a more active role in solving today’s Oceans. This tradition of innovation and environmental problems. constant improvement continued under the time when young people are SEA was founded in 1971 by a small group leadership of John Bullard, who took over as more disconnected from the led by Corwith “Cory” Cramer, Jr. and President in 2002 and retired in June 2012. world than ever. Wherever I Edward “Sandy” MacArthur. Cory was a During his term, SEA developed the Stango I meet people in varied leader and passionate advocate of learning by ford@SEA program and formed additional doing. His idea was to create a program to partnerships with domestic and foreign professions, from marine give undergraduates the opportunity to study universities. SEA's academic offerings biologists to romance the ocean from a multitude of academic expanded from one program to six and the novelists, whose touchstone perspectives, and to do it from the platform of science done by SEA students and faculty experience of youth was being a traditional sailing vessel. Such a program became internationally recognized, especially at sea with Sea Education would also bring attention to a vast and largely in the area of marine debris. In 2013 Peg unexplored discipline—the young field of Brandon became the first alumna president of Association (SEA).” marine science—while offering each student SEA. During her tenure, new programs and —Carl Safina, founder, The Safina Center the chance to live and work in the ocean new cruise tracks greatly expanded the global environment. reach of SEA Semester and increased enrollment. SEA Semester is the result of Cory Authentic research experience is a hallmark Cramer’s efforts and those of his many of SEA Semester. Whether conducting friends and supporters. The earliest SEA advanced research in natural science, social Semester programs were directed from science, public policy, or humanities, headquarters in Chicago and Boston. In students gain skills that allow them to 1975, Cory brought the organization meet the professional standard for and its original sailing vessel, the R/V disciplinary data collection, analysis Westward, to Woods Hole, and communication of results. SEA Massachusetts, a world-renowned Semester students have co-authored center of oceanographic teaching and publications in peer-reviewed


FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016

A student plots the ship’s position in the doghouse of the Robert C. Seamans.

A student collects Sargassum with the dip net.

Students play instruments during a voyage from New Zealand to Tahiti.

Facing page: Students looking out from Duke’s Nose over Whangaroa Bay in New Zealand; Plastic collected from the North Sargasso Sea.

literature and have presented at nationally and internationally recognized conferences. SEA Semester students pursue research projects with local, national and international relevance, many of which make use of professionally accepted frameworks and metrics. The Ocean Health Index (OHI) metrics, developed in 2012, provide a valuable template for SEA Semester student contributions to this global-scale research effort. SEA-collected data on plastic marine debris has already been incorporated into OHI publications. In 2010, SEA conducted the first federally funded research expedition dedicated solely to examining the accumulation of plastic debris in the North Atlantic Ocean. The 2010 expedition documented high plastic concentrations from Bermuda to the center of the North Atlantic Ocean, including the highest plastic concentration ever recorded (26 million pieces per square kilometer). SEA has catalogued and archived more than 100,000 individual plastic pieces since 1986, and SEA authors have published analyses of these data in a number of scientific articles. In 2012, the second expedition dedicated to plastic debris was conducted in the North Pacific Ocean. Both of these expeditions were staffed by SEA alumni and had web-based and educational outreach programs. During 2016, SEA will convene the fifth Annual Sargasso Sea Symposium where students from SEA Semester: Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (MBC) will interact with current leaders in conservation science and policy. In addition to providing critical professional development experience for the undergraduates the Symposium serves as an opportunity for SEA to showcase the excellent quality of research being mentored by its faculty. In the last five academic years, students who have enrolled in SEA programs come from 229 colleges and universities in the US and 15

“SEA has built a new realm of scholarship in public affairs focused on students of great talent who come together before the mast to study ships and the sea and to learn fundamentals of oceanography and life and to put it all to work in a realm that is completely new for many of them: the public interest.” —George Woodwell, founder, The Woods Hole Research Center

“I have followed SEA’s evolution and am impressed by its growth since the initial class on R/V Westward in 1971 set sail to explore the Caribbean. Two new ships have been built, the program now operates across the Pacific Ocean as well as the Atlantic, academic programs on ocean policy have been introduced, and more than 10,000 individuals have had the experience to “know the ropes,” see science come alive in the ocean environment, and understand the importance of that science for society.” —Cynthia R. Robinson, W-64, AAAS

international colleges and universities. SEA has affiliation agreements for direct credit transfer from 45 colleges and universities and the others transfer credit through an agreement with Boston University. There are now over 8,000 SEA Semester alumni and another 2,000 teacher and high school program alumni. • Over 120 of our alumni are faculty members who teach environment related courses at who teach environment related courses at 112 112 colleges or universities including colleges or universities including Stanford, Stanford, Colby, Smith, BostonMIT, University, Colby, Smith, Boston University, Johns MIT, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and Columbia. Hopkins, Cornell, and Columbia. • Over 52% of SEA Semester alumni have gone post-graduate degrees. gone onon to to post-graduate degrees. • SEA alumni have gone on to careers in science, conservation marine related science, conservation andand marine related positions influence. positions of of influence. SEA’s fully accredited study abroad program, SEA Semester, is the leading off campus environmental studies program focused on the ocean. Evolving from a single program in 1971, SEA Semester programs are multi-disciplinary learning communities that address the critical environmental issues of our time: • Climate change (i.e. in our program Oceans and Climate) Oceans and Climate) • Sustainability (i.e. in our program Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures Sustainability in Polynesian Island and Ecosystems) Cultures and Ecosystems) • Biodiversity (i.e. in our program Marine Biodiversity and Conservation) Biodiversity and Conservation) • Environmental Justice (i.e. in our program Colonization to Conservation in the Caribprogram Colonization to Conservation bean) in the Caribbean) This spring, at a Washington DC awards ceremony, leaders in higher education and science, as well as congressional, federal, and private industry communities will celebrate the accomplishments of SEA as an award recipient. n FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016



[leg-uh-see] an applicant to or student at a school that was attended by his or her parent SEA Semester now has 36 alumni legacies, with that number having almost doubled over the last two years. There is one alumna who has two children who are legacies, three alumni couples with children who are legacies and one “grand-legacy,” a grandmother alumna with a granddaughter legacy.

Alex Salesin S-264, daughter of Jeremy Salesin W-75.

Jillian Valpey S-264, granddaughter of Marion Valpey W-41.

Janet McMahon W-39 and daughter Sophie Davis S-258.

Biff Umhau, W-36, and daughter Blaire S-238.


FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016

This spring Alex Salesin and Jillian Valpey were S-264 shipmates on the SSV Robert C. Seamans in SEA Semester: The Global Ocean with a cruise track that took them from Auckland to Christchurch in New Zealand. Alex is the daughter of Jeremy Salesin, W-75, who sailed from Key West to Woods Hole in 1984. Jillian is the granddaughter of Marion Valpey, W-41, who attended SEA Semester in 1978 while she was in her 40’s and doing undergraduate work at Wellesley. Although Marion joined an alumni sail in Tahiti in 2005 when she was in her 70’s, she now calls herself an “armchair sailor.” Alex and Jillian are among the latest legacies to join the alumni community at SEA—and we refer to Jillian as the first ‘grand-legacy.’ Jeremy has been thinking about his children attending SEA Semester since they were born. He took Alex on an alumni sail from Los Angeles to San Diego when she was 12 and Alex says she has been thinking about it since that time. Alex also completed a Science at SEA high school program and sailed with her father on two more alumni sails before she enrolled in SEA Semester. Jillian feels that SEA Semester challenged her in the best way possible. She says, “While I am not a science major I know this program will help me in a professional sense. As an accounting major and about to enter the corporate world, the leadership and teamwork skills that I have learned will translate to an office setting. The responsibility and accountability that we have learned by working in this dynamic environment will be important skills in any field of work.” Janet McMahon, W-39, was a student in 1978 and returned to volunteer as a sailing intern and guest lecturer on C-263 this year. Her student trip took her from South Carolina, around Florida and up the Mississippi to New Orleans, then out into the Gulf Stream all the way to Woods Hole. Her recent cruise track was very different, departing the Canary Islands for a transatlantic voyage ending in St. Croix. Janet’s daughter, Sophie Davis, S-258, participated in SEA Semester: Oceans and Climate with a cruise track from Christchurch, New Zealand to Papeete, Tahiti. Their combined cruise tracks are a real testament to the now global reach of SEA Semester. Sophie was surprised and excited to see how similar her experience was to that of her mother. Both have memories based on the same passion for the ocean and the simple and beautiful way of life at sea. Janet says, “I wish everyone could experience time with SEA. I encourage parents to let their children move out of their comfort zone. The staff are among the most capable and compassionate I have ever met. Being disconnected from the buzz of the mainland, doing difficult physical work, the rigorous academics, learning through immersion in a foreign environment, and the tightness and the community that develops when at sea can’t be duplicated anywhere. It gives students perspective.” Biff Umhau, W-36, sailed on the trip south from Woods Hole to Puerto Rico in 1977. His daughter Blaire, S-238, first participated in a high school program, Oceanography of the Southern California Bight, in the summer of 2007. She then participated in a full SEA Semester with a cruise track from Hawaii to Tahiti in 2011. About her experience, she said, “I understand now how small we are in relation to the rest of the universe. You gain appreciation for that perspective when your ship is so far out to sea that the closest people outside the boat are in the space shuttle orbiting 250 miles above you. I gained a lot of practical skills in science that I use every day as a grad student in ocean science. I found the challenges associated with studying on a ship exhilarating and am constantly looking for new ways to challenge myself. I have just spent the last week at the Oceans Sciences Meeting in New Orleans, presenting my first research paper as a graduate student!” continued on page 20

2014-2015 ANNUAL REPORT This year marks a milestone in SEA’s history—its 45th Anniversary! While the organization, its programs, its campus, and its ships have evolved over the years, SEA has remained dedicated to its mission of educating students about the ocean and the human-ocean experience. I look forward to celebrating this milestone when the Corwith Cramer returns to Woods Hole in May. It is particularly fitting (and extremely exciting) that the National Science Board has selected SEA to receive its Public Service Award this year. This Award recognizes “individuals and groups that have made substantial contributions to increasing public understanding of science and engineering in the United States.” It is a very prestigious award and is an honor for which everyone at SEA—faculty, staff, students, alumni, Trustees and Overseers, and our dedicated supporters—can be very proud. There is much to celebrate in this anniversary year. SEA has reached over 9,000 undergraduates, high school teachers, and students, teaching them about the ocean and taking them to sea for hands-on research Susan E. Humphris, Chair Board of Trustees, February 2016 and sailing experience. It has inspired ocean leaders, scholars, and stewards, and most of those who the organization has touched in some way have become passionate about the health and sustainability of the marine environment. The reach of SEA’s alumni—in academia, government, maritime industries, and business—is impressive, and speaks to the intellectual diversity and excellence of SEA’s programs and their importance in preparing students to assume leadership roles in their chosen careers. But SEA has become more than that: with its new cruise tracks that take its sailing vessels from Europe to islands in the western Pacific, SEA is now truly a global organization with collaborations worldwide. The research that SEA conducts helps shape public dialog and policy through long-term environmental research, as exemplified by the recent publications concerning plastics in the ocean. SEA has come a long way since its early days taking “apprentices” on voyages on the Westward! There is another group that I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate, and that is our long time donors (Full and By listed on Page 15) who have been so loyal to SEA over its history. You have demonstrated a passion for SEA’s mission, confidence in SEA’s programs and its faculty, and an appreciation of the impact of SEA on its students. We are forever grateful to you for your dedication and generosity. Finally, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all who have contributed to SEA over the last year. Your support is critical in enabling SEA to offer the best undergraduate ocean-based programs. As we embark on another 45 years, I hope you will continue to support SEA and help us offer a diverse group of students the opportunity to learn about and experience the ocean. 2015-2016 Officers, Trustees, and Overseers Officers Susan Humphris, Chair Richard Burnes, Vice Chair Levin Campbell, W-60, Vice Chair Linda Cox Maguire, Vice Chair Robert Knapp, W-99, Treasurer Richard Chandler, W-7, Clerk Margaret Brandon, W-48 ex-officio

Trustees Emeriti Margaret Clowes James Humphreys John Kingsbury Paul Perkins Thomas Weschler Peter Willauer

Presidents Emeriti John Bullard Rafe Parker


Ronald Baird Jacob Brown Walter Brown

Richard Cost Peter Ellis John Gerngross, W-20 Lauren Gilbert, S-190 Richard Hawkins Jerome Heller Morris Kellogg Jian Lin Bartlett McGuire Philip McKnight Jessica McWade Lauren Morgens, C-158 Christopher Penn, W-6 Willis Wang Anthony Whittemore John Wigglesworth, W-5


Katrina Abbott Richard Armstrong, W-13 Susan Avery Cynthia Badan, W-95 Paul Berkner, W-52 Amy Bower, W-47 Emily Bramhall, W-27 David Brown Jane Brown

John Cahill, W-98 James Clark* Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Ellen Cost Richard Cost William Cramer John Damon Sarah Das, W-129 Jamie Deming, W-14 William Dennison, W-33 Scott Doney, W-76 William Duggan, W-35 Sylvia Earle Stephen Fantone Susan Farady, W-83 John Farrington Robert Foulke Lloyd French, W-130 Robert Gagosian Robert Giegengack Douglas Goldhirsch, W-48 Sarah Gould, W-66 Samuel Gray Benjamin Gutierrez Gwendolyn Hancock, C-166 David Higgins Charles Holloway, W-58

Meghann Horner-Smith, C-163 Michael Hudner Gordon Hughes David Jackson Ambrose Jearld Robert Johnson Royal Joslin Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Stephen Laster, W-83 Kenneth Legg Clifford Low, W-22 Ivan Luke Katherine Lund, C-121 Martin Madden Edward Madeira Caleb McClennan, W-144 Jim Millinger Walter Mitchell, W-16 Sarah Murdock, W-66 Elizabeth Nicholson Dennis Nixon Leonard Pace, W-178 Leroy Parker Margaret Parker Cheryl Peach William Pinkney Kenneth Potter, W-43

George Putnam Christopher Reddy Dwight Reese, W-41 Ralph Richardson Cynthia Robinson, W-64 Hal Rose, W-38 Andrew Rosenberg, W-7 Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 Carl Safina Robert Seamans Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Rebeccah Sparkes, C-183 Michael Taylor Walter Thompson Ashley Tobin Deborah Warner Henley Webb Charles Willauer, W-40 Gale Willauer, W-30 Richard Wilson Eric Wolman George Woodwell G. Stewart Young

We gratefully acknowledge the many alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who generously contributed their money, time and effort to Sea Education Association during the 2014-2015 fiscal year. Every effort has been made to list all contributions accurately from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. If, however, an error has been made, please accept our apologies and notify us.

* Deceased

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016


Major Donors Club MASTERS ($10,000 AND ABOVE)

HELMSMEN, ($5,000 TO $9,999)

MATES ($2,500 TO $4,999)

Anonymous (4) Jacob and Barbara Brown Richard and Nonnie Burnes Levin Campbell, W-60 Alexandra and David Dohan Charlotte Goddard, W-143, and Carl Swanson Kathleen Joseph, W-58 Elizabeth Martin, W-28, and Kenneth Fabert Edwin and Linda Morgens Lauren Morgens, C-158, and Matthew Sarver Margaret Parker Christopher, W-6, and Diane, W-16, Penn Manning and Virginia Smith Rowan Smith, S-183, Thomas Watson Brooks, W-36, and Catherine Wallin Steuart Walton, W-158B Eric and Sandra Wolman

Anonymous Timothy, W-54, and Sandy Armour Walter and Kiyoko Brown Elizabeth Cabot Nancy Daugherty John Gerngross, W-20, and Cheryl Doty Marci Glazer, C-103, and Jonathan Kaplan Suzanne Jonsson, W-29 Morris and Elizabeth Kellogg Robert Knapp, W-99, and Kristin Collins Amy, C-151, and Daniel McMorrow Susan, W-10, and Robert Nalewajk Clare Parker, C-138, and Nick Damner Leroy and Winifred Parker Arden Pickoff-Rafferty, S-248 George and Kathy Putnam Thomas Rafferty and Dian Pickoff G. West and Victoria Saltonstall Robert and Stella Mae Seamans Robert Szafranski, W-98, and Nguyet Vo Gale, W-30, and Charles, W-40, Willauer Bonnie Wood, W-36, and Janet Wheeler

Margaret Brandon, W-48 John, W-98, and Rachel Cahill Richard, W-7, and Cynthia Chandler James* and Ruth Clark Judith Cook Samuel and Margaret Gray Richard Hawkins and Marian Ferguson David and Ilona Higgins Gordon and Elizabeth Hughes Adrian Mason Brittain Mason Jeff and Maria Mason Bartlett and Cynthia McGuire Steven Morgan Sally, W-15, and Robert Quinn Bonnie Fry Rothman, W-103, and Michael Rothman Matthew Scheuer, C-240 Alma Scully Robert and Cynthia Spencer William* and Mary Warden Richard and Anne Webb

Anchor Watch Established in 1991, the Anchor Watch society honors those special donors during their lifetime and to celebrate the important role that the Anchor Watch society has in the future of SEA. Please contact Crickett Warner,, for more information on planned giving.

Barbara Brown Jacob Brown Richard Burnes Levin Campbell, W-60 Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Norris Claytor John Damon E. Peter Elsaesser Edwin Fischer Samuel Gray

Richard Hawkins Grace Hinkley Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Robert Knapp, W-99 Fred Larson Katherine Lund, C-121 Mary Madden Michael Madden Bartlett McGuire Philip McKnight

Don McLucas Jim Millinger Margaret Parker Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 David Ross Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Galen and Anne Stone Richard Wilson Eric Wolman

Trustee and Overseer Donors to the Annual Fund 2014-2015 Trustees Ronald Baird † Margaret Brandon, W-48 † Jacob Brown Walter Brown Richard Burnes Levin Campbell, W-60 Richard Chandler, W-7 Scott Doney, W-76 † Peter Ellis Lauren Gilbert, S-190 Richard Hawkins Jerome Heller † Susan Humphris

Robert Knapp, W-99 Jian Lin † Linda Cox Maguire Bartlett McGuire Philip McKnight Jessica McWade † Lauren Morgens, C-158 † Richard Murray, W-71 Christopher Penn, W-6 Kenneth Potter, W-43 Anthony Whittemore † John Wigglesworth, W-5 Richard Wilson

Trustee Emeriti

Presidents Emeriti

John Kingsbury Paul Perkins Thomas Weschler Peter Willauer

John Bullard Rafe Parker

On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years.


FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016

Overseers Katrina Abbott † Richard Armstrong, W-13 Susan Avery † Cynthia Badan, W-95 Paul Berkner, W-52 Amy Bower, W-47 † Emily Bramhall, W-27 David Brown † Jane Brown John Cahill, W-98 Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Sarah Clowes, W-145A † Ellen Cost Richard Cost William Cramer † John Damon † Sarah Das, W-129 Jamie Deming, W-14 William Dennison, W-33 William Duggan, W-35 Stephen Fantone Susan Farady, W-83 John Farrington Robert Foulke Robert Gagosian John Gerngross, W-20

Robert Giegengack † Douglas Goldhirsch, W-48 Sarah Gould, W-66 Samuel Gray Benjamin Gutierrez Gwendolyn Hancock, C-166 † David Higgins Charles Holloway, W-58 † Meghann Horner-Smith, C-163 Gordon Hughes David Jackson Ambrose Jearld Robert Johnson Royal Joslin Morris Kellogg Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Robert Knapp, W-99 Stephen Laster, W-83 Kenneth Legg Clifford Low, W-22 Ivan Luke Katherine Lund, C-121 † Martin Madden Edward Madeira Caleb McClennen, W-144 † Jim Millinger Sarah Murdock, W-66

Elizabeth Nicholson Dennis Nixon † Leonard Pace, W-178 Leroy Parker Margaret Parker Cheryl Peach John Phillips George Putnam Robert Quinlan Dwight Reese, W-41 Ralph Richardson Hal Rose, W-38 † Andrew Rosenberg, W-7 † Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 Carl Safina Robert Seamans † Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Rebeccah Sparkes, C-183 † Michael Taylor Walter Thompson Ashley Tobin † Deborah Warner Charles Willauer, W-40 Gale Willauer, W-30 Eric Wolman George Woodwell G. Stewart Young * Deceased

Annual Fund Donors Clubs SEAFARERS ($1,000 TO $2,499)

Anonymous Donald and Barbara Abt Susan Avery Ronald and Kay Baird † William and Beatrice Booth Emily Bramhall, W-27 Seth, W-132, and Kirtley Cameron Levin and Eleanor Campbell Aron, W-126, and Lucia Clymer † William Cramer † Terry and Karen Cronburg Jamie, W-14, and David Deming David Drinkwater, C-113 Peter and Cynthia Ellis Ford and Jean Elsaesser Grace, W-45, and Daniel Evans Ralph and Erika Forbes David, C-174, and Laura Frank John and Meryl French Matthew Fromboluti, S-189 Benjamin, C-164, and Anne Hall Jerome and Anne Heller † Daniel and Lori Hirce Ryan Hirce, S-221 Robert and Christine Holo Meghan Horner-Smith, C-163, and Andy Smith Susan Humphris and George Lohmann Robert and Elizabeth Johnson Barbara Woll Jones Edward Kane and Martha Wallace † William and Jaynie Kind Stephen, W-83, and Debra Laster James Lazar, W-78, and Carolyn Leep Kenneth and Ardelle Legg Beau, W-132, and Jennifer Lescott † George and Emily Lewis Nina Lian, W-39, and Harlow Farmer † Jian Lin and Kelan Huang † Barbara Littlefield Edward and Grace Madeira Linda Cox Maguire and John Maguire R. Hardin Matthews and Jane Dougan Susan Matthews, C-124 Caleb McClennen, W-144, and Christy Loper † Philip and Kathy McKnight Peter and Valerie McNeely Jessica McWade and Walter Kulkinski † Margaret, W-30, and Roger* Merrill Jim Millinger Leonard Pace, W-178, and Sabra Loewus Jennifer, W-156, and Martin Patterson † Paul and Mary Perkins Dwight Reese, W-41 E. Denley Poor-Reynolds, W-57, and Matthew Reynolds Carol Przysinda Dwight Reese, W-41 Walter, W-81, and Sandi Ricker David and Marian Rocker George Rockwood Hal, W-38, and Lisa Rose † Paul Rosenzweig, W-43, and Kathleen Kunzer Edward and Susie Rowland Carl Safina † Jeremy, W-75, and Dianne Salesin Katrina, W-15, and John Schilling Larry and Beryl Schmitt Peter Schultheiss, W-36, and Teri Clark Gary Schwarzman*

Scott Seaver, W-31 Michiru Shimada, C-148 Holbrook, C-105, and Tracy Smith Stacey, W-153, and Cutter Smith † Veronica Sperling Eric Swergold, C-102, and Dawn Dobras Leopold and Jane Swergold Walter and Nancy Thompson Rachel Tilney, C-109 Rebecca, C-144, and Jeffrey Trachsel † Joseph Twichell † Robert, W-121, and Colby Van Alan Janet Wagner Katherine, W-21, and Christopher White † Richard Wilson Victoria Wright, W-113 G. Stewart and Mandy Young †

BOW WATCH ($500-$999) Anonymous Michael and Adele Acheson John and Judith Alexander Richard Armstrong, W-13 Walter, W-10, and Margaret Balcom Steven Barkan and Barbara Tennent Matthew and Eve Barkley Katrina Barnes, S-210 † Paul Berkner, W-52, and Lerin Peters Loren Bernardi and Lourie August Andrew Black, C-107 † John, W-137, and Mayumi Bowen Amy Bower, W-47, and David Fisichella † Anita Brewer-Siljeholm and Jorn Siljeholm Francis and Margaret Bowles John and Nancy Braitmayer David Brown and Sheila McCurdy † David, W-71, and Lynn Butler Robert Campbell, W-58 Peter and Ann Cannell Kathryn Carlson, W-94, and Rick Albaugh Peter Cheimets, W-7, and Karen Benedek Jocelyn, W-46, and Douglas Childs Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Richard and Ellen Cost Hope, S-177, and Kevin Cotter Richard, W-38, and Joanne Crispin Steven, W-90, and Sandy D’Antonio † William, W-10, and Catherine Davies Nicholas and Birgitte Dill Scott Doney, W-76, and Andrea Gosselin † Elizabeth Doxsee, W-75 † William, W-35, and Deborah Duggan Jonathan, W-108, and Martha Dunfee Maria Ellis, W-61, and Jeffrey Cook John and Shirley Farrington Thomas and Winnifred Faust Brannon, W-132, and Amanda Fisher Dielle Fleischmann Jeanne, W-56, and Phillip Foussard † Heather Franklin, W-92, and Martina Koller Robert and Diana Friedman Lauren Gilbert, S-190, and Stephen Ruane George, W-154, and Sandra Gilpatrick Heather, W-137, and Michael Goldberg Douglas, W-48, and Sharon Goldhirsch Virginia B. Gray Judy Gregg-Holden, W-96, and Kevin Holden Stephen and Sally Gresham † Jane Hallowell

Sara Harris † Christine Hempel, W-169C Joseph Hickey, W-128 James, C-140, and Diana Higgins Samuel, W-3, and Rebecca Howe Kristin Hunter-Thomson, W-177, and Malin Pinsky Melville Ireland † Ambrose and Anna Jearld Merrill and Lillian Jencks † Alexander and Nora Jinishian Garrett and Barbara Johnson † Carolyn, W-36, and Steven Jones J’aime Jones, S-179, and Adam Ogusky Kirk, W-111, and Elana Keil John and Louise Kingsbury Thomas and Susan Knight † Elin Kondrad, C-153, and Abraham Nussbaum † Oliver Krug, W-102, and Elisabeth Eijgermans Dave Lemonick and Mary Tuttle † Robert and Constance Loarie Kimberly Locke, C-144 Lucy Loomis, W-18, Thomas Creighton Martin and Anne Madden Timothy Mahoney and Pamela Donnelly † Catherine Mannix, W-63 † Craig, W-119, and Laura Marin Georges and Mary Mejaes Richard and Katherine Mellon William and Audrey Meyer Geneva Michaelcheck, S-184 Edwin and Cassandra Milbury Braxton Mitchell † Ryan Mullins, C-204 † Sarah, W-66, and Robert Murdock Christopher Myers, W-68 † Donald Nichols and Valerie Campbell Victoria, W-77, and Peter Philip John and Charlotte Phillips Denley Poor-Reynolds, W-57, and Matthew Reynolds William and Diane Pulleyblank Michael and Shannon Purdy † Daniel, W-57, and Amy Beth Quible Robert Quinlan Aaron Roland, W-18, and Annelise Goldberg Timothy Romano, W-165 Paul and Barbara Ruane Arthur and Laurie Sackler † Alison, W-83, and Jeff Sacknowitz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schutt Edward and Joan Shankle † Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke Sally Skimin, C-119 † Bryan, C-183, and Rebeccah, C-183, Sparkes † Pamela, W-75, and Wallace Stark Matthew, W-61, and Linda Tanzer † Mark, W-45, and Patricia Tedesco Peter and Elizabeth Thomson Deborah Warner Earl and Maryann Watson Anthony and Rhoda Whittemore † Anne Sparks Whitten Terence and Theresa Williams Sylvia Wolf, W-37 Benjamin, W-79, and Anne Wolff Alastair Wolman George and Katharine Woodwell James, W-156, and Sarah Yockey Erik Zettler and Linda Amaral Zettler FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016


ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors 01 Kurt Erickson Cheryl McKinley Ann Street Craig Williamson 03 Thomas Carley Samuel Howe Tom Robinson 04 Carl Hauquitz † 05 James Caldwell Larry Kammer John Wigglesworth 06 James Avery J. Blair Hamilton James McSwiggen Christopher Penn John Sculley G. Crossan Seybolt 07 Richard Chandler Peter Cheimets John Hacunda Cynthia Hyde † Alan McIlhenny † Andrew Rosenberg † 08 Mark Newby

18 (continued) Marilyn Proulx Aaron Roland William Wulsin 20 John Gerngross Neal Overstrom 21 Jacob Korngold † Raymond Palombo Juan Pujol Katherine Sawyer White † Robert Wiberg 22 James Henry Clifford Low Stuart Stedman † 23 Mark Allen James Bruce Seth Garfield Steve Hudson Mary Ogus William Snedden † 24 B. Cort Delany 26 Thomas B. Clark Claudia de Mayo Brandon Leeds Richard Wood

10 Walter Balcom William Davies Deborah Friedman Susan Nalewajk Andrew Wolf

27 Emily Bramhall Andrew Follett

11 John Herman Paul Toczydlowski

29 Kimberly Jermain Suzanne Jonsson Robert Swarm

12 Steve Wagner 13 Richard Armstrong Leslie Rosenfeld 14 Jamie Deming Donald Kyrnitszke Jean Marvel † Christopher Scholz 15 Todd Carlson Sally Quinn Katrina Schilling † Aprille Sherman Thomas Vawter 16 John Miller Diane Penn 17 Janice Olsen 18 Nancy Beall Hendren † Lucy Loomis 8

28 Thomas Biksey S. Thompson Bolmer

30 Anonymous Deborah Burns-Walton Christine Duerring † William Fanning Mark Klemperer Dody LeSueur Margaret Merrill Gale Willauer Kristina Wood 31 Eleanor Mariani Scott Seaver † 32 Chel Anderson Elizabeth Billig † Susan Littlefield Susan Scotto-Dyckman 33 William Balch Kathleen Banks John Beaman † Anne Chapin William Dennison Anita Meissner John Quilty

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016

34 Russ Chinnici 35 Anonymous Henry Amabile † Leslie Bulion † David Donegan Ellen Doris William Duggan Jonathan Leavitt † Michael Nathan Melinda Edgerley Pearce Holly Smith John Taylor 36 Loralee Clark † Edward Colt Carolyn Jones Susan Rechen Peter Schultheiss Brooks Wallin Leslie Will † Bonnie Wood 37 Stephen Burnham Andrew Puffer Craig Russell Sylvia Wolf † 38 Anonymous (2) Robert O’Leary Hal Rose † 39 Patricia Collins Nina Lian † Marisa Mazzotta Janet McMahon Elisabeth Morris Charles Natale 40 Robert Breen Gail Lima Susan Savage Charles Willauer 41 Anonymous Dwight Reese Carolyn Steiner Marion Valpey 42 Mary Jo Dedon Jeffrey Platt Daniel Tierney 43 Franklin Armour* Dave Goldsmith R. Steve Luce Kenneth Potter Paul Rosenzweig Christina Swanson 44 Caroline Woodwell 45 Gwen Burzycki Grace Evans Lynn Collins Francis Janice Hetzel Nicholas LaFond

45 (continued) Martha Martinez del Rio William McMahon † Mark Tedesco † 46 Jocelyn Childs Bradley Dyer † Agnes Rapoli 47 Amy Bower † Margi Flood Edward Tokarski Susan Willard 48 Margaret Brandon † Wendelyn Duquette Rodman Getchell † Doug Goldhirsch Edward Grier Andrew Hadik Helen Jackson April Nichols Lori Petitti Christopher West Amy Wolff 50 Priscilla Brooks James Falkner Lisa FitzGerald Wynn McCloskey Robert Nolan James Saroka Kathy Tokos † 51 Cara Adler Deborah Arey Steve Bollens Susan Duke Hilary Hudson David Whitney † Karen Woodberry † 52 Paul Berkner Gwenllian Scott Linda Carlson Witte 53 Mickey Jones Patricia Keoughan 54 Timothy Armour Mariette Buchman Margaret Haskins Robert Schoenberger Nickoletta Swank David Wright 55 John Abrams Jane Caffrey † Nancy Gravina Brian Marotz Marc Overlock 56 Jeanne Foussard † Doug Gottschlich Michael Kent Steve Lemos Damon Matson Peyton Robertson †

57 Carin Ashjian Marla Gearing Rebecca Hemphill E. Denley Poor-Reynolds Daniel Quible Charles Robinson 58 Wendy Blake Robert Campbell Charles Holloway † Kathleen Joseph † Stephen Lafrance † Allen Reilly 59 Claudia Corwin Ethan Guiles Aaron Horwitz Patrick Keenan Sarah Kohl † Sarah LeDoux Lynn Mahaffy Patricia Mahoney 60 Levin Campbell Christopher Kelley † Ellen Mihaich Martha Moulton

66 Reneè Allen Hugh Ferguson Sarah Gould John Kelley Sarah Murdock N. Allyn Pistole Jennifer Woodward 67 Jennifer Blank Syma Ebbin David Raible † 68 Robert Bell Jeffrey Hager Cynthia Layport Christopher Myers Laurie Radovan † Deborah Tullman 69 Mary Ann Boyer † Catherine McCabe Mark Nelson † Elizabeth Reuman 70 Janet Buskirk Mary Finn Cox

61 Deborah Carlson † Darik Corzine † Maria Ellis Jeremy Gaies Patricia Goffinet † Thomas Goffinet † Julie Newman Matthew Tanzer † Craig Timmins

71 David Butler Kristina Caldwell † Helen Hollingsworth David Johnson Richard Murray Stacie Leo Pinney Gretchen RollwagenBollens Dean Smith

62 Randall Bouchard Barbara Dinkins Christi Douglas Elizabeth Briggs-Feighan Judith O’Neil Rebecca O’SullivanHunnewell Geoff Patton

72 Merril Cousin † Robin McGill Alexandra Murphy Christopher Perry Todd Rambo Edward Walton Elizabeth Whyley

63 Jeanne Grasso † Flournoy Holland † Elizabeth Jakob Catherine Mannix † Andrew Milliken Peter Nalen Renee Turley † 64 James Kerney Albert Potts Cynthia Robinson † Susan Service Lisa Sherman 65 Janvrin Demler † Philip Huffman Penny Lacroix Mary Ellen Masciale † Alec Maxwell-Willeson Cy Oggins † Jonathan Rosenfield

On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years.

73 Miriam Bertram Frederick Breaux Sarah Enright Kimberly Heiselman Amy Ward Langley Willauer 74 Catherine Counsell Wendy DiChristina Ruth Pryor Karen Walters 75 Elizabeth Doxsee † Catherine Jahrling † Jeremy Salesin Pamela Stark Panos Stephens 76 Scott Doney † Patrick O’Reilly Anthony PirruccelloMcClellan * Deceased

ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors 77 Glen Leer † Elisabeth Marr Victoria Philip Carolyn Sheild Katherine van Liere † 78 Charles Courtsal James Lazar Philip Marsh 79 Susan Boehme † Ellen Connors Stephen Rader Benjamin Wolff 80 Geoff Alexander Susan Gormley Marlene Kattron Natalie Stephens 81 Jonathan Detwiler George Leonard Walter Ricker Todd Smith Edwin Williams 82 David Bank † Steven Craig 83 Susan Farady Lynne Holler Katherine Irvine Steve Laster Jonathan Lowe Ali Sacknowitz Anne Sparks Whitten 84 Elizabeth Concaugh † Christopher Ferguson Nina Nesher Richard Pendleton † Carl Stevens Elizabeth Stevens 85 Robert Beede Monica Berry Katharine Jensen † Kimberly Schulz 86 Duncan Dreschsel Neal Durant 87 Anonymous Andrew Felcher David Johnson Suzanne Schoelch Kimberly Welty 88 Kelly Fuentes Susan McBride Regina Purtell Robert Ultan Kathryn Wheeler 89 Jeanette Fielden † Peter Hodum † Patricia Brown Nicoll Helen Rozwadowski †

90 Stacy Allen Valerie Beck Steve D’Antonio † Ingrid Dockersmith Barbara Maynard † Barbara Toomey † William Toomey † 91 Nils Jackson 92 Michael Aasland Paul Anastasio Gregory Braun Martin Chin Michelle Dorlon Heather Franklin E. Bradley Grenham † Benjamin Hall † Lucy Hersey Janet Keeler Siobhan Kelly Aimee Kemper Patricia Murer † Jennifer Nauen Daniel Rolince † Aaron Rugh † Claire Timbas Rebecca Waegell Sue Woodward Patrick Worfolk † 93 Amy Blumenberg Amy Logan Michael Mathewson 94 Kathryn Carlson Thomas Jester Jeffrey Packman 95 Cynthia Badan Robert Bein Annette Brickley Andrew Carothers-Liske Zak Conner Brian Levy † 96 Michael Budniak Judith Gregg-Holden 97 Andrew Campbell † John Cooke Kimberly Kiesewetter Drew Michael Johnson Ngoc Thai Teresa Weronko 98 John Cahill Marjorie Friedrichs Martha Stark Robert Szafranski 99 Stephen Cann Deborah Greene Holly Houston Robert Knapp Christopher Legault William Ross Karin Wagner † Keith Wight

100 Stuart Friedman Christopher Kilbridge † J. Parke Logan Susan Marks Pawlak Roshan Swope 101 Gregory Burdick † George Duane Karen Rennich Eric Sigler 102 Johnna Doyle † Oliver Krug Daniel Polidoro Eric Swergold 103 Marci Glazer Steven Hilger Bethany Jenkins Bonnie Fry Rothman Erik Vogt 104 Elizabeth Hasse Terri Lehman † Gary Matusow Amy Vince † 105 Andrew Bess Erin Black Macol Cerda Catherine Johnson Andrew Rhoades Holbrook Smith Alton Straub 106 Rebecca ArensonRachlinski Hannah Parker † Scott Putnam 107 Andrew Black † Andrew Gerard Carrie McCusker Courtney Richmond 108 S. Brooke Brown † Jonathan Dunfee † Christopher Watson 109 Kerry Dorton B. Clayton Gentry Jennifer Haddock Charles Mason Frederick Stewart Rachel Tilney 110 Christopher Ducko † Christopher Reich Keil Schmid † 111 Shelby Collier Curtis Dailey † Heather Kaese Kirk Keil Marc Leonardo Mary Mattis James Ramsdell

111 (continued) Elizabeth Tuohy Janet Walker Geoffrey Zentz 112 Nancy Israel David Lamberger † Kimberly Markuns Rob Robertson 113 Jonathan Burke Jonathan Burt Rebecca Countway David Drinkwater Scott Gilbert Roger Pinnicks † Gabriel Thoumi Victoria Wright 114 Craig Butterworth Jennifer Childress Warren Claytor Amy Cowgill Jennifer Enos Scott Miller Brian Watson † 115 Beth Donnelly David Jones Virginia Land McGuire Kimberly Whipple 116 Peter Bender William Giesey Maribeth Cyr 118 Pamela Jones † Paul Jones Benjamin Milligan Megan Murray Kama Thieler Glen Wortman 119 Walter Carr † Shannon Doubet Alicia Heyburn Craig Marin Karen Sauls Sarah Skimin Nicholas Testa 120 Travis Connors Jeffrey Hughes Krista Longnecker Christopher McGuire Anne Ogilvie † 121 Winslow Burleson Pamela Clark † Elissa Katz † Katherine Lund † Wendin Smith † Robert Van Alen 122 Andrew Daniels Joshua Rocker Arah Schuur Shirley Steinmacher David Wisniewski

123 John Fitch Matthew Johnson Alexis Levitt John Liang Melissa Maddonni-Haims Matt McKenzie † Laurie Morgado Michael Sklar † 124 N. Craig Gorton Susan Matthews Matthew Straus 125 Elizabeth Gilgan Matthew Hebard 126 Danielle BornsteinElbirt Aron Clymer † Charlotte HanleyJacobson Kimberly Howland Erin Hubbard Erica Starr David Warren † 127 William Aquila † Peter Colby Kim Decker Adam Gildner Jonathan Mitchell 128 Kathryn Cherashore Naomi Darling Joseph Hickey Laura Putnam Nicole Stephenson Heather Stone 128C Amanda Patrick 129 Bruce Armbrust Christian Cox Sarah Das Melissa Downs Heather Kelly † Matthew Luecke † Jennifer McDermott David Nalchajian † 130 Jason Hutt Andrew Lambert Ravi Lumpkin Elizabeth Lyman Heidi McCann Matthew Muldorf Maria O’Donnell 131 Matthew Holstein Sharon Schaff Frederike van Markus 132 Seth Cameron Andrew Enright † Brannon Fisher Justin Harrison Erin Koenig † Beau Lescott †

135 Jay Bonahoom Heather Bryant Shannon McKenzie † 136 Caroline Good Jacqueline Mitchell 137 Mark Behn John Bowen Lindsay Ernst Eliza Fortenbaugh Jason Francis Heather Goldberg Nicole Hade Kristin Russell John Stafford Eric Stoddard Amanda van Heyst 138 Cara Fritz † Clare Parker 139 Jennifer Dyer Catherine Parker 139A Kenneth Baughman 140 Jessica Forton † James Higgins Jennifer Mott 140A Thomas Mulholland 140C Sheila Reiser 141 Nicole Chevalier Marc Jacques Cheryl Kearns Jonathan Kohler Aurianne Lopatka Christopher Morris Marc Porter Erika Saveraid † Eric Tytell 142 Erin Gutierrez Amy Siuda † Stephan Tompsett 143 Anonymous Sarah Allpress Andrew Babaian Amy Rosenfeld Berry Timothy Collyer Charlotte Ives Goddard Donald Keel 144 Anonymous Sarah Baraff Alisa Barnard J. Bradford Hubeny Bradley Jewett † Kimberly Locke Jessica McCarthy Caleb McClennan † Andrew Siuda † Rebecca Trachsel

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016


ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors (continued) 145 Brendan Blumenstiel Scott Boughton David Cook Adam Heffernan Jonathan Zwarg 145A Anonymous 146 Jennifer Baughman Glen Hyman Kailin Lee Sabrina Schlumberger 146A Demetra Laras John Lazzaro Middleton Squier 146B Tara Goddard 147 Patricia Buckley † Amy Cameron Emily Hatfield † Susan Tuxbury 148 Peter Boyd Kelwin Conroy Patrick Convery Susan Hammond † Michiru Shimada 149 Arin Aurora Matthew Burke Daniel Pollard Michael Reilly † 150 Caroline Claytor Joseph Creney Anne Elefterakis James Foley Philip Petrone Timna Serino Sarah Webster 150D Marielle Jakobsons 151 Amy McMorrow 152 Kathleen Hallee † 152A Barbara Belanger Nancy Cande Alison Cochrane Robert MacAdam Carolyn Nybell Mary Peters Richard Rodin 152B Katharine Jensen 153 Joshua Frederickson † Molly Frederickson † Elin Kondrad † Christopher Lanoue 10

153 (continued) Jessica Macrie † Scott McAuliffe Stacey Smith † Shane Walden 154 Anonymous George Gilpatrick Kathryn Hubeny Margaret Martsching 155 Katherine Beatty Catherine Bozek † Elizabeth Huston Erin Madeira † E. Anders Matney Mark Williams 156 Adam Block Jennifer Patterson Llyd Wells James Yockey 157 Andrew Loschert Michelle Wouden 158 Angela Kearney Lauren Morgens † 158A Clarice Holm Antoinette Kelly † Alisa Scott 158B Steuart Walton 159 Robert Hancock † Samuel Mandell Jaime Mason † Jennifer Wallace David Walsh John Zimmermann 160 Timothy Dwyer † Joshua Newth 161 Amy Ballentine Stevens Danielle Giroux Jay Reynolds Reid Smith Melissa Solomon Darlington 162 Elizabeth Ellwood † Katherine Fish Elizabeth Maloney Jodi Meck Johanna Mendillo † Hadley Owen James Thomson 163 Jaime Beranek † Meghann Horner-Smith 163B Rick Carreiro Michael Horn Janet Loynes

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016

163C Wayne Cowell 164 Anonymous † Benjamin Hall James Hildebrand † Joslyn Meier Alix Purdy Zoltan Szuts Carly Tarr 164B Megan Peal 165 Kate Buckman Samantha Decker Deborah Liptzin Emily MacKinnon Timothy Romano Morgan Simmons † Benjamin Urmston † 166 Gwendolyn Hancock † Alexander Hay 167 Heather Borkowski David Carlson Christopher Deely Marguerite Fontaine † Alison Fornari Gina Voskov 168 Meghan Blake Ashley Francis Elizabeth Grubin Gretchen Stuppy Carlson 169 Ryan Gordon 169B David Inskeep 169C Christine Hempel 170 Peter Frantz Rebecca Royal 171 Nicole Cheatle M. Graham Furlong Laura Gilbert Justin Martinich † Michael Whalen 172 Eric Hartge † Morgan Nickerson Elizabeth Stefany Elizabeth Strojny* Adam Vitarello 173 Elizabeth Eden Bianca Hegre Kyle Helland 174 Anonymous Christopher Acheson Brian Ambrette † * Deceased

174 (continued) Erica Bradstreet † David Frank Sarah Piwinski Walton Shepherd 175 Lee Stanish Jessica Starr Boz † Sophia Walker 176 Laura Windecker 176D Alexandra Emslie Lucy Trainor 177 Colleen Allard Christopher Bartels Sarah Borgstadt-Smith Hope Cotter Kristin Hunter-Thomson Melanie White Amanda Zoellner 178 Samuel Chamberlin Juliana Miller Fischler Leonard Pace Steve Ruane 179 Emily Hall Beckett Allison Binkowski Elizabeth Burakowski Jonathan Cedar Rebecca Hooper Holland † Jaime Jones Jonathan Kling † Callie Scheetz † 180 David Given T. Oliver Hay Bradley Kraushaar † Juliette McCullough Katrina St. John Erik Wallenberg 181 Carrie Bennett Amanda Hollander Toby Mandel Hedger Aimee Rowe † Caleb Scheetz † 181E Bailey Vance 182 Nicholas Grassi April Suriano Laura Uridil † 183 Suzanne Armstrong Antony Hatala Abigail Kirchofer † Thomas Martin Jeremy Marinich Vu Nguyen Rowan Smith Bryan Sparkes † Rebeccah Sparkes †

184 Anonymous Emily Doren Brian Grandjean Abigail Magni Lev Nelson † Geneva Michaelcheck Matthew Peters † Deborah Shelton Gregory Voll Phoebe Walsh Lauren Zike 185 Bethany Sullivan Deirdre Wadsworth 186 Anonymous Tanya Balsky Tyler Dewitt Sarah Gross Jacob Keaton Jason Saxe Kevin Sullivan † 187 Joshua Baston Christina Clement 187D Thomas Gagnon Elizabeth Horn 188 James Palardy 189 Anonymous Meredith Costa Matthew Fromboluti Scott Hiller Laura Nelson 190 Allison Dutton Benjamin Erne Lauren Gilbert Heidi Miller Ryan Walsh † 191 Hilde Khou † Sara Andreatta Benjamin Schellpfeffer 192 Hannah Elisha Laryssa Hiller Jessica McGreehan Lindsey Palardy † Nicholas Shonka 193 Michael Ide 193C Marielle Matthews 194 Richard Chewning Meghan Kallman 195 Jessica Bell Shannon Coleman Stephanie Gilley Kimberly Gniadek

195 (continued) Gavin Gregory Clara Hard Randolph Jones Maureen Lynch Kimiko Nakamura Elizabeth Rice Hannah Roth 196 Allison Klein † Cassie Mavencamp Katherine Mueller 197 Kathleen Berkey Sarah Herard Alden Johnson Stephen Wheless 198 Sarah Clement Min-Yi Jou † Robert Tuxler 199 Rika Anderson Kelsey Pickard 200 Kathryn Baltes 200B Richard Secrist 201 Kate DeBellis † Margaret Gregor Anna Stevens Elsa Thoma Eleanor Tripp 202 Matthew Blumenfeld † Noah Kaufman † Bonnie McGill † 203 Matthew Phillips Annika Savio † Andrew Scott 204 Alexander Dorsk † Genevieve Greer Andrew Horsburgh Ryan Mullins † Sarah Pilzer Roman Shor Daniel Stone † Charles Wisotzkey 205 Yana Thaker 206 Scott Allen James Parra Maia Theophanis 207 Lauren Wang 208 Cori Currier Virginia Engel Ashleigh McCord Jane Sarno †

On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years.

ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors 209 Charles Abdelahad Emma Bishop Ryan Mahoney Deena Tvinnereim 210 Katrina Barnes † Charles Brieant Jessica Donohue † Bradley Nicholson † Chava Weitzman 211 Katherine Love † Scott McCracken Carla Scocchi Sarah Taylor 212 Anonymous Craig McMaster † Lauren Schroedter † 213 Rebecca Inver † Eleanor Kane 214 Anna Bromley Sarah Powell 215 Laura Duffy † Morgan Kelly Krystle McMaster † Elizabeth Stivison 216 Aileen Caldwell Emily Chandler † Sarah Parkinson

217 Erin Child Hannah Green

224 (continued) Melanie Finn † Clara Rowe

217D Spencer Clark

225 Ann Robertson

219 Caleb Grillo Paul Marsala Heather McGee Michael Raymond Sarah Schmidt Jana Spencer † Hannah Waterhouse

226 Samantha Akiha Abigail Cazeault Nicole Couto Elisabeth Gawthrop

220 Hannah Darrin Paul Dixon †

228 Elizabeth Eaton

236 Michelle Lessard Matthew Tantillo

230 Rachel Barkley Cynthia Chadwell Sofia NakhnikianWeintraub Henry Philip

237 Frances Goffinet Lucas Isakowitz Shelley Kind Lauren Krug Dana Wilfahrt

231 Brian Cade Anna Fisher Lydia Mathewson Evan Oleson † Emma Poland Collin Schmitt Christine Short Alexandra White

238 Ezra Citron Allison Einolf Onjale Scott Jill Thompson

246 Anonymous (2) Alexandra Giametti Mary McGee Alexandra Simpson

239 Melissa Enright Matthew Harrison Sarah Johnson Hedee Kim Michelle Rossi

247 Katherine Lipp Christina Morrisett Scott Watters

253 Elizabeth Carter Elizabeth DiCesare Matthew Edinger

248 Kristen Butler Kellie Corwin Arden Pickoff-Rafferty

254 Matthew Livingstone

221 Laura Dismore Ryan Hirce 222 Ryan Bash Casey Canfield Devin Farkas Giles Holt Luay Khoury Rachel Luban † Leigh Quenin † Nathaniel Smith Jeremy Tagliaferre Carolyn Tarpey † 223C Erik Svarcbergs 224 Marina Cassio Andrew Catherine John Dow

227 Jordan Eckstein

232 Anonymous (2) Dylan Anderson Noah Citron Flora Weeks Oliver Weisser

233 Nicholas Constantino Elizabeth Dorr Amber Hewett Heidi Hirsh

241C Nora Dahlberg

248C Elina Kent

241D Benjamin Wiese

248E Elliott Ross

234 Nicholas Green

242 Christina Mullen Diana Perry Sarah Whitcher Christina Wine

249 Anonymous Sage DeLuna

235 Brianna Walsh 235D Andrew Knowland

240 Matthew Scheuer Peter Wu Anna Yoors

243 Alice McBride Ali Uribe 244 Henry Bell Chelsea Johnson Hayli Kinney Rebecca Ogus Shenandoah Raycroft 245 Eric Kretsch

250 Gina Giorgi Emily Goddard Madeline Gold Molly Halberstadt Tess Hooper Sarah Salem Miranda Stokes 251 Lauren Barber Matthew Gauthier Taylor Hogan Patrick Nease Courcelle Stark Cole Trager 252 Luke Gervase Brandon O’Brien Sonia Pollock

ANNUAL FUND Parent Donors Anonymous (6) George and Marjorie Abbot Charles Acher and Martha Wynn Michael and Adele Acheson Paul and Gwen Adams David and Carol Adelson † Terry and Sheila Aiken John and Judith Alexander David Altenhofen and Mariette Buchman, W-54 Richard and Wendy Allen Steven and Claudia Allen Thomas and Lori Alosco Nathan Anderson and Patty Hayden Richard and Barbara Angle † Denise Armstrong † Mark and Christine Awbrey Cynthia Badan, W-95 Stanley and Phoebe Balsky Kathleen and Henry Banks Steven Barkan and Barbara Tennent Matthew and Eve Barkley Carlos and Cathy Barrios Jorge and Margarita Batista Charles and Barbara Bell † Donald Bell and Elizabeth McNerney Edgar Bering and Barbara Clark Loren Bernardi and Lourie August J. Leonard and Dorothy Bicknell Matthew Bloch and Marilyn Pasierb † Robert and Kathleen Bonham Thomas and Ingrid Bonsall

William and Beatrice Booth David and Harriet Borton † Mary Ann Boyer, W-69, and Christopher Hall † Leo and Anne Boyle † Keith and Mary Jo Bradley Emily Bramhall, W-27 Susan Brandt † Jeanne Brody † Walter and Kiyoko Brown Mariette Buchman William Buckley John and Marcia Buckman Daniel Bumagin and Nancy Topalian David and Janet Burke Daniel and Holly Burnes Keith and Kristen Burnham † Stephen, W-37, and Krysia Burnham G. Anthony and Nancy Butterworth Peter Calcaterra and Pamela La Rue Gregory and Kristine Caldwell Kristina, W-71, and David Caldwell † Levin and Eleanor Campbell Stephen, W-99, and Margaret Cann Peter and Ann Cannell Tobe and Margaret Carey Craig and Ann Carpenter † John and Elizabeth Carver Dennis and Elizabeth Cashman Richard and Patricia Cavanagh Christopher Cazeault Denice Chandler and Catherine Jones Peter and Elizabeth Chandler †

Stephen and Lynda Chandler Jocelyn, W-46, and Douglas Childs Larry and MaryAnn Christensen Walter and Judith Christmas Elliott and Judy Clark Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Thomas Clark and Susan Adams † Katharine Coffin Fred and Barbara Colin Kevin and Betsy Conlon Chad Consuegra and Bonnie Tivenan Judith Cook Oliver and Jill Coolidge John and Martha Correa † Dan Costa and Maryanne Boundy Charles and Nancy Craig James and Lynn Crawford Michael and Carol Crawford James and Martha Crowley Michael and Maria Cupo James Dahlberg and Deirdre Donahue John and Catherine Damon † Belden and Pamela Daniels Collin Darrah and Antonija Ventenbergs Rodney and Christine Decker Lorinda Deluca-Fardy Daniel Denov and Carolyn Rusk † William and Mary Lou DeWitt Tom and Linda Dieveney John and Anne Dilts Alexandra and David Dohan Victoria Donaldson

Brian and Katherine Donohue George and Dorothy Dorr Isabella Dorr Paul Dorsey † Christi Douglas, W-62, and Peter Dalldorf John and Roselynn Dow † Charles Duffy and Margaret McKee † John and Merril Dutton Evie Dworetzky Donna Eden Rebecca Einolf Amy Eldridge Christopher Elliott and Lynne Stanley † Karrie Ellis † Peter and Cynthia Ellis Charles Engel † Sarah Enright, W-73 Stephen and Carole Enright Yasmin Erne † Stephen and Elizabeth Fantone Thomas and Winnifred Faust Edward Feibel and Catherine Chichester Charles and Susan Feller Stephen and Marjorie Finucane William and Joan Ford † Edward and Karen Fraioli Kathy Frederickson Ronald and Dale Freeman † John and Meryl French Robert and Diana Friedman Greg and Nancy Fritz Francis Fruehstorfer

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016


ANNUAL FUND Parent Donors (continued) David and Audrey Funk † Joseph and Marilyn Galanti Frederick Gale and Charlotte Yeh Richard Garcia and Jan Burry John and Tatiana Giametti Edna Gillespie † Vince Giorgi and Marcia Appel John Gleason and Katrina Van Dusen † Robert and Elizabeth Gniadek † Frederick and Constance Goethel Thomas, W-61, and Patricia, W-61, Goffinet † Nathaniel and Joan Gorton † Mark and Kristina Gossner Jeri Gouch Edward Grandin Joan Granger Samuel and Margaret Gray James and Carol Greenough A. Curtis Greer Stephen and Sally Gresham Benjamin Gruberg David and Joan Grubin Harold Hackett † Peter Haddock Douglas and Linda Haley † Christopher Hall and Mary Ann Boyer Jeannette Hall William and Julia Hallisey Sally and Arthur Hampton Lawrence and Hylton Hard Thomas and Sue Harding Richard and Nancy Harwood Robert and Karolyn Harwood Richard Hawkins and Marian Ferguson Robert and JoAnn Hegermiller Bruce and Susan Herard Ralph and Jan Herda Rodger and Jillian Herrigel David and Ilona Higgins Daniel and Lori Hirce Michael and Linda Hoffmann Pamela Hogan Kenneth and Willa Hogberg James Holdner and Ingrid Halverson Robert and Christine Holo Edward and Dorothy Hudson † Thomas Hutchinson Roger Ide and Gail Boettiger Paul and Marjorie Inderbitzen Marc and Bonnie Inver † William and Karen Irving Nobuhisa and Marcia Ishizuka Sheryl Jagerson Andris and Clarissa Jakobsons Daryl and Kay James † Gary and Gina James Merrill and Lillian Jencks † Edward and Myrna Jenkins † Alexander and Nora Jinishian Alexander and Jill Johnson † David, W-71, and Mary Johnson Garrett and Barbara Johnson † Robert and Elizabeth Johnson Suzanne Jonsson, W-29 Phil and Patti Junger Jack and Cynthia Kadzik Werner and Dorothy Kaese Edward Kane and Martha Wallace † Margaret Kaplan Isao and Yukiko Kato Patricia Kelly George and Velida Kent Jamal Kharbush and Barbara Olson † William and Jaynie Kind Brian and Sally Kirby 12

Edward Kirk Elmer and Marilyn Klumpp Thomas and Susan Knight John and Cristine Kolody Steven and Vikki Krebs John and Kathleen Lanoue Daniel and Sarah Lauer Gary and Lynn Laurino Paul and Jane Lawrence John and Linda Leatham James Lee and Antonia Abbey Dave Lemonick and Mary Tuttle † Brian and Margarita Lessard Alan and Janet Letourneau Jian Lin and Kelan Huang † Robert and Constance Loarie Jose and Irene Lobon Azcona Michael and Melissa Lojek Thomas Lovett and Annemarie Bossert Clifford, W-22, and Randy Low Vincent and Crystal Lucchesi Myles and Cornelia Lund John and Susan Mackay Edward and Grace Madeira Hugh and Ruth Mahaffy Timothy Mahoney and Pamela Donnelly William and Christina Maloney Frank and Linda Maresca P. Gail Martin Deacon and Marie-Laure Marvel Jean Marvel, W-14, and John Requardt † Charles and Monika Mason R. Hardin Matthews and Jane Dougan Carl and Sharon Matuszek Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mayer Stephen Nelson and Mary Anne Mayo Martin and Rose McAndrews Michael McCallum and Jean Lindquist E. Dennis and Sandra McCarthy Peter McChesney Jonathan and Jacquelyn McClean Walter and Carol McClennen Gray McCord and Diane Ingulli Jarlath McEntee and Barbara Fleck Michael McGinnis and Patricia Shipley Bartlett and Cynthia McGuire Mary Lou McGuire Noel McIntosh and Linda Tietjen Amy McKee Janet McMahon and Christopher Davis Peter and Valerie McNeely Bruce Meier and Wendy Fearnside Anne Meigs-Brown Georges and Mary Mejaes David and Veronica Metzler William and Audrey Meyer Donald and Susan Miller Robert Miller Stephen and Christina Miller Braxton Mitchell Peter and Arlene Mollo Kenneth and Sharon Morgan Edwin and Linda Morgens Shigeru and Janet Mori Robert and Mary-Margaret Morse Brian and Susan Murphy James and Linda Murphy Henri and Madeline Nadworny † Eric and Margaret Neilsen Jill Neubauer Amos and Andrea Neufeld Donald Nichols and Valerie Campbell David and Susan Nicholson Steven and Kimberly Nickerson Kyle and Diane Noble †

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016

Charles and Eugenia O’Brien † Mary and Richard Ogus Susan Oh Richard and Debra Oleson Patrick and Sybil O’Reilly † Patrick, W-76, and Lynn O’Reilly Tanja Ostapoff † Maksymilian and Grazyna Ostas † Patricia Palmer Susan Papagiannis Leroy and Winifred Parker Rafe and Kate, W-139, Parker Nancy Pendleton † Christopher, W-6, and Diane, W-16, Penn Arthur Perry and Judith Kozlowski James and Debra Peters † John Petersen Victoria, W-77, and Peter Philip John and Charlotte Phillips Christy Pichel Thomas and Mary Kay Pilat Frank and Susan Poland Edward and Lynda Primka Kenneth and Kim Pritchard William and Diane Pulleyblank G. Michael and Shannon Purdy † Nelson and Lucia Putnam † Peter and Karen Rabins Thomas Rafferty and Dian Pickoff Augusto and Helen Recinos William and Karen Regan † John and Sharyn Reitz David and Elaine Ressler Gary and Bernice Reynolds Sara Rhoades † Christopher Richardson Charles and Barbara Rippberger Timothy and Elizabeth Ritter James Roach David and Sandra Roberts † Andrew and Josie Rock Andrew Rockefeller David and Marian Rocker George Rockwood Barry and Ellen Rogers Beverly Rosenzweig † Robert and Patti Ross Paul and Barbara Ruane David Rumker and Susan Phillips † Jeremy, W-75, and Dianne Salesin Jane Sattler Daniel Scheuer Shelley Scheuer Frederick and Judith Schmid † Kenneth Schmitt † Larry and Beryl Schmitt Rosalind Schmitt Steve and Kirby Schulberg Samuel and Nancy Scott Alma Scully Donald and Melinda Seader Richard and Spain Secrist Anne Serrell Richard and Gwyn Sewall Edward and Joan Shankle † Christopher and Margaret Sheedy John and Jean Sheild Robert and Linda Shelton William and Mary Lynn Simmons † Louis and Barbara Sklar Roger and Carol Sloboda Manning and Virginia Smith Thomas and Barbra Smithgall † Peter Snyder and Katharine Dodge † Gary and Christine Soares

James and Karen Sparkes Robert and Cynthia Spencer Veronica Sperling Patricia Sprague Sandra St. Hilaire Fred and Kathleen Stadel † Wallace and Pamela, W-75, Stark Ronald and Carolyn Starr Maxwell and Sandra Stepanuk Daniel Stevens David and Denise Stillinger David and Gretchen Stubenvoll Greg and Joyce Studen Paul and Lenore Sundberg Fred and Joyce Suppes Juris Svarcbergs and Nancy Reyes-Svarcbergs † Philip and Joan Swanson Leopold and Jane Swergold Allen and Michele Syslo † Michael and Ann Taylor Thomas Tepe Melvin and Norene Tews Walter and Nancy Thompson Peter and Elizabeth Thomson Philip and Ellen Tilney Henry and Kathy Tinkelenberg William, W-90, and Barbara, W-90, Toomey † Oliver Trager and Elaine Beery Thomas and Donna Trainor † William Trumbull and Alisa Caron Ellis Turner and Diana Scott David and Nancy Twichell † Joseph Twichell † Michael and Dorothy Vicari James and Virginia Vitarello Bob and Karen Votava Stephen, W-12, and Carol Ann Wagner † Stephen Walker and Diane De Luca Robert and Kathleen Walsh Mark and Susan Webster † Thomas and Patricia Whalen E. Douglas and Barbara White John White and Marcia Black † Steven White William and Roberta Whiting Anthony and Rhoda Whittemore † David and Gayle Whittingham Hope Wigglesworth † John Wigglesworth, W-5, and Priscilla Brooks, W-50 Jeffrey and Susan Wilfahrt Charles, W-40, and Gale, W-30, Willauer Peter Willauer and Carol Nugent W. Bradford and Ann Willauer Thomas and Alice Willey Raymond and Theresa Williams Craig and Nancy Willis † Marc and Meryl Winnikoff Albert and Barbara Wolcott Edward and Ann Woll George and Katharine Woodwell Barbara Worley Charles Wu and Claudia Sauermann-Wu Richard and J. Gale Yetman Vanya and Christina Yoors G. Stewart and Mandy Young Keith and Kathryn Zammit William and Elizabeth Zimmermann Suzanne Zobel Andrew Zuorski and Linda Hamilton

ANNUAL FUND Friends Anonymous (5) Donald and Barbara Abt Katrina Abbott † Arthur and Renee, W-66, Allen Franklin* and Nancy Armour Susan Avery † Benjamin and Deborah Baker Talbot Baker, Jr. Ronald and Kay Baird † Jennifer Barone Tracy Baynes † Sara Beck Roger and Masako Bellinger Katrina Bercaw Thomas Bethea Francis and Margaret Bowles John and Jane Bradley John and Nancy Braitmayer James Breed Conant Brewer and Lorrie Anderson Anita Brewer-Siljeholm David Brown and Sheila McCurdy † Jacob and Barbara Brown Jane Brown Thomas Brown Wendell and Leslie Brown John and Laurie Bullard Richard and Nonnie Burnes Betsy Cabot Ernest and Lynne Chadderton † Morris and Cynthia Cheston Thomas and Mollie Clarke Carol Cleave Daniel and Katherine Cooney Richard and Ellen Cost William Cramer † Terry and Karen Cronburg John and Laura Crosby Mrs. William Curby and Matthew Taylor Curby † W. Brian Dade Barry Dame Nancy Daugherty Michael and Jane Deland Paul and Ellen DeOrsay Nicholas and Birgitte Dill Robertson Dinsmore Jeffrey and Courtney Dorman † John and Wilhemina Dreier George and Dorothy Dunnington Neal Driscoll and Cheryl Peach Paul* and Rita Dussault † Henry and Laurie Eberhardt

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SSV Corwith Cramer

SSV Westward

Illustrations Available for Purchase Illustrations of SEA vessels are available for purchase in celebration of SEA’s 45th Anniversary. Carly Larsson, the artist, grew up on Cape Cod and attended high school at Sturgis in Hyannis. She went on to study at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where she currently resides. It was there that she and her friend, Audrey Hawkins, also an illustrator, spent an afternoon last May drawing the SSV Corwith Cramer during a port stop in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Audrey’s uncle, Richard Hawkins, is an SEA trustee and had a personal connection to SEA’s founder, Cory Cramer. The 8 x 10 archival prints can be ordered by mailing a check for $45 (each) to: 45th Anniversary Prints SEA PO Box 6 Woods Hole, MA 02543 Please specify the ship’s name and your name and mailing address. For questions, or credit card orders please contact Kerry Sullivan at

Artist Highlights SEA in Fossils of the Anthropocene at AAAS Houston-based artist Erik Hagen explores humanity’s role in the environmental history of our planet. One current environmental issue traced back to humanity is marine debris and microplastics, a long-term on-going research project at SEA. SEA Semester students and faculty have been collecting data on marine plastic debris for more than 30 years in the Atlantic and nearly 15 years in the Pacific. This dataset is the largest of its kind in the world and allows SEA researchers to study trends over space and time. SEA Dean Paul Joyce said, “SEA’s data contributes to our understanding of the distribution and ultimate fate of plastic in the ocean. Every one of our students who have helped collect and count plastic debris over the decades has been an important contributor to this work.” Hagen learned of SEA’s work in the field of microplastics and approached SEA, inquiring if he might obtain some marine microplastic to be used in his art. Using samples gathered by students, Hagen created the piece titled, “Microplastics in the Seas,” which hung at the American Association for the Advancement of Science art gallery from September 5 through November 19 of 2014 as part of a larger exhibit “Fossils of the Anthropocene.” Hagen donated this painting to SEA where it hangs in the library. New Summer Session - Pacific Reef Expedition A new Summer Session will debut in 2016. Pacific Reef Expedition will chronicle the state of coral reefs in the remote Pacific Ocean in response to a major ongoing climate event: an El Niño predicted to be the strongest on record. Students will participate in oceanographic research while making an epic 2,600-nautical mile passage across the Equator from Tahiti to Hawaii, retracing historic voyages of Polynesian migration, and mastering time-tested navigation methods that rely on the sun, stars, and moon. They will visit some of the most remote island atolls in the world to document the effects of environmental change. Unlike other SEA Semester programs, Pacific Reef Expedition does not begin with a shore component at our Woods Hole campus. After completing pre-program online coursework and discussion they will join the SSV Robert C. Seamans in Tahiti. Students will set sail for Hawaii, conducting snorkel-based photographic and visual surveys of the local corals, fish, and invertebrates found among three distinct island atolls along the way. Comparative research of environments that have experienced wide variations in development—Caroline Island (none), Rangiroa (moderate) and Christmas Island (extreme)—will allow students to document and compare the potential effects of El Niño. Data collected during this voyage could help shed new light on the ability of reefs to endure and adapt to global climate change. Coursework offers the opportunity to carry out predetermined research projects while sailing across the Equatorial Pacific. In small teams, students will examine the richness and variety of marine life in coral reef environments at different locations along the cruise track. This field-based program for all majors will explore the changing Pacific Ocean environment through science and leadership lenses, including a rare chance to study remote, pristine coral reef ecosystems up close.

ELSAESSER FELLOWSHIP OPPORTUNITY! SEA is pleased to announce we are accepting preliminary proposals for the 2016-2017 Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship. The Fellowship program, established in 1987, is in memory of Armin E. Elsaesser III—sailor, educator, and adventurer—who sailed on several Westward cruises and taught Maritime Studies on shore. With his strong curiosity and sense of adventure, Armin inspired SEA students and staff alike. n The goal of the Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship is to help one or more individuals each year to follow a dream that has been elusive because of the demands of work or study. The successful project will involve active investigation into an area of personal interest and should reflect a creative and independent approach to the pursuit of knowledge. SEA alumni, faculty, staff, and past employees are eligible for the Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship. Awards range from $3,000 to $7,000 for projects that are at least one month in duration and involve any marine or maritime field that is not directly related to the applicant’s current professional activities. Winners will be chosen by a competitive selection. n Preliminary proposals should be no more than two pages and should outline the project and preliminary budget. Applicants should also include a short biographical sketch. Proposals must be submitted by June 30, 2016 to the address below. SEA’s Fellowship Committee will review the proposals and a small number will be selected for submission of a more detailed proposal. The final decision will be announced in the fall of 2016. Proposals should be emailed to or mailed to Elsaesser Committee, SEA, PO Box 6, Woods Hole, MA 02543. 16

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016

PASSAGES Elsaesser Fellowship Winner Announced Retracing A Historic Expedition

If you could follow one dream that has been elusive because of the demands of work or study, what would it be? That’s the question that SEA posed this spring when we invited applications from alumni, faculty, staff, and past employees for the Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship. The Fellowship program, established in 1987, is in memory of Armin E. Elsaesser III, a sailor, educator, and adventurer who sailed on several cruises aboard our now-retired ship, the Westward, and taught Maritime Studies on shore. Armin’s strong curiosity and sense of adventure inspired SEA students and staff alike. We are pleased to announce that Timothy Dwyer, W-160, (pictured) is our 2015-2016 winner.

With support from this award, Tim will retrace the path taken in Pacific Northwest waters by geologist James D. Dana and other scientists aboard the U.S. Exploring Expedition (or “Ex. Ex.”), the nation’s first global oceanic voyage of exploration, in 1841. Tim plans to sail his own 35-foot sloop over a six-week period next summer through the Salish Sea, which includes Puget Sound, the Strait of Georgia, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Along the way, his primary goal is to fill in gaps from Dana and team’s historic biodiversity survey of the area. Rather than painstakingly illustrating collected biological samples, as Dana did, Tim plans to use specialized photography techniques both underwater and on the surface to create descriptive portraits of marine invertebrate organisms found throughout the region. To complete his project, he will draw on his more than a decade of scientific, temperate-water SCUBA diving experience. A Teacher First and Foremost Tim currently lives in Friday Harbor, Washington on San Juan Island, and considers himself first and foremost a teacher.

“I am a teacher who is concerned that no one under the age of twenty knows who Jacques Cousteau was,” he wrote in his proposal. “In the three years that I transitioned out of a career in research science and into high school teaching, this has been one of my more brutal realizations.” Since 2012 he has taught high school life sciences and math at Spring Street International School, a small, rural independent school. He also served as science director of the school’s Inland Ocean Studies summer program for high schoolers. He previously worked as a research technologist at University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Laboratories, a marine science instructor at the Catalina Island Marine Institute in California, an educator for the Ocean Classroom Foundation in Maine (where he sailed the Westward again after its sale to that organization), and an educator/crew member for the Living Classrooms Foundation in Baltimore, among other positions. He holds a Master of Science degree in Biology from Northeastern University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from Bowdoin College. Congratulations Tim.

Sailors for the Sea Sponsors SEA Semester Student Reporter Award

Save the Date 45th Anniversary Reunion We hope to see you back on campus in Woods Hole for Reunion! All classes are welcome to attend the 45th Reunion celebration May 20-21, 2016. Join us for day sails aboard the Corwith Cramer, activities on campus and off in Woods Hole, and an evening reception. Don’t forget- the class with the highest percentage of participation in this year’s Annual Fund will win an overnight sail on the Cramer! For more information and to register please visit the Alumni section of the SEA website ( or email Victoria, Alumni Relations Coordinator, at We cannot wait to see you!

In a new partnership with SEA, the ocean conservation organization Sailors for the Sea has begun offering a $1,500 award to one admitted SEA Semester student twice per academic year who is interested in serving as an “Onboard Reporter.” The goal of this collaboration is to educate the boating community about the waters upon which they travel and to increase awareness of pressing ocean health issues, ranging from plastic pollution to climate change. The selected Onboard Reporter will use blog and social media posts, photos, and video to communicate their observations and experiences before, during, and just after their SEA Semester voyage through Sailors for the Sea’s popular online channels. The first award recipient is Aiden Ford (pictured), who sailed with class C-264, Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean, in spring semester 2016. Aiden, a Human Ecology and Secondary Education major at College of the Atlantic, is a coastal Maine native who aspires to become a high school science teacher. Summers spent working as crew aboard a local historic schooner piqued her interest both in applying to SEA Semester and studying ocean sustainability. “While I was around sailors who dedicated themselves to the majesty of the marine environment, I also crossed paths with harmful practices regarding the disposal of discarded resources,” Aiden wrote in her introductory blog post. While voyaging to Cuba, Dominican Republic, St. Croix, and other diverse Caribbean islands aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer, Aiden planned to focus her field research on waste management practices and the history of education in local communities. FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016



Sargassum Studies at SEA By Jeffrey Schell, Deb Goodwin, Amy Siuda

A student readies the dip net to sample a massive Sargassum mat surrounding the Cramer in the Lesser Antilles during the 2014-15 inundation event.

Scientifically speaking, Sargassum is golden-brown, leafy algae with serrated blades and small floats; the genus includes numerous species spanning tropical and temperate waters. The vast majority of Sargassum species are benthic, found along coastlines worldwide. But in the middle of the North Atlantic—1000s of miles away from shore, caught up and collected by ocean currents called the North Atlantic gyre—at least two species are recognized to spend their entire life cycle drifting at the sea surface: Sargassum fluitans and Sargassum natans. Drift Sargassum is home to a diverse community of marine organisms. Colonial hydroids grow like vines, wrapping around the algae’s stems and blades, while bryozoans create an intricate lattice of calcium carbonate over older portions. Solitary anemones and barnacles also establish attached homes. Scurrying about the tangle of Sargassum branches are shrimp, crabs, snails, nudibranchs and fish, all cryptically-colored and uniquely adapted to this vagabond ecosystem. From above and below, seabirds and larger fish forage upon this oasis of marine life in the veritable blue desert of the North Atlantic gyre, while juvenile sea turtles and eel larvae seek out drift Sargassum as refuge and nursery habitat. Sargassum observations are centuries old and often mythic. Columbus notably recorded seeing ‘weed’ adrift on his first and subsequent voyages across the Atlantic—a sure sign of land to come. Ben Franklin (1770’s) used the presence of Sargassum, or ‘gulfweed,’ to help chart the position of the Gulf Stream. Based on his own voyages and accounts of others, Alexander von Humboldt (early 1800’s) mapped the location of ‘Fucus Banks;’ the going hypothesis was that drift algae came from submerged fields of the lost continent of Atlantis. Matthew Fontaine Maury (mid 1800’s) refined the position of the Sargasso Sea based on his extensive survey of US Naval logbooks. The naturalist Moseley described the adaptive coloration of Sargassum fauna during the early years of the Challenger expedition (late 1880s). While director of Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History (1938-1942), Albert Parr was the first scientist to conduct research cruises specifically examining Sargassum distribution, noting morphological diversity among varieties of S. fluitans and S. natans.

The workhorse of SEA’s Sargassum research program, the neuston net (Photo credit: Solvin Zankl).

Deb Goodwin holds a Ph.D. in Oceanography from University of New Hampshire. She joined the SEA faculty in 2010. Jeff Schell received a Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin-Madison in Aquatic Ecology. He has been a member of the SEA faculty since 2003. Amy NS Siuda, C-142, has a Ph.D from University of Connecticut in Biological Oceanography. She joined the SEA faculty in 2007. 18

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Sargassum research at SEA began in earnest on cruise W-33 in 1977 and has been a routine element of our Atlantic science program since. With standard twice-daily neuston tows and targeted dip net sampling, SEA Semester students, faculty and crew have amassed an unparalleled scientific record. In the 1980s, Chief Scientist Allan Stoner published three papers describing SEA’s early observations of the seaweed’s distribution and associated fauna. A decade later, photographs and descriptions of the uniquely adapted organisms populating the floating ecosystem were shared with the world by Chief Scientist Henry Genthe. Continued explorations have yielded over 35 SEA student projects, five publications and 19 presentations on the subject in the last five years alone. Student research at SEA has focused on Sargassum distribution; productivity and seawater nutrient enrichment; morphological variability of both the algae and its faunal associates; diversity, abundance and biogeography of the Sargassum community (e.g., shrimps, crabs, fish) and migratory associates (e.g., eel larvae, spiny lobster larvae, seabirds); and even the rare culinary uses of the seaweed!

One might question, after centuries of international study and decades of research at SEA, is there anything left to learn about Sargassum? Most definitely! In 2009, noted scientist, explorer, ocean advocate, and SEA Overseer (!) Dr. Sylvia Earle rallied nations to protect this unique marine ecosystem. Thus the Sargasso Sea Alliance was born; to inform the scientific case for protection of the Sargasso Sea, they funded digitization and analysis of SEA’s unparalleled neuston tow dataset from the region. While satellite observations combined with net tow records clarify uncertainties of Sargassum distribution, we still don’t understand the seaweed’s movement and connectivity between the Sargasso Sea and Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean, nor can we explain the nuances of community ecology associated with each Sargassum species. These lines of inquiry are central to SEA Semester: Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (MBC), a program offered for the first time in spring 2012. In addition to scientific research results, MBC students also make meaningful contributions to conservation policy; the 2015 class used marine spatial planning methods to develop a Sargasso Sea Management Plan.

The lab team records the Sargassum species, mass, and color following a mid-day neuston tow.

Sargassum covered in feathery hydroids are home to a diverse community, including the Sargassum frog fish (Photo credit: Solvin Zankl).

A watershed moment for Sargassum research at SEA arrived with the recent inundation events that have spanned the equatorial North Atlantic. In both 2011-2012 and 2014-2015, vast and unusual quantities of the seaweed washed ashore on beaches throughout the Caribbean and tropical Africa. SEA’s voyages in the region offer the only open ocean, fieldbased perspective on these events: in the living memory of Chief Scientists, captains and crew, we had never seen so much Sargassum at these southern latitudes. As the latest inundation progressed, it became apparent that the long-term dataset curated by SEA over decades of voyages places the organization at the forefront of important discoveries. Uniquely positioned to examine these and other phenomena while serving as a resource to the larger scientific community, it is an exciting—and busy— time to be engaged in research at SEA. To see how your gift supports new discoveries and ongoing research please visit the Sargassum Ecosystem webpage under SEA Research: sea_research/sargassum_ecosystem n

C-257 students meticulously collect and save Sargassum mobile fauna.

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legacycontinued from page 4 Maria Libby, W-78, sailed from Woods Hole to Barbados and then St. Thomas in 1984. Her son Eben Kopp, C-263, made the transatlantic voyage from the Canary Islands to Dominica and then St. Croix in 2016. When asked how long she had been thinking about Eben attending SEA Semester, she said, “Honestly, I hadn’t been thinking about him being a legacy because I wanted him to find his own path. As it turned out, his path happened to mirror mine as he chose Bowdoin College and then SEA fall semester junior year, just like his mother. Go figure!” She described the experience of living on a boat as “a unique and intimate way to live; the work is authentic and the experience rich. It is a fantastic way to spend a semester.” Mary Ann Boyer, W-69, attributes SEA with giving her the confidence and background to pursue a career in the sciences. She was a scientist at EPA, then taught middle school science and now consults with schools to help them become more sustainable. Her daughter Toni Hall, C-257, says that she learned the meaning of resilience and how to overcome larger obstacles both individually and as a shipmate. “I overcame my fears and overall have become a much more independent, confident young woman.”

Eben Kopp C-263 and mother Maria Libby W-78.

Kris Kennard Caldwell, W-71 says that she didn’t know how SEA Semester would change her daughter, but “it did in ways I never imagined.” Aileen Caldwell, C-216, found that, as a humanities major she wanted an abroad program with an historical lens. So when SEA Semester: Documenting Change in the Caribbean became available she leapt at it. “I am an archivist and SEA certainly instilled in me a love for hands-on learning that I have carried with me throughout my career. It also expanded my interest in climate issues as well as responsible tourism.”

SEA Legacy Awards Applicants who have a parent who participated in a SEA Semester are eligible to apply for a SEA Award of up to $2,500 for a Fall, Winter or Spring SEA Semester. Awards are prorated for SEA Summer Sessions: $1,650 (8 week) and $950 (4 week).

Legacy Tasha Carter-Gordon, S-245, has just returned from Greece where she volunteered on a grassroots project that provided Syrian refugees with lodging, clothes, food, medical care and practical information for continuing their journey. Tasha’s mother, Liza Carter, W-22, says that her father and Cory Cramer went to school together and cites a quote from him as influencing her personally and professionally, “What we wanted to do was to take them to sea so they would learn to love the sea.” She is an environmental scientist by training, and also an artist and writer introducing people to worlds they do not know. “I also believe that people cannot love, much less protect, that which they do not know.” n

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Mary Ann Boyer W-69 and daughter Toni Hall C-257.



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CURRENTS Connections for Life By Skye Morét, C-190

“As marine adventurers and leaders, we need to communicate about our discoveries and how the planet works.” —Skye Morét

Skye’s website,, hosts her design work, SEA-related science papers/ features, and many more sketches from her trips with SEA. And her “Antartica: A Chromatic Paradox” won the People’s Choice award for Posters & Graphics in Popular Science’s 2016 Vizzies.

“Skye…Skye, it’s 0230 and it’s time to get up for watch.” By my approximation, I have heard this exact phrase more than 250 times—as an SEA student, an assistant scientist, and a contract chief scientist. For the last decade or so, I’ve lived for that smell of brine and bacon on dawn watch and the thrill of helping delirious students with zooplankton 100-counts. The small, didactic, adventurous and caring sea community keeps me yearning for it year after year, even now when I only occasionally teach onshore and sporadically have the time to sail. I am now an Information Designer, which means that I love the challenge of datadriven storytelling and visualization. Though I have taught oceanography for various SEA high school and college trips during the last five years, in 2014 I came full circle from my student trip, teaching three SEA Semesters of a new course elective called ‘Data Visualization and Communication.’ I see this future-forward class as imperative to the interdisciplinary nature of SEA—I would even go so far as to say anti-disciplinary nature; breaking the model of traditional academic disciplines. As marine adventurers and leaders, we need to communicate about our discoveries and how the planet works. I first learned about SEA by attending a slideshow at my college’s ‘mountain club.’ A fellow Oregon State University student had spoken about his recently-finished SEA Semester and I was totally hooked on the idea of learning in such a bizarre, immersive environment. Growing up in Oregon and California, I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity I had in college to learn about different marine ecosystems—I went abroad every fall. During my sophomore year I studied in the subtropical waters of Hawaii, then on to a school on the warm Sea of Cortez my junior year, and finally to the exotic Caribbean, where I completed C-190, the trip to begin all seagoing trips. My student trip taught me a number of life lessons: that teachers are real people, that I thrive in immersive learning environments, and that friends and a community made at sea are connections for life. With an 8,000+ strong network of adventurous SEA-faring souls around the globe, I am still surprised by the myriad encounters I’ve had with alumni. The accompanying opportunities have truly shaped my life. It started with Palmyra Atoll. Straight out of college, word was passed down from an SEA captain that a volunteer position was available there through The Nature Conservancy. I lived there—heaven—for threemonths with another SEA alumna as my tent-mate, building the now-active research station and fulfilling my dream of living in a tropical marine environment. After gaining teaching experience on a schooner in Long Island Sound (captained by a former SEA mate), I became an assistant scientist at SEA. Twenty SEA Semesters and countless ‘short trips’ later, my network has increased a thousand fold. As an assistant scientist, I took the opportunity to analyze SEA’s wealth of neuston net tows after recently hearing about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” Starting in 2007, colleagues and I ultimately compiled 30+ years worth of plastic marine debris data and I co-wrote five articles ranging from the geographic distribution of pollution in the open ocean to debris’ physical and chemical properties, along with how to actively engage with marine debris in the classroom. Last year I compiled SEA’s plastic data with other studies into a global graphic that was featured in a Sunday edition of The Boston Globe. People are so curious about marine threats and discoveries, and visualizing a topic can make all the difference in how they understand (and vote about) an environmental issue. Having always loved design, I decided to go back to school for an MFA in some kind of media design, using the context of our marine world to apply new communication skills. Three years later, I am months away from finishing. I now do freelance work on climate change adaptation for The GroundTruth Project, fisheries-related freelance work for The Nature Conservancy, and Popular Science magazine just published a visualization of mine about Antarctic biodiversity. So the future looks promising! I know there is a network of talented and engaged marine souls that I can tap into if I need to. I am so grateful for the many incredible people I have known, and continue to know, through SEA. They inspire me to believe that our seas are in the hands of capable and motivated stewards. n FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2016




Winter/Spring 2016 Sea Education Association, Inc. P.O. Box 6 Woods Hole, Massachusetts 02543

SEA grants $1 million in scholarship annually. You can help provide students with a life changing and career-inspiring educational experience by making a donation online at www.sea/give. “As marine adventurers and leaders, we need to communicate about our discoveries and how the planet works.” —Skye Morét Read about Skye's data-driven storytelling and visualization on page 21.

Did You Know? Congress has passed and the President has signed into law the permanent IRA Charitable Rollover provision. This provision allows individuals who have reached age 70½ to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA), without treating the distribution as taxable income.


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