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A Return to Palmyra

Major Maintenance in Maine

Opening Doors

Stanford@SEA alumna Dr. Amanda Netburn recounts her recent return to Palmyra Atoll

Donors support extensive work on SSV Corwith Cramer

PEP intern Alexander Linares “dives” into the world of Woods Hole


SEA News Briefs

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It’s with great enthusiasm that I share this issue of Following SEA with you. Within its pages you’ll find the full scope of what SEA seeks to do: inspire ocean scholars, stewards, and leaders. Beginning with the stories of the SSV Corwith Cramer’s major maintenance project and Dr. Amanda N. Netburn’s return to Palmyra, to Alex Linares’ journey to SEA through the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program and the return of “Scuttlebutt,” you’ll learn both about our programs and about the people of SEA who make our community distinctive and impactful. You’re a member of the SEA family too! I hope you’ll take the time not only to read the stories in Following Sea, but to consider your own SEA story. We’d love to hear it! I also encourage you to please share the SEA story with potential students, parents, or friends in academic institutions. Your passion for SEA is our best advertisement and helps ensure that we can continue to accomplish our mission. On behalf of all of us here in Woods Hole and our crew around the world, thank you for investing in and partnering with SEA as we continue to explore, understand and steward the marine environment by empowering students with life-changing voyages of scientific and cultural discovery, academic rigor, and personal growth.

Peg Brandon, W-48, President

2017-2018 Officers & Trustees Officers


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I couldn’t be more proud of my shipmates, and how far we have all come from the first day on the ship. We have grown as a unit to be a successful, powerful team that can conquer any challenge. Jaeger Hodge, gap year student, S-265

t more than 10 years consecutive giving o

full & by: more than 25 years consecutive



Photo Credit: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Mountains in the Deep: Exploring the Central Pacific Basin


A Return to

PALMYRA Stanford@SEA alumna Dr. Amanda Netburn, S-187, a pelagic ecologist at NOAA, recounts her May, 2017 return to Palmyra Atoll, 1,000 miles south of Hawaii in the Northern Line Islands, aboard the NOAA Ship R/V Okeanos Explorer.


fter departing Pago Pago two weeks ago, Palmyra is finally in sight. Gorgeous and inviting even from a distance, seabirds and dolphins greet us, and we can see the turquoise blue entry into the lagoon. I remember entering that lagoon 14 years ago on the SSV Robert C. Seamans (with Stanford@SEA class S-187), where I swam with blacktip sharks, and saw coconut crabs and blue-footed boobies roam. That trip was the launch of my professional journey in marine science. I have since been to sea on 12 research cruises, and am currently on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer in my role as Research Program Administrator at the Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration, Research, and Technology at Florida Atlantic University supporting NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. I am thrilled to be returning to Palmyra, this time on the Mountains in the Deep: Exploring the Central Pacific Basin expedition. Our mission is to explore the deep waters of the U.S. Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument (PRIMNM). The expedition is part of the three-year Campaign to Address Pacific monument Science, Technology, and Ocean NEeds (CAPSTONE). At Palmyra, there is a high diversity of animals on the seafloor, including a variety of corals, sponges, crinoids, brittle stars, and sea urchins. I also observe a very high abundance of animals in the water column, more than at any site we have visited on this expedition. The near-surface layer is filled with salps, colonial gelatinous tunicates that can form very long chains. We see many fish from 200-250 meters; below that is a mix of chaetognaths (arrow worms), fishes, various crustaceans, ctenophores (comb jellies), and siphonophores (colonial jellyfish). The high abundance of salps and fishes here is indicative

of high productivity in the area, because both need a significant amount of food to thrive in high numbers. When we visited Palmyra on the Seamans, we took a quick jaunt over to Kingman Reef, and the Okeanos Explorer is now on its way there too to survey the deep water offshore of the reef. The morning after our Palmyra dive, I feel the dynamic positioning engage and get out of bed for a look outside. It takes me a minute to find Kingman. Just barely emerging from the sea surface, it is recognizable only by the wave break in the distance. Fourteen years ago, the seas were rough, but we were able to deploy a mini-ROV off the side of the ship. There were sharks everywhere! Today, we lower the ROV to 1000 meters and document an assemblage of urchins, sea stars, anemones, acorn worms, hydroids, corals, brittle stars, sponges, shrimp, and squat lobsters. We also see fishes, including oreo dories, rattails, and a hatchet fish, and again - even at these depths - the water is very sharky! This is the first dive we have conducted this expedition where we see two different species of sharks - a deepwater dogfish and a sand tiger shark. The midwater does not seem to have nearly the density of organisms that there was at Palmyra, though we did still see a good diversity of animals, including several ctenophores, larvaceans, chaetognaths, siphonophores, a snipe eel, and its prey, sergestid shrimps. There was also a layer of salps around 50-100 meters, though not as densely distributed as at the Palmyra site. I wonder why we see this difference in density. I hope someday I will have the chance to sail back again to explore more of Palmyra and Kingman and find out! By Amanda N. Netburn, PhD:

NOAA Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration, Research, & Technology, Florida Atlantic University



MAINE Donors support extensive work on SSV Corwith Cramer By Doug Karlson


hether on shore or on the high seas, SEA likes to dream up challenges. Just ask members of the Marine Operations Department. This past year, the task before them was enormous: take a 30-year-old steel brigantine and perform major maintenance in every compartment, on every system, from stem to stern, from the bottom of the keel to the top of the main truck. Oh, and do it in just four months, in a shipyard nearly 300 miles away from the ship’s home port. It was a challenge that would never have been possible if other critical members of the SEA family, our donors, hadn’t supported the project every step of the way.


The Corwith Cramer Major Maintenance Project began long before the Cramer arrived at Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, Maine on June 13. Months earlier, SEA staff were busy assessing, planning and designing updated systems, ordering parts, seeking bids, lining up crew, and arranging accommodations. Planning teams were assigned to specific areas, such as hull, rigging, engineering, science upgrades, and galley. (Visitors to the Marine Ops Department couldn’t help but notice the tape on the floor, put there to mock up the refurbished galley.) When the ship sailed to the shipyard, the planning teams went too. They were overseen by SEA Marine Operations Coordinator



Cabin sole replaced Plumbing refurbished Wire & cable replaced Auxiliary generator replaced Elephant table rebuilt Hydrowinch rebuilt Transducer & thru-hull fittings serviced New navigation lights installed Watermaker & refrigeration serviced & rebuilt Exhaust repaired (Partial list)







Jen Haddock, C-109, who served as project manager, and David Bank, W-82, SEA director of marine operations.

“We definitely added life to the ship and addressed areas we knew needed to be addressed,” said Haddock.

“The goal was to pursue maintenance and upgrade projects that required at least four weeks of shipyard time to strengthen safety and reliability of SEA’s senior flagship,” explained Bank.

There’s still more to be done. “We knew there would be a list we would defer. Some electronics still to be installed, and new ratlines to be installed,” said Haddock. “There are more projects that we didn’t have time to complete, so we have a good list for next year,” added Cavacas.

“The planning beforehand was very important and it made the project go smoothly. Still, we allowed for unexpected surprises,” said SEA Senior Chief Engineer Mickey Cavacas, C-231, who oversaw engineering and machinery. Other team leaders included Sarah Herard, C-197, (deck and rig), Elliot Rappaport, W-79 (special projects), and Georgie Zelenak, C-233B (scientific equipment). No matter how much planning is done, a project like this is bound to offer up some challenging surprises, such as the unanticipated rebuild of the controllable-pitch propeller gear (which required complex back-and-forths with the manufacturer in Denmark) and significant steel corrosion in the doghouse. “The biggest challenge is the unexpected. Once you start opening things up there are things you’re going to find that you didn’t know about,” said Cavacas. As new priorities emerged, he said it was important to “keep an open mind, and be willing to change plans.” One pleasant surprise, said Haddock, was “just how invested everyone was to make the project happen. There was strong community buy-in.” She said SEA deckhands as well as yard workers pitched in to the project with great enthusiasm. That motivation was critical in meeting the deadline.

It wasn’t all work. The crew enjoyed their time in Maine, and found time to explore Belfast, visit swimming holes, go on hikes, or play Frisbee to relax. “A lot of the crew had never been to Maine. They thoroughly enjoyed it, and the locals enjoyed meeting the crew and watching the whole gang walk down to the shipyard every morning,” said Haddock. Haddock and Cavacas can’t say enough about the SEA crew who spent the summer in Maine. “It wouldn’t have happened without all the teams we put together,” said Haddock. Added Cavacas: “They were fantastic. We really couldn’t have done it without them.”

ABOUT THE SHIPYARD… Located on Penobscot Bay in Belfast, Maine, Front Street Shipyard is a state-of-the-art custom boat builder, service yard, and marina. Opened in 2011, it has a 480-ton lifting capacity and deep-water access, allowing it to service vessels up to 200 feet in length.

“The timeline was ambitious. We only had four months in the yard. We wanted to do all we could,” said Haddock. That meant most crews worked from 7 in the morning to about 4:30 in the afternoon. Some crews worked a staggered schedule, from 9 to 6, to avoid too much onboard congestion, especially while painting. As the project neared completion, the crew worked six days a week. The effort paid off. According to Cavacas, the engineering systems are now “greatly improved.”

“Thorough inspection and repairs to the steel hull were among the project’s top priority.”

Opposite page, clockwise from top left: Senior Chief Engineer Mickey Cavacas, C-231, and Project Manager Jen Haddock, C-109, after the Cramer was relaunched; SEA crew enjoyed tasty and nutritious meals every day thanks to the efforts of SEA stewards; Engineer Nate Bears caulks the deck; the new galley now includes a center island; a massive lift relaunches the Cramer; Sarah Herard, C-197, deck and rig coordinator.


The timeline was ambitious. We only had four months in the yard. We wanted to do all we could. - Jen Haddock

t more than 10 years consecutive giving o

full & by: more than 25 years consecutive




PE P I N TE RN A LE X A N D E R L I NA R E S “D I V E S ” I N T O T H E WO R L D O F WO O D S H O L E By Doug Karlson


EA Semester student Alex Linares remembers the moment when he realized he wanted to dive deeper, literally, into the world of marine biology.

While getting an associate’s degree at St. Petersburg College, Alex, a resident of Florida who is originally from Puerto Rico, went snorkeling with his school group to the Keys. “When I looked down I saw SCUBA divers. I was upset I couldn’t go deeper to be face to face with the coral.” That led to SCUBA classes and becoming open water certified. It also led Alex to Barry University and a major in marine biology with a minor in diving education. As part of the Barry diving program, he was required to attend an immersive study abroad course in Bonaire which led him to complete his Divemaster certification. “I went to school for marine biology but once I started diving I really got hooked,” he said. For the summer before graduation, Alex sought an internship in his field. Through a Google search, he learned about the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP). Alex applied and was accepted.


PEP is an internship program designed to promote diversity in the scientific community of Woods Hole. College students majoring in the natural sciences live on the SEA campus, take classes, and conduct internships at neighboring scientific organizations. Alex spent the summer of 2016 interning at NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center. He worked with NOAA scientists Anne Richards and Sandy Sutherland, W-118, studying monkfish to determine ways to gauge their age and growth. Back at Barry University, his PEP internship was counted as a capstone project, and he received three credits. “All the professors were really proud that I went to Woods Hole.” Following graduation in the fall of 2016, Alex began networking for a research position. A contact he had made during his PEP internship, Diving Safety Officer Ed O’Brien at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution offered him a second PEP internship. Alex spent the summer of 2017 working with WHOI dive operations and took a scientific diving course through the

Clockwise from left: Alex Linares in Woods Hole; SCUBA training at Barry University; conducting a coral survey on Barracuda Reef off Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

American Academy of Underwater Science. That gave him the certification needed for research diving. While enrolled in the PEP program, Alex took full advantage of the many talks and lectures available to him. He mixed with scientists from NOAA and MBL and learned about their grad school experiences and careers. While in Woods Hole, he also attended SEA’s Marine Biodiversity and Conservation Symposium in June. He was “super intrigued” by the presentations and decided to apply to SEA Semester. Accepted into class C-275, Ocean Exploration, Alex returned to the Woods Hole campus in September for the six-week shore component. Unfortunately, just before the sea component was to begin, he injured his ankle and was unable to join his shipmates on the cruise. Though disappointed, he followed their progress through the ships’ blog. Now that his ankle is heeled, he’s enrolled in Class C-277, Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean, from January through March 2018. Once again, Alex finds himself back in Woods Hole!

Following his SEA Semester program, Alex is looking forward to beginning his career. “I have a love for the ocean. The diving experience made me want to focus on underwater research and archaeology,” he said. “It was really great to see that there are so many different career paths for someone with my interests. It’s cool to be in a town that’s science focused and be with people with similar interests. The PEP program really helped open doors for me.” Learn more about PEP, go to


Class C-270, Oceans & Climates, departs Las Palmas, Gran Canaria bound for Dominica.


Individually, we are one drop.

TOGETHER, WE ARE AN OCEAN. – Ryunosuke Satoro

t more than 10 years consecutive giving o

full & by: more than 25 years consecutive





Seeking solutions Sargasso Sea Symposium highlights research by SEA students

Sailing Solo

Rich Wilson recounts Vendée Globe circumnavigation

Yacht ensign flown on Great American IV presented to SEA by Rich Wilson

Talk about an adventure with a purpose! Longtime SEA trustee and overseer Rich Wilson completed a solo circumnavigation of the world in the Vendée Globe 2016 ocean race last February, and described his adventure at the SEA Semi-Annual Dinner at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth in October. The only American to compete in the race as well as the oldest participant,

Wilson completed the race in 107 days. His 60-foot boat, Great American IV, twice achieved frightening surges in excess of 30 knots as it sailed through the stormy Southern Ocean. Throughout the race, Wilson said he averaged just five hours of sleep in a 24-hour period, usually through short naps of 20 to 45 minutes each. Wilson’s sitesALIVE! educational program reached

Read all about it! Sailors for the Sea supports “onboard reporters” In 2016, SEA Semester joined with Sailors for the Sea, a leading ocean conservation organization based in Newport, Rhode Island, for a special partnership aimed at raising awareness about the health of the oceans. Each term, one SEA Semester student is designated as Sailors for Sea’s “Onboard Reporter” and receives a $1,500 financial aid award. In addition to their SEA Semester studies and duties, our Onboard Reporters document and discuss environmental issues and share their first-hand experience through blogging, storytelling, and social media.


2017’s onboard reporters were Anna Brodmerkel, C-273, a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who sailed aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer with the Marine Biodiversity and Conservation program last spring, and Keiley James, C-276, from University of Georgia, who sailed aboard the Cramer with Caribbean Reef Expedition this past fall. Follow Sailors for the Sea on social media for more about how the boating community is working to protect the oceans.

750,000 students in 55 countries during the race, through daily ship’s logs and audio reports, weekly essays, Q&A, photos, videos and webinars. Following his talk, Wilson presented a yacht ensign flown aboard the Great American IV during the race to SEA President Peg Brandon.

For the sixth year in a row, SEA Semester students, faculty and conservation policy experts and scientists from leading scientific institutions in the US and Bermuda convened on June 16th at SEA headquarters for the Sargasso Sea Symposium. The symposium, which is supported by the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation, is the culminating event of the Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (MBC) program and contributes directly to international efforts to protect the Sargasso Sea. Throughout the day-long event, students present findings from research conducted in the Sargasso Sea and make conservation policy recommendations. Student presentations are interspersed with talks by the invited experts.

can’t operate without the generous support of our donors. Thank you to all those who donated to the Sea Education Association Annual Fund!

NO, trash should NOT splash! SEA intern helps launch plastics pollution program

Source: American Association for the Advancement of Science

please drop by!

An overview tracing the path of all the plastics ever made.

All the plastics ever made SEA’s Kara Lavender Law co-authors comprehensive study Imagine a world without plastic. According to SEA Research Professor of Oceanography Kara Lavender Law and other scientists who last summer co-authored the first-ever global analysis of all the plastics ever made, that’s almost impossible to do, given the widespread use of plastics since the 1950s. “Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made,” seeks to guide strategies to confront the problem of plastics pollution. In addition to Law, the co-authors are Dr. Jenna Jambeck, University of Georgia,

and Dr. Roland Geyer, University of California, Santa Barbara. The study, published by Science Advances, traces worldwide plastics production, use and what we do with plastic after we’re done with it. The authors estimate that 8,300 million metric tons (Mt) of plastics have been produced to date, and that as of 2015, 6,300 Mt of plastic waste has been generated. Of that waste, 9% has been recycled, 12% incinerated, and 79% sent to landfills or discarded in the natural environment. At the current rate,

the researchers predict, about 12,000 Mt of plastic waste will be in landfills or the natural environment by 2050. According to the paper, without a strategy for what to do with plastic waste “humans are conducting a singular uncontrolled experiment on a global scale, in which billions of tons of material will accumulate across all major terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems on the planet.” To read more, visit: www.sea. edu/plastic_analysis

Madeline Hughes , S-271, now a senior at Wellesley College, spent the summer as SEA’s first ever Single-Use Plastics Reduction Program Intern. Funded by the NOAA Marine Debris Program, the program is a collaboration between Sea Education Association and the Falmouth Water Stewards’ Skip the Straw Program. Its goal is to apply behavioral science insights to reduce single-use plastics pollution in the ocean. Madeline’s first task was coming up with a catchier name for the program (instead of Single-Use Plastic Reduction Program). Her solution: Trash Shouldn’t Splash. She looked at social norm research to design effective outreach to the community and local government, and designed a survey to gain a better picture of how single-use plastics are used in Woods Hole restaurants. She also helped design a survey of public attitudes about single-use plastics and presented her behavioral science research to the SEA community. “Through educational campaigns like Trash Shouldn’t Splash, simple behavioral changes can have a great impact on world health, and I am grateful to have had this opportunity,” said Madeline.

Traditional canoes and culture Michael Jacobson wins Armin E. Elsaesser Award SEA Semester alumnus Michael Jacobson, W-72, has been named as recipient of the 2018 Armin E. Elsaesser III Fellowship award. Michael will use his award to travel to Orchid Island, southeast of Taiwan, to document the indigenous Tao people’s traditional boat

building and fishing culture. Photos and videos will be used to augment an exhibit at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Washington. The Tao build wooden seagoing canoes called “tatalas” from which they catch flying fish.

Left to right: Stevan Harrell, retired Professor of Anthropology at University of Washington, Michael Jacobson, and Holly Barker, Burke Museum Curator for Oceanic and Asian Culture, with Tao tatala en route to museum.


Sundays at two Public Lecture Series attracts community

“Transatlantic” triumphs Film chronicles 2016 voyage

And the winner is… Capt. Chris Nolan, Assistant Professor of Nautical Science. His documentary, “Transatlantic, A Voyage of Discovery,” about SEA Semester’s voyage from Woods Hole to Ireland in the summer of 2016 won the Feature Grand Prize at the International

Maritime Film Festival. The festival, held in September in Bucksport, Maine, celebrates the heritage, spirit of adventure, and ingenuity of maritime pursuits. Nolan’s 38-minute film follows the students of SEA Semester class C-267 as they challenge themselves in an

epic adventure, and forge lasting bonds as shipmates on a lengthy and inspiring ocean passage. Those wishing to watch the film may do so on SEA’s Vimeo channel, at:

ELSAESSER FELLOWSHIP OPPORTUNITY THANK YOU! SEA is accepting preliminary proposals for the 2019 Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship. SEA is grateful to Dr. Lew Stern of Stern Consulting for his generous work with SEA leadership in 2017.

SEA alumni, faculty, crew, staff and past employees are eligible for this fellowship, which funds research projects that involve any marine or maritime field that is not directly related to the applicant’s current professional activities. Successful projects should reflect a creative and independent approach to the pursuit of knowledge. SUBMIT

Awards range from $5,000 to $10,000. To request information please contact


2017’s public lecture series got off to a great start last January with “Rescue at Sea!,” a well-attended history of U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue operations delivered by Capt. Chris Nolan, SEA Assistant Professor of Nautical Science. Adjunct faculty instructor Carl Herzog followed with “Be Not Too Bold!,” an informative presentation on colonial-era smuggling. Dr. Craig Marin, W-119, Assistant Professor of Maritime Studies, addressed environmental issues of the Caribbean with “Sugar & Sunshine,” and Dr. Jeff Wescott, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, examined the concept of ocean optimism with “Time & Tide: An Anthropology, of the Ocean.” After a summer hiatus, the series resumed this past fall. Dr. Heidi Weiskel, marine ecologist at the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, spoke about her organization’s efforts to protect local marine resources around the world. Dr. Matthew McKenzie, W-123, Associate Professor of History at University of Connecticut, took an unvarnished look at the causes of the 1950’s collapse of New England’s fisheries. Virginia Land McGuire, C-115, Associate Dean for Financial Aid & Student Services and Associate Professor of Nautical Science, capped off the season with a “stellar” introduction to celestial navigation. SEA’s free public lectures are held on fall and spring Sundays at 2 pm in the James L. Madden Center Lecture Hall. Check the website for upcoming lectures and if you’re in the Falmouth area, please drop by!


1970s W-1 Craig Williamson asks: “The 50th Anniversary of SEA is on the horizon. Any plans for a W-1 reunion?” W-6 Crossan Seybolt writes: “Finally getting my super 8 movie film converted to digital. Anyone have any pix that I can include in the final movie? Send to:” W-7 Cynthia Hyde writes: “45 years ago this January 2018, W-7 set sail from San Juan, Puerto Rico, headed for the Panama Canal, and then on to the Galapagos, visiting Cocos Island along the way, and Malpelo Island on the way back, arriving in Miami after two months at sea. I hope all of my shipmates are well and happy!” W-10 Gary Borda writes: “Loved sailing with SEA on W-10 in 1973 and again on S-243 (Plastics at Sea 2012). Great getting together with Plastics crew mates - Hey to Mike and A-Watch.” W-21 Cynthia Nathanson writes: “Hoping this finds all W-21 adventurers well: Thinking of you all and our

time aboard the Westward with many fond memories. Remembering we could shower when crossing the warmer water of the Gulf Stream because we had no hot water; ship breaking down and docking in Charleston; a beautiful balmy night (steel band playing) in Antigua with our wonderful Captain, John; alone with the sea and the stars in the middle of the night on bow watch; baking pies with Martha! (Where is Martha Gergely?) Love and peace to all W-21 voyagers.” W-21 Jacob Korngold writes: “Still living happily near Portland, OR. Not sailing, but hiking, skiing, tennis and cycling. Helping a daughter in her acupuncture practice. Elaine is back in school; her retirement project is a Mental Health Counseling program. Feel free to get in touch if you’re anywhere nearby!” W-21 Ray Palombo runs tugboats up and down eastern seaboard with Vane Brothers and says “hello” to his classmates! W-23 Ted Snedden teaches Earth & Space Science to high school seniors in Houston and looks forward to retirement.

W-23 Seth Garfield writes: “I have enjoyed having many of my employees on the shellfish farm go into the program and watch how it changes their lives and outlooks on the world we live in. W-25 Luanne Rice recently published her latest YA novel, “The Beautiful Lost.” The book’s humpback whales were inspired by her time aboard the Westward. W-31 Scott Seaver writes: “Looking forward to my fourth season as a chef on a private island in the Exumas. Living in Newburyport and Fort Lauderdale.” W-32 Susan ScottoDyckman writes: “It’s hard to believe 40 years have flown by since W-32! Shout out to Missy, Michele, Julia, Chel and Liz. A special thank you to scientist Prentice Stout.” W-33 Anita Meissner is Sr. IT Project / Program Manager at Health Quest in the Hudson Valley and was recently named employee of the year. W-35 Leslie Bulion studied biological oceanography at URI and now writes children’s books. Her newest is a science poetry collection called “Leaf Litter Critters.”

W-35 Hank Amabile Regarding a planned trip to Newfoundland, Hank wrote: “Last time I was there was on R/V Westward summer of 1977! It does not seem like yesterday. I still tell everyone that SEA was the BEST part of my education.” W-35 Bill Duggan writes: “No I’m not an oceanographer, but still hold a deep appreciation of the ocean and feel that the experience made me more of a steward. SEA continues to teach those lessons and at an age where it can mold and form you for life. It has for me. All the best W-35’ers !!” W-36 Rindy Ostermann writes: “After four years working with architects and builders to help the Asian School of the Environment grow, I am moving back to London. I have purchased a 60 x 16’ Sheffield Keel barge moored in Limehouse Basin. BALENA will be my new mobile home, as I travel around the canals of Europe and the UK.… Come and travel with me!” W-39 Nina Lian writes: “Had a wonderful sailing vacation in the Grenadines over Thanksgiving with our two adult sons and their girlfriends! Great to be on the water again!”

W-42 Daniel Tierney writes: “Enjoying retirement. Just got a new Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy making three to keep me busy volunteering at the local humane society.” W-48 Chris Lynch writes: “Two of my children have completed SEA courses in the last couple of years and they loved their courses for all the same reasons I found W-48 a life changing learning experience. Congratulations to Peg and all at SEA for keeping Woods Hole and the sailing programs as relevant and exciting as they were a generation ago, no easy task.”

1980s W-50 Bob Boehringer reports that he ocasionally helps his oldest son, Brad, an oyster farmer on Pt. Judith Pond, RI. His company is called Rocky Rhode Oyster Company. W-50 Jimmy Falkner writes: “Still living in Arlington, VA, but moving closer to the water in 2018 to Old Town, Alexandria. Sailed on the Potomac River and didn’t get seasick. Hope it’s a good omen for Drake’s Passage in February 2018!” FOLLOWING SEA | 17


W-51 Susan Duke moved to Evanston, IL in 2016 for a new job heading Safety Statistics at AbbVie, after 18+ years in Chapel Hill, NC. She still remembers her SEA experience fondly. W-53 Jim Salomon writes: “We’re living in Providence, enjoying Rhode Island very much. We escaped the suburbs of Connecticut after I took a job in MA. If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to stop by; always good to see old friends. W-54 Letty Farros reports that she lives in California and works at a Silicon Valley start-up. Her daughter, Kat, is a sophomore at Bucknell. The two recently planned a trip to Antarctica. W-54 Will Howard writes: “I’m still working for the chief scientist of Australia, but currently on secondment to a government task force developing strategies to protect the Great Barrier Reef.” W-56 Marie VayoGreenbaum recently retired after 35 years of teaching science K-12, and is searching for the next adventure. She would love to hear from classmates! W-58 Deb Felix writes: “I am now a sought-after admissions consultant. I help kids pick the right colleges to apply to, then help them get in, so if you know anyone who has a high school student...” W-59 Pat Keenan is president of Phoenix International Holdings, a worldwide underwater service provider. W-60 Ellen Mihaich writes: “With three weddings in two years I am thinking of giving up the toxicology day job for wedding planning! Not really but it has been an experience. We now have two grandchildren (9 and 11) with another on the way. Best to all of my W-60 friends!”

W-63 Noy Holland recently published “I Was Trying to Describe What it Feels Like: New and Selected Stories” W-64 Pete Neidhardt is moving from Massachusetts to the coast of Maine in 2018, and hopes to catch up with W-64 friends. W-64 Jim Kerney writes: “I recently retired after 34 years with IBM and am looking forward to spending more time sailing, kiting and skiing. Is there any interest in a 35th reunion in Woods Hole or with the Westward here on the coast of Maine? Reach out and I’ll organize.” W-64 Cynthia Robinson is now working at the Robertson Foundation for Government in DC, continuing a focus on public service leadership development. W-65 Jenny Paduan writes: “Celebrated 25 years at MBARI this past year! Working with autonomous underwater vehicle mapping data and remotely operated vehicles to study submarine volcanoes, and am having a blast!” W-66 John Kelley writes: “Finally – Katherine will be in college Fall 2018 – planning on attending SEA!” W-66 Heidi Lovett works on policy issues and the Marine Fisheries (Federal) Advisory Committee at NOAA Fisheries and recently celebrated her oldest son’s Bar Mitzvah. “Otherwise, life mostly revolves around our 11 and 13 year old sons. Middle school, band, and sports keep everyone busy.” W-68 Becky Slater Craig writes: “I have been intersecting with a lot of SEA alumni the past few years. I live on the Monterey Peninsula in CA and run into alums frequently. Recently, my niece was on the Stanford at SEA… and in May I met several staff at Call of the


Sea [who] were part of SEA before heading to SF. It’s always great to run into someone as we have that instant connection of our shared SEA experience.” W-68 Chris Myers writes: “More than ever, thanks for educating the future.” W-69 Catherine McCabe writes: “I’m still teaching second grade in a Title 1 school and we are still living in Chesapeake, VA, wondering what’s next as we near retirement and our three boys are on their own. Get to sail from time to time on the Elizabeth River with a friend who built his own boat.” W-69 Bob Woellner writes: “My wife and I live in Denver, Colorado and our daughter is attending the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. We typically take several weeks or months a year chartering sailboats in the Bahamas or Caribbean.” Bob would like to hear from shipmates! W-69 Chris Proctor is opening new international programs at Northcross School and has openings in Shanghai, Taipei, Nanchang, and possibly Nepal and Argentina. Some require some teaching experience but not all. If interested, contact Dr. Marc Lucht, mlucht@northcross. org for info. W-69 Beth Reuman writes: “Thrilled to have just welcomed my daughter back from her own SEA trek, C-275. Inspired me to reconnect with my own class from nearly 35 years ago, with a great response rate from W-69 shipmates. Wonderful to have this experience shared over generations!” W-71 Dean Smith now lives in Boulder, CO. W-71 Alex Prud’homme reports he’s been in touch with classmates Hal Sharpe and Ed Lanigan. Hopes everyone from W-71 is “ship-shape!”

W-72 Norm Price sends greetings to W-72-ers. “Think of you often!”

the same age I was when sailing on the Westward... until I throw my back out...”

W-74 Karen Walters teaches biology at a private high school and is “still salty at heart!” She hopes her son does SEA Semester too!

W-84 Carol Schrader lives in Santa Fe, NM and owns a very small sailboat (a snark) that she takes to the local lakes. She also manages a circus (Wise Fool New Mexico) and last summer helped her 16-year-old daughter rebuild a 2000 Subaru for her first car.

W-77 Carolyn Sheild is finishing her 23rd year teaching middle school science! W-79 Laura Moser writes: “Married March 2016. We had a delayed honeymoon in South Africa… My spouse is a native/drought tolerant plant garden designer who has used South African plants his whole career but had never been there.” W-82 Hilary HoaglandGrey deployed with the American Red Cross in their disaster response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in St. Croix. “It’s one thing to study these atmospheric monsters on paper, but quite another thing to see their destruction up close. It pushes home the point of the importance of the study of the atmosphere, the seas, climate change, and especially how to increase our resilience to a rapidly changing world. I’m so glad that SEA is part of this effort!” W-83 Steve Laster writes: “The tradition continues in the Laster family as Ben (14) got his motorboat operators license this past summer and started to teach sailing and Abby (11) took her first sailing lessons. Both also got to go into Alvin while docked in Woods Hole. Future SEA students.” W-83 Rick Fritsch reports that he lives in in Juneau, Alaska, works for the National Weather Service, and is spending time exploring Alaska by airplane. W-83 Jonathan Lowe is a principal data scientist at the Boston Consulting Group. “Nina (10) and Dash (5) are growing fast. I still mistakenly believe I’m

W-84 Carl Stevens writes: “Our son, Henry, is talking about a Spring 2018 SEA semester. Sailing around New Zealand sure sounds fun.” W-84 Keith Murlless lives near Greenville, SC with his wife Suzanne, and has spent his career as a volleyball official. “Swing through any time!” W-90 Valerie Beck writes: “Hi Ho,W-90!!! THIRTY ONE years later... unbelievable as we are still so young.” W-92 Ben Hall is “poised to do some more sailing lessons in Boston Harbor. Last summer was Solings, this year it’s J-24s.” W-93 Amy Blumenberg lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Chris Potter and daughter Eleanor. She would enjoy connecting with any of her W-93 classmates who may be passing through Portland. Contact: W-95 Brian Levy writes: “It’s great to see my captain Peg at the helm.” W-95 Drew CarothersLiske runs a plumbing and radiant heating business on the west coast, and is passionate about wildlife photography. Check out Drew’s amazing photos at W-99 Deb Greene lives and works in Concord, MA, with her husband and two children, Callie & Connor.

W-99 Karin Wagner lives in Portland, Maine, where she sees the Westward on a regular basis. W-103 Bonnie Fry Rothman spent the summer exploring the Pacific and diving in Indonesia with her family. “The ocean is still my home.” C-108 Kat Brandt is Chair of Primary Care at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. She welcomed Nathaniel Jude Brandt to join his sisters in Sept 2015. W-108 Allison Stouse writes: “Little did I know that my memories at SEA shared with my daughter over the years (now at Smith College) would inspire her to go on her own voyage as part of next Fall’s Global Oceans class…. Very proud of her and very glad to reconnect with SEA in this way.”

C-115 Jocelyn Stamat is “staying busy with twin boys aged three.” W-117 Lisa Buffitt writes: “Hello everyone! I’ve been working for almost 18 years at TE SubCom, a company that designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains subsea fiber optic telecommunications cables. I’m still thankful for the excellent education and experiences I had during my SEA Semester.” C-118 Paul Jones writes: “This was a wonderful experience, full of fond memories of bonding and developing lasting friendships.” C-119 Nick Testa is living in LA but not sailing as much as he would like. He frequently looks at the ocean and says “this is the year I am going to take my daughters, Kira 9, and Mike 6, sailing”. W-121 Win Burleson writes: “I’m enjoying a little PCS Flicka 20 in NYC!”

1990s C-110 Peter Albright is a medical laboratory scientist at Amita Hinsdale Hospital. W-113 Gabriel Thoumi participated in the Dec. 2016 alumni sail in the Caribbean and writes “Cramer alumni sail was awesome!” C-113 Vera Clement writes: “I am working at Aetna in Hartford. My son is a senior and looking at colleges! I am hoping he will do SEA some day!” C-114 Stace Beaulieu works at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. “If any classmates from C-114 visit Woods Hole, please feel free to contact me to not only visit SEA but also to visit WHOI.” C-114 Craig Butterworth is “still in northern California entertaining and being entertained by a (now) 5-year-old.”

C-131 Frederike van Markus writes: “After 20 years still love living in the Netherlands with husband Martin and children Simon and Lucille. When will an alumni sail come to northern Europe?” W-132 Brannon Fisher has moved from Brunswick, ME to Louisville, CO. W-135 Kristen Patterson leads the People, Health, Planet program at the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, DC. “My work focuses on building and communicating the evidence base of the links between human and planetary health and the… benefits of voluntary family planning.” C-135 Pete Tilney and his wife, Kristen, still live on the coast of Maine with their children, Max (7) and Sadie (4). “We recently had a lovely sail in the Galapagos and dream of continued sailing adventures.”

C-135 Eric Siegel, his wife Angela, and their three children, recently completed a year-long voyage from Scotland to the Caribbean on their sailboat, Laridae. A blog of their trip is available on W-142 Ben Klompus writes: “ I just finished my doctorate in educational leadership at Harvard and am a professor at a graduate school of education. My wife Janine and I live in Williamstown, MA with our five sons, ages 9-14, all of whom love to sail!” W-144 Elisabeth Nadin writes: “Some stuff of note in my recent life: I got married, I have 2 kids (ages 5 and 7), I live in Alaska, and I just received tenure in my geology professor position at University of Alaska Fairbanks. I miss the ocean so much!” W-152A Judy Morlan has fond memories of her summer at sea on Westward, with skipper Peg Brandon. W-152A Maureen Nolan writes: “We finally are making our permanent home in Falmouth. I was introduced to the many cool activities and people in Falmouth when I took part in SEA.” W-153 Scott McAuliffe writes: “Theresa and I live in Portland, ME with two boys, ages 7 and 9. I currently work at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.” W-155 Cathy Bozek writes: “Last year I started a new job at the US Fish and Wildlife Service, working on river restoration in the Northeast. We also welcomed our daughter, Ella, to the world - we hope to get her out sailing soon!” W-157B Sean Dixon is an adjunct professor teaching Oceans & Coastal Law at Pace Law School in White Plains, NY and was recently promoted to Senior Attorney at Hudson Riverkeeper.

C-158 Katie Bradley is protecting America’s environment as an Agriculture Specialist with the US Customs and Border Protection. C-158 Brian Sperling is “happily living in Santa Barbara with my wife, two daughters, and golden retriever.” C-160 Elissa Knox married Justin Slezak on July 25, 2016 in a mountaintop ceremony at Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort. They live in Dillon, CO. C-161 Jay Reynolds reports he is “moving to NYC for a CIO role at a company that trades commodities and moves them around the globe on a merchant fleet of freighters and tankers.” C-164 Ben Hall serves as Chief Mate for Lindblad Expeditions. “Thank you SEA for a great start to a maritime career!” W-165 Ben Urmston is in his third year at Berkshire School in western Mass. teaching engineering and other high school sciences and working on his astronaut application.

2000s W-167 Sarah Gonnella writes: “My husband Jim and I live in Bloomington, MN with our four girls Madeline, 8, Abigail, 5 , Rebecca, 2 and Elise, 1. These days our travel plans are mostly to our family cabin in northern MN.” C-167 Jess Springer writes: “We live near Louisville, KY now and love it! Jeff & I have been married over 13 years, our boys are 9 (Maximus) & 7 (Samuel). We love being outdoors. I hope they experience the sea like we did when their time comes.” W-167 Nick Pfleghaar writes: “My husband and I would like to announce the birth of our twin girls, Gretchen and Grace, born on 11/14/17!”

C-171 Justin Martinich writes: “living in Bay Shore, NY with my wife and two boys. Hoping to buy a sailboat someday soon!” W-173 Kyle Helland writes: “Courtney and I welcomed Wolfgang Lynn Helland to our brood on July 7, 2016. Barrett (7) and Lara (4) are very happy to have a new(ish) brother. I started a new job leading an analytics organization within Lockheed Martin Space Systems’ Advanced Technology Center. Other than that, we’re just loving life in the San Francisco Bay Area.” W-174 Walton (Chris) Shepherd lives in DC where he works for the Natural Resource Defense Council on climate change and dodges any and all questions about the halobates mica. W-175 Jaye Starr Boz writes: “I’m enjoying life in Ann Arbor with a wild toddler, slowly working to finish graduate school, and doing a lot of interfaith work.” W-177 Cosmo DeCosmo wishes everyone “Fair winds and smooth sailing!” W-177 Kristin HunterThomson writes: “After a 3-month residence in Oslo, Norway this fall we are back in NJ. The kids (4 & 1.5) are wishing for snow and summer.” S-180 Melinda SchwoeglerWhite graduated from Tufts Vet School in 2008 and is a vet near Albany, NY. She reports she has stayed in touch with shipmate Courtney Wilkins Donovan, and writes: “My husband and I have two incredible children (4 yrs and 15 months), two dogs and an angry cat. We had the good fortune of visiting Falmouth back in October for the half marathon. It was a beautiful weekend and race.” C-183 Johnny O’Keeffe is currently operating America’s first offshore wind farm: Block Island Wind Farm



S-183 Zan Armstrong reports that her professional highlight of the year was her data visualization being published in Scientific American. She also writes a blog that’s a resource for teachers on how to use data visualization in lesson plans. C-190 Will Rich became a captain on Kai Kanani II on Maui, HI in June 2017. S-190 Alli Dutton and her husband welcomed a son, Ben Dutton Boruchow, into the world on August 6, 2017. C-192 Nicki Noble Bean has joined the Kennebunkport Resort Collection as director of sales. S-193 Mark O’Brien writes: “SeaTow and Portland Sea Taxi in Portland, Maine are looking for captains. Anyone who is in the area, let me know.” S-194 Eula Kozma and her family have moved from Boston to New London, NH. She is the development director for the Good Neighbor Health Clinics in White River Junction, VT and has hopes of getting down to Woods Hole soon! S-195 Loren Bach writes: “I now have 2 kids and am finishing general and trauma surgery residency. The biggest boat I pilot now is a 17’ canoe through the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota but I still have love for the Seamans and Cramer.” C-197 Katie Berkey is a land use, zoning, local government, and environmental law attorney and certified land planner at Pavese Law Firm in Fort Myers, FL, and was recognized by Florida Trend Magazine as a “Legal Up & Comer.” C-199 Nick Patton writes: “After a decade practicing nonprofit environmental law, I have transitioned to the field of youth development where I build

wooden boats with low income students in the San Francisco Bay Area.… I look forward to connecting with any shipmates in the area. Please email npatton24@” S-204 Chanel Ashton writes: “I have two beautiful children - Levi (3) and Isla (9 mos). Hoping all is well!! SEA was truly the most memorable time of my life and tell everyone about it every chance I get.”

S-215 Krystle McMaster writes: “We just arrived in Cabo San Lucas after a year and a half of cruising from Seattle. Up next is Mazatlan and then who knows?!” S-215 Megan Cook reports that she was recently engaged to Tim Dwyer (W-160). C-217D Spencer Clark is deciding on college for a masters in marine biology & chemistry.

S-209 Sky Young-Bayer writes: “Thom Young (now Young-Bayer) and I got married last year (October 15, 2016). He’s class S-185/191. I got my Ph.D. in May and in February I’m going to be in DC doing a Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship. I’ll be a fellow in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (Minority).”

S-218 Lupita Ruiz-Jones is a postdoctoral lecturer in the Thinking Matters program at Stanford University and recently published one of her dissertation chapters on tropical corals.

C-211 Sarah Taylor works at Mill Street Loft + Spark Media Project.

S-219 Chrissy Dykeman works at the MDI Biological Laboratory as a research assistant in Dr. Voot Yin’s lab studying heart and limb regeneration in zebrafish.

S-212 Craig McMaster writes: “Over the last year “Small World” has carried us down the West Coast of the US. We are currently in Newport Beach, CA waiting for hurricane season to finish before setting off for Mexico. More adventure awaits!” C-213 Dylan King graduated magna cum laude from Vermont Law School and started as an associate in Beveridge & Diamond P.C.’s Boston office last fall. “Coincidentally, I work with two other SEA alumni at the firm!! Looking forward to reconnecting with SEA and other alumni.” S-213 Isaac Schoepp reports: “I’m the rigging designer for a production of Moby Dick at Lookingglass Theatre in Chicago, IL - I think of my time on the Seamans a lot!” C-215 Kat Murphy repairs wooden boats and fishes for halibut in Alaska during the summer. She started and teaches a girls boat project in her home town in Washington.


C-219 Michael Raymond reports that he is expecting a second daughter in February!

S-220 Hannah Darrin writes: “I’m working in outdoor education in Mexico and New York for NOLS, and just applied to graduate school programs for environmental policy, maybe I’ll migrate back toward the marine world as well!” S-226 Claire Till (nee Parker) lives in northern California with her husband and teaches chemistry and researches chemical oceanography at Humboldt State University. Let her know if you’re ever in the Humboldt area and want to take a walk by the bay!

2010s S-232 Marissa Tremblay writes: “I finished my PhD in Earth and Planetary Science at UC Berkeley [last]summer and have since moved to Scotland as a Research Fellow (postdoc) at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre.”

S-233 Alana Rask writes: “My husband, Erik, and I had our first child on Jan 24, 2017. Her name is Laila, and the three of us live on a 34-foot sailboat. I can’t wait to teach her to sail and about the importance of our oceans.” S-236 Matt Tantillo writes: “For the past year, I’ve been working as a field service engineer for Packsize, a company which creates on demand packaging machines…. Though I work out of Kansas City, this job keeps SEA on my mind because by creating right-sized packages we are helping to reduce the number of trucks on the road, deforestation, and demand for petroleum products…. To all my fellow SEA alumni and future students, never forget that you can be a benefit to our world and society no matter where you live or what your line of work!” S-239 Anna Farrell is the program coordinator in the Community Environmental Health Lab and works with Ashley Taylor (S-239) at MDI Biological Laboratory. Ashley and Anna co-captain a 1979 Kells 23 and would like to invite shipmates to come up to Bar Harbor for a sail this summer! S-239 Ashley Taylor works with Anna Farrell (S-239) at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory to identify, locate, and help remedy threats to public health and the clean waters on and around Mount Desert Island. S-242 Chelsea Carlson works for Commanders’ Weather, a company that provides vessels with customized weather forecasts and routing anywhere in the world. “It has been such a joy to continue a really exciting career path that was first sparked during my time with SEA. I have even been able to continue to sail as part of ‘work,’ navigating in my first offshore race (Annapolis to Newport in June) and placing 2nd. I fully attribute my decision to do marine meteorology

and weather routing to my time at SEA and working with Capt Rick Miller! I’ve even been back to guest lecture in Capt Miller’s weather routing class at Maine Maritime Academy and really enjoyed seeing future mariners get just as excited as I do!” S-245 Hannah Aichelman was recently awarded a NSF grant to support her PhD in coral reef ecology. S-248 Kristen Butler writes: “I graduated from Stony Brook University with a master’s degree in Chemical Oceanography! I’m currently working on Long Island for Pace Analytical.” C-261 Avery Birch reports she is almost finsihed with college and has started a successful lodgings business in Halifax. C-261 Madison Pleasants writes: “I am doing Teach For America in the south coast of Massachusetts next year! I will be teaching elementary school. I picked Massachusetts because I want to reconnect with SEA Semester and I will only be a 45 minute ferry ride away!” S-269 Alex Heenan recently entered the education program at Western Oregon University and will soon begin teaching.




Overseers Katrina Abbott Richard Armstrong, W-13 Susan Avery Cynthia Badan, W-95 Ronald Baird Harold Bibb Amy Bower, W-47 Emily Bramhall, W-27 David Brown John Cahill, W-98 Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Ellen Cost William Cramer John Damon Sarah Das, W-129 Jamie Deming, W-14 William Dennison, W-33 Scott Doney, W-76 William Duggan, W-35

Sylvia Earle Stephen Fantone Susan Farady, W-83 John Farrington David Ford, W-113 Robert Foulke Lloyd French, W-130 Robert Gagosian Robert Giegengack Douglas Goldhirsch, W-48 Samuel Gray Benjamin Gutierrez Gwendolyn Hancock, C-166 Richard Hawkins Deborah Hayes David Higgins Emorcia Hill Nigella Hillgarth Charles Holloway, W-58


Meghann Horner-Smith, C-163 Michael Hudner Gordon Hughes David Jackson Robert Johnson Royal Joslin Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Christopher Land Stephen Laster, W-83 Kenneth Legg Jian Lin Clifford Low, W-22 Ivan Luke Katherine Lund, C-121 Martin Madden Edward Madeira Caleb McClennen, W-144 Bart McGuire

Jim Millinger Walter Mitchell, W-16 Lauren Morgens, C-158 Sarah Murdock, W-66 Elizabeth Nicholson Leonard Pace, W-178 Leroy Parker Margaret Parker Cheryl Peach Christopher Penn, W-6 William Pinkney Kenneth Potter, W-43 George Putnam Christopher Reddy Ralph Richardson Danielle Rioux Cynthia Robinson, W-64 Hal Rose, W-38 Andrew Rosenberg, W-7

Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 Carl Safina Robert Seamans Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Rebeccah Sparkes, C-183 Michael Taylor Walter Thompson Ashley Tobin Deborah Warner Jacqueline Webb Henley Webb Richard Wilson G. Stewart Young


SEA is an unparalleled organization because of your support. On behalf of the board of trustees, the president of SEA, Peg Brandon, and all the crew, faculty, and staff at SEA, I am pleased to share this annual report of philanthropy with you. This past year has seen many changes at SEA. We said “goodbye” to Jan Wagner, our stalwart and long-serving director of development. Much of what you will find in these pages is in no small part the result of her love and dedication to SEA for the past 17 years. We’re grateful for all Jan did to promote and grow philanthropic support for SEA during her tenure, and we wish her an enjoyable retirement. In addition to the standard course of business that SEA undertakes each year, the organization conducted major maintenance on the SSV Corwith Cramer. It was completed in the time allotted and funded through the generous support of donors to the “Unfurling” phase of our upcoming Capital Campaign. Our donors’ support for this important project has launched SEA on what will be an exciting and transformative adventure! We will share more about the new Capital Campaign in the coming months. Suffice to say, SEA is in position to move forward boldly with our dynamic staff leadership in development including Julia Alling, director of development, and Monica Bowman, director of stewardship. This year, we are focusing on gifts and pledges from trustees and overseers to demonstrate our own enthusiasm for this very important campaign. As ever, your support of the Annual Fund means that SEA can deliver its mission every day. Because of your support, SEA has a growing voice in the world of science, leadership education and global climate change research. From my position as the chair of the board, I am proud to be part of the community of global citizens that bands together each year to support SEA. Thank you.

Richard Cost Chair, SEA Board of Trustees


Leadership Giving

CORWITH CRAMER SOCIETY Lifetime cumulative giving over $500,000 Anonymous (4) George F. Baker* Boston Foundation Richard M. Burnes Edmund & Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation James McConnell Clark*

MASTERS $20,000+ Anonymous Richard and Nonnie Burnes o Elizabeth Cabot o Levin Campbell, W-60 o Morris and Betsy Kellogg o Robert Knapp, W-99, and Kristin Collins o Philip and Kathleen McKnight t Edwin and Linda Morgens t Lauren Morgens, C-158, and Matthew Sarver t Margaret Parker o Christopher, W-6, and Diane, W-16, Penn o Manning and Virginia Smith t Rowan Smith, S-183, and Thomas Watson t Brooks, W-36, and MarieCatherine Wallin o

HELMSMEN $10,000 - $19,999 Levin and Eleanor Campbell o Judith Cook o Edith Corning* o David and Susan Egloff John Gerngross, W-20, and Cheryl Doty o Gordon and Elizabeth Hughes o Kathleen Joseph, W-58 o Elizabeth, W-28, and Kenneth Martin Susan, W-10, and Robert Nalewajk o Jeremy, W-75, and Dianne Salesin o Robert and Stella Mae Seamans t Steuart Walton, W-158B t Alexander Weld Eric and Sandra Wolman o

MATES $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Timothy, W-54, and Sandy Armour o Jacob and Barbara Brown o Walter and Kiyoko Brown o John, W-98, and Rachel Cahill Sarah Chandler, C-159, and Matthew Theobald Richard and Katherine Mellon t Edwin and Cassandra Milbury t Clare Parker, C-138, and Nick Damner t


Edith W. Corning* Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Adrian S. Hooper* Gordon A. Hughes Edward Crosby Johnson Kresge Foundation National Science Foundation

Leroy and Winifred Parker o George and Kathy Putnam o Henry and Catherine Roberts t Stephan, C-142, and Bonnie Tompsett t Charles, W-40, and Gale, W-30, Willauer o Bonnie Wood, W-36, and Janet Wheeler o

SEAFARER $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous o Richard, W-7, and Cynthia Chandler o Richard and Ellen Cost David Drinkwater, C-113 o Samuel and Margaret Gray o The Hirce Family The Mason Family Amy, W-151, and Daniel McMorrow t Kenneth and Ardelle Legg Leonard Pace, W-178, and Sabra Loewus Sally, W-15, and Robert Quinn o Bonnie Fry Rothman, W-103, and Michael Rothman o G. West and Victoria Saltonstall o Alma Scully o Richard Wilson o

BOW WATCH $1,000 - $2,499 Donald and Barbara Abt o Susan and James Avery t George and Barbara Beal Margaret Brandon, W-48 o David, W-71, and Lynn Butler o Seth, W-132, and Kirtley Cameron t Jocelyn, W-46, and Douglas Childs Thomas B. Clark, W-26 t Will Cramer and Beth Weiser o Elizabeth Crockett Chidester, C-201, and Benjamin Chidester Nicholas and Birgitte Dill o Kimberly, W-97, and J. Christopher Drew t Peter and Cynthia Ellis o Ford and Jean Elsaesser t Grace, W-45, and Daniel Evans John and Shirley Farrington t Dielle Fleischmann Ralph and Erika Forbes t Peter and Susan Forster Jeanne, W-56, and Phillip Foussard t Matthew Fromboluti

Pew Charitable Trusts Penzance Foundation Henry M. Rowan Family Foundation Robert* and Eugenia Seamans* Triangle Community Foundation Thomas J. Watson Foundation Wildwood Foundation

Lauren Gilbert, S-190, and Stephen Ruane, S-178 t Charlotte Goddard, W-143, and Carl Swanson Elizabeth Haffenreffer Richard Hawkins and Marian Ferguson o Jerome and Anne Heller t Nigella Hillgarth Grace Hinkley o Meghann Horner-Smith, C-163, and Andy Smith t Samuel, W-3, and Rebecca Howe Susan Humphris and George Lohmann o Ambrose and Anna Jearld t Robert and Elizabeth Johnson o Barbara Woll Jones t Edward Kane and Martha Wallace t William and Jaynie Kind Oliver Krug, W-102, and Elisabeth Eijgermans Stephen, W-83, and Debra Laster o Jim Lazar, W-78, and Carolyn Leep o Beau, W-132, and Jennifer Lescott Jian Lin and Kelan Huang Barbara Littlefield o Jeff Lloyd, C-118, and Hanh Nguyen Amy, W-93, and Parke, C-100, Logan t Christopher Lovelock* t Christopher, W-48, and Margaret Lynch Edward and Grace Madeira o John Maguire and Linda Cox Maguire t R. Hardin Matthews and Jane Dougan t Susan Matthews, C-124, and James Kennedy Bartlett and Cynthia McGuire t Janet McMahon, W-39, and Christopher Davis Peter and Valerie McNeely Jessica McWade and Walter Kuklinski Georges and Mary Mejaes Maggie Merrill, W-30 o Jim Millinger o Christopher Myers, W-68 Virginia Pillsbury, W-79 t Dwight* and Carol Reese o Elizabeth, S-195, and Michael Rice t Luanne Rice, W-25 Andrew Rockefeller* t George Rockwood o Hal, W-38, and Lisa Rose t Paul Rosenzweig, W-43, and Kathleen Kunzer o

Sarah Russell, W-30, and Lance Elwell Daniel and Matthew Scheuer Larry and Beryl Schmitt Arah Schuur, W-122 o Scott Seaver, W-31 Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke o Janine Shissler, C-110, and David Bae t C. Hamilton and Ann Sloan Holbrook Smith, C-105 o Stacey, W-153, and Cutter Smith t Rebeccah, C-183, and Bryan, C-183, Sparkes t Robert and Cynthia Spencer Veronica Sperling and Timothy Buchanan t Eric Swergold, C-102, and Dawn Dobras o Leopold and Jane Swergold o Robert Szafranski, W-98, and Nguyet Vo o Matthew, W-61, and Linda Tanzer Walter and Nancy Thompson o Rebecca, C-144, and Jeffrey Trachsel Robert Van Alen, W-121 o Ryan, C-190, and Lindsey Walsh Mary Warden o Richard and Anne Webb o Chris West, W-48 o Katherine Sawyer White, W-21, and Christopher White t William and Ann White Anne Sparks, W-83 G. Stewart Young

DECKHAND $500 - $999 John and Judith Alexander Richard Armstrong, W-13 Chanel and Gregory Ashton Cynthia Badan, W-95 o Ronald and Kay Baird Paul Berkner, W-52, and Lerin Peters Andrew Black, C-107 Robert, W-50, and Deborah Boehringer Sharon Bonner William and Beatrice Booth Amy Bower, W-47, and David Fisichella o Francis and Margaret Bowles o David Brown and Sheila McCurdy Jane Brown Adam, C-127, and Kathleen Bunshoft Robert Campbell, W-58 o Kay Carlson, W-94, and Rick Albaugh o

Peter Cheimets, W-7, and Karen Benedek Amy, W-114, and Todd Cowgill Steven, W-90, and Sandy D’Antonio Paul Dixon, S-220 Scott Doney, W-76, and Andrea Gosselin t Michelle Dorlon, W-92 Beth Doxsee, W-75, and Sara Harris William, W-37, and Deborah Duggan o Susan Duke, W-51 o Jonathan, W-108, and Martha Dunfee Elizabeth Eden, W-173 Maria Ellis, W-61, and Jeffrey Cook Edwin and Angela Fischer David, C-174, and Laura Frank t John and Meryl French t Clayton, C-109, and Jennie Gentry Adam, W-127, and Margaret Gildner Edna Gillespie t Gertrude Goff Heather, W-137, and Michael Goldberg t Virginia B. Gray o Judy Gregg-Holden, W-96, and Kevin Holden o Stephen and Sally Gresham t Jane Hallowell o David Hayes Joseph Hickey, W-128 James, C-140, and Diana Higgins t Katherine Holland, C-189 Robert and Christine Holo Kimberly Howland, W-126 o Kristin Hunter-Thomson, W-177, and Malin Pinsky t Paul and Marjorie Inderbitzen t Melville Ireland t Mary Eliot Jackson Laura Jansen, S-178 Merrill and Lillian Jencks Garrett and Barbara Johnson t

Carolyn, W-36, and Steven Jones o Kirk, W-111, and Elana Keil o Elin Kondrad, C-153, and Abraham Nussbaum t Darrin, W-141, and Sarah, C-167, Ladd Jeffrey, C-103, and Kara Lawson George and Emily Lewis o Robert and Constance Loarie t Kimberly Locke, C-144 Lucy Loomis, W-18, and Thomas Creighton o Vincent and Crystal Lucchesi t Ravi, W-130, and Benjamin Lumpkin t Tom Luxon and Ivy Schweitzer Cabot and Heidi Lyman Lynn MacLean, W-69, and Dave Updegraff Catherine Mannix, W-63 t Osamu and Grace Matsutani Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mayer o Diana McCargo, W-42, and Peter Swift Audrey and William Meyer o Robert Miller Kevin, W-47, and Eileen Muench Ryan Mullins, C-204 t Sarah, W-66, and Robert Murdock o Charles, W-39, and Donna Natale t Michael, W-35, and Michele Nathan o Jennifer Patterson, W-156 t Victoria, W-77, and Peter Philip o Alexander, W-53, and Janet Politis Denley Poor-Reynolds, W-57, and Matthew Reynolds o Marc, W-141, and Emily Porter William and Diane Pulleyblank t Timothy and Elizabeth Ritter Edward and Susie Rowland o Gordon Rowland Paul and Barbara Ruane Carl Safina t Shelley Scheuer



all funds and campaigns Friends and family of the following people generously donated in their honor: David “Rocky” Bonner Peg Brandon Jake Brown John Cahill Levin H. Campbell, Jr., W-60 Andrew Daniels, W-122 Christopher Deely, C-167 Katharine Williams Enos Larissa Galanti, C-146B Hannah Gossner, S-239 John J. Houser Susan Humphris Jim Millinger Cynthia Palinkas Peg Parker Rafe and Kate, W-139, Parker James Saenz, C-176 Callie Schultz, C-259 Jan Wagner Class W-48

t more than 10 years consecutive giving o

Katrina, W-15, and John Schilling o Keil, C-110, and Margarita Schmid Susan Scotto-Dyckman, W-32, and Christopher Dyckman t Timna, C-150, and Christopher Serino Edward and Joan Shankle Carolyn Sheild, W-77 o Michiru Shimada, C-148 t Sally Skimin, C-119 t Pamela, W-75, and Wallace Stark o Laura Sudarsky, W-35, and Cory Belschner Charles and Gayle Swicker Zoltan Szuts, C-164, and Kathleen Rankin t Richard and Nancy Tebeau Mark, W-45, and Patricia Tedesco o Peter and Elizabeth Thomson t Pete Tilney, C-135, and Kristen Garvin Daniel, W-44, and Geraldine Tyler Frederike, C-131, and Martin van Markus Jan Wagner t Willis Wang and Terri Yahia Deborah Warner o Joseph Warren t Brian, W-114, and Rebecca Watson Jacqueline Webb Joshua Weil, W-79, and Claire Mollard Anthony and Rhoda Whittemore Sylvia Wolf, W-37, and Duane Schuler o Benjamin, W-79, and Anne Wolff t Alastair Wolman o George and Katharine Woodwell o Victoria Wright, W-113 James, W-156, and Sarah Yockey t

Friends and family of the following people generously donated in their memory: Robert J. Brandon Margaret Bradley, C-167 Ann W. Brewer Joel L. Cartwright, C-195 Austin A. Corry, S-195 Frederick Courtsal Armin E. Elsaesser Edward W. Farrell Caroline M. Granger, C-134 Phillips Hallowell Gary Jaroslow Irving M. Johnson John Hall Kellogg Jock Kiley Carol Klumpp Irving Lovett Charles E. McClennen Paul Perkins Michael Phelps George Shafer Susannah Solli, W-159 Rod and Olin Stephens Lizzie Stimson, C-235D Thomas Weschler Dottie West

full & by: more than 25 years consecutive



26% 6% 12% 2% 1% 53%

Contributions: $1,653,334 Endowment Income: $369,584 Short programs and other fees: $778,107 Other Income: $80,586 Investment Income: $27,914 Tuition and fees: $3,443,968

26% Contributions

53% Tuition and fees

6% Endowment Income 12% Short programs and other fees

1% Investment Income

2% Other Income

OPERATING EXPENDITURES 19% Administration: $1,360,103 7% Fundraising: $491,778 74% Program Services: $5,203,963

19% Administration 7% Fundraising

74% Program Services


alumni donors Our Alumni make up for 65% of Annual Funds Donated 01

Kurt Erickson Bradford Friestedt Cheryl Schwaiger Ann Street Craig Williamson o





Janice Olsen o

Jennifer Rose

Nancy Beall Hendren o Lucy Loomis o Marilyn Proulx o David Weaver William Wulsin




Anonymous Maurice Ahern Thomas Carley t Mark Farber Samuel Howe John Millar


Geraldine Blitzman


James Caldwell Larry Kammer o John Wigglesworth o


James Avery Von Gryska Blair Hamilton o James McSwiggen Christopher Penn o John Sculley t


Richard Chandler o Peter Cheimets John Hacunda Cynthia Hyde t Alan McIlhenny Andrew Rosenberg t Gordon Schimmel


Mark Newby


Gary Borda William Davies o Susan Nalewajk o Andrew Wolf o


John Herman Paul Toczydlowski o


Steve Wagner o


Anonymous Richard Armstrong Leslie Rosenfeld


Anonymous Jean Marvel


Todd Carlson o Sally Quinn o Katrina Schilling o Aprille Sherman Thomas Vawter


John Miller Diane Penn o

John Gerngross o Neal Overstrom


Jacob Korngold Cynthia Nathanson Rust Raymond Palombo o Juan Pujol Katherine Sawyer White t Robert Wiberg t


Liza Carter James Henry Clifford Low o Stuart Stedman


Steve Hudson t William Snedden t


B. Cort Delany o


Luanne Rice Nan Walker

Russ Chinnici t Henry Amabile Leslie Bulion o David Donegan t Ellen Doris William Duggan o Germaine Krase Jonathan Leavitt Mark Longval Michael Nathan o Melinda Edgerley Pearce o Holly Smith Laura Sudarsky John Taylor o


Loralee Clark Carolyn Jones o Susan Rechen William Umhau Brooks Wallin o Bonnie Wood o

Thomas Biksey S. Thompson Bolmer Jeffrey Heinen Elizabeth Martin


Margaret Brady Kimberly Collins Jermain Heidi Kaplan Robert Swarm o


Deborah Burns-Walton Christine Duerring o Mark Klemperer t Dody LeSueur o Margaret Merrill o Sarah Russell Gale Willauer o


Josie Quintrell o Dwight Reese* o Carolyn Steiner Marion Valpey


Mary Jo Wagner Dedon o Diana McCargo Jeffrey Platt t Daniel Tierney Charles Zechel


Scott Seaver

Dave Goldsmith Steve Luce o Kenneth Potter o Paul Rosenzweig o Christina Swanson




Chel Anderson t Susan Scotto-Dyckman t


William Balch o John Beaman Anita Meissner John Quilty




Barbara Block Janet Collins Robert Boehringer Priscilla Brooks o Jeffrey Dickison Patricia Dillon Lisa FitzGerald Wynn McCloskey o Robert Nolan o Virginia Pomeroy Kathy Schultz Tokos o


Deborah Arey Steve Bollens Susan Duke o Hilary Hudson t Russell Richards David Whitney Karen Woodberry


Paul Berkner Gwenllian Scott o Linda Carlson Witte o


Anonymous Mickey Jones o Patricia Keoughan o James Salomon


Katherine Bradford o Daniel Tyler Caroline Woodwell

Claire Aldrich James Anderson Timothy Armour o Mariette Buchman o Margaret Haskins Nickoletta Swank



Gwen Burzycki o Grace Evans




Robert Breen Gail Lima Susan Savage o Charles Willauer o

Jeanne Foussard t Doug Gottschlich Michael Kent Peyton Robertson Marie Vayo-Greenbaum Sarah Whalen o

Janvrin Weekes Demler Susan Ferrari Philip Huffman o Penny Lacroix o Mary Ellen Masciale Alec Maxwell-Willeson o Cy Oggins o Jonathan Rosenfield

Amy Bower o Kevin Muench Edward Tokarski o Susan Willard






Reneè Allen t Gregory DiLisio Hugh Ferguson o Sarah Gould o John Kelley o Heidi Lovett Sarah Murdock o Allyn Pistole o


Richard Crispin Hal Rose t

Nancy Gravina o James House Marc Overlock o

Carin Ashjian t Douglas Eisinger o Marla Gearing o Rebecca Hemphill Denley Poor-Reynolds o Charles Robinson


27 28

Jocelyn Childs Holly Ernest Agnes Rapoli o

Stephen Burnham t Andrew Puffer Craig Russell Sylvia Wolf o


Thomas B. Clark t Claudia de Mayo t Brandon Leeds Richard Wood Andrew Follett


Margaret Brandon o Brenda Fogarty Rodman Getchell o Doug Goldhirsch o Edward Grier o Norman Livingston Christopher Lynch April Nichols Lori Petitti o Christopher West o

Patricia Collins Nina Lian Marisa Mazzotta Janet McMahon Elisabeth Morris Charles Natale t


Dennis Fitzpatrick Lynn Collins Francis o Laura Gentile Janice Hetzel Nicholas LaFond o Martha Martinez del Rio William McMahon o Mark Tedesco o

John Abrams o Jane Caffrey o


Robert Campbell o Charles Holloway t Kathleen Joseph o Adrienne Kalbacher Stephen LaFrance t Marcia Meyer-Stoner


Anonymous Aaron Horwitz o Margaret Jay Patrick Keenan o Sarah Kohl o Sarah LeDoux o Lynn Mahaffy Patricia Mahoney o


Levin Campbell o Ellen Mihaich o


Deborah Carlson t Darik Corzine Priscilla Dana Maria Ellis Patricia Goffinet o Thomas Goffinet o Hilary Maybaum Paul Slesinger Lawrence Taborsky Matthew Tanzer Craig Timmins o


Randall Bouchard Barbara Dinkins o Christi Douglas Elizabeth Briggs-Feighan o Geoff Patton Drew Schembre


Elizabeth Jakob t Catherine Mannix t David McKee Peter Nalen o Renee Turley


James Kerney o Cynthia Robinson o Susan Service o Lisa Sherman o

David Raible Karen Susskind


Edward Conti Jeffrey Hager Tisa Hughes Cynthia Layport Christopher Myers Laurie Radovan


Mary Ann Boyer Lynn MacLean Catherine McCabe Mark Nelson Elizabeth Reuman Nancy Williams


Janet Buskirk Mary Finn Cox


David Butler o Kristina Caldwell Helen Hollingsworth David Johnson Richard Murray o Stacie Leo Pinney Gretchen Rollwagen-Bollens Dean Smith t


Merril Cousin Sandra Murphy Christopher Perry o Norman Price Edward Walton o Elizabeth Whyley o


Frederick Breaux Sarah Enright Kimberly Nichols Heiselman t Rachel Riemann Amy Ward P. Langley Willauer


Catherine Counsell o Ruth Pryor


Elizabeth Doxsee Kelly Dryden Herbert Gaston

Jeremy Salesin o Pamela Stark o Panos Stephens t




Jeanette Fielden Helen Rozwadowski t

Scott Doney t Lisa Lierheimer Patrick O’Reilly Anthony PirruccelloMcClellan Stephen Putnam

Valerie Beck o Steve D’Antonio Ingrid Dockersmith t Barbara Maynard Barbara Toomey t William Toomey t



Anonymous Colleen Allen Victoria Philip o Carolyn Sheild o Katherine van Liere o Melissa Walters


Charles Courtsal o James Lazar o Maria Libby Philip Marsh t Katherine Ruffin


Susan Boehme Judy Fairfull Virginia Pillsbury t Stephen Rader o Joshua Weil Benjamin Wolff t


Susan Gormley Nancy Hill Marlene Kattaron Elizabeth MacCurrach Natalie Stephens


George Leonard Todd Smith


David Bank t Hilary Hoagland-Grey


Susan Farady o Frederick Fritsch Lynne Holler Katherine Irvine o Stephen Laster o Jonathan Lowe Ali Sacknowitz Benjamin Tigner Anne Sparks Whitten


Sarah Kirby Butler Elizabeth Honan Concaugh o Nina Nesher o Richard Pendleton Carl Stevens o Elizabeth Stevens o


Robert Beede o Kimberly Schulz t


Duncan Drechsel Neal Durant Heidi McGee


David Johnson o Elena Rover Suzanne Schoelch Kimberly Welty


Susan McBride Regina Purtell Robert Ultan o Kathryn Wheeler

Anonymous Michael Aasland Laurel Anderson Gregory Braun o Michelle Dorlon Heather Franklin t E. Bradley Grenham o Benjamin Hall Janet Keeler o Siobhan Kelly Aimee Kemper Patricia Murer Jennifer Nauen t Daniel Rolince Aaron Rugh Claire Timbas o Rebecca Waegell Sue Woodward Patrick Worfolk


Amy Blumenberg Amy Logan t


Kathryn Carlson o Thomas Jester Jeffrey Packman


Cynthia Badan o Robert Bein o Zak Conner Brian Levy t


Anonymous Kimberly Kiesewetter Drew t Michael Johnson


John Cahill Marjorie Friedrichs o Martha Stark o Robert Szafranski o


Stuart Friedman o Christopher Kilbridge t J. Parke Logan t Susan Marks Pawlak Roshan Swope

t more than 10 years consecutive giving o

Christabel Choi Susan McCarthy Herz Steven Hilger o Jeffrey Lawson Bonnie Fry Rothman o Matthew Samuelson


Jennifer Clammer Elizabeth Hasse o Terri Marsik Lehman Gary Matusow Todd Taylor o Amy Vince


Erin Black Susan Carter Janet Fordunski Andrew Rhoades Holbrook Smith o Alton Straub

Gabriel Thoumi Victoria Wright


Stacey Beaulieu Craig Butterworth o Warren Claytor Amy Cowgill Jennifer McPhee Scott Miller Jackson Murphy Brian Watson


Beth Donnelly Julia Gutreuter David Jones o Valerie Solar Woodward Jocelyn Stamat


Peter Bender Amy Bonsall Harry Theodore Sprague


Lisa Morrow Buffitt


Pamela Jones o Paul Jones Jeff Lloyd 106 Megan Murray o Rebecca Arenson-Rachlinski Kama Thieler o Hannah Parker o


Andrew Black Daniel Evans Carrie McCusker Patrick O’Donnell Courtney Richmond o Charles Sontag


Trevor Braden Martha Young DoByns Kerry Dorton B. Clayton Gentry Jennifer Haddock t Frederick Stewart


Christopher Ducko Christopher Reich o Keil Schmid Janine Shissler t


Robert Anderson George Booth Gregory Castell Shelby Collier t Curtis Dailey Heather Kaese t Kirk Keil o Marc Leonardo Mary Mattis James Ramsdell o

Anonymous o Stephen Cann Deborah Greene Holly Houston Robert Knapp o Erik Marks Karin Wagner Keith Wight o

Gregory Burdick George Duane o Peter Lincoln Joan McBeth Susan Palmer Karen Rennich o


David Bernhart Kathryn Brandt Jonathan Dunfee Christopher Watson

Michael Budniak Judith Gregg-Holden o Charles Snee


Johanna Craig Malcom Hill Oliver Krug Daniel Polidoro Eric Swergold o






David Lamberger Rob Robertson o


Jonathan Burke o Drusilla Clarke Vera Hill Clement David Drinkwater o David Ford Dawn McIntosh o Roger Pinnicks

full & by: more than 25 years consecutive


Jeremy Bumagin Walter Carr o Shannon Doubet t Alicia Heyburn Craig Marin James Monti Karen Sauls o Sarah Skimin t Nicholas Testa

Charlotte Hanley-Jacobson


Kimberly Howland o Erin Hubbard Sarah Raunecker Erica Starr o David Warren


William Aquila t Adam Bunshoft Peter Colby t Adam Gildner Jonathan Mitchell


Joseph Hickey


Amanda Patrick


Bruce Armbrust o Christian Cox o Sarah Das t Melissa Downs Duncan Eccleston Heather Kelly Anne Kenney Matthew Luecke David Nalchajian David Zappulla


Ravi Lumpkin t Heidi McCann o Matthew Muldorf


Heather Aronow Matthew Holstein Sharon Schaff Frederike van Markus



Catherine Parker t


Jessica Forton t Wendy Goyert James Higgins t


Peter Bertash Barbara Mahowald Kurt Wagner


Marc Jacques Cheryl Kearns Jonathan Kohler Darrin Ladd Aurianne Nappi Lopatka t Christopher Morris Marc Porter Erika Saveraid


Erin Gutierrez Benjamin Klompus Amy Siuda Stephan Tompsett t


Anonymous Sarah Bryn Allpress Andrew Babaian Timothy Collyer Charlotte Ives Goddard Donald Keel t


Sarah Baraff Olivia Hauser Kimberly Locke Caleb McClennan Andrew Siuda Rebecca Trachsel


Peter Flink Jeffrey Hughes t Krista Longnecker o Anne Ogilvie

Seth Cameron t Andrew Enright t Brannon Fisher t Justin Harrison t Erin Koenig Beau Lescott





Winslow Burleson Katherine Cardinal Pamela Clark Elissa Katz Katherine Lund Wendin Smith Robert Van Alen o


Gidget Berretta Andrew Daniels t Arah Schuur o Dimitris Triantopoulos Joshua Rocker


Matthew Johnson Alexis Greenwold Levitt o Melissa Maddonni-Haims Matthew McKenzie t Michael Sklar Kathryn Patterson Sutherland


Craig Gorton t Susan Matthews


Elizabeth Gilgan o Matthew Hebard t Maggie Rafter Millings o


Daphna Cox Danielle Bornstein-Elbirt t


Kealalokahi Losch


Brendan Blumenstiel Scott Boughton Molly Peters Jonathan Zwarg t

145A 146

Pat Harcourt

Kailin Lee Sabrina Schlumberger



Heather Bryant t Noah Coons Elizabeth Dieveney Shannon McKenzie t Kristen Patterson Eric Siegel Peter Tilney


Valerie Sanders


Mark Behn John Bowen t Lindsay O’Nell Ernst Eliza Reese Fortenbaugh t Jason Francis Heather Goldberg t Nicole Hade Molly Madden Kristin Russell Eric Stoddard t Elinor Todd Amanda van Heyst t


Cara Fritz Clare Parker t Patrick Ressler

Robert Jaye Middleton Squier Judith Wise


Anonymous Patricia Buckley Amy Cameron t Emily Hatfield


Peter Boyd Brook Detterman Susan Hammond Vanessa Hynes Taylor Benjamin Mackay Alicia Rabins Michiru Shimada t


Matthew Burke Charlotte Engelman Daniel Pollard t Michael Reilly


Matthew Bernier Caroline Claytor Joseph Creney Anne Elefterakis t


alumni donors Philip Petrone t Timna Serino Sarah Webster t


Jessup Coffin


Amy McMorrow t


Barbara Belanger t Nancy Cande t Alison Cochrane Bruce MacAdam Judith Morlan Carolyn Nybell Richard Rodin t Stacey Strong


Joshua Frederickson t Molly Frederickson t Nicole Friend Ragan Hedstrom Elin Kondrad t Christopher Lanoue t Jessica Macrie Scott McAuliffe Rebecca Newhall Ali Sherwood Stacey Smith t David Sunderlin Shane Walden t


Megan Roessing


Amy Ballentine Stevens t Curtis Barry Van Cantor Danielle Giroux Jay Reynolds Reid Smith Melissa Solomon Darlington t


Elizabeth Ellwood Katherine Fish Elizabeth Maloney t Jodi Meck t Johanna Mendillo Hadley Owen James Thomson t


Meghann Horner-Smith t



Sean Dixon


Ellen Czaika Lauren Morgens t Brian Sperling


Bonnie Garcia Clarice Holm t Antoinette Kelly Michael Taylor


Steuart Walton t


Anonymous Sarah Chandler Benjamin Lamphere Samuel Mandell Jaime Mason Jennifer Wallace David Walsh John Zimmermann


Adam Dilts Timothy Dwyer Sarah MacLeod Joshua Newth


Brian Ambrette David Frank t Kevin Martin


Brianne Dent Jessica Starr Boz Ashley Swain Sophia Walker


Elizabeth Grethen

Colleen Allard Christopher Bartels Sarah Borgstadt-Smith t Kristin Hunter-Thomson t Amy Larocca Amanda Zoellner t

James Hildebrand Joslyn Meier Zoltan Szuts t Carly Tarr


Megan Peal



Andrew Loschert

Elizabeth Eden Kyle Helland






Catherine Bozek t Rebecca Cooperman Elizabeth Huston Erin Madeira Mark Williams Jennifer Patterson Llyd Wells James Yockey t

Eric Hartge Morgan Nickerson t Elizabeth Stefany t Christopher Wilson

Michael Horn t Randal Hytry Janet Loynes

Gabriella Andrews Kate Buckman Deborah Liptzin t Emily Molden Kristen Peske Morgan Simmons Benjamin Urmston



Jason Amster


Heather Borkowski Marguerite Fontaine Sarah Ladd Nicholas Pfleghaar Sarah Zengo


Meghan Blake Ashley Francis Elizabeth Grubin t


Ryan Gordon t


David Inskeep t

Sasha Gsovski



Ashley Bronzan Samuel Chamberlin Juliana Miller Fischler Laura Jansen Leonard Pace Steve Ruane t


Emily Hall Beckett Allison Binkowski Elizabeth Burakowski Jonathan Cedar Rebecca Hooper Holland Jonathan Kling Callie Scheetz


Jessica Anderson T. Oliver Hay Bradley Kraushaar Juliette McCullough t Erik Wallenberg


Sean Bryan Toby Mandel Hedger t Caleb Scheetz



Christine Hempel

Jaclyn Bell Laura Uridil



Peter Frantz t Jane Soucy


Nicole Cheatle M. Graham Furlong t Laura Gilbert Alison Gray Justin Martinich Anna McGaraghan Hillary Mendillo Sarah Spotts Amy Villanueva


Rebecca Gracia Abigail Kirchofer Sarah Lucchesi John O’Keeffe Rowan Smith t Bryan Sparkes t Rebeccah Sparkes t


Abigail Magni t Lev Nelson Geneva Michaelcheck t Matthew Peters t Eric Shedlosky

Deborah Shelton Lauren Zike t


Deirdre Wadsworth


Sarah Gross Jacob Keaton Kevin Sullivan t


Joshua Baston David Benack







Ann Halbach Krogman Min-Yi Jou Danielle Tommaso Robert Truxler

Elizabeth Crockett Chidester Aileen Caldwell Anna Stevens Emily Chandler Eleanor Tripp Justin Smith


Thomas Gagnon t Elizabeth Horn

Kelly Atkins Mindy Hofsass Noah Kaufman Bonnie McGill t Benjamin Miller



James Palardy t


Matthew Fromboluti Scott Hiller Katherine Holland Laura Nelson


Allison Dutton Benjamin Erne t Lauren Gilbert t Heidi Miller t Skye Moret-Ferguson William Rich Ryan Walsh


Elizabeth Haffenreffer Hilde Khou Benjamin Schellpfeffer Noelle Short Carey Tinkelenberg


Laryssa Hiller Jessica McGreehan Nicki Noble Bean Lindsey Palardy Nicholas Shonka


Andrew Ault Michael Ide Mark O’Brien


Marielle Matthews


Hannah Nadeau Andrew Scott


Chanel Ashton Genevieve Greer Andrew Horsburgh Scott MacLellan Ryan Mullins Roman Shor


Robert Thompson


Maia Theophanis


Rudy Normann


Hiroaki Tanaka


Adam Carpenter Virginia Engel Ashleigh McCord Jane Sarno


Ryan Mahoney Deena Tvinnereim


Katrina Barnes Jessica Donohue Bradley Nicholson Chava Weitzman


Meghan Kallman Eula Kozma

Katherine Love Scott McCracken Carla Scocchi



Loren Bach Jessica Bell Stephanie Gilley Kimberly Gniadek Randolph Jones Maureen Lynch Brittain Mason Elizabeth Rice t Adele Roland Hannah Roth t


Declan Frye Allison Klein Katherine Mueller t


Sarah Herard Alden Johnson Sarah Kettenmann Stephen Wheless

Gregory Ardini Megan Cook Morgan Kelly Krystle McMaster

Amanda Picotte


Craig McMaster Lauren Schroedter Holly Taylor


Rebecca Inver Eleanor Kane Dylan King Kathryn McMullan Reid McMullan Isaac Schoepp


Margaux Howard Wendy Kordesch Sarah Powell

Hannah Green


Spencer Clark


Kevin Murray


Nicholas Iannacone Paul Marsala Adrian Mason Heather McGee Michael Raymond


Hannah Darrin Paul Dixon Katie Giuliano


Laura Dismore Ryan Hirce


Ryan Bash Casey Canfield Ryan Dorsey Devin Farkas Samara Haver Giles Holt Rachel Luban Jeffrey Prunier Leigh Quenin Nathaniel Smith Jeremy Tagliaferre Carolyn Tarpey


Andrew Catherine John Dow Melanie Scofield-Finn Zora McGinnis


Samantha Akiha Catherine Coupland Nicole Couto Claire Parker Till Katharine Wurtzell Scott Zolkos


Aliza Goldberg


Cynthia Chadwell Henry Philip


Anonymous Mickey Cavacas Evan Oleson Collin Schmitt Marina van der Eb Alexandra White Natalia Widulinski


Noah Citron Stephanie Deckard Henry Flora Weeks Oliver Weisser


Nicholas Constantino Elizabeth Dorr Tristan Feldman Amber Hewett Heidi Hirsh Katharine Kelly Kelsey Lane Nicholas Morrow Alana Rask


Kristin Forgrave Nicholas Green


Laura Lilly Brianna Walsh



Elliott Ross

249 251

Margaret Giesel Taylor Hogan Courcelle Stark


Emma Van Scoy


Beckett Colson Elizabeth DiCesare


Alexander Morrow

Rebecca Higgins Anna Hitchcock




Ethan Requardt


Mackenzie Trumbull


Tyler Hampton Fredrik Eriksson Callie Schultz


Sarah Hindle

Omar Clarke Dorothy Smith Matthew Tantillo




Shelley Kind Lauren Krug


Sarah Banks


Anonymous Melissa Enright Matthew Harrison Michelle Rossi


Daniel Pollak Matthew Scheuer Peter Wu


Nora Dahlberg


Anne West Christina Wine


Farley Miller

Anna Boyer Kelvin Chen Katelyn Barhite Shalagh Canning Andrew Corso Isabella DuMond Alexander Duncan William Freund Kazia Mermel Kate Petersen Robert Petersen-Rockney Katherine Running Agathe Wallin Eric Walton Natasha Willcox


Madeline Carlson


Corinna Anderson Phillip Baton


Eryu Guo


Alice McBride


Henry Bell Michela Cupo Rebecca Hernandez


Hannah Aichelman


Mary McGee Marina Stevenson


Christina Morrisett Scott Watters


Anonymous Brendan Casey Thomas Walters

t more than 10 years consecutive giving o

Established in 1991, the Anchor Watch Society honors those who provide gifts to Sea Education Association through their estates or life-income plans. We are pleased to recognize these special donors during their lifetime and to celebrate the important role that the Anchor Watch Society has in the future of SEA. Donald Abt Emily Bramhall, W-27 Barbara Brown Jacob Brown Richard Burnes Edmund Cabot* Levin Campbell, W-60 Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Norris Claytor Margaret Clowes* John Damon E. Peter Elsaesser Edwin Fischer David Ford, W-113 Samuel Gray Richard Hawkins Grace Hinkley Waldo Johnston* Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Robert Knapp, W-99 Fred Larson Katherine Lund, C-121 Mary Madden Michael Madden* Bartlett McGuire Philip McKnight Don McLucas Jim Millinger Margaret Parker Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 David Ross Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Galen and Anne Stone Deborah Warner Richard Wilson Eric Wolman

full & by: more than 25 years consecutive


When a vessel’s anchor has been securely set, crewmembers keep “anchor watch,” alert to subtle changes in wind, tide, and sea to ensure the safety of the ship. For the most part, it’s a quiet time to reflect on the journey.

will you join our ANCHOR

WATCH Anchor Watch is a special community of SEA parents, alumni and friends committed to SEA through planned giving. To learn about the many advantages of designating SEA as a future beneficiary, please contact Monica Bowman, Director of Stewardship, (508) 444-1913


parent donors

Anonymous George and Marjorie Abbot o Robert Ackert Mickey Ahearn, W-3, and Debra Wilson Terry and Sheila Aiken t John and Judith Alexander Reneè, W-66, and Arthur Allen t Steven and Claudia Allen Richard and Barbara Angle o Joseph and Michelle Ardini Debbie Arey, W-51, and Peter Canning Denise Armstrong t Rick and Fran Armstrong Mark and Christine Awbrey Cynthia Badan, W-95 o Steven Barkan and Barbara Tennent t Carlos and Cathy Barrios Jorge and Margarita Batista John and Carol Beach George and Barbara Beal David Beard and Jean O’Neil Charles and Barbara Bell t Donald Bell and Elizabeth McNerney Edgar Bering and Barbara Clark J. Leonard and Dorothy Bicknell t Kenneth and Sharon Biermann Matthew Bloch and Marilyn Pasierb t Robert and Kathleen Bonham William and Beatrice Booth David and Harriet Borton Mary Ann Boyer, W-69, and Christopher Hall Leo and Anne Boyle Peter and Helene Braatz Keith and Mary Jo Bradley t Anthony and Elizabeth Branca Ellen and Harry Brawley Glenn and Susan Brill Walter and Kiyoko Brown o David Altenhofen and Mariette Buchman, W-54 o William Buckley t John and Marcia Buckman t Daniel Bumagin and Nancy Topalian Stephen, W-37, and Krysia Burnham t Tony and Nancy Butterworth o Peter Calcaterra and Pamela LaRue Kristina, W-71, and David Caldwell Levin and Eleanor Campbell o Kip and Caryn Canfield Stephen, W-99, and Margaret Cann Craig and Ann Carpenter Liza Carter, W-22 John and Elizabeth Carver Dennis and Elizabeth Cashman Richard and Patricia Cavanagh Christopher Cazeault Denice Chandler and Catherine Jones Peter and Elizabeth Chandler Stephen and Lynda Chandler o Daniel and Hitomi Chapman Jocelyn, W-46, and Douglas Childs Dexter and June Churchill Elliott and Judy Clark t Thomas B. Clark, W-26 t Thomas Clark and Susan Adams Katharine Coffin Fred and Barbara Colin o Philip and Rosemary Collyer Wendell Colson and Joanne Casper Judith Cook o


Marianne Cook R. Bruce Cooper John and Martha Correa James and Lynn Crawford William and Laurie Creed Michael and Maria Cupo James Dahlberg and Deirdre Donahue Belden and Pamela Daniels Collin Darrah and Antonija Ventenbergs Rodney and Christine Decker t Daniel Denov and Carolyn Rusk Earl and Andrea d’Entremont William and Mary Lou DeWitt t Tom and Linda Dieveney Greg DiLisio, W-66, and Miwaka Ohara John and Anne Dilts Paul Dorsey Christi Douglas, W-62, and Peter Dalldorf John and Roselynn Dow Ian and Kathryn Duff John and Merril Dutton t Robert and Katherine Dwyer Donna Eden t Rebecca Einolf Amy Eldridge Kathryn Elefterakis Peter and Cynthia Ellis o Charles Engel Sarah Enright, W-73 Stephen and Carole Enright t Yasmin Erne Edward Feibel and Catherine Chichester Robert and Pamela Feldman Stephen and Marjorie Finucane Brenda Fogarty, W-48, and Kelly O’Brien William and Joan Ford Edward and Karen Fraioli t Kathy Frederickson Ronald and Dale Freeman o John and Meryl French t Greg and Nancy Fritz o Francis Fruehstorfer o Joseph and Marilyn Galanti t Frederick Gale and Charlotte Yeh Richard Garcia and Jan Burry Mary Giddens Edna Gillespie t Jane Gleeson Robert and Elizabeth Gniadek Patricia, W-61, and Thomas, W-61, Goffinet o Michael Goldberg and Renie Lipski Mark and Kristina Gossner Thomas and Shelley Graham Joan Granger Samuel and Margaret Gray o Anthony and Sheila Graziano Eric Green and Carmin Reiss A. Curtis Greer Brendan Greer and Vivian Yeh Stephen and Sally Gresham t Von, W-6, and Catherine Gryska Daniel and Barbara Gsovski Kenneth and Kathleen Haber t Peter Haddock t Linda and Douglas Haley t Roger and Benedicte Hallowell Sally Hampton t Kurt Harbordt Lawrence and Hylton Hard Tom and Sue Harding t Robert and Karolyn Harwood t Richard Hawkins and Marian Ferguson o Carl and Margaret Heise Jack Hemler and Wendy Ormont

Bruce and Susan Herard Michael and Monica Higgins Malcolm, C-102, and April Hill Daniel and Lori Hirce John Hitchcock and Margaret Jackson Kenneth and Willa Hogberg o Robert and Christine Holo Guy Holt and Eileen Ryan Roger and Elizabeth Howland William and Catherine Hoyt Thomas Hutchinson Roger Ide and Gail Boettiger Paul and Marjorie Inderbitzen t Marc and Bonnie Inver William and Karen Irving o Nobuhisa and Marcia Ishizuka Mary Eliot Jackson Sheryl Jagerson Daryl and Kay James t Gary and Gina James Merrill and Lillian Jencks Alexander and Nora Jinishian Alexander and Jill Johnson t David, W-71, and Mary Johnson Garrett and Barbara Johnson t Robert and Elizabeth Johnson o Peter and Jan Jones Phil and Patti Junger Jack and Cynthia Kadzik t Werner and Dorothy Kaese t Edward Kane and Martha Wallace t Isao and Yukiko Kato t Patricia Kelly James Kennell and Heidi Thomas Jamal Kharbush and Barbara Olson William and Jaynie Kind Brian and Sally Kirby t Elmer and Marilyn Klumpp o Andrew Knowland and Mary Jane Tuohy Linda Korth J. Kelly and Rebecca Lane John and Kathleen Lanoue t Daniel and Sarah Lauer Paul and Jane Lawrence t Dave Lemonick and Mary Tuttle t Brian and Margarita Lessard Robert Levine and Vilean Taggersell Maria Libby, W-78 Jian Lin and Kelan Huang Robert and Constance Loarie t Worth and Louise Loomis o Christopher Lovelock* t Clifford, W-22, and Randy Low o Vincent and Crystal Lucchesi t Melissa Ludtke Myles and Cornelia Lund o Christopher, W-48, and Margaret Lynch John and Susan Mackay t Edward and Grace Madeira o Lawrence and Beth Magann Hugh and Ruth Mahaffy o William and Christina Maloney t Frank and Linda Maresca Albert and Janice Martin P. Gail Martin Jean Marvel, W-14, and John Requardt Jeff and Maria Mason Osamu and Grace Matsutani R. Hardin Matthews and Jane Dougan t Carl and Sharon Matuszek Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mayer o Stephen Nelson and Mary Anne Mayo t Joe McAlister Martin and Rose McAndrews t E. Dennis and Sandra McCarthy o

Peter McChesney o Walter and Carol McClennen t Raymond and Susan McClinton Gray McCord and Diane Ingulli Michael McGinnis and Patricia Shipley Bartlett and Cynthia McGuire t Mary Lou McGuire Noel McIntosh and Linda Tietjen Janet McMahon, W-39, and Christopher Davis Peter and Valerie McNeely Bruce Meier and Wendy Fearnside Anne Meigs-Brown t Georges and Mary Mejaes David and Veronica* Metzler t Audrey and William Meyer o Donald and Susan Miller t Robert Miller Stephen and Christina Miller o Peter and Arlene Mollo Paolo Morante and Brigid Doherty Edwin and Linda Morgens t John and Carol Morris Robert and Mary-Margaret Morse t James and Linda Murphy Virginia Murray Ginny Murray t Henri and Madeline Nadworny Eric and Margaret Neilsen t Jill Neubauer Anne Nichols David and Susan Nicholson Kyle and Diane Noble t James Normann and Linda Lapin Charles and Eugenia O’Brien t Judith Ogden Richard and Debra Oleson Patrick, W-76, and Lynn O’Reilly Patrick and Sybil O’Reilly Pell and Louise Osborn Tanja Ostapoff Maksymilian and Grazyna Ostas t Susan Papagiannis t Leroy and Winifred Parker o Rafe and Kate, W-139, Parker o James and Ann Marie Passanisi John and Meikle Patch Eleanor Peavey Richard Pendleton, W-84, and J. Sage Wheeler Christopher, W-6, and Diane, W-16, Penn o James and Debra Peters t Victoria, W-77, and Peter Philip o John and Charlotte Phillips Robert Picotte and Denise Desmond Thomas and Mary Kay Pilat t Frank and Susan Poland Scott and Judith Pollock Katherine, W-78, and Matthew Porterfield Richard and Cheryl Prisco William and Diane Pulleyblank t G. Michael and Shannon Purdy Nelson and Lucia Putnam Peter and Karen Rabins t Thomas Rafferty and Dian Pickoff Michael and Alicia Rafter Charlie Reade and Patricia Nelson-Reade Augusto and Helen Recinos Andrew Reicher and Tessa Huxley John and Sharyn Reitz David and Elaine Ressler t Beth Reuman, W-69, and Richard Hemond Gary and Bernice Reynolds t Sara Rhoades Christopher Richardson t

Timothy and Elizabeth Ritter James Roach David and Sandra Roberts t Henry and Catherine Roberts t Andrew Rockefeller* t George Rockwood o William Rolf Beverly Rosenzweig o Robert and Patti Ross Paul and Barbara Ruane David Rumker and Susan Phillips Randall and Jenifer Rydz Timothy and Patricia Saburn Jeremy, W-75, and Dianne Salesin o Jane Sattler t Daniel Scheuer Shelley Scheuer Frederick and Judith Schmid Larry and Beryl Schmitt Rosalind Schmitt o Samuel and Nancy Scott Alma Scully o Richard and Spain Secrist Steve Seminer and Suzanne Murphy Anne Serrell Edward and Joan Shankle John and Jean Sheild o Robert and Linda Shelton Robert and Mara Shlachter William and Mary Lynn Simmons t Louis and Barbara Sklar C. Hamilton and Ann Sloan Roger and Carol Sloboda t Kaighn Smith, Sr. Manning and Virginia Smith t Thomas and Barbra Smithgall Peter Snyder and Katharine Dodge Gary and Christine Soares Bernd Sokolowski and Holly Haggerty James and Karen Sparkes Robert and Cynthia Spencer

Veronica Sperling and Timothy Buchanan t Patricia Sprague o Fred and Kathleen Stadel Pamela, W-75, and Wallace Stark o Ronald and Carolyn Starr o Maxwell and Sandra Stepanuk Patricia Stevenson J. Timothy and Ann Stout Greg and Joyce Studen t Paul and Lenore Sundberg t Fred and Joyce Suppes t Juris Svarcbergs and Nancy Reyes-Svarcbergs James and Aimee Swain Philip and Joan Swanson o Leopold and Jane Swergold o Phyllis Swift Allen and Michele Syslo Michael and Ann Taylor o Richard and Nancy Tebeau Uri and Marilyn ten Brink Walter and Nancy Thompson o Peter and Elizabeth Thomson t Greg and Mary Toney Chris Tonkin and Sarah Bixler Chris Tonkin and Sarah Bixler Barbara, W-90, and William, W-90, Toomey t Brian and Sarah Trachtenberg Thomas and Donna Trainor William Trumbull and Alisa Caron Sergei Tsvetkov and Lynne Allen David and Nancy Twichell Joe Twichell and Anne Goodrich William, W-36, and Martha Umhau Michael and Dorothy Vicari Armand and Patricia Viscosi James and Virginia Vitarello t Stephen, W-12, and Carol Ann Wagner o Jill Wallace

Brooks, W-36, and MarieCatherine Wallin o Robert and Kathleen Walsh Mark and Susan Webster t Mark Weintraub and Judith Nakhnikian Nathan and Lisa Wesely Gregory and Sarah Wetstone Thomas and Patricia Whalen E. Douglas and Barbara White t William and Roberta Whiting t Anthony and Rhoda Whittemore John Wigglesworth, W-5, and Priscilla Brooks, W-50 o Jeffrey and Susan Wilfahrt Charles, W-40, and Gale, W-30, Willauer o Peter Willauer and Carol Nugent o W. Bradford and Ann Willauer t Thomas Willey o Daniel and Jacqueline Wine Albert and Barbara Wolcott Edward and Ann Woll George and Katharine Woodwell o Leslie Worf Barbara Worley Robert and Karen Yencha Vanya and Christina Yoors G. Stewart Young Keith and Kathryn Zammit Frederick Zamon William and Elizabeth Zimmermann o Lloyd Zuckerberg and Charlotte Triefus

ENDOWED SEA FUNDS was established in memory of Armin E. Elsaesser III – sailor, educator, adventurer – by his family and friends. The goal of the Fellowship is to help a member of the SEA community – alumni, crew, faculty or staff – each year follow a dream that has been elusive because of work or study. Projects involve active investigation in marine-related subject and reflects a creative and independent approach to the pursuit of knowledge. Income from this fund is used to annually support one Elsaesser Fellow. Elsaesser Fellowship Fund

Ford and Jean Elsaesser Susan and Andrew Hess

was established in celebration of the globe-circumnavigating sailor’s 90th birthday by her family and friends. Income from this fund is used to support students who would not otherwise be able to attend SEA. Exy Johnson Scholarship Fund

Robert and Elizabeth Johnson Richard and Sandra Wallis Rafe and Kate Parker Endowment Fund was

friends Anonymous Katrina Abbott and Benjamin Lummis t Donald and Barbara Abt o Craig and Margaret Ashworth Susan and James Avery t David and Nancy Babin o Ronald and Kay Baird Talbot Baker, Jr. o Jennifer Barone Randolph and Maude Barton Tracy Baynes Sara Beck Roger and Masako Bellinger o Séan Bercaw t Thomas Bethea t J. R. Bickhart, Jr. Sharon Bonner Francis and Margaret Bowles o John and Nancy Braitmayer t Conant Brewer and Lorrie Anderson Gale Brewer and Calvin Snyder David Brown and Sheila McCurdy Wendell and Leslie Brown Jacob and Barbara Brown o Jane Brown Ann Bucklin Rick and Nonnie Burnes o Betsy Cabot o

established to honor the retirement of long-time SEA president, Rafe Parker, and his wife Kate. Income from this fund is used for financial aid for students to attend SEA. Evelyn and Nancy Caldwell John and Roberta Carey t Misty Cauble John Cavacas Jonathan Cedar Jim and Angie Christmann Kevin Chu and Pat Harcourt Thomas and Mollie Clarke Carol Cleave o Edith Corning* o Richard and Ellen Cost Will Cramer and Beth Weiser o John and Laura Crosby o Vicky Cullen Mrs. William Curby and Matthew Taylor Curby t W. Brian and Erika Dade Barry Dame o Helen and John Davies t Ruth H. Davis Michael and Jane Deland t Nicholas and Birgitte Dill o Robertson Dinsmore Laura Dismore Jeffrey and Courtney Dorman t George and Dorothy Dunnington Henry and Laurie Eberhardt David and Susan Egloff Ford and Jean Elsaesser t Diane Eskenasy and Tim Aldrich t

t more than 10 years consecutive giving o

Martin Farley John and Shirley Farrington t Richard and Catherine Fay Tristan Feldman Judith Fenwick o Edwin and Angela Fischer Juliana and Andres Fischler Thomas Sullivan and Elizabeth Fisher Sullivan David Fisichella o Dielle Fleischmann Ralph and Erika Forbes t Peter and Susan Forster Robert and Patricia Foulke o Robert and Alexena Frazee o Jonathan Freidberg and Rebecca Waegell Robert and Susan Gagosian t Arthur and Jennifer Gaines Charles and Ann Garland Seth Gelsthorpe o Christian Giardina t Robert and Francesca Giegengack o Elizabeth Gladfelter Terry Glenn Gertrude Goff Virginia B. Gray o

Lucy Loomis, W-18, and Thomas Creighton

was established in honor of current SEA ships’ doctor, Bill Hallstein. Income from this fund is used to support SEA crew training. Hallstein Fellowship Fund

Margaret Brandon, W-48 John, W-98, and Rachel Cahill Helen and John Davies Bill Hallstein and Suzanne Goodman-Hallstein Alan Hickey

was established by donors for unrestricted scholarship. Income from this fund is used to support students who would not otherwise be able to attend SEA. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Andrew Babaian, C-143 Vincent and Crystal Lucchesi Lauren, S-184 and Nate Zike

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full & by: more than 25 years consecutive



Benjamin Gutierrez Jane Hallowell o Bill Hallstein and Susanne Goodman-Hallstein Sara Harris John Harrison Buzz Harvey Robert Hassey * and Susan Bozek t Samara Haver David Hayes Elizabeth Heald t Jerome and Anne Heller t Sarah Herard Carl Herzog t Susan and Andrew Hess o Alan Hickey t Nigella Hillgarth Grace Hinkley o Matthew Hirsch Paul and Betsey Horovitz o Gordon and Elizabeth Hughes o Roy Hughes Susan Humphris and George Lohmann o Melville Ireland t David and Nancy Jackson o Scott and MacKenzie Jackson Ambrose and Anna Jearld t George and Margaret Jenkins George Johnson o Peter and Joan Johnson Barbara Woll Jones t Royal Joslin t Tom and Barbara Keith t Morris and Elizabeth Kellogg o William and Deborah Knowlton o Kelsey Lane G. Lawrence Langford Jeremy Law t Eric Learnard and Adrienne Parsons Sidney LeFavour Kenneth and Ardelle Legg George and Emily Lewis o Barbara Littlefield o Ryan Loftus Ellie Linen Low and David Low t Ivan and Susan Luke Tom Luxon and Ivy Schweitzer Cabot and Heidi Lyman Linda Cox Maguire and John Maguire t Paul Marsala Jane McCamant Philip and Kathleen McKnight t Jessica McWade and Walter Kuklinski Robert McWethy o Richard and Katherine Mellon t Lew Meyer Edwin and Cassandra Milbury t Farley Miller Heidi Miller t Elizabeth Miller Jim Millinger o Peter Moore and Alicia Hills-Moore o Skye Moret-Ferguson John and Bridget Morton Kevin Murray Seth Murray Laura Nelson Douglas Nemeth o Brian and Mary Nickerson Dennis Nixon John O’Keeffe Richard and Linda Olney

Hadley Owen Walt Paine and Barbara Moyer Philip and Jeannette Parish t Margaret Parker o Joan Partridge o Stuart and Martha Pattison o Warren and Nancy Perkins Finley and Patricia Perry William and Migdalia Pinkney Thomas and Patricia Powers George and Kathy Putnam o Jonathan Pyle and Jill Bean E. Leigh Quinn t Dwight* and Carol Reese o W. Dixon and Susan Riley Elizabeth Roosevelt t Wendy and Edward Rose o Edward and Susie Rowland o Gordon Rowland Gregory and Lee-Ann Ruf Philip Sacks o Carl Safina t Richard Sailor and Mary Johnston o G. West and Victoria Saltonstall o Molly Scheu Karl Schoettle Judith Schroth Charles Schutt o Robert and Stella Mae Seamans t Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke o Amy and Gary Simon Stanley and Josephine Smith o Justin Smith Chad Smith Alexander Spaulding Theresa and George Stanley t Thomas and Judy Stetson Charles and Susan Stillman Allan Stoner and Marcia Meyer-Stoner Alan Sugarman Charles and Gayle Swicker Jeremy Tagliaferre Jay and Susan Taylor o Anne Tessier Judy Thompson James Watters and Ashley Tobin t George and Dagmar Unhoch Jan Wagner Daniel Walker o Richard and Sandra Wallis Willis Wang and Terri Yahia Mary Warden o Deborah Warner o Joseph Warren t Jacqueline Webb Anne and Richard Webb o Deborah Jackson Weiss Alexander Weld William and Ann White Peter Whittemore James Wickersham t Robert and Ann Williams Susan Williams o Richard Wilson o John Winchester t Elizabeth Winn t Alastair Wolman o Eric and Sandra Wolman o Kevin Wood and Kathleen McBroom Midori Yoshii Bradley Zlotnick


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Amazon Smile American Foundation Corporation America’s Charities Amgen Foundation AON Foundation Benevity Community Impact Fund Beyond Bread, Inc. Blue Tube, Inc. Bonnell Cove Foundation Boston Foundation Bright Funds Foundation Edmund & Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation E. & L. Campbell Family Foundation Cape Cod Foundation CIGNA Citizens Bank Charitable Foundation Simon & Eve Colin Foundation Cruising Club of America de Beaumont Foundation Delta Air Lines Foundation Diamond Ice Foundation Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Eder Family Foundation Endurance Foundation Forster Family Foundation Gravina Family Foundation Hope Foundation J. M. Huber Corporation Intellectual Ventures Peter T. Joseph Foundation J. C. Kellogg Foundation Loring, Wolcott, & Coolidge Los Alamos National Security Lumpkin Family Foundation Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Co. Mabee Family Foundation Martin Foundation McGraw-Hill Education Helping Hands Program R. K. Mellon Family Foundation Merck Foundation MHG Foundation Middlecott Foundation Monomoy Fund Motorola Solutions Foundation Network for Good Nickerson Family Association

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faculty+staff Colleen Allard, W-177 Jason Amster, C-166 Patricia Annessi David Bank, W-82 t Monica Bowman Scott Branco t Margaret Brandon, W-48 o Erin Bryant Mickey Cavacas, C-231 Dale Dean t Jessica Donohue, C-210 Phyllis Downey Katharine Williams Enos

Valerie Falconieri Kimberly Gniadek, C-195 Jennifer Haddock, C-109 t Sally Hampton t Benjamin Harden Paul Joyce t Douglas Karlson Kara Lavender Law t Julia LoPresti Elizabeth Maloney, W-162 t Craig Marin, W-119 Audrey Meyer o James Moynihan

Chris Nolan Jeffrey Schell Victoria Smith Kerry Sullivan t Maia Theophanis, S-206 Jan Wagner t Crickett Warner Laurie Weitzen t Nancy Wendlandt Jeffrey Wescott Lauren Zike, S-184 t


n a world in which physical reality is too often experienced sitting with an electronic device, Sea Education Association presents young people with an opportunity to interact with the physical world in an unmediated manner. Sailing on the SSV Robert C. Seamans or the SSV Corwith Cramer as part of a working crew not only connects the student with the sea and the devastation human activity is inflicting on our home, it connects the student with a long history of our interaction with sea and wind.

in science or interested in challenging oneself, SEA provides a unique opportunity. Combining academic rigor with the opportunity to be part of a crew on a working sailing vessel, SEA allows young people to expand their horizons, develop leadership skills and connect with our past, present, and future. Spending several weeks at sea in the context of a whole life is but a short moment. It is, however, an indelible moment that will be remembered long after returning to shore.

Our own daughter’s experience sailing across the Pacific (S-248) and the horizons it opened up for her, are why we think it is important to do what we can to support SEA in its mission. Whether a student is intent on pursuing a career

To ensure that this kind of defining experience remains available, we are committed to supporting SEA in any way that we can. We urge others to do the same. Thomas Rafferty and Dian Pickoff

why we give

Dian Pickoff and her daughter Arden Pickoff-Rafferty, S-248, aloft on the SSV Corwith Cramer.

FOLLOWING SEA SPRING 2018 Sea Education Association P.O. Box 6 Woods Hole, MA 02543 800-552-3633 x770 800-977-8516 fax

did you know ALUMNI REFERRALS PRODUCE MORE STUDENTS THAN ANY OTHER INQUIRY SOURCE. Your voice matters! If you know a student who would be a great shipmate, please tell them about SEA Semester!

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