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Taking your brand further Our mission is simple and sincere: to make your business look amazing. We believe your brand will never be in better hands. It is a bold claim, but we have much evidence to support it. Our safe hands are creative, capable and experienced in delivering consistent, high-quality signage and genuine value for money. From one-off prototypes developed alongside your in-house team to the implementation of multimillion-pound sign schemes nationwide, we are as ambitious about branding as you are. We design with flair, manufacture with skill, install with care and maintain the highest standards. Because we look good too when you stand out. Flair underpinned by excellence Blaze’s enviable reputation is founded on the five core qualities we adhere to in our own brand: integrity, excellence, teamwork, experience and energy. Throughout the process on every project, these words act as powerful touchstones, inspiring us to surpass industry standards, safeguard brand reputation and deliver truly memorable results for each customer, every time. This brochure offers an insight into Blaze, but you really should call us to discuss the future of signage. Your brand deserves it.

“With more than 35 years’ experience of delivering premium signage solutions across the nation, we have learned a thing or two. That is really the trick: quality Safe hands From the designer’s mouse to the metal shop’s four-metre brake press and beyond. Whatever your brand needs, it is in very safe hands - and all in-house.

is the only standard to which we will attach our name. We never stop innovating. Over the years we have been trusted with many genuinely iconic brands, and we are extremely proud of the dynamic landscape we have created together.”

Clive Knight

Chris Abbott

Joanna Boraston

Managing Director

Sales Director

Finance Director









Genuine integrity Commercial integrity At the very heart of our business you will find a genuine sense of doing the right thing. We have a duty of care towards your brand. Led by our experienced management team - and incorporated into solutions by the design studio - this positive attitude emerges naturally from our skilled craftsmen on the shop floor and is central to every aspect of installation when our professional fitters are on site at your location. Our clients appreciate the honest and direct way we address challenges to deliver solutions. They say it is refreshing; we say it saves us all time. We are known throughout the industry for delivering beyond expectation and for being true to our word. We appreciate that reputations are on the line, and we are being entrusted with one of the most valuable assets of any business. Our advice is often free - and our experience is always invaluable. Our clients are never in any doubt that we are on their side. It is not simply good fortune and 130,000-square-feet of manufacturing capability that keeps customers returning project after project. It is a mutual respect and the knowledge that they are never buying more than their brand needs or deserves. Structural and environmental integrity When you are building for large scale projects such as supermarkets, shopping centres, sports arenas and retail parks, there is a lot to be considered. Our processes and protocols are hardwired to satisfy not only the latest and most rigorous health and safety requirements, but also a basic common sense developed over many years of practical experience. Today Blaze harnesses the latest technology and best materials to create considered solutions that are environmentally viable and built to last. For us, durability, responsibility and safety go hand in hand. Brand integrity It does not take you long to discover that we relish working collaboratively. We are entirely comfortable sharing our knowledge and supporting our clients’ preferred associates throughout the process. Ideally this teamwork begins at the very start of a project, with Blaze offering valuable advice to the brand managers in formulating the brief. From significant multi-disciplinary architectural practices to niche creative design teams, Blaze works hard to seamlessly integrate into organisations and genuinely enhance projects. Ultimately, this close working relationship ensures that the essential creative integrity of a brand is never undermined nor diluted. We add serious value in our own specialist field - and actively promote excellence in others.

High spec, hi-tech Blaze has gathered together a remarkable range of skills under one roof, where the traditional craftsmanship of sign manufacture can work hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology, such as our VUTEK flatbed direct to substrate printer.

“It is amazing being at the forefront of something this big. We regularly work with unconventional materials - and to tolerances that others struggle to match. And it is always cool to be able to point along the high street or up at a stadium and tell your kids you made that.�

Versatile solutions Affordable excellence One of the many benefits of having an enviable array of manufacturing processes within our control, under one roof, is the versatility it gives us in delivering the right product for the right occasion. With minimal delay, we can prototype varied methods of fabrication, investigate finishes or features, and determine the most enduring, cost-effective solutions for our clients’ needs. This can all happen organically, without the burden of logistics between independent manufacturers. Our clients confirm that getting to the right answer quickly - and prototyping it to ensure production success - not only gives peace of mind but represents excellent value. We like to add value throughout the process. From timely advice at the briefing stage, to the practical initiative employed daily by our field installation teams, Blaze always offers a host of thoughtful insights and interactions. We are always there for your brand: from concept through to stock-holding on your behalf. You may think this all comes at a price, but you will be pleasantly surprised. We operate in a highly-competitive business and offer excellent value for money. It is experience and excellence throughout the process which makes all the difference. Blaze simply endeavours to surpass clients’ expectations by working ‘smarter’ and more effectively than any of the competition. We are thorough, fully compliant with ISO 9001 and consistently go the extra mile - because rigorous quality control protects both our reputation and yours. When your brand is positively influencing the right audience in the right way, everybody wins.

Successful alliances founded on mutual respect Blaze as an organisation is underpinned by a clear set of values which inform everything from our management decisions to the exceptional products and services which have made our name. We are a serious company and we seek to build strong and enduring commercial relationships with like-minded individuals. Over the years, a remarkable customer loyalty has been our reward for consistently delivering on promises. We communicate clearly and sincerely, work collaboratively and take the time to really understand our customers’ brands. We genuinely respect and value each individual client, and believe they value and respect our contributions in return. Enhancing your team Working as a respectful extension of customers’ teams is second nature to us. The energy and wealth of experience that Blaze brings to brand development can prove invaluable on many levels.

Shared ambitions Being noticed is the name of the game. That is why every day we challenge ourselves to surpass expectations on behalf of your brand. We master fresh techniques, research emerging technology and invest in the people and facilities that will ultimately make us both stand out.

Seamless transition Every project is unique and may pass through a dozen or more stages from concept to installation. That is why Blaze has put such valuable lines of communication and agile process protocols in place.

“It is pressurised and demanding, but there is a real sense of teamwork around the place. We choose to set the bar high - and now people expect both flair and perfection.�

Innovativetalent Production Process

Creating an impact without causing a fuss

Blaze projects benefit from a unique

Memorable signage pays for itself - and we are in the business of delivering the very best. The creativity starts before your

in-house production management

brand is even handed over to our talented design team. During initial discussions we are keen to listen, and then offer the sort

protocol. We operate NEO and balance that with the hard-won practical experience gained over 35 years of operating at the forefront of manufacturing in the UK.

of practical-yet-inventive thinking that frequently resolves concerns before they become expensive issues. As soon as we are up to speed with your brief, we will be working tirelessly to realise your vision at the desired destination. With flair and sensitivity, Blaze designers thoughtfully adapt corporate branding and sign specifications to suit each individual site and location to maximise impact. Seamless implementation While each project is undeniably unique, we smooth out the inevitable bumps along the way with a unifying production protocol that we share openly with each customer, regardless of the scale of their project. Accurately tracking the progress

1. Preliminary Scoping 2. Auditing/Commercials 3. Design/Visualisation

of each element in often highly-complex, large-scale, roll-out programmes gives you reassurance, while our team works to a rigorous professional template which guarantees success. Planning ahead, smoothing the path But there is more to delivering a winning signage scheme than mere manufacturing excellence. Over the years, we have also

4. Project Management

developed enviable skills in managing the procedure side of the industry. Whatever the scale of your vision, from an individual

5. Manufacture

with local authorities and undertaking the numerous administrative requirements that arise along the way. While Blaze enjoys

6. Site Attendance Planning 7. Installation

sign to a nationwide roll-out, we are eminently qualified to handle the logistical planning on your behalf. This includes liaising working with you, we are also happy to roll up our sleeves and work for you. Business Information Modelling - the way forward From design through to execution and maintenance, our advanced internal procedures take raw data and turn it into actionable

8. Compliance Reporting

information that can help deliver value during every stage of a project. If you operate your own BIM system, you will appreciate

9. After-Sales Care

accommodating our clients and supporting their existing compliance reporting.

how this insight effectively serves both reliability and accountability. As you would expect, Blaze remains committed to

Impressive quality Respect and approval With a combined staff of nearly 300 and more than 130,000-square-feet of manufacturing capability divided across our two locations, Blaze represents one of the largest sign-making facilities in Europe. We enjoy the considerable benefits of controlling a vast array of processes, including waterjet and light fiber laser-cutting systems at our factories in the South East and in the Midlands. Our installation and maintenance capabilities extend nationwide and deep into mainland Europe. Interestingly, however, it is not the scale of our operation that has earned us respect within the industry. It is, in fact, the ingenuity of our design, the quality of our output and the constructive contributions we make when working with our clients and their intermediaries. We are equally comfortable representing the brand of a client in discussions with architects, local authorities and other main contractors. Yes, our factory is set up to handle large volume roll-out programmes for major retailers. But we will naturally take just as much care producing bespoke signage for one-off projects.

Pride and diligence It is quite rare to hear the word diligence these days, but it perfectly describes the attitude of each member of Blaze’s highly-skilled workforce when it comes to handling your requirements. We simply take pride in our work.

Our town We are the specialists which retail and design experts can rely on when it comes to projecting their brands.

“Blaze is successfully contributing to Tapi’s expansion and recently completed our 100th store. They provide a first-class and professional service throughout the project management process, delivering a quality product to a managed deadline.” Kevin Ferns

Pro-active service

Unrivalled service One of the advantages of working with an organisation as extensive as Blaze is the remarkable level of support we can offer. Our after-sales service operator Cygnia provides extensive services tailored to the individual needs of each client.

“We are totally invested in best practice. Everything is carefully thought through. There is a lot at stake. It is your brand and our reputation.�

Comprehensive coverage throughout Europe You may already be aware of our specialist engineers and their amazingly effective and efficient work. You will almost certainly have seen our distinctive vehicle livery on the Blaze vans that attend sites the length and breadth of the UK, and overseas in major cities across Europe. These highly-trained engineers are at the very top of their game and in high demand by customers who appreciate the finesse they bring to the finished product. Blaze’s clients have access to a significant resource of expert engineers experienced in the challenging business of sign installation. Operating out of our primary factory sites in Broadstairs and Birmingham and strategically-located regional hubs, each team consists of two skilful brand operatives. Expert product knowledge Excellence starts back in the factory, where a thorough induction to our range of products, processes and techniques takes place. As an organisation we are 100 per cent committed to - and eager to invest in - our valued staff. After all, their ability, skills and dexterity add the value that keeps us ahead of the competition. Installations range from main identification signs and comprehensive interior concepts to complex multi-component, high-level installations, requiring specialist access and fixing equipment. Blaze has always attracted highly-capable staff who care about their work, show initiative and share a pro-active, can-do attitude - matching our corporate philosophy. The healthiest regard for Health & Safety From the drawing board through to manufacture, installation and regular maintenance, safety is paramount. Blaze is driven to anticipate, identify and eliminate risk and hazard. We appreciate and embrace the operational challenges that regulation sets us. Our on-site engineers are CSCS-accredited and undergo regular health and safety training. Their proficiency with all types of access equipment is audited and monitored, from standard access towers to specialist high-level apparatus and Hiab lifts. We liaise throughout each project to ensure that we exceed clients’ expectations.


1981 Blaze is incorporated

1984 Blaze establishes an in-house maintenance division

1985 Blaze purchases Midlands manufacturing and installation facility

1990 Blaze relocates Kent hub to current location at Pysons Road, Broadstairs

It’s an old trick but it still works In a world of rapidly-developing communication, good business signage is still recognised as the most efficient and cost-effective form of advertisement when seeking to secure enduring brand exposure and attract customers. Blaze has consistently invested in both technology and human resources to create progressive, hardworking and effective signs that deliver a genuine commercial advantage. In the design studio and on the shop floor, we continue to introduce

1991 Blaze is awarded the entire branding for Disneyland Paris (including all rides and hotels)

new thinking, techniques and materials in tandem with conventional fabrication methods to maximise impact.

2000 Blaze expands to 130,000 sq/ft to accommodate laser cutting and waterjet technologies

2004 Blaze relocates Midlands manufacturing hub to new bespoke site in Birmingham

2007 Blaze purchases Cygnia, the UK’s largest dedicated sign maintenance company

2012 Blaze is awarded all large-format ID and architectural displays for the London 2012 Olympics

2014 Blaze is awarded the Lloyds Bank rebrand: the UK’s largest, intensive fast-track rollout programme

2017 Blaze becomes the largest individual employer in the UK sign industry

Progressive investment Most recently we have purchased a BySprint Light Fiber Laser. The positive impact on quality, productivity and our ecological credentials is simply outstanding.

Shared ambitions

Blaze has consistently strived to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. We are as ambitious as our clients when it comes to pushing boundaries and looking to the future. To achieve this, we readily invest in best-of-breed technology, ecological developments and the training required to get the most out of such resourceful innovation.

Enviable facilities and remarkable resources

Blaze is at the forefront of a revolution which skilfully combines automation with craftsmanship. Our in-house plant list now includes: High-Volume Automated Letter Fabrication; Waterjet Cutters; CNC Lasers and Routers for Metal and Acrylics; Vinyl Digital Printing; Sheet Metal Fabrication; Steelwork Fabrication; Moulding of Plastics; Silk Screen Presses; Stove Enamelling; Powder Coating, LEDs, Lighting Technologies and Flatbed Digital Printing - all of which complement the array of traditional crafts associated with the trade of sign manufacturing.

Inspiring comment and confidence Signage works hardest when it is looking at its best - so it is clearly in everyone’s interest to keep up appearances. Cygnia Maintenance is the UK’s leading service provider with unrivalled levels of coverage. Their centralised helpdesk creates a focal point of contact, while dedicated staff deliver an impressive response across a comprehensive range of customer-focused services. • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) • Ad hoc reactive maintenance • Signage safety checks, including Light touch, Intrusive or Certified • Emergency call-out • Installation of bird preventative techniques • Energy-efficient re-lamping (LEDs) • Testing illumination • Posters update/campaign swap-over • Cleaning of windows, cladding, gutters and masonry • Abseil services • Removal and disposal service Peace of mind There is genuine peace of mind when you know your brand is supported by the UK’s largest, dedicated signmaintenance company. This is just one aspect of Blaze’s extensive after-sales service. We feel a real duty of care towards every project, from concept to installation and beyond.

• Replacement sub fascia works and weather proofing Thinking ahead If you are considering an energy or cost-saving conversion, or even a re-lamping scheme, we would like to make some positive recommendations and even create a bespoke Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme or a reactive/ad hoc service for you. Adopting new and emerging technology - and effectively investing in the future - can save you money.

Uniquerelationship Care and attention Over the years, national brands have put their faith in Cygnia because we maintain a level of service which always goes the extra mile. It is quite right that you demand a high level of professionalism from any supplier. What we deliver is genuine care throughout the process, plus unrivalled attention to detail.

“Whatever the weather, we are at the sharp end of keeping your signs safe and pristine.�

Infinite possibilities Great signage pays for itself. It never rests and will be your hardest working element of marketing collateral for as long as you look after it. So how do you come by such a loyal brand asset? How do you know what is right for you, and how much should you invest in this aspect of the marketing mix? Well, the answers are more straightforward than you might imagine - and close at hand. Firstly, you will need to establish what purpose the signage serves. The principle reason is often to increase brand exposure. Good business signage will draw positive attention to your proposition and position it in the mind of the public. As you have read throughout this brochure, Blaze has been successfully supporting brand positioning for a long and varied client list for more than 35 years. The second reason for investing in excellent signage is to achieve a point of difference between your Invest in the best We think you should consider Blaze whenever you contemplate signage. We have the skills, experience, facilities, capability and shared ambition to take your brand and work with you to deliver something extraordinary.

business and the competition. We have built an enviable reputation that sets Blaze apart; your organisation may still be in the process of achieving this for itself, or for a new venture. We believe our experience will positively inform your decisions. The third reason is that you simply cannot afford not to invest in the best. Poorly-conceived, cheaply-fabricated and badly-maintained signage will reflect negatively on your business. From concept to completion and beyond, Blaze respects and nurtures clients’ brands because we appreciate just how valuable they are.

“Blaze were able to adapt throughout the process. The overall quality of delivery has been exceptional and, importantly, considered by Grand Vision to be a world class achievement.”

Ian Thomas

Blaze Signs Limited: Head Office 5 Patricia Way, Pysons Road, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2XZ Phone: (+44) 01843 601 075 i n f o @ b l a z e s i g n s . c o . u k Blaze Signs Limited: Midlands Office Unit 3-4 Arden Park, Arden Road, Frankley, Birmingham, B45 0JA Phone: (+44) 0121 457 7715 i n f o @ b l a z e s i g n s . c o . u k Cygnia Maintenance Limited Unit 3&4 Anson Close, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2YB Phone: (+44) 01843 862944

Great signage pays for itself. It never rests and will be the hardest working element of your promotional collateral for as long as you look after it. From design through to manufacturing, installation and maintenance, Blaze have the skills, experience, facilities, capability and shared ambition to enhance your brand and work with you to deliver something extraordinary.

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