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Parties take stock as mayor’s race takes shape By Christopher Cadelago Local political party leaders offered dueling accounts about the significance of two prominent Democrats wading into the race to replace San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders in 2012. On Thursday, state Sen. Christine Kehoe said she was opening a committee to explore a possible run for mayor. The addition of Rep. Bob Filner would promise the most competitive race in years, said Jess Durfee, chairman of the San Diego County Democratic Party. “With the interest of two strong, experienced Democratic leaders in the mayoral race, San Diego is poised to have a Democrat on a general election ballot for the first time in 20 years,” Durfee said. “San Diego is already a very Democratic city, and 2012 will be our opportunity to show what that means for City Hall.” Durfee said the city has shifted decisively to the “blue column” over the last decade, noting that there are nearly 50 percent more Democrats than Republicans, an advantage of more than 75,000 votes. “We can all expect to see Republican candidates with staunch right-wing track records suddenly pivot and sell themselves as ‘moderate’ or even progressive,” he said. “On behalf of the Democratic Party, I look forward to making sure that the voters know the truth about who’s on the ballot in 2012.” San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is the biggest name to confirm a run. Fellow Republicans – City Councilman Carl DeMaio and Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher – both have indicated that they are likely to join the race. The others are Councilman Kevin Faulconer and businessman Steve Francis, Republicans and former Council President Scott Peters, a Democrat. Republican Party of San Diego County Chairman Tony Krvaric said while Democratic registration has outpaced Republican registration in the city for a decade or more, “residents have continued to elect Republican mayors because fiscal responsibility and placing the interests of taxpayers first appeals to a vast majority of the electorate – regardless of party affiliation.” “With Senator Kehoe and Congressman Filner, local Democrats continue the tradition of putting up candidates whose primary allegiance is to public employee labor union bosses instead of hard working San Diego taxpayers, and they will be met with the same fate as previous union boughtand-paid-for candidates; losing,” Krvaric said.

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SAN DIEGO MONITOR Mr. Cooper, the Father of Juneteenth in San Diego Continued from page 1 Cooper, as I knew him, was perhaps best known as “Cooper the Vegetable Man”. He would travel throughout the Black community to sell vegetables, telling people that you have to eat right and get all of your vegetables. He was really one of the pioneers of Black commerce in San Diego, as he also began a peanut company called Cooper & Sons. His peanuts were sold in stores throughout the community. He would sell his vegetables and peanuts while the sun was shining and cut hair at night. At one point, Cooper encouraged many of us Black barbers to get together and form an association that could sponsor the Juneteenth celebration. The barber organization didn’t last long, but Juneteenth was the love of his life and he stuck with it. He always said that for his house, Juneteenth was something that he and his family would keep alive always. Juneteenth has been celebrated every year with a parade at 30th and Imperial unto this day. Though Cooper is gone, we want to congratulate the Cooper Family for their continued carrying on of his legacy.

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Southeast San Diego Needs a Community Plan


outheast San Diego needs a community plan. It’s true that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Our Black community has failed for so long, primarily because there is no plan by which to build up Black commerce in Southeast San Diego. The only plan that may or may not exist has been created by non-Blacks to provide services to the community at great profit. My daughter told me something the other day that made me think. She said, “Father, there is nowhere in America where nonprofit organizations lead the community to economic independence.” As I thought about it, she went on to say that in the Black community throughout America, the leaders are all social benefactors such as churches, organizations, and various other institutions that don’t pay taxes and in some cases receive government funds. They are the ones that lead Black Americans. I have been

The “powers”, as in the government, are funding them. You can’t cut your nose off to spite your face. writing and advocating for months and months that Black Americans throughout America need to create or identify Black commerce. We need to become creative, productive people that lead the community. Funded people and nonprofit groups cannot claim the leadership roles in a community. Therein lies the problem. As soon as someone stomps on their toes or there’s a little tension between Blacks and whites, we run to our spiritual leaders and non-

profit activists to chair a peace committee. These leaders represent a group that basically has nothing to lose and everything to lose, they cannot punish or act as if they can punish or disagree with the powers that be. The “powers”, as in the government, are funding them. You can’t cut your nose off to spite your face. Blacks need their own commerce. I have preached this and preached this again and again. I’m saying signing my name to it and will tell anyone to their face that the problems we face will forever be here and get worse from generation to generation until we are an independent people. The community is designed and based around social ills. We have been on a downward skid for 50 years and will continue to be so until we become profit-minded producers in America. Until Next Week, Willie Morrow


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SDUSD Offers Free Resources To Licensed Construction Contractors Of All Tiers San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) has opportunities for local small and underutilized businesses to participate in its construction projects. Licensed trades sought will include acoustical, carpentry, concrete, demolition, doors/window work, electrical, flashing/sheet metal, flooring, grading, HVAC, laborer, landscape, painting, piping/plumbing, etc. Supplies may be needed too. Be informed. The following projects will be bid soon: Bid/Contract Title

Bid Range

Repair or Replace Toilet Stall Partitions on an As-Needed Basis (IDIQ)

NTE $250,000

Holmes Elementary School - Replace Fire-Destroyed Portable

Less than $200K

Jefferson Elementary School: K-2 2nd Floor Exiting Improvements

$200K - $1 Million

Fulton Elementary School Food Service Modernization

$200K - $1 Million

Webster Elementary School F&I New HVAC (Group 2)

$200K - $1 Million

Marshall Elementary School Student Drop-Off and DSA ADA Upgrades

$200K - $1 Million

University City High School Lighting & Scoreboard*

$1 - $5 Million

Mead Elementary School HVAC Project*

$1 - $5 Million

Creative Performing Media Arts: WSM*

$1 - $5 Million

Language Academy New Classroom Building Project*

$5 - $10 Million

Encanto Elementary School: New Classroom Building*

$5 - $10 Million

Data Center at Serra High School*

$5 - $10 Million

Zamorano Elementary School: New Classroom Building*

$5 - $10 Million

Euclid Elementary School: New Classroom Building Project*

$5 - $10 Million

Creative Performing Media Arts: New Building Project*

$5 - $10 Million

CPMA at Kroc Visual And Performing Arts (VAPA) Project

$5 - $10 Million

*Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA) applies

Contact Alma Ba単uelos at or 858-573-5852 to get on SDUSD's database today! We'll send bid notices, a quarterly newsletter and contracting information to you at no cost. We can also help to increase your visibility in SDUSD's construction contracting environment.

Small and emerging businesses are highly encouraged to make use of these free services! Para m達s informaci坦n en espa単ol, haga favor de comunicarse con Alma al 858-573-5852.

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OMNILOGUE© - “All of us communicating with each other, so that we all come to a collective understanding, so that we all work toward the same goal.” © The Earth is a single community, and its people a single family…

African Identity and Being Productive - Part 1 I am thinking about doing business in Africa. I know a number of Africans who are here in the United States and I have spoken to several in Africa. They are always very excited to hear that their brothers and sisters in the United States are interested in the condition of, and in the development of, the African homeland. I have been trying to keep up with America Linking Africa. It was headed by the late Rev. Andre Henderson. They take regular trips to South Africa and have already established several enterprises there. I also know that Dr. Vickie Butcher goes to Africa, primarily Kenya, with her organization, Water for Children Africa ( I am looking forward to running in their next half marathon. Some of the most enterprising people I know are Africans. Just check out the work being done by Walter Lam from Uganda at the Alliance For African Assistance herein San Diego. ( As I communicate with these African-oriented enterprises, I am struck by two things: First, they have a very different perspective/attitude/ethos about who they are and what it means to be "in business." Business is always connected to community. There is not the American sense of competition and monopolistic destruction of others in the marketplace. Instead, there is a sense of the importance of working together to meet the needs of the community - the village - instead of the greedy, self-centered, western civilization orientation to, "Get all you can, can all you get, sit on the can and poison the rest!" to quote Pastor Timothy Winters of the Bayview Baptist Church. Second, African business is always a family affair. Even if you are not a blood relative, if you are in business with an African who has not been tainted with the colonial mindset, you are family. Like most other immigrant populations in the United States, Africans in The United States are VERY concerned with the development of their homelands, and send as much of their profits home to family as they can. They are not greedy, self-seeking and overly aggressive, unlike the European-imitation robber barons who have often been put in place as overseers of their post colonial national possessions. AFRICAN Americans can learn a lot about doing business in America - and the World from AFRICANS. I am moving forward with a multi-million dollar project to do business in AFRICA! I'll keep you posted as it develops. CMH

1665 Euclid Ave inside Ebony Beauty Supply

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Senate: Taxpayers can use state IOUs to pay their bills By Union-Tribune Sacramento — The Senate on Thursday unanimously approved legislation to provide relief to taxpayers who receive IOUs instead of checks from a cash-short state. The legislation would allow businesses and individuals to submit state-issued IOUs when paying their own bills for taxes, vehicle registrations, fishing licenses and other obligations. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” said Sen. Joel Anderson, a La Mesa Republican carrying the bill. The state has issued IOUs during past budget crises, leaving businesses and citizens in a fiscal bind, Anderson has pointed out. Senate Bill 120 now goes to the Assembly. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed similar legislation last year.

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DE-STRESS TO DEFY AGING! By Lady Topaz A little bit of stress is important to keep you awake, active, and motivated. However, when we experience chronic periods of intense stress, our bodies begin to feel the burden. With the Stress Awareness Month of April seemingly so far behind us and summertime upon us now is a perfect time to acknowledge what you are feeling and why. Get it out and get moving. The Health Resource Network, a nonprofit organization, decided to set aside an entire month to improve awareness about the dangers of stress and begin the promotion of healthy habits, on a national level. While Stress Awareness Month was in April it is worth re-visiting before summer kicks in to find effective ways on lengthening your days. Adding to the recognition of how stress affects our health, new research has come out showing that chronic psychological stress may actually take years off your life, acting on a cellular level. Enter: the importance of telomeres? Many conditions of poor health, including the inevitable fate of aging, have been linked with the shortening of telomeres. What are Telomeres? They are the protective caps on our chromosomes that enable successful cell division and replication. These structures have come to the forefront of the battle for long-term health, and anti-aging research. Findings from University of California, San Francisco, (UCSF) investigators presented on April 4th added to an emerging body of evidence that psychological stress may accelerate shortening of telomeres, and how regular exercise may help to prevent it. In addition, a new study published in the March issue of PLoS ONE, showed that chronic depression is linked with accelerated reduction of telomere length. Researchers from UCSF, including Nobel laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, matched 18 individuals with a history of major depressive disorders with 17 control participants. The researchers mea-

sured leukocyte (white blood cell) telomere length, as well as assessed oxidative stress and inflammatory markers. Leukocytes are important cells for immune function and pathogen resistance. The authors looked specifically at leukocytes to view how our protective pathways are specifically impacted by psychological stress. The participants that suffered from chronic depression had significantly shorter telomeres. Additionally, telomere length was inversely related to oxidative and inflammatory stress. Or rather, more stress and more cell destruction, equals shorter telomeres. The authors gathered that a cascade of stress hormones, “chronic inflammation and oxidation may be mechanisms by which chronic depression can result in shortened telomeres.” These results add evidence to the widely observed phenomenon that chronically depressed persons have a greater incidence for chronic conditions and mortality. The results of this study are not meant to cause you additional anxiety. Experiencing concern that your body is undergoing too much stress is precisely what I want to avoid! So be aware, there is a light at the end of this tunnel! Simple, conscious daily activities will help mitigate chronic stressors and keep your body healthy. Whether you are trying to protect your leukocytes, delay the onset of aging or simply looking to clear your mind, here are a few daily rituals to put yourself at ease provided by none other than polled Facebook and Twitter fans: Tina B. says, “Take a sack lunch and eat it at the park while watching the ducks.” Seriously, what is more relaxing than that! Better yet, try “wandering around a city block or two.” Kevin B. advises taking in nature, “First thing in the morning drinking 1 oz of Ionix® Supreme, helps me relax [I COMPLETELY agree, the product’s adaptogens can help the body cope with stress]. The other thing is I like to take a drive with my wife and take Continued on page 12


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Hand Wash $12.00 Detail exterior and Interior Wheels and Rims 95.00 per car. Includes clay and wax. SUV’s extra. Lee W. Wright Owner Imperial Ave. @ 50th San Diego, CA 92114




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YOU MAY WANT TO KNOW: Community cleanup in paradise hills On May 14, a community cleanup was held in the Paradise Hills neighborhood (from Childs to Parkside Avenue and Boria Way to Landscape Drive). The City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department, along with Mr. Michael Brown, conducted the successful cleanup that re-moved a total of 11.95 tons of waste (9.98 tons of non-recyclables and 1.97 tons of recyclables) consisting of metals and appliances from the neighborhood. Each year, the City of San Diego’s En-vironmental Services Department conducts special community cleanup events in neighborhoods throughout the city. Areas are selected for these events based upon citizen requests, pledges of community involvement and previous citizen participation levels. Mr. Brown is to be commended for his assistance and support. For more information about the cleanup, please call Solid Waste Code Enforcement Officer Michael Flores at: (858) 627-3314. End of school year celebration Please join students, parents, team leaders and community partners for the annual 10to-Succeed End-of-School Year Celebration on Friday, May 27 at 11:30 a.m. at the Balboa Park War Memorial Building. Co-sponsored by the Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention, City of San Diego and San Diego Unified School District, the event will include special student and staff recognitions and a barbecue lunch will be served. RSVP to: (619) 725-7145 or email: Mobile medical clinic Family Health Centers of San Diego’s Mobile Medical Clinic will be at Morse High School on Tuesday, May 31 from 1 to 5 p.m. Tdap shots, required for all high school students next fall, will be available for $10. Other low cost services offered include: school/sports physical, sick visits, family planning and immunizations. Always bring your child’s immunization card and health in-surance information. If your Medi-Cal provider is Family Health Centers, all services are at no cost. Walk in visits are welcome, or reserve an appointment by calling Health Access Partnership at: (619) 263-3309 ext. 4613. “Celebrating authors” dinner cruise The Diamond Literary Festival Association is marking its 7th anniversary with a Celebrating Authors Dinner Cruise on Friday, June 3 from 6:30 p.m. until midnight aboard the historic Wil-liam D. Evans, departing from the Bahia Hotel on Mission Bay. Guests will enjoy good food and live music performed by Men 4 Christ, and also the opportunity to meet some of San Diego’s finest writers. Tickets are $50 each. For more information, call Alice Jefferson at: (619) 913-0626 or online visit: Curtain rises on community theatre season Community Actors Theatre is launching its 2011-12 season with the production of “That Night School,” running June 3 – 26 at the newly renovated building at the corner of 54th & College Grove Drive. Auditions for the August show “Come Back Little Sheba,” will be held Sat-urday, June 4 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. For tickets and more information about the upcoming season and other special community and fundraising events, call CAT: (619) 264-3391 or visit the website: “Celebrating authors” dinner cruise The Diamond Literary Festival Association is marking its 7th anniversary with a Celebrating Authors Dinner Cruise on Friday, June 3 from 6:30 p.m. until midnight aboard the historic William D. Evans, departing from the Bahia Hotel on Mission Bay. Guests will enjoy good food and live music performed by Men 4 Christ, and also the opportunity to meet some of San Diego’s finest writers. Tickets are $50 each. For more information, call Alice Jefferson at: (619) 913-0626 or online visit: Curtain rises on community theatre season Community Actors Theatre is launching its 2011-12 season with the production of “That Night School,” running June 3 – 26 at the newly renovated building at the cor-ner of 54th & College Grove Drive. Auditions for the August show “Come Back Little Sheba,” will be held Saturday, June 4 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. For tickets and more informa-tion about the upcoming season and other special community and fundraising events, call CAT: (619) 264-3391 or visit the website: Transforming our neighborhoods Applications are due Friday, June 3 for the 2011-12 LISC AmeriCorps Host Organization service program. LISC invests in neighborhoods by providing grants, loans, equity investments and technical assistance to support neighborhood revitalization efforts. In the last three years, LISC AmericCorps members have supported the creation of over 120 affordable housing units, provided programs serving 684 youth and offered financial services to more than 600 families. For more information, visit or call Jana Zawadzki at: (619) 528-9058. Boys to men The 3rd Annual African American Male Intergenerational Conference from Boys to Men (Understanding Our Legacy & Responsibility) will be held Friday, June 3, 6 p.m., at the Educational Cultural Complex, 4343 Oceanview Blvd. For more information about this free event, call: (619) 665-2595. Diamond district business owners meeting Business owners in the Diamond Business Improvement District (BID) are invited to join me and the Advisory Board at a community meeting on Thursday, June 9 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Tubman Chavez Center, 415 Euclid Avenue. We are looking forward to updating business owners on the newly formed Diamond BID and hearing what direc-tion you think this organization should take to best promote and support businesses in our community. For more information, please call District 4 office at: (619) 236-6644. .Lincoln high displays school spirit Lincoln High School is seeking donations to fund new Hornets signs displaying school spirit on the outside of two buildings and the inside of the new gymnasium. Your tax deductible donation will help jazz up campus facilities and create even more student pride. Please send a check payable to Lincoln High School, 4777 Imperial Ave., San Diego, CA 92113, or contact Principal Mel Collins for information: (619) 266-6515. Free KIN brunch The John Brockington Foundation presents its 4th Annual KIN Breakfast on Saturday, June 18 from 10 a.m. to noon, at the Joe and Vi Jacobs Center, 404 Euclid Ave. The free brunch pro-gram promotes KIN (Keeping Inside the Numbers) with health screenings and guest speakers on preventing chronic disease in at-risk males in our community. Free admission by reservation only, so please call: (619) 299-4426. For information on sponsorships, please contact Diane Brockington at:

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DESTRESS Continued from page 8 in the countryside.” Lorri H. adds “meditation and deep breathing… aaaahh!” While this recommendation may be overstated—I feel it is particularly important to align the mind with the solar plexus and soul. Meditation not only has been linked to stress reduction and reducing the rate of telomeres, but it has also been associated with positive self-image, improved memory and concentration. Recent research has shown that meditation actually changes your brain’s gray matter! “Ho’oponopono.” “Good sleep,” suggests Juan A. Going without good sleep can definitely add a hearty amount of stress! So leave before last call and rest up before that cook-out or outdoor festival! Several people mentioned physical activity like walking or jogging, 20-minutes in the gym, or a great martial arts class. Healthy weight, a healthy heart and a healthy attitude are all reasons to take up exercise; however,

increased activity also has been shown to mitigate the impact of stress on telomere length! Lengthen that walk and perhaps, lengthen your protective DNA. Guruprasad N. says, “talking to frenz [sic]… and music.” It is true! Socializing is a powerful stress reliever. If friends aren’t around, consider interacting with your pet, reading a good book, or watching a movie. Whatever you do … just get out there and get active! Stay active! And, SMILE! *** For additional information on healthy, holistic, nutritional supplements that will assist you with your healthy lifestyle visit Topaz’s website at: or e-mail her with your thoughts and/or inquiries at Here is to optimum health! *** References O’Brien. 2011. “Exercise May Prevent Impact of Stress on Telomeres, A Measure of Cell Health.” University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). April 4, 2011.

Prom Hair Styles for Black Women Prom Hairstyles Are you struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for prom night? Well, celebrities are always a great place to start when considering a new hairstyle for any occasion. Whether you have a short and sassy cut or long curly locks, we have something for you. From ladies like Zoe Saldana and Keri Hilson, there is a prom hairstyle that will fit any dress or haircut. Check out some of our picks and start getting inspired for your prom'do this year.

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Sometimes we brides have to laugh at our own quirks. We know that sometimes we can be anal, obsessive-compulsive and maniacal crazies who will say and do some very ridiculous things to reach our wedding day. LOL Here’s how CB spun the countless “Stuff **Like” blogs, when I changed the topic to “Stuff Brides Like”. Chill out ‘ Zilla, these are only jokes…(well, a little of it might be true),

Brides love to think that because their wedding went semi-successfully that they are now a professional wedding planner. Despite the fact that their florist backed out at the last minute, their pocketfolds were a little over scale, or that they had to accommodate 50 un-RSVP’d guests, brides love to believe that now they can make it all “perfect” for someone else. They will then try and convince you to try every failed idea they had, in hopes that it will work this time. Be advised, only about 4% of the bridal population go on to successfully plan and execute events. The majority of the field is dominated by happily single people willing to rake in the dough and think with a clear mind because they aren’t trying to “fix” what went wrong in their own wedding.

Brides love to be the center of attention. When a bride gets in an environment, i.e. a bridal show where there are other brides afoot, things tend to get a little tricky. ”How dare she show up with her whole bridal party, I only brought my mother! Show-off!” Brides love to downplay or disassemble the plans of other brides in their heads. “Oh, so she thinks lavender and pink are cute? I’m so glad I chose lavender and orange, its so much better“. “She went with David’s, well I’m so glad I went to House of Brides“. Brides hate to see other brides in dress shops and will silently plan executions for the first one to even touch a dress that they had in mind while in the store. Also, because we love to be the center of attention, we would much rather that the store was open exclusively for us until the end of the season.

Brides love smiling at their fiancés in public and then wanting to strangle them in private. Gone are the days where he is the apple of your eye. From the moment the ring touches your finger and you meet your first vendor, any dumb statement Prince Charming makes from here on out can get him pulverized. Examples of dumb statements: 1. I know I said I’d get the addresses, but I mean, its cool, I’ll get’em next week. 2. Yeah, I called the tux place. We got time. 3. Yeah, so I know the wedding is in 2 months, but I think I’m gonna loc [French braid, twist, or any other newfangled thing] my hair. 4. I know the wedding is next month, but are you sure you don’t want to just go to City Hall? I mean why we gotta pay for all these other folk to eat? The ALL-TIME worst statement for a groom to make: ***RELAX, CALM DOWN, or any other comment on her bridezilla tendencies. You need to be just as stressed as they are for them to even LIKE you during this time. Get with the program dude.

Brides love to do anything they think NO ONE else has done or are doing. Brides love to decide out of the blue that their colors are going to be something like teal and sunlight or tears and fire so that people have to say WOW when they hear it. Brides love to have birds escorting people to their seats or panthers lying at the foot of the altar so that people leave going, “now that, was a wedding.” If their best friend wore white last year, they go and find an eggshell dress. If their mother wore a veil, she wants a birdcage. Anything to be different and stand out and a bride must have it. Don’t believe me? Check out the ruby, onyx, pearl, and basically anything but diamond wedding rings that are coming into style. MrsSmith08 chimes in: Brides like order. They want their specific day to run smoothly, and on time. Brides like to send the entire bridal party (including flower girls) newsletters letting them know what to wear, how much it costs, how to style their hair, how much makeup to use, what length nails to have, what type of jewelry, where to be and what time to be there. If one person is not in place at the specific time…watch out because to the bride, if one thing is not going well, NONE OF IT is not going well. So, the next time you accept the position in the wedding party, be forewarned and grab your calendars and pens. Forget your birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. The itineraries, schedules, and newsletters cometh. Epiphany1969 says: Brides like detail. There is not just blue, there is royal, Caribbean, tiffany, powder, ice, etc. If you come to a bride with generalities you’d better be ready to discuss the fine print. Baked chicken? Will that have mushroom sauce, a spicy pesto, or a marinara? Flowers? Will those be peace lilies or stargazer lilies? Will they be at half or full bloom? Gown color? Well we have to choose between pure white, starlight white, ivory, eggshell, off-white, platinum, or pale gold! MrsMelton08 drops this observation: Brides, like to let you know they are brides. They will wear t-shirts, hats, bags, buttons, etc that says “bride” and then they will act surprised when you ask them if they are getting married. Yes, this might seem silly to you as they are wearing a hat, button, veil and t-shirt at the same time, but play along with the bride because although she loves to talk about the wedding, she does realize she has to wait for strangers to bring up the wedding to go into full bridal mode. Similar to the above, brides love to show off their engagement rings. They will cough, scratch their head, play with their nails and whatever else is necessary to be sure that you notice the ring. They will also eyeball your ring no matter how content they say they are with the size and quality of their own, to make sure yours is not bigger. What about you? Got any ideas of some (sarcastic) things Brides like? We’d love to hear them! Next week…”Stuff (Black) Brides Like.”

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Black Farming Genius Creating Jobs in Urban Areas By Leroy Baylor In the early 1900’s the genius of George Washington Carver is credited with saving the agricultural south through his innovative crop rotation, peanut products, farm equipment inventions and stimulating the development of young scientists in Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute. Today history is being repeated with the genius of Will Allen, a Black innovator of urban farming, drawing thousands of farmers from all over the world to his Growing Power, Inc., center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Allen is perfecting a hoop house system of growing produce year-round on small parcels of land in the coldest of climates and especially in urban settings. His objective, he says, is to create a “good food revolution” enabling city dwellers to enjoy organically grown produce farmed within local communities. He’s already doing this in Milwaukee where his operation feeds 10,000 consumers from just three acres of land. “I believe that all people have a right to high quality foods grown without chemicals, and be trained to work with people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds,” Allen states in explaining his vision, “… we pay our staff a livable wage as opposed to minimum wage. The only way to train people properly for the three years it takes for them to be functional, you have to pay them so they can live and not worry about paying their bills.” Allen says it took time to move Growing Power to profitability given the investment in its workers, but now it enjoys 40 different income streams from having ‘home-grown’ experts on its staff of 65 people. Growing Power has 20 farm operations in Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin, and trains 1,000 farmers a year. Among those who just completed his training is a New Yorker, Sister Fajr Muhammad, who has taught gardening and entrepreneurship at the Learning Tree elementary school in the Bronx for the past twelve years. “This brother (Allen) is a genius,” Ms. Muhammad states, “and, the people attending the five months workshops were from all over. You

saw corporate types, farmers from Asia, South America; even families from Mexico. Black people have to wake up to the genius we have in our midst because everyone else is.” Allen’s staff obtains verbal pledges from the graduates of the training to take the knowledge to their communities. As a result, on Saturday, June 4, Sister Fajr and other graduates of Growing Power will give Harlem its first comprehensive seminar on growing organic produce. Attendees will be made aware of growing chemical free produce in window boxes, on terraces, backyards and community gardens. “Our system of growing produce is simple, affordable and accessible to all communities and can produce thousands of jobs,” Allen says. “I estimate 100 different job categories coming out of what we do. And, the folks who are going to do this training are wonderful. The Nation sent about seven or more individuals to our commercial agriculture training program and the charge they now

have is to spread what they’ve learned to other folks around the country.” The June 4, “Grow Organic” seminar is 2PM-

7PM at Muhammad Mosque No. 7, 106-8 West 127th Street near Malcolm X Blvd. in Harlem. For information call 646-670-7949.

British Airways restarts non-stops to London By Robert J. Hawkins SAN DIEGO — British Airways flight 273 landed at San Diego International Airport on Wednesday evening, inaugurating its third attempt to launch daily non-stop, round-trip service to London. The airport staff turned it into a festive occasion with Union Jack bunting, shortbread cookies and a local tribute band, Rockola, to churn out Beatles tunes for the departing passengers. “The third time, they say, is the charm,” said the airline’s CEO Keith Williams after he cleared customs, repeating an often-said phrase surrounding the attempt to tie San Diego directly to London. The last British Airways flights, ending in late 2003, were scuttled by the 9/11 terrorism act, skyrocketing fuel prices and a suddenly frugal business community that just wasn’t snapping up the pricier business class seats. The people who compile the numbers seem to think the time is right for another try.

San Diego was, until Wednesday, the largest U.S. market without service to Europe. Meanwhile, nearly 400,000 people fly between Europe and San Diego each year by connecting through other cities. As Williams, a big believer in the magic of 3's, pointed out, San Diego is now the third California city with British Airways service, the others being Los Angeles and San Francisco, of course. “And how charmed is that,” asked Williams rhetorically. Williams has another weapon this time around – a tie-in with American Airlines for booking and seamlessly transferring passengers from domestic flights. Each British Airways flight could potentially bring 48 business class fliers, 24 high rollers in premium economy and 204 regular fliers in economy. Locally, the tourist trade with its pounds converted into dollars seems to be what interests local officials. About 45 seats on the first flight were taken by

European travel writers who will be getting the ConVis red carpet around the region for a few days. If they like the place, their stories could entice many Europeans to skip the Florida coast and opt for San Diego. Meanwhile, Williams reminded the crowd that his country had just had one heck of a fun wedding and that the queen's birthday and the Olympics were ahead. As Robert Gleason, chairman of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Board, pointed out Wednesday, international travelers outspend domestic vacationers, on average, $652 to $467 per trip. Another way of looking at it, crassly perhaps, is that in the belly of every daily flight to San Diego is a fresh injection of about $200,000 cash into the local economy. Assuming that belly is full. The inaugural flight was delayed by mere minutes, as many waiting on the tarmac could attest after consulting their phone apps. It was a smooth landing.

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MLK’s Daughter Steps Away From Troubled Bishop’s Church By Trymaine Lee he Rev. Bernice King, daughter of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., has made her first public comments since announcing her departure from Bishop Eddie Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on Tuesday, just days after Long reached a settlement with four men who accused him of sexual misconduct. "I know there's been a lot of speculation and many comments about my departure from New Birth," King said during an interview on Atlanta's Praise 102.5. But it wasn't legal drama or sexual misdeeds that drew her away from the church as an elder, she said. After eight years and eight months, her season there had simply come to an end. King said that she was leaving New Birth to pursue "God's calling," not because of the lingering scandal. The timing of King's departure has drummed up speculation, though. Last week, word of a settlement came down from lawyers for both Long and the men who claimed that he sexually abused them when they were underage members of New Birth. What has yet to be seen is how the settlement will play out for Long or his wealthy church. While King said it was divinity that pulled her from the church's pulpit, it could be the beginning of an exodus from the church's leadership ranks. Long had told his congregants that he would fight the accusations, but instead, he has paid them off to avoid further legal wrangling. Details of the settlement have not been disclosed. King said her decision would have gone this way irrespective of Long and his very public legal issues. Since about 2005, King said that she had been wrestling with her calling as a minister


and dealing with a number of issues, including the death of her mother, then her sister, a legal fight with her brother and a proposition to head the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, where her father once presided. "When I came to New Birth, I came for a season and I expected that season not to be quite as long as it was," she said. By January, she explained, she was no longer considering the SCLC position and could no longer mute the voice, God's voice, in her head. A few months later in April, she went to Long and told him that she planned on leaving the church to pursue her own ministry. "I have to leave to follow the assignment that God has on my life," she recalled telling Long. "He gave me his blessing and supported me in that." King said the rumors of her "resigning" amid the whirlwind of drama and innuendo surrounding Long's legal troubles were befuddling. "I heard I resigned," said King. "I was a little confused by that. I've never been on staff. I've never been employed by New Birth... I occasionally worked in the pulpit and preached at New Birth, but that was the extent of my function at the church." As for those still speculating as to her true motivation to leave the church, in Lithonia, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, she said, "I can't clear up the mind of God. I have always followed what I believe to be the voice of God in my life." So, what's next for King? Over the next several months she said she will be building the foundation for what she called a ministry, not a church. "What God is showing me doesn't look like what people are accustomed to," she said. "One thing that he told me was that I was to raise up

Rev. Bernice King kings for the Kingdom." As for any hard feelings for Bishop Long or the church, King didn't give the slightest hint of any.

"Let me just say this," she said, "during my eight years at New Birth, eight years and eight months, I was tremendously blessed by the ministry of Bishop."

How to Prevent Stroke With Foods As we mentioned in previous articles, stroke is caused by uncontrolled diet that is high in saturated and trans fats resulting in bad cholesterol building up in the blood vessels that block the circulation of blood to the body including the brain. If oxygen is not delivered to the brain cells, some cells die off and can not reproduce, the you may have a stroke. Since stroke is caused by unhealthy diet, foods become a very important role of preventing stroke. By kylenorton, eHow User 1. Cold water fish Cold water fish such as salmon and tuna contains high amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that can help to reduce the cholesterol clotting up in the arteries and blood vessels in the brain in result of lowering blood pressure and the risk of stroke. 2. Almonds Almonds contain high amounts of vitamin E and other minerals that can help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and maintain healthy blood flow in the body. 3. Blueberries Blueberries contain the highest antioxidant capacity because of their large anthocyanin concentration that helps to prevent heart disease and stroke by reducing the build up of bad cholesterol LDL. 4. Apples Apples are loaded with brain-protecting quercetin. It also contains high amounts of antioxidants and chemicals that help to protect cells throughout the body, particularly the brain and the hear 5. Apricots Phytochemicals in apricots can help to protect the heart and eye as well prevent stroke. The beta carotene as we mentioned in a previous article can help to lower the level of bad cholesterol in the arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke. 6. Carrot (See Apricots)

7. Kiwi Fruit Kiwi fruit contains high amounts of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants that are good for the heart and immune system as well as preventing stroke. 8. Rice bran Rice bran contains high amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and nutritional dietary fiber that help to lower levels of cholesterol in the arteries and reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases. 9. Oat bran Oat bran is high in beta glucans that has proven effective in lowering the LDL as well as reducing the risk of stoke I hope this information will help. If you need more information, please visit my home page at:

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Gloria’s Berlin BeautySupply 38 B, N.263-4417 Euclid Ave (619) San Diego CA 38B N. Euclid Ave., San Diego CA (619) 263-4417 We will match our competitors Prices we have all your beauty Supplies!! Wig’s 100% Human and Synthetic, weaving hair and hair for braiding Located in The Wrigley’s Shopping center

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Whitney Houston’s Rep: Emphysema Story Is ‘’Completely Untrue’ By Kiki Von Glinow ‘On the heels of sub par and canceled live performances, Whitney Houston now has a much more serious low to battle on her hands. According to a National Enquirer report, doctors informed the singer that she is suffering from early stages of emphysema, which would be an obvious culprit to Houston's poorly received vocal performances as of late. "She's developed emphysema -- and her doctors are warning her she'll die a horrible death," a friend of the singer told the Enquirer. Sound too "horrible" to be true? You guessed right, champ. After staying silent most of the day, Whitney's rep Kristen Foster responded, telling E! News the Enquirer's story is "completely untrue." According to the sensational story, medical professionals have told Houston, 47, that if she does not completely kick her smoking habit, the disease will take her life. But Houston isn't so keen on ditching the cigs, and the task of weening the 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' singer off of her crutch has fallen to 18-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristin -- who, fresh off a stint in rehab, is recovering from her own substance addictions. In early April, Houston canceled several of her European tour shows due to a respiratory infection. The tour was initially conceived to promote Houston's 2009 comeback album, 'I Look To You' -- her first album in seven years. We hope that Houston will look to her daughter before she puts herself six feet under.

Electronic Edition of the San Diego Monitor News Now Available The San Diego Monitor News is now making available electronic subscriptions to the paper at no cost. Moving the San Diego Monitor into the electronic age is a move toward helping our readers stay in touch with what Black people are doing throughout America. Send an to email to be added to the weekly email edition of the paper. Or you may contact our office at (619) 668-1007.

Memorial Day Weekend Many people brought out the barbecue grills and shared moments with their families and friends making new memories and relaxed on their day off. San Diego being the number 2 vacation spot of choice for the four day weekend it was jammed packed by vacationers says, AAA. Most airlines were sold out as well as hotel rooms, it was the height of consumers stirring up the economy spending money on food, beverages, souviners and travel. The weather was great except for a little rain on Sunday. The beaches and parks were packed by 5 am from people scouting out the best location for their daycation getaway. What did you do? If you have a memorable moment that you would like to share for Memorial Day Weekend please send in your pictures and thoughts so I can give you a shout out in the next edition. You can email me at to get your memorable moments in no later than Tuesday, June 7, 2011. I had a group tour that went to the Number 1 destination for Memorial Day weekend, Las Vegas. Las Vegas was sold out for Memorial Day Weekend, if you were able to find a hotel room you were looking at paying $600 a night on the strip which is highway robbery. The hotels outside of the strip were charging $269 a night and were located 30 minutes a way. I received calls all weekend to jump on the amazing deal of $125 per person including a bus ride, 2 meals, 2 nights stay, and a gift bag. Unfortunately, I was sold out and had no place to sit people. It was a great feeling to have to turn people away because I was sold out however, what came across my mind is why did you wait until the last minute? There was so much to do in Las Vegas as two new clubs were opening up so the celebrities flew in from near and far to see Lady Ga-Ga, Akon, Drake, Jermaine Dupree, and Faith Evans. This was one of the best group trips that I have ever done as the hotel provided tons of free stuff for my clients including "Free Show tickets", discount coupons to the "Fashion Outlets" and "Free Buffets". I loaded their gift bags with personal items such as, a bar of soap, razors, loofahs, shot glasses, candy, perfumed lotion, chips, gum and a bottle of wine. They were ecstatic to see all of the goodies and to receive personal treatment and can't wait until my next trip. The next trip that I am hosting is The Wine Tasting Tour to San Francisco/Napa Valley the of July weekend. I personally want to invite each and every reader to join us on this next group tour, it will be an experience that you will never forget. I'm feeling happy and it is my birthday month so I'll give every San Diego Monitor reader the discounted price of $250 per person based on double occupancy if paid by June 13, 2011. You may contact me for all your vacation needs at (619) 757-0175 or visit my website at Your Chief Vacation Specialist: Ebony Hope Taylor

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Just Keeping It Real With Angela Harris Relationship Discussions

Doing Me – Nobody is better at doing me than me!

Keith “Paintbucket” Johnson

Old School


No one does me better than me. You all must accept this in order to reach a place of contentment, a place of peace, and a place of self-empowerment. Unfortunately so many people look at others and wish for what they have or they immediately become insecure and take an immediate disliking to the person who is doing nothing more than doing themselves. It’s ironic to me how instead of endeavoring to become more like the person we feel jealousy towards we plot to bring them down, harm them, gossip about them, and work equally as hard to discredit their character. How do you know when you’ve too can say you are great at doing you? Here are a couple of nuggets. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and love the you that looks back at you – you will thrive at being you. When you can wake up each morning and embrace all that the world has for you today, knowing that whatever “it” is, you can face it because you have exactly what it takes to make it through the day then you can confidently say, “I am great at doing me.” You also must be endowed with the following truths: Nothing can happen in your life that God doesn’t allow. Anything pertaining to you must first get permission from God. In order to know whether that “something” is due to pruning or correction you must view your life through the lens of the bible. You are fully equipped, keeping in mind the promise of God that He will not put anything more on you than you can bear. This means whatever comes your way you are fully prepared to deal with “it” head on. Because you can rest in this knowledge, as long as you trust God, you get to leave all the consequences up to Him. Nothing harmful thing can come up against you. That is of course if you believe the promise that no weapon formed against you shall prosper and if God is for you who can be against you? As long as you are living your life according to God’s instruction you rest in the truth that when your ways please God He will make you at peace with your enemies. You can also trust if you delight in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart. All your needs will be met, because you go it, another promise has been made to that affect. The scriptures states God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. You stand on the truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. This means everything about your physique is perfect and made to specification. The talents and gifts that have been bestowed upon you are uniquely yours to fulfill as only you can fulfill them. So with those things in mind who could be better at doing you than you? You don’t have to look at other people around you and get an attitude, wish for their things, or covet their life because you have a phenomenal life ahead of you that will decidedly flourish based upon you participation. It is your responsibility to blossom fully within the gifts directly linked to you and make excellent use of them. In order to perfect those gifts then: You must take classes, get instruction, obtain a mentor, and practice honing those gifts, skills, and talents. You must give maximum effort to exploring the breadth, width, and height those skills, talents, and gifts will afford. You must be willing to use them to their fullest. You must be willing to share your gifts, talents, and skills. You must be attentive to the prompting of God as He positions you to go to various levels in your life. You must be available as opportunities are brought your way. You must be quiet and ensure that the direction you are heading in is the direction that you should go. You must trust if there is a door that you are to go through God will open it. Conversely if there is a door He does not want you to go through He will close it. Bottom line if you remain focused on the plans that have been established for you, and you pursue the things that are available based upon your persistent and faithful actions, then you succeed at doing you and you can rejoice in other’s who too, are great at doing them!

Eye 2 Eye


Carrol Waymon

CALIFORNIA'S ATTORNEY GENERAL KAMALA HARRIS VISTS SAN DIEGO May 26, 2011 - We first decided to publish our full article on the Attorney General, then changed our mind because some other community news stories this week were also timely and more immediate; and because our article on Attorney General Harris is quite "heavy and lengthy" and can wait for another week or two. So this week we pay this short tribute to both the Lawyers Club of San Diego who brought her here as their Keynote Speaker for their annual dinner affair; and to the other organizations of color, Black and Brown and Tan, because "Attorney Harris is the first woman, the first African American and the first South Asian American to hold the position of Attorney General in California's history." We just think that is so great and wonderful! And we also want to say thanks to our own District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis, for her role and contribution in welcoming Ms. Harris to our city; and of course also to the thousand-plus who came to the two events which featured Ms. Harris. So until next week, remember: MS. HARRIS IS TO CALIFORNIA WHAT PRESIDENT OBAMA IS THE TO UNITED STATES: AN HISTORIC PIONEER.

The San Diego Monitor


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Domestic Abuse Special Part 4

Reflections of a Past Life Following the gun incident I knew I had to leave and within two months I did. I know it wasn’t exactly quick action, but I knew the process of removing myself from the situation was going to be a challenge. I saw how emotionally unstable and volatile he was thus it became clear he could hurt not only me, but someone I loved too. He knew an abundance of information such as where my kids went to school, where their daycare provider was located not to mention he was familiar with all my people’s residences. He was vengeful that way – if he felt betrayed or abandoned he could snap and I knew this all too well. I kept this anxiety to myself – I didn’t share my worry with anyone I kept it bottled up hoping I was thinking the worse of him or over dramatizing the situation. For all I knew he wasn’t going to even trip about me leaving, but he was so unpredictable thinking the worse was all I could do. The steps for me leaving began with one dramatic night in late June; I went to the club with my girlfriends. I never thought when I left the apartment that night it would truly be the end of us. The club was poppin’ we saw familiar faces one of which was a female who I was not accustomed with, but she knew who I was. Long story short he received a call from this female – stating I was with another man (her boyfriend). Scared to go home I stayed with my girlfriend Tootie. The next morning he proved his disloyalty when he provided my cell number to the girl, which allowed her to call me with threats of violence. I was hurt, but I took it as a sign; it was the perfect time for me to “jump ship.” He didn’t believe a word coming from my mouth and I wasn’t about to convince him. I was tired of being beaten for nothing, tired of feeling worthless, and tired of being tired. He took the word of another female with no attempt to have my back – it was a wrap. I was the one putting up the outbursts of anger and violence; I was the one giving up pieces of myself to accommodate him. The end of June marked a new beginning for my life; I was finally free of this man. I felt like a burden had been lifted off of my shoulders; I began to plan my future without him, but little did I know he had plans of his own. Five months went by before he made his move and when he did -he did it big. It was mid November about two weeks before Thanksgiving; I was out with a friend - a young man I knew for many years, unfortunately my ex knew him too. Before I


knew it I was in a car chase; in which he quickly pursued me with his gun pointed in my face – it was déjà vu all over again. “He was relentless; he wasn’t going to give up. His head lights were beaming and approaching quickly. I was freaking out, but all of a sudden a valiant spirit overwhelmed me, and I recall authoritatively saying out loud, “Why am I running from him?” “He’s not my man or husband.” “I don’t have any kids with him.” I slowed my car down I was tired of running and being afraid of him; I wasn’t going to give him anymore power over me. By this time he was no longer behind me he was to my left parallel to my car while I was traveling in the gutter lane. I looked to the left - not surprised to see him holding his gun directly in my direction this time he wasn’t bluffing; I did a double take, by the time I turned my head…he pulled the trigger - shots rang out. I was shot but didn’t know where. My body felt lifeless as I began to collapse over; I remember thinking first of Jesus asking him in a whisper, “God please don’t let me die” as a vision of my children flashed before my eyes.” I remember towards the end of the relationship I’d pray to God asking him to remove this man from my life; although I came close to my demise the Lord heard my cries and answered my prayers. I appreciate my horrific experiences with this man – it has truly made me the woman I am today – a survivor and strong. I learned to put God first trusting him in everything. He drew me out of deep waters, made darkness light before me, and made my crooked paths straight, providing me with strength and patience so I wouldn’t give up – he’s so good! In the end the violent episodes I experienced weren’t in vain. He was convicted of the charges and sentenced to 32 years to Life. I on the other hand have my family back; I’m working on higher education, finishing up my book, and awaiting the next height of my journey. Life will always have its challenges but I have peace now. I truly believe everything comes together for good.





Page 24- MAY 9, 2009



n South Los Angeles, many community-based programs are actively working on gang reduction and intervention. These programs, often run by members of the community, make the necessary links between gang membership and societal factors, such as poverty, high unemployment rates, family dysfunction, racism and a lack of positive role models and educational opportunities, using a variety of strategies to address these underlying causes. In the Schools and After School Many organizations offer a combination of prevention and intervention, centering their efforts on reaching youth. Based in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts, Kush has been working to curb gang violence since 1999. Its employees are all former or current neighborhood residents who provide positive role models and an alternative to gang membership. Kush offers a gang intervention program that teaches life skills to gang members and young gang-affiliated parolees. Kush’s gang prevention workshops, “Kush Rites,” are tailored to local students and include a mentoring service. The Venice 2000/H.E.L.P.E.R. organization has a slate of programs, including the Safe Passage program for middle school students and Venice High Safe Passage for students entering and leav-

ing high school. Its Amer-I-Can program teaches self-determination and self-improvement skills. Founded by personal safety and conflict abatement instructor Aquil Basheer, who is featured in CRIPS AND BLOODS, Maximum Force provides gang intervention education to students and community workers, teaching high-risk youth the skills to act without violence in crisis situations. Community-Based Grassroots Outreach Unity One, Unity T.W.O. and Unity Three are part of a grassroots network of community-based organizations that work in various L.A. neighborhoods towards gang prevention and intervention, often working at the street level to decrease gang violence and sustain gang ceasefire agreements. Former gang member Bo Taylor, also featured in CRIPS AND BLOODS, founded the organization in the aftermath of the 1992 uprising. Unity One first reaches at-risk individuals through crisis intervention techniques, then teaches decision-making and life management skills to students, community members and detention center inmates. Aqueela Sherrills, a gang intervention consultant with the Urban Leadership Institute, was raised in the Jordan Downs housing project and has been instrumental in establishing the Community Self-Determination Institute, a Watts-

based social-profit agency that has helped sustain peace settlement between gang factions, and the Reverence Movement, a peace-based consulting company. Advocates 4 Peace & Urban Unity (APUU) focuses on self empowerment and self sufficiency for local youth through community-based outreach and after-school activities. Members are associated with organizations like Venice 2000 and Maximum Force. Compton-based Project Cry No More, whose director Vicky Lindsey was featured in CRIPS AND BLOODS, provides crucial emotional and informational support to families and loved ones of homicide victims. The organization holds bi-monthly support meetings and monthly mothers’ potlucks. Working with Law

The San Diego Monitor Enforcement Former gang member Skipp Townsend founded 2nd Call to re-educate youth, facilitating life management skills training in L.A. high schools. Townsend has also helped train Los Angeles police and fire department members in gang intervention. Central Recovery and Development Project (CRDP) is a nonprofit, anti-crime organization founded in 1991. In addition to the CRDP’s gang intervention and mediation programs, the organization partnered with local church members to organize the “Stop the Killin’” campaign in 2002, staging community actions at the sites of gangrelated homicides in South L.A. CRDP has organized events, such as peace march vigils, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department. Tattoo Removal CleanSlate is one of several organizations, including Homies Unidos, offering tattoo removal services on an affordable sliding scale for former gang members who participate in one of its workshops. Removing a visible gang tattoo can be considered a physical reflection of “starting a new life.” Homies Unidos is part of a network of organizations focusing on gang intervention among Latino youth. The organization began working in L.A. in 1997, and also has roots in anti-violence work in El Salvador. Funding Services University of Southern California football coach Pete Carroll founded A Better LA, which sponsors such activities as Moonlight Basketball, a basketball league featuring players from a range of South L.A. neighborhoods. Although A Better LA was not founded by South L.A. community members, it funds efforts towards community building—the idea for the league was proposed by the organization Unity One.

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San Diego ‘overdue’ for hurricane? By Gary Robbins recently published a list (story) of cities that are “overdue” for being hit by a hurricane. Author Rick Knabb inexplicably placed San Diego second on that list, ahead of Tampa, Florida, Savannah, Georgia, and New York City. The list came out on June 1, the first day of the Atlantic hurricane season. Knabb appears to be unaware that San Diego is located on the Pacific Ocean, and that Southern California is one of the least likely places to get hit by a hurricane. As the National Hurricane Center often notes, hurricanes typically gain strength while moving over water that’s 80 degrees or higher. Ocassionally, the water gets that warm off the southwest coast of Mexico, sending big surf to Southern California. But the ocean is rarely warm enough off Northern Baja to allow a tropical storm or a hurricane to track directly into our region. Southern California hasn’t a direct threat from a hurricane since September 1997, when El Nino-warmed waters allowed Hurricane Linda to track unusually far up Baja. (USAToday

” t n u o c s i D “Senior

story.) The National Weather Service issued a statement that said there was a chance that Linda would make shore. But the storm faded. Southern California hasn’t been hit by a tropical storm since September 1939. That storm was comparatively weak, producing winds in the 50 mph range. But it killed about 50 people.’s Knabb didn’t mention that storm in his story about cities that are overdue for a hurricane. Instead, he wrote that, “Only one hurricane is known to have ever directly struck the coast of California with hurricane-force winds. I cannot show you a satellite image, because it happened long before satellites were invented. I cannot show you any video of the hurricane’s damage in California, because it happened before movie cameras were invented. In fact, it’s been such a long time that it took some extensive work by researchers within the past decade to dig up sufficient, relevant documentation of the event, such as old newspaper accounts and surface observations, to paint a clear picture of what happened. “That one California hurricane struck San

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To date, Hurricane Linda is the largest hurricane that's ever developed in the eastern Pacific Ocean. — NOAA Diego on Oct. 2, 1858, producing sustained hurricane-force winds there and resulting in extensive property damages. Winds of tropical storm force extended up the coast to near Los Angeles. Another hurricane hasn’t hit California since. Why is such an event so rare? The primary reason is the very cool ocean temperatures over the eastern Pacific off the coast of North America, extending northward from the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico. Even though the tropical eastern Pacific to the

south and southwest of southern Mexico is routinely a concentrated area of hurricane activity, a rare set of circumstances must be in place for a hurricane to make it all the way up to San Diego. As in 1858, the hurricane must be moving fast enough, over waters just warm enough, to maintain its intensity on the way north to California.” In other words, Knabb knows that the conditions rarely exist to allow a hurricane to track into San Diego. But he placed the city on the list anyway.


Page 26May 7, 2011

The San Diego Monitor

Wedding Flowers, Centerpieces, and More One major aspect of any wedding is the provision of flowers including the bride's bouquet, the bridesmaids' flowers, buttonholes, corsages, flowers for the ceremony and flowers for the reception. Although wedding flowers are often seen as simply decoration they are in reality much more than that. The flowers that you choose for your wedding are an expression of your own personalities and will also send messages between the bride and groom in the presence of their family and friends. Wedding packages include- Bride, Groom, 1 Maid of Honor, 3 Bridesmaids, 1 Best Man, 3 Groomsmen, 2 Fathers, 2 Mothers, 2 Flowers flower girl basket, 1 Ring Boy, 2 Alter pieces, Plus a FREE toss bouquet. (Delivery fees not included.)

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