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Juliette; Founder of Spirits of Juliette, plates pure joy and excitement. The San Diego Monitor News is proud to present New York City’s finest cuisine designer. Juliette GolsbyHinton cooks only the best for the best. Enjoy this holiday season as we transition from Summer to Winter, taste the warmest of delectables and drink the spice of life. “I love to design food around a person’s personality, Master of Movement menu was designed for a painter who is a mover and shaker in the art industry. The array of flavors from around the world depicts his entire career.” Food is Love, Juliette

South of the Border Black Bean Salsa Fresca Chopped Vine Tomatoes, minced Jalape単o Peppers and Black Beans garnished with fresh Cilantro and a splash of Lime served with a rainbow of Tortilla Chips

A Tad Hot!

Homemade 100% Beef and Veal Mini Meatballs dusted with Garan Masala and glazed with a Mango-Ginger Chutney

Roasted Potatoes - Straight out of India

Peruvian Blu, Yukon Gold and Sweet Potato Wedges dusted with Turmeric and Coriander and then perfumed with fresh Cardamom Pods based with Ghee and Sea Salt garnished with Fried Red Chili Peppers Packs a Little Heat!!!


Sliced Chicken Breast Tomato Couscous, diced Yellow, Red and Orange Sweet Bell Peppers, Green Scallions and Golden Raisins all seduced by Batter-Fried Jumbo and Plump Sliced Chicken Breast pirouetting with multi-color Cherry Tomatoes

Entrees Continued A Vegetarian’s Delight with Orzo Shoestring Zucchini, half-moons of Yellow Squash, Julienne Sugar Snap Peas, and Garlic Roasted Chick Peas finely chopped Red Onions and Toasted Sesame Seeds all tossing, turning and jumping in and over Orzo lightly showered with Lemon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon Zest garnished with Fresh Parsley

Salad Like a lush green valley over the mountains and through the hills comes a

Crisp Green Fall Salad. Lacy FrisĂŠe, Watercress, young Spinach, Arugula, Chiffonade Swiss Chard, tender Brussels Sprout Leaves, Dried Raspberries bobbing and weaving with a home-made Buttery Herbed Croutons dressed with a Basil Vinaigrette garnished with crispy Julienne Fried Kale and edible flowers. Wholesome Rustic Beauty For Your Bakery Needs Sliced Herbed Garlic Baguettes, Fresh Naan and Assorted Dinner Rolls

A Paradise of Fall Winter Wonderland Fruit Crisp Gala, Fuji and Jonathan Apples, a trio of sweet pop in your mouth goodness‌ Purple, Green and Ruby Red Grapes, Oranges and an assortment of Seasonal Stone Fruits resting lazily in cornucopia

basket Libations White and Red Wine

A Barrage of Soft Drinks Chilled Water with Lemon Slices

Ademola’s Special Birthday Cake

Love, Spirits of Juliette

Spirits of Juliette  

Fine Cuisine

Spirits of Juliette  

Fine Cuisine