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KPED292                                                                                  Warm  up                                                                      Stephanie  Harink     Activity:            Dead  Aunt  Tag     Equipment:   Foam  balls  (tagger  indicators)     PURPOSE  of  the  activity:   The   purpose   of   this   warm-­‐up   is   to   get   students   moving,   raise   the   heart   rates   and   breathing   rates   and   to   increase   blood   flow   into   muscle   groups   that   will   be   used   in   a   following  activity.         Skills   used   in   the   activity:   (movement   concepts   &   locomotor,   non-­locomotor   and   manipulative)     Dead  Aunt  is  a  great  activity  to  get  students  moving  and  active.  As  well  as  learning   control  and  coordination  of  their  body  parts.  They  are  using  movement  skills  like   dodging  and  chasing,  as  well  as  special  awareness  by  avoiding  taggers  and  other   runners.    At  the  same  time  gaining  body  awareness  through  marching,  hopping,   walking  running…ect.       Description  and  Rules:     • Taggers  are  given  red  balls   • If   someone   gets   tagged,   they   lay   down   on   the   gym   floor   with   one   leg   and   one   arm  up  in  the  air  calling  out  DEAD  ANT.   • If   a   non-­‐tagger   touches   the   “Dead   Ant”   they   are   safe   but   only   for   the   count   of   five,  then  they  must  run  again.   • The  dead  ant  can  get  back  into  the  game  by  one  person  holding  their  arm  and   one  person  holding  their  leg  (with  two  hands).    Then  gently  bringing  the  leg   and  arm  to  the  ground.  Then  they  can  get  back  up  and  run.   • Switch  taggers  every  30  seconds       Safety  Considerations:     • Avoiding  walls  (staying  inside  blue  lines)   • Keeping  heads  up  and  looking  forward   • Tagging  gently    (no  hitting  with  balls)     Dynamic  Stretching:     • Reaching  for  the  stars  way  up  high  on  your  tippy  toes   • Slowly  moving  you  upper  body  down  to  touch  your  toes   • Sumo  wrestler  (squats)   • T  Rex  (lunges)       References:­‐and-­‐intermediate/warmup      

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