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Chapter Activity Report Continued Before the new year kicked off, we experimented with our first IIE and SWE Game night in early December before finals week. There were at least 30 people who stayed up ate to play video games, eat food, and bonded with fellow students. The entire game night event wouldn’t have been as successful and fun without the contributions made by Dr. Jensen’s wife, Julie, for providing a fantastic dinner, and Dr. Jensen for helping organize the event. Please join us in upcoming IIE game nights. It is likely another one will be held before finals of the spring semester; we would like to make it a pot-luck meal so there should be a very good variety of food! Events that are upcoming are the Dodgeball tournament, open to all SDSMT Students; there will be prizes for the winners! That event is on Feb 13, between 5-8pm. Likely, there will be a burrito sale at the IIE building that morning from 8-noon! Come support IIE and get some yummy breakfast! We hope you’re as excited for this upcoming semester as we are. There’s a lot of great opportunities to get involved and start growing your professional network with alumni and business professionals. We will begin looking for candidates to replace the current IIE board members in the upcoming months, so if you think you are interested in stepping into a leadership role, then please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions. Thanks again, IIE! Kristy Rennick, IIE Communications Chair

Student Corner: Kelsey Barth Hello! I am a Junior Industrial Engineer who will be graduating in May, 2015. Along with my IEEM degree, I hope to obtain my safety minor and my Green Belt in Six Sigma. While completing my undergraduate, I am also starting my Masters in Engineering Management. In the past two summers, I interned at Whiting Oil and Gas, in my hometown of Dickinson, North Dakota and plan on going back there this summer. My first summer, I was a Health and Safety Intern. Some tasks I had were to go to the Whiting central tank batteries and perform a comprehensive safety inspection of each site and draw site security diagrams. With both tasks, I was responsible for inputting the data into the computer and write up anything not-up-to code, including things as simple as needing to raise the berm a couple of inches to be able to hold all of the liquids that were in the tanks to needing to replace the seal on the tanks because gas is being emitted from them; I found these leaks by using an, approximately $200,000, thermal imaging camera! My second summer, I was an Operations Intern. I was in charge of creating and carrying out a reclamation project. I created spreadsheets for each of the reclamation sites, was in charge of multiple contractors and ensured their work was completed as directed by contract. On a day-today basis, I could decide if I wanted to drive out to different sites in the reclamation program, with a company truck or an ATV! In this position I was able to get many bonds released which resulted in a lot of return money to Whiting. The best thing about working for Whiting is the trust that everyone had in me. I was able to hire contractors on my own, be in charge of these contractors, but yet there were always fellow employees to help me whenever I needed it. Every morning, before doing business and getting to the reason for the meeting, the employees would ask each other about their lives and build a relationship showing they cared. I also loved that I could go tour a drilling rig or sit in with an engineer tp have them explain to me what they were working on. People always took the time to teach me more about the oil industry. My advice for freshman would be to think outside the box. I never thought I would want to work in the oil industry but I actually love it so much I wish to get full time employment there. I would also suggest using your resources. My high school basketball coach helped me get my first internship, freshman year. So yes, you can get an internship now, the worst anyone can do is tell you no. You never know, maybe it will be the internship where you decide that’s what you want to do for the rest of your life.