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SASHIMI (Raw Seafood) 1. Sashimi Moriwase Assorted Raw Seafood

2. Maguro Sashimi Tuna

3. Shake Sashimi Salmon

4. Hamachi Sashimi Yellow Tail

5. Tai Sashimi Snapper

6. Mekajiki Sashimi Swordfish

7. Tako Sashimi Octopus

8. Ika Sashimi Cuttlefish

SUSHI (Finger Press) 9. Maguro Sushi Tuna

10. Shake Sushi Salmon

11. Hamachi Sushi Yellow Tail

12. Tai Sushi Snapper

13. Mekajiki Sushi Swordfish

14. Tako Sushi Octopus

15. Ika Sushi Cuttlefish

16. Ebiko Sushi Prawn Roe

17. Tamago Sushi Sweet Egg Omelette

18. Ebi Sushi Boiled Prawn

19. Shime Saba Sushi Vinegard Mackerel

20. Kani Sushi Crab Meat Stick

21. Inari Jagaimo Sushi Bean Curd Skin with Potato Salad

22. Inari Maguro Mayo Sushi Bean Curd with Tuna/ Mayonnaise

23. Negitoro Sushi Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion

24. Maguro Mayo Sushi Chopped Tuna with Mayonnaise

25. Sake Wasabi Myao Sushi Chopped Salmon with Wasabi Mayonnaise

TEMAKI (Handroll) 26. California Temaki Crab Meat Stick with Avocado

27. Spider Temaki Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

28. Shake Kawa Temaki Deep Fried Salmon Skin

29. Ebi Tenpura Temaki Deep Fried Tempura Prawn

30. Shake temaki Salmon

31. Maguro Temaki Tuna

32. Maguro Negi Temaki Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion

33. Maguro Mayo Temaki Chopped Tuna with Mayonnaise

34. Shake Wasabi Mayo temaki Chopped Salmon with Wasabi Mayonnaise

35. Kani Temaki Crab Meat Stick

36. Tamgo Temaki Sweet Egg Omelette

37. Kanpyo Temaki Sweet Pickles

38. Kappa Temaki Japanese Cucumber

39. Oshinko Temaki Yellow Pickles

MAKIMONO (MATT SUSHI ROLL) 40. California Maki Crab Meat Stick with Avocado

41. Spider Maki Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

42. Shake Kawa Maki Deep Fried Salmon Skin

43. Ebi Tenpura Maki Deep Fried Tempura Prawn

44. Ebi Tenpura Chizu Maki Deep Fried Tempura Prawn with Cream Cheese

45. Norwegian Shake Chizu Maki Salmon with Cream Cheese

46. Futo Maki Jumbo Roll

47. Shake Maki Salmon

48. Maguro Maki Tuna

49. Maguro Negi Maki Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion

50. Maguro Mayo Maki Chopped Tuna with Mayonnaise

51. Kani Maki Crab Meat Stick

52. Tamago Maki Sweet Egg Omelette

53. Kanpyo Maki Sweet Pickles

54. KKappa Maki Japanese Cucumber

55. Oshinko Maki Yellow Pickles

IPPINMONO (APPETIZER) 56. Edamame Edamame

57. Hiyayakko Chilled Bean Curd

58. Bainiku Kyuri Plum Sauce with Cucumber

59. Morokyuri Miso Cucumber with Soya Bean Paste

60. Jagimo Salad Potato Salad

61. Kaisen Salad Seafood Salad

62. Tori Salad Tori Salad

63. Momo Sarada Peach Salad

64. Chawanmushi Steamed Egg Custard

65. Kabocha Chawanmushi Pumpkin Steamed Egg Custard

AGEMONO (DEEP FRIED DISH) 66. Tenpura Moriawase Assorted Tempura Prawns/ Fish/ Vegetables

67. Ebi Tenpura Prawn Tempura

68. Kisu Tenpura Fish Tempura

69. Yasai Tenpura Assorted Tempura Vegetables

70. Ton Katsu Pork Loin Chop in Bread Crumbs

71. Tori Katsu Chicken Chop in Bread Crumbs

72. Ebi Batafurai Breaded Butterfly Prawns

73. Shishamo Furai Breaded Pregnant Capelin

74. Ika Karrage Breaded Baby Cuttlefish

75. Shake Furai Breaded Salmon

76. Teba Karrage Chicken Wings

77. Tori Karrage Marinated Chicken Pieces

78. Nankotsu Karrage Chicken Cartilage

79. Tako Yaki Soft Octopus Ball

80. Agedashi Tofu Deep Fried Tofu

81. Teriyaki Tofu Deep Fried Tofu with Sweet Soya Sauce

82. Nasu Dengaku Eggplant with Yuzu Miso

83. Jagaimo Korokke Potato Croquette

84. Satsuma Imo Roll Sweet Potato Roll

YAKIMONO (GRILLED DISH) 85. Shake Teriyaki Grilled Salmon with Sweet Soya Sauce

86. Saba Teriyaki Grilled Mackerel with Sweet Soya Sauce

87. Saba Shioyaki Grilled Mackerel with Salt

88. Sanma Shioyaki Grilled Mackerel Pike with Salt

89. Tori Teriyaki Chicken with Sweet Soya Sauce

90. Yaki Tori Chicken in Skewer

91. Tsukune Chicken Meat Ball

92. Tebasaki Chicken Wings

93. Tori Kawa Chicken Skin

94. Tori Hatsu Chicken Heart

95. Tori Kimo Chicken Liver

96. Sunagimo Chicken Gizzard

97. Bonbochi Chicken Tail

98. Buta To Garlic Pork with Garlic Seasoning

99. Shishamo Pregnant Capelin

100. Yaki Onigiri Rice Ball

101. Satsuma Age Home-made Japanese Fish Cake

102. Asuparagasu Be-Kon Asparagus Bacon

103. Shitake Japanese Mushrooms

104. Nasu Eggplant

105. Okura Lady Fingers

106. Shiro Negi Leek

107. Uzura Quail Eggs

108. Ginnan Gingko Nuts

109. Ninniku Garlic

TEPPANYAKI (HOT GRIDDLE DISH) 110. Tori Teppan Chicken

111. Shake Wafu Teppan Salmon with Home-Made Sauce

112. Yasai Itame Assorted Vegetables

113. Moysahi Itame Beansprouts

ITAMEMONO (PAN-FRIED DISH) 114. Gyuniku Shogayaki Beef with Home-Made Sauce

115. Tori Wasabi Mayo Chicken Pieces with Wasabi Mayonnaise

116. Buta Kimchi Itame Kimchi with Pork

117. Moyashi Kimchi Kimchi Beansprouts

PIZZA 118. Hotate Be-Kon Pizza Scallop Bacon Pizza

SHIRU (SOUPS) 119. Miso Shiru Bean Paste Soup

120. Asari Shiru Bean Paste Soup with Clams

121. Ton Shiru Bean Paste Soup with Pork Belly

MENRUI (NOODLES DISH) 122. Kake Udon Hot Soup Noodles

123. Kake Soba Hot Soup Noodles

124. Gyuuniku Udon Beef Soup Noodles

125. Gyuuniku Soba Beef Soup Noodles

126. Kare Udon Curry Noodles

127. Yaki Udon Fried Noodles

128. Zaru Soba Cold Buckwheat Noodles

129. Hiyashi Ramen Cold Noodles

130. Buta Kimchi Ramen Pan-Fried Pork belly & Kimchi Noodles

131. Mentai Supagettii Cod Roe Spaghetti

GOHAN (RICE DISH) 132. Katsu Kare Pork Curry Rice

133. Tori Katsu Kare Chicken Curry Rice

134. Ninniku Yaki Meshi Garlic Fried Rice

135. Gohan Steamed Rice

LUNCH 11.30am – 2.30pm Last Order: 2.15pm Price Adult: $29++ Child: $19++ (Below 10 years old)

DINNER 6.00pm – 10.30pm Last Order: 9.45pm Price: Adult: $35++ Child: $22++ (Below 10 years old)

Chef’s Recommendation

TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. Price subject to 10% service charge & pre vailing GST 2. Child price is applicable for children between 5 to 10 years of age. All diners aged 11 and above will be charged adult prices. (Proof of identification is required) When in doubt, the management of ShinKei Japanese restaurant reserves the right to charge accordingly. 3. Child below 5 years of age eat free of charge. 4. Maximum of 1 non-paying child to every 1 paying adult. 5. Buffet is for restaurant dine-in only. Strictly NO take away is allowed. 6. Food wastage is chargeable by weight at S$5 per 100g. 7. All foods items are subject to availability. 8. ShinKei Japanese Restaurant reserves the right to replace food items that may not be available with a substitute of similar value.

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