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Use Graphic Media Walls to Build Your Brand •

When used correctly, graphic media walls can improve your brand’s reach and attract new customers.

Choosing the right trade show booth displays will set you apart from the competition.

With advanced planning, you can create the right image for your brand using graphic media walls.

Choose the Image that Sends the Right Message for Your Brand •

Choosing the right graphic is the most important part of using graphic media walls in trade show displays.

Your graphic should represent your product as one that customers can relate to and imagine themselves using.

Make sure that the image you choose is one that you want people to associate with your brand.

Use Your Graphic Media Wall as a Backdrop for an Experience •

You’ll want potential customers to view your trade show booth as an experience instead of just a place to look at a new product.

Use your brand image to create a theme for your booth, and create your brand literature as an extension of the theme.

Think of your trade show booth as a mini-showroom, and the graphic wall is the backdrop of that showroom.

Highlight a Product Launch with Your Media Wall •

Trade shows give you a great opportunity to announce a new product launch, and your media wall can play an integral role in introducing your product to the world.

Create a graphic that builds excitement and gives people a reason to be excited about your launch.

Use buzzwords like “innovative” and “exclusive” on your wall to draw in interest and excitement.

Build Customer Experiences and Create Excitement for Your Brand with Graphic Media Walls •

Graphic media walls tell a story about your brand and generate customer interest.

Adding a graphic media wall sets your display apart from the crowd and gives people a reason to visit your display.

See a better ROI for your trade show dollar when you use graphic media walls.


DESCRIPTION By using graphic media walls, you can help to build your brand at trade shows and other avenues where you can show off your company’s products and services. Graphic media walls can help your brand to stand out from the bland trade show displays of your competitors.

The Most Effective Ways to Use Graphic Media Walls | By using graphic media walls, you can help to build your brand at trade shows and other avenues where you can show o...

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