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2012–2013 Catalog of Books South Dakota State Historical Society Press P U B L I S H I N G S O U T H D A KO TA’ S R I C H H E R I TA G E

A Note from the Director Having successfully celebrated our fifteenth anniversary, we move into 2013 with new goals ahead and old ideas revised and reinvigorated. Above all, no matter how many years we have been in existence, we will continue to strive toward publishing books of the highest quality in the field of regional history. This year our list is as varied as ever. Readers will find much to keep them interested. Our new books highlight the buildings and people of Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s biggest city; a poet scout who wrote about the Black Hills in the early years of the gold rush; and an Englishman’s take on the history and sights of the state. Younger readers will learn about Lakota traditions and discover the mysteries of the Chinese ring-necked pheasant. The South Dakota State Historical Society Press is also continuing to offer a wide variety of formats in which to read our books. Ebook versions of many of our titles are now available, as are short pieces of articles and books in ebook “shorts.” We have also started publishing chapbooks—short, but intriguing pieces of the state’s history. Perhaps most exciting, we announced this year that we have been granted the rights to publish Laura Ingalls Wilder’s unpublished autobiography, Pioneer Girl, in June 2013. This annotated volume, edited by Pamela Smith Hill, the author of our incredibly successful Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Writer’s Life, will be a beautiful publication, full of unseen images and photographs and replete with fascinating details in which anyone who has ever read a Little House book will delight.

There are many ways you can access SDSHS Press content online. Our main website is, but the Press also maintains a blog (, a twitter account (@sdshspress), a Facebook page (search SDSHS Press), a Google+ page (SDSHS Press), and a YouTube station (SDSHSPress), all with the intention of providing you with as much information as we can about our books and to help us meet your needs, whatever your interest in South Dakota’s history might be. We have also added a new, dedicated website specifically covering the publication of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Pioneer Girl, which can be found at We are constantly updating these sites, so make sure to check back regularly and keep in touch with all the exciting events and happenings. The SDSHS Press is committed to protecting the environment, to the responsible use of natural resources, and to implementing policies that will support the preservation of Endangered Forests globally and advance best practices within the book and paper industries. We are working towards certification by the Green Press Initiative as an environmentally responsible publisher. In 2012, Ho! For the Black Hills (page 4 in this catalog), North of Twelfth Street (page 6), Infinite West (page 8), and The Mystery of the Pheasants (page 10) will all be printed on paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. We plan to print all of our books on certified paper in the future

Nancy Tystad Koupal, Director

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Contents New Books, 2–11 American Indian, 1–2, 15, 18–21, 23, 25 Award-winners, 1, 19–23, 25, 26 Biographies, Memoirs, & Letters, 4, 8, 12–14, 18, 21–26 Deadwood & the Black Hills. 4, 8, 14, 18–20, 22, 24, 26 Ebooks. 12, 14, 18, 22–26 Ethnic History, 6, 26 For Young ReaderS, 2, 10, 15, 19–21, 26 Historical Preservation Series, 22 Military & War. 4, 13, 16, 23, 25 Nature & Environment, 1–2, 8, 10, 14, 16, 20, 24, 26 Politics, 1, 16–18, 23, 26 Prairie Tale Series, 19, 26 South Dakota Biography Series, 22 Sports. 10, 12, 21 Travel & Leisure. 6, 8, 24, 26 South Dakota State Historical Society Press 900 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501-2217 Phone: (605) 773-6009 Fax: (605) 773-6041 E-mail: Websites: Social Media: Facebook: SDSHS Press Twitter: @sdshspress Blog: YouTube: SDSHSPress

The 2012 One Book South Dakota Selection

Silver Medal, Midwest Best Regional Nonfiction

Dammed Indians Revisited

—IPPY Awards, Independent Publisher, 2011

The Continuing History of the Pick-Sloan

“Michael Lawson updates his classic Dammed Indians in a new book, Dammed Indians Revisited. Drawing on new information to revamp his original book, Lawson reveals how

Plan and the Missouri River Sioux

the Pick-Sloan Plan affected the lives of the Sioux along the

Michael L. Lawson

Missouri River and how tribal-federal relations have altered

New introduction by George McGovern 434 pages, 6 x 9 inches 19 b/w photographs, maps, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9798940-1-5 paper, $18.95 2010 (ML)

The impact of flooding the Missouri River Valley

as a result.”—Minnesota History “Those interested in . . . Native American studies will find Dammed Indians Revisited of particular interest.” —Nebraska History The 1944 Pick-Sloan Plan created a wealth of economic opportunities for the states lying along the Missouri River. But the project also flooded more than two hundred thousand acres of bottomlands that helped to sustain Sioux Indians and forced the relocation of whole communities. Lawson has unearthed new information, revising his original work to bring the story up to date. While the flooding occurred more than sixty years ago, the impact of the plan and its ramifications for continuing tribal-federal relations remain relevant in the twenty-first century. Michael L. Lawson is a partner with Morgan, Angel & Associates in Washington, D.C. He has written extensively on American Indian history.

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“Nelson skillfully melds modern and traditional images of people in lush acrylics painted on textured paper.”—Kirkus Reviews

Greet the Dawn

“A lyrical picture book”—

The Lakota Way Written and illustrated by S. D. Nelson 48 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches Color illustrations ISBN 978-0-9845041-6-9 hardcover, $18.95 2012 (FL)

A serene, joyous appreciation of our place in the natural world

“Fantastic job on a gorgeous book, Mr. Nelson!” — reviewer “With swaying lyricism, Greet the Dawn is a lovely book that combines a number of visual influences with the prayers and chants of the Lakota [Indians] as they worship the natural elements throughout the day.”— Pickup trucks and eagles, yellow school buses and painted horses, Mother Earth and Sister Meadowlark all join together to greet the dawn. They marvel at the colors and sounds, smells and memories that dawn creates. Animals and humans alike turn their faces upwards and gaze as the sun makes its daily journey from horizon to horizon. Dawn is a time to celebrate with a smiling heart, to start a new day in the right way, excited for what might come. Birds sing and dance, children rush to learn, dewdrops glisten from leaves, and gradually the sun warms us. Each time the sun starts a new circle, we can start again as well. All these things are part of the Lakota way, a means of living in balance. S. D. Nelson offers young readers wonder and happiness as a better way of appreciating their culture and surroundings. He draws inspiration from traditional stories to create Greet the Dawn. His artwork fuses elements of modern with traditional. Above all, he urges each of us to seize the opportunity that dawn offers each day. S. D. Nelson is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. He is the author and illustrator of numerous award-winning children’s books, including Dance in a Buffalo Skull also from the South Dakota State Historical Society Press. His work can be seen in private and public collections across the country.

2 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

“It is good that we share our traditional Lakota ways of ‘seeing’ with all of the children of the world.”— S.D. Nelson

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Ho! For the Black Hills Captain Jack Crawford Reports the Black Hills Gold Rush and Great Sioux War Edited by Paul L. Hedren 320 pages, 6 x 9 inches 41 b/w photographs and images, maps, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9846505-0-7 cloth, $29.95 2012 (fl) 2012 (FL)

A ripping yarn within a treasure trove of primary documents

In 1875, a young man from Pennsylvania joined the Dodge Expedition into the Black Hills of Dakota Territory, from where he penned letters to the Omaha Daily Bee. Not content with accompanying Dodge, Captain Jack returned to the Black Hills in 1876 for a further six months. John Wallace Crawford, who became better known as Captain Jack, wrote a vibrant account of this fascinating time in the American West. His correspondence featured his adventures in the early Black Hills gold rush as he played the parts of reporter, plainsman, scout, and raconteur. Captain Jack informed his readers, in great detail and with an eye for the unusual and intriguing, of the relative merits of the gulches, the vagaries and difficulties of travel in the region, the art of survival in what was essentially wilderness, the hardships of inclement weather, trouble with outlaws, and interactions with American Indians. Captain Jack met and worked with Buffalo Bill Cody and quickly seized the opportunity to scout for Brigadier General George Crook on his Indian campaign. Jack’s correspondence from the Starvation March and the fight at Slim Buttes offers detailed and intimate accounts of these dramatic episodes of the Great Sioux War. Award-winning historian Paul L. Hedren has compiled these almost unknown letters, writing an introduction and essays that place the correspondence in the greater context of the Black Hills gold rush and the Great Sioux War. The result is a treasure trove of hitherto hidden primary documents as well as a ripping yarn in the traditions of the old West. Paul L. Hedren of Omaha is a retired National Park Service superintendent. A lifelong student of the nineteenth-century regular army and the Indian wars of the northern plains, Hedren has written and published extensively in South Dakota History and other western history journals. He is the author of ten books, including After Custer: Loss and Transformation in Sioux Country, which received the 2012 Wrangler Nonfiction Book Award from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

4 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

Asked to describe his latest book, author Paul Hedren called it “a new accounting of the Black Hills gold rush, from Captain Jack Crawford, a Buffalo Bill Cody look-alike and the soon-famous ‘Poet Scout of the Black Hills.’”

“Ho! For the Black Hills is a rich mother lode, a sumptuous feast, indeed.”—Jerome A. Greene, author of Fort Randall on the Missouri, 1856–1892 “The sometimes grim reality is evident in Captain Jack’s lucid and informative letters, as are the colorful characters, the romance, and the excitement of the West.”—David A. Wolff, author of Seth Bullock: Black Hills Lawman

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North of Twelfth Street The Changing Face of Sioux Falls Neighborhoods Text and photographs by Tom Dempster with a Historical Overview by Gary D. Olson 132 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches 90 color photographs, maps, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9846505-1-4 cloth, $34.95 September 2012 (FL)

Historic Sioux Falls brought to life through beautiful photography

Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota, although it would barely register as a small town in some states. But it is blessed with a rich history and distinct and unique neighborhoods, the soul of any urban setting. Born and raised in Sioux Falls, author, photographer, and former state senator Tom Dempster knows the neighborhoods that form the basis of this book as well as anyone. His eye for a beautiful photograph is enhanced by his intimate awareness of the people, buildings, and vibe that make a neighborhood what it is. North of Twelfth Street focuses on three historic districts, as well as a collection of other north Sioux Falls sites that contain some of the city’s best-known and most-revered buildings, and which many different people call home. Framing these districts with the lens of his camera, Dempster provides a window into this grand old city, its iconic edifices, and the people who live there. In a historical overview, retired Augustana College history professor Gary D. Olson provides context for Dempster’s stunning photography, offering insight into the immigration that has created Sioux Falls and its architecture. His essay exposes the historical foundations upon which the city was built. Tom Dempster served as a Minnehaha County commissioner for nine years and in the South Dakota State Senate from 2001 to 2010 and continues to reside in Sioux Falls. North of Twelfth Street is his second book. His photography can be found in museums and private collections throughout the region. Gary D. Olson is a former academic dean and professor of history at Augustana College in Sioux Falls. He directed the microfilming of the Richard F. Pettigrew Papers and is coauthor of Sioux Falls, South Dakota: A Pictorial History.

6 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

“As both a photographer and history buff, I take special interest in photo graphs of Sioux Falls since they bridge both of these passions very nicely. I applaud Tom Dempster for this richly detailed and meticulously researched book. It is a volume that I will be referencing in my own photographic research in this great city.” —Greg Latza, photographer

“As I travel the country, I have learned that most well-seasoned cities have their own poet to tell their narrative and their own artist to capture its beauty. Tom Dempster tells the narrative of the North End with the pen of a journalist and captures the beauty with his camera and artist’s eye.”—The Right Reverend Monsignor James M. Doyle

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New Paperback Original

Infinite West Travels in South Dakota Fraser Harrison 252 pages, 6 x 9 inches map, index ISBN 978-0-9846505-8-3 paper, $17.95 September 2012 (FL)

An Englishman travels through South Dakota and offers his observations, thoughts, and musings

“Fraser Harrison is among the best truth-tellers. He has written a thoughtful, tender, and funny guide, a book that is an arresting journey at the center of a nation and goes deep into the human heart.” —Tim Dee, Chief Producer, BBC Radio, and author of A Year on the Wing Harrison “makes a warm and companionable partner for this Wild West tour.”— review In his homage to the infinite west that is South Dakota, both past and present, Englishman Fraser Harrison tours well-known locations such as the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and Deadwood. But there is far more to South Dakota, and the author also spent time in less-traveled areas such as Wounded Knee, the southern portion of the Missouri River, and Harrison, his namesake town. The author’s witty, conversational, and detailed commentaries are paired with brief historical accounts to form a travel memoir comparable to those of Bill Bryson, Dayton Duncan, and Paul Theroux. Harrison paints pictures with his prose that let the reader share his experiences on the roads, in the cities, and among the people of small communities that make up the Land of Infinite Variety. Fraser Harrison, the author of nine books, contributed regularly to major newspapers in the United Kingdom and worked as a freelance broadcaster for the BBC. He holds an undergraduate degree from Cambridge University and a Masters in Human Rights from Essex University. His childhood love of the West has since been strengthened by many visits to South Dakota.

8 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

“Everyone has, or should have, a place on their western horizon where possibility seems infinite; not an El Dorado, but a place where the imagination gets rich. For me, that place has become South Dakota.”—Fraser Harrison

“Fraser Harrison has learned well the error in overlooking the history under his nose. The Englishman’s connection to the Harrisons who died at the Alamo led him on a powerful journey that pays homage to the frontier history of the Badlands, Wounded Knee, Hickok’s Deadwood and more.”—True West Magazine

“Traveling through South Dakota as a foreigner gave Fraser Harrison a unique perspective on our great state, but everyone, whether a born-and-raised South Dakotan or a first-time visitor, will find his observations thought-provoking and enjoyable. His words leap off the page, painting vivid and exciting pictures of South Dakota and its history.”—James D. Hagen, Secretary, South Dakota Department of Tourism

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New For Young Readers— First to Third Grade

The Mystery of the Pheasants Mark Meierhenry and David Volk Illustrated by Susan Turnbull 44 pages, 8 x 9 inches Color illustrations ISBN 978-0-9845041-9-0 hardcover, $14.95 ISBN 978-0-9852905-5-9 ebook (epub), $9.95 September 2012 (FL)

Max and Hannah take part in the great South Dakota tradition of pheasant hunting

Max and Hannah are about to go on their first pheasant hunt. They have taken their safety course, and they can’t wait to get out into the field. But there is much they don’t know about the Chinese ring-necked pheasant, and the twins’ grandfather has plenty to teach them before they load their shotguns for the first time. The Mystery of the Pheasants tells the history of the South Dakota state bird, from its arrival from China, through its successful adaptation to the plains, and onto the traditions of hunting that are so important to the state and the surrounding region. The Mystery of the Pheasants is suitable for a first- to thirdgrade reading level or for reading aloud to a younger audience. Praise for the authors’ previous books: The Mystery of the Round Rocks: “A nicely done lesson in natural history”—Roundup Magazine The Mystery of the Tree Rings: “A charming story”—Midwest Book Review The Mystery of the Maize: “A delightful book”—Journal of the West Praise for The Raccoon and the Bee Tree, illustrated by Susan Turnbull: “Outstanding artwork”— reviewer Former South Dakota attorney general Mark Meierhenry currently practices law in Sioux Falls. Five-time state treasurer David Volk also served as cabinet secretary for Governor William Janklow. Susan Turnbull is an award-winning illustrator and artist from Rapid City, South Dakota.

10 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

“The pheasant is special to South Dakota because, like most of the people of this state, it came here as an immigrant and flourished in this wonderful place we all call home.”—Dave Volk “Ringnecks are nature’s stars of South Dakota’s Fall celebration.”—Mark Meierhenry

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Paperback Original Bestseller

“Six is a winner.”—SixManCentral.blogspot


“Great tribute to a wonderful coach” — reviewer

A Football Coach’s Journey to a National Record Marc Rasmussen 172 pages, 6 x 9 inches 34 b/w photographs and images, maps, appendix, bibliographic essay, index ISBN 978-0-9845041-4-5 paper, $16.95 ISBN 978-0-9852817-3-1 ebook (epub/mobi), $9.95 2011 (FL)

Small-town football in South Dakota

In the 1940s and 1950s, unable to field competitive football teams of eleven boys, small high schools across the United States started playing with six, instead. Claremont, South Dakota, was one such place. Bill Welsh strode into town in 1947, started a six-man team at the high school, and six years later had racked up a national record of sixty-one consecutive victories. His career as a high-school football coach is without equal. His role as mentor, coach, and teacher influenced the lives of many young men across the state, but his legacy is the record of the Claremont Honkers and their domination of six-man football in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Marc Rasmussen has unveiled the many facets of Bill Welsh’s life and shined a spotlight on the all-but-forgotten sport of six-man football and the all-conquering Honkers. “The legendary high school six-man football teams of the 1940s and 1950s from Claremont have been talked about for years, but most of that information has been locked away in the minds of those who were there. Rasmussen did sports fans a great service by unlocking those vaults and telling the Honkers’ story.” —John Papendick, Chief Sports Editor, Aberdeen American News “Six scores! It takes you back to a time when South Dakota, and the country, was fascinated by the fast and exciting game of six-man football. Coach Welsh’s story is truly inspiring, and what the Claremont Honkers were able to achieve deserves the attention.”—Matt Holsen, Sports Reporter, KELO-TV Marc Rasmussen is a fourth-generation South Dakotan, born in

Aberdeen. He graduated from the University of South Dakota and currently resides in Seattle, Washington, with his family.

12 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

Paperback Original

Dancing with Colonels A Young Woman in Wartime Turkey Letters by Marjorie Havreberg Edited and with an Introduction by Judy Barrett Litoff Compiled by Sally Enstrom 220 pages, 6 x 9 inches 20 b/w photographs, index ISBN 978-0-9845041-3-8 paper, $18.95 2011 (ML)


A young South Dakotan’s World War II experiences

with Colonels

A Young Woman’s Adventures

“These letters are the tantalizing source material for much larger stories to be told, about an America and a woman in transition in a big but shrinking world.”—MadvilleTimes. com Struck with the desire to see and do more with her life, a young South Dakota woman left the family home in Redfield to go to work for Senator Peter Norbeck in Washington, D.C. When the position ended, she found that she had grown accustomed to the bright lights of the capital and soon joined the military as a civilian secretary. With World War II in full swing, she found herself traversing the globe en route to Ankara, Turkey. Once in Turkey, ostensibly a neutral country during the war, Marjorie Havreberg found herself swept up in the glamorous world of military attachés, embassy soirees, and secret government correspondence. Her letters, sent home to her family in Redfield, South Dakota, cover the years in which she worked for Norbeck in Washington, D.C., and her career with the military. Her writing is witty, charming, and full of astute observations, and Dancing with Colonels serves as an excellent window into life in the 1930s and 1940s, including the often under-illuminated social side of wartime Turkey. With her small-town background, Havreberg provides the reader with a marvelously fresh look at her surroundings. An Introduction from Judy Barret Litoff, who edited the letters, places the correspondence in the larger context of society at the time. Litoff is professor of history at Bryant College in Rhode Island. She has written extensively and is an expert on letters from the World War II era. Sally Enstrom saved the letters, compiled this volume, and provided a brief memoir of her great aunt, highlighting Havreberg’s personality and zest for life.

in Wartime Turkey Letters by Marjorie Havreberg Edited by Judy Barrett Litoff Compiled by Sally Enstrom

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Paperback Original Bestseller

Come into the Water A Survivor’s Story Merlyn Janet Magner Afterword by Donald V. Barnett 180 pages, 6 x 9 inches 24 b/w photographs and images, bibliography ISBN 978-0-9845041-1-4 paper, $18.95 ISBN 978-0-9846505-3-8 ebook (epub/mobi), $9.95 2011 (FL)

An intimate account of a Rapid City flood survivor’s life

“Merlyn Magner sweeps you into her world, a world in which she has searched for meaning for the past thirty years, and a world in which her incredible prose holds you, bidden to turn every last page, hoping to help her understand her twisted, fantastic life. Come into the Water is powerful, poignant, and precious from the first sentence to the last.”—Bernie Hunhoff, South Dakota Magazine “Come into the Water, by Merlyn Janet Magner, is an absolutely extraordinary book. Not only is it a story of the devastating flood of 1972, but also of the profound and devastating effects it had on Merlyn’s whole life. Somehow the author managed to write of the tragedy and of her suffering in such an astoundingly beautiful fashion that I found myself wanting to reread it as soon as I finished the last page.”— reviewer “Come into the Water is a moving memoir.”—Midwest Book Review “Come into the Water makes you stop and appreciate everything you have.”—Bismarck Tribune In the midst of one of the worst floods in the history of the United States, one young woman clung to the roof of a house, desperately holding on to the vestiges of her life. Somehow, Merlyn Magner survived that horrific night, but she lost her parents and her brother to the rampaging water. Questions coursed through her mind then and for much of the rest of her life: Why did this happen? Why did my family die? Why did I survive? What does it all mean? Rescued from that rooftop, Merlyn set out to find the answers to these questions. She searched for comprehension, for a sense of place, for meaning. Her search took her from the Black Hills on a journey around the United States and then the world, traversing the globe to escape the memories and the pain. From within this fractured fairy tale, she began a poignant, spiritual journey that would help her make sense of one horrendous night. Merlyn Magner graduated from Rapid City Stevens High School in 1970. She received a degree in humanities and art history from West Los Angeles College. She currently resides in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. As mayor of Rapid City, Don Barnett witnessed firsthand the devastation of the flood. Barnett contributed an afterword to this book, providing the reader with a sense of the larger picture of those tumultuous hours.

14 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

For Young Readers— First to Fourth Grade

. . . Walking Along . . .

“Strikingly illustrated”—Foreword Review “Beautifully done”— reviewer

Plains Indian Trickster Stories

“A wonderful way to share these timeless stories” — reviewer

Told and illustrated by Paul Goble

“Dramatic illustrations”—South Dakota Magazine

Foreword by Albert White Hat, Sr. 72 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches Color illustrations ISBN 978-0-9845041-5-2 hardcover, $19.95 2011 (FL)

Classic Iktomi stories from Caldecott-winning illustrator and author Paul Goble

“A beautifully illustrated children’s book” —Minnesota History In . . . Walking Along . . . Paul Goble has pulled together six of his best Iktomi stories and compiled them into a compendium of trouble, disaster, fun, and examples from which to learn. Iktomi is the Lakota name for the American Indian Trickster. He is famous for getting into mischief, causing trouble, and never learning the lessons handed out to him. These timeless stories and Goble’s dramatic illustrations combine to snare readers in Iktomi’s waiting net and lead them on a journey of adventure with the troublesome trickster. Albert White Hat, Sr., has contributed a Foreword in which he explains the history of Iktomi and the American Indian tradition of oral history. Born and raised in England, Paul Goble has lived in the Black Hills of South Dakota for more than thirty years. He has authored and illustrated forty books on American Indian subjects and has received numerous awards for his work, including the prestigious Caldecott Medal. Albert White Hat, Sr., is a Sicangu Lakota educator, author, and linguist from Saint Francis, South Dakota.

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Paperback Original

The Plains Political Tradition Essays on South Dakota Political Culture Edited by Jon K. Lauck, John E. Miller, & Donald C. Simmons, Jr. 360 pages, 6 x 9 inches 24 b/w photographs, appendices, index ISBN 978-0-9822749-2-7 paper, $19.95 2011 (ML)

Scholars begin to examine political culture in South Dakota

“The Plains Political Tradition allows the reader to develop a more complete sense of where South Dakota fits into the political culture of modern society.” —(Pierre) Capital Journal “The Plains Political Tradition is an excellent and much recommended addition to any politics collection.”—Midwest Book Review “The Plains Political Tradition reveals a state that embodies the dual legacies of liberal grassroots activism and political conservatism.”—Foreword Digital Reviews First impressions of the political landscape in South Dakota tend towards an assumption of hard-line conservatism, and yet such a conclusion barely scratches the surface of what constitutes political tradition in the Mount Rushmore State. Editors Jon K. Lauck, John E. Miller, and Donald C. Simmons, Jr., have drawn together twelve essays on disparate topics in order to consider the state’s underlying political culture. Each essay addresses an aspect of history, politics, or art, subtly exposing the contradictory nature of South Dakotans and elucidating the many elements that comprise the larger political tradition. Scholars from around the country consider topics such as war and peace, literature, environmentalism, the American Indian Movement, left-wing and liberal politics, immigration, and defeat. With each essay, the discussion builds upon itself, allowing the reader to develop a fuller sense of where South Dakota fits into the growing study of political culture in modern society.

16 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

Finalist for the 2012 Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize

Principle over Party The Farmers’ Alliance and Populism in South Dakota, 1880–1900 R. Alton Lee 268 pages, 6 x 9 inches 10 b/w photographs, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9798940-9-1 cloth, $32.95 2011 (ML)

South Dakota’s role in the nineteenth-century political movement

“A history [book] that is engaging, scholarly, and uncommonly readable”—Great Plains Quarterly “Lee’s book is a worthy and important addition to the canon of South Dakota political history.” — “Principle over Party engagingly steers the reader over the rocky road of South Dakota populism.”—Nebraska History “Excellent, well-researched, and accessible” —Midwest Book Review The Populist movement of the 1890s was one of the most successful third-party initiatives in United States history. Although it never elected a president, this movement seated governors, congressmen, and United States senators and played a major political role in all the Great Plains states. Populism has been thoroughly studied in many areas of the country, but South Dakota has, so far, been neglected. R. Alton Lee’s Principle over Party corrects this oversight, shining light on the prominent South Dakotans who strode down the path to the progressive agrarian politics that dominated the state in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Lee examines the causes that led South Dakota farmers to rise up against the establishment and take their fate into their own hands. He discusses prominent figures and organizations that helped sow the seeds for the Populist Party in South Dakota. Principle over Party showcases the successes and failures of one of the most lasting political movements in this nation’s history. R. Alton Lee is professor emeritus of history at the University of South Dakota. An acknowledged expert on American political history, Lee has written widely about midwestern and Great Plains history.

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Ebook Shorts

Read original work in a short format based on the ancient chapbooks of sixteenthcentury England.

Discover award-winning writing in a convenient ebook format available for download on our website and other online retailers.

Why We Love History Perspectives from Authors and Illustrators

A South Dakota Rendezvous The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Races

32 pages, 5 x 7 inches


ISBN 978-0-9846505-2-1 paper, $3.00

ISBN 978-0-9852817-0-0 ebook (epub) $0.99 2011 (1983)

2011 Why We Love History is filled with thoughts and ideas from historians, authors, and illustrators who have worked within the realm of South Dakota history. Each writer was asked to consider why they love history and to write a short piece on that subject.

First Lady Inaugural Gowns 40 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches ISBN 978-0-9846505-7-6 paper, $6.00 2012

Discover the story behind South Dakota’s first ladies and the gowns they wore to their husbands’ inaugurations. This chapbook contains photographs of the First Ladies’ replica gowns on exhibit in the South Dakota State Capitol, as well as a biography and photograph of each first lady from Margaret Mellette to Linda Daugaard. The current exhibit, located on the ground floor of the capitol, was dedicated on 24 February 1989 as part of the South Dakota centennial celebration.

The Governors’ Portraits 40 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches ISBN 978-0-9852905-4-2 paper, $6.00 January 2013

Each governor of South Dakota has had his portrait painted and hung in the halls of the state capitol upon his departure from office. This chapbook, an accompaniment to First Lady Inaugural Gowns, provides an overview of each governor alongside information about the paintings themselves and a color reproduction of each one.

18 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

The history behind the world-famous annual motorcycle rally

Indian Heirship Lands The Lake Traverse Experience Michael L. Lawson ISBN 978-0-9846505-9-0 ebook (epub) $0.99 2011 (1998)

A case-study of heirship issues surrounding tribal lands in South Dakota

The Literary Apprenticeship of Laura Ingalls Wilder William T. Anderson ISBN 978-0-9852905-6-6 ebook (epub) $0.99 2012 (1983)

The tempestuous mother-daughter/ writer-editor relationship of the famous children’s author

Dance in a Buffalo Skull

Gold Medal Winner, Distinctive Illustration—Mom’s Choice Awards, 2009 Silver Medal, Children’s Picture Books— IPPY Awards, Independent Publisher, 2010 Prairie Tale Series For Young Readers— First to Third Grade

The Enchanted Buffalo L. Frank Baum Illustrated by Donald F. Montileaux Fifth book in the Prairie Tale Series 40 pages, 6.5 x 8 inches Color illustrations, bibliography, word list ISBN 978-0-9822749-3-4 cloth, $14.95 2010 (ML)

A young buffalo takes on the treacherous leader of the herd

“Oglala Lakota artist Donald F. Montileaux has illustrated this wonderful tale with colorful artwork that in conjunction with the story will keep children turning the pages.”—Roundup Magazine “The illustrations by Donald F. Montileaux, a Lakota artist, are the crowning gems of The Enchanted Buffalo. Simply put, they’re stunning.” — reviewer “Colorful, bright, vivid drawings” —Benjamin Franklin Awards judge, 2011 A tribe of mighty buffaloes finds themselves without a leader, and when a tricky bull named Barrag takes control of the group magic, tricks, and surprises follow. Donald F. Montileaux is a multi-awardwinning Oglala Lakota artist and illustrator from Rapid City. His book Tatanka and the Lakota People: A Creation Story won five national awards.

The Raccoon and the Bee Tree Charles A. Eastman & Elaine Goodale Eastman Illustrated by Susan Turnbull Fourth book in the Prairie Tale Series 40 pages, 6.5 x 8 inches Color illustrations, bibliography, word list ISBN 978-0-9798940-8-4 cloth, $14.95 2009 (ML)

A raccoon explores the night and finds an unexpected treasure

Zitkala-Ša Illustrated by S. D. Nelson Second book in the Prairie Tale Series 40 pages, 6.5 x 8 inches Color illustrations, bibliography, word list ISBN 978-0-9777955-2-9 cloth, $14.95 2007 (C)

“A tale of tempting honey and the dangers of rowdy behavior, this is a story as timeless as it is sweet.”—Birchbark Books, Minneapolis, MN “It’s a simple story delivering a traditional moral, in a charming format that will please young readers.”— reviewer

Classic American Indian tale brought to life Aesop Accolade —American Folklore Society, 2008 Most Outstanding Children’s Book —Mom’s Choice Awards, 2008

A curious raccoon emerges from his bed to hunt for food. Tempted by sticky honey oozing from a bees’ nest, the little raccoon finds trouble he did not bargain for.

“Nelson’s illustrations add to the tension between the creeping wildcat and the celebrating mice.”—School Library Journal

The Raccoon and the Bee Tree combines the traditions of American Indian storytelling and European fables. Written down one hundred years ago, the story contains a lesson for children that is still important and relevant in today’s modern society.

“Charismatic and colorful animals scamper across the pages as if they’re about to come alive.”— reviewer “Dance in a Buffalo Skull is a delightfully scary prairie tale.”—Benjamin Franklin Awards Judges

The Prairie-Dog Prince

Unobservant mice learn to pay more attention in this old American Indian tale.

Eva Katharine Gibson Illustrated by Carolyn Digby Conahan

Zitkala-Ša, who was also known as Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, was born on the Yankton Sioux Indian Reservation in 1876.

Third book in the Prairie Tale Series 40 pages, 6.5 x 8 inches Color illustrations, bibliography, word list ISBN 978-0-9798940-3-9 cloth, $14.95 2008 (BL)

Standing Rock Sioux tribal member S. D. Nelson fuses traditional Lakota Indian art with modern interpretations. He is author and illustrator of numerous award-winning children’s books.

A traditional-style fairy tale set near the Black Hills

Gold Medal Winner, Distinctive Illustration —Mom’s Choice Awards, 2009 “Wishes, morals, and fantasy are the stars in this story, all holding up well a century after they were first penned.”—The Bloomsbury Review “Carolyn Digby Conahan’s splendid paintings are filled with motion and grace, and show effective use of light and shadow.” — reviewer “This book would be fabulous for introducing South Dakota history and teaching students more about culture and life on the plains.” — reviewer In western South Dakota, a young girl named Annie finds a prairie dog stuck in a trap. She frees the little animal, and her kindness leads to adventure.

Free shipping on orders over $30 | 19

For Young Readers—First to Third Grade

For Young Readers—First to Third Grade

For Young Readers—First to Third Grade

The Mystery of the Maize

The Mystery of the Tree Rings

The Mystery of the Round Rocks

Mark Meierhenry and David Volk Illustrated by Jason Folkerts

Mark Meierhenry and David Volk Illustrated by Jason Folkerts

44 pages, 8 x 9 inches Color illustrations ISBN 978-0-9822749-1-0 hardcover, $13.95 2010 (ML)

44 pages, 8 x 9 inches Color illustrations ISBN 978-0-9798940-0-8 hardcover, $13.95 2008 (BL)

44 pages, 8 x 9 inches Color illustrations ISBN 978-0-9777955-3-6 hardcover, $13.95 2007 (BL)

Inquisitive young historians Max and Hannah unearth the mystery of corn

An ancient tree in the Black Hills shares its secrets

Glaciers and rocks create mystery on the Great Plains

“This book teaches children about the historical value of corn, as well as its evolution to becoming a staple in the American diet.”—Foreword Digital Reviews

Silver Medal, Midwest Best Regional Fiction—IPPY Awards, Independent Publisher, 2009

Bronze Medal in the Midwest Best Regional Fiction category—IPPY Awards, 2008

Mark Meierhenry and David Volk Illustrated by Marty Two Bulls, Sr.

“Younger children will find this to be a delightful book.”—Journal of the West Max and Hannah love maize; they eat corn on the cob in the summer and like to make popcorn, too. But they have a lot to learn about maize and all its mysteries. The Mystery of the Maize shows the development of maize as it links the past to the present, showing the crop’s many uses, as well as how things have changed since people first planted the crop thousands of years ago.

“Simple, colorful illustrations and a final blank, lined page for the child to write in to start their own journal round out this charming story about learning to appreciate and remember the wonders all around us.”—Midwest Book Review Grandpa whisks Max and Hannah off to the Black Hills for a mystery-solving trip. When they arrive, the children and Grandpa set off on a hike to find a ponderosa pine nearly eight hundred years old. Jason Folkerts is a freelance editorial cartoonist.

Oglala Lakota artist Marty Two Bulls, Sr., has produced award-winning illustrations and artwork for twenty-five years.

20 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

“Highly recommended.” —The Midwest Book Review The Mystery of the Round Rocks is a “nicely done lesson in natural history.”—Roundup Magazine While visiting their grandparents’ farm in South Dakota, Max and Hannah discover hundreds of rocks piled up in the corner of a field. Puzzled, the twins ask Grandpa if he has the key to this mystery. How did all those round rocks get there? Watch out for saber-tooth tigers and short-faced bears, wooly mammoths, giant deer, and bison before Max and Hanna unlock the secret of the rocks.

For Young Readers— First to Fourth Grade

For Young Readers— Fourth to Seventh Grade

Classic/Best Seller— Back in Hardcover!

Umpire in a Skirt The Amanda Clement Story

Jumping-off Place

Tatanka and the Lakota People A Creation Story

Marilyn Kratz Illustrated by Hector Curriel 52 pages, 6 x 9 inches Color illustrations, bibliography, questions ISBN 978-0-9845041-2-1 paper, $9.95 2011 (ML)

The story of the first paid female baseball umpire in the United States

“Kratz and Curriel hit a grand slam with this book.”—Mel Antonen, Sirius-XM Radio Baseball Analyst “Umpire in a Skirt is a fine read that will entertain many a young sports fan.” —Midwest Book Review “The story is one that all ages will enjoy.” —Nebraska History Amanda Clement was the first paid female baseball umpire in the United States. Players respected her, and fans paid to see her call games. Just over one hundred years ago she helped to show that girls can do anything that boys can do. Marilyn Kratz is a retired teacher. She has written extensively for children’s magazines including Highlights and Cricket. Born in Lima, Peru, illustrator Hector Curriel now lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he draws cartoons and illustrations for numerous newspapers across the United States.

Marian Hurd McNeely Introduction by Jean L. S. Patrick 320 pages, 5 x 7 inches 16 b/w illustrations, maps ISBN 978-0-9798940-4-6 paper, $15.95 2008 (1929) (BL)

Four children homestead in South Dakota

Illustrated by Donald F. Montileaux 44 pages, 11 x 8 inches 17 color paintings, English and Lakota text ISBN 978-0-9822749-0-3 paper, $9.95 ISBN 0-9749195-8-6 hardcover, $16.95 2006 (C)

Newbery Honor Book, 1930 Gold Medal Winner, Young Adult Books, Historical Fiction—Mom’s Choice Awards, 2009

A story of beginnings, featuring beautiful Lakota art

“The Jumping-Off Place is filled with vocabulary, language, and unusual phrases that add color to an already delightful story.”—Bismarck Tribune

Spur Award —Western Writers of America, 2007

“This is a wonderful story, set in one of the last bits of the frontier after the turn of the twentieth century.”— reviewer Four young homesteaders arrive on a quarter section in Tripp County, South Dakota, at the beginning of the 1900s and strive, with the help of new-found friends and their own derring-do, to hold the enemy at bay and withstand whatever the elements throw at them. Marian Hurd McNeely (1877–1931) wrote books, articles, and poems for young readers.

Aesop Accolade —American Folklore Society, 2007

Gold Medal —Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, 2007 National Best Books Award —, 2007 “This is a beautiful rendering of story and illustration that needs to be in every library interested in building the diversity of their collection.”—Kirkus Reviews “This is a good choice for libraries seeking folk material.”—School Library Journal “A beautifully illustrated and welldocumented picture book” —2007 Aesop Award Committee Tatanka and the Lakota People tells how the buffalo came to live with the Lakotas so that they would have life-sustaining food, shelter, and clothing. Donald F. Montileaux is an award-winning Oglala Lakota artist.

Free shipping on orders over $30 | 21

Classic/Best Seller

Laura Ingalls Wilder A Writer’s Life Pamela Smith Hill Volume One in the South Dakota Biography Series 244 pages, 4.5 x 8 inches 13 b/w photographs and illustrations, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9777955-6-7 paper, $12.95 ISBN 978-0-9846505-4-5 ebook (epub/mobi), $8.95 2007 (C)

Delve inside Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life and work

Winner, Scholarly Nonfiction —WILLA Award, 2008 Winner, Biography—National Indie Excellence Book Awards, 2008 “A fascinating and remarkable book that deserves a place on the shelf of every Laura fan.”—The Homesteader “Pamela Smith Hill has [created] a work of considerable scholarship and insight.” —The Little House Heritage Trust “Hill skillfully examines the complex relationship between Wilder and her daughter.”—Kansas History “If you’ve ever wanted to peek behind the scenes of the “Little House” series, this is your book. . . . [It] is a page turner.” —Roundup Magazine Pamela Smith Hill examines Wilder’s tumultuous, but ultimately successful, professional and personal relationship with her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, providing a context, both familial and literary, for Wilder’s writing career.

Classic/Best Seller

Best Seller

Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane Deadwood Legends

Seth Bullock Black Hills Lawman

James D. McLaird

David A. Wolff

Volume Two in the South Dakota Biography Series 150 pages, 4.5 x 8 inches 17 b/w photographs and illustrations, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9777955-9-8 paper, $12.95 ISBN 978-0-9846505-6-9 ebook (epub/mobi), $8.95 2008 (C)

Volume Three in the South Dakota Biography Series 204 pages, 4.5 x 8 inches 14 b/w photographs, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9798940-5-3 paper, $12.95 ISBN 978-0-9846505-5-2 ebook (epub/mobi), $8.95 2009 (ML)

Wild West legends debunked

Finalist, Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards, 2010

“This is an interesting, professional, and well-written study. —Great Plains Quarterly “A fascinating read for anyone who wants to learn about how the daring real-life deeds (and misdeeds) of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane were destined to grow beyond imagination through the telling.”—Midwest Book Review

Unheralded figure in the development of the Black Hills

A “fine biography”—Annals of Wyoming “Seth Bullock: Black Hills Lawman is highly recommended for persons interested in western lawmen, the Black Hills, the Deadwood television series, and, in fact, anyone looking for an informative book to read.”—South Dakota History

“McLaird’s writing is concise and to the point, exploding myths about two Western characters.”— reviewer

“This is an excellent addition to any Western history collection, whether personal or library.”— reviewer

Although Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane spent only a few weeks in Deadwood at the same time, they have become intertwined and their relationship legendary.

“This book [should] be on the bookshelf of anyone interested not only in South Dakota’s history, but the history of the Wild West.”—Wild West History Association Journal

James D. McLaird examines the contemporary accounts that turned these two Wild West wanderers into dime-novel and motion-picture stars and made them stalwarts of Deadwood mythology.

In Seth Bullock: Black Hills Lawman, David Wolff examines the life work of Bullock as he helped build Deadwood, found the town of Belle Fourche, and promote the Black Hills.

James D. McLaird is professor emeritus of history at Dakota Wesleyan University. He is the author of books and articles focusing on the Black Hills and the American West.

David A. Wolff is dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota. He is an award-winning author focusing on Black Hills, South Dakota, mining, and western history.

Pamela Smith Hill is an award-winning author. She grew up in Missouri and started her writing career in South Dakota.

22 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

The Sioux in South Dakota History A Twentieth-century Reader Edited by Richmond L. Clow 320 pages, 6 x 9 inches 26 b/w photographs, map, index ISBN 978-0-9777955-4-3 paper, $18.95 2007 (BL)

American Indian experiences in South Dakota since 1900

Finalist, Anthologies—National Indie Excellence Book Awards, 2008 Bronze Medal, Anthologies—IPPY Awards, Independent Publisher, 2008 “This collection, as a whole, attempts to understand a contemporary people in a changing world.”—Kansas History Taken from the pages of South Dakota History, these thirteen essays explore modern American Indian life. In five themed sections, contributors examine the tremendous changes the Sioux experienced during the twentieth century.

Sitting Bull, Prisoner of War Dennis C. Pope 196 pages, 6 x 9 inches 27 b/w photographs & drawings, map, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9822749-4-1 paper, $16.95 ISBN 978-0-9852817-4-8 ebook (epub/mobi), $9.95 2010 (ML)

Inside the famous chief’s camp at Fort Randall, Dakota Territory

Bronze Medal, Midwest Best Regional Nonfiction—IPPY Awards, Independent Publisher, 2011 An “exhaustively researched book” —Foreword Digital Reviews “Pope’s book has indeed put flesh on the bones of history.”—True West Magazine Pope “offers a unique insight into the culture clash that defined the 19th-century American West, as experienced by one of its most legendary figures.” —Cowboys & Indians magazine

Editor Richmond L. Clow contributes an introduction and afterword providing context for the essays and suggesting avenues for further study.

“Sitting Bull, Prisoner of War is a choice pick for Native American Studies, biography, and college library reference shelves.” —Midwest Book Review

Richmond L. Clow is professor of Native American Studies at the University of Montana in Missoula. He has written numerous articles on American Indian and Black Hills topics.

Sitting Bull, Prisoner of War fills a gap in the great chief’s story, allowing readers to explore a previously little-known episode of his life. Dennis C. Pope is a published author and film producer with a lifelong interest in Sitting Bull. He lives in Cardiff, Wales.

The Sitting Bull Surrender Census The Lakotas at Standing Rock Agency, 1881 Ephriam D. Dickson III 348 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches b/w photographs, appendixes, indexes ISBN 978-0-9822749-7-2 cloth, $49.95 2010 (ML)

Never-before published census taken in 1881

“A work of major importance and one that is highly recommended” —North Dakota History Following Sitting Bull’s surrender to the United States Army in 1881, the Indian Division of the United States Census Office conducted a full and detailed census of the Sioux Indians at Standing Rock Indian Agency in central Dakota Territory. This census is the most complete and accurate account of Sitting Bull’s followers at the time of surrender. Dickson’s book provides researchers and historians with an unrivaled resource with which to assess and analyze this group of American Indians, and it offers a remarkable snapshot of Lakota families and communities. Ephriam D. Dickson III is curator of the Fort Douglas Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah. A native of northwestern Nebraska and a graduate of Chadron State College, he has written a number of articles on Lakota history.

Free shipping on orders over $30 | 23

A Marvelous Hundred Square Miles Black Hills Tourism, 1880–1941

Beyond Mount Rushmore Other Black Hills Faces

Hard Knocks A Life Story of the Vanishing West

Suzanne Barta Julin

Edited and with an introduction by Mary A. Kopco

Harry (“Sam”) Young Introduction by James D. McLaird 240 pages, 5 x 7 inches 15 b/w photographs ISBN 0-9749195-1-9 paper, $17.95 2005 (BL)

Caves, camping, and carving in the Black Hills

352 pages, 6 x 9 inches 133 b/w photographs and illustrations, map, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9822749-6-5 paper, $19.95 2010 (ML)

Award of Merit—American Association for State and Local History, 2010

Exploring the Black Hills through memoirs, biographies, and diaries

Finalist, Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards, 2010

Beyond Mount Rushmore is “an excellent historical primary source.” —The Midwest Book Review

240 pages, 7 ¼ x 9 ¼ inches 73 b/w photographs and illustrations, maps, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9798940-6-0 cloth, $25.95 2009 (ML)

“Julin’s book is wonderfully punctuated throughout with more than seventy black and white photographs.”—Kansas History “These compelling stories of the development of the Black Hills are brilliantly rendered by Julin.” —Western Historical Quarterly Julin examines the early influences that helped create a prosperous tourist industry in the Black Hills between the 1880s and the start of World War II. Suzanne Barta Julin is an award-winning author, born and raised in South Dakota. She received her Ph.D. from Washington State University in Pullman.

The essays in Beyond Mount Rushmore introduce the lives, hopes, dreams, and realities of ten less-well-known faces. Authors consider everything from the gold rush of the mid-1870s all the way through to the search for log-cabin isolation in the late-twentieth century. Editor Mary A. Kopco selected the essays and wrote an introduction providing the context for each “face,” and weaving the common and uncommon threads that bind the years, themes, and personalities together. Kopco is director of the Adams Museum & House in Deadwood, South Dakota, and is an author and historical consultant.

Memoir of the last man to serve Wild Bill Hickok a drink

“Amusing, informative writing filled with original detail, this book makes a great addition to any collector’s Old West library.”—Chronicle of the Old West “Hard Knocks is a wonder to read and a reminder of the glory and sometimes gory days of the Wild West.” —Deadwood Magazine Hard Knocks is an “entertaining read.” —The Chronicles of Oklahoma Harry (“Sam”) Young left New York in 1862, at age fourteen, to see the Wild West he had read about in dime novels. Here, he recounts his memories of those adventurefilled years, including his eyewitness account of Wild Bill Hickok’s murder at Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood, South Dakota. Classic/Best Seller

Gold, Gals, Guns, Guts A History of Deadwood, Lead, and Spearfish, 1874–1976 Edited and with an introduction by Bob Lee 260 pages, 8.5 x 10 inches 171 b/w photographs, 29 drawings, 3 maps ISBN 0-9715171-8-5 paper, $24.95 2004 (1976) (C)

The dramatic and dangerous early years of the Black Hills

“Gold, Gals, Guns, Guts is informative, entertaining, and an all-round good read.”—Roundup Magazine Gold, Gals, Guns, Guts recounts the history of Deadwood, Lead, and Spearfish from the Custer Expedition in 1874 to the United States Bicentennial in 1976. Bob Lee’s introduction details the changes in the area since the book was originally published, including the return of gambling to Deadwood.

24 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

Classic/Best Seller

Cowboy Life The Letters of George Philip Edited and with an introduction by Cathie Draine Afterword by Richard W. Slatta Illustrated by Mick B. Harrison 384 pages, 6 x 9 inches 20 b/w illustrations, 2 b/w photographs, maps, appendix, bibliography, index ISBN 978-0-9777955-1-2 cloth, $25.95 ISBN 978-0-9822749-9-6 ebook (epub/mobi), $11.95 2007 (C)

Small-town Boy, Small-town Girl Growing Up in South Dakota, 1920–1950

Dakota An Autobiography of a Cowman

Eric B. Fowler and Sheila Delaney Edited and with an introduction by Molly P. Rozum

W. H. Hamilton Introduction by Thomas D. Isern Foreword by Virginia Hamilton Baldwin

260 pages, 6 x 9 inches 21 b/w photographs, index ISBN 978-0-9798940-7-7 paper, $17.95 2009 (ML)

204 pages, 6 x 9 inches 9 b/w photographs, map ISBN 0-9622621-5-3 paper, $16.95 1998 (1941) (BL)

Childhood memories from differing perspectives

Ranching on the Dakota frontier

Real cowboy life on South Dakota’s open range

Gold Medal, Midwest Best Regional Non-fiction—IPPY Awards, Independent Publisher, 2010

Award of Merit—American Association for State and Local History, 2008

“If you like nostalgia or history, this is for you.”—Omaha World Herald

“Each [letter] is virtually a mini-essay designed to extol the realities of cowboy life.”—True West

“Both [memoirs] offer incredible insight into a time that changed America forever.”—Nebraska History

“An entertaining and insightful look into the day-to-day life of a cowboy.” —Reference & Research Book News

Eric Fowler and Sheila Delaney lived distinct lives and looked at their communities from different viewpoints, but their childhood and young adult memories of South Dakota share common themes of life away from the farm.

“Cowboy Life is unabashed and real.” — reviewer Rattlesnakes and ornery horses, the dreaded Texas itch, midnight rambles in graveyards, trips to Mexico, and hard riding on the last open range: George Philip recounts all these adventures and more with wit and humor. Editor Cathie Draine is George Philip’s granddaughter. She contributes a weekly column to the Rapid City Journal.

Award-winning editor Molly P. Rozum is associate professor of history at the University of South Dakota. She provides the introduction for this book, drawing the two stories together.

“A dandy account of a cowboy’s life in the 1880s and 1890s”—American Cowboy “Dakota is rich with the details of ranch life during the period.” —South Dakota Magazine “Those interested in getting not just an understanding but a feeling for what it was like to be a farmer and rancher on the late-nineteenth-century far western Dakota frontier will want to read this very readable autobiography.”—Annals of Wyoming

Fort Randall on the Missouri, 1856–1892 Jerome A. Greene 274 pages, 6 x 9 inches 43 b/w photographs, 7 maps, drawings, appendices ISBN 0-9777955-0-0 paper, $17.95 2005 (BL)

History of a frontier fort in its heyday

Award of Merit—American Association for State and Local History, 2006 “Fort Randall is a valuable addition for those interested in the Great Sioux War and regional history.” —The Journal of Military History “Fort Randall is engaging and comprehensive. Anyone interested in frontier military-Indian relations will find Greene’s work valuable reading.” —Nebraska History “Meticulously researched. . . . Jerome Greene has provided Fort Randall with the footnote in history that it so richly deserves.” —Little Big Horn Association Newsletter “Fort Randall is another coup for Jerome Greene.”—Roundup Magazine

Free shipping on orders over $30 | 25

The South Dakota State Capitol The First Century Marshall Damgaard Volume Four in the Historical Preservation Series ISBN 978-0-9798940-2-2 cloth, $29.95, 2008 (BL)

Waiting for Coyote’s Call An Eco-memoir from the Missouri River Bluff Jerry Wilson ISBN 978-0-9777955-8-1 cloth, $24.95, 2008 (BL)

Forgotten Lives African Americans in South Dakota Betti VanEpps-Taylor ISBN 978-0-9777955-5-0 paper, $17.95, 2008 (BL)

The Discontented Gopher L. Frank Baum Illustrated by Carolyn Digby Conahan First in the Prairie Tale Series ISBN 0-9749195-9-4 cloth, $14.95, 2006 (BL)

History of South Dakota Fourth Edition, Revised Herbert S. Schell Revised, with a new preface and new chapters, by John E. Miller ISBN 0-9715171-3-4 paper, $24.95, 2004 (C)

A South Dakota Guide New introduction by M. Lisle Reese From the WPA American Guide Series ISBN 0-9749195-3-5 paper, $24.95, 2005 (BL)

George McGovern A Political Life, A Political Legacy Edited by Robert P. Watson ISBN 0-9715171-6-9 paper, $19.95, 2004 (BL)

Peter Norbeck Prairie Statesman Gilbert Courtland Fite ISBN 0-9749195-0-0 paper, $17.95, 2005 (1948) (BL)

Ethnic Oasis The Chinese in the Black Hills Liping Zhu and Rose Estep Fosha ISBN 0-9715171-7-7 paper, $15.95, 2004 (BL)

Chasing the Glitter Black Hills Milling, 1874–1959 Richmond L. Clow ISBN 0-9715171-0-X cloth, $30.00, 2002 (BL)

Looking for History on Highway 14 John E. Miller ISBN 0-9622621-6-1 paper, $17.95, 2001 (1993) (BL)

26 | South Dakota State Historical Society Press |

South Dakota History The Journal of the South Dakota State Historical Society

Leadership in History Award —American Association for State and Local History, 2011 Now in its fifth decade of publication, the award-winning South Dakota History has published more than six hundred articles exploring the breadth and depth of history on the Northern Great Plains.

“Academic historians, libraries, and interested readers subscribe to South Dakota History because of its excellent, interesting, quality articles. It is a journal that is read before being put away on the shelf—a claim that few journals can make.” —Richmond L. Clow, Professor of Native American Studies, University of Montana, and editor of The Sioux in South Dakota History

A subscription to South Dakota History is a benefit of membership in the South Dakota State Historical Society, which explores and preserves the state’s colorful culture and heritage. For membership information, visit or call (605) 773-6000. The South Dakota State Historical Society Press is now making more journal content conveniently available online than ever before. Visit to download and read all articles from volumes one through thirty-one and to access the searchable cumulative 1970–2010 index. Through its partnership with EBSCOhost, more-recent issues of South Dakota History are also available online to scholars and researchers nationwide.

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