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Exhibitors Form

Exhibitors Form







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partnerships and share your projects with the 20,000 expected visitors. Custom discounts will allow you to expose Floods in Pakistan, disasters in Japan, at low costs: find out more in the rest of the food crises in the Horn of Africa… Current packet. affairs lead us to multiply our efforts We look forward to meeting you on June 1, 2012, and improve our methods of serving for our Professionals’ Morning, followed by our traditional opening. disadvantaged populations.

Exhibitors Form


A benchmark event in the field of international solidarity, the Solidarity Fair is the link between you, members of an NGO, and the Fair’s ever-increasing public. The Professionals’ Morning, the “Contact’thé” Breakfast, the Map of Solidarity in France, thematic areas… so much to discover during the 3 days of the Fair, in order to network, form new

Faramundi (Spain), one of our foreign exhibitors, reported on the last Fair: “Congratulations on creating and promoting such an important event, both in number of exhibitors and visitors. Our NGO, which came from far away, was well-received and got personalized support from the organization and other exhibitors. This fair is a must to meet new donators and beneficiaries of aid and humanitarian projects. It helped us find partners, meet new NGOs working in the same or complementary sectors, and it enabled us to share ideas and projects. We hope we’ll be able to come next year to this fair, which offers all the benefits of an international fair in a city like Paris—where we were also very well received!”

About the Fair

A great success since 2007, the Solidarity Fair wishes to continue creating meetings and facilitating exchanges between the participants of international solidarity in 2012. Our team is pleased to introduce the 4th Edition of the Solidarity Fair which will be held on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2012 at Porte de Versailles (Paris). The Solidarity Fair is a must for supporters of international solidarity. It is a pool of professionals committed to the humanitarian and development sector. It draws its strength from a diversity of exhibitors. Whether you are an association, an NGO, an innovative company implementing a CSR approach, a collective, lenders, authorities… join us in 2012 to discover, meet, and exchange ideas with professionals of international solidarity and the public.

• • • • •


ated Workshops Technical and moder every individual r fo ed gn si de es nc Confere for professionals ’thé” to network ct ta A morning designed on “C t as kf ea br tors and the An evening for exhibi tions for you Communication solu

If you want more informations, please contact: Hind Gouich, Exhibitors Relationship Officer Tel : ( +0033) (3) 88 26 26 26


it The Solidarity Fair,

to 3 good reasons present

for a generous breakfast. An important meeting to foster network-building The Pro area: provides an opportunity for exchange with future partners over 3 days in a friendly setting. The Press area: meet journalism partners to advertize your organization. The Job area: find qualified workers to complement your staff

Broaden your horizons Resources and experts are at your disposal during the three days of the Fair in order to expand your knowledge:

Exhibitors Form


As a crossroads of meetings and exchanges, the Solidarity Fair suits all different kinds of groups working towards international solidarity. In order to meet your needs and those of the public, we provide you with a program geared to your precise needs.

Extend your network The Solidarity Fair enables you to extend your network, a key to the success of your NGO. The Professionals’ Morning: closed to the public, Friday morning will be entirely dedicated to you. Round tables and specific conferences will be the highlights of the morning. The Exhibitors’ Evening: on Saturday evening, exhibitors will be able to enjoy a real relaxing moment on board a barge in the center of Paris. Breakfast “Contact’thé”: a fair-trade breakfast on Sunday morning exclusively designed for the managers of the presenting groups (1 pass delivered during registration). The fair offers you the opportunity to meet with other exhibitors

. . . .

Professionalization workshops Conferences Round tables Web area

Raise public awareness Present your actions throughout the 6000 m2 of the Fair. • Thematic areas: an opportunity for you to increase your visibility by joining other exhibitors working in the same field and offer comprehensive information to the public. • Screening area: display your projects on a large screen. • Exhibition area: photos, arts and crafts, paintings… expose your artistic talents or those of your partners! • Activity area: theater, dance… Give your imagination free reign to promote your projects.


at Our know-how your service

Our team is ready to help you The Solidarity Fair, a link between ASAH and HUMANIS ASAH coordinated and animated the 2005 and 2006 editions of the “SALON NATIONAL DE L’HUMANITAIRE” in Pontoise. For more information about ASAH: HUMANIS organized 10 editions of the “FORUM HUMANI-TERRE” in Strasbourg and created European meetings. For more information about HUMANIS: List of members of the steering committee The Fair organization is led by a committee of national organizations working in the solidarity sector. Commissions provide technical support for communication, conferences and animation. Below is the list of the current steering committee members: Altermondes, Bioforce, Coordination Sud, France Volontaires, IRCOM - Institut Pédro de Béthancourt, Passerelles et compétences, La Guilde européenne du Raid, Résonnances humanitaires, Secours catholique, URD, Ville de Paris, FORIM

Exhibitors Form


If you have any question about this form, please contact: • Hind Gouich/Exhibitors relationship officer • • Tel : (0033) (0)3 88 26 26 26

ion, Our communicat your promotion

Our communication media will be at your disposal during your stay at the Solidarity Fair • • • • •

Press releases and reviews Poster campaign in Paris Leaflet campaign on a national level Partnerships with local and national radios “The Guide to the fair,” including an exhaustive list of exhibitors, is offered to each visitor • A well-visited website: 50,000 visitors in 2010 and our newsletter (Glob’Note) sent to 18,000 members. • Large publication of the event on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo…) • Publication of your RSS feeds on the website:


Media Partners in 2010

Practical information

Opening and Set up schedules

Exhibitors will have access to their stands one hour before opening to the public

10 Exhibitors Form

Exhibition place, Porte de Versailles

Technical Information

Description of the stands Size Different stand sizes are offered to exhibitors: 4 m² / 6m² / 9m² / 18m²/ 36 m² We offer many options to ensure that every different need and budget of the organizations working for the international solidarity will be met. Please take note that 4m² stands come in a limited number. Sides: A simple stand has only one side opened to the public (1st picture below). Stands with several open sides are more expensive because they offer better visibility. As it requires different spatial organization, their number is limited. See below for examples of our stands Basic Stands 1.





Basic stand details: 2,40m high melamine walls Fitted carpet floor Front sign with the name of the exhibitor and number of the stand 1 table and 2 folding chairs Design is left to the exhibitors (boards and posters can be affixed to the walls with Blu-Tack or adhesive tape, it is forbidden to drill holes into the wall). Decoration shall respect the Fair’s rules and regulations (see end of document). Extra furniture and options (by request) An exhaustive list of extra furniture and options will be sent by request and without delay Furniture


• Extra tables • Extra chairs • Other furniture

• Extra open side on the stand • Electric panel • Lighting Track: 2 spots (for 4 and 6 m2 stands), 3 spots (for 9 m2 stands or more) • Power supply for the lighting track • Internet Connection • Parking space


llation Electrical insta on the stands

Lighting Organizers assume responsibility for general lighting for the Fair. Exhibitors assume responsibility for the lighting of their stand. Two options are offered to exhibitors: - One lighting track with a simple electrical panel supporting the lighting for the stand and power supply for extra equipment (computer, projector‌); - One lighting track with multiple electrical panels, which shares lighting with three other stands and, consequently, the cost. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to plug other equipment into the multiple electrical panels.

Electrical equipment plugs

Exhibitors Form


Might you require extra electrical equipment on your stand? A simple electrical panel (between 3 and 20 Kw) can support normal equipment (except electrical appliances). Each electrical panel can only support electricity for a single stand (fire safety standards), and it is strictly forbidden to plug other equipment into multiple electrical panels. This would leave the Fair at risk of a general power failure. Price for a single electrical panel includes rent of the equipment, installation and dismantling, and electricity supply during the Fair. Connections and installation of extra equipment are assumed by the exhibitor. Please bring extension cords and multiple plugs if necessary. The exhibitor should check the power of any equipment he wishes to use to determine which electrical panel he should rent (from 3 to 20 kw).

t y, Cleaning, securi insurance


Organizers assume the cleaning of common areas (aisles, common spaces, entrance, toilets and parking lot). Exhibitors shall assume the cleaning of stands.


Organizers assume responsibility for general security of the Fair during set up, running, and dismantling of the event. Please note that is it difficult to ensure strict control of entries during set up and dismantling. Exhibitors are asked to be particularly vigilant. During opening hours of the Fair, exhibitors are asked to present an entrance badge: exhibitors’ badges are given during set up.


Organizers provide the exhibitors with civil liability but cannot be held responsible for theft or damages that may occur during set up, dismantling, exposition, or Exhibitors’ Evening. Exhibitors must purchase their own exposition insurance in order to insure their equipment. In order to avoid potential theft, it is forbidden to receive visitors at stands after 19:00, and we recommend exhibitors with a cash register remain vigilant.

Rates for exhibitors

Our discounts: . Discount 1 : 10% off for any registration before December 15, 2011 . Discount 2: 5% off for exhibitors of the 2010 Fair . Discount 3: 15% off for partner organizations (Discounts can be combined)


*In a limited number, subject to availability

Rent for a basic stand from June 1-3, 2012 includes the following: . 100 invitations (unit value 5€) . Voucher “1 ticket purchased = 1 ticket free” to publish in your newsletters or publications. . 2 ‘Exhibitors’ badges (please inform us of the number of extra badges required) . 1 pass for the Breakfast “Contact’thé” . Personal section on the website . Presentation of your organization in the Fair Guide . Free entrance to the Pro Area and Press Area . Free entrance to the Job Area (on registration) . Opportunity to take part in the events (on registration)

The Event at a Glance

• • • • • •

Exhibitors Form


arités n des Solid lo a S : e m a N , 2012 2.2 e 1,2, and 3 ailles, Hall Dates: Jun rs e V e d e s, Port 0 Place: Pari hibitors: 18 x e f o r e b um .000 Expected n visitors: 20 f anis o r e b m u H and Hum A S A s Expected n rm o n: the platf Organisatio

heir logo t e v a h l il w r e t is g The first 35 to re the event! f o e it s b e w e h t n displayed o www.salondessolid


-10% off the usual price if payment procedure is concluded before the December 15, 2011 ay 7, 2012

ation: M Deadline for registr

Contact : cer tors relationship offi Hind Gouich – Exhibi s c/o Humanis Salon des Solidarité 0 SCHILTIGHEIM 7, rue du Héron 6730


darites li o s s e d n lo a s @ t n a s expo

Application form Please return the completed form, together with the Rental Agreement, and the paycheck to: Salon des Solidarités c/o Humanis – 7 rue du Héron – 67300 Schiltigheim. The following information is confidential. It ensures that organizers know the exhibitors. Only the fields marked with an asterisk will be published in our communication media (Fair Guide, Website, posters, etc.).



Exhibitors Form


RENTAL AGREEMENT To be returned fully completed and attached to the registration form and cheque to Salon Des Solidarités c/o Humanis – 7 rue du Héron – 67300 SCHILTIGHEIM See the exhibitors’ rates on page 13 to fill in your rental agreement. See the exhibitors’ rates on page 13 to fill in your rental agreement.


Please send me the list of furniture and extra options for a future order (circle your answer) YES NO In signing this contract, the organization .............................................., represented by ..........................., agrees to respect the regulations of Salon Des Solidarités, the rules set out in the Exhibitors’ File, and the instructions established by the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles, Paris. Read and agreed on: Signature:

Your registration will be valid only after reception of payment by cheque or transfer of all services ordered in the rental agreement.

General Rules and Regulations for the Solidarity Fair 2012 General Rules and Regulations in French shall be the authoritative text.

Article 1: General Provisions

The “Salon des Solidarités 2012” is a Fair held in the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, Paris, and open to French or foreign organizations working in the international solidarity sector. It will be held on June 1, 2, and 3, 2012. Topics are: humanitarian aid, development, cooperation, fair-trade, innovations, volunteering, and expatriation sectors. The Salon des Solidarités is co-organized by ASAH and HUMANIS through the collegial association “Salon des Solidarities” located at 181 Avenue Daumesnil 75012 Paris. Decree n°2006-1386 of the 11/15/2006 on smoking bans in public spaces applies to this event.

Article 2: Place, Dates, and Hours of exposition

Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, Paris- hall 2.2 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris Set up: June 1, 2010 from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Open to exhibitors, press and elected representatives: June 1, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; Open to the public: June 1, 2010 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., June 2, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., June 3 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., dismantling June 3 from 7:00 p.m. to midnight

Article 3: Conditions for Participation

By signing the registration form, the exhibitor and his/her associates or representatives agree to comply with the all regulations and requirements mentioned here and the general organization requirements. Furthermore, they acknowledge and will comply without restriction with all requirements published by Société Viparis of the Parc Expo; Porte de Versailles, Paris.

Article 4: Admission

Organizers retain all capacity to accept admissions and allocate stands. Their decision is final and needs not be justified in any way.

Article 5: Registration

Exhibitors Form


Registration forms for the “Salon des Solidarités” must be sent to: Association Salon des Solidarités c/o Association Humanis – 7, rue du Héron – 67300 Schiltigheim It must include: . The Registration Form duly completed . The Rental Agreement duly completed and signed . Payment by check or transfer payable to “Salon des Solidarités” for the total cost of all services ordered Organizers will confirm the registration by mail which will include an assigned number of exhibitor. Contract becomes effective on reception of the assigned number of exhibitor. Registration opens on September 30, 2011. Payment is due after conclusion of the contract. Without prejudice to the law, organizers can cancel the contract: - In case of payment default by the exhibitor - If the exhibitor doesn’t respect the aforementioned rules and regulations

Article 6: Information given

Exhibitor must inform the organizers of any factor or event that may occur after registration that might warrant reexamination of said registration. In this context, the organizers reserve the right to ask for further information, at any moment, and if appropriate, to revoke a decision of admission made on misleading or incorrect information, or information that has become incorrect. In this context, payment cannot be reimbursed. Rights resulting from the registration are personal and non transferrable. Successful registration does not imply any right of admission to a later event.

Article 7: Third party participation

Free or not free promotion or publicity of any kind in any form is strictly forbidden for non-exhibiting organizations.

Article 8: Catering

Only organizers are entitled to sell catering services (reception, cocktails, caterer ) and consumables.

Article 9: Stands

The Salon des Solidarités provides stands with variable surfaces to exhibitors. Organizers set up the layout of the event and allocate the stands. The allocation is conducted under three criteria:

- Classification of the organizations into sectors (projects/resources/providers), for a better understanding by the public of the diversity of the international solidarity participants; - Implementation of other events areas at the Fair; - Equipment limitations of a number of stands (lighting, etc.). The exhibitor can inform the organizers of which organizations he would prefer to have as neighboring stands. Organizers reserve the right to change, at any time they deem necessary and in the interest of the event, the disposition and allocation of the surfaces. In the case of an exhibitor’s allocated space not being available for any reason not attributable to the organizers, the exhibitor has right to ask for reimbursement of the price of the rent for the stand, minus damages.

Article 10: Layout and running of the stands

Exhibitors shall, prior to occupancy of a stand, be aware of the location of the different safety installations near the stand. They shall take, during occupancy of the stand, all necessary measures to ensure that fire hoses and hydrants stay permanently available. Penalties are to be imposed for any abusive use of safety equipment. Exhibitor is responsible for his stand and his equipment: organizers will not be liable for any actual theft or damage of the stands during hours open to the public. For safety and health reasons, animals are not allowed in the exhibition hall. Electrical sockets and electricity consumption on individual stands are to be ordered on the renting contract. Organizers are allowed to control the installations. Exhibitors shall remain responsible for any rented equipment. Exhibitors shall assume the cleaning of the stands. No stand shall be dismantled or emptied before the end of the Fair (Sunday, June 8, at 7:00 p.m.).

Article 11: Intellectual and other rights

Exhibitors shall take, prior to the event, all measures regarding protection of intellectual equipment, products, or services that they will present (patents, brands, models) in accordance with all applicable legal provisions. Organizers assume no responsibility in case of dispute with another exhibitor or visitor. Exhibitors shall deal directly with the SACEM for any music broadcasting and/or use during the event, even for simple performances of audio material. Organizers assume no responsibility on this matter. Unacceptable goods can be removed by the organizers at exhibitor’s expense.

Article 12: Insurance

Damages, thefts and disasters shall be immediately reported to the Police department, to the insurance company, and to the organizers. Organizers are not liable for any damage or loss.

Article 13: Billing and payment conditions

Reception of the registration form, renting contract and check firmly commits the exhibitor to the organizers. Payment shall be made by check payable to “Salon des Solidarités” and sent to this address: Salon des Solidarités c/o Association Humanis – 23, rue Wodli – 67000 Strasbourg. No deposit will be accepted: payment must cover the whole amount plus VAT for the services provided. An invoice, confirming reception of payment, will be sent to exhibitors once their registration is approved. Potential claims regarding this invoice must be sent by mail in the month following reception of the invoice.

Article 14: Cancellation

Any cancellation request must be sent to “Salon des Solidarité” by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. In case of withdrawal after final allocation of stand(s), the whole rent is due by the exhibitor. However, in the case of a stand being reattributed, only 50% of the rent will be charged for administrative expenses. In case of non-compliance with clauses and conditions of the contract regarding the payment, organizers are entitled to cancel the contract with immediate effect. In this case, no amount shall be reimbursed.

Article 15: Parking and delivery areas

Maximal speed allowed inside Viparis premises is 20km/h. Parking is not allowed, even for brief periods of time, outside of parking areas and car parks. Caravans and mobile homes are not allowed on the site. Parking is forbidden on fire routes or security services routes. While open to the public, parking and loading/unloading are not allowed around the buildings nor on safety zones. Vehicles failing to comply shall be removed without notice and brought to an appropriate area. Costs of removal of the vehicle shall be paid by the offender and are to be paid before reclamation of the vehicle. Organizers and Viparis are not liable for any theft or damages of any kind caused to the parked vehicles or for any material or physical accident during parking.


Organizers provide civil liability for any damage on public spaces (aisles, event areas, etc.). This insurance does not cover exhibitors or their stands. Exhibitors must purchase their own exposition insurance covering theft, fire, and water damages.

Article 16: Other clauses 16-1: Reservations and changes in the schedule

In case of unforeseen events not attributable to the organizers, they are allowed to: 1) Cancel the Fair. In this case the amounts paid by the exhibitors will be reimbursed. 2) Reduce or extend the length of the Fair. In this case, exhibitors shall not be able to claim for a modification of the contract allowing them to ask for a reduction of the participation costs. 16-2: Owner’s rights Organizers exercise the right of owners in the entire exhibition area during set up, dismantling and throughout the event.

16-3: Extinctive Prescription

Claims from exhibitors to organizers expire 3 months after the Fair. Limitation delay begins from the end of the month in which the closing day of the Fair falls.

16-4: Contractual Documents

Only documents in the French language, and in particular these rules and regulations, shall be authoritative. Translations are given as a guide only. 16-5: Relevant courts and places For all mutual legal obligations, all relevant courts and places shall be those in Paris, or, if the organizers so choose, the exhibitor’s headquarters. French law is applicable.

Exhibitors Form



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