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India, the next superpower and the one that provides highest quality of life to its countrymen, has a dream that each one of us share. But to convert that dream into reality, it is imperative that we come up with path breaking innovations and instill a passion to innovate amongst our students – India’s future. And this is exactly what Young Scientist Club, an a initiative of SDRO aims to do. Young Scientist Club is founded by SDRO (Scientific Development and Research Organ Organization) with a council of Scientists entists and Educators. Our curriculum enables children to begin to think and act like scientists. The participating student gets interacted with scientists of famous research organizations and institutions along with research projects such as Global Warming Warmin Solutions, Rain Water Harvesting Systems, Energy Saving Solutions and developing various gadgets based on Robotics, Nano technology, Remote Sensing etc. Each participant has to select a topic to do research project along with their club modules. Hence with with our sharp curriculum we cultivate students to have fun with science and benefit society with their research activities and projects.

Our Objectives: •

To create interest in latest inventions and discoveries of science in various fields and to get acquainted with the life history and contributions of great scientists.

To create interest in scientific facts and events related to one's surroundings.

To provide proper incentive and inspiration for the pursuit of scientific knowledgee in vigorous way by broadening students scientific outlook.

To provide opportunities for bringing school close to the society and to acquaint the student with the services and contribution of the science in their life.

Safe, fun and educational Innovation: Innovation SDRO will provide a wealth of resources that are safe, fun and educational for the students. School can expect them to find d reliable information on science related topics, as well as hands-on hands activities, research projects, conferences and interactions.

Focus Sectors:

Who Can Apply?

Students of Grade 6th to Grade 12th can register and participate in the club. Membership Fee – Rs 3800/Membership Duration – 1 Year

Research & Education

1. Research and Experiments 2. National Young Scientist Conferences Conference 3. Robotics 4. Electronics 5. Sustainable Energy 6. Global Environmental Change 7. Nano Technology 8. Astronomy 9. Challenges and Competitions 10. Hands on activities with coolest take home projects 11. Deep Sky Observation 12. Freedom and Responsibility 13. Universality of Science S 14. Others: Innovation pertaining to a sector, which would directly benefit the population or indirectly creates / improves the environment that improves lives.

Education is the greatest gift that anyone can receive because it has cascading effect on the society at large. But education is not just books it is building up of character, sowing seeds of value, empathy, equity and integrity. It is laying down of a sound sound foundation for a firm society and offering opportunities to all, preparing our children to face the ever changing world by equipping them with the required skills. SDRO is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment that involves each student studen in a wide range of research and learning experiences. Our Curricula is designed to provide a balance of academic, artistic and social opportunities thereby encouraging students to lift their aspirations to the highest of their capabilities and interests.

Celebrating Science,, Inspiring Inspiring Innovation, Sharing Solution!!! Solution

Our Executive Board (CEO,MIL,CP-USA)

Scientist BARC


Martin Perlmutter President,Interactive Learning Board,SDRO

Abhijit Bhattacharya Chief Mentor of Young Scientist Club

Prof. Kailash Srivastava (IIT, Karagpur) Research Projects Developer, SDRO Sanjeev Bhardwaj (Innov. Mathematician) Research Projects Developer, SDRO To know more about us and our team log on or call +91 11 64 69 21 38.

Young Scientist Club Founding Members

Scientific Development and

Research Organization (SDRO) Foundation for Budding Scientist (FBS)

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For further information, please contact: Information Desk Scientific Development and Research Organization Dwarka, New Delhi -110077 Phone: 011 64692138 Email: To know more and apply to the program, please log on to:

Sr.Jury,Budding Scientist Award (FBS) (Director,Edupreneur)

Young Scientist Club  

The Complete Research and Develipement Club.

Young Scientist Club  

The Complete Research and Develipement Club.