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NEWS LETTER, SEPTEMBER 2012 Mrs. Revati Singh, Sr. Service consultant

India’s demographic transition is an extraordinary moment in world history. Today, over 600 million young people, or more than 1 in 2 Indians, are below the age of 25. In 15 years, this number is set to touch 700 million, making India the largest community of youth anywhere in the world. 

The Big Bang Theory challenged

SDRO with a mission to develop scientific platform for young minds in the country is on the

by James Quach and team. 



with a team of


Mars Science Laboratory-A Symbol

Engineers and many more of the passionate

of Success

science researchers and educators is cultivating










young minds with the services such as, Astronomy




Workshop, The Budding Scientist Award, Nano School, Indore (MP). 

Indian education system tainted

Technology Research Project, Robotics Handson Activity e.t.c.

with a few blemishes.

October, 20112

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RESEARCH UPDATES The Big Bang Theory Challenged Dr. James Quach

Ancient Greek philosophers wondered what matter was made of: was it made of a continuous substance or was it made of individual atoms? With very powerful microscopes, we now know that matter is made of atoms. "Thousands of years later, Albert Einstein assumed that space and time were continuous and flowed smoothly, but we now believe that this assumption may not be valid at very small scales. The start of the Universe should be modeled not as a Big Bang but more like water freezing into ice, according to a team of theoretical physicists. They have suggested that by investigating the cracks and crevices common to all crystals -- including ice -- our understanding of the nature of the Universe could be revolutionized. This is not just a challenge on a theory; it is a challenge on the study of many great scientist of the world.

Mars Science Laboratory-A Symbol of Success Mars


Laboratory (MSL)


a robotic space

probe mission to Mars launched by NASA on November 26, 2011,which successfully landed Curiosity, a Mars rover, in Gale Crater on August 6, 2012.The overall objectives



Mars' habitability,

studying its climate and geology, and collecting data for a manned mission to Mars. The rover carries a variety of scientific instruments designed by an International team. Curiosity is about twice as long and five times as heavy as

the Spirit and Opportunity Mars



payloads of earlier U.S. Mars missions, and carries over ten times the mass of scientific instruments.MSL successfully carried out a more accurate landing than previous spacecraft to Mars, aiming for a small target landing ellipse of only 7 by 20 km (4.3 by 12 mi),in the Aeolis Palus region of Gale Crater.

October, 20112

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INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM TAINTED WITH A FEW BLEMISHES India is a promised land of scholars and saints. There has been no dearth of knowledge in India newsletter text here. since time immemorial. Indian civilization has been blessed with priceless knowledge of Vedas and Puranas. Coming all along with these Holy Scriptures, till the modern age of science and technology, India can be found nowhere legging behind. Nevertheless we need not deny the fact that, India still possesses some quarters where a bud of education is still to sprout. As India witnesses tremendous upheavals in Indian economy- a segment ascending, while another suffers heavy descend- Education system is also building similar pandemonium. Every year India produces thousands of brilliant assets from IITs, IISc, IIMs, AIMS, BITS and ISB, who glows in every sphere of modern world. India is going to experience a paradox of nearly 90 million people joining the workforce but most of them will lack requisite skills and the mindset for productive employment according to a report in DNA. India has about 550 million people under the age of 25 years out of which only 11% are enrolled in tertiary institutions compared to the world average of 23%. Concurrently, India still owns people in large numbers who are debarred of the basic education. Hence, in spite of its triumph in major areas, Indian Education System is tainted with a few blemishes.





Workshop was conducted at The Emeralds Height International School, Indore (M.P). Around 250 students of grade 5th to grade 12th participated in the workshop. The Students explored the world of space science with our Astronomy scientist and team. The Big Bang, Black Hole, Birth of the

We hope government will take certain appropriate policy measures to improve the education system otherwise inequalities are going to be widespread and India’s basic capabilities will remain stunted.

Planets, Construction of Time machine was

Let us strengthen the case for a stronger education system.

hands on activities.

October, 20112

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the topics that involved students in various

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