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Ask today How can local community foundations capitalize on the transfer of wealth? They must ask for the donation. This is the bottomline responsibility of local boards of directors of foundations. Without the initiative, planning and follow-up by the board, the opportunity to increase the assets of the foundation will pass, and with it, the chance for the hometown to benefit.

Other ways to grow community foundations: Being included in an estate plan, or the beneficiary of a real estate gift, are two important ways for local endowments to grow significantly. This happens as a result of meeting one-on-one with a potential donor and also making contact with financial planners. However, foundation growth also is aided by other means: • Founders clubs

• Challenge grants

• Special events

• Memorial gifts

• Direct mail solicitation • Matching grants for employees • Grants from other foundations

The bottom line For today’s community foundations, the time to grow is now. The opportunity will never be better than it is today. To ensure that

Steps local boards must take:

hometowns have a chance to survive and even prosper, the hometown foundation is of vital importance.

• Set the goal • Identify potential donors • Identify which board members will make specific asks from the list • Identify those outside the board who can assist with the asks • Meet monthly to evaluate the progress • Celebrate the success

Bob Sutton, President South Dakota Community Foundation 207 East Capitol | P.O. Box 296 Pierre, SD 57501-0296 (605) 224-1025 or 1-800-888-1842

Now is the Time!

Success Stories

Community foundations across the state and nation

Alcester: This community of 880 has an

These communities

are coming to the realization that the time to build

endowed foundation of nearly $1 million,

-- and others -- have

their endowments is now.

thanks in part to the Peterson twins,

actively pushed for

who bequeathed more than $500,000 to

larger endowments

The reason? Diplomatically put, time is marching on

the foundation. One exciting aspect of

so that they are

for World War II, Korean War and even Vietnam War

community foundations is that they can

better able to

generations. They either have made plans to transfer

expect donations – large and small – if

influence their

the wealth resulting from years of hard work, or

they are active in asking for support.

communities. Instead of being limited to an annual disbursement of $5,000

those plans are being drawn up at this moment.

with a $100,000 endowment, Britton,

Freeman: Contributions of more than In South Dakota, an average of $760 million will


for example, has been able to gift

move each year from the present generation to the

allowed the Freeman Community

approximately $50,000 a year with its

next. If just 5 percent was captured for community

Foundation to grow to more than half a


foundations over the next 10 years, a $280 million

million dollars. This community of 1,300

endowment would be created. Imagine the impact

has more growth ahead.

300,000 by the John Walz family have

1 million endowment.

The impact is significant. Consider what Britton has been

that would have on cities and towns in South Dakota.

Opportunity Knocks Communities have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to raise funds for their foundations. This is borne out in the widely reported Transfer of Wealth study. South Dakota residents are transferring $38 billion to $42 billion in assets as this is written. The transfer has already begun and will continue into coming decades. This transfer of wealth is largely in the form of land and other personal property. It is being transferred by senior citizens and local community foundations must act now if they are to benefit from these transfers.

Britton: Horton Industries is a major

able to accomplish. The Britton Area Foundation

and regular donor to the local foundation in

has committed nearly $100,000 to the health

Britton, population 1,300, which has close to $1

and wellness center there, with donations to

million in its endowment. Former South Dakota

be spread out over six years. It bequeathed

Governor Frank Farrar was a major player behind


50,000 to the fire department, with the gift to

the launch of the Britton Community Foundation,

be completed in 2010. And it provided about

which has been instrumental in important


100,000 for the new community swimming pool.

community projects that otherwise never would have become reality.

All are major “quality of life” projects for Britton, and all would have been much more difficult to

Miller: This community of

attain without the community foundation. The

1,500 has a Community

improvements not only enhance quality of life,

Savings Account of nearly

they improve the overall community economic


climate and spawn a feeling of positive belief in

an active campaign to increase

the hometown.

500,000 and is in the midst of

that amount.

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Growing your local CSA  

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