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International Missions Report A report from the missions to Uganda

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Local Missions Ministers Spread Christmas Cheer at Jackson Square Nursing Home

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Seven Prophetic Promises by Pastors Curtis and Linda Stennis Given November, 2005

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Current Events

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Victory Sunday, 2006 Highlights from our New Years Prophetic and Anointing Service

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Photo Credit: From the mountain of Mt. Elgon, a view of the banana fields. Kapchorwa, Uganda. Page 1—The Set Times


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Pastors Curt and Linda Stennis traveled to Africa on January 2—10 as the guest speakers for the 12th Annual Greater Works Conference. The mission trip began with a full day in London, England. There, the team toured Central London viewing Kensington Palace and other famous sites. Uganda itself is known as Africa’s “friendliness country” because of its tradition of hospitality common to its culturally diverse populace. This amiable quality extends to every beautiful city beginning with Entebbe which has a modern international airport. Host Pastor Tom Godwin (a member of In Covenant Ministries Fellowship) has been planning this week long conference since the Summer of 2005. To accommodate the thousands from surrounding cities the event was held at the

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Sebei College in Kapchorwa. Kapchorwa is a city built 7,000 feet above sea level on beautiful Mt. Elgon. The host hotel was located on one of the peaks of Mt. Elgon. People came from far and near to pack the Big Gospel Tent’s three daily sessions and workshops. On Thursday afternoon there were workshops for Pastors, their wives, church leaders and civic and business leaders. The Holy Spirit through the gifts of Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge ministered healing and deliverance in the special evening service. Many were healed of back conditions, kidney and stomach problems, throat conditions, arthritic pain in the limbs, skin rashes and eye conditions. Many people came to the stage to describe their condition and testify of their

miraculous healing. The conference closed with prayer and anointing with oil for all on Friday evening. On Saturday the team went on a mountain climbing expedition to Mount Elgon’s second highest peak. There they viewed the city below, the picturesque Sipi Falls and the beautiful banana plantations. There were two dynamic services at host Pastor Tom Godwin’s Christ Glorious Church on Sunday. There was standing-room-only in both services. Kim Franklin and Deacon Sherman Taylor (our ministry team) assisted in teaching classes during the conference. The also shared in the ministry in the Sunday afternoon service. The trip concluded with a day of souvenir shopping in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Pastor Linda, Pastor Francis Mutabizi (Christ Fellowship Church, Rwanda), Host Pastor Tom Godwin (Christ Glorious Church, Uganda) and Pastor Curt

Planning has already begun to accommodate more people in the 2007 Conference.

Testimonial Letter From Our Host, Pastor Tom Godwin Dear Pastor Curt and Linda Stennis, With much humility I want to say on behalf of my family, The Greater Works Conference and Christ Glorious Church , thank you for accepting to obey God to come over to Uganda . During our discussions we never knew exactly what God would do through your prophetic ministry. Now we are overwhelmed beyond accountability to say what the Lord did. The great ministry of the Holy Ghost to teach, prophesy, heal, deliver and diverse miracles are all clear witness of the Lord’s confirmation of His work and your relationship with us. The Lord is great and worthy to be praised all the time. Despite of the over shooting

budget for the conference there are things that the Lord did that would never have been possible had we not obeyed the Lord to organize this conference and your obedience. Testimonies are still coming in. The Lord’s name is glorified and all those who stood with you and us during this time are encouraged. The world will know that God has chosen you and given you an anointing for the nations of the world. God bless you much

Pastor Curt and Pastor Tom Godwin on the second highest peak on Mount. Elgon

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How Wonderful It Is To Hear Of What The Lord Has Done! Juliet one day woke up only to discover her hand was in so much pain. Many times it would get paralyzed. This condition continued for three years. But during the time of the ministry by Pastors Curtis and Linda Stennis she was miraculously healed and she praises the Lord for that miracle.

Thursday was a great evening as the presence of God was so heavy in the conference. There were many that God healed that night. There was an elderly lady who had trouble with her left leg. I was told by the pastors that she was going through terrible pain that at one point , they had been called to pray for her in a private room before the Stennis’ arrived. The same pain continued until that evening when God revealed to the Stennis during healing ministry of the same case and immediately she got healed and began to praise the Lord. She is still praising God to this day.

Top Photo: The Conference Choir Bottom Photo: Sherman Taylor along with his class of young men on the grounds of Sebei College.

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F or t he p as t year Ap ollo Chemandwa had funny blockage on his throat which made it difficult for him to swallow. He went to see doctors and specialists, yet the situation was not getting better. He decided to spend time in the conference during the times of prayer and fasting. On Sunday during the service God spoke through Pastors Stennis that God was healing someone with throat problem. There and then he got his miracle. HE IS TESTIFYING EVERYDAY TO GLORY OF GOD.

Pastors Curt and Linda on the construction site of the new Christ Glorious Church in Kapchorwa, along with precious little girls on their way to church

Sebei College Grounds in Kapchorwa, Uganda

Pastor Linda along with her interpreter leads the conference in worship.

Page 6—The Set Times

The Land is YOURS to POSSESS! Deuteronomy 1:8

He has made you the HEAD, NOT THE TAIL; ABOVE, NOT BENEATH! Deuteronomy 28:13

NO WEAPON formed against you shall PROSPER! Isaiah 54:17


You are GOD'S PROPERTY! You belong to HIM, not the devil! I Corinthians 6:19-20

IT'S HARVEST TIME!! You have a right to a harvest on the seeds you have sown to God! Malachi 3:10-11, Romans 4:17

God will NEVER leave you nor forsake you! He is your God, your Lord, and your PARTNER For LIFE! Hebrews 13:5 Given by Pastors Curt and Linda Stennis November 6, 2005 Page 8—The Set Times

The New Year at Salvation and Deliverance began with excitement and cheer in our annual Victory Sunday service on Sunday, January 1. Members, friends and visitors came from throughout the surrounding cities and suburbs. The enthusiasm was great as entire families worshipped and rejoiced on the first day of the first week of the New Year. This service is characterized by our unity of wearing apparel that includes the color gold which represents “victory.” Everyone who attends arrives with great anticipation of receiving a fresh anointing, prayer, and prophetic insight for the coming year. According to the Word of the Lord spoken by Pastors Curtis and Linda, “2006 is the Year of Manifestation and Fulfillment.” Many promises God made in our lives years ago will come into fruition this year. Habakkuk 2:2 says "Write my answer on a billboard, large and clear, so that anyone can read it at a glance and rush to tell the others.” It is time to throw yourself a “coming out party” and declare your year of jubilee. Take your prophetic promises off the shelf. Take them out of your “hope chest” for this is the year of manifestations.

Mark Stennis exhorts the people in worship along with the members of the Salvation and Deliverance Praise Team.

Pastor and Mrs. Tom Lorek receive their fresh oil anointing and prophetic Word for 2006 from Pastors Stennis.

John-Paul Stennis and the members of the God Always Keeps His Promises Praise Dancers worship in an anointed dance to the music of Israel Houghton's “Away.” Page 10—The Set Times

The commission to “Go ye into all the word and preach the gospel” is the focal point of our missions and outreach. There are several groups that fulfill this call throughout the city and suburbs ministering weekly in correctional facilities, hospitals, senior care homes, homeless missions, women’s shelters and other locations. Periodically special services and events are held at these locations to encourage the participants. On December 26, 2005, a group of our Ministers took gifts of winter scarves and hats to the Jackson Square Nursing Home. in Chicago. There was plenty of Christmas cheer that filled the air and smiles galore as the residents received their gifts. The love and spirit of the Christmas season radiated throughout as all joined in and sang Christmas carols. The Ministers shared encouraging words and prayed for the residents. Please remember the elderly and homebound in your prayers.

Ministers Pictured: Doreen and Edwin Barber, Edward Tobar, Tunlisha Tobar, Clawdean Tobar, Phyllis Wade, and Chiquitta Hogan

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International Missions 2006 Lagos, Nigeria Healing Crusade Pastors Curt and Linda Stennis accompanying Dr. Richard Roberts and the Oral Roberts University Medical Team January 30—February 6, 2006 2006 P. C. A. Conference Port-au-Prince, Haiti July 5—7, 2006 Host: Pastor Nicholas Juste Joint Outreach Evangelism Conference Busia, Kenya August 8—17, 2006 Host: Bishop George Odhiambo

2006 Breakthrough Meetings And Other Events JANUARY BREAKTHROUGH Sunday, January 15—11:00 a.m. Guest Speaker: Prophet Kervin Smith

Spring Fashion Show March 18—12 Noon (Location To Be Announced) Sponsored by The Young Missionaries

Conferring Ceremony Of the Doctorate Degree to Pastors Stennis February 12—2:00 p.m.

Anniversary Worship Concert Sunday, April 9—4:00 p.m. Sponsored by the Select Choir and the Music Department

FEBRURY BREAKTHROUGH Sunday February 19—11:00 a.m. Guest Speaker: Dr. Mildred C. Harris

23rd Year Anniversary Celebration Sunday, April 16 Guest Speakers To Be Announced

Black History Month Celebration Sunday February 26 Sponsored by the Youth Ministry

Jean O. Williams Scholarship Auction Saturday, May 20 Location and Time To Be Announced

MARCH BREAKTHROUGH Sunday, March 12, 2006—4:00 p.m. Guest Speaker: Pastor Edgar Aaron

In Covenant Ministries Conference 2006 June 15-18 Guest Speakers To Be Announced

For these and other events, including information on our speakers, visit our website at Event times and dates are subject to change.

Curtis and Linda Stennis, Senior Pastors P.O. Box 51550 1540 N. Spalding Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60651-2459 773-227-2500 or 888-227-4711


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