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A Letter from Drs. Stennis Remember the meaning of Resurrection Sunday.

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The Doctorate Ceremony for Pastors Curt and Linda Stennis Highlights from the ceremony.

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February Breakthrough, 2006

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Having An Azusa Outpouring In The Last Days Karl Adair gives commentary on the Azusa Street Revivals and its impact today.

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Missions Report Our missions update from Pastor Nicholas Juste of Port-au-Prince Haiti.

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Fasting—”What, When and How” Drs. Stennis gives wisdom on Fasting.

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National Day of Prayer

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Current Events

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Dear Friends and Partners,


This month everyone in the world gets another opportunity to celebrate the most important event of all history, the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is impossible to celebrate without taking a view of these historical events.

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Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ is probably the closest depiction ever produced for film that will help all people appreciate the meaning of Easter. The celebration of Palm Sunday takes us back to the account of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem (Luke 19).

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The somber day we call Good Friday depicts Jesus before Pilate and the harsh death sentence handed down by the Roman officials. Though his punishment was brutal and inhuman, His death was an intentional divine strategy of victory for all mankind (Luke 23). On Resurrection Sunday the celebration will conclude with singing and discussion, rejoicing over this Jubilee event! We will reflect on the rolled back stone, the abandoned grave clothes, an empty tomb, and a RISEN Savior (Luke 24)! When motion picture films are viewed and the scriptures are read, we all must concur that Jesus’ life and death are beyond the greatest story ever told. May you and your family reflect and rejoice during this special season. Drs. Curtis and Linda Stennis

Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded and crushed for our sins. He was beaten that we might have peace. He was whipped, and we were healed! (New Living Translation)

An historic event occurred at Salvation and Deliverance on Sunday, February 12, 2006. Dr. Zamekio Jackson, president of Saint Thomas Christian College of Jacksonville, Florida was sent by the Board of regents to confer the doctor or divinity degree upon Pastors Curt and Linda Stennis. Dr. Curt and Dr. Linda have studied abroad, implemented programs, traveled to other nations, launched ministries and completed a myriad of tasks to meet the requirements to receive this prestigious degree.

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Many came to celebrate, give thanks and share in this special ceremony. To view more photos and hear an audio segment from the ceremony, visit our website at

Highlights From The Doctoral Ceremony

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Highlights From The Doctoral Ceremony

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Dr. Mildred C. Harris of God First Ministries was the guest speaker for the February 19th Breakthrough Service. Dr. Harris supports the local and foreign missions teams as a Salvation and Deliverance Promise Partner. Through her generous gifts; and the gifts of other partners we are able to “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel.” (Matthew 28:18-20.) Dr. Harris presented a beautiful gift to Drs. Curt and Linda commemorating their Doctor degrees. She also ministered an anointed Word from God and many in attendance received healing, deliverance, salvation and an awesome breakthrough.

God First Ministries will host their Annual Heavenly Breakfast on Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 8:00 a.m. at Chicago’s McCormick Place located at 23rd and King Drive. The Heavenly Breakfast is a unique event that brings religious, civic and business people together for worship and fellowship. It continues to be one of the largest meetings in Chicago. For more information regarding tickets, you may call God First Ministries office at 773-667-5200 or visit their website at

Photo Credits: (Top) Drs. Curt and Linda Stennis receive a congratulatory gift in honor of their Doctorate Degree from Dr. Harris. (Bottom): Dr. Harris greets the audience and presents her Breakthrough message.

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What took place in Los Angeles at 312 Azusa Street has fascinated religious historians and scholars for many years and has yet to be fully understood. On April 7, 1906, this small holiness mission birthed the mightiest recorded outpouring of the Holy Spirit since biblical times. For more than three years, the Azusa Street ―Apostolic Faith Mission‖ held three daily services everyday. This revival was virtually non-stop. Those who met at the Azusa Street meetings believed they were part of the new time New Testament Christianity. These early Pentecosts believed they were being filled with the same infilling of God’s power as the early apostles did on the day of Pentecost. Even today, those that are of this faith acknowledge the Book of Acts Chapter 2, “they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak as the Spirit gave them utterance” (Acts 2:1-4 KJV).

began to experience this spiritual phenomenon. Pastor Parham continued this teaching in his revivals. In one of Parham’s revivals in Houston, Texas, a black evangelist named William Seymour was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Seymour experienced speaking in tongues later during his very own meetings. On an invitation to preach in a run down section of Los Angeles, California, William Seymour agreed and arrived on February 22, 1906. He continued to teach on holiness and speaking in tongues. Many who heard these messages were filled with the spirit of God. These meetings experienced astonishing growth as a result of these fillings and times of intense prayer. During the awesome times of prayer and intercession, William Seymour would stick his head between two crates and continue to pray for a mighty outpour and visitation. It was at this time that the Azusa Street missions were established and Seymour’s prayers answered.

By Karl Adair

At the turn of the century, many great revivals and miracles were taking place around the world. One of the most notable experiences prior to Azusa Revival occurred on the first day of January 1901. A holiness teacher and former Methodist Pastor Charles Fox Parham, with a small group of Bible students, began a teaching concerning the discovery of the gift of speaking in tongues. Suddenly, during one of his teachings, a young Caucasian student named Agnes Ozman

As the church of today, we as Christians must pay careful attention to every aspect the Holy Spirit takes in the preparation for revival. Undeniably, revival is a miraculous Photo Credits: (top left) Bishop William Seymour and (top right) Charles Fox Parham were the early leaders of the “Holy Spirit Movement” and the “Azusa Street Movement.” Bottom Center: The Azusa Faith Gospel Church.

work of the Almighty God. But, true revival is more than just having good church, good preaching, and singing planned yearly on our church calendars. It is allowing the preparation and participation of His Spirit in our lives towards anticipation of His outpour.

community of faith must become global with all races, ethnicities, and cultures coming together to embrace the opportunity of expressive unified worship. The opportunity is pounding at our door!

Just like the days of Azusa, the Lord is choosing His workers. However, He is only preparing those with an attitude of expectancy, the greatest prerequisite for a mighty visitation. In order to achieve this, we must eliminate distractions in our lives (things that would keep us from faith, humility, repentance, and prayer). Remember revival does not just happen. It is birthed through the cooperation between believers and the Holy Spirit. One must be willing to empty himself, develop a hunger for God, and allow the Holy Spirit to take them through a birthing process. Are you willing for your life to be transformed or inconvenienced in your pursuit for revival? The Azusa Street Revival was a catalyst for world missions. Today, over half a billion Pentecosts and Christian believers throughout the world exists because of the powerful spread of this great revival. From 1906 – 1908, the mission drew people from several races, ethnic groups, cultures and nationalities together in worship. The results were not only a change in hearts, but also a tearing down of walls. Our

Karl Adair, serves as a Psalmist and minister at Salvation and Deliverance. He is also president of Victory Fellowship Ministries, an outreach to ministries in the Chicagoland area. Along with his wife Angie, Karl manages several of Chicago’s gospel and Christian contemporary soloists and groups. He and Angie are the proud parents of two children.


Our International Outreach continues to support the work of Pastor Nicholas Juste of Port-au-Prince Haiti. His orphanage provides shelter, food and clothes for the street children of Haiti. Pastor Nicholas works 12-14 hours per day traveling in the cities and mountains ministering to poor families. Drs. Curt and Linda Stennis will be ministering in Port-au-Prince July 5-7, 2006. Photo Credit: Pastor Juste distributes Bibles to the children.

For more information about Pastor Juste and the Poor Children’s Assistant project, please visit If you would like to sow a seed for local or international missions, please use the enclosed envelope.

Photo Credit: Pastor Nicholas fed many children during Christmas Dinner, 2005

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By Drs. Curtis and Linda Stennis For years it has been a common practice for Christians to fast before the Easter/ Resurrection Sunday celebration. Some specifically observe a 40 day period (Lent) that begins in March and ends on Palm Sunday. This year that observance began March 1st and ends April 9th.

There are various ways to fast and several kinds of fast. Most Christians are familiar with the Disciples Fast (Matthew 17:21) Daniel Fast (Daniel 1:8) and the Ezra Fast (Ezra 8:23). Any study on fasting will define these basic categories:

Fasting is not commanded in scripture, and other than in the Old Testament on the day of Atonement. The actual first mention of fasting in the Bible is the 40 day fast of Moses when he met God on Mount Sinai in Exodus 34th chapter. During this fast Moses received the directions for the construction of the Tabernacle and the commandments on stone.

ABSOLUTE/TOTAL FAST: This is a strict abstinence of anything by mouth for a specified period of time. Usually not recommended for extended periods because it deprives the body of water.

The word fast means ―a voluntary abstinence from food.‖ Abstinence from food is not the only kind of fast. A fast can be any self-denial that enhances spiritual growth or one’s physical body.

PARTIAL FAST: This fast restricts the eating of certain foods. Commonly called a denial. Sometimes one meal per day. Also likened to the Daniel Fast.

Jesus during his ministry never commanded a fast but did give instructions on the subject in Matthew 6:17. He even launched his public ministry with a 40 day fast in Matthew 4:1-2. Many others in the New Testament fasted also. When done with a purpose fasting brings many benefits (read Isaiah 58:6-8). We understand from this passage that God can and will choose a fast for us individually or corporately. When we obey the results are great.

NORMAL FAST: Abstaining from food for a period of time only drinking water and or juice.

Fasting allows the digestive system to rest and repair itself. Other organs including our immune system benefit also. Of course everyone has heard of a ―sweet fast‖ (abstinence from eating desserts) ―T.V. Fast‖ (abstinence from watching television) and even a ―Word Fast‖ (abstinence from speaking anything to anyone that causes wounds, hurt, or confusion. Lastly, anyone on medication, pregnant, sick, or recovering from surgery should use wisdom and caution when considering a fast. Seeking Godly counsel from your Pastor and or physician is highly recommended.

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Quarter Two Calendar of Events, 2006 Palm Sunday Pre-Anniversary Concert Sunday, April 9—4:00 p.m. Resurrection Sunday Celebration Sunday, April 16—11:00 a.m. 23rd Year Anniversary Celebration Sunday, April 23—11:00 a.m. Guest Speaker: Dr. John Long New Life Kingdom Ministries, Chicago Jean O. Williams Scholarship Auction Saturday, May 20 Location and Time To Be Announced In Covenant Ministries Conference 2006 June 15-18 Hosted by Drs. Curt and Linda Stennis

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