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tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

For the past years, sdm in KSU, has been delivering the utmost towards the students it represents. Varying from vast projects which affect the whole student body, to tackling that small complaint by a single student, sdm in KSU has in a way or another affected YOU at the University of Malta. sdm in KSU has always been your voice, your council, and we promise we will continue being so for the years to come. Once again, sdm is proposing a team of candidates, alongside its vast electoral program, tackling all important aspects of student activism and representation at the University of Malta.

Mario Cachia. President

Andrew Aquilina. Vice-President

Thomas Bugeja. Sec-Gen

Felicity Rayner. Financial Officer

Andrea Attard. PRO

Timmy Borg Olivier. International Officer

Albert Camilleri. International Coordinator

Naomi Said. Education Coordinator

Warren Sammut. Social Policy Coordinator

studenti demokristjani maltin

tieg]ek. Ryan Grech. Culture and Entertainment Coordinator

Zoe Farrugia. Culture and Entertainment Officer

tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

you and your council. Work in order to launch a KSU mobile application on various platforms for the benefit of all University students. Allocate a ₏10,000 fund for student opportunities, projects and resources. Improve on the newly launched KSU digital complaint system, in order to create a digital media hub for students on the KSU website. Hold an international conference in Malta, comprising of all the top student representatives from all over Europe, tackling various higher education matters. Hold the usual traditional events which students have come to love, such as Freshers’ Week, Campus Fest, Graduation Ball, Students’ Fest and much more.

you and your university. Put pressure and work with the University administration to fully refurbish the Quadrangle, making it the much-needed place where students meet students. Delve into EU funds in order to continue a number of infrastructural projects, making University a warmer and more welcoming place for students and organisations. Continue improving Wi-Fi connectivity at the University of Malta, especially at the Arts Lecture Theatre (ALT), Faculty of Health Sciences and various outdoor areas. Make sure that University is equipped with proper 24-hour lighting, especially around the ring road. Cooperate with the relevant authorities, to secure safer and more accessible pedestrian routes for students coming to university, especially for those having to cross main arterial roads.

tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

you and your environment. Continue promoting less paper consumption, by providing a free netbook rental service from the KSU Office, which will give students the opportunity to use netbooks throughout their day at University. Initiate various environmental campaigns such as carpooling, water consumption and waste management, in order to promote a more sustainable environment and a healthier lifestyle for students, whilst also working towards attaining EkoSkola status at the University of Malta. Install new bins and more bike shelters around Campus, in order to promote a greener environment.

tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

you and your education. Increase study areas inside University premises, providing students with alternative locations suitable for studying. Put pressure on the relevant University authorities to have examination results published in the shortest time possible, without any repercussions on the student body. Continue improving the Library Hours Extension project, making it more feasible and relevant for students, especially during examination periods.

Start a study on the correct application of the Bologna Process at the University of Malta, especially in the case of unfair accreditation systems. Investigate the possibility of refunding fees for the revision of examination papers when marks are changed in any way whatsoever. Work with the University of Malta administration to introduce examination codes across all faculties, centres and institutes, to ensure the anonymous nature of all kinds of assessment at University. Improve the accessibility and quality of the SmartCard refunds system from the KSU Office, which is operated by the Ministry of Education.

tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

you and your organisation. Continue improving the Organisations’ Fund in order for student organisations to continue reaping the benefits of such an initiative, especially with regards to educational initiatives. Introduce capacity training for all student representatives; both in the educational and social policy sector, in order to further improve representation at the University of Malta. Organise a series of workshops and seminars aimed towards helping student organisations improve their day-to-day work and administration.

you and your future. Study the possibility of creating an interactive StudentID, which would introduce a variety of services and opportunities beneficial to all students enrolled within the University of Malta. Create a new innovative Business and Career Forum where students will be able to meet companies and possible future employers, operating in their industry. Start an internships structure within KSU, which will give students the opportunity to work within a number of companies and other partners, directly related to their studies. Collaborate with a number of entities to provide students with vast international opportunities to further their studies and garner work experience abroad.

tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

you and your lifestyle. Work towards promoting a more holistic approach towards sports and physical exercise at our University, via a number of events and initiatives. Start a â‚Ź2000 Culture Fund which students can avail themselves of when holding or producing cultural events or productions, whilst also promoting venues such as the Tespi and Dun Karm areas for cultural activities. Organise a number of competitions and contests for students in order to promote their artistic work on Campus.

you and your junior college. Install a water fountain so that students can have access to free potable water at the Junior College. Work towards providing SmartCard refunds from the Junior College grounds. Mount a permanent tent within the Junior College grounds for the use of all students and organisations. Set up an interactive zone within the Foyer with a laptop bar and iMacs, amongst others. Pressure the administrations to start notifying Junior College students regarding lecture cancellations through the Webmail system.

tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

tieg]ek. studenti demokristjani maltin

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