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Sustainable Tourism  Project  

January -­‐  April  2014   Kamal  Hakim     Nandin-­‐Erdene  Bayaraa     Luke  Nassiff     Nathan  Schumer  


Dedication We  would  like  to  thank  Explora  Caribe  Tours  for  providing  us   with  this  fabulous  opportunity  to  work  on  such  a  great  project   that  will  surely  be  a  main  focus  for  many  years  to  come.  We  had   a  wonderful  time  coming  up  with  new  and  exciting  ideas  that   can  be  implemented  fairly  easy  right  from  the  start.       We  would  also  like  to  thank  Dr.  Steve  Diasio,  our  professor  who   made  this  all  possible,  as  well  as  the  Ringling  College  of  Art  +   Design  librarians  who  tirelessly  helped  us  with  our  research   effort.  


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Introduction Student  Bios   Project  Scope   Objectives   Timeline  



For this   class   we   have   had   the   opportunity   to   work   with   Explora   Caribe   Tours,   a   tourism   service   provider   that   aims   to   build   awareness   of   the   environmental,   economic   and   social   issues   impacting   sustainability   in   the   Yucatan   Peninsula.   Throughout   this   project   we   are   examining   Explora   Caribe   competitors   using   five   force   models,   examine   Explora   Caribe   itself   with   SWOT   analyze   and   how   they   are   currently   doing   now   as   well   as   how   to   do   better   in   future.   Also   we   are   creating   iconic  mascot  for  Explora  Caribe  to  be  more  recognizable  tourism  service  provider   to  customers.     Over  the  course  of  this  project,  we  used  various  project  management  skills  that  we   have   acquired   throughout   the   semester   to   make   the   Explora   Caribe   the   most   eco-­‐ friendly   tour   company   in   the   region,   based   on   what   other   companies   are   doing   world-­‐wide.   Our   goal   was   to   come   up   with   new,   innovative   ideas   that   bring   awareness   for   Explora   Caribe   and   educate   people   about   the   environment.   Throughout   our   research,   meetings   with   Fernando   and   Rod,   we   come   up   with   several   different   ideas,   including   new   designs   and   an   overall   more   eco-­‐friendly   environment.  


Student Bios  

Kamal Hakim   is   a   third-­‐year   student   studying  Business  of  Art  and  Design  at   Ringling  College  of  Art  and  Design.  He   is   a   passionate,   creative   businessman   who   brings   focus   and   leadership   to   people   with   creative   ideas   to   fulfill   their   dreams.   He   finds   the   best   in   people   and   funnels   their   creative   ideas.

Nandin-­‐Erdene Bayaraa  is  third-­‐year   student   studying   Business   of   Art   and   design   at   Ringling   College   of   Art   and   Design.   She   has   participated   in   many   projects   with   real   clients   such   as   Tervis   Tumbler,   Microsoft,   Hasbro.   She   has   many   different   sets   of   skills   such   as   managing   projects,   leadership,   teamwork  and  more.  

Luke Nassiff   is   a   third-­‐year   student   studying  Business  of  Art  and  Design  at   Ringling   College   of   Art   and   Design.   His   accomplishments   with   this   program   have   been   influenced   by   the   opportunities   provided   to   him   by   the   College’s   reputation.   He   sees   himself   as   one-­‐day   owning   a   successful   art-­‐ inspired  business.    



Nathan Schumer   is   third-­‐year   student   studying   Business   of   Art   and   design   at   Ringling   College   of   Art   and   Design.  He  wishes  to  establish  his  own   business   after   graduation,   which   will   work   for   mankind   by   benefiting   and   enriching   all   who   he   encounters.  


Project Scope   • Create   a   platform   that   communicates   Explora   Caribe’s   mission,   values,   and   practices  of  sustainability  (internally  and  externally).   • Develop  strategies  or  activities  for  Explora  Caribe  to  grow  its  market  share.   Objectives   • To  gain  experience  helping  a  client  to  clarify  their  strategies  and  develop  new   growth  opportunities  by  applying  strategic  planning  tools.   • To  research  and  present  findings  about  the  Yucatan  Peninsula,  tourism,  and   sustainability.   • To   add   to   the   student’s   portfolio   of   projects   that   can   be   used   to   show   your   skills  and  experiences  to  potential  recruiters.   • To   successfully   connect   theoretical   concepts   and   tools   of   strategic   planning   and  apply  them  to  internal  and  external  initiatives  for  a  client.     Timeline   • Jan. 13- Introduction to sustainable tourism project • Jan 27- Meeting with Explora Caribe via Skype • Feb 03- Research check-in presentation • Feb 10- Consultation meeting with the librarians • Feb 17- Final research presentation • Mar 03- Midterm presentation • Mar 24- Develop strategies or activities to grow market share • Apr 21- Final presentation  




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Mission Statement   Sustainability  Strategies   Recommendations   Measuring  Performance   Mascot  


Mission Statement   Our  mission  is  to  appeal  to  a  new  audience  as  well  as  provide  the  company  with  new   ways  to  make  sustainable  principles  and  practices  a  part  of  day-­‐to-­‐day  life,  as  well   as  capitalizing  on  our  existing  consumer  base  from  the  cruise  industry.  Sustainable   tourism  is  perhaps  the  most  prominent  feature  of  contemporary  tourism.                                              


Sustainability Strategies      

CO2-­‐Eating Lamps  

Explora can  install  street  lamps  that  eat  up  CO2.  It  will  be  a  great  head  turner  and   bring  attention  to  Explora’s  business  and  their  sustainable  values.  Our  atmosphere   is  filling  up  with  CO2  and  we  to  be  the  major  cause  of  that.  So,  the  generally  accepted   solution   seems   to   be   cutting   back   on   emissions   as   quickly   as   possible,   but   implementing   such   cuts   is   problematic   because   everyone   has   to   agree   to   do   more,   which  essentially  ends  up  costing  a  lot  of  time  and  money.  There  is  an  alternative  to   such  measures.  Instead  of  relying  entirely  on  cutting  emissions,  lets  start  taking  CO2   out   of   the   atmosphere.   Biochemist   Pierre   Calleja   is   doing   so.   Calleja   has   developed   a   lighting  system  that  requires  no  electricity  for  power.  Instead  it  draws  CO2  from  the   atmosphere  and  this  uses  it  to  produce  light  as  well  as  oxygen  as  a  byproduct.  The   key  ingredient  to  this  eco-­‐friendly  light  is  Calleja’s  Algae.     Installing  these  CO2  lamps  makes  them  impossible  to  be  ignored.  Even  in  your  own   facilities  can  use  these  lamps.  Make  them  colorful  and  the  algal  light  will  help  bring   attention   to   Explora’s   sustainability   efforts.   Use   the   mascot   on   the   lamps   to   embody   the   values   of   Explora.   Perhaps   even   emit   free   Wi-­‐Fi   from   these   artistic   lamp   installations   to   direct   customers   to   your   website.   Then   providing   the   community   ways   to   purchase   everything   they   would   want   to   buy   off   of   you   for   their   time   in   the   Yucatán   Peninsula.   The   lamps   consist   of   algae-­‐filled   water   along   with   a   light   and   battery   system.   During   the   day   the   algae   produces   energy   from   sunlight   that   is   then   stored   into   the   batteries.   Then   at   night   the   energy   is   used   to   power   the   light.   However,  as  the  algae  can  also  produce  energy  from  carbon,  sunlight  isn’t  required   for   the   process   to   work.   That   means   such   lights   can   be   placed   where   there   is   no   natural   light   and   the   air   will   effectively   be   cleaned   on   a   daily   basis   as   well   as   illuminate  the  surroundings.    




  Have   Explora   provide   bikes   to   get   around   when   on   vacation.   Just   like   the   Dutch.   Create  an  environment  with  bikes  that’ll  reduce  fuel  emissions  for  tourist  travel  and   enable  an  invigorating  experience  when  moving  around  the  Peninsula.  A  great  plus   about   bicycling   in   the   Yucatán   is   that   you   can   load   your   bike   onto   the   busses   and   vans  when  going  to  other  towns  and  villages.     If  enough  people  switch  from  polluting  transport  modes  to  a  bicycle  there  is  a  zero   emission   form   of   transport   when   in   use.   This   promotes   reduced   carbon   emissions   that  sets  an  example  to  the  rest  of  Mexico  and  improved  air  quality  in  the  city.  When   Explora  provides  bicycles  to  bike  around,  make  deals  with  local  restaurants  that  if   they   have   an   Explora   Caribe   bike,   they   get   a   discount.   Thus   supporting   local   food.   Ideally   serving   local   and   more   organic   sustenance   to   eat.   Pollution   is   about   more   than   just   emissions.   Noise   levels   in   cities   can   also   be   considered   a   pollutant,   with   associated  long-­‐term  health  risks  from  stress.  In  fact,  cities  will  always  use  energy,   emit   carbon,   and   make   noise.   However,   a   city   that   depends   on   bicycles   more   than   other  automated  forms  of  transportation  will  require  less  energy,  emit  less  carbon,   and  make  less  noise.  This  will  better  the  Yucatán  experience  for  everyone.                              


Fry Power    

  What   if   Explora   Caribe   could   refuel   their   cars   at   a   restaurant   instead   of   a   gas   station?  Some  enterprising  environmentalists  have  discovered  that  restaurants  will   gladly  give  away  their  used  fryer  oil,  since  they  usually  have  to  pay  to  dispose  of  it.   Make  deals  with  local  businesses  to  receive  this  fuel  or  have  them  pay  you  to  do  so.   Make  sure  these  businesses  are  supportive  local  food  in  the  peninsula.  In  return  you   can   recommend   their   restaurants   for   Explora   tourists   to   eat   at.   Supporting   the   local   economy.   This   oil   is   filtered   and   used   to   run   Explora   vehicles   that   have   been   converted  to  run  on  vegetable  oil.  Your  exhaust  might  smell  like  fries  (no  joke),  but   you’ll  be  recycling,  emitting  less  CO2,  and  saving  yourself  money.     When   doing   this,   install   valves   that   will   allow   you   to   switch   from   diesel   to   veggie   once  the  veggie  oil  is  warmed  up  and  manual  switch  on  the  dash  so  you  can  activate   the   changeover.   You   also   need   to   purge   the   fuel   lines   of   veggie   oil   by   running   on   diesel   a   few   minutes   before   turning   the   engine   off.   The   conversions   can   cost   around   $1,500  to  $3,000  for  parts  and  $1,500  for  labor,  although  there  are  more  expensive   options  for  features  like  automatic  shifting  from  diesel  to  veggie  after  the  car  starts   up.   But   the   mechanically   inclined   can   also   purchase   do   it   yourself   conversion   kit   for   $595.   That’s   the   super   cheap   option   and   these   kits   can   be   purchased   from  and  These  modifications  “tend  to  lengthen  the  lifetime   of  the  older  diesel  vehicles.”  This  is  presumably  because  newer  vehicles  are  made  to   comply  with  higher  emissions  standards.                  


Environmentally Friendly  Sunscreen    

  Have  Explora  Caribe  Support  sunscreen  that  is  biodegradable  and  does  not  harm  the   coral  reefs.  There  are  many  commercial  sunscreens  that  are  harmful  to  the  sea  reefs.   Those   sunscreens   affect   the   grass   beds   and   mangrove   growth,   on   which   creatures   are  dependent.     Studies  are  out  that  have  proven  most  commercial  sunscreens  are  bad  for  the  coral   and   for   people’s   health.   There   is   tons   of   sunscreen   that   is   washed   off   into   the   reef   areas   every   year.   Using   these   sunscreens   while   you   are   on   land   or   sea   means   that   the   chemicals   will   eventually   end   up   as   wastewater   that   leaches   into   the   sea   it   comes   in   contact   with   the   coral.   Guests   should   come   prepared   and   be   able   to   buy   some  harmless  sunscreen  in  the  Yucatán  Peninsula.  Either  buy  it  from  Explora,  or  be   directed  by  Explora  as  to  where  to  get  some  non-­‐harmful  sunscreen.  Given  that  the   coral   reefs   bring   in   a   great   deal   of   tourism   to   the   area   as   well   as   food   from   it’s   marine   life,   supporting   the   good   sunscreen   can   be   seen   as   a   long   term   investment   for  businesses  in  the  Yucatán  to  have  a  brighter  future.                      


Recommendations Throughout   our   research   we   found   out   that   there   are   so   many   opportunities   for   Explora  Caribe  to  grow  their  market  share  and  expand  their  customers.     1. Explora   can   engage   with   their   customers   better   through   keep   contact   with   them   after   they   are   done   with   tour,   send   them   e-­‐card,   discount   offers   for   customers  who  have  already  taken  tour  with  them.  As  well  as  before  the  tour   they   can   also   contact   with   them   through   e-­‐mail   and   send   how   excited   they   are   to   meet   them,   send   the   itinerary   of   the   tour   also   during   the   tour   they   can   be  very  friendly  and  offer  help  to  after  the  tour  if  they  come  back  to  Cozumel,   show   that   they   really   care   about   their   customer   and   engage   them   with   fun   activities.   2. Having   an   online   presence   and   using   social   media   sites   such   as   Facebook,   Twitter,   Instagram   also   have   their   own   official   website   would   really   help   them  to  be  more  engaging  with  their  customers  and  they  can  easily  connect,   contact  and  share  their  thoughts,  opinions,  give  feedback  to  their  staffs  and   as   well   as   their   future   customers   will   know   what   they   do,   and   can   find   out   about  different  tours,  activities  from  online.       3. Also  their  mascot  is  their  brand  name,  identity.  During  the  tour,  Explora  can   give  away  prizes  and  souvenirs  including  perhaps  an  Explora  Caribe  t-­‐shirt,   hat,  awesome  button  pins,  and  postcards  with  their  mascot.  It  would  be  great   opportunity   for   them   to   advertise   their   company   and   be   different   from   other   competitors.  As  well  as  they  can  send  these  items  to  customers  before  they   arrive  and  show  them  that  they  care,  they  are  excited  to  have  them.  Also  even   after  the  tour  people  would  keep  it  and  use  those  items  and  it  would  be  word   of  mouth  advertising  for  Explora  Caribe.            


Measuring Performance   In   order   to   measure   the   performance   of   these   strategies   when   implemented,   Explora  Caribe  must:   1. Annually  monitor  the  online  presence  with  customers’  feedback,  experience   and   collect   it   and   discuss   in   annual   meetings.   And   during   the   time   talk   about   their  staff  members’  success,  how  they  are  making  the  tour  more  energetic,   influencing  customers  with  good  vibe.   2. Explora   Caribe   can   measure   their   success   from   its   employees.   If   employees   are   happy   to   working   in   the   environment,   excited   to   spread   the   word   of   Explora   Caribe   in   good   way,   and   also   Explora   Caribe   recognizes   their   hard   work  and  reward  them  it  can  show  their  success.  Because  when  employees   are   happy   to   work   in   the   environment   it   will   highly   influence   on   their   working   performance   and   invite   other   customers   to   take   the   tour   with   the   company.   3. Explora   Caribe   can   measure   their   success   through   their   sustainable   tour   quality  and  comparison  from  its  competitors.  Because  their  competitors  are   doing   tours,   however   they   are   not   being   sustainable   and   encouraging   people   to   be   environmentally   and   sustainable.   They   can   measure   through,   how   successful   the   sustainable   tour   was,   how   the   tour   influenced   and   inspired   people?   4. Also   through   their   innovative   ideas,   implementations   on   their   tour   can   measure   their   success   and   shows   their   creativity,   innovation   of   normal/standard  tour  of  their  competitors.                                              


Mascot PEDRO THE PELICAN “Totally A Fun Time!” Two  pelicans,  Pedro  and  his  wife  Maria,  are  enjoying  their  new  home  in  the  islands   of   the   Caribbean.   A   group   of   crocodiles   approaches   their   habitat   and   eats   all   their   eggs.  Pedro  wakes  up  to  find  Maria  and  all  of  the  eggs  missing.       Pedro   develops   a   small   injury   in   his   right   wing   because   of   the   damage   from   the   attack,   which   limits   his   ability   to   fly   and   he   is   captured   by   a   group   of   sailors.   After   a   hazardous   escape   from   the   boat,   he   sees   a   warm   and   friendly-­‐looking   cruise   ship.   Seeking  a  nice  place  to  go,  he  makes  the  small  flight  over  to  the  ship  and  rides  it  all   the  way  to  the  port-­‐of-­‐call  in  Cozumel,  where  he  now  calls  home.    



Pedro the Pelican



Below is   a   collection   of   sketches   that   highlight   our   process   in   developing   and   designing  the  mascot,  Pedro  The  Pelican:    


And, here  are  some  of  our  inspirations:    




Research &  Analysis  


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About Explora  Caribe   SWOT  Analysis   Competitors   Industry  Data   5-­‐Forces  Model   Sustainability  in  Tourism  


About Explora  Caribe   Explora  Caribe  Tours  is  a  leading  enterprise  that  was  founded  in  1996  with  the  firm   intention   of   being   the   best   tour   operator   in   the   region   by   creating   adventurous   shore   excursions.   Explora   Caribe   began   operations   with   the   first   Jeep   tour   in   Cozumel   gaining   wide   acceptance   for   their   quality,   guest   service   and   innovative   market   ideas.   Since   then,   Explora   Caribe   has   expanded   its   operations   to   provide   shore  excursions  to  tourists  in  some  of  Mexico’s  most  unique  locations  such  as  Costa   Maya,  Progreso,  Playa  del  Carmen,  Chiapas,  and  Huatulco.     Explora  Caribe  Tours  currently  operates  for  over  15  cruise  lines.  These  include  the   high-­‐end  cruise  lines  such  as  Azamara,  Silver  Seas,  Noble  Caledonia,  Residensea,  Sea   Cloud,   among   others.   They   are   proud   to   also   host   shore   excursions   with   the   more   unique   lines   such   as   Cunard,   Disney   Cruises,   Costa   Cruise,   Aida,   MSC,   Holland   America,  Celebrity  among  many  others  and  we  also  operate  in  the  mass  market  of   Carnival   Cruise   Line,   Royal   Caribbean   Cruise   Line,   Norwegian   Cruise   Line,   etc.   In   conjunction   with   their   cruise   ship   based   operations,   Explora   Caribe   works   closely   with   many   hotels   and   up   to   30   travel   agencies.   They   are   committed   to   providing   their   clients   with   safe   and   fun   adventures   through   quality   service   and   respect   for   the   environment   operating   in   a   way   that   allows   them   to   reach   all   those   who   visit   Mexico’s  most  important  tourist  destinations.              


SWOT Analysis   A   SWOT   analysis   is   a   common   tool   for   business   analysis   and   marketing   planning.   The  letters  stand  for  Strengths,  Weaknesses,  Opportunities  and  Threats.  Marketing   managers   using   a   SWOT   analysis   may   list   columns   on   a   sheet   a   paper   for   each   category,  with  intersecting  rows  for  the  marketing  manager’s  company  and  relevant   competitors.  This  creates  a  chart  showing  how  the  companies  match  up.  


Strengths Green Certification Top beach destination Location Culture Resorts Cruise Industry Good Service Attractions



Expand in sustainability Introduce more eco-friendly tours Provide internet access on the island Develop a mascot More environmental activities Explora Caribé app Use more bikes Local Organic Farming

No Internet presence Limited to cruise lines A lot of tourist companies around the area Tour company does not offer many languages Hard to access if not through cruise Not memorable Can be more eco-friendly

Threats Competitors in the area (Vallarta Tours, etc.) Weather/Climate change Harming the wildlife Endangering species Water quality contamination Preserving culture + heritage Taking away natural resources

Competitors   Explora  Caribe  Tours  faces  some  competition  in  the  Caribbean  regions  in  which  they   operate  including  Altournative,  Vallarta  Adventures,  and  Wild  Tours,  among  others.   Altournative’s   mission   is   to   provide   wonderful   and   unforgettable   experiences   through  expeditions  full  of  nature,  culture  and  adventure.  Vallarta  Adventures  offers   a   wide   selection   of   adventure-­‐based   tours   and   excursions   with   things   to   do   for   people   of   all   ages   -­‐   from   zip   lines   to   swimming   with   dolphins,   whale   watching   to   snorkeling,   scuba   diving   to   an   award   winning   dinner   show.   Wild   Tours   has   put   together   a   bundle   of   great   combos   for   guests   to   do   during   their   stay   in   Cozumel,   including  excursions  packaged  with  hotel  combos.              


Industry Data   Demographics  are  quantifiable  statistics  of  a  given  population.  Also  used  to  identify   the  study  of  quantifiable  subsets  within  a  given  population  which  characterize  that   population  at  a  specific  point  in  time.     Through   our   research,   we   found   that   one   of   the   most   toured   destinations   in   the   world  was  the  Caribbean/Eastern  Mexico  region.  Over  the  past  decade,  this  portion   of  the  globe  has  garnered  around  fifty  percent  of  the  overall  tourists  who  choose  to   vacation  on  cruises.    

(“Cruise Lines International Association”)

Another Interesting  point  we  found  was  that  not  many  people  go  on  cruises  alone.   They   tend   to   have   somebody   with   them,   whether   that   be   a   spouse   or   their   entire   family.  


(“Cruise Lines International Association”)


5-­‐Forces Model   This  model  identifies  and  analyzes  five  competitive  forces  that  shape  every  industry,   and  helps  determine  an  industry's  weaknesses  and  strengths.      



Example of  Sustainability  in  Tourism    

  In   Westchester   County,   NY,   there   was   an   abandoned   farm   that   was   left   to   rot   for   many   years.   Facing   demolition,   the   community   decided   they   should   do   something   about   it.   They   gathered   together   and   came   up   with   a   plan   to   make   the   farm   sustainable  and  use  it  as  a  tourist  destination  for  people  from  around  the  world  to   come   and   learn   how   to   implement   eco-­‐friendly   and   sustainable   measures   in   their   own  businesses.  Some  key  points  include:   • All  the  farm's  activities  promote  green  solutions  to  environmental  problems   facing  Westchester  County  residents.   • Young   and   old   come   to   the   farm   to   learn   about   organic   gardening,   greenhouse  design  and  maintenance,  green  roofs,  rain  barrels,  rain  gardens,   composting  toilets,  healthy  eating,  and  jam  and  pickle  making.   • In  2009  volunteers  and  staff  grew  7,000  pounds  of  organic  vegetables.  Thirty   percent   were   sold   at   a   farm   stand   that   has   become   one   of   the   Hilltop   Hanover's   most   popular   features.   The   remaining   70   percent   were   donated   to   local  food  banks.  




• Conclusion • Citations  


Conclusion In   Conclusion   we   have   dedicated   a   great   deal   of   time,   effort   and   research   into   our   project   to   help   Explora   Caribe   effectively   profit   while   creating   a   sustainable   advantage  within  their  industry.    We  proposed  to  implement  our  ideas  of  harmless   sunscreen,   fry   power,   bicycles   and   CO2   eating   lamps   into   Explora   Caribe   business   practices.   This   in   turn   will   help   reinvent   their   tourism   threw   sustainability,   while   creating   a   balance   in   the   dynamics   of   the   Yucatán.   Threw   this   balance,   it   will   increase   efficacy   and   effectiveness   while   reducing   harm   to   its   surroundings   of   the   Peninsula.                                    


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Project Sustainable Tourism  

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