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Welcome to  Big  Cat! Team  Members:  Christian,  Michael  &  Luke

Mission Goal To  enrich  the  Big  Cat   experience Ñ  Endorse  the  loving   relationship  between  the   facility’s  employees  with  the   animals Ñ  Educate  the  visitors  about   the  animals  natural  instincts   and  nature Ñ 

Research Ñ 

Average Big  Cat  Consumer Ó  Ó  Ó  Ó 

Animal lovers Supporters  of  Big  Cat Families  with  children Foreigners  and  Tourists

Intercoms Develop recorded  information        boxes  around  each  animal’s  cage Ñ  Entices  customer’s  interest        in  a  new  experience Ñ  Build  a  further        understanding  and        connection  between        the  animals  and        customers Ñ 

Give brief  summaries  of  each   animal’s  identity  as  an   individual  first  than  an  animal Ñ  The  animal’s  name,   personality,  and  quirky   characteristics  that  stand  out Ñ  Where  they  originally  from   and  how  they  got  to  Big  Cat Ñ  Express  them  as  family   members Ñ 

Who Are  They?

Animal Facts


Introduce interesting  facts  among  the  species  that  animal Ñ  Keep  them  brief  and  different  for  each  box  as  to  avoid   repeating  same  information Ñ  Biological  facts  such  as  their  natural  habitat,  diet,  skill,  

Cost Ñ 



Intercoms may  be  stolen


It may  disturb  animals


Intercoms may  be  ignored

Chamberlain Intercom Ñ  $50  to  $70 Ñ  Roughly  $250  to  $350   in  Total Ñ 


²  SVAT VIS300-­‐‑7M2  Video   Intercom  System ²  $200  to  $300 ²  Roughly  $1,000  to  $1,500   in  Total

Alternative Ideas ² Eye  Candy  A\ractions ² Touring  with  the  Big  Cat  Van  nationwide ² Notable  Mascot ² Children  Book ² Expanded  Merchandising ² Advertisement  at  Grocery  Stores

How This  Will  Help Educates  customers  about  the  animals  at  Big  Cat  specifically Ñ  Educates  customers  on  the  animals’  natural  instincts  and   habitat Ñ  Bring  awareness  to  Big  Cat’s  mission  and  history,  but  more   importantly… Ñ 

Enrich The Experience!

Thank You  For  Your  Time!

Big Cat Habitat Presentation  

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