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Open Soon Coffee cups will soon be clinking at Café Dewi. This much awaited development at the Hospice in Abbey Road will provide an additional facility for patients, their families and visitors, and also enable friends of the Hospice to pop-in and find out more about the services we provide, while enjoying a 1st class cup of coffee and homemade cakes. Chief Executive, Alun Davies says ‘All too often people associate the word Hospice with death, and that creates an uneasy feeling in people wanting to find out more, until perhaps one of their family is facing an end of life care issue. We want to give people the opportunity to pop-in in an unobtrusive way and find out more about the holistic care that Hospices offer.’ The café will be manned by volunteers, under the watchful eye of the catering staff, who will be making the sandwiches and cakes. Initially it will be open from Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, but hopefully with sufficient volunteers, Saturday and Sunday opening will soon follow. In addition to Cafe Dewi, the whole reception area is in the process of being revamped. There will now be a more defined shop area, and information displays about Hospice services, fundraising events etc.

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Volunteers Needed

Walking the Planks

Volunteering in a hospice can be extremely rewarding. Hospices need volunteers with a huge range of talents and abilities. We need hairdressers, gardeners, drivers, receptionists, shop workers, and people to offer companionship to day and inpatients. And now, with the Café poised to open within weeks, we are very keen to hear from anyone who feels they could spare a few hours a week to help get this project off the ground.

Sunday, 20th April dawned drear and drizzly, and we feared the worst. Nobody, we thought, is likely to turn out in this! How wrong we were. Apart from our wonderful volunteers who turn up no matter what, sixty-five hardy souls decided that the weather was not enough to stop them taking part in this sponsored walk with a difference. Many turned up in full pirate apparel, parrots and all.

To find out more about volunteering please contact us. Janet Magill, Hospice Administrator

It is too soon to know exactly how much this event has raised, as the money is still coming in, but we can say without fear of contradiction that an enjoyable, if very tiring day was had by all.

What We Do

Inpatient Care

Day Care at St David’s Hospice is a 5 day a week nurse-led service.

At St David’s Hospice we strive to look after the patient emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially, and do all we can to support the family, both before and after death. The Hospice benefits from having a qualified and skilled nurse and doctor team who have vast experience in end of life care.

Staff work closely with the local hospitals, G.Ps, Macmillan and District Nurses- indeed all health care professionals involved with the patient’s care. We help people live with their disease, do all we can to improve quality of life, and provide support for both patients and loved ones. Monday is reserved for individual appointments for therapy, support for carers, bereavement counselling, and individual support for patients (introduction to daycare, or occasional support after discharge). Patients’ families are welcome to contact Day Care for information regarding the service and how to access it. Patients’ will be offered a place once a week for 8 weeks and then reassessed. This can be increased to twice a week if necessary. Day Care patients can enjoy: • • • • • • •

Assessment and continuing care from a trained nurse A doctor’s assessment and symptom control Aromatherapy and massage from trained therapists Diversional therapy Daily visits from a member of the clergy Physiotherapy (if appropriate) Contact with our friendly volunteers and fellow patients with similar experiences.

We believe in working in a multi-professional way and have Complementary Therapists, a Diversional Therapist, a Physiotherapist and visits from the Chaplaincy and Pharmacist. Our 10 bedded inpatient facility, gives 24 hour professional care. Patients are referred to inpatients because: •T  hey have stopped treatment attempting to find cure for their illness, but still need help with their general symptoms (e.g. pain and nausea) in order to keep them comfortable. • They have chosen to spend their last days of life at St David’s. • They require specialist respite and assessment A few words from Nia Rosser-Hughes (Matron) Working in the field of palliative care is a vocation and a privilege, and it is certainly not something you do expecting to be thanked. However, we get so many lovely letters, and here is an extract from one letter that really sums up why we do what we do ‘It takes very special people to do your job and we will always remember you with affection and gratitude. Thank you for looking after all of us and for travelling that journey with us. I learnt a great deal from my sister during those final four days of her life, but I’m so glad you were there as my travelling companions.’

Diversional Therapy - It’s not all Jigsaws and Tea On some afternoons we play bingo. Many of the prizes are donated, and vary from books to cosmetics. I’ve known a few people who have never played bingo before, and they soon become enthusiastic and enjoy the fun of it. There’s always playful banter and gentle leg pulling.

We have poetry readings too. I ask if each person would like to bring in a poem for the following week, and some people bring in a few (I remember one lady bringing in two books of which she had a poem published in each). We read out each poem in turn and it sometimes opens up

a discussion which can add a great deal of interest to the afternoon. Poems can be funny, sad, witty… you just never know what direction they will take you in. Then there’s the quizzes! I take the questions out of a Pub Quiz Book and pretend to tell them off if they are conferring. We all have a good laugh.



Events Calendar

Sunday 1st June Twin Falls Sponsored Walk Abergwyngregyn (new for 2008) Friday 27th June Summer Ball in the grounds of Fugro Robertson Sunday 6th July British 10k London Race (6 places available) Saturday 26th July Summer Fete at the Hospice Saturday 9th August Annual Duck Race, Conwy Quay Saturday 16th August Dawn Walk, 4am from Aberconwy School to the Hospice and back (Ladies only sponsored walk) For further information on any of these events contact Beth Or Marie on 01492 879058.

St. David’s Hospice Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2008

Our services are provided

Free of Charge

Snippets & Little Known Facts.

In the pipeline... Café Dewi is not the only innovative new development in the pipeline. It has been decided that what the hospice needs is a suite that better suits the needs of younger patients; those with young families; and patients with special needs. A grant application was made to the Ellerman Foundation and £15,000.00 has been forthcoming. So plans are now well underway, and it is hoped that by the end of summer we will have a room with en suite facilities, and an adjoining room for families to stay. The suite will be decorated and equipped with both reflection and stimulation in mind. There will be mood lighting, and an entertainment system too. Every attempt will be made to create a space for reflection, normalisation, and privacy coupled with support.

Derrick Horton takes to the Skies

After the removal of a brain tumour in 2005, followed by an extensive course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Derrick attended Day Care at St. David’s. Since then Derrick has embraced fundraising challenges for the Hospice with a vengeance. Apart from being one of the team who took part in the Skydiving Day in September of last year, which raised £4,115.02 for hospice funds, he took part in the Fire Walk which raised £5,414.07. Rock on Derrick!

•C  are was attended by 98 patients, with a total of 1,181 attendances. •B  ereavement support was given to 280 individuals. •C  linical services cost £1.4M during 2007 with only 13% coming from the Local Health Board or Welsh Assembly.

In his own words... ‘All fired up for my Tandem Skydive I arrive at the Tilstock Airfield, Whitchurch at 9am. My jump is scheduled for 10am but we have to wait for the clouds to lift. Nerves are now beginning to jangle! More waiting… more jangling. 11 o’clock comes and goes, then 12 o’clock , then 1 o’clock…raised heartbeat and another cup of tea. Between 2pm and 3pm there are six visits to the loo, and some serious doubts, not to mention the trembling knees. At 4 o’clock the clouds lift. No turning back now! Fellow jumpers all appear calm and unfazed (fibbers). Climb into plane and take off. Too late to get out of it now! Plane takes 15 minutes to reach 10,000…shuffle to open door, feet hanging out. Tandem partners asks if I’m okay. ‘Nooo!’ Next thing we’re out at 120mph, tumbling through clouds. Freefalling for what seems like forever. Amazing thrill! Parachute opens and we glide calmly and serenely earthwards. Fantastic day. Would I do it again? Of course I would.’

• If all our Volunteers were paid it would add more than £230,000 to our salary costs, at the minimum hourly rate. But their commitment and dedication is priceless.

We run an ongoing programme of sponsored skydives throughout the year.

•O  ur shops contributed £330,000 to the Hospice in 2007.

For details contact Beth or Marie on 01492 879058

Hospice Lottery We celebrated our 10th birthday in 2007, and are going strong! In its first ten years the Hospice Lottery passed over £3M to the Hospice. Last year’s surplus was £1000 a day, and the Hospice Lottery now pays for 25% of the Hospice’s clinical costs.

• In 2007 there were 160 admissions to the Inpatient Unit.

If YOU would like to join the Hospice Lottery, or if you’d like to rejoin, just telephone the Hospice Lottery Hotline 0800 970 6242, or visit If you pay £52 for a full year, you can claim your very own DEWI, the Hospice Caring Bear, and we do have a few

2007 Dewis available at just £10 each. But don’t delaystocks are limited! Tickets for the Hospice Lottery Summer SUPERDRAW are going on sale very shortly. For just £2 per ticket you have the chance of winning one of three great cash prizes totalling £6000, with a top prize of £3000 and every penny of profit goes direct to YOUR Hospice! All Hospice Lottery players and friends of the Hospice will be receiving their own personalised tickets very soon, but for further information telephone 0800 9706242 or visit www.

St. David’s Hospice Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2008

•T  he Hospice has been strengthening the Clinical Team, with the addition of a Full-time Social Worker, Part-time Physiotherapist and Part-time Occupational Therapist. •F  rom August we will be employing a Specialist Palliative Care Consultant one day a week, and will be looking for further expansion of medical cover. •W  e are on the lookout for a new shop in Llandudno, and are starting to re-fit some of our other shops.

The winning superdraw tickets will be drawn here at the hospice on 1st August 2008. William Roache, our president, drew the winning tickets last year. He will open the Annual Summer Fete on Saturday, 26th July.


Busy in Builder Street

‘It’s hard but rewarding work down in Builder Street. Keeping our eight shops supplied with saleable items requires dedication and stamina. Fortunately these qualities are not in short supply when it comes to our volunteers!’ says Heather. ‘All our drivers are volunteers too, and we can never have too many volunteers in this department. All that’s required is a clean driving licence, a strong back, and a reasonable sense of direction… and of course the time to spare.’

The Distribution Centre has been operating for over a year now, and it’s fair to say there’s never been an idle moment - the goods are flowing in. And it’s down to Heather Magill (Team Leader), Margaret Roberts (Distribution Assistant) and a band of volunteers to keep a semblance of order in what could very easily turn to mayhem.

The Dawn Walk

In this hive of industry, clothes are steamed, sorted and sent out to where they’re needed most. Bric a brac, books and miscellaneous goods need sorting too, and Heather keeps an eagle eye out for anything that may need a professional valuation.

Another development on the shop front has been the Llanrwst Shop. This, the newest of the Hospice Shops is run totally by volunteers, and is a great success story, with a team that works like clockwork. Irene Clarke has taken on the mantle of co-ordinator, and between Irene and twenty other volunteers they manage to keep the till ringing. This shop, with its lovely old fashioned front, can be found on Watling Street. The Distribution Centre was set up to act as a convenient collection unit. From here goods are sent out to the various shops in Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey. It has convenient parking for members of the public who wish to drop off bags of clothing & other saleable items, and can be found on Builders Street Llandudno. Caroline Wilson Shops Co-ordinator

the Conwy estuary all still and quiet except for the sound of the seabirds and the lapping of the tide …. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Here in the Fundraising Office we are constantly racking our brains for new ideas, and this time we think we may have hit the jackpot - A Dawn Walk. Okay, so getting up before it’s light is not everybody’s idea of fun, but picture this - light seeping into the sky;

So now down to the nitty gritty – The walk will take place on Saturday, 16th August, starting from Aberconwy School at first light. We will then take the coastal path onto the Conwy Quay, cross the bridge to join the cycle track that leads along the beach and onto West Shore, then on to the Hospice on Abbey Road for

REGULAR GIVING FORM PLEASE COMPLETE AND SEND THIS FORM TO: ST DAVIDʼS HOSPICE, ABBEY ROAD, LLANDUDNO LL30 2EN PLEASE DO NOT SEND THIS FORM TO YOUR BANK To: The Manager (Branch Name & Address) __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Please pay St David’s Hospice: £ ________ per month / quarter / year (until further notice) starting with immediate effect. Account holder:


My account no:


Bank sort code:


Signature: _____________________ Date: ______________ To: Lloyds TSB, 22 Mostyn Street, Llandudno For credit to St David’s Hospice Account No 0093897 Sort Code no 30-95-13 Bank please quote: ______________ From: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms: _________ Initials: ______________ Surname: Address:

_________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Postcode: ______________ Tel: ______________________ Email: _________________________________________ GIFT AID DECLARATION If you are a UK taxpayer and would like the Hospice to reclaim the tax on your donations (25p for every £1 you donate), please tick the box and sign below. I have paid income or capital gains tax in the UK equal to the tax that will be claimed.

Signature: _____________________ Date: ______________ HOW YOUR REGULAR GIFT HELPS: A regular gift to St David’s Hospice, no matter how small, is a wonderful way to show you care. Over a 12-month period this could have a major impact on the life of a local person with a terminal illness and their families, friends and carers. For instance, in 1 year… £5 a month £10 a month £25 a month

Would help provide complimentary therapies Will help towards catering for patients’ dietary requirements Would help us to provide specialist training for nursing staff


rest and refreshment. Then it’s a matter of retracing our footsteps, and of course everything will look totally different, because we will be facing the mountains and the sun will be that much higher. By the time we get back to Aberconwy we will have covered around 9 miles, all on the flat and way before the heat of day. In order to take part all walkers will need to fill in a registration form and pay a small fee to cover costs. All the sponsorship money collected will then

go directly to Hospice funds. This is a women only event with limited spaces, so it will pay to register early. If you are interested please contact Beth or Marie on 01492 879058 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. You will then be sent a pack with all the details enclosed. Please join us. We are very excited about this event, and we really want to make it a day worth remembering for all the right reasons. Bethan Bithell Fundraising Co-ordinator

Data Protection Policy St. David’s Hospice and its lottery company St. David’s Promotions Ltd. are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. The Hospice does not pass personal data to any other organisations but may wish to keep you informed of Hospice news and activities. If you do not wish to receive this information, contact at: St. David’s Hospice. Abbey Road, Llandudno, Conwy LL30 2EN. Email: Telephone: 01492 879058 Fax: 01492 872081

St. David’s Hospice Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2008

St David's Hospice Newsletter Spring Summer 2008 English  
St David's Hospice Newsletter Spring Summer 2008 English  

St David's Hospice Newsletter 2008 English