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Celebrating 10 years of palliative care at St. David’s Hospice

THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS On the 27th May 2009 St. David’s Hospice will be 10 years old. Unbelievable! Thinking back to everything that has led to this point has unearthed some wonderful memories. Too many to share in the word count designated to me for the purpose of this newsletter, so I will go back to the moment when it really came home to me that the dream would become a reality. Roll back the years to 4th June 1997 – It’s 8.30am and I’m standing in a field at the base of the Great Orme with Joe Ashton (our first C.E.). We’ve re-housed the nine donkeys that formerly claimed this field, the council has kindly cut down the thigh high thistles, and we’re waiting for the delivery of a small marquee, some chairs and twenty spades, all vital for the turf cutting ceremony that is to happen at 3pm. It’s already hot, but the streets are oddly quiet. No traffic, not a soul in sight. Today is the first step in the building process - the culmination of 8 years of selfless fundraising by thousands of people of all ages, and Martyn Lewis (BBC Newscaster) has been invited to cut the first turf. He will be joined by 20 local mayors who will all be doing their bit in a perfectly orchestrated manoeuvre. Martyn will be in the centre, the mayors forming a circle around him. At the given moment Martyn will lift his turf, the mayors, in unison, will lift theirs and the Town Band will strike up a tune. That’s the plan. The marquee etc. arrive and all is well. Joe and I inspect the field and identify the best place to conduct the Ceremony. We decide to prepare

the sods so that the Ceremony will go without a hitch. Joe lifts the spade, strikes the ground and hits what might as well be concrete. The sun is really blazing now, we’re sweating buckets, the clock is ticking, two hours have gone and we’ve cut about four. Only sixteen to go...things are not looking good. Suddenly out of nowhere come two mature gentlemen. One has a knotted handkerchief on his head and they’re heading for the beach. But curiosity has got the better of them and they want to know why we are seemingly randomly digging in a field with a marquee and twenty chairs. ‘I don’t suppose you gentlemen are gardeners?’ I say. Next thing they’re beside us with their sleeves rolled up and things are really moving. Two hours later, the task is done. The nameless gentlemen are thanked profusely. ‘Amazing what you can do if you try!’ says one of them, ‘I’m on holiday recovering from a triple heart bypass and I really enjoyed that.’ Needless to say we’re stunned by this information as we rush back to the old Madoc Street offices to make ourselves respectable for the guests. The Ceremony goes well. Everybody plays their part perfectly then pops around the corner to Gogarth Abbey for High Tea. Everybody that is except Joe and I, who are so exhausted that we sit in the middle of the field barely able to talk. But I know, that like me, Joe is thinking about the kindness of strangers.

Letter from the Chairman Dear All

of pice celebrates 10 years In 2009 St. David’s Hos th Nor of nity mu com in the providing palliative care ievement and ach this of ud pro y ver West Wales. We are your suppor t. thank you most warmly for ist year as a confirmed special We star t our anniversar y in ant sult con a of nt tme hospice with the appoin ary plin isci lti-d leading our mu palliative care who will be ’s ition of a younger person add the h Wit m. tea ical clin we um For r are of a User/C suite and the development continually improving the are we t tha nt fide con are available ser vices. ded 5million plus that is nee However raising the £1. the in ing and dem is ser vices each year to provide these to help like ld wou you if and , present economic climate iversar y year we would be fundraise in our special ann . delighted to hear from you fortunate to have been a On a personal note – I was to celebrate the building cut was guest when the first turf an ilege to be here as Chairm of the hospice. So it is a priv sharing our to ard forw k loo I and r, in such a special yea . anniversar y events with you Kind Regards Gladys Harrison

Well all that feels like it was only yesterday, but the 10th Anniversary and the odd grey hair tell me it’s not! So now all that remains for me to say is if either of you lovely gentlemen are out there, please report for duty...we would love to see you.

Janet Magill (Administrator)


June 3rd 1997

June 4th 1997


May 27th 1999


A Great Big Success Story

s Pat  Ball

Shop Locations

(Shop Volunteer)

Llandudno Craig Y Don Rhos on Sea Colwyn Bay Conwy Porthmadog Llangefni Llanrwst

Moving, by its very nature, is a stressful and exhausting exercise, but thanks to the enthusiasm and determination of the team headed by Eryl Finch (Shop Manager) the relocation of our Llandudno Shop to Lloyd Street went well, and things are looking good. At last we have space! Now we sell furniture, have expanded the book and china section, and

9 Lloyd St, LL30 2UU 19 Mostyn Avenue, LL30 1YS 31 Penrhyn Avenue, LL28 4PS 34 Penrhyn Road, LL29 8LG 17 High Street, LL32 8DE 142 High Street, LL49 9NU 12 High Street, LL77 7LT 3 Watling Street, LL26 0LS

01492 01492 01492 01492 01492 01766 01248 01492

871751 860504 544569 533166 593719 513155 723323 641516

Friends of St. David’s Hospice Would you like to become a Friend of St. David’s? If so, you will need to pay an annual subscription of £15. In return you will receive a Membership Card that entitles you to discounts from various businesses in the area. You will also receive a list of all participating businesses, and the bi-annual newsletter to keep you abreast of all developments and events at St. David’s. This is a simple and effective way of helping the hospice. It provides us with a predictable source of income, and also helps to consolidate our already strong relationships with the very generous local business community. The beauty of this scheme is that everybody benefits. If you would like further information please contact the Fundraising Office on 01492 879058 ext 264/265.


Send me a Standing Order form Here is a cheque for £ .................... I have paid £52- send my Dewi to me. I want to pay cash at the door. Here is £4.

Of course this is also down to the quality of the items that have been donated to us by members of the public, and we are eager for this to continue. So whilst the ideal scenario is for donations to be taken to our distribution centre in Builder Street, we realise that (especially with larger items) this is not always practical, so we can organise home collections. Another thing we want to develop is our evening wear section, and we plan to concentrate all suitable

dresses, tuxedos, evening bags etc. into our Lloyd Street Shop. This decision was made with the Summer Ball Season in mind (in particular our own on the 26th June). The hope is that this will make things easier for anyone intent on buying a posh frock without straining the credit card or upsetting their bank manager. For home collections please contact Heather Magill on 01492 878935. For volunteering enquiries please contact Caroline Thomas on 07795531654 or call in to one of our shops and ask to speak to the Team Leader. Caroline Thomas Shops Co-ordinator

A Nice Little Earner Last year £2,250.44 was raised through the recycling of old mobile phones (working or not), foreign and old coins, and used stamps. This may be a drop in the ocean in relation to the Hospice’s annual running costs, but many drops make a nice big puddle! Not only that but it’s good to feel that we’re recycling things that would either lie around gathering dust or add to the landfill problem. However, never let it be said that we are easily satisfied (we are fundraisers after all), so please help us double this total in 2009. All the above mentioned items can be handed in at the reception desk here at St. David’s in Abbey Road, Llandudno, or to any of the Hospice Shops (see shop article for a list of locations).

Le “Dewi” Nouveau est arrivé!

I would like to join the Hospice Lottery game.

m m m m

can generally offer the public a pleasant shopping experience. All of these factors have added up to a great big success story, and the first full month’s trading raised an amazing £14,370.00.

(certain areas only)

Name .................................................................. Address ............................................................... .............................. Postcode ............................. Tel ....................................................................... Email ..................................................................

For the eighth year in succession Hospice Lottery members have welcomed a new DEWI, the Hospice Lottery Caring Bear. This year’s Dewi, who has just arrived at the Hospice Lottery office, is ready for bed- he is kitted out in a smart blue and white striped nightgown and nightcap. The badges on his hat and foot remind us that this year is the Hospice’s 10th anniversary, and this year’s summer draw will reflect that theme. Our Hospice Lottery members play in one of three ways- standing order, cheque/card through the post, or cash at the door. If you play using any of these methods, and if you pay £52 in one payment for a full year, you can claim your very own Dewi! We also have a small supply of 2008 Dewis, in their smart yellow coat and sou’wester. These are available for sale at the bargain price of £5 each. Just telephone the Hospice Lottery hotline on 0800 9706242, or send us an email via You can join the Hospice Lottery game using the same methods- it costs just £1 per week to play the Hospice Lottery game, and to share in the chance of winning one of 150 cash prizes week, totalling £3000, with a top prize of £2000.

Thanks to the generosity of so many residents of North West Wales, the Hospice Lottery has paid over £4Million to the Hospice since it was set up in November 1997. For each of the last two years, the Lottery has contributed £365000 a year to the Hospice- that’s £1000 a day, and a quarter of the running costs of YOUR Hospice.

St. David’s Hospice Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2009

FUNDRAISING NEWS Every Penny Counts ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.’ I don’t suppose there are many of us who haven’t heard that one! But we’re pleased to report that it would seem to be true, and during the course of 2008 our collection cans (the green ones with the Hospice logo, seen in businesses & retail outlets in Llandudno and the surrounding area) brought in £9,734.39 in small change, and £9,734.39 is not to be sniffed at.

Bethan Bithell & Marie Bugler (Fundraising Co-ordinators) So that is what happens to all those odd pennies when you say - ‘just put the change in the charity box’ - they breed! So a huge thank you to all the shops who display our cans, our volunteers who place and collect them, and everyone who helps us count the pennies. We are looking for more people to distribute cans so that we can extend our range. If you would like to help, please contact Beth or Marie on 01492 879058.

s George  Williams (Volunteer)

Eliza’s Winning Drawing Last year, like every other year, we were approached by employees of offices, schools, hospitals, local authorities etc., because they wanted to donate to St. David’s instead of sending Christmas Cards to colleagues. So in response to this demand we ran a Share a Card Scheme for the 4th year running. But this time we called on the pupils of San Siôr School to breathe new life into the campaign, and they were all asked to come up with a drawing of the Nativity. In response we were deluged by 200 wonderful pictures. It was really, really, hard to choose the best. Not only were these welcome reminders of what Christmas is all about, but also a reminder of how special children are. But in the end we had to make a decision, and after much heart searching and wringing of hands we came up with a clear winner – Eliza May Kyffin’s lovely picture of the Holy Family. s Eliza Mae Kyffin (10 years) from San Siôr School, Llandudno with her winning drawing of the Nativity.

Total raised: £ 2,653.96

The Gardens at Maenan Hall Now that the days are drawing out at last, and signs of spring are all around, many of us look forward to pottering in the garden, or even better, pottering around other peoples’ gardens. What could be more civilized, than a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a good gander at the fruits of someone else’s labour? And if the gate and cake money is going to a noble cause or two, we can eat with impunity, and feast our eyes on the beauty that surrounds us with hardly a thought of the weeds that may be growing in our own backyards! After all we are gathering inspiration and the lawn can wait for another day. For many years now Christopher and Janey McLaren have been offering us just such an opportunity. They throw open the gates to their beautiful gardens at Maenan Hall for a day every

Mud and Tarantulas

(Vicky’s 10 day jungle adventure) When Vicky Arundel signed up to do the Costa Rica Trek to raise sponsorship for St. David’s she knew it was going to be a challenge. There was the sponsorship for a start. She needed to raise a minimum of £2,950.00 and Vicky embraced this phase with gusto. There was the car boot sale, the raffle, cooking for thirty at Candles Restaurant and can collections by the score. She took our breath away with her enthusiasm and energy.

spring and every summer. In this way they have raised a very tidy sum for St. David’s Hospice and the Red Cross, both causes they hold dear. Christopher’s father, the 2nd Lord Aberconwy and creator of the gardens at Bodnant, used to say that a garden without people was incomplete. ‘And I agree…’ says Christopher ‘…it’s always a pleasure to open the gardens to the public and to see how much they appreciate its beauty. Even more so when St. David’s and its superb work benefit from the result.’ Watch the Hospice Fundraising Column in the North Wales Weekly News for the next opening date.

Then came the trek! Clearly not a picnic. No lounging on tropical beaches for our Vicky. We’ve seen the pictures! There was mud, rain, shaky bridges, more mud, buckets of sweat, tarantulas and crocodiles. And at the end of a hard day’s walking, not a little boutique hotel in sight, just a tent, or a hard floor in a wooden hut on stilts, and a plate of refried beans. ‘It was character building and I made some really good friends.’ said Vicky, who appears to be in fine fettle after her adventure. Vicky was officially welcomed back on the 13th February with a Gala Dinner generously organised by the management of St. George’s Hotel in Llandudno. A good night was had by all, and not a refried bean in sight. Total raised for Hospice: £4,300.00 and rising.

St. David’s Hospice Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2009

For details about this and other Overseas Challenges contact Beth or Marie on 01492 879058

Love and Laughter

We have a very relaxing room for aromatherapy and reflexology treatments. At lunch time there is a choice of meals, and dietary needs are met by our chef. Afternoons are for relaxation or to join in a quiz or other activity. Our main aim is to satisfy individual needs, so our patients look forward to coming again. Our lounge and dining room/diversional therapy room have just been refurbished, and my dream of having a fire place in the lounge has come true, thanks to yet another kind donation.

Almost 10 years in Day Care and 10 years older! Reflecting back on our day care service since it began in 1999 made me realise how hard the community has worked to achieve their dream of having a hospice. At the beginning it was available twice a week, and is now running for 5 days a week. Four days for patients and one day for the support of carers and the bereaved. At first there were no in-patient facilities and now we have opened our 11th bed. Since last year we have been able to offer the use of a palliative care respite bed, which is proving very beneficial for carers. I believe Day Care to be a very happy place where patients are assessed by trained nurses who work with a team of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, complementary therapists, a therapeutic healer, volunteer chiropodists, hairdressers and carers. Our aim is for our patients to have their medical and nursing issues addressed in a holistic way, and it is important that their day is positive and enjoyable.

s Sister  Gwen Thomas & Stephen Foster

When a patient comes to Day Care for the first time they may be anxious and unsure about what to expect. Their worries are soon lifted as they are welcomed by the team. Our doctors and nurses are always on hand to assess patients’ needs and talk about any problems they may have, and our physiotherapist is also available to help with any mobility problems.

Many close friendships have been formed in Day Care. I met my first ever Day Care patient having a coffee in Café Dewi a few months ago, and I often think I could write a book about the wonderful people I have met. I feel privileged to have been, and to be part of their lives. I’m sure all of us who have experienced Day Care as staff, patients, carers or volunteers would agree that although many a tear is shed the emphasis is on living each day through dignity, respect, love and laughter. Long may it continue. Sister Gwen Thomas

Kuala Lumpur to Phuket John Harvey took part in an Eight Day Sponsored Bike Ride from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket, raising £2,000 for hospice funds. Here are a few words from the man himself… My favourite part was travelling through the Cameron Highlands, where the variation in temperature was over 15 degrees from top to bottom of the climbs. The terrain was very mountainous and even on the best days, undulating. We twice almost ran over bright green snakes on the road (I was told they were vipers) and the chit-chats (lizards) were in all the hotel rooms we stayed in. For the first few days I coped reasonably well in the heat as we were setting off early to finish mid-afternoon, and my only worry was saddle sores! But I found the very spicy food hard to tolerate. Everything was rice with spicy something! On top of this, on day four we couldn’t find anywhere to replenish our water bottles and the temperature had hit 41 degrees. By the time I reached the hotel I had a raging temperature, the shakes, terrible diarrhoea and disorientation. Fortunately one of the lads was a physiologist and he diagnosed extreme heat exhaustion and dehydration, which coupled with a bad stomach didn’t bode well for the rest of the ride. I began to think I would have to get a taxi 400 miles back to K.L., but decided to dip out on the ride the following day and see how I felt. So, along with another rider with a stomach bug, I caught a taxi to the Thai border, where we met up with everyone else.

Cause for Celebration We were truly shocked (in a good way) when we asked our computer to cough up the figures for Celebration Giving in 2008. ‘What is Celebration Giving?’ I hear you ask. Well Celebration Giving is when all you good folk decide that you have quite enough stuff, and that on the occasions of your birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. etc. you would rather your friends and family give to a cause close to your hearts. And luckily, it would seem that St. David’s is close to a lot of hearts and £11,300.07 has been raised in this way.

The following day I was better, if a little weak, and I managed the 100 mile ride. From thereon things improved and on day eight we reached Phuket. It was a great experience. I discovered how gentle and giving the Thai people are. I also realised how isolating a feeling it is to be ill and far from home, and what a privileged life I live. But the best kick of all is that for every mile I cycled St. David’s Hospice will benefit. John Harvey

Café Dewi (at the Hospice on Abbey Road)


Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm Pop in and enjoy 1st class coffee, tea, homemade cakes and light snacks. We also have a gift shop and a great selection of 2nd hand books for sale.

St. David’s Hospice Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2009


Spotlight on trustee Anthony Neville (retired Pharmacist):

St. David’s Hospice is governed by a board of 9 Trustees who give their services free of charge. The Board meets monthly except during the months of August and December. The normal term of office is a minimum of 3 years before re-election. The Board of Trustees: Mrs. G. Harrison (Chairman) Mr. B. Goldsmith (Vice Chairman) Mr. J. Jones (Hon. Secretary) Mr. A. Thomas (Treasurer) Miss D. Atkinson

Mr. C. Davies Mr. A. Neville Dr. N. Williams Mr. H. Thomas

I’ve been a trustee for just over 5 years now. Apart from the monthly meetings I serve on a couple of sub-committees (Clinical Governance & Building/Shop Maintenance). Having been a Pharmacist in Llandudno for forty-two years, I am able to bring my experience of healthcare to the Board. I thoroughly enjoy my role, and with the help of like-minded people am able to ensure that the Hospice is managed efficiently.

We are currently under represented in marketing and media skills. If you feel you would like to join us and use your experience for the benefit of the Hospice, please contact the Chairman (01492 879058) who will be delighted to hear from you.

The clinical costs of running St David’s Hospice are currently running at approx. £1.5 million per annum., the majority of which is provided by voluntary contribution, with a small fraction provided by the Local Health Board. We therefore rely on the support of the communities we serve, so that we may continue providing palliative care free of charge to the people of Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey.

St. David’s Hospice INCOME - January to December 2008 - £2,146,927

Gathering Momentum Once again legacy income constituted the largest percentage of income for the hospice during the year. As we enter our 10th Anniversary year it’s incredible to think that since 1996 over £3.5 million has been donated to the hospice in this way. Without these gifts the hospice would not be what it is today. Whilst we have been fortunate to receive a few large amounts, the majority of individual legacies are smaller. But these soon mount up and make a huge difference to the hospice. It’s a fact that a significant percentage of us in the UK die without making a Will. Perhaps because we feel we don’t have enough money or possessions to make it worthwhile, or simply because it’s something we don’t want to think about. However the practicalities of making a Will are relatively easy, quick and inexpensive, and can make things easier for loved ones who will not want to deal with complicated legal and financial matters at a time when they may have more than enough to cope with.

St. David’s Hospice EXPENDITURE - January to December 2008 - £2,007,879

Here at St. David’s we understand that making provision for family and friends is a priority, however, should you wish to leave a gift (large or small) to St. David’s you can be sure that you will be helping to safeguard the future of hospice care in your community. If you are thinking of bequeathing a gift to the Hospice please contact your own solicitor and note that any gift will be free of tax, not only to your family but to the Hospice too. Andrew Humphreys (Finance Officer)

User Carer Forum The Board of Trustees has in recent months made the decision to establish a User-Carer Forum, and this new body has begun what the Board anticipates will be a permanent process of ascertaining the opinions of St. David’s Hospice service-users. As an exploratory step the Board asked the user-carer representative on the St. David’s Clinical Governance Group - Mr. J. K. Blomeley - to chair a meeting of the new User-Carer Forum. That initial meeting was held in the Boardroom at the Hospice on 8th January 2009.

By deciding to set up the User-Carer Forum the Trustees demonstrate recognition of a fundamental fact concerning the relationship between the Hospice, its patients, and their carers. That “..fundamental fact...” is that anyone who has themselves been a day-patient or in-patient in St. David’s Hospice, or who has - or had - responsibility for caring for a loved one who uses or in the past used Hospice clinical services; has first-hand experience. That experience is signally unlike that of anyone else. It is self-evident that the professionals at St. David’s Hospice: the medical staff, the administrators, the muchvalued ancillary workers, together with the volunteers collectively make up ‘Team Hospice ‘. Between them the team create an unmatched service for Hospice patients and carers. It is, of course; the collective effort that is the essential difference between care in St. David’s, and what

would undoubtedly be the situation in a wholly-funded, NHS-controlled model of hospice care. The Trustees are of the view that the experiences of usercarers of the Hospice can be utilised to better inform the professionals who run St. David’s services on a day-in, day-out basis. It can only be that the interchange of experience will be for the benefit of all. If you feel that your knowledge can benefit patients and carers, then please come to the User-Carer Forum meetings. You will be very welcome. All you need do is telephone the Hospice to find out the date and time -- and then turn up, and tell us what you think. Kevan Blomeley

St. David’s Hospice Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2009


Sunday, 26th April

Friday, 26th June

Sunday, 23rd August

Treading the Boards. A five mile walk on Llandudno Pier

The Annual Summer Ball

The Dawn Walk

With champagne, music and a 4 course dinner. Held in a marquee in the grounds of Fugro Robertson, Llanrhos, this has rightly won a place as one of the social highlights of the year. This year we’re introducing a Black, White & Bling theme, so dust off your jewels and decide …will you wriggle into a little black number, or will you dare to wear white! Tickets are £60 each or £600 for a table of 10. This event is generally oversubscribed so a swift response is your only guarantee of securing a place.

Approx. 10miles. Conwy – Llandudno and back. Will start from Aberconwy School at 4.45am in the morning. This will be the 2nd year we have run this women only sponsored walk. Last year it raised a spectacular £16,000 for Hospice funds, and we are hoping to equal or better it this year. So please spread the word! It’s a beautiful walk, made even more beautiful by the morning light and the spirit of the walkers. Some may choose to walk in memory of a loved one; some as a show of support for their local hospice; and some just for the joy of it. Whatever motivates you, please join us, and make this a day to remember. It may be long but the route is flat and easy! Everyone who took part last year will automatically receive an information pack, but if you didn’t, and would like one, please contact us and we will add your name to the list.

Registration: 11.30am - 12.30pm. Fancy Dress is optional but it may be fun to come dressed as a character from a pantomime, West End or Broadway Show! This is a sponsored walk but as always participants have the option of paying a £10 registration fee instead (£10 adults/£5 children). There is no minimum sponsorship level.

Monday, 4th May A Charity Greensome Stableford At the Rhos on Sea Golf Club. Entry Fees: Full Members £15 per pair. Visitors £20 a pair. Pairings: Ladies, Gentlemen, or mixed. For further details or to request an entry form please contact Joan Leach on 01492 540516

Saturday, 9th May Llandrillo College Open Day At the college’s Rhos on Sea Campus. Door open: 10am – 3pm. Course information; fun events; pampering by Hair & Beauty students; mouth watering delicacies from the Hospitality Dept; information on environmental and sustainability issues. All profits to St. David’s Hospice. For further details contact Nick Hill on 01492 546666 ext. 484

Sunday, 7th June The Twin Falls Sponsored Walk A moderately challenging hike that takes in the spectacular Aber Falls and the glorious views from the North Wales path. Registration will take place at the Aber Community Centre (above Hen Felin Café) between 10am and 11am. This is a sponsored walk but as always participants have the option of paying a registration fee instead (£10 adults/£5 children). There is no minimum sponsorship level.

Saturday, 25th July The Annual Summer Fete Takes place in the Hospice grounds in Abbey Road, Llandudno. Gates open to all from 1pm until 4pm. All the fun you would expect from a traditional summer fete! Entry: £1 for adults/ 50p for children

Thursday, 24th September Gentlemen’s Evening

Friday, 14th August Charity Golf Day & Dinner at the North Wales Golf Club

(Dinner & Speaker) at the North Wales Golf Club Contact Gwyn Williams (Captain) on 01492 534115 for further details.

Contact Gwyn Williams (Captain) on 01492 534115 for further details.

Sunday, 27th September The Great Orme Walk

Saturday, 15th August The Duck Race

Starts and ends at the Hospice in Abbey Road.

The Duck Race is the grand finale of the Conwy River Festival

For further details or to request information packs for any of the above events contact Beth or Marie on 01492 879058 or watch the local press for further details.

Saturday, 10th October Voices for Hospices – Concert at St. John’s Methodist Church, Llandudno Our way of celebrating World Palliative Care Day . This is a partnership event with Ty Gobaith, Children’s Hospice. Under the musical directorship of Trystan Lewis, it promises to be a night to remember.

Tweaking the Database

Designed and printed by CYD Printing.

We now have an all singing, all dancing database. A useful tool to say the least. However it’s in its infancy and still in constant need of tweaking. Please would you help make it more efficient by responding to the following – * * * * Did you know that you can donate online @

If you have received a newsletter and would no longer like to do so please contact us. If you did not receive one through the post, would you like to? Would you prefer to receive it electronically? Did you receive more than one?

Please contact Marie Bugler on 01492 879058 ext. 264 or email her on

DATA PROTECTION POLICY St. David’s Hospice and its lottery company St. David’s Promotions Ltd. are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. The Hospice does not pass personal data to any other organisations but may wish to keep you informed of Hospice news and activities. If you do not wish to receive this information, contact: St. David’s Hospice. Abbey Road, Llandudno, Conwy LL30 2EN. Email: Telephone: 01492 879058 Fax: 01492 872081

St. David’s Hospice Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2009

St David's Hospice Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2008 English  

St David's Hospice Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2008 English