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Project Types: Residential, Hotel, Retail, Master Plan, and Architectural Design Project Details: Located six miles from Manhattan in the New Jersey Meadowlands, this mixed-use community in a 785-acre brownfield site includes protected wetlands to be restored and enhanced, and landfill to be capped according to regulations specified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The total area will yield 36 acres of golf, along with three areas of development to be nestled into the surrounding wetlands. The primary neighborhood, the Village, at approximately 105 acres, will comprise 1900 residential units, 40,000 square feet of retail, 175,000 square feet of office space, a four-acre village green, a 350-room golf resort hotel, a conference center and spa, and two golf clubhouses, as well as a public community center. A central Main Street unifies the Village as it leads from a small market square past five-story buildings with retail and office space below and loft apartments above to a large village green, and then connects to the southeast with the neighboring community of North Arlington. The main residential blocks are organized around the green with four- to sevenstory garden apartment buildings facing the green on one side and two- to three-story townhouses facing the golf course on the other.


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Project Types: Residential, Hotel, Retail, Master Plan, and Architectural Design Project Details: Located on a 2,400-acre site in Trelawney, 30 minutes to the east of Montego Bay and 45 minutes to the west of Ochos Rios, the Harmony Cove Resort will feature a fine-grained mix of resort uses, including singlefamily houses, hotels, shops, golf, spas, gaming venues, conference facilities, a water-park, music venues, and recording studios. The town center, with intimate streets and gracious stone plazas composed around a yacht harbor, carries forward the spirit of colonial seaside villages that have evolved into vacation destinations. The streets of the town center will be lined with shops and harbor-side cafes and restaurants; there will also be a restaurant on an island in the harbor. The marina, which will house yachts up to 300 feet in length, is fed by canals lined with houses and features two connections to the Caribbean Sea. In the hills above the town center, a network of roads and pedestrian paths supports residential neighborhoods and a boutique hotel. The project respects the natural environment with dense pockets of development that maximize the conservation of much of the existing natural Jamaican landscape.


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Exhibition: Midtown-West / Manhattan’s Future Pergolis Urban Gallery New York, NY The exhibition, Midtown-West: Manhattan’s Future explored the future possibilities for the western most edge of Midtown Manhattan, from Eighth Avenue to Hudson

River. Through an extensive array of thoughtful and provocative drawings the initial and immensely important discussion opened by the City of New York itself is see against a series of academic and professional contributions - from Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and the City University of New York, the offices of some of New York City’s most vivid

The New West Side Exhibit - Hudson Rail Yards NEW YORK, NEW YORK- URBAN DESIGN

and articulate architects, and distinguished members of its land-use bar. This exhibition forms the discussion of New York City’s future within the context of what a global city can be in the 21st century.

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Saul David Hayutin Master Planning and Urban Design Portfolio  

Saul David Hayutin Master Planning and Urban De

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