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I LOVE NATURE A love story unifying humanity and nature.

Presented by: Dhana Inc. In Association with: Aaron Ableman, Eric Montross & Performing Arts Academy of Marin (PAAM)


Honoring the natural elements of the world (air, water, sun and land) that are vital for all life on earth and the basis for human’s design inspiration and the natural world.


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Award Winning Fashion Brand, Dhana Inc. Launches “I Love Nature” Music Video in Collaboration with Aaron Ableman, Macroshift Media and PAAM (Performing Arts Academy of Marin) An Ode to Love for Nature

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018, Sausalito, California On the ten-year anniversary of Dhana Inc., the youth apparel fashion brand, Dhana, is proud to announce the collaboration with renowned, humanitarian author and artist, Aaron Ableman, and the release of the music video “I Love Nature”. The video aims to mobilize our youth to connect with people around the world through Nature - that which sustains life and provides us with so much beauty, love and joy in our everyday lives. The collaboration infuses regenerative and restorative fashion together with entertainment to educate a new generation of youth – the reGeneration. The project is dedicated to positively influence how everyday families and youth consume, understand and create within their local environments and thereby wearing their values. The upbeat song, I Love Nature, was uniquely created for Dhana’s 2016 “We’re Wearin’ the World” campaign, with design inspiration from the colors, textures, and elements of the natural world. Ableman’s ability to translate pressing issues into cheerful, uplifting songs caters to the imaginative minds of the Dhana’s audience--the youth-successfully embracing “We’re Wearin’ the World”. The song is also featured as a love song between man and the earth in Aaron Ableman’s 4th studio Album, Alive & Awake. The track narrates the tale of how the relationship of nature and man has become taxed in modern societies and has the ability to be retained if he (or society at large) cares to aid the ecological collapses we’re currently seeing around the world. “Dhana celebrates the unique partnership with Alive & Awake as it tells a story of interdependence between the planet, people and the beauty of our cultural diversity. Just as Nature has inspired Dhana’s fashion through its minerals, vegetation, colors and design, we hope that through this music video, children of all ages are inspired and empowered to enjoy life anew and give meaning to their unique gifts in restoring and regenerating planet earth”, affirms Shamini Dhana, Founder and CEO, Dhana Inc. “I am inspired to partner with Dhana Inc. We have a mutual vision for using entertainment, fashion, and business to amplify social and environmental solutions. In these times of great unrest and turmoil, we must nurture and grow such cross-sector relationships if we’re to hope for a better tomorrow. Our children and coming generations are worth every risk imaginable!” shared Mr. Ableman. The Dhana Inc. collaboration included partnership with audio-visual production house Macroshift Media founded by Eric Montross who directed, photographed and created unique animation for the video. "At this time, we are experiencing unprecedented earth changes and we are seeing the impact that our collective actions can have in this world. Right now, it is essential that we utilize music, art, and media to inspire one another to move towards a more sustainable way of life. I Love Nature is all about participating in a movement which is focused on reconnecting and finding that deep reverence for the natural world around us" explained Eric Montross, Director of the I Love Nature music video and founder of Macroshift Media

As a youth brand, Dhana Inc. also invited teen dancers of the Performing Arts Academy of Marin (PAAM) to showcase their love for nature and music through the movement of dance reflected in this musical video. “Much of the beauty of training so diligently in dance, as these young performers do, is realized through artistic projects and opportunities that allow them to contribute to something greater than themselves. This experience has allowed them to share their art and connect to important causes, reflecting on ways they can impact others not only through artistic expression, but choices and actions as well.” shared Annie Thistle, Owner and Artistic Director, PAAM

Official Music Video release date: Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2018 – An Ode to Love for Nature available here. For more information please visit **** Dhana, Inc. founded in 2008 is a Certified B Corporation based in Sausalito, California. Dhana is an award winning, ethical fashion brand committed to connecting people and the planet through the medium of fashion. Shamini Dhana is founder and CEO of Dhana, Inc. and has instilled fair trade, ethical, and sustainable principles throughout the company’s supply chain. Shamini Dhana brings to the eco-fashion world over 20 years of corporate executive experience in banking and finance, government, consulting and is an associate producer of The True Cost documentary, and board member of non-profits Climate Ride and the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF). Dhana apparel is available online at and through selected retail stores. Aaron Ableman is an artist, entrepreneur and author. He grew up under the guidance of a farmer/author and public health care nurse, studying with indigenous elders, Oxford scholars and notable spiritual leaders including the 14th Dalai Lama. He has worked with Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Michael Franti, Cypress Hill, Raffi, K’NAAN, Joan Baez, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Nahko Bear, Vandana Shiva, amongst many others. Internationally, he has produced award-winning educational entertainment programs for children and youth. His life and work have been heralded in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, MTV, CNN, Discovery, New York Times, Montreal Mirror, San Francisco Examiner, and more. He was also recently named one of the “Top 100 Creatives” by Origin Magazine and won a UNESCO “song/music video of the year” award at COP 21 in Paris, France. His daughter is 1 year old; the light of his life. Macroshift Media was founded in 2017 by Eric Montross who is a musician, author, educator, film maker and multimedia artist. He’s been producing music videos, short films and musical productions since he was 11 years old. He started company called Illuminertia producing albums, videos and graphic art out of a studio in San Francisco in 2005. Since that time, he has collaborated with Grammy award winning artists. He has also taught graphic art and stop motion in San Mateo, CA. In 2017 he created Macroshift Media to house cutting edge audio visual productions designed to propel humanity towards a more sustainable future. Performing Arts Academy of Marin (PAAM) Founded in a genuine love for the performing arts, PAAM provides comprehensive training in theater arts and dance through our PAAM School and Ballet Conservatory as well as additional offerings including Youth Musicals, dance teams through our Alta Vista Dance Company (AVDC), and Summer Programs. Students receive superior training, expand their boundaries, gain valuable skills – all while building friendships and memories. PAAM equips young artists with a well-rounded arts education and the confidence to take on whatever path they choose.

I LOVE NATURE I love you like the trees where I grow my dreams Love you like the watermelons, redish or green Love you like some fresh berry ice in the cream Love you like the pictures of myself in a stream I imagine that the first time I nursed to a nursery rhyme I burped to my mama, “Am I born to shine?” She sang back in a sigh: “Hush little baby don’t you cry! Every little thing’s gonna be all right! Follow nature, my child Good or bad, frowns or smiles You can wear the world and still be wild! You can catch a bird straight to the sky You’re a caterpillar butterfly!” My mama answered the questions of life Why is the sky blue & why do I ask why? Those were the days when I sighed And the wind sang back to me: I am I! I love you like the trees where I grow my dreams Love you like the watermelons, reddish or green Love you like some fresh berry ice in the cream Love you like the pictures of myself in a stream

When I was 13 and just having fun They pushed me to fight like a dragon or run You’re too old to cry to your mom! Wake up and get a job all you children! Dreaming is worse than the worst of em Don’t be a bum biddy bom bomb! Fame or fortune is what they told everyone! Don’t be a burden to the system! You’re a machine not to be different! But I didn’t listen..

I love you like the trees where I grow my dreams Love you like the watermelons, reddish or green Love you like some fresh berry ice in the cream Love you like the pictures of myself in a stream When I finally grew up, never, I searched For a way, to stop just doing, be a human first Hey! I went to play before work Seeded my garden, planted the earth Walked the dog and sang at church Playing with my kids in the mess and the dirt Not a statistic for what it’s worth

Sticks & stones might break and hurt But I learned to love like it was my first! Live life fully and skip the hearst!


Press Kit for I Love Nature  

For an intimate look on the creation and inspiration behind the "I Love Nature" music video, including press release, bios and song lyrics.

Press Kit for I Love Nature  

For an intimate look on the creation and inspiration behind the "I Love Nature" music video, including press release, bios and song lyrics.