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Press Welcome Kit Spring/Summer 2013 Edition

About Dhana EcoKids DHANA is a lifestyle brand for kids celebrating global connections. Connections with cultures of origin, communities they belong to and lastly connection with the environment and Nature. DHANAECOKIDS Apparel is for the global savvy kid. The prints for each season are created by artists and inspired by nature. Every collection, DhanaEcoKids travels to a different country, tells a story of the celebration of people, cultures and the beauty of their natural surroundings. Wearing Dhana is about Wearin’ the World! General Information In 2008, Shamini Dhana, Founder and CEO of Dhana Inc, established the company and in 2010 launched its first collection. Dhana Inc. is headquartered in Mill Valley, San Francisco Bay Area. Dhana Inc. collaborates with global partners to bring ethically sourced, eco-conscious clothing for Eco-minded kids. Dhana is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, 1% For The Planet, Green America & Kiddo!

Meet Shamini Dhana Hip, green and business savvy, Shamini Dhana is living proof that a determined woman with a “calling” really can do it all. After 23 years making waves in the corporate world (her accomplishments include organizing the first ever follow- up non-profit conference to the 1992 RIO Earth Summit; managing the State of California’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Asia Pacific Program; and, as a banker, spearheading business development in India for the prestigious Silicon Valley Bank), Shamini turned her attention to motherhood – and to opportunity. Realizing that our children and youth need a Sustainable Brand for Kids, Shamini dove into fashion literally from the ground up. She personally sought out only the most ethical and sustainable partners in growing, dying and producing the fabric for Dhana EcoKids, her green, global lifestyle brand for kids ages 4-12. Shamini’s mission: To inspire children to connect with Nature and with diverse cultures around the world, and to live the motto: “We’re Wearin’ the World.” “If memories are to be treasured, than moments are to be lived,” says Shamini, who says her secret to success is possessing the passion to pursue the things that move her at the core. “Don’t worry about the past or the future ― it’s in the present that the best memories are created and visions realized!”

Shamini with daughter Sasha, age 7 1/2

“We want our kids to grow up with values of compassion for the Earth, empathy for others, an appreciation for cultures around the world and be responsible citizens of tomorrow” —Shamini Dhana

Meet Elaine Murphy Eco Artist Irish artist Elaine Murphy’s watercolors are featured on our Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Elaine resonated immediately with our plan to use nature-inspired art and fashion to send a message to the world about environmental awareness. Her gentle artwork, with its soft elements from nature, reflects the Dhana EcoKids mission of helping kids realize their connection with the natural world. Elaine Murphy was inspired by the Wild Flowers of California for the Girls Collection. Her artwork for the Boys collection depicts the many kinds of “Green Energy” springing up all over California and the world.

“I want kids to appreciate the natural world by growing plants, flowers and trees – even if you only have room for a flowerbox!” - Elaine Murphy

Certification Because not all “organic” clothes are created equal. To offer the highest quality organic clothes and gear for eco-aware kids, we knew that Dhana™ apparel had to be made using only 100% certified organic cotton and carcinogen-free, eco-friendly dyes. That meant meeting the highest environmental and social consciousness standards on the planet: Dhana™ apparel is GOTS-certified by Control Union, and the cotton fabric that we use for our clothes and gear can be accurately labeled 100% certified organic cotton. The facility where Dhana™ apparel is produced has received certification by DNV, having been audited and found to conform to the Social Accountability Standard SA 8000.

“Our kids are our global ambassadors of tomorrow and towards a sustainable future” -Shamini Dhana

Dhana EcoKids FAQ’s 1. What does Dhana Inc. represent? Dhana Inc. is an eco apparel company that designs clothing for kids with global consciousness. Created by artists, inspired by nature, the apparel reflects a lifestyle brand of the trendy, social conscious, environmentally savvy kid. Dhana propels the message that apparel is an extension and reflection of one’s values, community and outlook of Life. To embrace Dhana is to wear the world. To wear Dhana is to embrace a lifestyle of global connectivity and green consciousness. 2. What is your message to the world? That every action and choice we make has an impact not only on our own lives, but also that of our earth. To be mindful of how powerful a thought, a behavior can be. That in order for us to live in peace and harmony with one another, we must respect Mother Nature and the gifts she has blessed us with. And, that the solution to many of our challenges today is in our ability to come together as like-minded creatures and work together toward a sustainable generation. 3. How did you find the artists? A number of my friends are natural born artists and throughout my travel in business, I befriended quite a few of them. The artist in the premier collection, Elaine Murphy is a good friend that I knew when she was living in Mill Valley when our kids were only 3 months old. We had an instant connection. We collaborated on this project, I providing the overall vision of the company and mission of the Dhana brand and Elaine finding inspiration for her art here in California.

4. Could you comment on the material and dyes used for the clothing and accessory line? We used 100 % certified organic cotton and eco friendly dyes (which means no harmful carcinogens and chemicals that are bad for you.) Dhana EcoKids supports sustainable practices at every step of the supply chain. 5. Why is your factory located in India? In my past career as a banker, I traveled to India on business every quarter. I developed a good network over the course of five years. When I decided to start the company, I had known that India was a great resource for organic cotton. That is when I tapped into my network and inquired about factories and people in the industry and visited a few of them before making a decision. I made sure that there was certification, fair trade practices and established quality and standards. It was also a way to give back to a community that was embarking on a green lifestyle. Sample Interview Questions: 1.Why is it important for kids and parents to support Eco Brands like Dhana EcoKids?

2. How do you think your experience and global connections have influenced your vision for your company? 3. What are some ways consumers can make a difference in the area of fashion that will positively impact our Earth? 4. Why are Brands not sharing information on the process and products used in making their clothing? 5. How is Dhana giving back to the people and planet? 6. What type of resources is Dhana sharing with the world to educate kids today? 7. Why do you think you received the SOURCE Award for Innovation?

For additional information or to schedule an interview, please contact Shamini Dhana at (415)513-3142, or via email at

What People Are Saying Media Mentions Since our launch in 2010, Dhana EcoKids has garnered a growing level of media attention from far and wide. The fashion world notes our status as a provider of original artinspired children’s clothing, committed to fair trade and sustainable practices.

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Source Awards In December, 2012, SOURCE’s expert judging panel selected Dhanaas one of the top 3 sustainable childrenswear brands globally, pioneering ethical and sustainable fashion for children.

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“Dhana EcoKids stood out - combining an outstanding product , sustainably sourced, with the goal of inspiring a generation of children around sustainability.”

- Tamsin Lejeune, Founder and Managing Director Ethical Fashion Forum and SOURCE

Contact Dhana EcoKids For press inquiries please contact Shamini Dhana at: (415)513-3142 or For sales or general inquires please contact us at: or call:

1.800.840.5431 Website: Shop online at: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest


Dhana EcoKids Press Kit  

Introducing Dhana EcoKids - Ethical and Sustainable Fashion for Kids! 100% organic cotton childrens wear for boys and girls featuring art fr...

Dhana EcoKids Press Kit  

Introducing Dhana EcoKids - Ethical and Sustainable Fashion for Kids! 100% organic cotton childrens wear for boys and girls featuring art fr...