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Dhana Inc. is an ethical fashion brand committed to celebrating our global connections between people and our planet through the medium of clothing. PRODUCTS AND PHILOSOPHY From fiber to finished product, Dhana Inc. is at the forefront of socially conscious fashion and creates sustainable apparel for youth. Apparel is Dhana’s platform for education and advocacy; it is transparent about its investment in environmentally sound practices, as well as the humane treatment of people involved throughout every aspect of its supply chain. Generations raised in Dhana’s fashion will have a heightened awareness and a cumulative impact in terms of prioritizing people and planet.

Launched in 2008, Dhana Inc. is headquartered in Sausalito, California.

Dhana is an award-winning fashion brand for youth.

Uses 100% organic cotton fabric and low-impact dyes.

Adopts fair trade, ethical and sustainable principles throughout its supply chain.

Dhana’s signature line is the We’re Wearin’ the World™ Collection.

Dhana apparel is available online at dhana.com and through wholesale orders.


Founding Partner of the Ethical Fashion Forum and Mysource

Ellevate Network Advisory Board and Executive Council Member

Climate Ride Ambassador and Board Member



Where was this shirt made? Who made it?

In January 2016, Dhana Inc. launched its campaign,

How was it made? These are questions Dhana

We’re Wearin’ the World.™ The campaign allows

encourages consumers to ask with each and every

individuals to express and share how they experience

purchase decision. Transparent in its approach to its

the world. The purpose of the campaign is to unite

supply chain, Dhana works to connect customers to

humanity by providing a forum for sharing the

the hearts and hands of the numerous individuals

influences that shape and define our essence.

who influenced the design and manufacturing

Read more at dhana.com/were-wearin-the-world

of its clothing.

LEADERSHIP Shamini Dhana, Founder and CEO of Dhana Inc., brings to the eco-fashion world over 20 years of experience in international strategy, global operations, venture capital, business development, management and executive leadership. Shamini is a Climate Ride Ambassador, a competitive athlete, a global traveler, philanthropist and Associate Producer of The True Cost documentary. She is a seasoned public speaker with 20 years’ experience speaking on behalf of banks, government, non-profits, consulting, academia and entrepreneurship. Shamini earned her undergraduate degree in Economics, Philosophy and Statistics from National University of Singapore and holds a master’s in International Affairs from California State University Sacramento. Visit shaminidhana.com to learn more.




Dhana Inc.


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Sausalito, CA 94965

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