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UK Basic No Credit Check Bank Accounts ____________________________________ By Benjamin Christopher -

There are many UK banks that offer bank accounts with no credit check. In general they don't tend to advertise these types of account much. It's hard for a bank to make money from these basic account customers. According to a PDF document on the website there are no fewer than 17 basic bank accounts. Most of them just require you have no record of fraud, and you are not a bankrupt that is not discharged. To Learn More About Credit Check UK The Co-operative bank cash minder account just requires you not to have a record of fraud, so it looks like you should be OK with them even if you are an undischarged bankrupt.

Usually the bank in question will just ask for a government issued proof of your identity like a passport or driving license, and then the account can be opened quite quickly. Over time, banks like the Abbey can choose to offer you a better higher status bank account, again without a credit check, as the banker can see your monthly balances and incoming and outgoings.

Many of these accounts support direct debits and standing orders, but the fees for dishonored direct debits and standing orders can be very high, and these accounts can be shut down quite quickly, if they go overdrawn with fees.

Some basic bank accounts will issue you with a card like a Solo, Electron or Maestro. These cards can work as ATM cards and for point of sale purchases. They can be more difficult to use on line and they do not have raised numbers, so they cannot be used in older style "click, click" carbon copy merchant machines. Banks like Barclays and Lloyds may issue with a better more versatile visa debit card once you have shown your income and run your account correctly for a period of time.

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Credit check uk  

Credit check uk

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