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SEPT 2016

top guns


is this the Best qb recruiting Class San diego has ever HAD??

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Montell Allen SDFNL Director   Class of 2017 is here and San Diego has a ton of talent. It is spearheaded by the “BEST” group of QB's in the nation. LJCD Braxton Burmeister leads the class follow by class of 2017 Mission Hills Jack Tuttle. Both have brought national, attention to San Diego preps. Emerging QB's like Acer Roach of RBV and established QB's like Larry Posada are set to make a run for the playoffs and prove to scouts they should be offered. This years Top Guns are the very best class of Quarterbacks San Diego has ever had. We as fans get to witness rival teams match up plus see these great young leaders in action. So lets celebrate these young men accomplishments and celebrate to there futures on Saturday afternoons.. #CollegeBound -Montell Allen - SDFNL Magazine Directors Montell Allen Ruben Peña

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Daniel Anderson


aniel Anderson is a bully. If you let him walk all over you early in the game, he’s going to keep doing it. I want to see him go against more stellar competition to see if he fades. Problem is, there has been no competition for the over powering mass of a young man to go against. The 6’0 303lbs DT bends well for a big man and has ability to play with leverage. Daniel is a space-eater who is able to maintain good positioning against double teams. Anderson consistently

gets his hands inside offensive linemen first. Anderson controls the line of scrimmage and sheds to make tackles. Surprising, Anderson has the ability to swat cut blocks and chase stretch plays down laterally. Anderson plays and dominates both ways for Bishop’s on the offense and defensive line. Anderson has the strength and athleticism to dominate in the running game as a defender and open holes as a run blocker. Anderson was the firstteam league. He led his team


with 12.5 sacks in 2015. In addition, he finished second on the team with 62 tackles. In short he is just a domination force. The bottom-line is Daniel with his thick frame and powerful upper body, has moments where he can dominate at the point of attack. Anderson is forced to chase sideline to sideline due to the nature of spread offenses and read options in which he does well against, but when he faces downhill competition Anderson game steps up 10 notches. Anderson is an well above-average interior pass rusher for a man his size, thanks to his surprising athleticism and speed. Anderson is a fit in a two-gap scheme which is rare, I mean super rare in high school. He has an 1st Team AllState ceiling, but must have another great season. Look for several schools to offer Daniel. Scouts may knock Daniel

because of his height (only 6’0), but that is nothing but motivation for the big fella to thrive on and offensive centers to fear. Put your glasses on cause 3D is coming right at you.

Daniel 3D Anderson, with Bishops HS teammates, Justin Woodley, and Moses Mooney | SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016

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La Jolla Country Day

Braxton Burmiester by: Chris Smith

Braxton is a humble kid, although his on the field play commands the respect of a 4 star general. He is a surgeon with his rifle arm, dissecting secondaries every Friday night. In 2014 he threw for 51 TD’s, and if that wasn’t enough, he ran for 20 more. As a freshman in high school Braxton went to a football camp at the University of Florida, Urban Meyer was so impressed with his quarterback skills and off the chart football IQ that he offered Braxton a scholarship. Although honored by the legendary coaches offer, Braxton committed early on to play football at the University of Arizona. Mostly because of the close relationship he has to the QB coach, Rod Smith at the University. La Jolla Country Day Head Coach, Tyler Hales says,”Having Brax out there at QB is like having another coach on the field.” He is not exaggerating, the young football prodigy often reads defenses at the line of scrimmage and audibles to plays that consistently gains yards. Playing at La Jolla Country Day isn’t easy. There are no catered lunches or skate classes. You have to earn the respect of the faculty with hard work in the classroom. 80+ % of La Jolla Country Day students earn academic scholarships to top division 1 schools. Many of those being IVY league programs. When asked about the academic demands of being a LJCD student, Brax simply says...” It’s no walk in the park...They make you earn every grade in every class.” Many people think because of the lavish campus, and Lexus’ that sit in the parking lot that this is a cushy upper-class school with little hard working s tudents. This is far from the reality. The demands in the classroom are the highest in San Diego County. There are athletic genes in the Burmeister family tree. Besides his famous father, Dan Burmeister, Brax’ older brother, Sage Burmeister, is a current student at Humboldt State University playing both football and basketball. A point guard on the basketball team and a wide receiver on the football team, Sage is a two-sport star. In 2015 Braxton was working a private workout with former NFL QB, Akili Smith and former Oregon

Height: 6”1 Weight: 210lbs School: La Jolla Country Day Coach: Tyler Hales Career Passing Yrds: 4,331 Career TD’s: 114

WR Rahsad Vaugh at SDSU. Vaugh was running deep passing routes, and the sophmore QB was overthrowing him on the deep ball. What makes this so impressive is, Vaughn was a former #1 junior college reciever in the nation before joining the Ducks and Braxton was only 15 years old. Braxton is set to graduate in December and plans to attend the University of Arizona in the Spring of 2017. He wants to get to college early in hopes of learning the play book, style and scheme of Arizona football. Rod Smith speaks highly of the QB, saying ...”We are very excited and ready to get him here, learn the system, and compete for the starting job on Day 1.” One thing is for sure, this is not the last time you hear about Braxton Burmiester.



raxton decommited from the University of Arizona, and reopened his recruiting efforts. After several visits to Top division one programs across the country, Burmeister decided that Arizona was the RIGHT choice for him. Mostly because of the relationship he has with Rod Smith of Arizona. Braxton will graduate in December of 2016, and leave early to attend the University of Arizona. He wants to get into spring camp to compete. He plans on fighting for the starting job at QB as a true freshman.

Braxton Burmiester

Lincoln high School

Asante Hartzog by: Chris Smith

Asante started his high school career playing for Madison Head Coach, Rick Jackson. When I asked Jackson about Hartzog, he replied, “Man I wish we had two quarterback positions of that field...he was something special...I miss him.” That’s big praise from one of San Diego’s most poised and personal coaches. When Jackson likes you as a person and as a player...that means something. Hartzog, only a junior at Lincoln, realized the potential playing at Lincoln. He understood the history and the great players that played there. When he made the decision to leave the Madison football program it was not an easy decision, but there was only one school on his mind. LINCOLN!!!

Height: 6’ Weight: lbs School: Lincoln HS aka “THE HIVE” Coach: David Career Passing Yrds: 878 Career TD’s: 6

Hartzog was able to use what Forcier taught him and drive down the field and into the end zone against a stout El Capitan defense. With only 6 career TD’s under his belt, many questioned whether the junior QB could hold together a team that has potential, but not playoff expierence. So far this is Asante’s team. His mild mannered personality, but take charge attitude on the field bring resolve to the huddles. Everyone knows their is something special about number 6. We wish Asante and the Hornets the very best of luck this season.

it paid off. SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

Asante Hartzog is a JR. QB at Lincoln High school, other wise known as “THE HIVE� He is quick on his feet, and mild mannered, which brings a strong quiet confidence to his team. We look forward to seeing what he can do with this Hornet team. Hopefully thay can win the division, and advance deep into the CIF playoffs under his leadership.

Asante Hartzog


nthony Posada led his team to a STATE CIF Title in 2015. A 4 year starter at QB for the Bonita Vista Barons. Posada commands respect as the filed general for the Barons. He is only getting better. With great pocket presense and the best QB feet in San Diego, the offers are going to come. This kid will be playing on Saturdays in the near future.

Anthony Posada

Bonita Vista High School

Anthony Posada by: Montell Allen

Height: 6”1 Anthony Posada might be the most proven Weight: 185lbs Quarterback of any in San Diego County. School: A 4 year starter for the Bonita Vista Barons. Bonita vista HS Last season, Posada helped his team go Coach: 12-4 with an appearance in the Division IV Chris Thompson Championship Bowl. He also led Bonita Vista’s Career Passing Yrds: to its first San Diego Section Division III Title. In 4,284 Posada Junior season he threw for 2296 Career TD’s: 31 yards and 15 Touchdowns with a Quarterback colleges admire. “His pocket presences rating of 101. More important than any stat is up there with the best I have seen from and individual accomplishments, Anthony any quarterback in 2017”, said Coach Gary showed and shined as the teams leader. Posada got his 1st taste of varsity level as Hyman of Indiana St. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Posada has an uncanny a True Freshman. Coach Thompson had drive that cannot be measured. His confidence in the 14 year old. Posada was given keys to the Bonita Vista offense, and he strong arm along with his 60% completion percentage is a combination that is going has never stop driving since. Although in to draw more and more colleges to fight for 2013 the Barons only went 4-7, there was Posada talent. something very special about Posada. 2014, sophomore year Anthony grew up a little, but Look for Posada and the Bonita Vista he struggled at times and it showed. “This is Baron make run to win league and hopefully return to the CIF Championship. just some of the growing pains of success”, said Larry Posada (Father of Anthony). 2015 Posada Junior season it all came together, but that's all in the past now. Posada is a player that likes to concentrate on the future. After having 3 season under his belt Posada now has full control of the offense and is ready to improve in every aspect. “Anthony knows the offense inside and out. He is a coach on the field. He directs traffic, get the guys in position and gives the coaches suggestions on what he feels will work. This is going to be a big year for my son”, explains Larry Posada. Bonita Vista Barons and Posada both their eyes on the prize and the team is determined to get another Mesa League Title and get back to the playoffs. Anthony has some sure has qualities that | SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016


hoenix Cates took over at quarterback for the El Capitan Vaqueros, the season after they were 1 yard away from winning a state title. Cates is a tenacious competitor. He takes your best shot and keeps on coming. Living up to his name as Phoenix. He reinvents himself every game. Rising to the challange set before him. We are looking forward to seeing what he can do with the Vaqueros offense this season.

Phoenix Cates

El Capitan High School

Phoenix Cates by: Chris Smith

Before beginning the 2015 season, Phoenix Cates had some decisions to make. Going into fall camp there were 2 QB’s in front of him, and he would be entering his junior year sitting behind, Michael Austin at Helix . Phoenix decided he didn't want to wait any longer. El Capitan Head coach Ron Burner had just lost the State title by one yard. His senior QB was graduating, and no QB was in sight. Cates met Burner, and Bruner knew right away this kid was something special. Phoenix would be the next man up at QB for the Vaqueros.

Height: 5”10 Weight: 160lbs School: El Capitan HS Coach: Ron Burner

for a QB underestimated. He can turns broken plays into gainers routinely. Now that he has a healthy offensive line this season, we are expecting more from the senior QB. Look for Cates to pass for close to 1,500 yards this season and add another 300-400 yards rushing. Burner is sticking with the QB and wants to see what he can do for an entire season with a healthy O-line. We wish Phoenix Cates and the El Capitan Vaqueros the BEST of luck this season and beyond.

Since taking over the QB spot for the Vaqueros he has brought stability to the program. With over 600+ yards passing and another 200+ yards in rushing, Cates is a mobile threat QB. At 5’10” once the pocket collapses, defenders loose track of him and his speed | SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016


ryson Bolin is a senior at San Marcos high School. He took over as the starting quarterback for the Knigts in 2015. And went on to pass for over 3,000 yards, and earned a 2nd Team ALL-CIF. Looking to take the Knights and win a division title. He wants to go to an INY league school, but his dream college program to play for would be Boise St.

Bryson Bolin

San Marcos High School

Bryson Bolin by: Chris Smith

Bryson Bolin led the entire CIF San Diego section in passing yards with 3,099. Bryson was the only quarterback with 3,000+ passing yards. Yet what did that earn him? A 2nd Team Alf-CIF at QB. Don’t get me wrong, that's not bad. But he deserved 1st Team All- CIF for his efforts, something more fitting for a quarterback of his caliber. Last season his offensive weapons gathered much of the praise. With Terrell Burgess leaving for Utah, now Bolin is starting to show everyone who the real architect of this explosive San Marcos offense really was. Maybe this year the CIF selection committee will honor him with a 1st Team ALL-CIF where he belongs. When you come look across the field and see Bryson, he looks mild-mannered, nothing intimidating about the kid. Then midway thru the first quarter you look up at the scoreboard, and you're down 21-0.That’s Bryson Bolin. Quiet, not flashy, stealthy, and sneaky good. He is the Payton Manning of San Diego football. You look at him and think he would be a cross country runner. Then you see him drop a 65 yard pass to JR. WR Kyle Phillips and you ask yourself..where did that come from? Bryson simply looks your way with a sneaky grin as if to say..keep sleeping on me. UTAH CB, and former San Marcos CB, Terrell Burgess said of him..”Bryson is a GREAT leader, GREAT decision maker. He doesnt makes decisions that dont get his recievers killed..”, Burgess went on to say..”Bryson is an unselfish player, if hes not having a good game, he will hand it off to a back. He’s not interested in being an MVP, he wants the team to win.” When I spoke with Bolin and asked him about college....”I’d

Height: 6”1 Weight: 185lbs School: San Marcos HS Coach: Jon Texler Career Passing Yrds: 3652 yards Career TD’s: 36

like to go to an IVY league school, but my dream school is Boise St.” Not a bad choice young man. As Boise St is one of the most winning collegeiate football programs in america. One thing is for sure, where ever he ends up, that school is getting a Top notch QB. Burgess added, ”I can’t wait to see where he ends up, he improved alot since last years, & he looks great thru the first 2 games. Beating Bonita Vista, he looked great! We wish Bryson Bolin & the San Marcos Knights the BEST of luck this season and beyond. | SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016


odney Thompson is a Senior at St. Augustine HS. He is set to graduate in June 2017. He has been a 3 year varsity QB for the Saints. Rodney is the field general for a team that is ranked #12 in the State of California. If anyone can handle the pressure to keep his team focused, it would be Rodney Thompson.

Rodney Thompson

St. Augustine High School

Rodney Thompson by: Chris Smith

Coming off a disappointing loss to Helix in the 2015 CIF Open Division championships Thomspon is poised, and battle tested. He leads the helm of the 2016 St. Augustine Saints. The Saints are a team with a grudge. Thompson, a 3-year varsity QB, is poised and ready to take his team to the next level and bring home a championship. He is focused and determined on winning this year.

Height: 6�2 Weight: 200lbs School: St. Augustine HS Coach: Richard Sanchez Career Passing Yrds: 2231 Career TD’s: 29

its Rodney Thompson. He is a leader on the filed, in the classroom, and in the community. He is a down to earth, hard working dedicated student athlete. Rodney has not commited to a specific colleges as of yet. He will definately be . playing on Saturdays in the near future. Considering the expectations His leadership, preparation, athleticism, on winning and the pressure to handle and attitude will ensure he has an a program that is continually a CIF powerhouse, Thompson has handled it all like oppurtunity to play a the next level. Good luck to Rodney, and the St. a veteran. Augustine Saints this season and beyond. What makes Rodney so dangerous behind center is his speed and athleticism. He is lightning quick and can pull it down & take off. Defensive coordinators have a difficult time making decisions to stop him when the best athlete on the field has the ball every play. Thompson is a film junky! Rodney studies his opponents to find holes in zones, defenses and his options to beat them. He studies between 12-15 hours of film per week. His mental preparation is some of the most impressive I have ever seen. Football is his life both on the field & off the field. His goal is simple, WIN CIF & WIN a STATE title. With the Saints being the #15 ranked team in California wining a state title is not a stretch. If there is one quarterback that can keep his team focused on their goals, | SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016


amudio played last season at Mission Bay HS after leaving the Otay Ranch program after his freshman campaign. He returns to the Mustangs and is looking forward to helping lift this program back to the playoffs in 2016. College scouts are very impressed with his cannon arm. A college offer should be coming soon for the senior quarterback.

Cristian Zamudio

Otay Ranch High School

Cristian Zamudio by: Montell Allen One One of San Diego County Best Secrets has been let out of the bag, that is none other than Cristian Zamudio, senior quarterback of Otay Ranch High School. During the summer of 2016, Zamudio showed up on the radar of scouts with his 7 on 7 play. His cannon of an arm, the pinpoint accuracy on his throws and fiery leadership skills all left a lasting impression. In July 2016 at the Western New Mexico camp, Cristian had all the college coaches and scouts turning their heads when he evaded a would-be sack, took off running to his right and threw a dart across his body for a long gain. Head Coach Adam Clark of Western New Mexico said “Now that is a play. That kid can play at the college level, especially making big time throws like that”. That was the tip of the iceberg. Cristian made throw after throw. He also showed the ability to extend play using his feet and scrambling. Coach Allen of Hastings College said “Cristian is a sleeper. Never knew about him as a junior, but seeing him at this camp - he can make every throw. I also like to observe recruits/players and see how they interact with other prospects. Cristian was like an instant leader. During team and 7 on 7, he is coaching other recruits, telling kids where to go & what route to run. I was very impressed”. This season things are on high alert for Cristian Zamudio because he has alot of high expectations for this season. Otay Ranch has been in a slump, and the dynamic combination of Zamudio to Lloyd has everyone buzzing. With Zamudio’ great mobility and Lloyd a dangerous deep threat, you have a winning combo. Cristian has an uncanny ability to scramble around and make an on-the-run throw that goes deep down the field for big completions. Defenses can do everything right, and Zamudio still finds a way to make a big play that can changes the game. With his good arm and ability to make all the throws he will land in a college program. Zamudio is deadly

Height: 6” Weight: 190lbs School: Otay Ranch HS Coach: Lance Christenson

throwing on the run and getting out of the pocket. This gun-slinger is ready to be the face of the Otay Ranch football program and lead the Mustangs to the playoffs. This by in no means will be an easy task, but that is okay with Zamudio. Zamudio feels his struggles to get to this point and becoming the starting quarterback has prepared him for every/any situation this senior season can bring. One thing is for certain nothing is going to stop Zamudio and the Mustangs from competing at a high level and striving for a league title and the playoffs. | SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016


ark Salazar took over as the Rancho Bernardo quaterback in 2015. He promptly led the Broncos to a State CIF title in his first year at the helm. He has passed for over 2,500 career passing yards. He was an All CIF 1st Team selection at QB. He is an early commit to Fresno St. Look for the Broncos to make another state run with this guy under center.

Mark Salazar

Rancho Bernardo High School

Mark Salazar by: Montell Allen

Mark Salazar is one of the most intelligent quarterbacks in this year’s 2016-17 class from San Diego, CA. Playing out of Rancho Bernardo’s pro-style-like offense, Mark Salazar excels in reading defenses, going through his progressions and making the play. Mark Salazar’s ability observe the whole field along with his arm strength made Fresno St make an offer. Not only did Fresno St make the offer, but Mark Salazar didn’t hesitate to commit, knowing that other schools would try to recruit him. His decision, really reflects the way he plays the game, fast, accurate and direct. On Fresno State University scouting report “Salazar passes the ball in good spots for receivers to make easy catches. He also is an extremely accurate passer when he’s moving to either the left or the right.”

Height: 6’3” Weight: 185lbs School: Rancho Bernardo HS Coach: Tristin McCoy Career Passing Yrds: 2670 yards Career TD’s: 24

that Mark will help his RB Broncos to the CIF Playoffs and hopefully the CIF State Game again. In 2017, When Mark steps on campus of Fresno St the expectation is the CIF Champ will help the Bulldogs to a Mountain West title and Major Bowl appearance. Other expectations from the early commit is he will give the fans Carr-Brothers-like-performances, that brought Bulldog Stadium fans to their feet. Something tells us that Mark Salazar and his competitive spirit, winning attitude and leadership skills wouldn’t expect anything less.

. In the Championship Game - Mark Salazar went 12-14 - 185yds, 2 TD’s and Quarter Back Rating (QBR) of 165.2. In short, Mark Salazar is one amazing and impressive quarterback. Mark not only possesses the physical frame, but has an impressive Football IQ. There is no doubt | SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016


ce Roach is the bright spot for a team that hasnt had much success in years past. That changes with his leadership, accuracy, and competive spirit. When he steps into the huddle, he commands the attention and respect of his teammastes. He embodies leadership both on the field and in the community.

Ace Roach

Rancho Buena Vista High School

Ace Roach by: Montell Allen

What a difference a summer makes. Acer Roach was virtual a kid completely under the radar. He attended a few camps and the breakthrough began. Acer took in a family vacation to the Midwest where he attended University of North Dakota football camp. Roach turned heads with his size and strong arm. He made precision passes and picked up the terminology which in turn earned himself an offer to Division II Minnesota Crookston. Next up for Roach was EFN - ELITE FOOTBALL NETWORK INVITATIONAL. Roach let it all go. He completed drills and combine like activities where he showed his athleticism, but separated himself from the competition when it came to accuracy and team competitions. Eventually by the end of the camp Roach was named MVP. Roach world wind summer ended at the Quarterback Surgeon University Invitational. This is a camp where some of the top High School Quarterbacks are invited to participate in grueling physical/ mental competition. Roach again showing as the competition got better so did his game. He also showed coaches that under fatigue his mind was still sharp and he can dissect defensive coverages and understand the concept of complexed offensive plays. Roach was ranked #1 in these test. His mental game combined with his physical play at the camp – Roach was ranked #16 in the nation as a pro-style Quarterback. Now we fast forward to the upcoming 2016 season and the pressure is on to turn

Height: 6’3” Weight: 205lbs School: Rancho Buena Vista HS Coach: Joe Meyer

Rancho Buena Vista football lack of success around. They say pressure bust pipe, but it also makes diamonds. Make no mistake Acer Roach is a diamond at quarterback. The only question is can Roach lead the RBV Longhorn back to winning ways along with new head coach Joe Meyer. RBV fans believe so. Look for RBV to have immediate success and make some noise on the road to CIF playoffs. If everything falls in place, Roach will be one of the reason for there success. | SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016

TERRELL CARTER Madison High Schools Terrell Carter is the best dual quarterback in San Diego. He has a strong arm and has game changing scrambling ability. Over the past year his Football IQ has grown and it showed in summer league 7 on 7. Terrell has embraced the ability to adapt and stay in the pocket to make the big throws. The Colorado St Rams are licking there chops - hoping that TC verbally commits. We are going to see Terrell Carter on Saturdays we just have to wait and see where.​

JACK TUTTLE Mission Hills Class of 2018 Quarterback is arguably the best QB in San Diego and the State of California. Jack is entertaining several big time offers. Come next season Tuttle may go down as one of the most highly recruited player ever in San Diego County. Mission Hills season will ride on the shoulder of Tuttle. Look for Mission Hills to fight for a league title and make a run in the open division to make it to state playoffs.

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Malcolm Jackson New Opportunity Malcolm Jackson is hard not to notice in a room. He stands 6’3 - 265lbs and full personality. In 2012 Malcolm was highly recruited out of Mount Miguel High School along with NFL Ram Cory Littleton. Malcolm after the all the dust settled around recruiting he decided to stay home attend San Diego State. After playing 4 yrs (1 redshirt year and 3

years on the travel squad) at San Diego State football hadn’t came out the way Malcolm envisioned his career. Playing at state I got limited playing time and it was very hard to get in the coach rotation. So after completing his degree and graduating Malcolm considered his football career over....Not so fast. Dixie State University head coach


Shay McClure came running and wanted to provide Malcolm with 1 last season and a chance to earn a 2nd degree. At first Malcolm wasn’t sure. His experience at San Diego State really had him jaded on playing football and he felt maybe it was time to experience his next phase in life. Time to get a 9 to 5 and begin a regular life, but Coach McClure wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept being persistent. Next thing Malcolm knew he had signed to Dixie State University and he was preparing to move to St. George, UT. Culture shock, St. George is super different. It slow. People are super friendly and everyone knows who you are. This was a typical small town atmosphere that Malcolm wasn’t use too, but grew on him quickly. “This place is great I have to admit. It is not San Diego and that is what is cool. Makes me appreciate home and I get to experience a whole different livelihood”, said Malcolm. “Plus, there is a buzz about this place. They love football and I am starting to love it again myself”. 9/1/2016 vs New Mexico Highland - Malcolm was apart the new era of Football at Dixie State. Dixie welcomed a new Head Coach, a new team Mascot a proposal for a new stadium and season opener

win. Malcolm was a constant plug in the middle and applied constant pressure on the quarterback. “I am not sure what the future hold for me. I am just excited to play football. This experience hear at Dixie has me thinking about coaching and working with kids. It is like my life is changing around me and I am enjoying every minute of it. I thank Montell Allen aka “Big Dog” everyday. He always has been there at my highs and lows. He is a guy I love calling my friend/mentor.” Malcolm expressed. Malcolm and the Dixie State Trailblazers have set the bar and now want to continue and build off of wining there 1st game. Malcolm has been at the tip top of a Div 1 program and loved all that came with it, but he has seemed to find himself playing a D2 Dixie State. | SDFNL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2016

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Profile for SDFNL Magazine

SDFNL - September 2016  

Class of 2017 Quarterbacks Braxton Burmeister, Mark Salazar, Bryce Bolin, Ace Roach, Anthony Posada, Rodney Thompson, Phoenix Cates, Cristi...

SDFNL - September 2016  

Class of 2017 Quarterbacks Braxton Burmeister, Mark Salazar, Bryce Bolin, Ace Roach, Anthony Posada, Rodney Thompson, Phoenix Cates, Cristi...