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Montell Allen Ruben Peña SDFNL Directors lt is rare you have you have perfection as a team in sports. In the this year Class of   2016 - 4 teams where able to walk away with perfect 10-0 records. I am not sure       if this has ever been done in San Diego CIF  until now.  The 4 teams are Bishops led by Head Coach Joel Allen, Cathedral Catholic led by Head Coach Sean Doyle, Christian led by Head Coach Matt Oliver and lastly Rancho Bernardo led by Head Coach Tristan McCoy. These mentor/coach have turned all the timeless hours of preparation into 10-0 perfection. We as fans truly need to appreciate this accomplish because these four men and there staff has given your child two things: 1) a CIF League Championship and 2) a lifetime  memory they will never forget..      SDFNL  wants  to say cheer to the Perfect 10.  We wish you continued success in the playoffs    . #nextlevel     ‐Ruben Pena ‐ SDFNL MAGAZINE  ‐Montell Allen ‐ SDFNL MAGAZINE  1RY 2016 #sdfnl16 Directors Ruben Peña Montell Allen

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How Playing Football Helps Develop “The Champion Mindset”  Football is not just a sport, it can be a great tool for you to develop your mental strength. Whether you  are a professional football athlete or you just play for fun, these two benefits of playing this game can  help you become a better version of yourself. Here they are:   #1. Overcoming Adversity  Almost  all  areas  of  our  lives  are  mixed  with  difficulty.  Each  of  us  needs  to  develop  some  physical  and  mental toughness every day. A strong mindset is needed  in playing football. In fact, some fails  to get over it even  while during the game, and as a result, instead of being  able to bounce back, they jointly meet their fate of losing  the game. Perseverance is a requirement which we have  always needed no matter which game we play. Nothing  is  perfect.  Even  the  best  will  fall  sometimes.  But  in  the  world of football, you don’t stop at what you don’t have.  In  fact,  you  continue  with  what  you  have  and  even  add  some more skills to it. The motivation is in the heart of a  true champion.   Football is a mental game. In order to win, the player needs to stay focused at all times. After all, you  cannot win every time, but the true definition of winning is when you give it all you got. This is the same  as  in  life.  You  need  to  give  it  all  you  got  and  go  after  what  you  want  with  all  your  heart.  Each  player  needs to give their coach the best they have in every game. Pressure is given in any game, after all no  one ever wants to go home defeated. Giving your best might not make you the winner every time you  play, but it will help you win the heart of the audience every single time. Always be at your best and no  matter what circumstance, keep on embracing all the challenges and overcoming them.   #2. Developing Work Ethics  Hard work is required to be successful in football and in life. Having a mindset of training at least 10,000  hours is necessary to develop your skill. Perfection is being able to practice and improve every time you  practice. A dedicated player would spend his time every day to train because he understands that the  more you train, the better you get.   Success does not come easily. If it was so easy, everyone would be able to achieve success. The amount  of time and effort you  put in to become good at your game is also the same work ethic you need to  succeed in business and life. Keep working hard until you reach your goal. As Eric Thomas said,  "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful."  Bio:   Kimberley is a contributor at, a blog about football and football gear. You can  contact us on Twitter at @shocprofootball 

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Wearing the #51 jersey, the same number he has been wearing since he was 5 years old, SDFNL’s next soldier in the trenches is 6’6”, 275 pound Offensive Tackle Payton Stoner from Mt. Carmel High School. Stoner attended Mt. Carmel as a freshman, but transferred to Francis Parker for his sophomore season where he played with Cathedral Catholic star athlete Jordan GenmarkHeath. During his sophomore season, Stoner recorded 22 tackles, with one sack, and he forced and recovered a fumble while playing on the defensive side of the football. Stoner and his family decided to transfer back to Mt. Carmel in spring of 2015, but shoulder surgery and transfer eligibility rules caused Stoner to miss most of his junior campaign. Extremely underrated and with potential enough to attract D1 scholarship offers, Stoner was chosen as an honorable mention to the San Diego Prep Insiders Top 50 list of players around the county. An athletic lineman for his size, Stoner has also played both Volleyball and Baseball. Dedicated to family and school first, Stoner held a 3.36 GPA last season joining the San Diego Union Tribune All-Academic football team for 2015. Focused and working hard during his comeback season, Stoner has picked up five D1 offers so far as his senior year comes to a close. From studying his video footage, you can see Stoner has great agility especially when he is moving laterally. He also played some TE and WR at Francis Parker, and he has clocked in a 5.20 in the 40-yd dash. Obviously Stoner’s size allows him to overpower defenders, but his fierceness is what sets him apart from other lineman. A very polite person off the field and a person with strong religious faith, Stoner is the type of player on the field who will knock you flat on your back and then knock you down again as your trying to get back up. While Stoner and his Mt. Carmel teammates have earned the right to play in the San Diego County CIF Division-1 playoffs as a #6 seed this season, the agile tackle has picked up offers from Southern Utah, Montana, Idaho, San Jose St, and the University of South Dakota. In an interview with San Diego Prep Insiders,

Stoner said he wants to attend a college with more of a family feel. “I don’t want to feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere just wishing I was back out home. I want to feel like I’m around people that I love, and that I know will take care of me.” This past summer, Stoner was invited to play in the USA National Team Development Games. He was also invited to Nike Football’s “The Opening” Regionals in Oakland that took place on May 22nd, and he has been given an invite to play in SDFNL’s 5th All-Star Showcase Game on December 23rd. Stoner has a twin sister and is very close to his family especially his mom who is a Bears and Chargers fan while Payton is actually a big time Raiders fan. The close relationship with his mom is evident on a Twitter post she wrote last September after Payton’s first D1 offer: “Saying I’m extremely proud of my son is an understatement. All of his hard work and persistence is paying off!” This season, Stoner and his teammates had some shirts designed for all those hard working lineman in the trenches reminding football fans with a quote on the back of each shirt that, “Lineman Win Games” while on the front #LWG has been printed. As the tackle finishes his senior season, SDFNL wants to wish Payton Stoner, his family, and Mt. Carmel football the best of luck and good health. We also would like to congratulate Payton on his recruiting success, and we are looking forward to watching him play on Saturday’s in the near future. You can follow Payton Stoner on Twitter @payton_stoner. You can follow Eric Williams on Twitter @WBKsports.





Jojo Falo is one of the county’s best two way players in the trenches. There is an Acronym I like to use to describe this young man F.A.L.O = (Ferocious, Aggressive, Loyal, Outstanding). People in Jojo circle friends and family would say this acronym fits him perfect. As Jojo and the Madison Warhawks are making a run toward State Championship we wanted people to know about Jojo Falo and what we call the F.A.L.O. way. Ferocious – Jojo is no rookie in the trenches. His game is very similar to current San Diego St senior OG Nico Sirigusa. Jojo processes downhill speed, with a punishing style of blocking. Add that to go along with his quick feet and the ability to change directions, he punishes defenders. Just ask the current running back

Erick Buchanan who is on pace to run for 1500+ yards (and in 2015 had 968 yards). The offensive line in general is designed to have a bruising attack style on defenses and Jojo is the leader. “I have never scene a young man with such a killer instinct on the Offensive line. When he has you down he keeps you down and that ferocious type of attitude is desired by every college coach in America. I know this young is going to get several offers, I am just glad I was one of the 1st to offer Jojo. I see a great future for this young man”, said Coach Bill O’Boyle of University of South Dakota. Aggressive – Attack, attack, attack seems to be the Madison Warhawks motto and it showed vs (at the time) the #8 ranked team in the state of California, Jojo and the Warhawks simply embarrassed Saint Augustine.

The offensive and defensive lines imposed there will and it showed. “There was a lot the talk on twitter about how we were going to lose and how much better they than us. Our Coach Jorge Reyes – stepped in and shut it down. He told us to talk with our pads and our effort on the field. That is exactly what we did and we won 56-42. Everyone should understand, that is only one game. The season is long and every team we play we respect. Madison is all about competing against our opponents and if we do our best, we feel we can win. Our team just wants to stay aggressive and the rest will take care of itself”, says Jojo. Personally I think he is being modest. I personally was able to witness him at the University of Arizona camp where he consecutively took on the best the camp had to offer and dominated them by firing off the ball, using he strength and barring any and all that went against him.. they literally had to stop the drills because Jojo and others where getting to aggressive.

Loyal – I have known Jojo now going on 2 years and his family. Loyalty is everything to Jojo and the Falo family. 1st it is loyalty to GOD. Being young and expressing your spirituality is very hard now a day for any young person, especially with the fear of being judged or joked about. Jojo and the Falo family does express their blessing and their faith in GOD. In which to our staff finds very refreshing. 2nd Loyalty to family is always important, but it is emphasized in the Polynesian culture. The Falo family truly embraces that tradition and cultural heritage of, “Nothing comes before Family”. . 3rd Team/ Family, Madison Warhawks football is Jojo family, so he embraces just like his culture. Individual awards and acculades mean nothing without his teammates. Talking to Jojo he feels his success/acknowledgement is Warhawks success and acknowledgement. This is a true testament of Jojo unselfish up-bringing as well as his development of character and loyalty. Outstanding – On the field Jojo is simply outstanding. He is currently entertaining several Division 1 offers from the likes of Utah St, Air Force, Idaho and etc. As we get closer to signing date more will come his way. Jojo is going to be two-time All-County and deemed as one of the best Offensive Line men in San Diego. Jojo has also been invited to play in the Polynesian Bowl held in Hawaii – where they honor the top Polynesian Football players across the county. It all seems fitting for this young man. The F.A.L.O. way is something very few have. Jojo is one of the rare young men people will be meet and see he embraces what Football and Character is all about. I cannot wait to see Jojo not only play out his senior season, but to see him do great things on Saturdays. Catch the wave now – Jojo and the F.A.L.O. way is come.. and no one can stop it..


By: Ivy Gutierrez

Big Bad, 6-foot-2 300lb. San Diego State University Commit and Center for Olympian High school Dominic Gudino has known the game of football since the bare age of seven. He considers his position to be, “the quarterback of the line.” Homeschooled up until he began his High school football career, Gudino said it was a big transition for him, but the strong bond he has with his family and

can now.” Before the big game on Fridays, Dominic likes to listen to classical music to calm him down and help him get into the zone. As far as practices go he likes to say, “First one in, last to leave.” This mentality is what makes him so praiseworthy, knowing that going the extra mile will benefit him and make him a better player. This stellar student athlete knows it is just as much about what he can do on the field and in the classroom as well. Looking to pursue a Business degree at San Diego State next fall is looking forward to the whole package, pursuing a higher education and playing ball at the next level. Having committed earlier in October, he gives thanks to his family, coaches and God for helping

Dominic has learned how to maneuver his body through the help of Jiujitsu.

teammates helped pave the way. He looks up to his father as a role model, and how he has taught him to take risks in order to get where he wants. Being the big bad football player Dominic is, he has learned how to maneuver his body through the help of Jiujitsu, and showcase that on Friday nights. His game plan is, “Don’t think too far ahead and attack what I

him become who he is and being given the opportunity to play for them. His goals in college will be to continue to stay true to himself, his roots and being able to adapt to his new coaches and the offensive schemes. In the words of the future Aztec, he says that he ultimately, “Aims to lead by example, I may not be a loud leader but my example speaks volumes.�



The name in bright lights at defending State Champion Mater Dei Catholic High School is CJ Verdell, the top ranked running back headed to Eugene, Oregon to be a duck. The name that paved the way for Verdell to become the most explosive player at the school since PT Gates is 6 foot 3 inch 280 pound Senior Micah Scott. Scott doubles as an offensive tackle and defensive end wreaking havoc on both sides of the ball and will be doing the same on a college campus next fall. The Crusaders have picked up right where they left off last season and are 8-1 so far in 2016 with their only blemish coming to Hawkins High of Los Angeles. Most times a loss is cause for concern but according to Micah the Hawkins loss served as a confidence booster for him and his teammates, “It drove the team into overdrive. We all became more confident in our ability to dominate as a result of the game. Playing a team at that level and being able to hang with them for four quarters really gave us the assurance that our team can do big things.” Mater Dei was seeded in the CIF Division V playoffs last season based on school enrollment solely, their

talent level is Open Division. I asked Micah what it’s like to play with a target on your back now and about jumping up 2 divisions for this years playoffs, “It’s a very exciting feeling knowing that when you play some of these teams that you’re their Super Bowl. We just have to continue to work hard and make sure we prove why we were moved up those 2 divisions.” Excelling on both sides of the ball, it would be hard to say which position Micah is best at but he sees himself as an offensive force first and foremost “I think I’m a pretty good lineman. I do enjoy playing both sides of the ball equally, but if I had to choose one it would currently be the offensive line because it’s where I originally started on the line, and if I help make a crucial block I know CJ will definitely end up scoring. I feel as though I have been getting better each game as well, making a lot of improvements on my offensive line techniques have really been helping me along the way.” Micah’s improvement each game has garnered him 2 scholarship offers to play at the next level, one from Lake Erie College and the other from Hastings College. Mater Dei Catholic formerly Marian Catholic High is not new

to gridiron success, in the early 2000’s they were the best team in the South Bay and won back to back CIF Division 3 titles in 2002 and 2003. I asked Micah about why he chose to attend Mater Dei even though it is a new program in a sense, “I’m very shy so my mom made me transfer my sophomore year. She wanted me to attend a school in a smaller environment where it would feel more like a family setting instead of a wild animal farm. Personally I never attended a single high school Mater Dei game until I started playing for the team, but during my first time playing youth football back in seventh grade, we used to practice at Mater Dei everyday on the back field. That was the first time I came in contact with the beautiful campus.”

Micah and the rest of the Crusaders have one thing on their mind heading in to the CIF playoffs and that’s going back to back, “I feel like we’ve had a very successful season so far. As a team we have been collectively getting better each game and continue to do good things.” The Crusaders have a great mix of talent, hard working players, and coaching to win their second state title but it’s the big man up front who leads the way to the promised land.


By: Ivy Gutierrez

You would not believe that 6-foot-3, 275 lb. Senior Kaydence Jackson began his football career at the late age of 14. Kaydence plays left tackle for Mission

Bay High School who currently sit at 5-5 overall this season and 1-3 in league. Although their

season has been rocky they are eager for playoffs and looking to make a comeback. Kaydence accredits who he is today, to football and his

family. From a young age football has taught him how to be a leader, deal under pressures

not only on the field but in his personal life as well and ultimately has made him be responsible for himself and his actions. These are life long qualities that will follow Kaydence through many years to come. Looking to pursue a biology major, Kaydence knows the importance of academics and has PAC 12 schools looking at him for college ball. As a teammate Kaydence stays on top of of his younger teammates, motivates them to be the best that they can be and strive for greatness. Kaydence’s biggest piece to the younger crowd is, “be accountable of one another, attend workouts and practices and

to always give it 100%.” The mentality that Kaydence always grew up with was to not just get by with his size, being tall and built gave him great physical advantages but he always had to work hard to get what he wanted. Building a strong work ethic is important in a player, it instils confidence and willpower, in these student athletes. Mission Bay Football does a team prayer before every game, led by a few of the teammates which shows how tight-nit of a family they are. They always say, a family that prays together stays together.

HUNTER GAINES QUARTERBACK GROSSMONT HIGH SCHOOL The last time Grossmont High School won a CIF SDS title was a 1971 victory over Patrick Henry. To the players of today that might as well have been medieval times and they are more than ready to add 2016 to the banner with 1971 on it. The Leader of the present day Hillers is 6 foot 2 195 pound QB Hunter Gaines and he has made it his mission to bring a CIF title to the land mark school in East County before he graduates. Hunter and the Hillers have jumped out to a 8-1 start to their 2016 campaign with their only loss coming last week to perennial power Helix High. I asked Hunter what he thinks of being one of the top teams heading in to the CIF playoffs and the possibility of seeing that Helix team again “We don’t mind really, we just plan on playing our brand of football no matter what. As for the loss against Helix, it was definitely tough but they’re a real good team and we’ve moved past it. If we saw them again in the playoffs, we’d make adjustments from what we’ve seen and play our best just like we would do for any other team.” Hunter attributes the success of his season and the teams success to a different mindset than other years “I couldn’t be happier with our season so far. A lot of people didn’t expect us to do nearly as well as we have and I think we’ve shown that we are a really solid team. As for my season I think I’ve done alright. I’ve definitely grown more confident than I was last year and I think that’s helped quite a bit but I mean there’s still things I wish I’ve done better just like any other player. “ Most football players start to scope out which high school they will attend by 7th or 8th grade depending on what part of the city they live in or what youth football program they came up in, Hunter was going to Grossmont from

birth “Well my whole family had attended Grossmont so I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else. I never had gone to a Grossmont game beforehand though because I was living in Temecula until like a quarter way through freshman year so really I was a transfer. Before high school, I was more of a baseball guy and had only played football for like 1 year when I was 10 and Even then I was O-Line not QB. I never had played quarterback until freshman year.” For someone who never played the most important position on the field until 14 years old, it’s amazing that 3 years later he is leading a top 10 team in the county and on the cusp of doing something that hasn’t been done at the school in 45 years. Gaines leads the east county with 2,082 passing yards and 27 TD with 9 interceptions for an average of 231.3 yards passing per game. Numbers that would certainly put him at the top of the QB hierarchy in SD County, “There’s so many great QB’s in San Diego that I wouldn’t like to put myself over a lot of them but I’d like to think I’m one of the better ones. I find Braxton Burmeister, Terrell carter, Bryson Bolin, Rodney Thompson, and Mark Salazar to be all really solid QB’s.” Hunter says he hasn’t garnered much interest from college scouts yet but his numbers and his teams record should warrant some attention in the next few weeks. Especially if he can lead Grossmont to a Open Division title.

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