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a ‘must’ for all players and industries in sustainable housing and renewable energies.

THE BUSINESS ANGLE Partners of the 2014 French edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe make a keen commitment of support.

French Housing Minister Cécile Duflot at La Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine with the 28 partners of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014.

After she declared her spirited support of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in the company of partners and press representatives, Cécile Duflot was joined by François de Mazières, Deputy Mayor of Versailles, also deeply involved in the Competition.

The 28 first partners of this French edition assembled together to sign a gentleman’s agreement, a commitment to support the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014. The gesture is more than symbolic; this is the beginning of a close collaboration

between industrials and the Solar Decathlon Organization Team that will contribute to a successful Competition on all fronts. Below, a list of partners thus far: • • • • • • • • • •

ADEME Association HQE Association des Maires de France BH Groupe Beneteau Groupe BETOM CAPEB CECODHAS HOUSING EUROPE Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat des Yvelines Construction 21 ENSAV

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Etablissement Public du Château de Versailles Etablissement Public de Paris Saclay FIEC FFB FNTP Forbo Flooring France GBC GIMELEC Groupe Caisse des Dépôts MONOPRIX Nemetschek All Plan Plan Bâtiment Durable QUALITEL Schneider Electric Société du Grand Paris SOREC Habitat Ville et communauté d’agglomération de Versailles USH

Info Models on display From December 2013 to February 2014, Versailles’ Town Hall will host an exhibition of the 20 models from the official Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 Teams. Come and discover them all! Each project must be a quality response to the cultural, climatic and social contexts of the Teams’ respective region. Also, the projects are expected to be high-performance prototypes that should function successfully during the Competition & evaluation period. The exhibition of models will take place on the 2nd floor of Versailles’ town hall, in front of «La Salle des fêtes». Opening hours are from Mondays to Fridays, from 8.30 am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 11.30 am. Press conference, March 2014 This is an important moment at this stage of the Competition. A new and updated version of the Project Profiles will be released during this press conference. We will also officially announce the names of the juries selected for the Competition contests. Key figures of Workshop #2 3 days 200 participants 16 represented countries 3 continents 20 solar housing prototypes Over 50 journalists 28 partners 160 thematic working sessions 72 hours of video 5000 photos

November 6th 2013 – Ministerial appearance Extracts from Cécile Duflot’s speech of support « It is of course important to us that this Competition is successful, yet what is even more important is to show that France is fully committed to an ecological transition and concerned with our collective future. » « To me, Solar Decathlon is an extraordinary opportunity, not only to discover immensely interesting projects but also because it is a showcase of our expertise. I can only urge you to get involved in this event and become active partners. » « It seems to us absolutely vital to consider that our future is invented by those who live it and in particular our youth, regardless of background or country of origin. I have had the pleasure of meeting the Teams; some have grouped together with different countries. They all show that this desire for innovation, invention and collaborative work is very widely shared. » French housing minister Cécile Duflot, touring the exhibition of architectural models.

François de Mazières’ speaks Former president of La Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, the Deputy-Mayor of Versailles is a fervent supporter of the European Solar Decathlon.

Documentation Lots of information is now available to download: > Presentation booklet > Press book > Project profiles booklet > Picture set (No copyright) > Logos > La Cité du Soleil® 3D view

« The Solar Decathlon is a wonderful opportunity for our country, for young talents working hard within academic Teams, for the general public, but also for our city. The Solar Decathlon is a real chance for the retrofitting of landscapes and the historical reconstruction of the host site of the event, within the Park of the Castle of Versailles. »

« Today, I dedicate all my energy to making sure that Versailles will follow its path as a precursor in architecture and urbanism. In June 2014, in front of the whole world, The Solar Decathlon will testify to the fact that Versailles’ legacy is still very much alive. »

Deputy-mayor of Versailles François de Mazières in La Cité de L’Architecture et du Patrimoine auditorium.

IN THE PRESS Solar Decathlon in over 40 media channels

AFP - 2-11-2013 « To conceive today the housing of tomorrow, heated and lit by the sun: that is the challenge taken on by 800 young engineers and architects for Solar Decathlon 2014, an international academic contest organized in June and July. » National press

La Croix - 4-11-2013 « Five juries composed of international experts will evaluate each project, in order to award the Solar Decathlon 2014 prize. »

Les Echos - 4-11-2013 « 20 houses of tomorrow in the

Park of the Castle of Versailles. In 2012, France created a sensation by winning the Competition with the Canopea project. Now that France is organizing the event, the rules have evolved: the projects have to respond to the issue of urban density while being adapted to local contexts. »

explain the wide range of expertise existing in the field of sustainable housing. France wishes to show that an ecological transition is well in place. With these words, Cécile Duflot sets the tone of Solar Decathlon. » Periodical

Local press

Toutes les nouvelles Yvelines - 13-11- 2013 « In 2014, Versailles will host a very special international contest in which worldwide universities are competing. »

Le Figaro Mag - 8-11-2013 « For the very first time, France is hosting a solar habitat Competition. The full-scale projects will be exhibited in June, in the Park of the Castle of Versailles. »

solar energies. » Audiovisual

France Inter - 30-11-2013 « In this contest, houses must ideally produce more energy than they actually consume. The architectural models have recently been presented in La Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris. The students have now returned home to add the finishing touches. »

Regional daily press

Le Parisien 78 - 8-11-2013 « This is an international Competition which will

Journal des énergies renouvelables - nov dec 13 « The 2014 project selection will represent a variety of concepts, implementing a wide range of architectural intentions and

EVENT OF THE MONTH Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 second Workshop took place in Paris and Versailles on November 6th, 7th and 8th.

Objectives The goal of this second Workshop was to focus on technical aspects and any remaining questions before the Teams start the second phase of the Competition: the construction of their zeroenergy prototypes. ILS BÂTISSENT LA RÉUSSITE ILS LA RÉUSSITE ILS BÂTISSENT RÉUSSITE Solar’s Team &LA crew, with the experts and technical representatives of Solar Decathlon The Teams participated in a CSTB From Wednesday 6 to Friday 8, DU SOLAR DECATHLONBÂTISSENT EUROPE 2014 Europe 2014. DECATHLON EUROPE 2014 DU SOLAR DECATHLONround EUROPE 2014 8 thematic the Decathletes participated in seriesDUofSOLAR PARTENAIRES DIAMANT tables: communication, rules collective and individualPARTENAIRES work DIAMANT Diamond partners PARTENAIRES DIAMANT sessions; parallel to this, they & regulations, electricity & PV, enjoyed visits of historical sites monitoring, site infrastructure, ILS BÂTISSENT LA RÉUSSITE health & safety, building both in Paris and Versailles. DU SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE 2014 ILS BÂTISSENT LA RÉUSSITE Day #1 took place at La Cité de inspection, and thermal & DU SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE 2014 environmental evaluations. l’Architecture et du Patrimoine Gold partners PARTENAIRES OR PARTENAIRES DIAMANT PARTENAIRES DIAMANT working sessions in Paris, day # 2 and # 3 at the These OR ILSPARTENAIRES BÂTISSENT LA RÉUSSITE led by experts from the Palais des Congrès and on the were PARTENAIRES OR DU SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE 2014 Organization Team. site of La Cité du Soleil®.












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