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Activities 2010 Key focus The ICT group, led jointly by West Midlands and South Denmark, will focus on early intelligence on ICT calls (e.g. FP7 ICT and CIP PSP), the development and exchange of best practice between ICT clusters, building strong working links with ERRIN Working Groups that include an ICT component e.g. health and energy and encouraging regional SME involvement in ICT projects.The ERRIN WG will also follow EU ICT policies and where possible and relevant for regions try to influence these policies e.g. Future Internet. The WG will also raise the profile of both the EEIN network and the ICT WG within Brussels. In 2010, it is intended to publish a regular quarterly ERRIN ICT WG Newsletter with reports, events and regional information which will be published on the ERRIN website. Date March 30th tbc

May tbc

June tbc

September 27-29th



Ambient Assisted Living information Outline the next AAL call and set up and brokerage event (possible joint project brokerage workshop with reevent with the ERRIN Health WG). gional practitioners Input into Commission thinking and possible future work programmes on Smart cities and regions expert group ‘smart cities and regions’ with desigto meet Commission experts nated experts from regions within the ERRIN ICT WG. Information session on draft FP7 ICT Develop early project ideas within the Work Plan for 2011 ERRIN ICT WG ICT 2010: working with ERRIN to get a stand at the conference and organisation of two seminars with Research in Brussels

1 ° DAY 1- session on “role of regions in ICT” Raise profile of the ICT WG. Stimulate 2° DAY 3 : exhibition on European sucexchange of best practice and future cess stories of regional ICT aid project development. ICT-KIC information session. An invitation from the ERRIN ICT WG for the ICT KIC to inform regions of their Gaining information on future strategic November agenda and activities over the next directions for ICT in the EU three years. This can be combined with a post i-2010 briefing Gaining advance intelligence on the Information session on next CIP ICT December next CIP ICT call and project brokerPSP Call age event

Events that might have an interest to ERRIN-ICT WG members Date and place 23 - 24 March 2010, Brussels 23 – 24 February 2010, Brussels 17 March 2010, Brussels

27 – 29 September 2010, Brussels

15-16 April 2010, Valencia, Spain 2 March 2010, Brussels 2 – 5 March 2010, Brussels 12 March 2010, Nice, France 15 - 18 March 2010, Brussels 6 - 7 April 2010, Paris, France

Name/theme “Promoting Innovation through Public Procurement: Best Practice & Networking” “ICT4EE: The Key Event on ICT for Energy Efficiency” “Efficiency & Effectiveness - sharing of good practice in the area of efficient and effective eGovernment.”

Link events/304911 efficiency 2010 – Europe’s most visible fociety/newsroom/cf/itemlongdetail. rum on ICT research and innovation cfm?item_id=5491 “The Future Internet Assembly (FIA) eventview/article/the-future-internetWorkshop 2010” assembly-fia-workshop.html “Telemedicine and Legal Aspects work- shop” telemedicine Cable Congress 2010 Internet PPP - Open constituciety/activities/foi/events/fippp/inency building event dex_en.htm World of Health IT 2010 Health 2.0 Europe =calendar&redirection=1&itemTime= future&currentPage=3

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12 southdenmark 2010 02 24