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Forms of Matter Force and Energy

Science Fair


Basic Chemical Reactions/ Molecular Structure Periodic Table Galaxy formation Constellations Planetary Study Galileo, Copernicus


Interdisciplinary Study Examples physics of music and sound, making paints, primary and mixed colors, spectrum Food science, cooking, soap making making paint Greek and Roman Mythology Scientific Notation


Linnaeus Classification Microscopy Pond Life Trees Ornithology Entomology Herpetology Health/Sexuality Nutrition Oceanography The Ocean Biome: Shore Life zoological, botanical and environmental Earth Science, Basic Geology Biomes, Life Cycles, Geology Rocks and Rock Formation population dynamics, Environmental Science Global Warming Cayuga Watershed Weather Natural Disasters Pre-History Age of Dinosaurs Fossil study Archaeology Mass extinctions Anthropology

Invertebrates, Vertebrates Human Physiology Botany

Physical and Cultural Study Evolution, Darwin of Early Man

Scientific Illustrations Drawing the human form, carving birds

Art murals, working with organic materials, sea chantys Silent Spring, Who Really Killed Cock Robin? An Inconvenient Truth Plaster fossil casts

Cave drawings, relics Exploring middens

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