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Lower Level Math The primary math program consists largely of discovering the “why” and “how” of various mathematical principles in a developmentally appropriate manner. The students are introduced to each new concept through the manipulation of math materials with which they solve various puzzles. Through this experimentation, they develop problem-solving and thinking skills. By participating in these concrete experiences, children come to an understanding of math principles in a manner that is both enjoyable and developmentally appropriate. It is only after grasping these underlying principles that students begin to apply their knowledge to paper and pencil tasks. Our math studies focus on a strong foundation of basic math skills in the areas of patterning, classification/sorting, counting, number recognition and formation, place value, addition, subtraction, geometry, measurement (including time and money), fractions, graphing, story problems, and multiplication (for the older students). Older students are encouraged to work towards greater efficiency by memorizing simple arithmetic and developing mental math skills.

Peachtown Lower Level Math