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History Areas of Study: Subject Topics History Ancient History Greek and Roman

Interdisciplinary Study Examples Lang. Arts, Early Music, Art, Mythology Architecture Ancient Asia and India Comparative Eastern music, Religions sculpture, iconography Mesopotamia and Egypt Art, Pyramids Age of Empires and Invaders Mongols, Moors, Geography of Vikings, Celts continents Pre-Columbian Incans, Mayans Central and So. Mayan number Americas Early Native Populations Amer. Geography systems European History Medieval/Roman Empire Geography Early music Renaissance/Elizabethan Lang. Art History Arts/Shakespeare Drama, Costumes American History Age of Exploration Early American Settlements American/South Indigenous People Colonial America Native forms of art America/African Rise of Colonialism Africa, South and music, foods, America crafts, weaving Native American Aztecs, Geography Amer/European Age of Revolutions American Political Comparative study Revolutionary War System of European and French Revolution Constitution/ Bill American music of Rights American Jacksonian and Antebellum Native Songs of Early eras: Native America Mythologies and America, Native Relocation, Westward culture American chants Movement Russian History Survey of Feudal Russia Geography Faberge, through Perestroika Architecture American Civil War and Reconstruction Abolitionism Hudson Valley artists, great portraitists, songs of the War era American Industrial Revolution Suffrage, Populist protest Settlement Houses songs Early 20th Century The Great Wars The music of Woody American The Great Depression Guthrie, jazz, blues, The Great Society Stravinsky Late 20th Century

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Peachtown History  

Peachtown History

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