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SCANS SERIF DIGITAL with thanks to//


Liz//zy///// Bad/deley ha! i hope// you dont check facebook before work. 09 May at//// 10:03 · Co ment · Like · See //Wall-to-W Sam Crosland is thinking ab out poo i///n a sexy way 09 May at 10:02 · Comment · Li Martin Sp///encer //at 11:09 on 09 M I belie///ve the preferr ed response it "Lizzy? No Matt///// Row Hey Crosalator, d you get th////e BNR Com//pilatio If so you might lik////e this - "Omn dance - Turbo Records" It'///s a si

J/// D///OU//L MENT · LIKE · SE GOOD. SEEN A FE NEEDS MORE str Like · See Wall-

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LA//S WORD ON THE STREET AS TO HOURS THIS WEEK? 21 APRIL AT 11:31 //· COMEE WALL-TO-WALL REMOVE JA///ILVE/T// BLODDY HELL SAM HE IS FECKING WELL EW BIT HE HAS DONE BEFORE. ITS A PRETTY GOOD MIX OF TRIALS AND STREET ALTHO reet less trials as like you saidn trials is pretty gay! xc0 April at 22:34 · Comment · -to-Wall Helen Mary Lee i found my earrings! in my sockof course. 19 April at 19:57 ·

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Sam Ellis Crrrssh//Bravo1101Tango!”£SP anish.1011010ComeinSpanish// Do you read me//10Crrsss100h/joyeux 22ème anniversaire10011//Dashdot dashdot Huneycut// 17 April at 09:39 · Comment · Like


Added 20 April 路 Comment 路 Like Sam Crosland at 20:34 on 20 Aprilthat is easily on4e of the best things ever. love the way the park is completely empty behind him!Lizzy/B///



“I f ucking hand wrote this shit”

Stephen Fry

Who Said We’re Wack!? seagull existing

19skins-t-9 l ets m a k e pa rt y to g e th e r?


Scans Serif Digital  

Digital Issue 04 Using elements of facebook for generation of images and text, plus 'stolen' photos

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