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Offshore structures: from design to installation


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Aluminium for the Oil and Gas Industry


Aluminium and elevated temperatures


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Aluminium and Offshore Wind


Aluminium: material of the future


Welcome to the world of aluminium At Bayards, we recognize the versatility of aluminium. Besides the engineering flexibility that this material offers, it is possible to provide aluminium structures that are up to 60% lighter than their steel equivalents. More importantly, aluminium is seawater resistant; hence, it is completely maintenance free. Altogether, these properties make aluminium the perfect solution for the Offshore Industry. We proudly work together with leading contractors such as Hyundai, Samsung, Daewoo and Keppel. In partnership with renowned engineering houses, we are involved in projects for established names such as BP, Statoil, Shell, ONGC and ExxonMobil. For these, and many other clients, we have successfully delivered living quarter structures, helidecks and stair towers for numerous prestigious projects around the world. When it comes to the Offshore Wind Industry, we are involved in projects for key players, such as DONG Energy, Vattenfall and Siemens. Bayards also designs, engineers, manufactures and supplies complex aluminium structures for the maritime and luxury yacht building industry. Nonetheless, due to our extensive knowledge of aluminium, combined with the endless possibilities of the material, we are able to develop excellent tailored solutions for each client, in any industry.



Partner up with Bayards We do what we know best, which is designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing aluminium structures. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to provide our clients with innovative solutions. They can always rely on our highly skilled team who will go the extra mile to deliver aluminium solutions that meet the highest standards. Thanks to our in-house cutting edge technology, we are constantly pioneering the development of aluminium structures. As a result, for the past five decades, we have worked on major offshore projects around the globe. Due to our market-leading expertise we have become internationally renowned. Now, more and more clients turn to Bayards for ground-breaking aluminium solutions.



Creativity in engineering Engineering is at the core of what we do. We work with a large, dedicated group of skilled engineers from all over the world, who specialise in aluminium. To maintain our top position in the industry, we continuously invest in the most advanced engineering software, such as Tekla and STAAD. The beneficial properties of aluminium are always the starting point. From there on, our forward-thinking engineers make use of this ingenious software to develop the best solution for each client. In this process all project requirements, such as rules and regulations, environmental conditions, installation sequence and lifecycle aspects, are taken into account.



Offshore structures: from design to installation Bayards is world-renowned for its wide range of lightweight, cost-effective and durable aluminium offshore structures. Our portfolio is continuously expanding, developing and presently comprises: • Stair towers

• Flex-barriers

• Living quarters

• Swing load protection barriers

• Hand railing

• Antenna towers

• Wind and heat shields

• Telescopic gangways

• Safety gates

• Helicopter hangars

We design, engineer, manufacture and install turn-key helidecks, including: • Firefighting equipment

• Support structures

• Lighting systems

• Safety netting

• Heat tracing

• Access systems

For BP’s Valhall project, Bayards has designed, engineered, manufactured and installed the aluminium living quarters, stair towers and gangways.



The Bayards standards When it comes to the Offshore Industry, QHSE requirements are extremely stringent. Bayards complies with the international standards ISO and OHSAS, and product regulations, such as: • AVV

• CAP 437


• Norsok


• Normam

To strengthen our commitment, we have drawn up a quality management system according to ISO 9001, and our production control is in accordance with EN-1090-1 for CE-marking (when applicable). Additionally, we have Health, Safety and Environment procedures and policies in place, which comply with current legislation.



Inspection and replacement services Our offshore inspection and replacement services maximise our clients’ economic returns on existing assets, without impacting the continuity of their operations. Upgrading the existing structures by replacing corroded and/ or damaged steel parts with durable aluminium sections, will significantly extend the lifespan of any platform or vessel. Replacing steel handrailing with aluminium handrailing is one of the many examples. Additionally, due to the inherent durability of the material, aluminium handrailing requires no painting despite heavy usage throughout its lifespan. With no maintenance or paining being required, ownership costs remain low and predictable. We aim to provide the best possible solutions, and regardless how challenging the project may be, we go above and beyond to seamlessly meet the needs of our clients. We think along with our clients and offer advantageous guarantees and after sales customer care. After all, our aluminium solutions are not the only things that are built to last: so are the relationships with our clients.



Aluminium for the Oil and Gas Industry Up until the 90’s, steel was the go-to material in the Oil and Gas Industry. However, that has changed. Due to the numerous advantages aluminium has over steel, the industry’s demand for aluminium structures is ever increasing. Aluminium stuctures are: • Lightweight: up to 60% lighter than steel ones


Weight saving on support structures


Easy and cost-effective installation

• Extremely durable, perfect in seawater environment


No protective coating or maintenance required


Lifespan of 40+ years

Aluminium structures are lightweight, maintenance free, durable and therefore extremely cost-effective. Hence, aluminium is the preferred material to use when developing living quarters, helidecks, stair towers, flex-barriers, gangways and link-bridges for offshore platforms and vessels.

DIFFS in action on the Maersk Connector. The vessel is equipped with a fully outfitted aluminium helideck, complete with a support structure, supplied by Bayards.



Aluminium and elevated temperatures Although aluminium has a lower melting point than steel, it does not mean that the material is less suitable for use in offshore structures. In fact, aluminium is still the most favourable solution in situations which require high endurance at elevated temperatures. Testing and certifying aluminium structures is nothing new to Bayards. By combining our knowledge of the excellent conductivity of the material with the available opportunities to shield specific areas, we are able to design aluminium stair towers that have an even better thermal response to fire scenarios than their steel equivalents. In a way, the research and development conducted by our R&D department has paved the way for utilization of lightweight aluminium stair towers as sturdy and maintenance free access ways for offshore process modules.



Technology and production software Bayards has the largest machine park in the industry dedicated to manufacturing aluminium constructions. To achieve unrivalled quality, we use a combination of cutting edge technology, high-tech machinery and revolutionary techniques, such as: • Friction stir welding • High speed and high precision (5 axis) milling • Robot welding All manufacturing is done in-house with the use of state-of-the-art production software, including: • CATIA V5 • CAMäleon-PUMA • Optiscout 7



Aluminium and Offshore Wind Offshore wind is steady and stronger than the wind on land, and therefore provides a constant and reliable electric power source, making offshore areas the perfect locations for wind farms but costly to access for reasons such as frequent maintenance. Due to the excellent anti-corrosive properties of aluminium, maintenance is not required. Hence, using aluminium for the landing platforms, staircases and gangways on the substations will drastically reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Thanks to the lightweight properties of aluminium, installing such structures on substations can be done with great ease and in record time. Offshore Wind is a relatively new, but a very promising sector that Bayards is actively involved in. Altogether, operating in this industry does not only broaden our horizon, but it also contributes to a brighter and greener future.

Offshore Substation in Denmark: Amrumbank, equipped with a 23 m diameter aluminium helideck, supplied by Bayards.



Aluminium: material of the future At Bayards, we believe aluminium is the future. The material has already proven its superb properties in many ways - it is lightweight, strong, durable, maintenance free and corrosion resistant - and it is taking over the Offshore Industry. In the next few years, the use of aluminium will only increase, because aluminium is perfect for the demanding and harsh offshore environment. The future is aluminium, so think light!

BP’s Clair Ridge equipped with aluminium stair towers, swing load protection barriers and handrails.



‘The quality of our product never exceeds the quality of our team’

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