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Being at your first storage auction can be challenging in trying to obtain all the information needed to get yourself in a comfort zone to begin bidding, but no need to sweat it, here is the straight forward information you need going into your first storage auction to get you in the bidding mood. Be sure to arrive 15 or 20 minutes early so you have time to sign-in as a bidder, some storage auctions will have a larger volume of bidders then others so it's always a good ideal to get ahead of those long lines. There is generally only two ways to sign-in as a bidder in which you will need to go inside the storage facility office where a sign-in sheet is located at the front desk, name, address, and phone number is normally all that is required to sign in. However some auctioneers will want you to sign-in with them directly in which the auctioneer will be located outside with a table set up. It's a good ideal to bring your ID, some auctioneers will require you to show ID while others won't require you to show. The auctioneer will normally wait till all bidders are signed-in before heading to the first storage unit for auction. The auctioneer will then explain the auction procedure and ground rules to everyone, some auctioneers will repeat the auction procedure and ground rules over again every time they open another storage unit for auction. Then the first unit is opened and the bidders will have between 2 to 5 minutes to look inside, depending on the size of the crowd some auctioneers will give extra time for the circulation of bidders to see inside. No one is allowed to go inside the unit at anytime, they must stay outside the unit while viewing. After the time line for viewing is up the auctioneer will then start the auction The auctioneer will then call out a price and ask if there are any bidders. You can gesture to the auctioneer if you want to make a bid at that price with a hand motion or verbal response, you also have the right to yell out a higher bid if needed to give you some distance from other bidders in on the action. Once the bidding slows down and if there are no further bids the auctioneer will say "sold" to the last bidder. Once the bidding is complete, if you've won the unit you may lock the unit with your own pad lock unless the storage facility requires their lock is to be put on the unit until they receive payment, this will vary from facility. The auction then moves on to the next unit at the facility. Once all the auctions are complete, you'll either meet with the auctioneer to pay for your units or pay the storage facility directly at the front desk for your units won. Payment procedures will normally be explained during the time when the auctioneer is explaining the auction procedures. Some facilities will take a credit or debit card while some facilities require cash only.The storage facility will typically collect a cleaning deposit from you, which they will return when you have emptied the storage unit and left it broom-swept so that it is ready to be rented to a new tenant. You will not be permitted to use the facility's dumpsters, so be prepared to haul away and dispose of anything that you don't want. You will have a time limit of 24 or 48 hours to get all the items out of the storage unit, the time limit will be explained to you during the auction procedures given by the auctioneer.

An auctioneer will sell units at multiple different storage facilities in the same area in one day. After each facility's auction is completed, usually the bidders will follow the auctioneer to the next facility. The auctioneer will normally supply copies of the list of storage facilities with addresses in which he is holding auctions that day, make sure to get your copy prior to the auction starting.

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==== ==== Storage Auction Profits ==== ====

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