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SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE The world of work is rapidly changing. At Sussex Skills Solutions it is our role to support you into employment, ensuring you have the best possible start in your new career.

All our courses are funded by the government through the Education & Skills Funding Agency.

Stephen Burkes

Dan Shelly

Sussex Skills Solutions is part of East Sussex College and was created in October 2016 to grow the apprenticeship provision of the college. Now in its third successful year, we have taken the decision to expand our delivery to support adults finding work.

authority, and, most importantly, that this is all aligned to an appropriate and inspiring training programme to support people into work and apprenticeships. By joining our new programmes, we will ensure that you are equipped with the Skills, Knowledge, and Behaviours to grow your career.

We spoke to hundreds of local business owners, listening to their ambitions and concerns for the future. Following this exercise, it was clear to us that we needed to create a partnership to connect employers to those searching for work across our county. We recognise that helping adults into employment requires a separate approach to be successful. We have created a new team with its own structure and management to work with our learners, employers and partners to ensure we increase the opportunities for everyone in Sussex. We are working hard to understand the needs of our local employers, our local

We are also opening up our fantastic college facilities to the communities we serve. People of all ages should be encouraged to access and use our sites to learn new skills and experience through this scheme. We look forward to having you on board! Stephen Burkes Director Sussex Skills Solutions

No course fees are charged to individuals who are either unemployed or employed but earning less than ÂŁ16,000 per year.

When we set out to create our training programmes, we met with the local authority and our local employer partners and listened to their plans for the future. We then built our programmes around the areas that were identified as having skills shortages and we invested in developing programmes that will train you for the future requirements of the county.

Dan Shelley Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships & Engagement



THE THREE ELEMENTS Skills, Knowledge & Behaviours All of our training programmes are built around three core elements:




We will ensure you have the base skills required to gain entry into your chosen area of work. This will be taught by individuals with experience.

We will ensure that you understand the world of work you are entering and that you are able to ask and respond to questions related to your new career path in a job interview setting.

We will work with you on improving your confidence and mental resilience. Employers are looking for a workforce that can adapt to change and rise to a challenge.

We will work with you to develop your talent, ensuring you thrive in your working experience.

OUR PROGRAMMES ARE FOR EVERYONE Everybody is different; it is what makes us such fascinating people! However, one common trait we all have is that from time to time we must try something new in order to challenge ourselves. Sussex Skills Solutions recognises that we all have different goals, ambitions and motivations for training.

Do any of these sound like you? I need to re-start my journey into work but feel overwhelmed by the options I need a job to fit around my care commitments I think I am ready to enter the workforce but I need help and support to apply for the right role I want to retrain but I can’t see how I can afford to take the time to learn without earning an income. There are physical or mental health challenges that hold me back from work. I feel worried about having to learn new skills

We know one size doesn’t fit all so we have created a range of options for you to choose from. We will help guide you to make the right choice for the course or combination of courses that will support your goal to find a new career. Remember, we are here to support you all the way, one step at a time.





Use all of our college facilities and try a range of skills.

Designed to prepare you for your next steps

Duration: Three hours, two days a week, for three months

Duration: Three hours a day per subject required (English, Maths, ICT), two days a week, for three months.

Insight programmes are ideal if you... don’t know what type of work is best suits you don’t feel confident to work fulltime hours lack confidence from being out of work for a long period of time have issues with anxiety, which is currently holding you back from work

Our Insight Programmes use all of our college facilities to allow you to try a range of different skills.

Over a term you will have access to amazing facilities allowing you to try your hand at:

We build the programme around the times that we have less learners in our College and you will never be sharing your class with college students.

• Construction Skills • Digital Skills

In addition, we will run sessions focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing with expert guidance on how to tune your life into the modern work environment.

• Cooking Skills • Automotive Skills

Over the space of three months we will help you to devise a plan for your next steps and feedback progress to your work coach. 05

Inside Track Programmes are ideal if you...

Our Inside Track Programme is specifically designed to prepare you for undertaking an apprenticeship or provide you with the English/Maths/ICT functional skills required to take your next steps in your training plan.

want to retrain to start a brand new career need English/Maths/ICT functional skills to progress to an apprenticeship, college or university course

Once you have completed your Inside Track programme, we can help you to find roles and apprenticeships with one of our network of over 800 local employers.

Did you know that apprenticeships are for individuals of any age and can allow you to train up to degree-level while in a job that pays a salary?




Use all of our college facilities and try a range of skills.

Build a career that works around you.

Duration: 9:30am - 4:30pm Five days a week for three weeks

Duration: 10am–2pm five days a week for three weeks.

Sprint Programmes are ideal if you...

Using our extensive employer links, our Sprint Programmes run in partnership with local employers who are keen to employ new recruits.

know what career you want but need some help to get a job

Sprint Programmes are three-week intensive ’work academies’ that act as boot camps to help you secure sustainable employment quickly.

need an industry specific qualification to help you secure a new role. For example, a CSCS card, Stewarding licence, SIA licence, or Food Hygiene certificate.

These programmes provide bespoke employability skills to ensure you have the knowledge to pass an application and interview process, hands-on training to mimic the skills you will need in the role you are applying for, and a qualification or skill, paid for by the college, to make you more attractive to an employer. We run regular courses linked to: • Construction/Trades • Hospitality/Visitor Economy

Our Eclipse Programmes are ideal if you... have commitments to care for others are looking for flexible working hours are looking for a 0 hours contract are interesting in becoming self-employed

We recognise that careers need to work around commitments, especially when those commitments involve caring for others.

The Eclipse Programme is designed to assist you with sourcing flexible working to allow you to have a career that works around you.

• Creative/Digital • Retail • Office Work • Education • Security/Events • Social Care • Health 07


We will provide information, advice and guidance on where to source term-time only jobs, how to manage your budget in the gig economy, and all of the key pre-start checks you need to consider if you want to become self-employed.

Use all of our college facilities and try a range of skills


No course fees! All of our courses are funded through the Education & Skills Funding Agency. No course fees are charged to individuals who are unemployed or earning less than ÂŁ16,000 per year.

Get in touch... For more information about our courses or for help and advice, please contact us on 030 300 38722 or email You can also speak with your job coach who will be able to refer you.


Telephone: 030 300 38722


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Skills for the Future  

At Sussex Skills Solutions it is our role to support you into employment, ensuring you have the best possible start in your new career.

Skills for the Future  

At Sussex Skills Solutions it is our role to support you into employment, ensuring you have the best possible start in your new career.

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