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Thanks to year 10 media pupils at cavendish school for taking part in a focus group 1



The British film empire, victorious at the box office The British film industry has a long history of giving us fantastic films and directors. Most recently, we’ve basked in the Oscar limelight of Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire and The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth. British Council Films represent the UK and give new opportunities to up and coming film makers and stars. British production companies like Film Four are also giving us a chance to see films that would never have otherwise been made. This millenium has seen a burst of British creativity, exploding onto screens around the world, two of which will be discussed here. 28 Days Later is a British apocolyptic horror film that was made in 2002 and has been seen as one of the country’s best examples of this genre. After the success 2

of the film it was adapted into other formats. The sequel, 28 Weeks Later, explains the story of Don’s wife Alice – it was also made into a couple of graphic novels. With the film’s success it was given the 100th spot on Bravo’s The 100 Scariest Movie Moments and also ranked 456th in Empire’s 2008 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time.

of View London. When looking into what makes a great British film, Tag ’13 asked you what you truly think. You told us that actors, production crew and stories are all of equal value in the production of the best British movies; but also, when compared the USA, you think that the size of the budget dictates a film’s quality.

Moving onto The Business, we see that it takes a modern twist on Greek tragedy, following the rise and fall of a young cockney’s career in drug dealing. Although the film is not as well known as 28 Days Later it received a very large amount of positive magazine reviews in Front, Nuts, Zoo and also Rotten Tomatoes. “Danny Dyer tones down his usual swaggering cockney act and gives a genuinely sympathetic performance” said Matthew Turner

So you can see that British films can stand head and shoulders above the rest of the world. And who knows what type of films we will see in the future? Maybe more from cockney gangster director Guy Ritchie? A sequel to the action packed Dredd 3D? Or even something new from actress Emma Watson? So grab your popcorn, get comfy and be sure to check out forthcoming British films on a screen near you.


“We have found ourselves becoming bigger and greater in the world of films.”


SUMMER TIME Perfect getaways for you and your friends


ummer, relaxation, festivals and sun. This is exactly what you need after a year of exam stress, endless homework and dreary skies. It’s time to pack your bags and jet off with your family and friends. Majorca and Ibiza are two of the most famous party islands in Spain. These holiday destinations offer tourists facilities that will suit almost everyone’s tastes, with hundreds of different nightclubs to visit and miles of sandy beaches to lounge around on during the day. If you are looking for a real party vibe then Ibiza is the place to go – the party capital of the world! Majorca is also known for having a buzzing nightlife and attracting international DJs to the famous resorts of Magaluf, Palma and El Arenal to name but three! Malia, located on the stunning Greek island of Crete, is another hit spot for young people and students. You will find hot sun, sandy beaches, turquoise seas and a crazy nightlife. So look no further, one of these party islands will definitely be the perfect getaway for you and your friends!

Want a more tropical feel to your holiday? Choose from these fantastic and hot destinations: Egypt Croatia Turkey Thailand

Sharm El Sheikh Hvar Kalkan Koh Phanga

Take… • Your passport • Enough money • Travel insurance • Mobile phone • Plug adaptors • Sun cream • Appropriate clothing (being respectful of local culture) • Copies of your passport details, insurance details, credit card number etc.

“Leave all your stress and troubles behind”

Written and designed by Jessica Oakley




Channel back to your childhood

Remember the good old days, Saturday mornings in your Simpsons pyjamas with a bowl of Coco Pops while your parents were still asleep upstairs for half the morning. Or after school in that golden two hours between getting through the front door and having your dinner. Where you have full control of the TV remote. Tag ‘13 is going to take you on an animated flashback, a tour of the programmes that defined our childhood.


Written and Designed by Mia Lainchbury

ART ATTACK – Rating 8/10 Art Attack, aired on CITV as one of the longest running programmes from 1990-2007, it was around for the whole of our childhood. Presented by the child friendly Neil Buchanan, this man had a mad artistic style, allowing children to create stuff from things found around the home. The show was well known for having messy ‘Art Attacks’; this consisted of many things like dropping eggshells full of paint onto paper. This taught us to express ourselves through paint, cereal boxes and toilet rolls, and inspired us to be creative in our spare time. It would also act as a release from school and allow time to have fun.

ARTHUR – Rating 7/10 Arthur, you’ll be glad to hear, is still running strong to this day. The character mistakenly known as a bear is - in fact an aardvark, yes it’s hard to believe. This was originally a series of books but was then made into a television series in 1994. The aim of the programme was for Arthur and the other characters to show young people ways of dealing with issues such as dyslexia, a death of a pet and other health related problems. They do this in a light hearted fashion and subtly teach children to get through difficulties, while they enjoy watching Arthur’s sister, D.W, torment him.


BARNEY – Rating 5/10 Barney, you either loved him or found him extremely irritating. This purple ‘dinosaur’ was first aired on television in April 1992 aiming to entertain children aged 1-8 years old. Barney had human characteristics giving us educational messages through the form of songs and small dance routines with a friendly, optimistic and warm attitude. The theme tune of the song has been somewhat abused over the years, poor old Barney…

DENNIS THE MENACE – Rating 7/10 Dennis and Gnasher were loved by all the mischievious children out there; causing havoc around their town and on our televisions since 1996. Produced by the Beano comic, Dennis has become one of the greatest known troublemakers. Among all of the devastation he causes, he has in fact saved the world on one occasion, and made an appearance on Blue Peter after winning an art competition.

TELETUBBIES – Rating 6/10 Like Barney you could either enjoy the Teletubbies or be happy without their bulbous, baby talking antics. The target was for pre-school viewers to watch and enjoy. The multi-coloured characters, all lived in Teletubbyland eating Tubby custard, playing games with each other and watching tubby-vision on their tummies. Finally, who could forget Noo-noo? The character that resembled a hoover. There’s never been a more loved vacuum cleaner.

BANANAS IN PYJAMAS – Rating 6/10 This was a fantastic show with two main characters called B1 and B2, manned by actors in costumes. The premiere of this programme was in July 1992 on an Australian children’s television channel called ABC. The pair are joined by their friends in a little culde-sac called Cuddles Avenue. These pals consisted of three teddy bears named Amy, Lulu and Morgan, plus a Rat in a Hat. The thing that has mostly caught on is the theme song for the show; this was produced in 1967 for children. It then went onto become the iconic theme that we still know to this day. The programme is still aired now but as an animated product.

RUGRATS – Rating 9/10 Tommy Pickles, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, Dil, Angelica and Kimi have been tackling life’s big issues - e.g. climbing the stairs, facing a day at nursery, being home alone with grandparents - since August 11th 1991. We’ve watched their baby imaginations endure mini adventures and we’ve been with them through every milestone of their development. Chuckie is the most endearing character; his straggly ginger hair and glasses makes him a gem of the 90s.

TWEENIES – Rating 9/10 A British television programme aimed at young children looked at the life of toddlers at playschool/nursery. Consisting of four children: Bella, Fizz, Jake and Milo, plus two adults, Judith and Maxwell and two dogs, Doodles and Izzles. The show included the infamous ‘Tweenie Clock’ with five circular lights denoting each type of time: News Time, Messy Time, Song Time, Telly Time and Story Time. When all the five lights lit you had hit the jackpot as it was Surprise Time, where the clock would pick the next activity. This format gave birth to a new breed of shows, such as Zingzillas, still entertaining children to this day.

TOM AND JERRY – Rating 9/10 The greatest cat and mouse chase there has ever been. The loveable characters’ rivalry peppered with comical genius. Neither Tom nor Jerry speak but the music and movements expressed their feelings. You may think this rivalry is all there is but don’t forget bulldogs Spike and Tyke help to ensure there is a continuous chase between all characters.

Our youth was defined by cartoons and television programmes; from the educational to people running around in brightly coloured costumes and making a mess. Today’s children’s programmes have built on this legacy, incorporating the latest software to create shows like ‘In The Night Garden’ and ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ . 5


Tag’13 catches up with the unique and extraordinary singer-songwriter King Charles. We chat to him EXCLUSIVELY about his success after releasing the album Loveblood last year – and ask what’s next for The King of Fop?

Charles Costa, recent supporter of Mumford and Sons, a talented musician and ISC winner from West London, along with his Fop (folk-pop) musical style, is well known for his quirky and distinctive look. He puts the latter down to a mishmash of styles and characters, “I put them all together not knowing what I will look like but just to enjoy wearing the particular things.” Picture this, a hairier, more regal version of Prince mixed with a pinch of Victorian era.


Written by Polly Miles • Designed by Alex Mendes





ag asked the King if his style relates to and influences his music? “They both come out of the same person and the same thinking, so yes of some sorts.” King Charles told us where the stage name came from. “I guess being a King inspired it really, King is as King does, by name and by nature.” After winning the international songwriters competition in 2009, Tag ’13 asked him, did he think this has helped him get where he is now? “Yes, it was very helpful actually because the label that I am now signed with only heard about me because of this competition and so a lot of what has happened since then has been because of that.” After previously touring with Mumford and Sons, Noah and the Whale and Laura Marling, we asked him, did you ever expect you would be doing what you are now? “I didn’t actually, I ended up leaving uni early without a view of what to do until music. I just started writing songs and playing guitar and it was all a natural progression from there.” Touring with the Mumford boys must have been great fun, along with making the song Brightest Lights, Tag ’13 asked him how he managed that? “What do you mean by that?!” *Tag ‘13 blushes* The King carried on, “I was at school with the boys, we have always been friends and they invited me to join them!” As the interview progressed we got onto the topic of festivals,

“Bestival was definitely up there for just begun recording the second one of my favourites, it was wicked! album and I have lots of plans for I played around 30 festivals last the future, I don’t want to leave any year, so I can’t actually remember stone unturned.” my favourite, but I call it Bestival!” If you want to see King Charles in he said enthusiastically. We asked all his regal glory he will be playing what festivals he was planning at The Haunt, Brighton on the 17th on doing this year? “Absolutely of April 2013. none! Only joking, I want to do Glastonbury of course! I want to do maybe 20 or something, it depends, I don’t know, I want to do less than I did last year, actually no I want to do even more! I want the record for the most festivals. I was talking to an agent in Berlin the other day and he was saying one of his bands actually had the record for the longest festival tour, something like 60 dates or something, I’m going to beat that!” Tag ’13 asked, your album Loveblood was released last year, how did you find recording it? “It was great! We recorded it in “Hollywood baby”!” he said with an American twang. What would be your favourite track off the album? “Probably Love Lust, Catch King Charles at these festivals: do you like it?” he How The Lights Get In @ Hay-on-Wye asked us, “Of course! OsFest @ Oswestry But Ivory Road Standon Calling @ Hertfordshire would have to be Stockton Weekender @ Stockton our favourite.” Riverside Park So is there a Nibley Festival @ Gloucestershire hope of a second LeeFest @ South London King Charles album? And what are his plans for 2013? “I have 7


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On gener On general release al releas e

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Work experience

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Shop Assistant

Work experience – is it worth it?


ork experience could change your life. This simple line is very true indeed, as many media and other industry professionals are aware. Work experience is something often associated with lots of effort for little or no pay, but the return is what you gain from it. Holly Hubble was a student at Sussex Downs College studying a BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production. At the age of 18 she secured her first work experience at BBC South East. This was a significant first step in her career. When Tag ‘13 enquired, how she secured her placement with such a respected organistion, she said “I asked. It sounds silly but if you are in a situation and have the opportunity to speak to a media professional go and talk to them and then just ask”. Since undertaking work experience with companies like the BBC, Holly has now landed a full time job with a wellrespected production company at the age of 18. This shows how work experience can help you get a head start in your career. So what is the most important thing you should take to a work experience placement? Both the employee and the employer told us that the best thing to take on your work experience is a notebook, pen and a CV. When on work experience you never know who you may run into so the best thing to do is to take your CV with you just in case you meet someone who could offer you even more work experience. Something that employers look for is that you are willing to learn. Taking notes shows them you want to make the most of the placement.

Tag ‘13 spoke to a reporter for BBC South East called John Young who hosted Holly while she was a student. What do employers really think of work experience? Is it worth doing – or should someone just keep focused on academic studies? John said, “It is absolutely worth doing. Showing your employers that you have had the oomph to get off your backside and get into a working industry. This counts as much if not more than any qualification that everyone else has got.” Many people think that work experience isn’t taken seriously and that the employers do it just because they have to. However, lots of companies believe in work experience as a key tool to inspiring the next generation of staff. “Some employers find it a problem – health and safety rules mean there are limits to what we can do with people who are in our care, especially if under 18”. John then added, “but a good employer will realise that it is our duty to encourage the next generation.”

5 Top Tips for work experience: 1. Keep your mobile phone in your bag, switched off. Don’t check your Facebook account if you are asked to do something on a computer. You need to look professional and ready for work. 2. Don’t show off - be interested in what is being shown to you. NEVER criticise the professional’s way of doing things. They are taking time to show you something so be interested and even if you don’t agree with the way they have done something keep it to yourself.

3. Dress smartly. “A working environment is not a place to make fashion statements”. You don’t have to wear a suit but look smart and formal. A shirt looks good, jeans don’t. If you aren’t sure of the dress code, ask before you start. 4. Write direct. When writing to someone for work experience address the email to them directly, no dear Sir/Madam. This shows the employer you have taken time to find out the name of the person you are applying to. Also include why you want to spend time there, “Flatter us a little”. 5. Ask questions- if you don’t know how to do something or where / what something is, ask. It shows that you are sensible!

Work experience is a very good way of showing your future employer or further education institution that you are enthusiastic about the industry you are looking to work in. If you make contacts and work hard you never know where it could leave you.

Written by Sam Munton • Designed by Alex Mendes




urfing, body boarding, kayaking, wind-surfing, kite surfing, diving, wakeboarding and so many more sports are offered to us because of the sea, so why not go out and experience them? We now live in a world of technology, where teenagers would rather play a game that allows you to pretend to do something, rather than actually going out and experiencing the real thing. Tag ‘13 asked a sample of 14-19 year olds from Eastbourne if they had ever had the chance to do water sports, and despite living by the sea, most of them said no. But why? Extreme water sports have been around for centuries, although not in the exact form they take today. In 1779 surfing first emerged in Hawaii. It started off as an early form of body boarding; people would lay themselves over an oval piece of plan (that’s surf speak for a piece of wood), keeping their legs straight and navigating themselves with their arms. They would then “read” the sea, catching waves as they were about to break, shooting them-


Written and Designed by Harry Osborne

selves away from the break at a great speed. The sport slowly grew and early surfers began to realise that it was actually possible to stand up. So, either laying down on an oval plan, or standing up on long, hardwood boards, surfing was born. That was the dawn of what we now know as water sports. Living in a coastal town, there are an enormous variety of opportunities to go out and experience all kinds of amazing water sports. The sea is an incredible place, and Eastbourne beach offers you loads. In the summer there are kayaks available to you, and occasionally the waves will be good enough to do a little bit of body boarding. Opposite Prince’s Park you’ll be able to find Spray Water Sports Centre. This offers canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and power boating. In order to catch a really good wave the closest place to Eastbourne for beginners would be the Witterings. About an hour down the road from Eastbourne sits West Wittering – Sussex’s answer to Newquay – known for its beautiful landscape and

sandy beaches. You’ll be surrounded by young and old in their wetsuits: toddlers, teenagers and grandparents. It’s a family friendly beach which is perfect for newcomers. Water sports can be dangerous at times though. Making sure people know where you are is extremely important, no matter how old you are. Make sure your wetsuit is equipped with a working whistle so you can attract attention if in difficulty. Avoid rocky areas as you don’t know what’s underneath the surface. Go out in the water in pairs and make sure you can see the other person. Experiencing the feeling of catching a wave, or gliding across the water on a jet ski, is something that just cannot be explained. So escape the stresses of coursework deadlines, revision and exams, get out in the fresh air and enjoy the things that are offered to us right outside our door.


One of the

gre atest things about the sport of surfing is that you need only three things: y our b ody, a s urfboa rd, and a wave � - N aima G reen Taken from S urfing R ules, T ips, S trategy, and S afety (2005)



Everything getting too expensive? Short of money? Still need to look good? Tag ’13 explores the ins and outs of Ebay and how to get the best bargains


he first thing you will need before you start shopping on Ebay is to set up a Paypal account. To do this you must be over 18 or have your own debit card.


When searching for a specific item the more key words you use to describe your search, the more likely you are to find the item straight away. If you are looking for an item but don’t know what you specifically want, a basic search will give you a wide variety of options – e.g. “Brown leather boots.”



After searching for what you are looking for, Ebay lets you “refine search”; this allows you to put in a minimum and a maximum price that you are willing to pay, along with “buy it now” or “auction” options.


Always have a maximum price you would go to, otherwise you might end up spending more than you wanted to. You don’t want to buy a £5 top for £25 do you?


If you don’t want to be ripped off by the seller, check out their feedback first; this allows you to read reviews on other items they have sold and if other buyers are happy with their service.


Before making a bid, check the price of the postage as it can sometimes cost more than you are willing to pay for!


Make sure you read the description of the item and look at the images to see if it is in a respectable condition for the money you are paying.


If you are really desperate for the item but there is no “buy

Written by Polly Miles • Designed by Harry Osborne

it now” button, contact the seller and make them a reasonable offer. Most of the time the seller will be happy to do this but sometimes they will let the action run if there are already people taking part.


When bidding on an item, try to make your first offer a few minutes before the auction ends. If you have been outbid before the auction ends and you are willing to pay more, wait until the last 20 seconds to place your final offer as this gives you time for your bid to be placed, allowing a couple of seconds at the end for the auction to finish.


If you win the auction try to pay straight away, this means you don’t forget to pay and you will get your item sooner.


Once your item arrives, always leave feedback; this allows other buyers to see if the seller is reliable or not. Happy bidding!



Micky Aldridge

The Cyclone of Social Networking


illions of us use social networking to connect, meet and share. It brings every kind of social group together to interact. Social networking does have its positives and negatives, which are to be explored here. Social networking has revolutionised both our personal and working lives, as it’s almost completely free. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to make new acquaintances and trace old friends that you have lost contact with. Meet someone new at a gig? Get them to add you as a friend. Get on well with a mate’s mutual friend? Send them a message or start following them. Wonder what your old BFF from primary school is up to now? Leave a ‘hello’ on their wall. And it’s not just our personal lives that are changing: we can like or follow our favourite brands via Facebook and Twitter in return for receiving special offers; while those same businesses can test our reactions to new products for free. Meanwhile the website LinkedIn allows you to register yourself as a professional – then others can search for you and you can make connections with one another.

However, the hurricane of social networking can blow a bitter wind. The potential dangers of publishing your personal information has become synonymous with cyber-bullying and child exploitation. Then there is the problem of criminals pretending to be someone they are not. You have to make sure that you know who you are talking to and monitor what you are saying to them. Social networking is supposed to be fun; however, it can be very time consuming. Some complain that they are addicted. And if you spend too long on the computer without a break, you could encounter headaches, blurred vision and tiredness. So, social networking has forever changed our world. The question is, which way will the wind blow in the future? Will we be better informed, connected and safe? Or feel more isolated, at risk or overwhelmed?

Trends · Change

#sxsw #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope #godigital2013 Srinagar #nosmokingday #PMQs #CasparAskJoshDevine Back in Focus Jennifer Carroll Tigres

How to stay safe:

• Don’t give out your phone number or address. • Make sure you log off every time you leave your computer unattended. • Be aware of how long you’re spending online.

Written by Scout Millman • Designed by Alex Mendes







SAF (International Security Assistance Force) knew there was one main target that they had to get. This man confessed responsibility for masterminding attacks on both the Twin Towers and the London underground. He also held the FBI’s number one “most wanted” spot. He was known as Osama Bin Laden. ISAF’s plan at the start of deployment in 2001 was to circle Afghanistan and leave Osama Bin Laden stuck right in the middle. Little did they know it would take them 3416 days to find him. Operation Herrick has now reached its tenth year. In that time, 9,500 British soldiers have seen action in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, 441 British service men and women have lost their lives fighting to protect their country (statistic from BBC Radio 1). Meanwhile, according to The Guardian, nearly 13,000 Afghan civilians have been killed since 2001. One of these brave men risking his life is Lieutenant Colonel David Smith (not his real name). A Wednesday evening. 17:11 hours. I knew who I needed to speak with, I knew how to get hold of him. It was all up to me. I walked up the stairs. Closed and locked

the door. Both sets of blinds went

down. Light went off. Email sent. Response received. “As requested, my answers are below but I would be grateful if you could respect them as my personal opinions rather than anything official. With security concerns and knowing what e-mails are like, I would also be grateful if you do not forward this to anyone without asking me first. – My rank is Lieutenant Colonel. – I have been in the army for 25 years. – I was in Afghanistan for one year. That was my only tour in Afghanistan.” The ANA or Afghanistan National Army are known mainly for their outstanding bravery. They are also known for their ruthless attitude to get the job done quickly. “The main objective during our tour was to build up the capability of the Afghan security forces so that they could take the lead for all security throughout Southern Afghanistan”. Operation Herrick wasn’t about shocking or frightening the Taliban, it was more about shocking the ANA into believing how good the ISAF teaching is. While most people understand that ISAF forces cannot stay in Afghanistan forever, a

commonly held perception is that at least we were kicking the Taliban’s butts while ISAF were out there. When people ask who we are at war with, most will answer the Taliban in Afghanistan. But actually a war involves one party winning or losing at some point. The conflict in Afghanistan is what is known as a counter-insurgency operation where a rebel group is fighting to overcome the will of the elected government and people. The history of counter-insurgencies is such that sides winning and losing outright rarely happens; it normally ends through compromise on both sides to achieve consensus. Through these ten years of conflict with the Taliban, £2.5 billion has been spent on the British forces. So this money has gone towards a peace solution that is reliant on the ANA performing as we have trained them to do. With only until 2015 to get this done, it’s going to be one hell of a battle to reach that goal. Due in part to organisations like Thank The Forces, support for service men and women continues to grow. However, speaking with Lieutenant Colonel Smith leaves me with more questions than answers. Have we gone to Afghanistan to fight or to teach? Have we gone to Afghanistan to win or to negotiate with the Taliban?

At 8.46 am on September 11th 2001 the first of the Twin Towers were hit by hijacked planes. America was under attack. At 8.50 am on July 7th 2005 the first of the London Underground trains were destroyed by suicide bombers. Britain’s security was under threat. These terrorist atrocities led to the deployment of ISAF forces into Afghanistan.

Designed and written by Hallam Ager




i Deniab lity

Teenage excuses reserved for education


e all try to use excuses to explain to teachers or parents why we have got into trouble at school or college. We’ve all had those days where we’ve had more important things to do, like playing football, having friends round or watching your favourite TV programme. We know these things are more exciting than homework, so what do you say to your teacher tomorrow? Tag ‘13 decided to see what students use for a story to tell their teachers. The answers were very interesting and we got everything from, “It’s national no homework day” to “I was late because I was walking into the wind.” So why do teenagers use excuses and how does it make them feel? We tend to use them to try and hide something. This may be to cover up our laziness, lack of organisation or because it was more interesting just to socialise. But most of you told us that although you use excuses you feel bad and guilty for doing so. Have excuses changed? Well, technology seems to have had a big impact on the evolution of the excuse: “My computer has a virus and did not save properly.” This only really works if your teacher’s knowledge of computers doesn’t go past opening a Word document. Tag ‘13 spoke to some tutors 16

from Sussex Downs College to get their views on this issue. They said that students’ excuses are very often ridiculous and they can easily check whether most stories are true. Often it’s just the student covering up the fact that they couldn’t be bothered. So how ht do excuses oug e h t differ between u I as d genders? Our w t i research showed that females give k. wee more believable excuses, whereas males tend to go over the top like, I left it “my plane was at my h o use and late”, which no my dad teacher is going accident to believe. Also ly shredded it was mainly it. females who felt bad/ guilty whereas males were more proud that they might have got away with something – or at least made their mates laugh!

Designed by Mia Lainchbury • Written by Sam Sinclair




“I left it at my house and my dad accidently shredded it”. This puts the blame on your parents, which is something we all like to do from time to time.


”I thought it was due next week.” This is perfectly valid if you’ve been off ill, but won’t usually cut it with most teachers.


“I thought it was in my bag.” If accompanied by a disappointed face, this one stands a chance of being convincing.


”I’ll bring it in tomorrow.” Not recommended for use on a Friday. Teachers need the weekend for marking!


”I emailed it to you, didn’t you get it?” This puts the blame back on the teachers. It’s a common one though, don’t expect to get away with it.

show 13

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The Mod Prince is back. After releasing his successful debut solo album Colour of the Trap in 2011, the 26-year-old Northerner, indie rock purveyor and half of The Last Shadow Puppets talks to Tag ‘13 about the NME Awards, working with Paul Weller and the c**p that’s in the charts. How does it feel to be nominated for best solo act at the NME Awards this year? I’m made up really, but I don’t know if I’ll get it, ‘cause me album’s not out yet, it’s not out ‘til June, I think your money’s on for Jake Bugg for that one [Florence Welch won the award]. Well good luck! The new single… Yeah I’d love to get it you know; yeah do you like the new single? Yeah I do, I’ve noticed it’s quite a lot more gutsy and rock and roll than your previous album. Was this a conscious decision or did it come naturally? Yeah it definitely was, I wanted this record to be heavier and rockier, and more like how my old songs played live took on their own little lease of life. I wanted to capture that and the whole record is upbeat and stomping, you know? I wanted to make some of the lyrics about feelings and emotions, there’s 11 tracks on there, that just get you going really and there’s no moping about, and just, it’s ours for the taking if you want it, you know. How was working with Mod legend Paul Weller on the new album? There’s a couple of songs on there that me and him have written together and one of them is called



You’re Gonna Get It. If you imagine me and him writing rock ‘n’ roll songs, I think it does exactly what it says on the tin, y’know, and it’s a cracker! And yeah it’s been a complete honour to work with him; he’s such a lovely fella, and a mate now y’know what I mean? I couldn’t speak highly enough of him and his encouragement and his enthusiasm has been mind blowing, but it just gives you a bit of confidence.

Er yeah, I think that day will come, it’s just that I’m gonna be doing this for probably a good year, y’know and I think he’s making another record in LA and that, so you know, maybe at the end of both our cycles of our new records we’ll see, but it’ll happen one day, it’s just I don’t know when. I think we’re cool now, and we’ll both know when something’s right to do it again.

So is it safe to say that things are going pretty well for you at the moment? Well, erm, touch wood! I mean I’m just at the start of this sort of... this campaign really, and I don’t think I’ve really started on this new album, I haven’t sorted out promos and things, and I’ve got to get me bloody artwork sorted, do you know what I mean? So a lot has gotta be done, but I think it’s a good way to start the year with that single. I think being on this [NME Awards] tour as well, it’s just something in the air, that just feels like, like there’s always new bands and us, we’re on it together, and everyone wants a slice of the cake so it’s good to raise your game and sort of be the best, you know?

Is there anyone else you’d like to collaborate with? Jack White, definitely. He’s a big hero of mine, and I love his guitar playing.

That’s good! Okay so after the amazing success of The Last Shadow Puppets with Alex [Turner], would you like to reunite with him to make another record or are you just going to concentrate on your solo stuff?

You’ve been branded as a ‘Modern Mod’ along with other popular artists such as Jake Bugg - do you take this as a positive reference? I’m a modern mod? A modern mod! (Laughs) Yeah, well that is what I am, you know, if you’re flying the flag then I’ll take the flag, y’know what I mean! How do you feel about talent show winners and manufactured artists and bands? Do you care about it that much? Well, I don’t follow it, but it’s just the way the world is, you know what I mean? I think that the novelty may have worn off slightly than it was a few years ago, it has slightly died

SUSSEX DOWNS COLLEGE CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION a death a little bit, but at the same time it’s in the forefront, it’s on everyone’s telly on a Saturday evening, do you know what I mean, and I think it’s still there, and it is what it is. I think you can moan about it and that, but if you don’t like it you don’t like it. But it is there and it’s the same world at the end of the day. You’ve just gotta leave it over there, and get the blinkers on and just do what you’ve gotta do. I suppose it becomes a bit of a competition at Christmas; everyone is battling out for a Christmas Number 1 – X Factor winners and ‘real’ bands never usually notice each other! Yeah especially with, like, the singles chart, you know, it’s for sort of rock ‘n’ roll artists. I think you can do well with your album, but with singles, with all that c**p, it is hard to get in the charts, do you know what I mean? It’s just sort of clogged up with this insanity, weird, hypnotic, brain dead stuff, but I guess the only people that can change it are the people! Do you like the charts? Not necessarily the music in it, but do you like the idea of getting to number one? Oh yeah definitely, I really want my album to do really well and I dream about having a number one, I’m not gonna lie to you! I believe it’s achievable, you’ve just gotta work towards that or work to the best that you can do. I think that you can do it if you want it, you know?

So what’s in store for the rest of 2013 for you? I just don’t want to stop gigging and I just want to be out there you know, and keep going to festivals and touring, and getting me album out towards the summer, and just see where it takes us, you know? Do you prefer being out on tour to recording in a studio? It comes in waves; once you’ve got a new batch of tunes, like now, I’m itching and I just want to... I wanna be out there, and be doing my thing. Then, if you do that for a year and a half, you’ll wanna write some new tunes, and do a new record, do you know what I mean? It’s just like a circle really. But at the moment I just want to be on the road really. And on the road he will be. Playing festivals such as Boardmasters, Hard Rock Calling, T in the Park and Benicassim; and of course the release of his second album in June, Miles is set to take the summer by storm.

WHAT’S ON REPEAT? “I’ve been listening to Tame Impala’s side project called Pond - I think it’s two lads out of that band, but they’ve got some really great tunes. I think they’ve got two albums out. It’s quite similar to Tame Impala but heavier, so I’ve been loving that lately, it’s cool.”

“It’s hard to get in the charts – it’s just sort of clogged up with this insanity, weird, hypnotic, brain dead stuff” 19


Tag ‘13’s guide to being a true weekend warrior!


ummer is almost here, exams are almost done, you’ve been saving up since spring, you’ve been following your favourite bands to find out where they will be playing, you can smell the grass, have borrowed a tent and now you are ready to hit the road. Here are Tag ‘13’s top tips for a safe and happy festival season. PHOTO LISA BAGHERPOUR

1. Make friends

Getting to know the people who have pitched their tents near yours can add to your festival experience by giving you a group to hang out with. It can also make your camping area a bit more secure by keeping an eye on each other’s belongings.

2. Sleep!

There will be a point at which you will be grumpy, tired and fed up with music going on all night! So purchase some earplugs and a sleeping mask for when the sunlight kicks in!

3. Dry shampoo

Beery, greasy, smelly hair? I’d rather not! Take dry shampoo with you and just give a couple of squirts each day to keep a fully fresh smelling barnet.

4. Food

Nosh can be expensive there so we suggest taking a small gas stove, a

kettle and lots of Pot Noodles and soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5. Don’t over-pack

It can be hard to make sure you take enough clothes to wear throughout the weekend along with spare clothes if you get wet, but over packing means more to carry, more to have in your tent, more to lose, and more to wash at the end of it all.

6. Don’t bother to lock your tent

Don’t be tempted to put a padlock on your tent. Think about how pathetic that looks. It makes it more appealing for people to just cut your tent open because you obviously have valuables in there and also if you lose your keys you’re stuffed anyway! Have a fantastic festival!


Designed By: Shane Fox • Written By: Polly Miles



This summer, East Sussex is playing host to one of the biggest music events this year. Iconic folk act Mumford and Sons have rustled up a few of their favourite bands for a two day “stopover gig” in five different towns around the world including the historic destination of Lewes. The line up includes The Vaccines, Vampire Weekend and Mumford themselves on 19th-20th July 2013. It is also the only UK date for this unique experience as the show is moving swiftly to four more towns in Canada and the USA. Other artists playing this two-day event will be: Mystery Jets, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit and the Very Best Sound System.

Mumford and Sons released a statement explaining why all of these amazing artists are coming to Lewes:

“It’s a real privilege that being in Mumford and Sons has allowed us to be able to shine a light on these towns, places that sometimes don’t get the love they deserve and to be the facilitators of great musical comingtogethers. We actually get to put on our own shows.”

The statement continues, “The Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers are all about live music. We get to put them on in towns not normally frequented by touring bands in buses or splitter vans. We deliberately look for towns that have something unique, or some vibe of which they are proud, explore them and enjoy what they have to offer, and then we try to bring a party without leaving too much of a trail of destruction in our wake. It’s very rare that such talented and successful artists put on such a show in the local area, so the weekend of the 19th–20th July will be one not to forget”.

Convent Fields, Lewes FRIDAY, 19TH JULY 2013 DOORS AT 5PM UK SATURDAY, 20TH JULY 2013 DOORS AT 1PM

Vampire Weekend Mumford and Sons

The Vaccines- The rockier act of the weekend, recognisable tracks aplenty Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit – Folk/rock band with beautiful vocals Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – American indie/folk band; expect the biggest sing along to their hit “Home”. ISSUE 18


APRIL 2013

BAND FACTS Mumford and Sons - Need no introduction; folk legends Vampire Weekend Upbeat, summery vibes all the way. Guaranteed dancing Mystery Jets – Expect funky guitar riffs and sing along lyrics

LOCAL SUSSEX SUMMER FESTIVALS Meadowlands – UK 24th, 25th and 26th May 2013

AK/DK Almighty Planets British Sea Power WRITTEN BY KEMI RODGERS

Nova – UK Thursday 5th – Sunday 8th july

AFRI-KOKOA Jessie Ware James Morgan




Need your buttons pushing? It’s a sure fire fact that 2012 was a good year for gaming with the releases of Black Ops2, Hitman: Absolution, Dishonoured, Assassins Creed 3 and Resident Evil 6 among others. So far this year, we’ve already witnessed the releases of Dead Space 3, Gears of War: Judgment and Tomb Raider. What have we got to look forward to in the second half of 2013?

The Last of Us

This is an entirely new game from the creators of the Uncharted series. Unfortunately it will only be available on the PS3 so any Xbox or PC fans won’t have access to it. LoU is meant to be a horror style adventure game with you playing as a survivor in a world full of zombie-like fungus creatures. Your main companion appears to be a young female and let’s hope this doesn’t follow in the style of old survival horror games like Resident Evil 4, where having to look after a dumb A.I. character (Ashley) felt more like a massive chore rather than an enjoyable gaming experience. Another challenge for this game will be differentiating it from others of the same genre, like Resident Evil, Left for Dead and The Walking Dead. But the graphics alone look enough to make this a worthwhile purchase. The Last Of Us is scheduled for release May 7th.



Injustice: Gods Among us A game that will be widely anticipated by many comic and superhero fans is Injustice: Gods Among Us, a new ‘beat em up’ featuring DC characters like Batman, The Green Lantern and Superman, along with a host of villains such as Bane and Lex Luthor. To be frank it looks just the same as its rivals - with the exception of better graphics. So whether you’ll want to spend £40 on this when it comes out on April 16th is up to you.


Grand Theft Auto V

Now for what is probably the most highly anticipated game of 2013 – it is of course Grand Theft Auto 5. A franchise that has been running for around 16 years now. This new instalment will be set back in Los Santos and the surrounding area (which fans of San Andreas will remember well); but this time the map will be a lot bigger. It is rumoured that it will be the size of GTA4, Red Dead Redemption and San Andreas combined, which is absolutely massive. The game looks like it will be based around doing heists and robberies with you being able to switch between the three main characters at will. It’s clear that this game will be absolutely spectacular as Rockstar know the hardware they are working with now and its been five years since GTA IV. You just have to look at the two trailers and screenshots to know that this is going to be stunning. GTA 5 will be shooting its way onto the shelves on September 17th.


Next – and scheduled for release this autumn – is Watchdogs (not to be confused with the TV show). Watchdogs is a new game from Ubisoft. It is a stealth action game, based around the life of Aiden Peirce, a hacker who can seem to manipulate anything electronic. From the gameplay demo we see him change traffic lights to cause a car crash and be able to do things like hack peoples’ phones to get information about them. It is set in an open world Chicago where everything seems to be monitored by a supercomputer, and from what we’ve seen looks slightly like the TV show Person of Interest, so any fans of that will be sure to love this game.

One game that has been confirmed and will be released in the last quater of this year year is Call of Duty. Whether this is Modern Warfare 4 remains to be seen. Since 2005 a Modern Warfare game has been released every other year with Black Ops featuring in between in 2010 and 2012. Modern Warfare 3 was released in November 2011 so it is likely a release will be coming this November. The most recent rumours say that the game will be named Call Of Duty: Ghosts but an actual name is likely to be announced in the coming weeks.




f you’re a fan of manga, anime, games and comics then London MCM Comic Con is the place for you. Occurring in May and October, it is insane for all the latest anime and manga crazes from magazine volumes and issues to plushies and weapon replicas. MCM is the best place to pick all of this stuff up. On top of this you can even get in on some of the latest upcoming games and play on some of them before release! So obviously the main attraction of this event is the Expo itself which consists of various stalls selling various comic, game and anime based products; these can vary from action figures, plushies (cuddly toys) to actual replicas of weapons that come from the series. Mainstream anime companies such as Manga also set up stalls so everyone can get their favourite anime products from Expo and at great prices as well. Another stall that everyone will more than likely have a look at while they are there as well is Tokyo Toys. Tag ‘13 thinks this place is amazing and is perfect for buying gifts and souvenirs as they have all the fun Japanese things that you cannot buy in the UK such as Japanese sweets, fun anime hats, plushies etc. Cosplay is one of the main things that people go to Expo for; there is so much to do when it comes to cosplaying such as contest meet ups. It’s truly an amazing sight when it comes to other people cosplaying because some take it very seriously and generally spend months making their costumes and entering them into competitions. An example of this would be seeing people cosplaying as trolls from from games


such as World of Warcraft or monsters from The Legend of Zelda . The meet ups are always great fun as well and are worthwhile if you want to get some good memories as there is always a photo shoot with other cosplayers from the same anime/ game series that you are cosplaying from. So as well as cosplaying and Expo itself, there is so much more that goes on outside, on the grounds of London Excel - one of these being a cosplay rave. This usually only occurs during the May installation of MCM due to the weather but it still makes up for it by being absolutely epic!

Expo. She was most impressed with the DC cosplayers - she intends to cosplay the next time she goes. So in conclusion if you are thinking of attending Expo in the future we would recommend going in cosplay as you will be able to do so much more and have much more fun. If you have money try and get as much cool stuff as possible and finally have an EPIC time.

Cosplayers Picture this: the whole of the front entrance and stage area is crowded with hundreds of cosplayers raving and generally having the best time of their lives. There is also other fun shenanigans within the Excel grounds including the giant conga which is always a laugh as it goes insanely fast to more rave music. Needless to say if it’s a good day your best bet for an amazing time is to head outside at least once. Tag ‘13 has spoken to some Comic Con fans. The first person was Holly; she said that this was her first time at Expo but not her last. She was amazed by how many cosplayers that were there - one which caught her eye the most was a person cosplaying the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, “not Johnny Depp but good enough “. We also spoke to Faith, who said she loved how there was all her favourite stuff in the




un, fluorescent and flirty, this event will certainly brighten up your summertime! Every August, people from all over the country come to Brighton to experience one of the largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender events in Britain. The day starts with a seafront parade where the LGBT community celebrate their sexuality in a fun, free and courageous way. Among all the bright colours and extravagant costumes, spectators of all ages come out to witness this event.

well-known female artists, comedians and singer songwriters. Under the canvas, you could also find very popular house music DJ’s offering a diverse club atmosphere; plus a wild fruit dance tent.


his year Brighton Pride turns 21, and is promising to be as glitzy, glamorous and outrageous as ever as it comes of age. The line up will be announced nearer the time and if you want more information go to


he parade starts at the seafront and makes its way through the city, finishing at Preston Park - where the fun carries on. After paying a small fee to enter, once inside you have the choice to chill out or go and enjoy the excitement in the various tents. In 2012 Brighton Gay Pride had surprise guests: Fat Boy Slim and Freemasons got the crowd buzzing and the atmosphere was electric. Who knows who the secret guests will be this year?


o far the event has managed to raise £71,000 for the Rainbow Fund at Sussex Community Foundation. This is a charity for the benefit of those who are LGBT in Brighton and Hove, as well as helping maintain the city’s AIDS memorial. The money that is raised comes from the park entry fee, drink prices and fair rides. In the park last year were the women’s performance tent, which involved many

Photographs: Heather Buckley


njoy a vibrant atmosphere with constant noise, over the top costumes and small dogs; make sure you keep the weekend available for Pride!






PURE LOVE Anthems In Summary Consistency is one of the greatest qualities an album can have. Repetitiveness, despite its close relation to consistency, is one of the worst. Anthems strikes a near perfect balance of consistent quality and eclectic variety. From screaming, wailing blues tracks like ‘Anthem’, where Frank 26

reflects upon the many terrible jobs he went through to get to where he is today, to all out rock anthems like ‘Bury My Bones’. This is the one track on the album which truly reflects Frank’s exit from Gallows and the birth of Pure Love as he proclaims, “I’m so sick of singing about hate, it’s time that I made a change.” Other highlights include opener ‘She’ and the anthemic (pun intended) ‘March of the Pilgrims’.


As debut albums go, Anthems is a masterstroke. In the words of a famous DIY product: It does what it says on the tin.

“I wanna just go out and have a good time. That’s it. No big opinions. The only big opinion is that everyone should have more fun and more happiness.”


“We’ve put a lot of effort into this, both of us, and, you know, we started this band for ourselves and everything we’ve done so far has been for ourselves but obviously you never start a band for it to fail.” Frank Carter is a changed man. Just 18 months ago he had a reputation as one of the angriest, most intense frontmen in the world. As a part of hardcore punk band Gallows, he unleashed his wrath on audiences night after night, pouring his blood, sweat and tears into his performances. Spending whole sets in the middle of mosh pits was the norm and leaving venues covered in both his own blood and the blood of others was just a part of the job. He was totally committed to his work, and it took its toll. In the July of 2011 he announced his departure from Gallows, citing creative differences as the wedge that forced them apart. Shortly after this, Frank announced his new project, Pure Love which saw him teaming up with former Hope Conspiracy guitarist, Jim Carroll. For the best part of a year, all that was known of the band was their twitter bio: “Love songs for the sick.” The silence from the band continued until, on Valentine’s Day 2012, something happened. Without releasing a single track, the band sold out London’s Bush Hall and showed their hand, revealing to the world an emotionally charged brand of rock, a million miles away from the hate spitting hardcore of the past. Then the band went dark again until, in February 2013, the band unleashed their debut album, ‘Anthems’, upon the world. This record took all of the emotion and energy of their live performance and polished it to the point where it was a sparkling three quarters of an hour

of huge drums, huger guitars and heart wrenching vocals, courtesy of one Mr. Frank Carter. But where has this new, mellower man come from? Surely this is not the same man who co-founded Gallows? Tag ’13 caught up with him to find out...

INTERVIEW It was an early morning phone call that his agent had arranged for us and by the sounds of it, we’d woken Frank up. The first question:How are you? His answer: “I’m a little bit sleepy.” But despite the early start, he was still happy to answer our questions. (There were a lot of them) One of the key things we wanted to know was whether Pure Love’s new, stadium sized sound was one which came naturally, or had many nights been spent slaving over every chord and lyric? “It happened very organically. It wasn’t ever a conscious decision. When we started out we were gonna start another hardcore band and then Jim mentioned that it would take him a little while to write hardcore music because he hadn’t written any hardcore music for a while. We both decided like “Okay, let’s see what happens.” So that was it, we started writing that night and it just fell into the path of Pure Love.” Despite their more family friendly sound, though, Pure Love have lost none of the energy and emo-

tion which both Frank and Jim are famous for putting into their live performances. “It’s the way we’ve always performed, you know? Jimmy and I both like to sort of feel what we’re doing and you know, when I go to a show I wanna be entertained. Anyone can just play the songs really well. We sacrifice perfection in order to have a memorable, fun evening with everybody in the room and I think it’s worth it. At the end of the day, if anybody wanted to hear a perfect rendition they could just listen to the album at home.” So it would seem that Pure Love is all about having fun, radically different from the social-political themes of Gallows. Is this something that Frank has totally left behind or will Pure Love become another outlet for his anger at the world? “I wanna distance myself from that as much as I can, like, from anything I’ve done before, you know? I don’t wanna f*****g be a spokesman for anybody, I wanna be an advocate this time and just go out and have a good time. That’s it. No big opinions. The only big opinion is that everyone should have more fun and more happiness. It was always supposed to be just a fun rock’n’roll band that people could listen to and get something from, you know?” But where is it all going to go? Are Pure Love going to be another band destined to play the nation’s clubs or are they aiming for bigger things? Frank seems to think the latter. “Wembley Stadium. You know, aim high. Like, f**k it. We’ll just have good fun. Big stages, little stages, it doesn’t f*****g matter. I just wanna go out and play to as many people as possible and hopefully have as much fun with them as I’m having with myself.” There are plenty of worse bands who could be playing Wembley in the future. And who knows, maybe Pure Love could find themselves to be the next Biffy Clyro or Gaslight Anthem. (They’ve been compared to them enough times.) 27


The British Red Cross is a member of the largest Humanitarian Movement in the world. We also have a responsibility to raise awareness of ‘Humanitarian’ work that is taking place across the world and around the corner.

Peer Education Project

First Aid and Humanitarian Awareness The Red Cross is looking for young people aged 15 + who are keen to make a difference by raising the profile of global issues and first aid. The Peer Education Project trains young people to be educators by providing them with the skills and knowledge to deliver talks and workshops to other young people.

Interested in finding your local group? Please contact: Matthew Moors / 01273 227821 or email Matthew on for more info.

We will give you: • Training – facilitation skills • Presentation skills • Information on humanitarian events and issues • First aid qualifications • Support and resources Its also a fun way of meeting new young people and could enhance your C.V!

FOR ONCE, I COULD BE MYSELF Talk to us any time you like, in your own way, and off the record – about whatever’s getting to you.

08457 90 90 90* (UK) * 01323 735555




Visit us - The Haven,

ne, 13 Bolton Road, Eastbour East Sussex, BN21 3JT Tel: +44 (0) 1903 708300 Samaritans is a registered charity. *Please see our website for latest call charges.


Eastbourne A5 posters.indd 5

06/12/2012 13:07:30


GAP YEAR? The time of your life

Casey teaching in Honduras


ver wanted to see what life is like abroad? Why not take a gap year? This is a great way to visit all those places you see on the TV: Australia, America, Africa, Asia. All these fantastic places are only a plane trip away. Yeah, sure you can go on holiday, but why not experience places off the beaten track? When on a gap year you will have one of the best times of your life! Experiencing the culture of the less developed nations is something well worth doing. You can help with sports coaching, working with children and conservation projects - while exploring the amazing country you are staying in. There are many things you can do when you are there to enhance your CV or just for the experience. For example, coaching football in Rio de Janeiro, teaching English in Zanzibar or conservation projects in Nepal. There are endless opportunities for volunteer work around the world. There are things to bear in mind however. Most importantly it is a volunteer placement which means you

Image courtesy of Project Trust

will not be paid for the work you do. Also you need to think of insurance costs, flights and accommodation if it is not provided. You will be travelling all over the world so look at the countries you plan to visit to see if there is anything that may stop you from going. Check your passport expiration date, as some countries like

It all sounds incredible but you also need to think about the cost of it. It is no good going off on a gap year with only a few hundred pounds. It all comes down to where you are going, how long you are going there for and what you will do there. The best thing to do is try and get a part time job when you are abroad for a long time. This will allow you the time to do the things you want but will also give you some cash to spend on things while you’re there. A gap year will be one of the highlights of your life. So if you are going to do it research the place and things you will be doing to enable you to have a fantastic, safe time.

Alice helps out at a Kenyan school

the USA will only let you in if you have six months or more left on your passport. Also make sure you have the right visas for your trip. It sounds silly but also check the currency of the country you are visiting. Some places like Serbia will only exchange currency inside the country. WRITTEN BY SAM MUNTON • DESIGNED BY SAM SINCLAIR




ba r gain






t’s the end of the month and you finally have enough money in the bank to buy those brand new shoes - but do you blow a whole month’s wages on them? Tag ‘13’s Amelia Teixeira weighs up the pro’s and con’s of designer fashion versus high street. How you look and being cool is a big deal in your life, right? But let’s face it, you want to look good and wear the newest things while on the smallest budget possible. It’s hard to keep up with the latest styles and trends because they constantly change and it’s not like you’re made of money! Not only is this an issue, it also seems that the price of clothing is rising. How does the fashion industry expect you to keep up with the latest trends and buy their clothes when high street fashion is rapidly becoming too expensive? Designer clothes are arguably no better! Is it really worth splashing out massive amounts of money on one piece of clothing when you can get an outfit on the high street for the same amount? Or, do you shop for quality as you’ll get your money’s worth instead of binning the clothes after a few weeks when they fall apart? Another plus side of designer clothing is the fact that you’ll be able to show off the flashy label in front of all of your friends and possibly wear the same clothes as your favourite celebs.

What We Found

Tag ‘13 did a bit of digging, surveying 16-19 year olds in Eastbourne. We found that 75% of you think that the high street pricing for clothes are way too expensive, while 25% of you think that the pricing is quite reasonable. According to the lads, you spend on average £45 per month on clothes, and the girls were not far behind at £43. Tag ‘13 then asked if you think the quality of clothing for designer brands is better or worse than what you can buy on the high street. Unsurprisingly, 80% of you think that designer clothes are better quality and only 20% think it is worse. You could argue that it’s always best to have a few items of designer clothing in your wardrobe when you have the money for them, but there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the high street and grabbing a bargain to save the pounds.


Written By Amelia TeIxiera • Designed By Shane Fox



DIFFERENT perspective


student’s life is a tough one, juggling work with play, and trying to have a life on a tight budget. It can be difficult to find time or money to buy new clothes or accessories. We all want to stay up to date with the latest fashions, but staying within a budget is the main concern. With the current economic crisis, it’s becoming tougher for students to buy the clothes they want for the price they can afford. Shops such as Topshop and Asos offer students 20% discount, which can make a massive difference to your shopping basket when purchasing the latest clothes. However, with prices still on the rise, the cost of the “latest look” can still reach up to £100+ if you want to complete the whole outfit. High street shops do offer cheaper solutions than popular expensive brands, but students can still find themselves forking out a reasonable amount of money for the clothes they want.


Charity shops and second hand stores are a good source for cheaper outfits, as it’s a well-known fact that fashion travels in cycles. Vintage and retro stores are experiencing a boom during this recession. Buying a typical blazer or suit from a charity shop can cost you as little as £15! As well as the ultra-low prices for clothes, those who shop in these thrift stores also find they have a certain nostalgic and historic essence to them. Each item tells a story - whether it’s a t-shirt that was worn to a cup final years ago, or a suit that was worn to a wedding in the ’40s. So the question is, why shop in the high street where many of the stores are taking inspiration from previous eras, when you can easily purchase a stylish outfit for as little as £20 in a second hand shop? And help a charity at the same time. One thing’s for sure - you can’t buy style! 31


School’s Out

What you need to know and much more...


hat do you want to do this summer? There are many different things available to you besides going on holiday with your family, such as going to festivals for the weekend – and there are plenty of festivals available for you to go to, all around the UK.


One of the most popular festivals is Glastonbury. This festival is known as “the Woodstock of today!” Even if you buy a single day ticket you will still have the time of your life!

If you fancy having a weekend full of partying then Reading or Leeds Festival is definitely the place be. It’s like one big party with all your favorite bands and artists such as Foo Fighters, SBTRKT, Metronomy, Florence and the Machine, Paramore, Kasabian, The Black Keys and many more! The best festival for Nostalgic Value is the Isle of Wight festival. This starts around the beginning of June. It was founded in 1968 and has featured the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. If you go for the more indie scene then Latitude is for you! This festival is

held in Suffolk, with delightful forests and fields to surround it. Not only this, but musicians such as Bon Iver, Laura Marling, Ben Howard and Django Django frequent the event. Tag ‘13 spoke to student festivalgoer Harry Osborne. He gave his views on festivals and how they’re for young people. How many festivals have you visited? 5 Which ones? Reading, Broadmasters, Wireless, Isle of Wight and Bestival Do you have a favorite festival? Reading is my favorite because of the genre of music that’s played, the size of the festival makes it even better and the buzz is amazing. Do you think festivals are popular with 14–17 year olds? Yes, because you get to go and see loads of bands, and you can’t really beat the atmosphere.





Which festival would you recommend for this age range? Isle of Wight festival for its family-orientated theme instead of Reading where I think you need to be a bit older.

SUSSEX DOWNS COLLEGE CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION For someone who hasn’t had much experience with festivals would you recommend going to a day festival – for example ‘Wireless’? Yes, because it gives you a feel of what a festival is like, without some of the drama and problems that you may face at a full festival. Would you prefer a holiday away or to go to a festival for a weekend? Personally I would go to a festival because I love the atmosphere and music as a whole.

Get away

If you don’t fancy going to a festival this year then maybe going away with family or some friends is the best idea for you. There are many popular holiday destinations for families that you could choose from such as Florida. This is great if you want a fun holiday.

Don’t fancy a family holiday this year? Why not try a festival with your friends?

If you want a relaxed beach holiday though, then Spain or Greece are popular for the hot weather and beaches. Spanish Mainland. Only a two hour flight from the UK. Cheap food and drink and plenty of entertainment for the whole family Canary Islands (Lanzarote & Tenerife). These places have many attractions to keep everyone amused, such as water parks and beaches for you all to enjoy. Balearic Islands. (Majorca & Menorca) Both islands offer delicious food, giving you a taste of the local cuisine, beautiful beaches and perfect weather.



BTEC E x ten d e d D i p l om a i n

Creative Media Production “This course has determined what I want to do with my future and has taught me so much, opening many opportunities to work within the media.” James McDowell, second year student

The Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production is a full-time course at Sussex Downs College. It provides a package equivalent to four full A levels and progression to higher education or employment. What you will achieve: •

Shoot movies, documentaries, music videos and television shows, some of which will be screened at the Curzon cinema in Eastbourne

Broadcast live on Eastbourne Youth Radio

Create this magazine, by designing, writing or marketing for Tag, to a readership of 10,000 young people

Achieve AS Photography and AS Film Studies as part of the course

Learn to use industry-standard software and hardware that will help you into your chosen career

For more information visit or call 01323 637637



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Grammar: real simple stuff


ince the times of Plato, Aristotle and Archimedes, it has long been thought that there are two main types of people: those with a solid understanding of basic grammar, and those who have little or no grasp of the concept. However, it has recently been discovered that a third sort of personality walks our Earth. A person capable of unparalleled rage when confronted with those lacking in grammatical ability. These people are ‘Grammar Fascists’, and they are taking over the internet. Upon the savannah of the modern internet, the Grammar Fascist (or Keyboardus Warriorus to give it its scientific name) can be spied. An ambush predastor, it stalks its

prey from the shadows, observing its movements before picking an opportunity to strike. Then, once a comma is forgotten, a word is misspelt or an ‘innit’ is used, the Grammar Fascist strikes. Using its favourite method of attack (the *correction) it seeks to belittle the inhabitants of the internet plains, creating feelings of inadequacy and despair. The introduction of a new predator requires the prey to adapt their behaviour to minimise the risk of attack and to give themselves the greatest chances of survival. For this reason, Tag ‘13 is providing you with its guide for surviving on the savannah of the internet and eluding the clutches of the fierce Keyboardus Warriorus.

(’scuse the colloquialism) 1. Double negatives. “We didn’t see nothing.” Well then, you clearly saw something. Only use one negative. For example: “We didn’t see anything.” Or “We saw nothing.” 2. Commas. These are really important. They can mean the difference between, “Let’s eat, Grandad!” and “Let’s eat Grandad!” 3. Big words do not make you clever. Having a large vocabulary should mean that you use the appropriate word to convey the correct meaning, not use large words to try and confuse others. 4. There, their and they’re. One of the most common and infuriating grammatical errors. Remember: They’re over there with their friends. 5. Spell check! If you struggle with spelling then you can get a plug-in for your internet browser to automatically spell check. Make sure you get the right correction though. Defiantly and definitely are definitely commonly confused words (we said defiantly). 6. Apostrophes. If we had more pages… WRITTEN BY TOM GOODWIN • DESIGNED BY MIA LAINCHBURY



A three piece band from Hailsham who make noise in a bungalow, play on a damaged drum kit, use two bass amps for a single bass and attend any gig they can get their hands on. Despite all this they never fail to get a crowd going.


eet Me in the Messiest Bedroom” could easily have been inspired from the location of this interview. From the comforts of the front man’s bedroom, Tag’13 chatted to The Bayonets about life in a band. This three piece act consists of George Holmes (lead vocals and guitar), Harry Martin (vocals and bass) and Josh Moore (drums). The Bayonets first formed through George and Josh’s love for music and each other. “We were very much in love you must understand, we used to play songs, a song, two songs maybe, in Josh’s front room, about a 100 times over, with a guy called Aaron Spiers, but then we got a boy called Will Pennell to come play guitar for us and he was really good and realised we weren’t, so he joined a better band, The Elevaters (sic). We then had someone else on bass, who went off [to school] at Bede’s, but also never practiced and wasn’t very committed.” After getting sidetracked a few times, this happened thoughout the interview, we finally got back onto the question. “I think us three formed on the 7th or 17th of June or July 2012 [...]. We’ve been together the best 36


part of six or seven months now anyway.” Harry answered. “You wouldn’t expect us to be this good after that amount of time.” George said, with the pizazz of a front man. Tag ‘13 asked the guys how they all knew each other. “We’ve tried to work this out before, how we became friends, but for some reason I can’t remember” (meaning

“We’re George Holmes and The Bayonets really” he probably can – but didn’t want to divulge this). George joked, “I can’t remember why Josh and I are friends, or Harry and I for that matter. Josh and I used to have nicknames for each other, but he never remembers this when I’ve brought it up before. I’m not going to say what they were, but it was from English lessons, [I] think it was something like Moon.” George forgot he wasn’t going to mention this. Harry added, “I got an abusive message from George after dating one of his friends, telling me to fight him, which turned out it was actually Josh who had sent the text as a joke, but this somehow got us all talking. It’s basically all through

messages between Josh, George and myself.” As many groups know, coming up with a band name is one of the hardest things to do, so where did The Bayonets come from? “I don’t really remember coming up with The Bayonets, that was just a bad point in life I can’t remember. We were formally know as The Cavalry. That was created just walking back to Josh’s house and I was like, what about The Cavalry, Josh said “I’m not sure, what about Calvary without the The?” Josh added into the conversation, “I don’t know why we changed the name, I think it was just a mutual agreement that none of us really liked it much.” George continued, “Then somehow I came up with The Bayonets, it was always going to be my choice.” he said confidently. “We’re George Holmes and The Bayonets really!” Harry taunted George. Every band draws upon influences for their lyrics and sounds – The Bayonets have a mixture of genres all rolled into one. So Tag ’13 asked the guys who inspires them most? “Dave Grohl!” Josh said enthusiastically, “Although this doesn’t

SUSSEX DOWNS COLLEGE CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION really reflect in our music.” “We all listen to really different and varied music” Harry added. Josh continued, “I think that’s why we don’t really have a particular genre because we all listen to such a variety of things.” While Josh finally had the chance to speak, George ended up creating a distraction, causing the attention to be on him. “I love how when George isn’t talking he then tries to distract the attention onto him.” Josh said. “I like We Are the Ocean. I keep telling people I like them and I don’t even know who they are, I’ve never even heard one of their songs in my life. The name just struck me as being the weirdest thing ever.” George added. Harry then went on to say how the band all listen to different things and how this is all brought together in their music. With a lack of attention being shown towards George he comes out with, “ You’ve been talking for ages now, I want a go!” “What about me!” Josh said disappointedly, “You’re the drummer, no one cares about you! I think when we jam we make our best stuff.” Harry interrupts, “I’ve written a song called F**k Making Love, Let’s Make History. I will admit it I did kind of steal it from an interview I saw, but it was more I don’t want to be in a relationship, I would rather do something, which I then translated into [the afore mentioned song title]. “Which we are currently working on and it’s going to be a big song!” George chipped in. Tag ’13 asked The Bayonets what inspires their lyrics as they seem to be very youthful and relevant to people our age. “Things we can’t mention for this interview!” Josh cheekily replied. George cut in, “No, alcohol and other band things aren’t even in the songs! Recovery was about giving up all that bad stuff. Meet Me in the Messiest Bedroom was loosely based on a house party. With Marching Song I tend to make new words every time we play it and Band Wagon is about anyone who ever went to Lewes college, ever.”

If you could cover any song what would it be? “Arctic Monkeys!” Harry retorted immediately. “It’s got to be a Foo Fighters song.” Josh called, “Although it’s debatable, because I don’t want to ruin one of their songs, as that would be very easy to do when it comes to The Bayonets.” “It’s not ruining it, it’s called putting a spin on it” Harry insisted. George responded with “Up the Bracket by The Libertines! A small band needs to do covers when performing to keep the audience interested, no matter how brilliant your songs might be.” With the guys at college and work, keeping a band going must be challenging. Tag ‘13 asked how they fit it all in? “We manage to keep things together pretty well actually, we

always find time to practice and manage to work with the time we have.” Would you say you’re very organised as a band? Josh and Harry jumped straight in with “No!” but George disagreed “I think we are! We’ve never missed a practice or a gig and we are never late for any of the gigs we’ve played yet!” “Yes but we just can’t be organised, individually we are completely useless, it takes a lot for us to get to a point to be able to say we are organised!”

Finally we asked the reckless Bayonets what advice they would give to anyone wanting to start up a band? “Don’t get a front man like George Holmes!” Harry and Josh said in sync. To which George replied, “Don’t do it because you’ll never be as good as us!” After some debate they finally agreed upon, “Don’t give up! Even if you think you’re rubbish carry on. We did and we’re still rubbish, but we enjoy it. But you’ll still never be as good as us!” If you want to find out more about the guys check them out on Facebook. They will also be playing some upcoming gigs and festivals local to Eastbourne from now through until summer.

“ It’s not ruining it, it’s called putting a spin on it” 37






nstagram, the popular photo sharing app is celebrating its 3rd birthday this year. It launched its first ever photo back in October 2010 when the app was originally called Codename. Since it became Instagram, its popularity has spread like wildfire with over 100 million users sharing more than 1 billion images. Arguably, Instagram is proving to be a very addictive app, providing plenty of ways for users to




express their creativity via picture taking. If you’re easily inspired by photography and the world around you, you could become one of the app’s biggest ‘instafans’, whether it be posting pictures or simply checking your homepage to see what others are posting. Instagram enables you to add funky filters to your pictures – there are 17 to chose from. For example, one of them adds a 1970s look, which creates a distressed impression on your images. Instagram isn’t just a craze among us ordinary folk; the showbiz world is also addicted, with some of the top A-list celebs using the app including Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and Justin Timberlake; to name just a few! Images can all be shared on on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, to spread the #instamood. Another main feature of Instagram is hash tags. You use these to list the content of your picture and related themes. This has quickly become a trend which users apply to their pictures whenever they upload a new one. The application is supported by most Apple hand-held devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. However, as the number of users grew there was a demand for the app to be available on other devices such as Android via Google Play. This demand was acknowledged and they launched the app on all major devices in April 2012. The most popular pictures that Instagrammers add to their page, according to the Buzz Feed, are sunsets, fireworks and reflections. However the Buzz Feed poked

fun at these specific cliché pictures. Perhaps they have a point; maybe we are lacking imagination and need to broaden our minds with things a little more interesting than what we had for lunch! But each to their own! Tag ‘13 encourages you to post whatever gets your creative juices flowing! Ansel Adams (look him up if you want to be inspired) said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. So, are you jumping on the bandwagon and joining one of the world’s largest photo sharing apps? Or are you sticking to your film camera and embracing the old school photo techniques? In the future, will we see the best of both worlds with film and digital photography colliding? Or will they stay as separate mediums? Whatever happens next, it seems the future will be visual.

“You’re sure to get on the picture snapping scene” WRITTEN BY: JODIE FERGUSON . DESIGNED BY: STEPHANIE READING


, s t i p e h t It s ’



a beginner s guide to mo defines moshing as: “When you’re going nowhere, but EVERYONE is in your way. Side effects of moshing may include, but are not limited to: light-headedness, bruises, bloody noses, broken noses, loss of balance, and in extreme cases unconsciousness.” As vague as this sounds, it’s actually a pretty accurate description of what moshing actually is. Generally, a mosh pit will consist of a mixture of jumping, limb flailing and head-banging within a large crowd of people at a concert, typically towards the front of an audience. Moshing began in the American punk scene during the 1970s with bands like Black Flag and Dead Kennedys when fans begun to jump and move in time with the music. This new craze then progressed, with the growth of the thrash and glam genres, before crossing over into the mainstream in the 90s. Now, moshing is commonplace at most gigs, especially those of bands playing heavier rock music. But why exactly do people


mosh? Surely it just seems like an opportunity for mindless violence and unnecessary pain? Well, one person that Tag ‘13 asked about moshing said: “I enjoy the feeling of separation from a reality and becoming part of an animalistic pack mentality.”

r “I saw a fan sink thei s teeth into someone’ e head when they wer shoved into them. There was a lot of blood.” On top of this, 100% of the people we surveyed said that moshing had taken place at a show they had been at. So, it’s clearly a popular way to enhance the gig experience. However, it’s not always fun and games. Injuries are common place in


the majority of pits, as a number of Tag readers have found out. Polly Miles said: “I was at a festival once, watching Pulled Apart By Horses, and got involved in a mosh, where I saw a fan sink their teeth into someone’s head when they were shoved into them. There was a lot of blood.” Another gig-goer, Amy Farre, found a Paramore show to be less than friendly, “I got punched in the stomach and kneed.” It appears then that you are involved in moshing at your own risk. So, how can you make sure you stay safe whilst still having fun? Well, thankfully, the good people of the internet have devised the ‘Unwritten Rules of Mosh’, which we’ve been kind enough to include on the facing page. All in all, moshing is a popular way to have fun at a show. Just make sure you stay safe and keep others around you safe. See you in the pit!


pit etiquette moshing with ma


If someone falls over, make sure that you or someone else is picking them up. This will reduce the risk of anyone getting trampled.


If you’re at an outdoor show and the weather takes a turn for the worse, be sure to take extra care when moshing with lots of mud and water about., hypothermia or worse can copme from being cold and wet.


It’s a concert, not a bar brawl. If you hurt someone, apologise and make sure they’re okay.


TOP TIP: The main rule of moshing is to have respec t. Ever ybody is there for the sam e reason: to have a good time. Enjoy yourself, by all mea ns, just tr y not to ruin it for other people.

Copping a Feel

Just don’t do it. It makes people feel uncomfortable and just stops them from having a good time.

Crowd Surfing

If you have someone crowd surfing near or above you, make sure that you’re keeping them up. The worst thing that can happen is them falling.

Pulling Out

If you see someone struggling, especially in larger pits, make sure they’re okay and, if in doubt, pull them out. 41



“A lot of musicians know about all this but you would be surprised how many forget about it when it comes down to it, and how easy it is to forget about it when you’re in the moment”


any teenagers dream of playing in a band on a big stage in front of thousands of people, and most know how hard it is, even to just get started and find the members. But, once you’ve found your members and are ready to start making music the, problems just keep coming. Speaking from experience, Tag 13’ knows what sort of problems you will face as a new band. One of the main problems we found, was that some members weren’t as committed to the band us myself or the other members. This is fine if it’s just a hobby that you like doing every now and then, but if you are serious about making a living in music, then this is something you will have to deal with quickly so as

not to waste time. Many of the bands we have been in have had this problem and in our opinion, the best way to solve it is either to get rid of the members that are lagging behind, or try to talk to them and give them a kick up the ass to motivate them a bit more.

“The best thing I have found is to just jam and listen to what you’re playing.” Once you’re properly settled and everyone is on the same page (which is extremely important) you can get down to doing what you formed a band for. Its essential that

you remember that time is valuable and the more time you waste means the further away you are from gigging, which for a lot of bands is the goal. There will be those days where everyone’s creativity is stumped and no one can think of anything. The best thing we have found is to just jam and listen to what you’re playing. Eventually someone will pick up on something that someone else did, be it a little riff or a drum beat or bass line. This can lead to a song or it may not but even if it doesn’t, the whole time you’re getting experience of playing together and learning how you all play. This will help a lot when it comes to gigging and the more you play together the better you will be at understanding

your cue and keeping in time with everyone else. Even with all this, the main thing that you need to focus on that you need to enjoy what you are doing. You all need to be sure that you enjoy the music that you are playing because you’re the ones playing it and if you don’t like it then you probably wont be good at it. If you’re in a band and you’re playing music that you don’t like, talk to your band and see if you can’t come to some compromise, because they may not want to play what you do. If you can’t come to any sort of compromise then it is time that you find a new band or form your own one, playing the music that you love.

Witten by Jack Duff • Designed by Jack Duff and Harry Osborne



Come Dine with Tag Quick, cheap, tasty – and good for you! We’ve asked some of you to what extent your culinary skills stretch. Some of you are closer to your first Michelin star than others, but no matter – this recipe should suit everyone. In our survey, pasta meals came up as the fail-safe dish that most of you feel confident about cooking from scratch, regardless of kitchen experience. This should cost you no more than £2.50 per head. The internet is the best place to look for recipes, but to save you the trouble we have an easy to follow one right here. This recipe can serve between 2–4 people.

Ingredients Bolognese sauce (Vegetarian Option Available!) • Oil – to fry • 225g (½ lb) beef mince OR • ½ sliced courgette, ½ sliced aubergine and 1 small, diced carrot (V) • ½ onion (finely chopped) • ½ red pepper (seeds removed, finely chopped) • ½ green pepper (seeds removed, finely chopped) • 3-4 mushrooms slices • 100g tomato purée • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes • 1 pinch of each: dried thyme, dried parsley & dried oregano (not essential, but helpful) • Some pinches of salt and black pepper Béchamel (white) sauce • 50g of unsalted butter • 50g of flour • Roughly 2 cups of milk (480g) • 150g dried pasta sheets • 70g cheddar cheese 44


1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4 and grease a 25cm/10in x 20cm/8in baking dish. 2. (Vegetarian: skip this step) Heat a dash of oil in a large heavy-based frying pan over a high heat. Fry the mince until browned all over. Remove the mince from the pan. 3.Add another dash of oil to the pan over a medium heat. Gently fry the onion, peppers and mushrooms until soft, but nºot too soft. Vegetarian option: add the sliced courgette, aubergine & carrot and continue to fry, just try not to make them too soft! 4. Add the mince back into the pan together with the tomato purée. Cook for a further five minutes. For the vegetarian option, add the purée to the lightly fried vegetables. 5. Add the tomatoes and herbs, and bring the mixture to the boil. Simmer for at least 30 minutes and season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Lastly, remove the bay leaves. 6. Measure out the butter, flour and milk for the béchamel sauce and warm the milk separately in the microwave or in a separate pan.


7. Place the butter in another saucepan over a medium heat and melt it completely, but do not let it go brown, otherwise you will have to start again! 8. Quickly stir the flour into the melted butter. 9. Cook and stir the flour-butter mixture over the heat for 4-6 mins and it should dry out slightly and should become more golden in colour. 10. Stir in a few spoonfuls of the warmed milk to loosen up the mixture. 11. Whisk in the rest of the milk and continue until you’re left with a thick white sauce, now season with salt and pepper. 12. Line the base of the baking dish with pasta and cover with about one-third of the bolognese mixture. 13. Spoon the béchamel sauce across the bolognese, in order to use up one-third of the cheese. 14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 two further times and finally cover the lasagne with the grated cheddar. 15. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes to one hour, or until golden-brown and bubbling on top - then enjoy! Best served with garlic bread!

KD Catering Butchers We deliver daily to: • Schools • Colleges including Eastbourne College • Nursing Homes • Homes • Restaurants • Hotels • Universities • Hospitals

KD Catering Butchers is a local company supplying high quality meats to hotels, restaurants, pubs, schools, colleges, universities, and golf clubs. We have a reputation for high quality meat and a very high standard of butchery, with professional butchers with an intensity of skill and expertise operating our cutting and packing operations. We are also able to meet your requirements of both Halal and Kosher meat when it is required.

We are happy to supply orders of any size – perfect for your summer barbecue!

Bay Tree Farm, Baytree Lane, Polegate, East Sussex BN26 6QN Tel: 01323 488834 Email:

fitness membership for ages 14 - 18 • unlimited off peak gym access • unlimited swimming • flexible payment options phone 0845

803 5515 or 0845 337 4040

find us in Uckfield, Hailsham, Bexhill, Crowborough & Heathfield - visit our website for more information:


#StudentLife @ SDC

Want to go to college? Want to hear a student’s perspective of what it’s really like? Well you’ve come to the right place! Did you know that there are around 6,000 students that attend Sussex Downs College who are aged 19 and under? This means you’ll be able to meet plenty of new people and make tonnes of new friends! Also, the overall A-Level pass rates for the last academic year were 99% which means that students who attend here are statistically high achievers and you could be a part of that! If you don’t want to further your education on to university then you’ll be happy to know that between ‘‘I do Level 3 Public Uniformed Services at Sussex Downs College. When I first joined the course I didn’t realise how physically intense it was going to be. But after a few weeks in I found out how truly challenging it was going to be and the amount of fitness that the course would include. I didn’t know anyone on my course but within a matter of days I made some friends and now they have all become my best friends. Everyone on the course is so friendly and the tutors were also very welcoming. I honestly say I enjoyed my first year at college and I still do a year later.’’

the academic year of 2011/12, 273 local employers took on an apprentice though Sussex Downs College. Once you’ve had the opportunity to read what it’s really like at Sussex Downs College from the students’ point of view, it’s down to you to get in contact and find out where your interests lie at college. For more information you can email:, visit our website: or, if you fancy a chat, ring 01323 637637. Now let’s hear from the students:

‘‘I’m in my second year at Sussex Downs but my first year studying Level 3 Travel and Tourism. When I first started the course it was my 2nd year of being a student at Sussex Downs College. I was nervous about starting a new course at the college but everyone was so nice and on the first day of the course we did group activities at the seafront to get to know one another which was a great starter! And really broke the ice for everyone.’’ “I study Media Studies, Sociology and Photography. When I first started at the college I was so surprised by how friendly everyone was and how much I enjoyed the lessons I had picked up. Everyone I have met, teachersand now friends have all been so lovely and supportive throughout my time at college.’’

Alex Adam Chelsie 46

Written by Amy Farre and Amelia Teixeira • Designed by Sam Sinclair


“I study BTEC Sport ‘‘I’m doing a Subsidiary Diploma Level 3. It’s my Car Body Repair course second year of being a student at Sussex Downs at Sussex Downs. I really enjoy doing College but my first in studying BTEC Sport, as last my course; you get to meet new people and year I didn’t enjoy what I had chosen to study and this was everyone’s always so welcoming. I would definitely affecting my grades and work ethic. But since I have been recommend the course to a friend. Painting the cars studying this course I am enjoying college again and with the spray booth and the spray gun is a bonus. working hard! My course is all coursework based with 6 units all I get to dismantle cars, pull out dents and do other mixed in with practical sport and theory. Alongside this we do major repairs. Another thing we get trained for is a course called CSLA which is all practical which helps you how to use and work dangerous tools. We also become a Sports Coach! I really enjoy all aspects of get taught how to weld. The course is my course and would recommend it to anyone great if you love cars and doing who is considering studying sport at them up!’’ college!” ‘‘I study Beauty Therapy Level 2 and it’s a great vocational course. I have learnt so much about the beauty industry from only starting this September. But I recently decided that Beauty Therapy wasn’t for me as I prefer Art. With this I will be starting an Art and Design course next year at Sussex Downs College. However I fully recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about studying Beauty Therapy while at college as it is a very positive and well directed course. Also the tutors at Sussex Downs were all very understanding about my choice to study something different the following year.”

Joe Ben Emily 47


Spring Into Action


Inspiring active lifestyles



The perfect work out: in the pool, on the court, and then in the sauna. • Wave Leisure’s wide range of activities is sure to entice you. • At an affordable price, this is a great way to get in shape for the summer.

Get up


Blue Aidee

• With centres across five towns in East Sussex, you’re never far from Wave Leisure. • Activities include swimming, tennis, squash and kayaking. • Special teen memberships from only £21.50 a month – there is no reason why you can’t get involved.

Hear it calling



Tickets available on the door £1.75 June 2013 – Curzon Cinema (date tbc)

Keep an active lifestyle with Wave Leisure

Andy Summers Getting Students Started On The Road

call 48

07818 261273

Advertorial byJames Designed by McDowell James McDowell

Inspiring Active Lifestyles Lewes | Newhaven | Peacehaven | Ringmer | Seaford

Teen Active membership available for 14-17 year olds • • • •

Gyms Swimming pools Exercise Classes Swimming Lessons

For more information Call: 01323 493026 Email: Facebook:

w w w.w a v e l e i s u r e.c o.u k Wave L eisur e inspiring active lifest yles

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