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2 010 - 2011

A Note from the Editor: Another year gone by! Wow, God is good! I can’t begin to describe how much I’ve learned through the yearbook and, even more, through SDCC. The Lord has given me four years that I’ll never forget. The biggest lesson I’ve learned though is surrender. Every semester our Lord God has taught me to give up to Him a new area of my life. I’ve gained friendships that I’ll keep ‘til eternity and learned to see the body of Christ in a whole new way. This yearbook helps to mark the 40th year of SDCC. Millions of lessons and thousands of people have flowed through this institution. May it continue to grow and, most of all, train young men and women to seek God with all their hearts and make it their aim to serve Him in all they do. It is my prayer that this college always seeks God’s will and not its own, to be a light in the dark and a city on a hill. May its students, staff, and faculty always live “upside down” - a way foreign to the world, yet akin to the heart of Christ! In Him who is beyond what our minds can fathom, Elise Reyes, class of December 2011


the world for CHRIST Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Table of Contents

Letter from the President ..................................3 Honoring our Heritage.....................................4 Staff..................................................................6 Faculty ...........................................................12 Seniors ...........................................................14 Juniors............................................................26 Sophomores ...................................................32 Freshmen .......................................................38 Academic Departments ..................................44 Aviation..........................................................46 Flight Team/SAFECON .................................48 Biblical Studies ...............................................50 Business..........................................................52 Communication .............................................54 English ...........................................................56 Writing Labs and Writers’ Café ......................57 History ...........................................................58 Kinesiology ....................................................60 Liberal Studies ................................................62 Library ...........................................................64 Music .............................................................66 Recitals ...........................................................67 Ministry Teams ..............................................68 Musicals .........................................................70 Psychology .....................................................72 Science ...........................................................74 Spiritual Life ..................................................77 Chapel Memories ...........................................78 Bible Conference ............................................80


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Missions Conference ......................................82 Team Thailand ...............................................84 Tecate .............................................................86 Vision ............................................................88 SALT/Beloved/Forge ......................................90 Athletics .........................................................92 Baseball ..........................................................94 Men’s Basketball .............................................96 Women’s Basketball ........................................98 Cross Country ..............................................100 Men’s Soccer .................................................102 Women’s Soccer............................................104 Volleyball .....................................................106 Residence Life ..............................................108 Resident Assistants .......................................110 Campus Halls...............................................112 New Student Orientation .............................114 Heritage Days ..............................................118 Heritage Concert/MORP .............................120 Student Senate .............................................122 Lip Sync .......................................................124 Winter Banquet............................................126 Intramurals...................................................128 Fall Foliage ...................................................130 Nerf Tag/Bree 365 ........................................132 H Magazine .................................................134 Alumnus of the Year .....................................136 Autographs ...................................................138

Letter from the President Each of you will have special events that will stick with you for many years to come. For the seniors, I am sure receiving your diploma will rank in the top ten. For the underclassmen, these pages hold special memories for you –some will be people you met, some will be lessons you learned, some will be the activities you participated in, and some will be the faculty and staff with whom you interacted. One of my favorite memories from this year will be the 40th Anniversary Celebration during our annual Heritage Days. It was amazing to see the legacy of so many alumni who have graduated from San Diego Christian College that are making an impact in the world for Christ. Treasure your memories, but know that my prayer for all of you is that you will make a difference for Christ in the world and continue the tradition of service the first 40 years have taught us. Serving Him,

Paul Ague, Ph. D. President

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Honoring our Heritage 4

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

San Diego Christian College was founded in 1970 as Christian Heritage College under the initial sponsorship of Scott Memorial Baptist Church (now Shadow Mountain Community Church). Desiring to “prepare Christian young people not only for relatively brief careers in this present world . . . but also for eternal service,” Drs. Tim LaHaye, Art Peters and Henry Morris sought to establish a new Christian liberal arts college, “based upon the full integrity and inerrancy of Scripture.” Drs. LaHaye, Peters and Morris believed, “the best education must be founded on the fact of God’s creation and developed within the framework of His revealed Word.”

Advancing our Future Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011




Ague, Paul

Ague, Lorri

Addenbrooke, Timothy

Agnew, Robert


Dean of Adult Professional Studies

Data Entry

Director of Operations

Baerg, Heather

Baker, Shawna

Bando, Chris

Bass, Wanda

Enrollment Services Specialist

Head Athletic Trainer

Associate Director of Athletics; Head Baseball Coach

Faculty Administrative Assistant

Brizendine, Diana

Branch, Nanette

Carstensen, Lundie

Clark, Sarah

APS Program Manager

Music Department Administrative Assistant

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Executive Assistant to the President

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Conner, Vic

Cook, Timothy

DeJesus-Coloma, Toni

DelGiudice, Candice

Director of Advancement

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach; Program Development

Ministry Team Manager

Director of Admissions

Delosreyes, Vanessa

Demchak, Janelle

Demchak, Teresa

DePriest, Jon

Enrollment Services Specialist

Sports Information Director

Administrative Assistant for Academics/Athletics

Interim Vice President for Student Life; Athletic Director

Dillon, Kelsey

Dillon, Ryan

Donahue, Rikki

Edwards, Stephanie

Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Associate Director of Athletics; Athletic Events Coordinator

Assistant Bookstore Director

Administrative Assistant for Operations

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Ferguson, Kyle

Fisk, April

Fisk, Mitch

Fowler, Kristy

Sr. Admissions Counselor

Director of Student Life Head Volleyball Coach

Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

Resident Director

Graham, Amanda Enrollment Services Assistant

Hemmen, Shellby

James, Mary

Jenkins, Malia

Graphic Designer, Publications Coordinator

Director of Human Resources

Health Services Coordinator

Jenkins, Steve

Jordan, Christy

Lamm, Dan

Ledford, John

Director of Spiritual Life

Credential Analyst

Admissions Counselor

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Lyall, Teri

Neill, Erin

Newell, Debbie

Oakes, Robyann

Advancement Assistant

Enrollment Services Specialist

APS Academic Advisor

Office Manager, Student Life

n (1984)

l Versio rnationa

New Inte

5 : 3 1 John

r e t a w d e ur o p e h , t o t n a g After tha e b d n a n i s g n i y r into a ba d , t e e f ’ s e l p i c s i d s s a i h w h t s a h t wa l e w o t e h t h t i him w d n m u e o r th a wrapped Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Parks, Susie

Pulcipher, Brad

Roberts, Christine

Salas, Danny

Director of Enrollment Services

Resident Director

Admissions Data/Event Manager

Head Soccer Coach

Schneider, Rufus

Sun, Conrad

Thompson, Andrew

Trim, Colby

Head Cross Country Coach

Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Production Manager

Admissions Counselor

Yoder, Ken Vice President for Administration and Finance


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

ollege C n a ti is r h C an Diego S f o n io s is The m academic n a in s n a e Christi g a g n e to is education, ts r a l a r e b li at offers a th y it n u m m co hip, and s r la o h c s f o t nvironmen e n a s te o m pro reparing p , th u tr f o mination a x e e th s r Godly foste h g u o r th ld ce the wor n e u  in to them e authority th f o k r o w e ithin a fram w r te c a r a h c cripture. S f o y c n a r r and ine Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011




Blackburn, Fred Biblical Studies

Branch, Stephen Music

Breslin, Denny Aviation

Calderson, Carl Business

Cunningham, Alisa Mathematics

DePriest, Jon History/Social Science

Gates, Lisa Communication

Haynes, Debbie English

Hillaker, David Science

Hsu, Mona Library

Johnson, Mary Kinesiology

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


King, Kathy History/Social Science

Lightner, Bob Business

Lord, Peggy Education

Martin, Ruth Library

Moulton, Brian Biblical Studies

Myers, Cheryl Education

Owen, Matthew Library

Sarnowski, Joe English

Whitten, Steve Biblical Studies

Wilson, Larry Music

Stanton, Elizabeth Psychology

Usita, Lem Biblical Studies

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


SENIORS “Trust in the with all your

LORD heart and

do not lean on your own understanding. In all your

acknowledge HIM, and He will make


straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 14

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Alden, Brett K.

Asaciovas, Viktoras

Baerg, Sarah D.

Bando, Christopher M.

Bentley-Sikes, Julie W.

Benzel, Sara M.

Bergman, Valaree L.

Blair, Rachel E.

Bloom, Trevor L.

Bogue, Andrew T.

Bradley, Brian R.

Breslin, Annie M.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Cardenas, Esther M.

Castro, Eisen D.

Charnock, Brian G.

Clarke, Jasmine E.

Crawfod, Grace A.

Crosby, Rachel M.

Cuttone, Joseph R.

Davies, Caleb A.

Davies, Lindsey A.

DeRienzo, Steven S.

DeWitt, Jonathan R.

Duffy, Katharine


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Edwards, Torreya L.

Esguerra, Patrick J.

Estrada, Mark E.

Flechsenhaar, Cameron K.

Garbez, Emily M.

Garcia, David M.

Gaytan, Ilyana

Graham, Asia E.

Graham, William R.

Green, Shanae A.

Guerrero, Francisco J.

Guzman, Sergio

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Haendle, Bethany A.

Hall, Lauren A.

Hamner, Christine M.

Hawley, Clayton L.

Hems, Hannah R.

Hernandez, Gus C.

Herndon, Brittani A.

Higgins, Jessica E.

Hinojosa, Frank R.

Howard, Lauren M.

Inderwiesche, Chad J.

Inverso, Ryan A.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


James, Brandon M.

Jensen, Peter J.

Johnson, Brian A.

Kaczor, David P.

Keefe, Kevin R.

Kuper, Brianna N.

Lawton, Ethan B.

Le, Sarah B.

Lee, Casey J.

Lee, Courtney L.

Lesher, Kevin A.

Lingle, Garrett J.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Maddox, Taylor E.

Maes, Joe H.

Maggi, Katelyn M.

Marquez-Necoechea, D

Martin, Paul E.

Mason, Malia L.

Mathews, Amy T.

Mayhugh, Kyle W.

McClurg, Alexandra C.

Mercer, Allison M.

Minton, Austin R.

Moon, Nicholas A.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Mutton, Tyler B.

Neill, Mark P.

Paredes, Jesus H.

Park, Chanwoo J.

Parker, Dennis D.

Pascual, Christopher M.

Pasimio, Jared M.

Patterson, Brennan A.

Penney, Aaron D.

Peterson, Melissa N.

Platero, Robert A.

Polvorosa, Beau L.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011




Quezada, Katie A.

Ratermanis, Nicholai D.

Rekoski, Walter A.

Reyes, Elise M.

Reynolds, Emily R.

Sams, Woodrow J.

Sanchez, Adam J.

Schumer, Joey K.

Shankula, Luke W.

Shattuck, Hannah E.

Shih, I-En A.

Silva, Bianca

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Smith, Caleb T.

Smith, Danielle H.

Sochor, Philip T.

Sorensen, Alexandra

Spiva, Shawna N.

St. John, Destiny L.

Starr, Jason J.

Stewart, Marla M.

Strohl, Adam A.

Stull, Roxzane M.

Talley, John W.

Taylor, Brittany R.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Thomson, Abigail R.

VanNortwick, Emily D.

Varela, Aaron T.

Waggoner, Hannah M.

Wenger, Hannah I.

Wilhelm, Jake W.

Velasco, Anthony J.

Yarbrough, Lauren L. Not pictured on this page: n, Watso L. Debra

Wohlfeil, Clarissa K. 24

Wolf-Wallick, Paul D.

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Yu, Hai

t, Wygan . ell J Mitch

Congratulations Dec 2010 Grads

Barlow, Courtney

Bellanich, Austin

Carmichael, Jerry

Fuller, Jonathan

Godwin, Nicholas

Gois, Heather

Graham, Amanda

Heck, Nicole

Johnson, Kelly

Keys, Amanda

Lettau, Hannah

O’Neil, Karese

Dec 2010 Grads Taylor, Kirstyn

Van Hofwegen, Kyle

Vermillion (Leduc), Jennifer Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


JUNIORS “Have I not commanded you? Be and


courageous. Do not be frightened,

and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your

God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Aguirre, Robert A.

Beaudry, Timothy L.

Beileson, Ariella L.

Benson, Erica M.

Brakebill, Kellie E.

Brazynetz, Jessica M.

Brown, Joy E.

Byrd, Elizabeth C.

Canty, Whitney N.

Crotts, Johnathan P.

Dally, Tarra R.

Darlington, Jessica L.

Darlington, Tyler J.

Dolton, Phillip H.

Dukes, Michael P.

Ehl, Michael H.

Felix, Aaron J.

Flores, Mireya

Frankfurth, Matthew J.

Freerksen, Kaley N.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Garcia, Michael W.

Goodin, Julian L.

Gilbert, Natalie A.

Gomes, Michelle

Graham, Adrienne K. Herrington, Lauren K.

Gonzales, John A.

Gonzalez, Michelle L.

Hogan, Sean P.

Johnson, Kristina H.

Jones, Dylan R.

Joseph, Gregory T.

Killian, Elisa A.

Kinney, Joshua A.

Klant, Jesus A.

Knapp, Sandra C.

Laine, Kaitlen E.

Lasswell, Katie E.

Lipnick, Braedon I.

Long, Robert P.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Lowry, Jackilyn M.

Moore, Jonathan C.

Martinez, Victor A.

Musgrove, Marisa M. Neverkovec, Katelyn A. Ninteman, Jeremiah J.

Onywera, Emmanuel O. Patterson, Keenan T.

Roethler, Molly K.

McAllister, Kathryn L. Meulemans, Kathleen W.

Rogers, Amanda L.

Meza, Priscilla R.

Ogle, Katelyn J.

Razo, Francisco M.

Rivas, Luis O.

Robertson, Samantha B.

Rossiter, Renee I.

Salomon, Andres A.

Sanders, Timothy A.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Seaberry, Calvin D.

Shadrick, Amanda B.

Silvera, Joella R.

Sims, Jenna N.

Slagle, Justin A.

Snell, Logan R.

Solis, Marco A.

Sweeney, Sean J.

Ugarte, Jovanna

Vargas, Emma J.

Villalobos, Melissa M.

Wahlgren, Jezere T.

Wray, Sterling J.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


SOPHoMORES “For I know the plans I have for


declares the


plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a


Jeremiah 29:11


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Abad, Jordan N.

Allen, Rachel M.

Arvizu, Benjamin R.

Avalos, Melissa

Bando, Nicolas D. Bariamichael, Helen N. Batycki, Caroline S.

Bechtol, Jacob B.

Blare, Jeremy J.

Bogan, Cedric N.

Brandhagen, Katrina C.

Bueno, Donald A.

Chung, Hsiu-Nai

Clear, Ryan M.

Conlan, Sean M.

Cabezas-Jones, Kyle G. Cerritos, Nicholas M.

Araujo, Daniel J.

Arena, Jonathon D.

Arroyos, Arrianna

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Cozzi, Christopher A.

Davila, Kristina

Dishman, Curtis P.

Dudgeon, Tory T.

Farris, Emily M.

Flores, Jacqueline J.

Gallegos, George

Gates, Tyler J.

Gulley, Jesse T.

Heerdt, Brock C.

Heinze, Ryan E.

Hylander, Nikki S.

James, Christy L.

Jensen, Rebekah F.

Jones, Dawson R.

Kihm, Joshua T.

Koenig, Seth G.

Kudrle, Peter J.

Lawton, Heather M.

Lewis, Juanita M.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Manarte, Victor A.

Mason, Ashley P.

Mason, Thomas O. McCalmont, Kimberly L. McDonald, Emilie S.

McEntee, Austin B.

Medici, Katarina L.

Northcutt, Shon R.

Oglesby, Brent A.

Pagniello, Stephanie C.

Pettigrew, Jessica J.

Phillips-Robinson, B.

Picou, Justin A.

Powell, Madison L.

Prieto, Arturo

Quintanilla, Nicole A.

Raymo, Timothy J.

Mitchell, Nicholas A. Mylleville, Xavier C.

Norman, Priscilla J.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Reber, Christen H.

Rice, Stephanie J.

Riley, Cameron C.

Robles, Adair

Robles, Nestor

Rodriguez, Alexander A.

Rowe, Allison S.

Ruise, Megan R.

Sanborn, John T.

Seaman, Jocelyn C.

Stafford, Kelly J.

Street, James

Thomas, Jasmin R.

Torres, Liliana

Torres-Lopez, Vanessa

Van Hofwegen, Ethan

Varela, Courtney

Velazquez, Salvador

White, Mariam H.

Whitten, Aaron M.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Whitten, Andrew R. Zimmerman, Frank L.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


FRESHMEN “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are

young, but

set an example for the

believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in

faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12 38

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Adams, Bryan D.

Alvarez, Michael A.

Ballenger, Jefferson W.

Banales, Jesse R.

Bando, Luke S.

Bartz, Benjamin S.

Bastidas, Cassandra

Benke, Dylan J.

Bennett, Mariah D.

Biggers, Sabrina L.

Bobadilla, Thalia V.

Boelk, Mariah A.

Boes, Kelley B.

Boettner, Sadie R.

Briggs, Malachi W.

Broberg, Shelby

Buell, Michael D.

Cairy, Christian T.

Carbajal, Eduardo

Castellow, Rebekah S.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Cavalier, Randi M.

Chavez, Dylan M.

Christopher, Taylor A.

Coyle, Chad B.

Cruz, Cesar A.

Daniels, Jermani C.

Davis, Rio M.

Davison, Alexa

Dobson, Angel-Leigh

Downing, Joseph T.

Driessen, Elias I.

Fellows, Kevin D.

Flores, Victor J.

Gruber, Morgan B. 40

Foley, Jonathan I. Gomez-Leon, Raymond

Guinn, Trisha M. Harmening, Alexandra A. Harris, Monique N.

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Henry, Stephen R.


Hernandez, Kristina

Herrera, Elizabeth

Holder, Juliette E.

Hose, Mary E.

Irigoyen, Freddy

Jimenez, Sabrina A.

Johnson, Markeisha R.

Judge, Jackson G.

Kanagy, Luke W.

Klockmann, Naomi R.

Lee, Chelsie L.

Lester, Austin F.

Millard, Landon W.

Miller, Hannah J.

Masson, Priscilla-Aurore Mendoza, Gustavo

Monzon, Fidias O.

Moore, Keko T.

Mertens, Cassidy K.

Morgan, Jordan A.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Olson, Gregory T.

Orth, Elycia J.

Quintero, Bianca

Ramirez, Ricardo H.

Redel, Evan

Robles, Andrew L.

Robles, Eder A.

Rodgers, Kayleigh D.

Rodriguez, Rafael R.

Ross, Benjamin P.

Ross, Samuel P.

Serven, Heather L.

Sewell, Chelsea R.

Shattuck, Nathan I.

Slocum, Micaiah C.

Spoelstra, Luke M.

Staffeldt, Breanna N.

Steele, Ashton N.

Stewart, Chase

Reynoso, Kathlynn R.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Stewart, Marcus J.

Taylor, Briana C.

Travers, Shayne R.

Valdivia, Juan J.

Valentin, Demitra X.

Vasa, Susan C.

Velarde, Robert C.

Vianna, Leandro C.

Wagner, Zacary R.

Walker, Aja J.

Yori, Kasandra M.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Academics Aviation Aviation Aviation

Breslin, Denny, Director Johnson, Jerb Turok, Jack Moulton, Brian, Chair Blackburn, Fred Usita, Lem Whitten, Steve Barnes, Ron Higgins, Deron Hodge, Roger Kitsko, Marc John Pulliam Vik, Peter

Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Biblical Studies Business Business Business Business Business Business

Lightner, Bob, Chair Calderson, Carl Corcoran, Heather James, Ronald Mason, Duane Whitman, Sashi Gates, Lisa, Chair Brooks, Kaitlin Cangelosi, Josh Van Saun, Phillip

Communication Communication Comm/English Communication English English English English English

Sarnowski, Joe, Chair Haynes, Debbie Eastin, Schuyler Silke, Stephen Musser, Katherin DePriest, Jon, Chair King, Kathy Hilderman, Nalani


r Johnson, Mary, Chai Baker, Shawna Cunningham, Will DeBerg, Fred Kugler, Leon Ledford, John

History/Social Science History/Social Science History/Social Science

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

r Myers, Cheryl, Chai Lord, Peggy Bones, Gail Harrell, Stacey Hsu, Mona Martin, Ruth Owen, Matthew Cunningham, Alisa Willweber, Sara Kressin, Keith ctor Branch, Stephen, Dire Wilson, Larry Allee, Fred Bush, Bob Gates, James y Tellinghuisen, Harve Russell, Paul Blackburn, Linda Stanton, Elizabeth Behling, Jainie Lord, Barry Slover, Gretchen r Hillaker, David, Chai Austin, Steven Pratt, Catherine Wing, Luman

Carstensen, Lundie Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Liberal Studies Liberal Studies Liberal Studies Liberal Studies Library Library Library Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Music Music Music Music Music Music YT) (C ic Mus t

Personal Developmen

Psychology Psychology Psychology Psychology Science Science Science Science

Th a n k Yo u

to o u r fa ith f u l a n d ca r in g Facu lt y !

Academics Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Aviation SDCC Aviation is the one degree you can really look up to! We have one of the smallest programs in the country but our impact is multiplied by our success in national collegiate flying competition against bigger colleges nationwide. Our goal is to put more pilots serving the Lord on the mission field; supply our country with Godly military pilots, and put a Christian influence in commercial airline cockpits. And we have some fun doing it! Aviation is not like any other major. When other students are in a stuffy classroom we’re out flying with the wind in our hair and the mountains, oceans and cities flowing beneath us. SDCC is so blessed to have a great Aviation Department! -Denis Breslin

Denis Breslin I like my m ajor because Department Director it is one of on Wednesd the few ma ays and Fri jors that all days instea 2000 poun ows me to d of sitting d machine have fun an in class list and lift it in at one with d enjoy my e ning to a le to the air with it. I soar in passion cture. Inste to the air a just the slig begging me a d , I t h g 1 te e 0 to t to take a st moveme 0 miles per nt of my ha hour with see things a go faster. It is in these n a d nd go plac m 1 as if I was 8 o 0 ments that horsepower es that not I realize wh e n g in many othe e pulling me y I chose th r people ge Diego and , is major. It t to. On a fly over the a ll o w s le m ss C e o o to n the cafe. It ronado brid is there my ge and be b I can fly the coast of S friends ask ack just in “Good.” B time for din an me, “How ut all that ti was your fl n e me I am th r at ight? inking, “Yo u have no id ” and I respond, ea.” - Chad Coyle

Some days I just can’t believe it. I get to spend my class time flying all around the beautiful San Diego area. While other majors spend most of their day in a florescent lit class room, listening to another mundane lecture, I’m moving at 125 mph, dodging puffy, white clouds at 6000 feet while looking down at God’s earth from the cockpit of my small Cessna or Piper. While this may indeed be an unfair comparison, the lectures from Whitten and Blackburn are rarely mundane, not a week goes by that I don’t praise God for his grace in allowing me to be an aviation major at San Diego Christian. How can one watch the sun set over San Diego bay, from the perfect solitude of a small plane and not be overcome with worship of our amazing God? Lord willing, I’d like to continue to fly after college, using my training to help take the gospel to people who otherwise would have no access to the truth of Christ. - Aaron Penney


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

hood dream to be a pilot. Flying is my I chose Aviation because it has always been my child about it in one way or another. passion, and I can hardly go a day without talking to go is impossible to fully The joy of being in the sky in control of where I want lifelong desire to be a pilot. Afdescribe. Once I experienced this, I confirmed my flight instructing for some time ter graduating with an Aviation degree, I plan on d passing by underneath me, before going into an airline. I can’t wait to see the worl Martin and I can’t believe that I’ll get paid to do it!”— Paul

Hawks Flight Team Mathew Belden Coach

Johnathan Crotts Safety Officer

Aaron Varela Team Captain

Jenna Sims Public Relations Officer

Aaron Penney Chaplain

Paul Martin Operations Officer

Flight Team is a group of aviators who compete with other colleges and universities around the country in precision flying and knowledge based events. They are part of the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) which hosts an annual flying meet called SAFECON. NIFA is composed of twelve regions that compete regionally and then send their top teams to the national competition. This year SDCC’s Hawks placed third in their region, earning them a spot in the national competition which will be held this May in Columbus, Ohio. Flight Team would like to thank all those who supported them this season, both financially and through prayer! Please pray for safety and success as they trek back East this summer. Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


SAFECON SDCC Flight team performs wonderfully and awaits anxiously to see if they will go to Nationals.

Placing third, Flight team experiences a wealth of emotions, but is grateful nonetheless.

Flight team is excited to discover they have earned an invitation to Nationals. 48

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

The Hawks in action!

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Biblical Studies It has been a honor to be involved here at SDCC for the last 20 plus years. I continue to be amazed at the caliber of students God sends here and their love for God and those His son died for. Being here this long gives one a sense of perspective as to how God has guided and preserved this college over the years. Based on that perspective, I believe the best years are yet to come. May we always be faithful to our Lord and follow Him closely until He returns, indeed, may He find us continuing in His work as He arrives to take us home. Shaloam. -Professor Whitten

I have benefitted these many years teaching in the Bible Department at San Diego Christian College. My gratitude for the life God has given me follows two lines of reasoning: First, the faculty serving in the Bible Department enjoys a comradery that transcends merely our theological cohesiveness. The Bible faculty likes spending time together, sharing the ups and downs of life, praying for one another and seeking together the greater good of the entire faculty and institution. But secondly and more importantly, the Bible Department professors consider it a privilege of God to engage the minds of our students, to share in their lives and senses of humor, to the end that serving at SDCC is thoroughly a ‘get to’ rather than a ‘have to’. I would say we are spoiled by the privilege of spending so much time with this outstanding younger generation that will one day take on the world for Christ. -Dr. Brian Moulton 50

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

! ! s t h g i N o c n u B Bible

Youth Ministry is an awesome major!! I mean come on. I get to go to classes with some of the most amazing professors on this campus, such as Dr. Moulton, Lem Usita, Fred Blackburn, Steve Whitten. Of course I am a Bible major so I would be biased! Youth ministry is a sweet major, because I get to learn about the teenage mind and that right there is a whole world of its own! Youth ministry is a blast, and I love learning how to teach and grow teens up for Christ! - Heather Lawton

The reason I chose Bible with a focus on the pastoral is because I want to learn the truth and give it back to the people. -James Street Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Business I absolutely love being a business major. Businesses run the world and learning how they work is exhilarating and encouraging. Business is all about learning, making mistakes, and trying even harder the next time. It can be a very stressful business to get into, but it can also be very rewarding. The world runs on a very complex system and businesses are a big part of that system. Understanding them and being able to make a living off of them would be a dream come true to me. -Chelsie Lee


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

The Department of Business prepares individuals for the business world by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills rooted in integrity and ethics. We are committed to preparing graduates for dynamic, Christcentered careers in business.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Communication Through my time studying Communication at SDCC, I have enjoyed classes focusing on areas including interpersonal communication, leadership, organizational communication, writing, marketing, crisis communication, ethnography, and ethics. These have, I believe, served to prepare me to thrive in whatever organizations I find myself a part of in the future, possessing the skills necessary to be a competent communicator and to integrate my Christian beliefs. Communication Department Chair Dr. Gates’ love for the study of communication and her students has created an environment that is encouraging while academically demanding. Her attention given to developing relationships with each of her students is one of the many attributes that sets her apart as someone I am privileged to have as a professor and as a friend. I also have loved my time spent on the Speech and Debate Team run by our outstanding coach Josh Cangelosi. I have found it to provide an unparalleled experience in not only public speaking but also in argument construction and critical thinking—skills that are relevant to the workplace as well as areas of faith. Debate tournaments can be mentally strenuous, but we still know how to have fun, with jam sessions between rounds and adventures climbing mountains in our suits and heels. Studying Communication at SDCC has been a huge blessing in my life; an opportunity I am so glad to have had. --Brittany Taylor 54

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

DEBATE TEAM 2010-2011 By Katherine McAlister Did you even know SDCC had a debate team? I’d wager to guess you didn’t. However, finding out that I was registered for the class, before knowing about the team, made me excited to start my journey here. See, I’ve always had a knack for debating and arguing, even when I had the rare instance of being wrong. Yet, I had no idea how I would ever find my place, even in a school as small as San Diego Christian. The first time I watched a team practice, I felt out of my comfort zone. They talked faster, used words I only vaguely understood, and seemed to know exactly what they were talking about. That could never be me… was the thought that kept going through my head. Yet, two short weeks later, I was up there debating with them in practice, preparing for a tournament. Now by no means am I saying I’m the best debater out there. But, there is one thing that is for certain: debate has opened me up and helped me find my place here at SDCC. See, the great thing about having a small team is that you get to know each other pretty well. We’ve had fun and interesting car rides to tournaments. We’ve been on each other’s last nerve. We’ve competed together, won together, lost together, but we’ve been there for each other. Each one of us is so unique that our team would not have the same bond if it were any other way. From complimenting strengths and weaknesses to knowing how to make someone’s day better, to impromptu study groups while returning the day before a midterm, debate has made us more of a family.

Personally, I think it’s one of the greatest activities you can participate in. You may think I’m biased, but I can guarantee you will be better informed (not only of current events, but even some philosophical ideas) and a far better speaker by the time you are done. Competing with other schools, and even making friends with those faces you see at each tournament, all make the losses worthwhile. When you do lose, however, it’s great to know that there’s always another tournament, another chance to better your skill. Tournaments themselves tend to be a blast; so much energy, running around from room to room to give speeches, debate, impromptus! Even spending time bonding over meals and hotel stays. Debate has given me a place here at SDCC, and I’m thankful for that. It has also made me a far better, more articulate speaker, and a quick critical thinker. Two things that have real life impacts and that I know will benefit me for years to come.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



I had no idea of the kind of workload I was getting myself into when I chose English as my major. But considering I've always been an avid reader, on top of which I've been resolved to become an author since er choice but to about, oh... 6th grade, I've had no oth I've gotten a wider grit my teeth and soldier on. I think y. I’ve read some view of the literary world along the wa ctives, some I've things that have given me fresh perspe me want to burn genuinely enjoyed. Others have made ing them. All in all, my instructors in effigy just for assign don't be surprised though, I'd say it's been enriching, and el Dukes novel on if in the future your kids have a Micha their class syllabus. -Michael Dukes


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Dr. Sarnowski grins iniquitously, as he presses his scheming fingers around the cap of a whiteboard pen and patiently stares into the students’ souls, allowing an uncomfortable silence to suck the air from the classroom. I glance frantically around the room. Other poor, oppressed student’s look from the grey walls to the carpet to the ceiling, avoiding eye contact with their steely professor. It is rather frequent moments such as these that SDCC English students smile and think to themselves, “Yes, we are English majors”. Perhaps we are not always certain why we have chosen to be so, especially when the cursor blinks threateningly against a bright, white, enormously blank page. But the happy victims of SDCC’s English department press on because they derive some odd joy, completely incomprehensible to other majors, out of transforming thought into concrete and expressible word. —Alexandra Harmening

Writing and Communication Labs Fun in the Lab By Katie Duffy There is no such thing as a typical day in the writing lab. Some days are crazy, with barely a moment to breathe. Others are so quiet that you want to fall asleep and take a nap. The rest fall somewhere in between. In order to keep ourselves from boredom when it’s quiet, we get creative and find unusual things to do. From roping friends to come inside and hang out to doing homework to an impromptu music session to staring out the window at a beautiful tree covered in vivid orange, yellow and red leaves to just chatting about whatever is on our mind or our assignments that are due, there is always something to fill our time with when we get creative. Adrienne is usually working communication lab while I’m in writing lab, and our favorite thing to do is watch YouTube videos and laugh until we can hardly breathe. One of the biggest blessings of working writing lab has been that I get to meet new people who I would never have met otherwise. Since it’s a requirement for so many classes, I get the chance to meet people who are athletes, musicians, debaters and just about everything else that you can think of. I’ve met people from halfway across the world. Where else on campus do you get to interact with such a wide variety of people? Working here has been such a neat opportunity. I can control your mind— Lemon. Unwillingly, you just thought of a bright yellow image, and your salivary glands already began to remember the sour yet addictive juices of this fresh smellin g fruit. I told you I could control your min d, but then again, I cann ot because “lemon” means so much more than the fruit of a lemon tree. To me, it brings to mind sore throat rem edies with plenty of hone y, picking fruit in Henry’s orchard, watching my baby niece make wr inkled-old-lady faces at her first try of its juice, and my first beat up such a lemon. In all its am car which was biguity, metaphorical pote ntial, and associated ideas, it’s words like lemon, in other people’s wr iting and then in my own, that make me lo ve being an English majo r.-- Grace Crawford

"As a faculty member at SDCC, I am able to invest my whole being-mind, heart, spirit--into my work. That's a very rewarding experience." -Joe Sarnowski, English Chair Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



It is not just the study of a bunch of dead people and what they did. David McCullough says it best when he says that it is the study of the human condition. We study how people thought, and in turn, it makes the historian think outside of himself. I am a history major because I enjoy critically thinking about how people thought and how those thoughts propelled them to do what they did. — Jake Wilhelm I like being a history major because I'm history in the making!! –Jason Starr I like being a history major because it helps me determine - at least fairly accurately - what will happen in the future when I plan events. For instance, I know that if I can speak clearly, loudly, and move my arms rapidly, I can get a large number of people to follow me and march proudly waving my banner of victory and change. Once I seize power, I know it is possible to annex Mexico and Canada by solely appeasing other western powers by cleverly using choice words and hosting a glorious set of Olympic games. Finally, because I am a history major, I can wisely elect to not march any of the mighty soldiers of the newly founded North American Empire into Russia during the late summer months. - Braedon Lipnick


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

I like being a history major because I get to learn not just about significant events from the past but humanity as a whole. I hope to somehow apply what I learn to historic events in the future. --Katie Quezada

Kinesiology Department Nali Hilderman, Dr. DePriest, and Kathy King are the the fascinating and dedicated staff of the history department at SDCC

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Kinesiology I came to SDCC knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my life and that I needed to study Kinesiology to do it. I knew that it would be difficult, but I was up for the challenge and besides, it’s the human body, I was my own walking, talking study guide. In my three years here I have been challenged, stretched and learned more than I ever thought possible, but have had so much fun doing it. My favorite part of the program has been all of the hands on practice that I have gotten, between labs, working in the training room and my internship. I was given the opportunity to not only learn the material, but apply what I was learning in a practical setting. As a Kinesiology major we learn to stretch, increase flexibility, set goals and help athletes and individuals be successful. Over the past 3 years the Kinesiology program has stretched me, forced me to be flexible, made me set goals, and prepared me to be successful. -Bethany Haendle

I majored in Kinesiology because I have always wanted to work in the medical field. Kinesiology has prepared me for many careers. I am particularly interested in Physical Therapy or Sonography. -Melissa Peterson 60

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

This year marks my third year teaching at SDCC. God lead me here to teach at the college level and for the first time I questioned God’s wisdom. But this past year has been a blessing as I have observed young students who were just sophomores when I began teaching, completing their course work and achieving their goals. I have learned so much at SDCC about God’s love, His sustaining power, and His inspiring creativity. It fills me with joy everyday as I see God working in the lives of our students. May God continue to bless all our students and keep them in His loving care. -Dr. Mary Johnson

I chose Kinesiology because I love sports and all the science between how the human body works in sports. I plan on being a Sports Nutritionalist, not sure what God's plan for me is. However, I would eventually love to go to a third-world country and start up a nutrition program and help educate people about the importance of nutrition. -Katarina Medici

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Liberal Studies

In the nine years I have had the privilege of teaching at SDCC, it has been my joy to teach and mentor a new generation of classroom teachers. It is the purpose of the Education Department to handcraft teachers of excellence who will go on to be salt and light in the K-12 education world. As the job of educating children for the twenty-first century becomes more and more demanding, SDCC's Education Department continues to offer training that produces teachers with both professional expertise and Christian character. -Cheryl Myers for the Education Department

I like my ma jor because I get to experience a wide variety of classes as well as ha ve fun with o nes like fine arts for children! I lo v e going to observe in the classroom s and be around th e eager fun lo spirits willin ving g to learn. I lo v e all of the people who are in m y major with me including th ers who are e te v a e chry encouragin Mrs. Myers). g (M rs . Lord and My next step is the creden and I look fo tial program rward to doin g it with Bre year, woot! I Kuper next one day hope to have my o (preferably 2 wn c nd-4th grade ) and help th lassroom not just acad em to grow emically but get to know them grow a th em and help s people and show God's with care an lo ve to them d encourage ment. -Han nah Wenger I like the Liberal Studies department, because their offices are always open and they get you excited for your future. I know that people can say this about any major, but it is like a small little family among us. -Molly Roethler 62

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Library Well, playing with staplers and printers all day does not satisfy the heart, but honestly it’s the people who come in that make it fun. When a student stops by the desk and asks me a silly/obvious question, and I get to be “smart” right back, it’s fun. Helping people with problems is pretty rewarding. I also enjoy dancing around the library when I close by myself. The library is a great dance floor when there are no students in it . - Angel Dobson


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



and prog n i d a le ip is sic- worsh u m s i ose SDCC r h c jo I a n m o y s a M re ly dies. The nd friend u a t s e l t a a n m o i i t s in fes plugging ow small, h m f le o b o e r s p u a o n bec absolutely here that I hope to d a h I . s a ds it w o believe und frien d o f I , e ly 'v t I s e d on in an o come. H nd I know those t s r a e y r o e, a keep f d e it for m s o e, I neede h c m d r o o f G t i t a e s th a ho sons He c ip with on a h e s r w e o h ll t e f e ar to p of girls u o r g d s o o ag y Mathew m A l e v deeper le

Being a music major is challenging, with all the differen t classes we have to take ranging from music theory to co mposing, to conducting, to th e different instrum ent classes (brass, wood wind, percussion, and stri ngs), to music history. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it! It is fun and challenging in a good way. I would encourage any musician at th e school to conside r joining us as a music major. -F rancisco Guerrero


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Amanda Shadrick

Francisco Guerrero

Lindsey Davies

Katelyn Maggi

Adam Sanchez

Jasmine Clark

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Ministry Teams

The several teams which lead worship in chapel are led by Toni de Jesus-Coloma. These talented students seek to guide the campus in worship. Together they seek the heart of God with joy!


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

“It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men.� -C.S. Lewis

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011




of Music pre

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Thursday, No

Friday, Nov.



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Saturday, No





What an honor to have co-directed SDCC’s 5th Annual Broadway Nights. Our theme this year was 60 Years of Billboard Hits. Many Billboard hits have been re-popularized over the years by a variety of artists, movies, and even television shows like American Idol and GLEE. Students will remember the songs we performed from these contemporary settings, but many of the songs were popular before the freshman class was even born!

Chapel College eld Drive CA 92019

Our musical focus this year has been to highlight the ensemble cast. Most often in musical productions the ensemble is a dedicated group of individuals who support the featured cast members and are never heard on their own. This year’s Broadway Nights gave each member of the ensemble their own moment to shine while the rest of the cast performed a supporting role. Another interesting fact about this year’s production is it consisted of not only music majors but also students from a variety of interests and other degree programs on campus. It was a blessing to work with such an eclectic and talented group of people. --Amanda Graham & Katelyn Maggi

NTS e Department

ristian Colleg

San Diego Ch

7:00 pm

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” and how r our spring

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pm ............. 7:30

enfield Drive n, CA 92019


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n

Chamber Singers, Vision and the Ministry Teams perform for Joyous Sounds of Christmas to celebrate the birth of Christ! Co l l e g e



hapel 92019

presented by ristian College San Diego Ch of Music Department Spring 2011

25 18, 19, 24, & February 17, 7:00 pm February 26 7:00 pm 2:00 pm and

The Musical for 2011 was the Fantasticks starring Lindsey Davies, Isaac Foley, Michael Alvarez, Trish Guin, Katie Maggi, Donny Bueno, Justin Slagle and Malachi Briggs!

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Psychology When I originally chose to study Psychology, I didn’t have any ideas about what I wanted to do with it. I just knew that I found it interesting and that I was very passionate about people and learning about them. Over the two years that I’ve been here, though, I’ve narrowed down the many choices and decided to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. As someone who has been blessed with an incredible family, I’d love to help make it a blessing for others as well! — Sandra Knapp

I decided to choose Psychology as a major because I love interacting with people. I am completely fascinated with the way that God designed the human mind to work! I can’t wait to learn more about why people do what they do and how to help them when times get tough. I want to use this major to go into social work and become a caseworker for an adoption agency. -Trish Guinn 72

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



I chose the major because I remember being really sick when I was little and wishing there was better pediatricians out there to help heal sick children. I thought it was hard to find nice ones that actually cared about their patients. I have such a love/appreciation for children! I want to go to Med-School after SDCC and become a pediatrician.—Michelle Gomes

Biology is pretty much the coolest major at this school. We get to dissect pigs, breed flies, inspect plants and animals, play with fire and mess with volatile solutions (even though some of the reagents expired before I was even born). Basically, we get to have all the fun learning about the physical world all around us and interact with it while other majors just read about it and write a paper on how it makes them feel. Bio majors get to learn about the intricate and awesome creations of God firsthand. —Jon Arena 74

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Mrs. Pratt and Dr. Hillaker are known for their love of science. Here they pose with an old, yet familiar friend.

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Th e Heart of the professor


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Spiritual Life Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but His delight is in the law of the LORD, and on His law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers. The wicked are not so, but are like chaff that the wind drives away. Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous; for the LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.

Psalm 1

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Chapel Memories In Christ alone my hope is found He is my light, my strength, my song This Cornerstone, this solid ground Firm through the fiercest drought and storm What heights of love, what depths of peace When fears are stilled, when strivings cease My Comforter, my All in All Here in the love of Christ I stand.

S. Townend and K. Getty


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Bible Conference David Jeremiah Conference 2011: Living Upside Down October 4-6 Keynote Speaker: Gordon E. Kirk, Th.D. Pastor, Professor, Author Deepening your faith with scriptural principals on how to live a life that is ‘counter-cultural’.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


mISSIONS Conference SDCC’s 30th Annual International Outreach Conference 2011 January 24-29

Keynote Speaker: Dr. D. Thomas Thompson Senior Vice President for World Help

Where you’re at and beyond! ~Acts 1:8~


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


My time in Thailand was an experience that is far greater than words can do justice. Not only was I touched by the heart of the people, but the spiritual growth that I experienced was also incredible. Thailand is full of people who need the Lord and are yearning for a Savior. Besides, it is beautiful there, so why wouldn’t you go? I am so thankful for the opportunity that SDCC gave me to minister to the people in Thailand. --Kayleigh Rodgers


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

When it was time to leave the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand I had these thoughts, “Our time here is almost up already and I wonder how it will be to go back to the states. Have I been changed by what I have seen? Will I walk away from this trip closer to God? Will I have helped God’s purpose here? I don’t think that my affect on these people will be measurable until the test by fire, but what I can measure is how I change because of it…I need to bring a change home with me.” This desperation for a change in my attitude was fueled by the utter joy I had seen in the poorest of the poor giving beyond their means. They gave joyfully out of their poverty—with open hands they offered a group of strangers all they had, food and shelter, expecting nothing in return. Lord, may we all learn to joyfully give as the Karen people have learned to do. -Sean Conlan Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


Tecate by Danielle SMith

It is a sunny Saturday morning. The clock reads 7:15am as fifteen sleepy college students stumble out of two white 12-passenger vans and into the driveway of the Tecate Bible Institute. Little do they know, beyond these doors lies a different world. That moment—three years ago—was how it all began: the partnership between San Diego Christian College and the Tecate Bible Institute (TBI), in Tecate, Mexico. These two institutions both have the same mission, to equip students to impact the world for Christ, a common ground that brings together these students in a unique way. In the past few years, SDCC has cooperated with TBI to complete several work projects and community outreaches. Students from SDCC have helped to pour concrete, paint, jackhammer, build walls, and cultivate gardens to improve the quality of life for the students of TBI so that they can focus on their Biblical studies. As one of the members of the first team of students from SDCC to visit TBI, it is encouraging to see continued relationships and projects completed each time there is another Saturday or Spring Break trip and I pray that the relationship between the students of these two institutions will continue to grow in the coming years.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


“Featuring students from various degree programs who seek

to use their musical and/or dramatic gifts in the Lord's service, VISION

ministers locally during the school year in churches and outreach programs. Musical expressions include traditional works to today's most popular worship charts. Their dramatic sketches consist mostly of pantomime to musical background, which presents

powerful truths from God's word in a visual and memorable way.�


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


ast summer, I had the privilege of traveling to Ukraine on a mission’s trip with the Vision Team. After months of practicing dramas and learning songs in the difficult Russian language, the goal of all our efforts had arrived. We spent 3 weeks in Ukraine: the first in a small city called Dniperdersinsk, and the last 2 in Kharkov. During the first week, we partnered with a local church and Bible college, performing in drug rehabilitation centers, orphanages, parks, and churches. We also performed in many public schools and universities. Since it was rare for Americans to visit this small town, Vision was warmly invited into the schools as a valuable cultural experience for the children. Almost all of the students could speak English; they bombarded us with questions about America and took pictures with us. It was like being famous. Most of the students we met at the beginning of the week followed us for the rest of our stay, and we developed friendships with them. Next we rode a train to Kharkov and for the final 2 weeks, we worked with Slavic Christian Ministries. Vision performed in many of the same venues, but we spent more time in orphanages. Often we would spend the whole day there: playing with kids, telling Bible stories, passing out gifts, and just loving the kids. This was our favorite part of the trip. Each day we would walk away with schemes to take the children home to America in our suitcases. My visit to Ukraine was a highly rewarding experience. I was strengthened in my faith, encouraged by my fellow Ukrainian brothers and sisters in Christ, and saw many people come to the Lord for the first time. It was incredible to be able to use my talents and abilities to further the gospel and the Kingdom of God. He really loves the whole world; He is not just the God of America, but Ukraine too! I learned the truth that a person becomes closer to God when they join Him in His mission and do the very things He loves to do. I can’t wait to see where God will send us this year! --Lizzie Byrd P.S. We are going to Israel!!! Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011


SALT Ministries by Breanna Staffeldt

SALT is a ministry completely dedicated to the unfortunate of San Diego. Every week a group of volunteer students have gone out faithfully to Downtown S.D. and Ocean Beach to feed and fellowship with some of the most broken people in San Diego. The students have been able to provide not only food, but hope to a hurting people. Some people have been diagnosed with cancer, and have lost almost all hope until these students showed up with a joyful heart and hands willing to help by giving bags of food. Through light conversation and prayer, the students have made an impact most others have never experienced. I met a woman one night; she had cancer. The exhaustion she felt from having to just simply survive on the streets was overwhelming. It took all my will-power not to just give her my credit card and say, “Here, just get what you need, I’ll pay the bill.” But what can I really do? I’m a broke college student taking out loans to pay for school. After talking with her for a bit, just mainly getting to know her, I saw her frown completely shift to happiness that someone cared to speak with her. When I asked her how I could pray for her, she began to weep. Her face is burned into my memory. The desperation for something more than what she had made me weep with her. I’m not sure about her relationship with God, but in that moment I could feel His presence; and all I could do was hold her, pray, and hope that she somehow felt His love too. You don’t need to go overseas to make a difference in someone’s life. Many people are not able to get a passport, and it’s those people that make ministries like SALT thrive. Overall, SALT is changing lives and showing the power of God’s love to bring heavy hearts that are empty without Christ, to a state of fullness.

David Garcia

leads the teams of SALT as they go out into the streets of San Diego and the sands of Ocean Beach to share more than just a meal: the Love of Jesus Christ. 90

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Beloved Bible studies are a place to surround yourself with other girls committed to the word of God. This year, we’ve seen this bring true encouragement, change, renewal and comfort. Going through life gets a little easier when there are people with you, looking after you and praying for you. Beloved encourages and equips women to reach for the call of Christ through an honest study of God’s word and how it impacts our lives now and in the future. --Juliette Holder

THe Forge Men’s Bible study

The Forge is the men’s ministry on the SDCC campus. This ministry is not for men who think they have it all together or that they can do life independent of community. It is for the men that know that Jesus Christ is the model of true manhood and that utter dependence on Him is authentic masculinity. The Forge is the training ground on campus for men to work as a team to obtain a heart like Christ.-- Andrew Bogue

Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



A Word from the Athletic Director: Dr. Jon DePriest SDCC athletics has made a big step towards competitiveness in the past year. Our teams are more on par with the GSAC and our players have been more engaged with our campus community. We feel that connection on the courts and out on the fields and thank you for all your student support. We continue to seek programs that honor the Lord and improve our standing in our conference. We can do both. Our mission field is the realm of athletics. In this environDr. DePriest has been a member of ment, human nature is tested in a variety of ways; and with God’s the SDCC faculty help, we can be a strong testimony of His grace. When we compete since 1991 and now with other Christian schools, we should endeavor to compete with also serves as the integrity, yet understand that we are to build up those in the houseAthletic Director. hold of the faith. When we compete against schools that do not base their mission on the purposes of Christ, we are ambassadors of truth. In either case, the eternal destiny of those we play who are not saved and those who referee or witness our contests should see a consistent application of God’s truth in our actions as ministers.

L to R: Jacki Lowry, Adrienne Graham, Asia Graham, Katarina Medici, and Hannah Lettau The Cross Country team warms up together before a race.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

L to R: April Fisk, Head Volleyball Coach, and Danny Salas, Head Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coach The coaches serve ice cream to students during the pep rally.

L to R: Aja Walker, Kim McCalmont, Sigourney Rockmore, Mariah Boelk, Lauren Howard, Rachel Blair, Kaitlen Laine, Jezere Wahlgren, and Lauren Hall The volleyball team enjoys the ice cream social and pep rally during the fall semester.

L to R: Houssein DelSouz, Bojan Maric, and Leandro Vianna A few of the men’s soccer players pose for a picture together during the pep rally. Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011



Back row: Chris Bando (Head Coach), Anthony Velasco (Assistant Coach), Gregory Joseph, Dawson Jones, Adair Robles, Brock Heerdt, Marco Solis, Blaze McEntee, Jordan Morgan, Dylan Jones, Nick Bando, Casey Lee, Matt Frankfurth, Brian Charnock, Tyler Sanborn, Austin Minton, Doug Jones (Pitching Coach), John Ledford (Athletic Trainer) Middle Row: Ruben Hinojosa (Assistant Coach), Tyler Gulley, Kevin Keefe, Chad Inderwiesche, Joe Cuttone, Luke Bando, Mike Bando, Gus Hernandez, Joe Cuttone, Chris Pasqual, Taylor Maddox, David Kaczor, Brandon James, Dominic Marquez-Necoechea Front Row: Robert Van Scoyoc (Hitting Coach), Cedric Bogan, Ryan Heinze, Jeremy Blare, Robert Aguirre, Trevor Bloom, Michael Garcia, Ryan Inverso, Victor Martinez, Sean Sweeney


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Men’s Basketball

Back Row: Head Coach Conrad Sun, Assistant Coach Ryan Dillon, Ben Bartz, Tory Dudgeon, Tim Sanders, Paul Wolf, Viktoras Asaciovas, Xavier Mylleville, Tyler Mutton, Seth Koenig, Assistant Coach Edgar Mendez. Front Row: Keenan Patterson, Rafael Rodriguez, Shayne Travers, Benji Arvizu, Ben Chung, Keko Moore, Calvin Seaberry, Jason Starr, Aaron Felix, Luke Spoelstra. Playing basketball at SDCC has helped me grow as a student athlete daily. I have built character, grown in my faith in God, and gained lifelong lessons and friends on and off the court. SDCC gave me an opportunity to be myself, succeed in the classroom, and play basketball at one of the highest levels. -Tyler Mutton


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Women’s Basketball Women

Back Row: Assistant Coach Irvin Jerry, Alexa Davison, Aja Walker, Ashley Mason, Juanita Lewis, Brittany Philips-Robinson, Heather Serven, Sabrina Jimenez, Jermani Daniels, Head Coach Kelsey Dillon, Assistant Coach Torreya Edwards. Middle Row: Jasmin Thomas, Melanie Lombardi, Melissa Villalobos, Rebekah Castellow. Front Row: Michelle Gonzalez, Mariah Bennett, Hannah Miller When I step foot on the basketball court I can’t imagine anywhere else I would want to be. Growing up, basketball was all I wanted to play and I have always been very passionate about going out there each and every game and playing with all my heart. My main motivation for this sport was playing for the Lord. He gave me life and the talent to go play the game, so playing to the best of my abilities was showing Him that I did it all for Him. That was my main motivation and I am thankful for what the Lord has done for me. -Melissa Villalobos


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Cross country Roster

Adrienne Graham Asia Graham William Graham Hannah Lettau Katelyn Neverkovec Katarina Medici Jackilyn Lowry Joella Silvera


(L to R: Adrienne Graham, Jackilyn Lowry, Asia Graham, Hannah Lettau, Katarina Medici, and Joella Silvera. Not pictured: Katelyn Neverkovec and William Graham.)

There are only a few proud people who can say they have survived a whole Cross Country season here at SDCC. The hours of pounding dirt or pavement, the awkward stretching and exercises in public, and early 6am practices make quick work of the less dedicated. However there are a few strong and proud survivors whose rippling leg muscles can attest to their competency and class. It is to these dedicated few that I salute and say it was an honor to run with you. We sacrificed much sleep, time, and comfort in order to shave another second off of our PR’s (Personal Records), but we also had fun while at it! I think most of us can safely say we are professionals at mucking out horse stalls (thanks to Hannah’s coaching skills in this area), and we all know the definition of a ride and tie (though most of the world does not). We know how NOT to remove a bee from the hot-tub, and we know the gloriousness of a cold beverage after a long trail run. I especially enjoyed our morning trail runs in the dark, and comparing war wounds with Jon from eating it on our gnarlier trail runs. Congratulations runners and Godspeed in your future races! -Will Graham 100

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Jackilyn Lowr y

Will Graham

Asia Graham

Hannah Lettau

Katarina Medici

Adrienne Graham

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Men’s soccer Men

(L to R. Back Row: Freddy Irigoyen, Brent Oglesby, Joshua Conner, Robert Tackaberry, Luke Shankula, Jordan Abad, Fidias Monzon, and Frankie Zimmerman. Middle Row: Coach Danny Salas, Emmanuel Onywera, Daniel Araujo, Dylan Chavez, Chase Stewart, Houssein Delsouz, Cesar Cruz, Salvador Velazquez, Raymond Gomez-Leon, George Gallegos, Victor Manarte, Leandro Vianna, and Assistant Coach Donald Laing. Front Row: Dario Martinez, Juan Valdivia, Gustavo Mendoza, Adam Rekoski, Cameron Rile, Alex Cozzi, Nathan Churan, Kyle Cabezas-Jones, and Curtis Dishman. Not pictured: Bojan Maric, Thomas Mason, and Ryan Wagner.) 102

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Colossians 3:23 To be a Christian athlete is more than just that title of saying "A Christian." It means that when people ask you who you are, you're a follower of Christ who happens to play soccer, not the other way around. It means glorifying God on the field in the way you play and the words you use, and off the field in what you decide to do through every day life situations. It means never boasting about self, but realizing that without God the talents to play soccer would not be within you. Being a Christian athlete is truly something amazing because it serves multiple purposes. But the best thing about it, is that you have the opportunity to glorify God by doing something that you love. -Brent Oglesby

Brent Oglesby (#11) is a sophomore defender from Los Alamitos, California

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woMen’s soccer

(L to R. Back Row: Head Coach Danny Salas, Elycia Orth, Kathlynn Reynoso, Jocelyn Seaman, Claire Wohlfeil, Hannah Waggoner, Christy James, Liliana Torres, and Assistant Coach John Miley. Middle Row: Kellie Brakebill, Chelsea Sewell, Chelsie Lee, Emily Garbez, Katelyn Ogle, Kristina Hernandez, Maria Wiszowaty, and Jamie Vestal. Front Row: Sabrina Biggers, Thalia Bobadilla, Sarah Le, Nicole Quintanilla, Bianca Silva, and Melissa Avalos. Not pictured: Mireya Flores.)


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

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Back row: April Fisk (Coach), Deron Higgins (Coach), Jezere Wahlgren, Sigourney Rockmore, Lauren Howard, Kim McCalmont, Valaree Bergman, Mariah Boelk, Lauren Hall, Stephanie Rice, Courtney Barlow (Assistant Coach) Front Row: Aja Walker, Rachel Blair, Kaitlen Laine, Cassidy Mertens, Jessica Brazynetz, Jessica Higgins, Rachel Allen, Shelby Broberg.


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REsidence Life


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

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A few of your resident assistants Esther Cardenas,Communication Hall: Upper East, Love (for God and others) Why did you desire to be an RA? I wanted to be able to be placed into a position of leadership where I could serve, love, and encourage other women through the power of the gospel in my life. Favorite part about being an RA? I enjoy the many silly moments I can share with my hall as well as the edifying, honest, and encouraging conversations. How have you grown by being an RA? I have learned the importance of treating and praying for other people in a way that is truly dependent on Christ and the love and forgiveness that He has given me. I’ve also continued to learn how to better communicate whether it be by listening or in conversation.

Sean Hogan, Aviation Hall: Lower Center, Iron Sharpens Iron Why did you desire to be an RA? I love people and this was a great way for God to work through me and make an impact on other student’s lives. How have you grown by being an RA? I have matured a lot in the sense that I am more responsible and I have also grown closer to God through prayer and conversations I have had with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Hall Memory: Daniel and I took the guys in our hall out to the desert for a camping trip and it was an awesome time of fellowship and we were able to grow closer together as brothers. Something epic that you want to share with everyone: If you allow God to take control of your life He will truly bless you. I wasn’t going to be an RA at first and after praying about it and giving the decision to God I realized that this is where I was supposed to be. God has truly blessed me in my obedience! Love you guys!

Jovanna Ugarte, Psychology-Emphasis in Counseling Hall: UpperWest, Psalm 34:14 “Turn from evil and do

good; seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm 34 seemed to be our hall theme as time passed. We want to have that radiance and the joy that a woman can get when she is so filled with the Spirit. We can have that when we pursue, peace (or the Prince of Peace) instead of the worldly things that bring us down. How have you grown by being an RA? My foundation and relationships have never been stronger and the confidence I have learned needing to lean on God for all my personal issues in order to be a strong leader for these girls. Favorite part about SDCC: The longing for a community and emphasis in how important it is to be there for one another. Portraying the loyalty God has given us. 110

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Daniel James Araujo, English Hall: Lower Center, Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens

iron, so one man sharpens another.” Why did you desire to be an RA? I have a heart for connecting to people, especially to my boys on the hall. So, a position that allows me to do that was very appealing. I love growing and beginning relationships with an individual on a one to one basis, which is an integral and intentional part about being an RA. How have you grown by being an RA? When I first began my year as RA, I expected to instantly bond with everyone and to spontaneously create relationships that mirrored the ones that had taken years to cultivate. And when the instant connection did not occur, I was frustrated at myself for not being “good enough” and I attributed my lack of depth in relationships to my lack of ability in being an RA. Eventually, through lots of support and talking with God, I realized that depth in a relationship takes time and I cannot expect to instantly grow and strengthen a relationship in a day or even a month. Deep relationships and trustworthy connections take time, I have realized. Something epic : Have you seen my YouTube video? It is the first video after searching mrbomo7, the Backstreet Boys one :)

Shanae Green, Psychology - Counseling Hall: Upper Center Girls , My Identity is found in Christ

Favorite part about being an RA? The community that has developed within the Upper Center girls has been so refreshing for me to watch. I would say that that has been my favorite part; watching my girls come from a place of self to a place of being other-oriented. How have you grown through being an RA? I would say that upon the beginning of the semester I was in an “I can do this on my own” mindset, whereas now, my mindset has shifted from “I can’t do this on my own.” So in that sense, I’ve grown. Favorite memory? When I was a sophomore I lived in lower east, and Jerry Carmichael was fixing a leak in my sink. While he was fixing this leak - which was from the HOT WATER PIPE I might add - the pipe burst, and my room flooded with water up to about 2 inches off the floor. It was wonderful. I did get to get my carpet steamed because of it though, whatever that’s worth.

Tim Beaudry, English and Communication Hall: North, Trees

Favortite part about SDCC and being an RA? The people for sure! There’s hundred’s of thousands of schools all over the country but the people are what makes the difference. Just spending time with my guys and getting to know them more. Jesus is the answer to everyone, no matter how cheesy that sounds it’s the truth.

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Campus Halls Lower East

Upper West Upper East 112

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Lower West

Hall Olympics

Halls not pictured: Center & North

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A five day orientation- full of activities and fellowship! It’s a time to make new friends, friends that will last a lifetime and some even beyond!


Nso 114

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Spring Nso Spring NSO is a small band of newcomers who are welcomed with open arms by a great staff. Great leaders and staff prepare these new students for a semester of fun, faith, and oh yes, education!


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

A time to learn, a time to prepare, A time to be excited for all that are here! Games and fun, party in the sun, Are you ready for the year? 'Cuz Spring-2011 is finally here!


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Heritage Days


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

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Heritage Concert


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


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Student Senate

Front row: Elizabeth Stanton-Advisor, Abigail Thomson-President, Jaci Lowry-Treasurer, Molly Roethler-Communications, Marla Stewart-Senior Class President, Katie Maggi-Activities, April Fisk-Student Life, and Arriana Arroyos-Executive Administrator Back row: Jake Wilhelm-Vice President, Brian Johnson-Intramurals, Josh Kinney-Chaplain, Courtney Barlow-Athletic Liason, and John Crotts-Services


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

The best example of leadership is leadership by example.~ -Jerry McClain

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Lip Sync

Up at the RAC, Student Senate and director of activities, Katie Maggi host a fun night full of song and dance complete with the good old “hand jive!�


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Sing It! Move it!

Get your groove on! Li v i ng Upside do wn 2010-2011 1 2 5

Winter Banquet


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Hard Rock Hotel

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Intramural Life By Brian Johnson, intramural director

Intramurals is a place which allows students to get away from school work and the stress of everyday life and come together as a community and play competitive sports. Intramurals is a place to build friendships with other students, staff/faculty, and alumni. This is my fourth year here at SDCC and my fourth year being involved in Intramurals. Personally, I can say Intramurals is something that I look forward to every week. It is a place that I have made some of my best friends and have had some of the greatest memories here at SDCC. I have also had the privilege of being a part of running Intramurals for all four years, this year being my first year as the Director. Although it is hard work, it pays off to see everyone enjoying their time and seeing all the friendships that are built. I hope that Intramurals grows in the future with the number of participants and see it become one of the biggest events on campus.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Why do you love intramurals?

“I love pretending I know what's going on.” - Katie Maggi, a beloved Frisbee mom

“Watching Mike Forrest’s unadulterated talent.” -Nick Godwin

“Crashing into Courtney B and eating it.” - Pete Jensen

“The girls.” -Isaac Foley

“Hustle and paidoff-bustle.” -Tim Beaudry

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Fall Foliage

Life is good, but life with SDCC family is BETTER!


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

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Thoughts from the battlefront by John Gonzales

Give a college student a shiny plastic ball, a human target, and the hope of possessing fifty dollars and watch in amazement as they hand over their sanity in return. This transaction is better known on the San Diego Christian Campus as Nerf Tag. Nerf Tag is a game to be played only by the most brave, fearless, and insane of students. It is a game where one’s greatest fear is literally a fifty cent piece of plastic. It is the only game where your best friend in the whole world will stab you in the back for gas money. Friendships were bent and nearly broken as traps were set, alliances were formed, and classes were skipped. The fall tournament of Nerf Tag had most of its participants eliminated by day one. Those who were taken out within the initial twenty four hour period should be thankful, for as each day passed, a part of the contender’s mind was left behind with it. The sun rose, and the sun set as innocent Christian students were turned into paranoid barbarians whose only goal was to be able to dodge a ball or outrun a fellow student. Many must have become frightened by the time the spring tournament came around as the number of participants decreased, yet, the competition became three times fiercer. I remember sitting in a secret hideout with three members of the most notorious alliance formed. The four of us shared two five dollar hot-n-ready pizzas. They were pepperoni. After grace was said, they began to plot their plan of destruction. I sat speechless at just how seriously my brothers in Christ were taking this game. They created a pact of trust right before my eyes that was to be sealed with the drinking of cola. It was at that moment I realized the epicness of this tournament. And I must say that for anyone who has the valor to sign up for this death match next year, check into the looney bin early, ‘cause there’s gonna be a line out the door after the next round. Contender Daniel Arajuo prepares for the next round. 132

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~Bree 365~

Brianna Tayor shares glimpes of her 365 project. Her goal is to take a picture for every day of the year!

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H Magazine

The H is a Senate led Magazine, production led by Molly Roethler

I have been given the privilege to be the Editor-in-Chief of H Magazine for the last two school years. When John Crotts and I began last March, I had no idea that this magazine would grow to be what it is today, and I cannot wait to see where it will go in the years to come. Working on the H has given me nothing but joy (and some stress). I wouldn’t trade in this experience for anything in the world. I love working with my cabinet on piecing each issue together, as well as talking to students about their gifts to see if they would like to contribute. If you haven’t read an issue yet, they are located in the lounges, bookstore, and library. If you would like to contribute email Thank you for letting me serve! Molly Roethler, Director of Communications for Student Senate

~Isaac & Jenny’s adventures with Fred One of the favorite professors on campus is Fred Blackburn. This year freshmen Jenny and Isaac had the blessing to get to know him better and enjoy the marvels of Cultural Anthropology.

Here is Isaac and Fred (captured by Dr. Lem Usita)


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Prof. Fred is perplexed by the up and coming Hipsters (the group Isaac, Jenny, and their classmates covered for their class project).

Jenny and Prof. Fred enjoy some good food during a class outing to an Ethiopian Restaurant.

Undecided? by NaomiKlockmann I’m undecided. It didn’t start out that way. I came here with a sort of plan… First, I thought about majoring in music. It wasn’t soon before I realized music theory and I were just not great friends. It was almost as bad as math class. So then I thought about being a Bible major, and nothing about it was bad… I just don’t want to read Romans 15 different times in 15 different translations. Maybe I just have a hard time focusing on things like that. Maybe I’m ADD… that’s a possibility. Then, I thought about psychology, and I was pretty set on that. I mean you get paid to listen to other people’s problems, I can do that! Wrong. So wrong. I have enough problems of my own. Plus, it just wasn’t very good for my ego to go around psychoanalyzing every person I met. Then, I thought about aviation, but I would hate wearing a helmet all day long. Then, it was musical theater, but my mom was totally against that. She said that I didn’t need any help being dramatic. I wonder what she means by that. . . Bio major? Nope, I hate nasty, slimy, bloody, goopy things. Communication major? But what do you even do with that? What does that even mean? English? Ehh… I’m not a huge fan of Shakespeare. You have to read those books with a dictionary. Math? You have to be kidding me. Sports medicine? Naw, I like my cake and to eat it too. History? Hmm, dead people, conspiracy theories, scandals, near destruction of the entire world?! YES!! I think I’m on to something good here! Well, good luck all of you “non-mind maker uppers!”

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n College San Diego Christia at y or em m st ie for pp “My ha ent out on stage w e w re fo be ht od did was praying rig nervous we were G w ho r te at m o N ! Cinderella we never thought ow sh at th h ug ro every mighty things th ings are happening th le ib ss po im t, possible. Ye et ‘09 day! “ Chelsea Ram “How am I possib ly going to come up with just one thing to rem ember about scho ol? I have some of the grea test memories of hanging out till curfew spen ding time with m y “family” chatting, laughing , and watching m ovies. There were also some ex tremely memorab le pranks like cramming 15 hu ge palm tree bran ches into one of the singles in center. I will alw ays remember the late night ru ns to Valerios as the caf food just wasn’t enough to get us through the night. There are also so me great memor ie s of getting all decked out to go cheer for our sports teams, screaming till I lo st my voice. Not to mention the awesome heated theological debate s in and out of class. Working on papers till 4am wondering why I waited till la st minute, yet agai n promising myself it wouldn’ t happen again. Feeling like I no longer knew anything about an ything after my first Fred clas s. The list goes on ...” -Kate Spranzman ‘09 ng class From our first graduati 2010, the in 1973 to the class of d by our world has been impacte . During more than 8,000 alums itment mm the last 40 years, our co for Christ to impacting the world daily basis has been fulfilled on a ent. through alumni involvem w God is I can’t wait to hear ho ference. using you to make a dif r official Stay in touch on ou ristian/ Ch BOOK! “San Diego alumni group on FACE with rd e Alumni”. I look forwa Christian Heritage Colleg tion to the next 40 years. excitement and anticipa

Susie Parks, Class of 1991 Alumni Director


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Sheryl Russell (class of '74) Sheryl Russell was the valedictorian of the 1974 graduating class. Sheryl came to Christ in high school while attending a Youth for Christ Bible Study led by former NFL player, Ray Schmautz. Ray then encouraged Sheryl to begin attending Scott Memorial Baptist Church with Dr. Tim LaHaye as the Pastor.

Upon graduating from high school Sheryl was interested in attending newly-founded Christian Heritage College, but due to the cost, she began classes at San Diego State University. One afternoon while picking her up from SDSU, Sheryl’s father caught a glimpse of her psychology professor. “He was dressed like a hippie,” Sheryl remembers. “Dad became immediately convinced that I should attend a conservative Christian school.” With financial help from a family friend, Sheryl was able to start her studies at SDCC in the fall of 1971. During her college experience, Sheryl participated in numerous missions trips and began working at the newly founded Institute for Creation Research (ICR) with Dr. Henry Morris. Sheryl and her husband Paul are the founders of Christian Community Theater and Christian Youth Theater, the largest youth theater in the nation with affiliates across the country. In recognition of her dedication to developing character in the lives of youth and impacting communities for Christ through the Arts, San Diego Christian College is now privileged to honor Sheryl with the 2011 Alumnus of the Year award. SDCC is celebrating 40 years and it is fitting that its first valedictorian is being honored with this award.

Yearbook Crew Advisor: April Fisk Editor: Elise Reyes Layout and Edits: Danielle Smith, Shellby Hemmen, Elise Reyes, Mike Alvarez, Mitch Fisk Portraits: Andrew Shih, Naomi Klockmann Photography Contributors: Kyle Cabezas-Jones, Janelle Demchak, Teresa Demchak, Kristy Fowler, Residence Life Staff, Danielle Smith, Elise Reyes, Mark Hannibal, Shellby Hemmen, Phil Dolton, Denny Breslin, Joy Brown, Jacob Bechtol, Domenic Cottle, SDCC community and Facebook friends Writing: Katherine McAlister, Katie Duffy, Bree Staffeldt, John Gonzales, Naomi Klockmann, Aaron Varela, Molly Roethler, Danielle Smith, Elise Reyes, Shellby Hemmen, Student Body, SDCC staff, faculty, and alumni

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.� Joshua 1:9

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San Diego Christian College Yearbook 2010-11  
San Diego Christian College Yearbook 2010-11  

San Diego Christian College Yearbook 2010-11