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May 2014 Issue #2 Greetings SDC alumni! April has proved to be a wonderful time on campus. We just finished our Day of Prayer, with alumnus Tim Kuhl as our speaker. Tim is a Student Ministries Pastor at High Desert Church, a multi-site church ministering to over 12,000 participants over 3 campuses. The students were challenged and encouraged through his messages. We also had our first Career Fair that brought in 31 representatives from 13 different companies. Our students had the opportunity to submit resumes and be interviewed. As a result, several students received internship and job opportunities. I was so impressed with our students; they were professional and represented SDC with excellence. Another highlight was our spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors. The show was performed five times with over 400 total attendees. Every aspect of the show (costumes, wigs, set design, construction, choreography, acting, singing and conducting) was done by the students. The students from the Advanced Conducting class were the conductors for the live band, which included many students and friends of SDC. I am always amazed at the level of talent our students portray.

Dr. Paul and Lorri Auge reminded of God’s goodness and am humbled that he has chosen SDC to be that vessel. SDC is flourishing and I thank you for your continued prayers and partnership as we remain with our commitment to God’s service, as we honor our heritage and advance our future. Sincerely,

Paul Ague, Ph.D.

I am thankful for each student, faculty and staff who demonstrates commitment to the mission of raising the next generation of Christian servant leaders. It does not go unnoticed how you have paved the way for the current and future generations of students that are pursuing a liberal arts education in an institution that is founded on Truth, Purpose and Impact. I am constantly

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Kevin Cain has been a part of World Team as an aviator. Read his story.

8 / DEVOTIONAL Alumnus and dedicated Hawks sport’s fan, Danny Marriott, gives an encouraging word from Scripture.

10 / MISSIONS SDC sent a team of students and staff to Rancho Sordo Mudo. Read about their encouraging experience.




View highlights from the Career Fair that took place on April 3rd, bringing in 13 local businesses and organizations.

Shelby Hull (‘14) shares what he looks forward to after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

San Diego Christian’s first softball team took their competitive stance in the NAIA Division I league. Meet the team.



Take a look at where SDC alumni are today!

Office for Advancement and Alumni Relations 619-201-8788

Welcome to the second issue of SDC Alumni Connection! I hope that you enjoyed the first issue. Maybe you can relate to me in seeing how blessed our SDC community is to have amazing and gifted individuals attend and graduate from SDC. I’ll repeat what I wrote in the first magazine and remind you that this is your college and we value the time you spent pursuing a liberal arts education in an environment that is committed to a Christian worldview, community and excellence. We hope that you will provide ownership of this magazine by sending us content that interests you and provides your fellow classmates with inpiring and informative stories and news. We want you to tell the story of SDC’s impact. We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a member of the SDC Alumni Association. With many thanks, Robert Jensen Vice President for Advancement and Administration


Please update your e-mail and mailing address by contacting the Advancement Office at (619) 201-8788 or via e-mail


Robert Jensen VP for Advancment and Administration

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT REFLECTIONS OF A MISSIONARY AVIATOR By: Kevin Cain (‘83) your neighbor as yourself.” As I looked for ways to serve God where the needs were even greater, I saw a need for missionary pilot/mechanics to reach the unreached. So I moved towards that end, attending SDC from ’81-’83 and receiving my degree in Missions with an Aviation Emphasis. After gaining more experience in my home church in Manhattan Beach, CA, and gaining flight and maintenance experience at the nearby Hawthorne Airport, I went through the arduous process of choosing an agency. Once I attended the orientation of World Team—and met a single, beautiful blonde during the orientation—I knew this was the mission for me! We spent five years (1988-93) in Indonesia, serving in an isolated village in Papua (formerly Irian Jaya, Indonesia). When several things changed, including the birth of our daughter with cerebral palsy, we began a new ministry with World Team. Through the transition, God was (of course) faithful and drew us closer to Himself. I’ve been in World Team’s mobilization department for many years. I have focused on recruiting pastors—not to join World Team and go overseas, but to target areas of the world and seek to send church planting teams to those regions. It has been a stretching experience, but it’s good to see the church take on its rightful role in reaching the nations.

A short-term trip to Guatemala radically changed my approach to life. I was raised in a Christian home, and I had a relationship with Christ and somehow I felt that I was free to pursue my own dreams. Little did I realize how much the Gospel asked of us-of me. And frankly, I’m still learning what it means to die to myself daily and live completely for Him.

After 27 years with World Team, another transition is taking place. I have accepted the role of Outreach Director at Olive Branch Community Church in Corona, CA, just an hour and a half north of the new property of SDC. And in the transition, my daughter Kelsie is looking to finish her education at SDC starting in the fall of ’14. So if you see a pretty blonde in a wheelchair cruising around campus, say hi!

During my trip to Guatemala, I saw the physical and spiritual needs of the people. I could continue to pursue my own dreams, but I chose to pursue the passion of my Savior when He said, “Love




GSAC Champions 2013-2014

COMMENCEMENT: MAY 17 Celebrate Bright Futures and Accomplishments!

10AM 2100 Greenfield Dr El Cajon, CA

ALUMNI REGIONAL EVENT: JUNE IN TEXAS Alumni Dinner in Dallas, TX. RSVP by emailing Saturday, June 21st Two thousand fourteen 6pm in the evening Location: TBD Dinner is available at no cost For more information contact 6


Career Fair 2014

April took off with an energetic Career Fair hosted on SDC’s main campus site by Sara Aguilar, Career Services Counselor, and her assistant, Cassidy Mertens (‘14). Students arrived on campus dressed in their suits, blazers and ties with copies of their resumes in hand. For four hours, students had direct access to meet 31 representatives from 13 companies. Among those employers were Assemblyman Brian Jones, Verengo Solar, Enterprise, AXA Advisors, Thrivant Financial, San Diego Business Associates, the US Navy and others. Employers conducted several onsite interviews and generated a list of students they wanted to connect with to perform an additional interview. Of the 70 to 75 students that attended, there were students who received internships and

job offerings. During the week following the career fair, Sara worked with several students to prepare them for interviews they had received from those companies. Two students, one from the Traditional program and one from the Non-traditional program, were hired to intern for Assemblyman Brian Jones. One particular organization that took a great interest in our SDC students was San Diego Business Associates (SDBA). SDBA is a Christian organization that emphasizes the development of young professionals. They focus on networking, etiquette, how to brand and promote one’s professional identity and so on. Their motto is “Business helping businesses through business workshops, events and fundraising opportunities in which networking is a side effect.” SDBA was very impressed with our students and offered to host a 4 week series of free workshops to our students that began in April. The students who attended the Career Fair were execited to be there and meet companies that offered positions they were interested in. Advent Group Ministries, whose target population is troubled kids, sex trafficked victims and abused children, was of particular interest to several Psychology students. Sara Aguilar expressed how the fair was very well received by both 7

students and employers. “Several students gladly volunteered to help with the event. It is encouraging to see the interest and excitement students are having in being career minded. I enjoy working with them and seeing the positive results of the resources being offered to them through one on one employment mentorship, Career Shift (online program), and career workshops.”

Sara Aguilar Career Services Counselor For those interested in hosting a table as a representative employer for future Career Fairs, please contact Sara Aguilar at


New Beginnings, Same Story Daniel Marriott (‘07)

As we come to the close of another academic year, all eyes turn to graduation. This is a time of joy, hope, and even uncertainty. We rightfully anticipate the wonderful celebration that is commencement. This is a time of joy, as we celebrate those who have put in years of hard work and have completed their course. Like warriors coming home from battle, we rejoice in their victory and we honor their achievements. We praise God for His many mercies and sustaining grace in the lives of our graduates. This is a time of hope, as we look forward to the great and marvelous things that God will do through the lives of our graduates. Some will continue on with further studies in preparation for their callings while others will jump right into their chosen career path. As one chapter comes to a close, we eagerly anticipate reading the next, knowing that we have the master storyteller and the Architect of our universe and our salvation. This is also a time of uncertainty. It can seem both fortunate and unfortunate that God does not reveal every aspect of His story for our lives. As our nation begins to sail into uncharted waters on a number of social fronts, our graduates will be thrown into the thick of the culture wars and, having a strong

Biblical foundation to stand on, will be all the more crucial. Many of our graduates will be faced with a myriad of opportunities and wonder about the ramifications of their upcoming decisions and how their story will end. With all of these new beginnings, it is a blessing to know that they are all being written into the same story, the glorification of God in Christ through the salvation of sinners. First, this is the story of their own salvation. I believe that it is right for us to have Paul’s confidence that “he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” (Phil. 1:6. ESV) Through the many twists and turns, the defeats and victories, we and they can be sure that the Captain of their soul will keep watch over them and bring them safely Home. Second, this is the story of the salvation of those with whom they will come into contact with through the outworking of their callings. Through their education at SDC, they have been trained to in their “hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered,


those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame.” (1 Peter 3:15-16, ESV) As God now brings new characters into their story, it is their duty to call these new characters to give up their rogue stories and join with them in God’s grand narrative. May we all join in welcoming these new alumni into our ranks by renewing our own evangelistic zeal in the confidence of our own story’s ending.

Danny married Julie in March of 2013. He graduated from SDC’s Biblical Studies Department in 2007 and is currently the registrar at Westminster Seminary California and an adjunct professor in SDC’s Adult Professional Studies program. Forever a Hawk, he follows every SDC sports team and is very proud of the baseball team’s first league title. GO HAWKS!

APS GRADUATE Business Major, Father, Professional, School Board Member and Graduate of SDC Shelby Hull (‘14) Shelby Hull, APS 2014 Commencement Speaker, has attended SDC for the past four years studying Business Management. The APS program is unique in providing a learning environment best conducive for adult learners who have taken the reverse path of entering the professional world prior to gaining a college degree. When they enter the classroom, either online or on ground, the information they receive informs their role in the workplace offering them a hands on approach to their learning. For Shelby, the situation was the same. Prior to attending SDC, he had worked as a truck driver into his early twenties and was able to work himself up the ladder to becoming a highly respected technical sales and business development professional. He has continued to work while going to school. He overseas the Southern California area for Oldcastle Precast. Oldcastle Precast is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete in the U.S. Shelby began seeking his degree at SDC when he found himself in a position at work, that if he had applied for his own position, would no longer be hired due to a lack of a college degree. Several of his colleagues all hold civil engineering degrees and advanced degrees in business administration. Shelby states, “Because I held the same position as my educated colleagues and was compensated equally, I really believed that God had advanced me and given me a unique opportunity. With that , I needed to get my education level up to par with my employment level.” With the immediate accessibility of accessing information through the world wide web and current trends in higher education revealing rising tuition costs, it is easy to question whether a college degree remains to have as much value as it once did. Shelby’s situation provides evidence that a college degree is valuable in today’s workplace. Shelby has been able to utilize and integrate his education in every aspect of his career. Shelby expressed, “When you can influence others internally and externally who do not report directly to you, to achieve specific tasks you require of them, you understand and have implemented key SDC business principles”. Now, with a college degree soon to be in hand, Shelby has high goals for his future and how he wishes to impact the next generation. “My first goal is to spend as much time with my family as possible; they have all sacrificed for me to complete my degree. From there, I plan to utilize my gifts, talents and experience (good and bad) to challenge and influence fathers and future fathers to get right with God, stay married and raise healthy families.” Shelby seeks to fulfill this goal through being a role model and mentor for young men, as well as participate in speaking engagements and writing books. If he could give any advice to others who have been working in the corporate world, but haven’t completed their degree, it would be to pursue an education in order to move up the ladder to your desired level of employment. In addition, Shelby expresses how he was able to receive more from his college experience due to his background and being “immersed in current technologies, the latest thought processes and business practices.” The application was immediate for Shelby and evident in his ability to purchase and sell two homes, travel all over the country as a professional, serve as a school board member and most importantly, be the father and sole provider for his wife and three sons. “The key is to begin with the vision of accomplishing your goal, and to keep that end result consistently on your mind until you achieve it.” 9


RANCHO SORDO MUDO Spring Missions Trip


uring Spring Break, a team of 17 students and staff traveled to Rancho Sordo Mudo, a school and home for deaf children in Southern California Baja, Mexico. The week was filled with activities involving sports, clearing brush, drywall, cooking, and playing with the students. With the many responsibilities Rancho has to oversee, they often times have several tasks that they are unable to get to. Therefore, it is a blessing to them when SDC is able to send out a team of students and staff to complete these projects.

Having the opportunity to fellowship with the SDC members gave the children much encouragement to know that they have brothers and sisters in Christ, from the U.S., who care about them. Rachel Uy, sophomore at SDC, expressed how “it meant a lot, because even though we were just a passing group, the children wanted to know all about us - our names, lives, relationships and more. Because they couldn’t say our names, they showed us a short way of how to say our name in sign language, usually using some aspect of who we are.” The children at Rancho Sordo Mudo have all come from a background of not being able to know how to communicate until they reached the welcoming doors of this school. The SDC team was touched by the stories told of how these children were trapped and didn’t know how to express their feelings, because they didn’t have a way to communicate. But greater than that, it wasn’t until they reached Rancho where they not only learned a language, but they learned who Christ is. Rancho provides a language as an opportunity to transform the children with the Gospel. Rachel expressed how “when they pray, it’s a very physical and powerful prayer, because you see all their emotion come out.”

The SDC team participated in several projects. One project consisted of putting up drywall to prepare space for a new full time staff member. Another project required members of the team to pull away brush from the buildings to prevent fires. A few team members took over cooking responsibilities when the main chef had to leave for emergency purposes. In the evenings, the team would spend time with the students playing frisbee, basketball and soccer. The team enjoyed finding ways of communicating with the students. The children would respond with much excitement when given the opportunity to demonstrate how to speak in sign language.




very summer SDC sends out a team of passionate and dedicated students and staff to travel oversees to the country of Thailand, ministering to the Mae Tung district. Last summer, a team of students went to Laos and Thailand. While in Laos, the team focused on engaging in prayer warfare. They partnered with missionaries whose goal is to bring the Gospel to the So people. They rode on motorbikes for several hundred miles into remote areas praying “onsight with insight” for the people, those with illnesses and for the spiritual bondage that had a stronghold on the villagers, as expressed by Micah Parks (‘16), team member in 2013.

land, with 5 of them also going to Laos. Among those going, three are staff members from the Student and Spiritual Life departments: Steve Jenkins, Robyann Oaks and Sara Aguilar. Additionally, one member is an alumna, who currently lives in Hawaii, Danielle Smith (‘11). The team will be gone for a total of 3 weeks. Their focus will be to minister to the Hill Tribes region in Northern Thailand extending God’s KingThis year, three teams dom to Southwill be traveling overs east Asia. They ees to Thailand, Laos will be partnerand Nigeria. Steve Jenk ing with Integrins, Director of Spiritual ated Tribal Life, has continued to Developmental provide a passionate ex Program, provample of what it means iding resources, to spread the Gospel support, and through service. He has encouragement. led several successful trips bringing students The projects to remote areas where will include varthey have worked on Right to left back row: John, Steve, Sam, Kevin and Patrick ious constructseveral building proFront row: Robyann, Rachel and Ben ion tasks. They Not in the picture: Micah Parks, Sara Aguilar, and Danielle Smith jects for the people to help improve the living standards by providing medical will be conducting classroom construction along with Housing construction, teacher housing, volunteer staff assistance, clean water access, as well as building new housing and a youth hostel. Outreach ministries include buildings to provide classroom space for the Christian school. In addition to projects, several teams have been community worship services on Sundays, evangelistic outreaches/dramas presenting God’s love, daily VBS ministry able to plan out Vacation Bible School lessons and targeting 160+ children of the village and surrounding activities for the children. villages and providing a medical team to assist the staff nurse with the basic care of villagers. Each student that has traveled on a Thailand missions trip can agree that it is a challenging, yet very fulfilling SDC has impacted the Karen villages in the Mae Tung district since experience. The perspective that you are exposed to May of 2007 by sharing the Gospel and by bringing clean water, provides an opportunity to serve out of a heart for building staff housing and a school to provide education to over 140 seeing God’s love and Gospel transform the lives of children, creating a water sanitation system and providing basic the people. health care. To financially support the team, visit and click the Give Now button. This summer, thirteen individuals will travel to Thai11


San Diego Christian Softball Makes a Statement Interview with Cheryl Schaefer, Head Softball Coach 1. What has been exciting about beginning a softball program at San Diego Christian College?

3. How has the team been excelling? Tell us about some of the highlights.

The most exciting thing about beginning a softball program at SDC is watching God work and letting Him work. I have been amazed at the girls and the talent He brought to our team and just the lives that have been affected in such a postive way!

We finished 1 game out of getting 2nd place, and for a first year program in a tough conference, I think finishing 3rd was exciting. Another highlight was beating #12 ranked Biola and ending the conference play receiving national votes. We also came from behind and beat Vanguard 3 out of 4 times this year.

2. What have been many of the strengths of the team?

4. What are you looking forward to next year?

Hitting! We have a strong offense, we have a “never say die/never give up� attitude. We are relentless and have come from behind and won so many times this year!

Just growth, maturity, continuing to establish the culture of our team for years and years to come and watching what God does and how He will work through our team in amazing ways!




Charlie Brown

Sound of Music




Little Women Fiddler on the Roof




2007 A Year with Frog and Toad Fantastiks




2011 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Snoopy 13

SDC ALUMNI CARD The SDC Alumni Card provides opportunities for alumni to connect with each other and their Alma Mater by encouraging Hawk Pride and involvement in the daily acitivites at San Diego Christian (SDC).



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Per calendar year.

Blue Card: Email with your first and last name, address, and phone number.

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1. 3. Stephen Clark (‘09)

Since graduating, Stephen worked as a flight instructor for two and a half years at Jean’s (now SDCC Aero), San Diego Sport Flyers and Scandinavian Aviation Academy. He recently married his wonderful wife on November 14th, 2010. In October 2011, Stephen was hired by American Eagle Airlines as a First Officer in the Embraer 145, which is a 50 passenger regional jet.

2. 1. Jason Park (‘11)

Jason Park graduated from SDC with a degree in Aviation. Since graduating, Jason was active in providing flight instruction for international students studying at Sierra Academy of Aeronautics. He recently began a new job in San Jose, where he works for Aperture Aviation, an ariel photography business. Aperture Aviation conducts flights all over the United States to survey cities.

2. Adam Peterson (‘08)

After college, Adam began working as a flight instructor for San Diego Christian and as a banner tow pilot. He then moved to Arizona where he currenlty lives in the city of Lake Havasu. He is a captain in a citation business jet and flies for a charter company all over the US, Canada and Mexico.

Jason recently married his beautiful wife, Jessica, on December 8, 2013.


Stephen and his wife moved to Dallas, TX shortly thereafter. Stephen was based in New York for a while, flying out of La Guardia and JFK, and then transferred to DFW. Recently, Stephen was hired (sponsored is the term they use) by an Air Force Reserve squadron. Stephen began Officer Training School in February 2014 and will graduate on May 1st. Next, Stephen will go through Undergraduate Pilot Training in Del Rio, TX, after which he will move to his permanent duty station at Travis AFB, CA flying the KC-10 Extender.

Jeff and Jamie Wood (Thompson) (‘02) with their son, David.

FAMILY MOMENTS Josh (‘08) and Dona Morgan (Sumner) (‘08) with their energetic daughters Kaleigh and McKenzie


Tying the knot. Newlyweds.

Jason (Chanwoo) (‘11) and Jessica Park December 2013

Brent and Amanda Hyden (Graham) (‘10) March 2014

Emmanuel (‘13) and Bethany Onywera (Haendle) (‘12) March 2014 Pelly and Jenny Peloquin (Edwards) August 2013

Jenny is a former SDC Student Life staff and attended SDC for a 17 couple of years before moving to New York.


LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS By: Jacob Coffin (‘15)

A Christian school is doing Little Shop of Horrors... Why? There have been a few wary glances thrown at the Performing Arts Department of San Diego Christian College upon the mention of their spring musical. When you put it in certain ways, it does seem deserving of a few glances. For example, the show involves these various characters caught in a way of life that is surely going nowhere but down. In a rash effort to somehow “fix” that, the lead role gets talked into feeding a hungry plant that can only have a meal that involves human flesh and blood. So…just doing the calculations here…people die. People get murdered. Again, the question is –

satirical, but it also has a very convicting moral lesson in it, which people can miss if they are too hung up on the way it is presented. As human beings, we can all relate to the lead character, Seymour Krelborn. Like him, sometimes we can find ourselves in situations that seem hopeless; we can feel like our occupation is not the one we were born for, and so we start clawing for a way out. That seems to be the ideal entrance for sin and moral failure to make an entrance in our life.

A Christian school is doing Little Shop of Horrors... Why??

That “sin” in this story would be Audrey II, the unique looking plant that promises to get the main character everything his heart desires if he only feeds him just a little bit of human blood. Feeding a plant, or “a little sin” doesn’t seem too bad, right? If it’s going to get you out of your predicament, the end justifies the means, right? And a little human blood – that’s only a finger prick, isn’t it? Well, it certainly starts out that way for the main character, until the plant starts getting bigger, and meaner, and more demanding. The blood from a finger really isn’t enough anymore. But Seymour is so close to getting out of Skid Row. Can he really stop feeding his little habit now? This story is so rich with life application themes.

I guess it’s going to have to be said a different way for a better understanding. Yes, the show is about a character who gets taken advantage of by a talking plant who really just wants to eat people, but in truth, not only is this story fantastically funny and

Little Shop of Horrrs was showcased at the Red Door Theatre on April 3-6th. There were over 400 people who attended the exciting, humorous and talented performance.


Since the move to Santee, SDC’s Performing Arts Department has been utilizng CYT’s Red Door Theatre. If you have a passion for music and have experienced the mentorship and guidance of any one of our skilled Music Professors or have a passion for music and performing arts, we ask you to consider giving to the building and establishment of SDC’s very own Performing Arts Center.


INSTITUTE FOR COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Enrich Empower Engage The Insitute for Community Engagement (ICE) was introduced in February 2014, founded as a vision of San Diego Christian’s (SDC) President, Dr. Paul Ague. ICE was created to utilize the current SDC resources and expertise to facilitate new opportunities to serve the SDC vision. ICE endeavors to impact the community by providing resources that enrich, empower and engage individuals and families, offering the hope that is found through our faith in Christ. ICE will offer learning experiences using a faith-based model in order to serve as the “hands and feet” of the body of Christ as we represent our community around the neighborhood and across the globe.

Summer Camp Classes Begin June 9th (1st - 12th grade) Introducing SDC Youth Summer Camps! Including LEGO Engineering, Mad Science Experiments, Intro to Acting, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Archery, Intro to Filmmaking, Service Learning, and more! New Fall Friday Program for SDC Youth Including Cross Country, Street Beats Percussion, Apologia Biology and Chemistry, SAT/College Prep, Novel in a Year, Intro to Speech, and more! Contact for more information.



The Institute for Community Engagement began their educational offerings with a wonderful guest speaker, Rosemary Garlow, relative of Oskar Schindler of the Schindler’s List. Rosemary provided a classroom of guests with an insightful and encouraging virtual tour presentation of Israel. With Easter a few days later, Rosemary was able to add an informational and visual connection to the place our Savior died and rose. Rosemary married Dr. Jim Garlow in January of 2014 at Skyline Church where Dr. Garlow serves as Senior Pastor.

If you’re a Counselor, Teacher or involved in ministry and are looking to complete graduate Continuing Education Units (CEU), consider reviewing the course offerings SDC provides through an engaging environment by visiting SummitRidge.


For more information, contact the Adult and Professional Studies Department at 619-201-8700.

CELEBRATING OUR SENIORS We are looking forward to May 17th and celebrating the accomplishment of each of our Seniors. We want to get the excitement started by highlighting the next step that our seniors will be taking. With each student, it is our passion and mission to equip them to become Christian leaders who impact the world for Christ. We can’t wait to watch our students pursue a life of purpose such as you have been. We are excited to welcome them in as Alumni of San Diego Christian College.

I am taking a semester off and then planning on starting a Master’s program in the spring! - Monique , Psychology

I plan on attending Azusa Pacific’s master’s program in September and receiving my Marriage and Family therapy license. - Bianca, Psychology

I believe the Lord has called me to be involved with church planting in Alaska which, due to the remoteness of many of the towns, will require aviation to accomplish. Marred by substance abuse, suicide and domestic issues, Alaska and its people are in desperate need of the love of Jesus. My desire is to use the education and skills I received during my time at SDC to help develop self-sustaining, disciple-making, indigenous churches in Alaska for the glory of God.

- Sean, Aviation

Photo courtesy of Lauren di Matteo 20

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SDC Alumni Connection May Issue #2  
SDC Alumni Connection May Issue #2