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Connecting alumni and friends with San Diego Christian

Hawks Baseball completes their most successful season in school history 14

Reflections in Ecclesiastes Brad Pulcipher 8

SDC Receives the Top Tech Award in Education 7

Alumni Spotlight Sonya Fields 5

Class Notes 17 Pictured on the cover: Mary Hose and Rio Davis

June 2014 Issue #3 Dear Alumni, This past May we celebrated the graduation of 155 students from our Traditional and Adult programs. We know these students are well-equipped to be change makers in the world. You can view the Commencement Ceremony on our website. I am sure it will bring back many great memories from your own graduation. In athletic news, the Hawks baseball team completed a successful year, taking their place as the GSAC Conference champions, and NAIA regional champions, which earned them a spot to the NAIA College World Series in Lewiston, Idaho. We are excited about this opportunity they had to demonstrate their skill and determination. As we look forward to this coming fall semester, I ask you to join me in praying over the new and returning students as they pursue their education at your alma mater. It is a joy and a blessing to see the ongoing dedication of our staff and faculty pouring into the lives of students, so they can make a difference in the world for Christ.

Dr. Paul and Lorri Ague

Thank you for your continued support for SDC. We are expecting great things in the future that only God can do. Please join us on the journey and help us impact the world for Christ! Blessings,

Paul Ague, Ph.D. President

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SPOTLIGHT APS Graduate Sonya Fields shares her desires post graduating.

8/ DEVOTIONAL Alumnus and current SDC Student Life Director, Brad Pulcipher, shares his thoughts on Ecclesiastes.

12/ EDUCATION Dr. Debra Cunningham addresses the bright future for education and the active role SDC’s Teacher Credential Program is taking in adequately equipping future teachers.


7 / TOP TECH AWARD SDC receives the San Diego Top Tech Award in Education.

10 / GRADUATION See what festivities took place this year to celebrate our 155 graduates.


22 / SUMMER CAMPS See what classes are being offered this summer for students ages 5-17.

SDC Baseball team completes their most successful season in school history.


Take a look at where SDC alumni are today.

Office for Advancement and Alumni Relations 619-201-8788

Greetings! This past month was full of celebration as we kicked it off with Awards Night, where we recognized the academic achievements of our students. Following that, we recognized the Class of 2014 with a Graduation Banquet and Commencement. With many attendees at both graduation events, it truly was an incredible experience to see the parents, family members, and friends of our graduates overjoyed and proud. We have full confidence that these graduates are well-equipped to be change makers in the world and to make an impactful difference. As we enter the summer months, many of our students will be traveling abroad serving families and communities around the world. A few of the main countries our students will be traveling to include Laos, Thailand, Nigeria, and France. Be sure to look for our next issue where we will recap highlights from those trips. In addition, we’d like to highlight our alumni that are currently in the mission field or have served in the mission field. Please send your class notes and picture to If you plan on making San Diego part of your summer plans, be sure to stop by SDC in Santee. Alumni who visit the alumni office will receive a complimentary alumni t-shirt. Sincerely, Robert Jensen, MSEL


Please update your e-mail and mailing address by contacting the Advancement Office at (619) 201-8788 or via e-mail


Robert Jensen VP for Advancment and Administration

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT leadership positions: I am the wife of an Associate Minister, I am a part of our Deaconess Ministry, and I am a part of our Church Praise Ministry. Each of these positions requires a dedication and determination to tell others about Jesus Christ by the way I live and worship the Lord in and outside of Church. 3. How beneficial is your degree in your current role? This degree is beneficial, providing me with the confidence I needed to really understand that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This degree will allow me the assurance to make sound decisions and serve others on any team to be the best they can be. My next degree will surely provide me with the benefits I need to move onward and upward in the direction my Father God will have me to go personally and professionally.

Sonya Fields (‘14) Occupation:

Assistant Vice President at Bank of America - Equipment Leasing Program and Degree:

Adult and Professional Studies Business Management

4. What are your long term aspirations? My long term aspiration is to continue my education by obtaining my Masters Degree in Business Management at Ohio Christian University within the next two to three years. I also aspire to be a stronger and more avid follower of Christ by getting closer and closer to Him. I want my learned skills from my degrees to be a part of being a stronger and more willing vessel to do the work of the Lord now and forever more.

2014 ALUMNI GRAD INTERVIEW 1. Why did you choose to major in Business Management? As a professional in the banking industry, I have found that a continued education and a strong faith in Jesus Christ is very vital to one’s success. My reasoning for studying Business Management was a personal choice. I felt that the skills learned in this curriculum, especially those on Servant leadership, would provide me with an edge if, and when I wanted to either move up in my career or open my own event planning business.

5. What is one thing you enjoyed about your learning experience in the APS program at SDC? One of the most enjoyable experiences was the learning environment at SDC. There was the freedom like none other to be able to express my love, admiration and belief in God with every assignment if I chose. I also enjoyed the availability, and the constant communication with the instructors and my guidance counselor. The open line of communication was very important to me being that I was hundreds of miles away from the main campus. Clearly for my first online college degree, I would tell anyone that after researching this school, through prayer and receiving confirmation from Christ, that this is the place for you. If I could do it, anyone could too.

2. Tells us a little bit about what you’re doing now. As a professional, I am currently an Assistant Vice President at Bank of America where I hold a position in Equipment Leasing. I have been employed with this organization for 25 years. On a personal note, I am very active in my church where I hold a couple of 5


ALUMNI REGIONAL EVENT: JUNE IN TEXAS Alumni Dinner in Dallas, TX. RSVP by emailing Saturday, June 21st Two thousand fourteen 6pm in the evening Location: Courtyard by Marriott Medical Market Center 2150 Market Center Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207 Dinner is available at no cost For more information contact


SDCYOUTH FALL CLASS DAYS Class Days are opportunities for homeschool students to come together once a week to support and supplement their existing homeschool curriculum. Fridays from 12pm to 3pm For more information and to register, visit 6

IN THE NEWS SDC RECEIVES THE TOP TECH EXEC AWARD IN EDUCATION Hundreds of businesses in the San Diego community came together at the 2014 Top Tech Exec Awards to highlight innovators in the field of Information Technology. San Diego Magazine, with title sponsor Cox Business, hosted the largest annual awards program, the Top Tech Exec Awards, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. With over 250 nominees in 5 categories, San Diego Christian College (SDC) won the award as the leading educational institution. SDC was recognized for their transformational approach from a college located in El Cajon in 2013, with no IT department of its own, to its relocation in the City of Santee with all aspects of the campus built on innovative technology. Robert Jensen, Vice President for Advancement and Administration, represented SDC by taking home

the San Diego Top Tech Exec in Education award. This recognition is only the beginning to the vision SDC seeks to have in the field of Education. “If education is a door that leads to many new opportunities, then technology is a key that can open those doors. It is necessary to prioritize technology as a catalyst in the learning environment,” as stated by Robert Jensen. A few areas demonstrating the technological transformation include: a cloud-based infrastructure; full integration of web services including email, telephone (removed all physical telephones), video conferencing, messaging, and more through Office 365; fiber optics throughout the campus; implementation of a one-card system for purchases

Robert and Priscilla Jensen and access to buildings; full campus WIFI connection; migration to a new Learning Management System, and more. As SDC continues to broaden its resources and impact, it will remain focused on how to implement best practices in the area of technology in order to best serve students, employees, and the community as a whole. Robert states, “By building an intentional environment, we believe that we are leading in our role as educators by utilizing innovative avenues to enable the success for all of our constituents.”



Reflections on Ecclesiastes Brad Pulcipher (‘08)

Another academic year has come and gone. A campus has fully relocated. A new graduating class is entering the marketplace. This has been an unbelievably exciting and challenging season for San Diego Christian. Yet our work is not yet done. While the transition checklist has crossed off many of its to do items, that list still remains at the forefront of our “pioneering” efforts. The same can be said for our recent graduates. While they have recently crossed off a college diploma from their personal checklists, now a new to do list awaits them as the exciting, yet daunting, experience of life after college begins. With all this talk about checklists and getting things done, I have been reminded of the words of Solomon in Ecclesiastes. Life is always going to be busy. There is always going to be things to get done. Actions and meetings and deadlines to fill our time. But as we allow the wisdom of Solomon to infiltrate our thinking, we are reminded of a grander purpose that redirects our motivations, intentions, and vision. Let us ponder the astute insights that Solomon imparts to “all of humanity under the sun”: “Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun? Generations come and generations go,

but the earth remains forever. The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises. The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course. All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again. All things are wearisome, more than one can say. The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time. No one remembers the former generations, and even those yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow them. After reading this, one can’t help but be left with some sense of desperation or anxiety for making life matter. Solomon speaks from the heart of man, a heart in its natural state that desires the world, this life. Our labor, our rest, our creativity, our legacy. Solomon paints a vision of humanity that stirs feelings of bleakness and unrest and meaninglessness. But what I love about the book of Ecclesiastes is that in the face of such a rousing 8

exclamation about the meaninglessness of life, after Solomon tears down any hope found in wisdom, riches, advancement, labor, and pleasure, he sends his audience to see purpose beyond themselves. Solomon notes that all the things he has seen as meaningless under the sun will yet still come to pass; but, he commands, in the midst of it all, do not, do not, do not forget your Creator. That only when your life is aligned with Him, your heart seeking His Glory, and your labors motivated by His love, does man find his true purpose under the sun. I love how he concludes his thoughts, and I will leave them with you as well: Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. Brad received a degree in Biblical Studies and went on to complete his Master’s Degree in Higher Education. He currently serves as the Student Life Director at SDC where he oversees several of the student leadership initiatives, as well as the growing Career Services Department. Brad recently married Esther Cardenas (‘11) in Nov. 2013.


For the first time ever, SDC Awards Night took place outside in the warm San Diego weather, beneath the starry sky. A red carpet welcomed guests to Emcees, Pete Goodman, Operations Manager and Tim Almeda, Resident Assistant, who kept the crowd amused with their wit. Several students performed different musical numbers to add to the excitement of the night. Each department acknowledged various students for their commitment to academic success in their various fields. Some highlights from the night include: Jermani Stewart winning the Matt Krause award, exemplifying what it means to be an athlete on and off the field; Sam Porges was awarded with the Bible Achievement Award; Michael Elm was honored for his leadership on the Flight Team, and Blandy Castro was named the new Flight Team Captain for the 2014-2015 school year; Alyssa Triana, Heather Servin, and Ruben Calderon were awarded for being outstanding graduates in the Business, Education, and Kinesiology departments. Respectively, the Psychology department recognized Mary Hose and Trish Guinn for academic excellence, and Biolgy awards were given to Joe Downing and Miriam Cardenas. The Communication Department had the privilege of announcing this year’s Valedictorian, Derek Dickerson, with the History Department awarding Luke Johnson as the Junior Color Bearer. The evening ended with the announcement of the prestigious President’s Award and Heritage Awards. The President’s Award honors an outstanding male and female junior student for their involvement in the campus community and their overall contribution to the College mission and purpose. The two winners were Kevin Brandt and Laura-Beth Gathman. The Heritage Award is given to a male and female senior who represent SDC in an exceptional manner, exemplifying the highest standards of excellence in academics and character. The winners of the Heritage Award went to Michael Elm and Rio Davis. 9



ith finals week over, SDC seniors came together with their family and friends to celebrate the completion of their bachelor’s degree by enjoying a sit down dinner, live music, and speech by Professor Fred Blackburn. One of the most powerful events that occurred during the banquet was the unity that became so evident when parents, siblings, friends, faculty and staff surrounded each graduate to pray for them and their future as they go into the world exemplifying Christ.

To welcome the seniors into the Alumni Association, Vice President for Advancement and Administration, Robert Jensen, encouraged alumni to stay connected by utilizing their alumni cards, which provides a variety of benefits, including free admittance to athletic games. Following that, each VP carried on the tradition of handing out the Servant Scholar towels, which was given to each senior as a reminder to pursue leadership within the framework of how Christ served.

The event was truly a remarkable time and fully expressed the proud emotions each supporter had for the graduates. Congratulations Class of 2014!




Image to the right: Dr. Paul Ague (President), Dr. Bob Zinn (Chairman of the Board of Trustees), and Dr. Ken Blanchard (Commencement Speaker)

he auditorium was completely packed with over 2,000 attendees ready to celebrate with 155 SDC graduates. Shelby Hull, Adult and Professional Studies speaker and Derek Dickerson, Valedictorian, began the sequence of events by presenting two speeches of encouragement for the Class of 2014. Following them, commencement speaker, Dr. Ken Blanchard, Co-founder of Ken Blanchard Companies and well-known speaker and writer on servant leadership, gave an inspiring and captivating speech on leading out of love. It was the perfect speech for sending out this year’s graduates and reminding them of the significance in being a servant leader for Christ. Click here to view more pictures from the 2014 Commencement Ceremony.


EDUCATION A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR EDUCATION by: Dr. Debra Cunningham being relevant, current, and practical.

Having come through a tumultuous season in our country’s history known as the Great Recession, the field of education is once again becoming a viable profession to pursue. It is thought that in the next few years the number of school teachers retiring will rise significantly. According to the Employment Development Department of the state of California, the job growth rate for public school teachers will increase approximately 12% between 2010 and 2020. These facts contribute to the growing need for trained and highly-qualified elementary and secondary credentialed teachers to enter the job market.

With the onset of Common Core, the need has arisen to escalate our focus in preparing teachers to be COMPETENT in the use of technology in the classroom. The use of technological devices by teachers and students is no longer considered an add-on to classroom instruction, but instead serves as an integrated aspect of every content area that is taught. This next year we will be offering a new course, ED 315 – Instructional and Educational Technology, which will train student teacher candidates and liberal studies majors in how to instruct students using a blended learning format, as well as confidently employ the use of state-of-the art technological equipment that is used in classrooms today.

At San Diego Christian the Teacher Credential Program (TCP) has worked deliberately to prepare those who have both a passion and sense of call to teach, whether it be in the public school or private school setting. Just as our college has the three-word motto of Truth-Purpose-Impact as its watchwords, so our TCP has the three-word motto of Competency-Character-Commitment to support and undergird the mission of our institution. Having completed my first year of serving as Department Chair for the Liberal Studies Department and the Teacher Credential Program, I would like to share how each of the aforementioned watchwords are being carried out in the lives of our graduates.

Another competency that is rigorously developed during a candidate’s tenure in our program is our commitment to train students to meet the needs of English Language Learners, both through differentiating and individualizing instruction. Professor Cheryl Myers works tirelessly to make sure our entire faculty has an understanding of how to implement English Language Development Standards throughout all our courses. She is to be commended for her efforts to sustain such a strong emphasis in our teacher credential program at SDC.

Within the field of education across America, and specifically in our state of California, there are many changes taking place that must be incorporated into an education preparation program. Our education faculty has been diligent to help prepare our teacher candidates to become competent in executing the new Common Core State Standards that will be fully implemented in the public school classroom across America this fall. At a recent Department Advisory Committee meeting made up of district officials and principals from across East County, a committee member stated that he felt our graduating student teachers would be entering their first classroom prepared to implement the Common Core State Standards as well as a veteran teacher. What an encouragement to know our preparation is seen as

The second watchword of our motto is CHARACTER. Our department philosophy undergirds the idea of teaching future teachers from a holistic viewpoint. While we are concerned that future teachers leave our program having learned sound pedagogical content strategies and classroom management, we also seek to develop and nurture the heart and soul of our students. Time is given in class to share devotional thoughts, and focus on how to nurture and care for students. One recent graduate shared that her Cooperating Teacher reminded her during her student teaching of the old adage that “students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That saying made a 12

difference for her as she instructed her music students at La Mesa Middle School. The advice she took and tried to implement was not without notice; at the Spring Music Concert, Felicia was awarded a plaque for her outstanding contribution to the Music Department. That is just one example of the wonderful character being produced in our student teachers. Finally, our teacher credential candidates are encouraged that their COMMITMENT to teaching begins during the first course they take in our program and will continue throughout their profession. We also strive to teach that becoming a classroom teacher is more than a profession; it is a call from God. We strive to teach our novice teachers that through their smiles, patience, and sacrifice they will make an impact on the lives of future generations that they will not fully realize until they reach eternity. St. Frances of Assisi once said, “Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words.” That is the mantra we seek to imbed on the hearts of our teacher candidates. The commitment to evangelism and to reflect Christ-like character in an environment where it is not necessarily acknowledged or welcomed can have an impact that brings honor and glory to God. Ultimately, the desire of our Teacher Credential Program is lived out through our Mission Statement: “To equip men and women to become competent educators who exhibit Christ-like character.” What a privilege to invest in our future through preparing future teachers while contributing to the Kingdom of God!

12 GRADUATE FROM THE TEACHER CREDENTIAL PROGRAM The Teacher Credential Program (TCP) celebrated the graduation of 12 TCP students who have completed their preliminary California Teaching Credential. Of these students, five completed their undergraduate degree at SDC. Dr. Debbie Cunningham, Chair of the Education Department, has a passionate spirit when it comes to providing a quality education that prepares students to be outstanding teachers in the classrooms in order to ensure children are receiving the best education they can receive. SDC students graduating from the TCP program have been highlighted in the local San Diego community. Dr. Debra Cunningham expressed that “at a recent Department Advisory Committee meeting made up of district officials and principles from across East County, a committee member stated that he felt our graduating student teachers would be entering their first classroom prepared to implement the Common Core State Standards as well as a veteran teacher.” TCP HIGHLIGHTS: Felicia Gutierrez was recognized and honored by the La Mesa Middle School, the location of her student teaching, for her outstanding contribution to the Music Department. Katy Henry will be moving to Kansas City, MO to pursue her teaching career as a multiple subject teacher at an elementary school.

For more information about our Teacher Credential Program, contact Dr. Debra Cunningham, (619)201-8756,

From left to right: Sarah Baerg, Katy Henry, Danielle Jacobson, Katelyn Neverkovec, Erynne Grecco, Tiffany Altig, Dr. Cunningham, Mike Kirwan, Jessica Pettigrew, Tommy Mathis, Christen Reber, Felicia Gutierrez, Denise Jones.


ATHLETICS THREE HAWKS EARN NAIA ALL-AMERICAN AWARD Three Hawks earned the NAIA All-American Award. Jeff Lusardi and Gabriel Hemmer were named to the 2014 NAIA Baseball All-American First Team, while Cade Gotta earned honorable mention. Lusardi, who earned the selection as a third baseman, appeared in every game this season for SDC. He hit for a .363 avg., scored 33 runs, and drove in a teamhigh 54 RBI while clubbing 10 home runs. Lusardi manned the hot corner for most of the season playing solid defense en route to a .968 fielding percentage. Hemmer was one of four pitchers to earn first team honors. Hemmer finished with a record of 13-4 in 127 innings pitched and a 3.47 ERA. He struck out a team-high 127 batters and held opponents to a .258 batting average. Hemmer ranks first in the NAIA in wins and innings pitched. He also ranks fifth in strikeouts and 16th in innings pitched per game. Gotta gained NAIA honorable mention as an outfielder and led the team in most offensive categories. He hit team-high .408 avg., and led the team in hits (91), doubles (16), home runs (11), total bases (154), slugging percentage (.691), and steals (43). Gotta ranked second in the NAIA with runs scored per game (1.23), fourth in stolen bases, fifth in runs scored, and seventh in total hits. He only committed two errors in the outfield all season and holds a .990 fielding percentage.

they played. SDC lost to eventual NAIA National Champions Cumberland (Tenn.) University 10-1 in the opening game and lost a 6-4 decision to Georgia Gwinnett. SDC finished with the most wins in school history with a record of 42-20. In addition, they won their first GSAC regular season title, a NAIA Opening Round title, and the first ever Hawks baseball team to reach the NAIA World Series.

Lusardi, Hemmer, and Gotta were important pieces to help the SDC baseball team have the most successful season in school history. The Hawks reached the NAIA World Series for the first time ultimately being defeated in the two games


MISSIONS VISION XXII TAKES ON FRANCE Professor Larry Wilson has shown a tremendous amount of dedication to the utilization of music, voice, and drama as an impactful and effective avenue to sharing the Gospel overseas. For the past 22 years, he has trained teams of students to learn songs in a variety of languages, such as Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Albanian, and this year, French. The team of 10 students, Ryan, Jake, Janelle, Laurie, Jenna, Danny, Trish, Malachi, Luke, and Donny are currently in France. During this past Memorial Day, they were given the privilege of visiting the Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial in Waregem, Belgium. With permission, they were given the opportunity to perform their version of “The Star Spangled Banner” in the Chapel. Click here to check it out. On the list of things to do, the Vision team began their orientation at the Bibles and Literature in French (BLF) headquarters. Since then, they have been traveling to several schools and churches performing several musical and drama pieces. In addition to these performances, different members of the team have been given the opportunity to share their testimonie with the French people. Look for next month’s issue where we hear from team members describe their experience ministering the Gospel in France.



ALUMNI VISITS! These familiar faces stopped by this year to visit and participate in graduation events. John Talley (‘12) and Kassandra Yori (‘14)

David Diaso Jr. (‘14) and Jacob Bechtol (‘13)


Jon Arena (‘13) and John Circo (‘03)

Ben (‘14) and Grace Ross (‘12)

Nikki Metzger (‘14) and Jennifer Vermillion (‘11)

Brent Oglesby (‘13), Sara Aguilar (‘10), Cassidy Mertens (‘14), and Stephanie Rice (‘12) 16



3. 2. 1. Cheryl Fawcett Cheryl served as a Bible professor at SDC from the 1990’s to the early 2000’s. She then joined the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) based out of Harrisburg, PA. She has recently been visiting various fields of ABWE traveling to Madrid, Spain and Africa where she worked with Bethesda Outreach. The Bethesda Outreach focuses on ministering to kids who have lost their mother to HIV/AIDS.

2. Anne Malone (‘77) After being out of college for 30+ years, Anne went back to school for a Masters of Education in Higher Education Management at the University of Pittsburgh and graduated on April 27, 2014. Anne continues to work at the Registrar Office at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.


3. Jessica Fregoe (‘08) Jessica graduated with a degree in Biblical Studies, emphasis in Intercultural Studies. After graduating, she decided to further her education by moving to Louisville, KY and attending The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She graduated in 2011 with a Master of Arts in Missiology. While in school and since finishing, she has had several opportunities to serve in short-term missions in five countries. Currently, she is exploring different opportunities for a long-term career in cross-cultural ministry.

FAMILY MOMENTS Ryan (‘07) and Connie (‘07) (Nicholson) Trostrud with their son and two daughters.

Bill (‘08) and Kaylee (‘09) (Perryman) Liniewicz with their beautiful daughters.


Tying the knot. Newlyweds.

Brennan (‘12) and Lauren (‘12) (Hall) Patterson March 2014 Ben (‘14) and Grace (‘12) (Crawford) Ross September 2013

Graham and Leigh (‘08) (Wimberly) Greer April 2014 19

CELEBRATING OUR SENIORS Last month we highlighted three graduating seniors in our Traditional program, this month we are recognizing those who have completed their degree through evening and online courses offered through the Adult and Professional Studies program.

Amanda graduated with a degree in Human Development and plans to work at The Fremont Unified School District in Fremont, CA and pursue a Masters degree at Grand Canyon University. - Amanda Bramlett, Human Development Sonya plans to continue working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Atlanta, Georgia where she will attend Ohio Christian University to pursue her Masters Degree in Business Management after graduation.

-Sonya Fields, Business Management

Kelly will utilize her degree to serve the SDC community through her role as the Executive Assistant to the President of SDC. - Kelly Buchanan, Christian Ministries


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SDC Alumni Connection June 2014 Issue #3  
SDC Alumni Connection June 2014 Issue #3