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mercury route finder

The mercury route finder app is a app to select routes for cycling, hiking and skiing. The app has preset routes which are determined by the users location or the user can search a specific area. The app also tracks the users progress as they are on a route.

Load page which introduces the app.

Tap the icons to choose the sport. This will then take you to a map page.

As the app uses GPS and google maps the user will have to allow the app to use their current location.

Tap the menu bar at the bottom to reveal the full menu. This creates more space on the screen. To get the menu to drop down again the user will tap the top of the menu bar.

Next and back buttons let the user skip through alternative preset routes based on their current location.

The map screen will allow the user to zoom in and out using the pinch action.

Search icon when tapped brings up keyboard.

The search function allows the user to find routes in other locations other than their current location. They can also bookmark these routes.

When on the map mode the user will be able to flip the screen to landscape. This makes it easier to view the map whilst on the move.

When in landscape mode the menu bar will flip to the side so it does not obstruct the users view .

Mercury merits is a part of the app where the company has chosen sites of interest near the specific routes. This shows the user places to take a break or visit whilst completing the route.

Tapping on the mercury merit icon will send the user to the mercury merit page.

The images will move along using the quick drag action. Also tapping on a image will enlarge it giving the user a better view.

This page shows the users progress by clicking on the icons or info they will be taken to a graph representationwhere they can use a next buttonto flip throuh the graphs.

Graph will show the progress of the user on a specific route. The graph can only be viewed in landscape. The pinch zoom in and out can be used as well as the drag to view more of the graph.

Home icon will take the user back to the initial screen where the user is able to choose a sport.

Settings icon on pop up menu will take the the user to a new screen.

User can change settings. When tapping on the arrow for measurements the user will be taken to seperate menu screen which will have a back button.

Mercury App  

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