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No One Deserves A Serve

SDA fights for an increase to the minimum wage

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Stop the cuts to Hairdressers' pay


No One Deserves A Serve

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Cover: SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo with Trish Whetter, Lisa Golden and Debbie Grosser at Coles Ingle Farm.

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Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association South Australia, Northern Territory & Broken Hill Branch

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SONIA & JOSH'S Store visits SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo and Assistant Secretary Josh Peak regularly visit stores to stay in touch with members. Their recent and upcoming store visits are listed below:

Woolworths, Palmerston Big W, Palmerston Coles, Palmerston Cheap As Chips, Berri Bunnings Warehouse Berri Coles, Berri Big W, Renmark Woolworths, Renmark

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McDonald’s, Renmark Big W Broken Hill

SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo chatting with an SDA Member

It's Time to Change the Rules for Workers Now more than ever – as cuts to penalty rates kick in and wages remain stagnant – Australia’s workplace laws need an overhaul. That’s why the SDA, as the biggest union in the Australian Council of Trade Unions is proud to support the ACTU in their campaign to “change the rules” for working Australians. From pay rises and bargaining rights to job security and leave entitlements, it’s time workers through their unions were given more power in deciding their pay and conditions. One of the biggest problems facing workers currently is the growing amount of casual and insecure work.

To address this, the ACTU and the SDA are calling for casual workers to have a guaranteed right to convert to permanent employment after six months of regular work. While unions have recently won workers the right to request to convert to permanent employment, employers can refuse. With over 2 million casual workers in Australia, this will help provide all workers with greater job security and prevent companies from denying casual workers their basic rights. We’re also calling for an overhaul of Australia’s enterprise bargaining laws to give workers through their unions greater power to secure decent pay rises.

Coles Broken Hill Target Broken Hill Woolworths Broken Hill Coles Coolalinga Kmart Coolalinga

Even though profits are booming, a third of big businesses don’t pay any tax. Australia is in a race to the bottom on wages and job security. The system needs to be simplified to give workers at small workplaces the opportunity to negotiate for better pay and allow everyone to relish the benefits of collective bargaining. By standing together on these issues, we can restore power to workers and give you more say on your pay and conditions. To find out more about this campaign, head to

Turn to page 12 to learn more about the Change the Rules Campaign.

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STOP LONGER TRADING HOURS The new South Australian Premier Steven Marshall wants to deregulate SA’s shop trading hours, allowing big retailers to open 21 hours a day, 7 days a week – including most public holidays.

FOR RETAIL WORKERS, STEVEN MARSHALL’S PLAN RISKS: Hurting their work/life balance Robbing them of valuable time with family and friends Denying them time off on public holidays Making them work MORE for LESS

South Australia’s trading hours get the balance right.

Let’s keep it that way. Support our campaign to Stop Longer Trading Hours page 4

Defending Weekends and Public Holidays For over 125 years, the SDA has been fighting attacks on one of the most important conditions to retail workers: shop trading hours. We are now faced with one of our biggest fights yet - as the election of a Liberal Government in South Australia means that the Liberal’s threat to deregulate trading hours is one step closer to reality. Premier Steven Marshall’s plan to deregulate trading hours means that big retailers in metropolitan areas would be allowed to open 21 hours a day, 7 days a week – including most public holidays. SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo says this plan has hidden consequences for workers, retailers and the local economy. “At a glance, you may think this would be good for some retail workers as it could provide them with more hours to work, but this isn’t true. “Deregulation won’t mean consumers will shop more often, it just means they’ll shopat different times. “Workers will have to work more unsociable hours and miss out on valuable time with their family and friends on Sundays and public holidays,” said Sonia.

retailers in favour of big retailers, which would harm the balance of South Australia’s retail sector. “We know that the only group that will truly benefit from this plan is the big end of town, not hard working South Australians,” said Sonia. The fight isn’t over yet. We’re going to continue to campaign and gain the support

of workers, small business, local politicians and the community to prevent this destructive plan from becoming a reality. Now more than ever, we need you to show Premier Steven Marshall why our current trading hours shouldn’t be messed with. Support our campaign and send the Premier a message at

Results from the survey The results shown below conducted by ReachTEL along with additional statistics from the survey showed that South Australians were more than satisfied with the current trading hours and were not in favour of deregulation and working for longer hours.










Does the current trading hours arrangement satisfy your shopping needs?

According to a recent report by the McKell Institute, deregulation could also force out small independent

Stop Longer Trading Hours SDA Members News l AUTUMN 2018 l page 5

SDA campaign to stop abuse towards retail & fast food workers hits national headlines A major national campaign launched by the SDA called on customers to respect retail and fast food workers by checking their attitude before they get to the checkout, especially during the holiday shopping rush. A staggering 85% of retail and fast food workers have experienced abuse by customers, prompting the SDA to launch the No One Deserves A Serve campaign. The SDA’s online survey of over 6,000 retail and fast food workers identified this as a serious workplace health and safety issue that is unacceptable. The ‘No One Deserves A Serve’ campaign was rolled out over the Christmas and New Year period – a time when workers are at greater risk of being unfairly subjected to customer outbursts. Fast food worker Michelle Hooper said "a mother had screamed abuse at her on New Year’s Eve when she was closing." Lawrence, a retail worker in Western Sydney said customers get more and more angry as it gets closer to Christmas. “Just a couple of weeks ago I had a customer become extremely irate at me, because we had sold out of the item he wanted. “He was blaming me and yelling that it was my fault,” said Lawrence.

page 6

Abuse shouldn’t be in a day’s work and the SDA took this message straight to customers.

What’s next? Building better protections for workers

The massive campaign included television, radio, digital and outdoor advertising and was wildly successful, achieving national and international exposure.

SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo says there is still a lot of work to do.

The message to customers was seen and heard online, on the airwaves, on screens, on buses and trains and in shopping centres in every state and territory across the country. “Retail and fast food workers have told us they routinely have customers swearing and yelling at them, spitting in their faces or threatening them, simply for doing their jobs…this abuse can severely impact their physical and psychological health and it cannot continue," said SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo. “Everyone has the right to be able to do their job in a safe environment.” The ‘No One Deserves A Serve’ campaign reminded everyone to respect workers, not just as they work through a time of year most get to spend enjoying with family and friends, but all year round. The emotionally stirring content and real stories from retail and fast food workers provoked discussion and publicity across the country and were applauded for their positive messaging on programs like Sunrise.

“To make a difference we’re going to have to create community awareness, change customer attitudes and behaviour as well as find practical workplace solutions to protect workers,” said Sonia. The SDA is working hard to find ways to build better protections for retail and fast food workers. In December, the SDA and the Managing Director of Drake Supermarkets, Roger Drake held a roundtable discussion in South Australia between retail workers, Minister for Police Chris Picton and other relevant stakeholders to discuss this issue.


SDA Secretary

“This year we’re going to continue to push for legislative change and widespread industry changes to protect workers from abuse at work," said Sonia. The SDA held a national industry roundtable in March 2018 to discuss paths for changes across the retail and fast food industries. Sign up to support the campaign at

If you see or experience customer abuse or violence, here’s what you should do: » Report the incident to your store manager or supervisor » Tell your SDA Health & Safety Rep (HSR) or Delegate » Report the incident to your Health & Safety Committee

Need help? Customer abuse and violence can impact on your mental health. If you need to talk to someone about issues impacting on your mental health or you are concerned about someone at work you can also contact: Lifeline: 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636

More than 85% of retail and fast food workers are abused at work. Abuse shouldn’t be in a day’s work.

SDA Members News l AUTUMN 2018 l page 7

SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo pictured with Hayley Lehmann and Angie Coulter at Coles Walkley's Road

The new Coles Agreement secures for workers: Higher rates than the Retail Award Improved penalty rates Better leave entitlements Voluntary Work on Public Holidays Flexible rostering provisions

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VOTED UP Following thousands of meetings nationwide and two and a half weeks of rollout, Coles workers have voted up the new Coles Supermarkets Agreement. Over 60% of the Coles workforce had their say and 90% of those voted ‘yes’ on this Agreement. The Agreement secures the following for workers: »»

A pay rise for all workers


Protections to take-home pay


Improved penalty rates


Many hard-won SDA Union conditions and;


One-off employee payment of $475 for full time (pro rata for part-time and casual)

“With wage growth sitting at a record low, this Agreement guarantees a pay rise for all workers, which will help them keep up with the rising cost of living,” said Sonia.

New Wage Structure The Agreement introduces higher penalty rates on Weeknights, Saturdays, Sundays and overnight. As the agreement moves away from the loaded rate model, to help ensure existing and pay is protected, existing Coles employees not compensated by the higher penalty rates will have a ‘top up payment’ to protect their take home pay. Existing employeees will still receive yearly wage increases.

SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo says this is a great outcome for the 80,000 Coles workers across Australia and delivers on the priorities and conditions that are important to them.



Union conditions = protected SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo says that along with these protections to workers’ pay, the Agreement locks in a number of important conditions for workers. “Casual workers can now request to convert to full-time or part-time after 12 months and part-time workers can request an increase to their base contracted hours if their average hours exceed this. “This Agreement also introduces two days paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave and preserves leave entitlements including superior parental leave, blood donor, emergency services leave and more,” said Sonia. The Agreement has now been lodged in the Fair Work Commission and is pending approval.

With wage growth sitting at a record low, this Agreement guarantees a pay rise for all workers, which will help them keep up with the rising cost of living.

SDA Members News l AUTUMN 2018 l page 9


Harris Scarfe Agreement Approved The new Agreement for Harris Scarfe workers negotiated by the SDA and the Company has been approved by the Fair Work Commission. SDA Assistant Secretary Josh Peak pictured with Aidan Wilden at Woolworths

SDA Negotiating New Woolworths Agreement After delays by the company, the SDA and Woolworths recently recommenced negotiations for a new Agreement covering Woolworths supermarkets. SDA Assistant Secretary Josh Peak says the best way for the SDA to protect and improve your wages and conditions is through a new Enterprise Agreement. “Woolworths workers have been waiting too long for a wage increase, but by securing a new Agreement we can protect and improved workers wage into the future,” said Josh.

Along with a wage increase for all workers, the SDA will be fighting for improved penalty rates and to secure hard-won union conditions. At the time of print, several meetings between the SDA and the company have been held and progress has been made on new and higher penalty rates, break entitlements and better part-time roster protections. Remember: no proposed Agreement can be put in place without a vote by the employees.

This Agreement was voted up by workers in September with an approval rating of 96%. This Agreement guarantees a number of improvements to workers’ wages and conditions and ensures they’re better off than under the Award. One of the most notable improvements of this Agreement is that it ensures workers receive significantly higher rates on weekends and nights. With the cost of living continuing to rise, this is an important win for Harris Scarfe workers. This Agreement also introduces five days paid Family and Domestic Victim Leave for workers and allows for more flexibility for casual workers still in high school. The Agreement will be in place until June 2020.

Workers will always have the final say when it comes to their wages and conditions.

Got a question about your Workplace Agreement? Call the SDA on 8139 1000

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SDA Member Kim Constable at Kmart West Lakes

Negotiating for better pay and conditions at Kmart Since last year, the SDA and Kmart have been negotiating for a new Kmart Enterprise Agreement. SDA Assistant Secretary Josh Peak says negotiations for a new Agreement are based off a revised Agreement. “The new Agreement will contain higher rates of pay on weeknights and weekends,” said Josh. As the new agreement improves pay during unsociable hours - it’s important that we protect the take home pay of all workers and secure hard-won SDA union conditions. “So far, the SDA has secured for Kmart workers voluntary work on public holidays and above-award leave entitlements.

“We’ve also made progress on protecting existing workers’ take home pay, securing a wage increase each year and improving conditions for part-time workers,” said Josh. The SDA is fighting to protect the 15 minute tea break entitlement, and win new rights for casual workers to convert to part-time.

ongoing negotiations Monarto


“If we win our cases in Fair Work Commission for higher penalties for casuals on weeknights and Saturdays, we want to make sure that they will also apply to Kmart workers throughout the new Agreement,” said Josh. The SDA will keep members updated as meetings progress.

For future updates, visit

SDA Members News l AUTUMN 2018 l page 11

Change the rules:

FIGHTING FOR FAIR PAY Inequality in Australia is skyrocketing. Big business continues to make record profits - yet they refuse to pass wage increases onto workers. Wages are not keeping up with productivity and workers are not getting their fair share. Wages are low because people’s rights at work are broken. The law doesn’t require sufficient wage increases and our laws are not balancing the power of employers.

Relevant Awards The SDA has always worked hard to ensure that our award safety net remains up to date and relevant. The Award is what underpins our Enterprise Agreements and conditions of employment. However, under current laws our Awards have been stripped back. Enterprise bargaining is becoming harder and workers are becoming increasingly reliant on the award system. There are now over 2.3 million Australians that directly rely on award wages- an increase of 50% over the past ten years. SDA Assistant Secretary Josh Peak says the system of awards was

developed to ensure people had rights to fair wages, job security, penalty rates, rosters and leave. “The awards are supposed to provide for the rights of working people against the power of big business. But increasingly the award system is failing.

Hospitality, pharmacy, retail and fast food workers on the award and some agreements will have their Sunday penalty rates cut again from July 1 this year. This is a pay cut workers can’t afford and don’t deserve.

“Last year, penalty rates were stripped from the Fast Food, Pharmacy and Retail Awards. And recently the Fair Work Commission rejected SDA cases to improve leave conditions and insert a nonworking day provision for Public Holidays.”

Workers will continue to receive cuts in penalty rates for another two years- unless we can stop it.

Awards should meet the needs of working people and protect living standards.

Josh Peak says the decision by the Fair Work Commission last year to cut penalty rates, shows that our laws aren’t working.

This will ensure that business can compete fairly and mean that employers that do not have Enterprise Agreements in place still need to pay their workers fair wages and conditions. “We need to change the rules so the awards provide the right to fair pay and secure work. The awards need to be able to be improved over time- not stripped back,” said Josh. The SDA and other unions must have the ability to argue for – and win – changes to awards so that they keep up with the demands of living in the 21st century.

To find out more head to

page 12

Penalty Rates

The reductions from July this year alone are estimated to be worth $1.3 billion taken from workers across the country.

“It’s not right that our system is allowing low-paid workers to have their pay cut. “But we don’t have to accept it. We need to change the rules so that the decision is reversed and workers are protected from it ever happening again,” said Josh. The SDA and ACTU are calling on Parliament to pass a bill to stop the penalty rates cuts. Malcolm Turnbull’s Government has refused to change the law.


SDA Assistant Secretary


COLES EP WORKERS DESERVE A PAY RISE The Coles Edinburgh Parks DC Agreement is set to expire at the end of April and the SDA and SDA Delegates are working hard to ensure workers receive the pay and conditions they deserve in their new Agreement. Over the past year the SDA has been campaigning for a fair wage increase, better job security, better incentives and better loadings and penalties at Coles EP.

Coles EP workers need a decent a pay rise so that they can keep up with the rising costs of living.

So far in negotiations the SDA has secured; 99 A new afternoon shift loading 99 Better penalties on Saturdays for new casuals 99 An improved public holiday clause 99 Better rostering and overtime 99 A casual conversion and labour hire review clause 99 Higher incentive SDA Assistant Secretary Josh Peak says that while progress has been made on some key claims the Company still need to offer a higher wage increase. “Coles EP workers need a decent a pay rise so that they can keep

up with the rising costs of food, electricity and other life essentials,” said Josh. SDA Organiser Lou Bailey says that to get the best outcome in these negotiations members need to stay united and back their SDA Delegates. “Our strength in negotiations lies in our numbers,” said Lou. “In order to secure these improvements, we need to continue to stand together and present a strong and united voice at the bargaining table.” To find out more about the negotiations process, visit

SDA Delegates at Coles EP

SDA Members News l AUTUMN 2018 l page 13

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SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo presents the 2018

SDA FREE Movie Nights!

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Gawler Gawler Cinema

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Salisbury Hoyts Cinema

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Elizabeth Reading Cinemas

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Elizabeth Reading Cinemas

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Noarlunga Wallis Cinema

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screenings COMING SOON due to later release dates: Naracoorte | Riverland l Pt Lincoln | Pt Augusta

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2 6

8 7






1. Jenny Size and Christina Tsarouhas, David Jones West Lakes 2. Lynda Simpson, Kmart West Lakes 3. Eloise McClelland, Kmart Ingle Farm 4. Lisa Golden, Coles Ingle Farm 5. Tetyana Elbert, Kmart West Lakes 6. Aaron Beckett, Kmart Ingle Farm


7. Debbie Grosser, Coles Ingle Farm 8. Teresa DePinto, Kmart West Lakes 9. Hayley Hemmings, Kmart West Lakes


10. Trish Whetter, Coles Ingle Farm 11. Sofia Ghezzi, Reject Shop West Lakes 12. Loren Caruso Weir, David Jones West Lakes 13. Tracy Martin, Kmart Ingle Farm 14. Ann-Marie Atkinson, Coles Ingle Farm 15. Sean McGarry, Woolworths ARDC

16 17

19 20

18 21


16. Sarah Myers, David Jones West Lakes 17. Mark Spasojevic, Woolworths ARDC 18. Vanessa Richardson, David Jones West Lakes 19. Teena Kilford & Katrina Sandford, Kmart Ingle Farm 20. Karen Furniss & Joylene Benton, Coles Ingle Farm 21. Georgia Soteriou, Amy Norton, Reject Shop West Lakes 22. Nicholas Taylor, Kmart Ingle Farm



23. Alisha Coonan, Rebel West Lakes 24. Fusun Siy, David Jones West Lakes 25. Bernard Rogozinski, Woolworths ARDC 26. Venita Wielgosz, Coles Walkeys Rd 27. Melanie Smith, Woolworths ARDC 28. Henny Drewett, David Jones West Lakes 29. Leanne Landherr, Coles Ingle Farm

25 28 26



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SDA Members News l SUMMER 2016 l page 19


SDA goes to Commission to lift retail & fast food wages In 2018, the SDA will be pushing even harder for a significant increase to wages following the Federal Government’s unjust decision to greenlight penalty rate cuts last year. In 2017, the Fair Work Commission handed down the decision to reduce penalty rates for workers covered by the Retail, Fast Food, Pharmacy and Hospitality Awards. Despite the SDA’s bid to reverse the decision by challenging it in the Federal Court in October 2017, the second phase of cuts will come into effect on 1 July 2018. The SDA is supporting the Australian Council of Trade Unions' (ACTU) significant claim in the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review. The ACTU is claiming that full-time workers should receive a $50 per week wage increase. The Annual Wage Review decides the wage increase passed on to workers covered by Modern Awards and workers on the minimum wage. Many Agreements also link wage increases directly to the amount secured at the Fair Work Commission. SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo says penalty rate cuts aren’t the only reason workers should receive a significant increase to their takehome pay this year.

page 20

“Record low wage growth is putting pressure on workers and their families across the country,” said Sonia.

“We refuse to sit back and allow the out-of-touch Turnbull Government get away with reducing the takehome pay of so many workers.

Now the consequences of stagnating wages are gaining national attention as a serious economic problem.

“Wages must keep up with the increasing cost of living and we’re pushing for the pay rises that Australian workers need and deserve,” said Sonia.

Reserve Bank Australia Governor Phillip Lowe has acknowledged there is ‘a crisis of low pay’ impacting workers and the economy. Not all groups have adopted this thinking however – as the National Retail Association has recently called for a 0% increase to the retail minimum wage in the coming financial year.

To suggest that retail workers don’t deserve a pay rise in this economic climate is ridiculous.

SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo says that the National Retail Association’s recommendation is humiliating to some of the hardest workers in the country.


“To suggest that retail workers don’t deserve a pay rise in this economic climate is ridiculous.” The SDA, has always argued for decent wages and regular fair pay rises because these are good for workers and good for the economy.

Campaigning to increase the minimum rates of pay for retail and fast food workers covered by Modern Awards will provide the SDA with a stronger position when going in to argue for wage increases in negotiations for new SDA-negotiated Agreements.

“The best way to boost the economy is by ensuring working people receive regular pay rises.

The ACTU will be making the submission to the Annual Wage Review in the coming months.

“A cut to wages won’t lead to increased hours or more jobs because workers won’t be spending as much.

A decision is generally made in June ahead of any wage increase coming into effect on 1 July.

Fighting for tougher security at Parabanks Centre in 2018 Every worker has the right to feel safe in every aspect of their job, including when they’re traveling to and from work. This year, the SDA is continuing to fight for better safety and security provisions at Parabanks Shopping Centre to prevent violent incidents and car break-ins. Since the Centre was upgraded in 2017, workers have struggled to find parks on site and have had to resort to parking off-site. SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo says that this has left workers susceptible to violent incidents and threatening behaviour – especially at night.

As the next course of action, the SDA will be looking to hold a roundtable discussion with the local MP, Zoe Bettison, the Police and other relevant stakeholders to discuss this issue and seek new ways forward. “Your safety is of utmost importance to the SDA. "We won’t rest until your safety at work and when traveling to and

from work is guaranteed,” said Sonia. To learn more about our campaign for improved car park safety at Parabanks, speak to your SDA Delegates or SDA Organiser, Will Cheffirs. If you've experienced any form of violence or abuse at the Parabanks car park or have witnessed an incident, report it to the Police.

“Many workers have told us that they've been followed, robbed and threatened when walking to and from their cars. “It’s clear that these incidents are not random, so changes must be made to protect workers and prevent these incidents,” said Sonia. At the end of 2017, the SDA met with Centre management and the Local Council to call for improved security provisions to be implemented in the car park. Some of the improvements the SDA has demanded include: improved lighting, improved CCTV and increased police presence and patrol cars in the area. SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo pictured with SDA members at Parabanks Shopping Centre

SDA Members News l AUTUMN 2018 l page 21

Stop the cuts – protect hairdressers pay! First, employer lobby groups came after retail and fast food workers' penalty rates and now they have a new target hairdressers.

and fast food workers, we are working hard on a comprehensive submission to the Fair Work Commission detailing why penalty rates in the Hair and Beauty Award need to be protected.

In another stinging attack on workers, employer lobby groups have now applied to cut Sunday and public holiday penalty rates in the Hair and Beauty Industry Award.

Submissions to the Fair Work Commission began in February 2018.

SDA Assistant Secretary Josh Peak says hairdressers are some of Australia’s lowest paid trade workers and don’t deserve a pay cut.

As Australian workers struggle with record low wage growth, penalty rate cuts are a step in the wrong direction.

“The cost of living is rising - from electricity bills to rent and health insurance - and hairdressers simply can’t afford to have their pay cut,” said Josh. As the SDA continues to fight to restore penalty rates for retail

page 22

Retail, fast food, hairdressing. Who’s next?

“Inequality is getting worse with workers receiving less and less of their fair share. “But the business groups don’t care. They keep attacking working conditions and wages, hurting workers, their families and our economy,” said Josh.

There is growing concern that cutting penalty rates in retail, fast food and hairdressing is just the beginning. Who’s next - nurses in our hospitals? Police officers keeping our streets safe? It’s a slippery slope. Employer lobby groups are relentless and won’t stop coming after penalty rates in other industries, further driving down wages. Meanwhile, the Turnbull Government have taken no action to protect the pay of Australian workers and we must hold them to account. It’s time they stood up for workers and stop pay cuts before it’s too late.

Sign up to stop cuts and protect hairdressers' pay at




SDA Lawyer

Returning to work after an injury: What you need to know Have you injured yourself at or outside of work and been dismissed from your role? You may be able to lodge a disability discrimination claim. Disability discrimination refers to when someone is dismissed from or denied a certain role because of a disability. The legal definition of a disability covers a range of injuries including permanent conditions and injuries that temporarily limit a person’s ability. If you’ve injured yourself outside of work, your employer still has obligations to provide you with work or provide you with alternative arrangements to complete the tasks of your job. After an injury, your employer may ask you to provide a “full medical clearance” from a doctor before they allow you to return to work.

your employer may think. Just because you may not be able to pass a full medical clearance does not mean you’re unable to perform the inherent requirements of your role. For example: if you work in retail at a check out and have recently injured your ankle, you may not be able to stand for the entirety of your shift and may require a chair to carry out your work duties.

When it comes to both workrelated and non-work related injuries, it’s important to remember that there is not a “one size fits all” solution. Whether or not you have a claim depends on the nature of your injury and the requirements of your job. If you think you have a claim, call the SDA on 8139 1000 for advice and guidance.

Having to sit on a chair during your shift would not affect your ability to undertake the inherent requirements of your role e.g. scanning items and placing them in a bag. If your employer dismissed you from your duties on this basis, you may be able to lodge a disability discrimination claim with our help.

This essentially says that you are fit and healthy in every way possible. When it comes to retail and fast food however, a full medical clearance may not actually be necessary for workers to complete their duties and failing to provide a medical clearance may not be fair grounds for dismissal, despite what

SDA Members News l AUTUMN 2018 l page 23

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Gerard DWYER

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REST Update REST Industry Super continues to deliver strong investment performance to its members. Most REST members are in the Core Strategy. As at 30 September 2017, the Core Strategy posted a one year return of 9.22%. The Core Strategy also retained its position as the top performing fund as compared to other similar super funds surveyed by SuperRatings over 10 years. International shares and Australian shares were key positive contributors to Core Strategy’s solid

gains over the past year. Property was another key positive driver of returns.

the Global Financial Crisis, the Core Strategy has grown member’s savings by 109.7%.

Over 10 years, the Core Strategy has returned 6.13% p.a. (as of 30 September 2017), compared to the median fund 10-year return of only 4.66% p.a. A list of the top performing funds over 10 years is provided below.

With an investment philosophy that focuses on actively managing downside risks for its members, REST’s Core Strategy currently reflects a more defensive setting.

Today REST serves around 2 million members, and the group’s total funds under management has expanded to approximately $46 billion. Since June 2009, following

Fund Option Return as at 30 September 2017

This is about protecting members investments whilst also achieving above average returns. The table below once again demonstrates that REST is delivering for retail, fast food and warehouse workers across Australia.

Rolling 10 Year % p.a.

Rolling 10 Year Rank

REST - Core Strategy



CareSuper - Balanced



UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced



HOSTPLUS - Balanced



Equip MyFuture - Balanced Growth



Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)



AustralianSuper - Balanced



Catholic Super - Balanced



Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Balanced



BUSSQ Premium Choice - Balanced Growth



Source: SuperRatings, as at 30 Sep 2017

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Lisa is the Union Organiser for the City and Western suburbs of Adelaide

The SDA has more union organisers on the shop floor to help you than ever before!

A customer verbally abused me because we had run out of a product. My manager told me the customer is always right. What can I do? Under no circumstances is violent or abusive behaviour by customers acceptable. Your employer has a legal obligation to make sure you are in a safe working environment, so when it comes to customer abuse and violence, the customer is not necessarily always right. If a customer is harassing you at work, here are some simple steps you can take: 1. Stay as calm as possible and remember that both your supervisor and the SDA are there to support you. 2. Call for your supervisor or manager and tell them that the customer is harassing you. It’s your supervisor/ manager’s responsibility to explain to them that this is not acceptable behaviour in store.

3. If your manager isn’t around at the time of the incident, make sure you report the customer to them later so that they are aware. 4. Let your SDA Delegate, HSR or Union Organiser know what happened so they can offer guidance and support if needed.

The responsibility of the employer Every employer has a legal duty to take all reasonable steps possible to prevent harassment from occurring and implement workplace practices which can reduce the extent of harassment. Some examples of such practices include: adopting a policy on customer abuse and making it clear to customers and staff, warning or banning customers if they do not follow

the policy and encouraging and supporting staff to tell management about any incidents. If your employer is not dealing with these situations appropriately, the SDA can help you. Follow your workplace’s grievance procedure (as set out in your Agreement) and call the SDA for advice. We can provide you with guidance about how the company should be dealing with harassment and help you every step of the way. Remember: your safety at work comes before everything else.

Need help with a workplace issue? Call the SDA Member Support Hotline for confidential advice and support

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SDA Case Manager helps solve health and safety issue SDA Case Manager Monique Kalivis recently resolved a hygiene risk at a retail store.

When you’re at work, it’s important that all aspects of your job are up to standard – especially those that concern your health and safety. One of our Organisers recently reported that the women’s staff bathroom at a certain store was urgently in need of attention. The main issue was that the bathroom’s locking mechanism did not work, which meant that the bathroom could also be accessed by members of the public - some of whom were using the facilities to clean themselves. Additionally, workers had complained that the bathroom was often unclean whenever they went to use it. This not only posed a health risk to workers and customers but also meant that female workers were putting their personal safety at risk each time they went to the bathroom.

SDA CASE MANAGER Monique Kalivis

In order to fix this, we immediately contacted the company’s Human Resources manager expressing my concerns and requested the facilities be fixed promptly. The HR manager then contacted the landlord and had them commit to installing a new door and lock and to schedule more regular cleaning of the facilities. We were able to resolve this issue quickly and ensure that workers were able to work in an environment free of health and safety hazards. Health and safety issues may not always seem like a “big deal”, but even small changes at your workplace such as a cleaner and safer bathroom - can make a huge difference to your wellbeing at work. If you’re concerned about any of the practices or facilities at your workplace, speak with your SDA Organiser or Rep or call the SDA.

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For confidential advice and support when you need it.

Got a question about health and safety? Call the Member Support Hotline on 8139 1000

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