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warranted May 11, 1863

MWPHGL of the Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York

Most Worshipful Grand Master Rev. Dr. Gregory Robeson Smith, Sr. 33° Presently presiding

2 0 1 1 t r es t le b oar d o f

Worshipful Master

Dear Past Masters and Brothers of Adelphic Union Lodge #14, It is with great honor and humility that I accept this sacred trust that you have so earnestly given to me, to be Worshipful Master and lead our historic Lodge in 2011 for its 148th year of Masonry. I know that working with each of you, in this great body, we will achieve all of the things we set our minds to accomplish.


Freemasonry, above all else, is a spiritual society with unlimited opportunities for service, personal improvement and enjoyment. The Craft is so broad in its work and scope, you are bound to find an aspect that appeals to you. As Master, I will work to help each of you grow and reap the benefits of the Craft. The Master of a Lodge is not only its leader but its greatest SERVANT. As such, I shall endeavor to actually serve; not for the sake of glory and honor for myself, but, for my Lodge and Brethren - first, last and always.

am truly honored, grateful and mindful of the enormous responsibility before me. I promise you now, to do my best, give you all I have as a resource, a shoulder when necessary, a fist when prudent and your brother always.

Let the world see how Masons love one another is our mantra for 2011 and I know AUL#14 will live up to it. Fraternally yours,

WM Kevin P. Wardally Adelphic Union Lodge #14

As I stand in leadership of the Lodge that meant so much to my grandfather, who was raised in AUL#14 in 1951, I

Let the world see how Masons love one another. AUL#14 Stated Communication Fourth Tuesday of Each Month at 7:00pm 454 West 155th Street - NY, NY

Adelphic Union...where Masonry happens!

Aul#14 2011 Appointed officers

2011 Elected Officers . . .

Senior Deacon Bro. Darryl J. White Junior Deacon Bro. Sandino Sanchez Senior Master of Ceremony Bro. Mark Joel Byron Junior Master of Ceremony Bro. Michael Mariner

Senior warden Bro. Gene a. Edwards , jr.

Senior Steward Bro. Charles Alford Junior Steward Bro. Anthony Cannon Marshall Bro. Troy Miller Recording Secretary Bro. Ainsley Carter

junior warden Bro. Errol Allen

Assistant Treasurer Bro. Andrew Barnes III Chaplain RW Raymond Charles, Jr. Assistant Chaplain Bro. Robert Massey Tiler Jermaine Shan

secretary Bro. Ravi rampersaud

Trustee (3 Year) Bro. Vincent Haynes Organist Bro. Owen Guischard Special Advisor JPM Wayne A. Francis

treasurer Bro. Leo bazile

2011 AUL#14 Objectives Promote the concepts of friendship and brotherly love to the members of our Lodge, our Masonic family and to the community at large. For each brother to develop a deeper understanding of Masonry through study and application of the principles inculcated by our order in our everyday lives. Repair/replace Lodge collars, jewels and aprons Replace the Lodge Banner Create AUL #14 501(c)3 account Create a new Study Class format that is designed to last no more than two hours, from 7:00 to 9:00pm. The model is as follows: 45 minutes for Masonic Light or Ritual 45 minutes to discuss Lodge business or Ritual Practice 30 minutes for fellowship Deans for 2011 Entered Apprentices (EA) - SD Darryl White, JD Sandino Sanchez Deans for 2011 Fellowcrafts (FC) - SW Gene A. Edwards, Jr., JW Errol Allen Deans for 2011 Master Masons (MM) - WM Kevin P. Wardally (with the assistance of Past Masters)

Sickness and Distress In case of emergency, sickness and distress of any Lodge member, members should call or email the Worshipful Master at (646)290-0299, or the Lodge Secretary at (917)577-3372, and they will contact the brethren via email and text message.

Past Masters Council The Worshipful Master will meet with the Past Masters of the Lodge bi-monthly to discuss the activities of the Lodge and to seek their advice, guidance and wise counsel at one of the designated Friday study classes. Due and timely notice will be given.

Members: JPM Wayne A. Francis (Chair), PM Robert Meyers, Jr., PM Keith Treasure, PM Andre Jones, PM Clifford Garvin, PM Grant W. Johnson, PM Robert Myers , III

AUL# 14 2011 Operating Committees, Chairs, Memberships, Description and Goals WM Ex-Officio on All Committees Communication and Website – WM Kevin P. Wardally, Chair

Produce monthly communication sent to membership and uploaded on the Lodge website Responsible for keeping Lodge website current Manage e-commerce sales from the website

Members: SW Gene A. Edwards, Jr., JW Errol Allen, Sec. Ravi Rampersaud Telephone and Sickness and Distress – SD Darryl White, Chair

Each member is responsible for reaching out via phone to a set number of brothers at least once every two weeks to get a report on their well being and report their findings to the WM and SW Inform the brothers of Lodge activities and seek their support

Members: Bro. Charles Alford, Bro. Mark Joel Byron, Bro. Ainsley Carter, Bro. Owen Guischard, Bro. Joseph Gathers, Bro. Richard Harrison Investigation and Interview – Bro. Michael Mariner, Chair

Refine the Investigation & Interview process codifying it for the future years Conduct Interviews and Investigations of petitioners to the Lodge for membership Report their findings to the WM and the Lodge

Members: Bro. Charles Alford, Bro. Mark Joel Byron, Bro. Anthony Cannon, Bro. Edwin Del Rio, Bro. Joseph Gathers, Bro. Robert Massey, JD Sandino Sanchez Trestleboard – SW Gene A. Edwards, Jr., Chair

Coordinate and facilitate the monthly business of the Lodge Organize the activities of the respective Committees of the Lodge and report on the same Formulate long range plans and recommendations for the Lodge, to establish specific goals and objectives and the attainment of the same.

Members: All 2011 Elected Officers and those seeking to be Elected Officers in the future History and Research – Bro. Christopher Goodwin, Chair

Conduct and present research on the “Adelphic Union Library Association” to the body Email Masonic Information (Light) once a month to the membership

Members: JW Errol Allen Finance – Bro. Andrew Barnes III, Chair

Deal with all monetary matters including: fundraising, financial planning, investments, purchase negotiations, capturing membership dues, etc. Procure an AUL#14 - 501(c)3 certificate for use by our May Dinner Dance

Members: Bro. Charles Alford, Treas. Leo Bazille, Bro. Michael Mariner

Fellowship – JW Errol Allen and JD Sandino Sanchez, Chairs

Actively visit and fellowship with Lodges new and old to build the AUL#14 name in the Masonic World Increase visitation to other Lodges to promote Adelphic Union programs, communications and Degree work

Members: Bro. Edwin Del Rio, Bro. Vincent Haynes, Bro. Troy Miller, Sec. Ravi Rampersaud, Bro. Robert Stokes, Bro. Jose Tavarez ***ALL PMS ARE ASKED TO PARTICIPATE IN COMMITTEE WORK When AVAILABLE***

2011 Adelphic union lodge #14 Activities Overview February



Monday, 17th Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

Sunday, 13th MWPHGL Special Valentine Affair

Saturday, 19th MWPHGL Occasional Grand Lodge

Saturday, 16th MWPHGL Spring Fireside Chat -1st District Grand East

Fri. to Sun., 21st– 23rd Mid Year Assembly

Monday, 21st Camp Eureka Breakfast

Tuesday, 22nd Stated Meeting

Tuesday, 26th Stated Meeting

Tuesday, 25th Stated Meeting

Tuesday, 22nd Stated Meeting

Entered Apprentice Degree Initiation

Saturday, 29th

Saturday, 29th Black History Event

Thursday to Saturday 24th – 26th MWPHGL Bazaar Grand East


AUL#14 Party

may Friday, 20th

Dinner Dance Sunday, 22nd MWPHGL Divine Service

Tuesday, 24th Stated Meeting Sunday, 29th Chapter of Sorrow

September Monday, 12th Prince Hall Day Service Saturday, 24th Master Mason Third Degree Raising



Wed. to Sat., 1st–4th MWPHGL Annual Session Buffalo, NY

Saturday, 2nd AUL#14 Family Day BBQ with Electa #14

Tuesday, 28th Stated Meeting

Tuesday, 26th Stated Meeting (TBD)

Fellowcraft Second Degree Passing


50 Suit Drive with Exodus Transitional Community (TBD)


august Thurs. to Thurs., 11th -18th Imperial Council AEAONMS Session Cincinnati, OH

Tuesday, 23rd Stated Meeting (TBD) Saturday, 27th AUL#14 Masonic Meals on Wheels


Tuesday, 25th Stated Meeting

Tuesday, 22nd Stated Meeting

Friday, 16th AUL#14 Holiday Mixer

AUL#14 Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance (TBD)

Thursday, 24th MWPHGL Community Feeding

Sunday, 25th MWPHGL Community Feeding

AUL#14 Masonic Meals on Wheels (TBD)

Tuesday, 27th Stated Meeting Elections and Officer Installations

Tuesday, 27th Stated Meeting - Family Dinner on Masonry Our goal is to visit at least two Lodges a month.

Please be advised the above dates and events are tentative and subject to change due to Grand Lodge business or AUL#14 business. Additionally, dates for events may be added or removed. Brothers will be informed of any changes as soon as possible and I ask that you govern yourselves accordingly .

January 2011 Sun






Sat 1































January 2011 Dates to Remember . . .

Mon. 17 - dr. martin Luther king, jr. celebration Fri. 21 - sun. 23 - Midyear 2011 Hilton-rye brook, NY Tuesday 25 - aul#14’S monthly communication Fri. 29 - AUL#14’S party at the grand east

2011 Trestleboard , Adelphic Union Lodge # 14  

The 2011 trestleboard of Worshipful Master Kevin P. Wardally, Adelphis Union Lodge # 14.

2011 Trestleboard , Adelphic Union Lodge # 14  

The 2011 trestleboard of Worshipful Master Kevin P. Wardally, Adelphis Union Lodge # 14.