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Bernie Smith, Level 3, 8 Quay Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Please address all correspondence to “The Secretary”.


ORGANISERS METROPOLITAN: Lena Adam, Anthony Maiatico, Anthony Attard, Alex Velickovic, Caroline Israel, Chris Stefanovski, Angela Ghanime, Mina Papadopoulos, Tina Callaghan, Joel Tynan, Adriana Moore, Karl San Pedro, Hugh McLaurin, Anthony Day, Joanne Jammal, Whitney Rizk, Alex del Rosario, Jessica Chidiac, Rayanne Li, Alison Varga, Susannah Hoffman, Nikolai Martinovic, Josip Blazevic.

REGIONAL: Lower South Coast, Southern Highlands & Canberra: Athol Williams Q phone 6273 2300 Riverina (Wagga/Albury): Struan Timms Q phone 6921 8820 Western NSW (Orange/Dubbo): Louise Buesnell and Loretta Turner (part-time Organiser) Q phone 6362 1965 Far North Coast (Ballina/Tweed): Trevor McCosker Q phone 6686 4192 Wollongong & Illawarra: Vera Cavanagh and Di Dixon (part-time Organiser) Q phone 4228 3611 Port Macquarie and Tamworth Region: Paul Mitchell Q phone 6583 8837 Coffs Harbour and Armidale Region: Mariusz Werstak and Bridget Sheridan (casual Organiser) Q phone 6650 9950 WAREHOUSING AND MANUFACTURING: Joseph Bourke, John Paul Sialafau SPECIALISTS INDUSTRIAL OFFICERS: Phil Walker, Bernard Govind, Mitchell Worsley, Aliscia Di Mauro, Rose Ghabache WORKERS’ COMPENSATION AND OHS OFFICERS: Michael Babic, Jane Lui SENIOR OPERATIONS OFFICER: Felicity Smithson OPERATIONS OFFICER: Paul Hangan COMMUNICATIONS OFFICERS: Michael Walker, Tim Leong INFORMATION OFFICERS: Corrine Boyle, Elizabeth Cody, David Uzzell, Georgina Psillis, Renee Jaajaa, Monica Rose EDUCATION OFFICER: Philippe LeCompte

A Challenging Year Draws to an End Thank you to all SDA members, Delegates and Officials for supporting your Union in 2015. It has been a challenging year for retail, fast food, pharmaceutical and warehouse workers. There have been the challenges of: X redundancies; X retail trading hours (see pages 4-5); X exploitation of 7-Eleven workers (see pages 16-17); X employer attacks on penalty rates (see pages 6-9); and X pressures of roster changes and understaffing (see page 19). We have had some wins, we have had some set backs. Some are big and some are smaller. A personal highlight for me was helping a new night fill Delegate in one store undo a number of unfair roster changes. The unfair rosters were removed and the members had a voice and were consulted on setting new rosters.

Boxing Day Trading I am deeply disappointed by the NSW Baird Government permitting all shops to open on Boxing Day this year. The MPs will not be at work (despite former Branch Secretary Greg Donnelly moving a motion calling on Parliament to sit on Boxing Day, given they were making shop assistants work). But I am so very proud of members, Delegates and supporters for how you responded to try to stop this, and to ensure that voluntary work rights are respected. You sent in thousands of emails and made hundreds of phone calls to the Rev Nile. Every major Christian religious group wrote letters of support calling on Parliament to leave the day for families. Despite all of this, the Rev Nile broke his election promise to you and he voted with the Baird Government to allow all shops to trade on Boxing Day. The fight for fairness in retail trading hours will not end.

The law will be reviewed in 2017. Parliament’s decision does not end our campaign; it marks the beginning of a two-year campaign to win Boxing Day back for your families. The response of members across the State has been overwhelming, with shop after shop reporting that members are refusing to work on Boxing Day. Well done for standing up for your rights. Unfortunately, I also know thousands more will feel compelled to work, through direct pressure or indirect pressure; from economic pressure and fear of refusing a shift in case you don't get offered the next one; salaried staff expected to do the ‘right thing’; or just those who feel unable to say no. I understand each of these reasons, and I feel deeply for those who will reluctantly go to work on Boxing Day and suffer in silence. Together we will make sure that Parliament hears everyone’s story. We have already referred a number of matters around some employer behaviour on Boxing Day work to the Department to investigate. If there are any breaches of the law, we will expect that they also prosecute those involved.

Goodbye Myer Members We say goodbye this year to many Myer members who have taken up offers of voluntary redundancy. We thank you for your years of membership and we wish you all very well either in your next job or in retirement.

Protect Penalty Rates Thank you to all who have supported the Protect Penalty Rates campaign. Penalty rates are fair pay for work at unsociable times. As part of the campaign, there have been Delegate meetings across NSW and the ACT, door knocks to raise community awareness, shopping centre blitzes where hundreds of new members joined the Union, community meetings, and ad campaigns.

Most importantly, though, are the one-onone conversations you have explaining why penalty rates matter. The entries in our penalty rates competition were great. Keep telling people to protect penalty rates because they are a small compensation for working on days like Sunday and missing all of those get togethers with family and friends. With your support, we will keep campaigning to protect penalty rates throughout 2016.

The Good News! But it’s not all doom and gloom. We had a big win for weekend workers in the ACT, with Easter Sunday having been declared a public holiday, including full penalty rates. Well done Athol and all ACT members! Add to this, over 180,000 retail, fast food, pharmaceutical and warehouse workers who got a pay rise through SDA-negotiated Agreements; we had a successful safety week with over 3,000 safety chats done by Delegates; and we secured hundreds of thousands of dollars of underpayment claims, unfair dismissal claims and workers’ compensation payments for members. 2016 will see some exciting changes, but one thing will remain constant, the SDA will be at work with you! Again, thanks to all members, Delegates and HSRs for your work and support this year. I wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and, I hope, for many of you a restful Boxing Day. Take the time, say no to work and relax with family and friends. If you are travelling over Christmas or the New Year, may it be a happy and safe time.

Bernie Smith, Branch Secretary



Boxing Day Update by Bernie Smith, Branch Secretary On Tuesday 10 November in the dead of night, the NSW Baird Government passed a bill permitting all shops in NSW to trade on Boxing Day. This is despite thousands and thousands of emails from concerned retail workers and their families asking for shops to remain closed on this family day. Every major Christian religious body also called for the Parliament to leave the day for families. Thank you to all members for your strong support. I am very proud of all members and Delegates who emailed or called members of Parliament. I thank all of the religious and community groups who have supported retail workers in this campaign.

Boxing Day 2015 and 2016 trial Trading on Boxing Day is being trialled for 2015 and 2016. It will then be reviewed in 2017. While we are disappointed that trading is permitted this year, we will ensure a proper review occurs. When that review is done we will be calling on all members of Parliament to do the right thing and return Boxing Day to the families of NSW.

Just say “no” to work on Boxing Day All work on Boxing Day is voluntary. If you feel in any way pressured to work, please report it immediately to the SDA by email or call 131 SDA (that’s 131 732). It is illegal to pressure you into working. You are entitled to just say “no” and enjoy Boxing Day with family and friends. This is the case for salaried employees too! Tell your manager if you do not want to work on Boxing Day. Give them a simple note in writing that you do not want to work on Boxing Day.

What if they can’t get enough staff? If your store cannot get enough staff to volunteer to work on Boxing Day, they will have to keep the store closed. It is illegal to open a store if any of the staff are not volunteers.

Here to help If you have any questions regarding your rights on Boxing Day, please call 131 SDA (131 732). i Main photo shows Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon addressing SDA members.


Coming for Your Penalty Rates The Penalty Rates Case is now well underway, as the Fair Work Commission continues to hear arguments from employers who want to take away the penalty rates of retail and fast food workers. This employer attempt to reduce penalty rates is a massive case, spanning many by Robert Tonkli, Assistant Secretary industries, with a particular focus on the retail, fast food and hospitality sectors. By the time it is completed, almost 200 witnesses will have been called to give evidence, with over 100 days of hearings. At this stage, the case will not conclude until next year, perhaps as late as April. A decision will follow some time after then.

Defending You In the face of employer arguments to remove penalty rates, only one organisation is standing up to defend the penalty rates of retail and fast food workers: the SDA! As there is a real chance that employers could succeed, we are running the best possible defence, with our team of expert barristers and lawyers, and the SDA’s industrial officers. Everyone has been working extremely hard to convince the Commission that the penalty rates of retail and fast food workers must not be reduced. Legal cases are expensive – and big cases are even more so. It is only because the SDA is a big union, because of the support of our members, that a strong defence can be run. Last time (in 2012), the SDA successfully defended our penalty rates at a cost of more than $400,000 in legal fees. This time, as the case is much bigger, so the cost will be, too. Without SDA members, retail and fast food workers would not have a voice before the Commission.

A Devastang Dierence We know that penalty rates are fair compensation for working unsociable hours. But for many who rely on money from penalty rates, a loss will be devastating. For a lot of people, penalty rates make the difference between having a small amount of spending money or barely scraping by. A loss of penalty rates would mean having to cut out expenses like paying for their children’s sport, pursuing a hobby, or

Carol’s Case... Carol* is a single mum. Two of her children have moved out of home, and her youngest, aged 17, will sit his HSC next year. Carol relies on penalty rates to pay her bills and rent. Working on Sundays means she continues to miss out on a range of family and community events, including Christenings, birthday parties and some of her children’s sporting events. If Sunday penalty rates were reduced, not only would Carol continue to miss out on family activities, but she would need to work additional hours just to be able to pay the bills. This is just unfair!


Meanwhile, in Sweden... just the opportunity to go out to socialise with friends at a café or see a movie. For some households, there is no doubt that a reduction in their penalty rates will also create additional pressures on their shared family or community time. This is because a drop in household income from a loss of penalty rates would mean they would have to find extra work to make up the difference, forcing them to spend more time away from their family or community activities such as volunteering.

Special Thanks I would like to give special acknowledgement to those individual SDA members who have made statements and given evidence before the Fair Work Commission on these very issues. Giving evidence in a legal case can take a lot of courage, particularly when it involves sharing sensitive personal information, such as details about income, household budget, work history and savings. (This personal information was presented to the Commission, but it is not publicly available because of its private nature.) Every SDA member will have a different story on how a loss of penalty rates could affect them. The individual SDA members who gave evidence before the Commission represent the stories of so many workers in the wider community who would find it extremely difficult to cope if they lost their penalty rates. Below are just two examples. As the fight to keep our penalty rates continues, the best thing you can do is to encourage your co-workers to be part of the SDA. If they ask you, “What does the Union do for me?”, tell them that it is only the SDA who is standing up for their penalty rates.

June’s Case... June* is also a single mother with two teenage kids. Sunday penalty rates represent about 20% of her weekly income. She would prefer not to work on Sundays, but only does so for the extra income. Without penalty rates, she would greatly struggle to pay the rent and provide for her children.

* Not their real names.

Just to show that there is a way to balance the needs of work and family without compromising people’s income, Sweden in recent months began phasing in a six-hour workday. This effectively makes their standard work week 30 hours long, rather than our 38. It is being done in such a way that workers’ income does not have to decrease. How did they manage this? Studies had showed that people are not much more productive in the final two hours of their shift, so there was only a minimal loss to employers. Go Sweden! A six-hour workday is not a new idea. Australia’s union movement lobbied for the eight-hour day over a period of sixty years, starting in 1855 and ending in 1916. As the entitlement was progressively won, unions started to talk about a six-hour day. The Trades Hall building in Haymarket has a number of six-hour day banners preserved from marches and parades of yesteryear. Hopefully their makers are smiling down from somewhere.

industrial update... One of the SDA’s main tasks is to improve our members’ wages and working conditions through enterprise bargaining, meaning that if you’re covered by an EBA, you get regular pay increases. Currently, we’re negotiating with the following companies to improve employees’ conditions: X X X X X X X X X

Animal Supplies Big W Hoxton Park DC Nambucca River Co-op Wollongong UniCentre Blackwoods IGA Drummoyne KFC Officeworks


Pizza Hut Supabarn Woolworths Petrol GSF Kmart Scenic World Katoomba The Smith Family Country Road Woolworths Supermarkets

Upcoming Wage Increases The following companies have wages rise coming up: Employer Date of Pay Weekly Hourly Rise (2016) Increase* Rate* BWS 1 January $13.19 $21.77 Target 1 February $10.50 $20.68 Myer 1 February $18.00 $19.61 Masters 1 February $23.32 $21.07 The Reject Shop 1 February $11.54 $21.24

Casual Rate $26.12 $24.82 $24.11 $25.49 $26.47

*for permanent employees

Your say: how penalty rates are important to you In the last edition of SDA News, we ran a competition, giving members the chance to win a four-pack of movie tickets, just by telling us in 50 words or less why penalty rates are important to them. Our winners were: X

Annalyse Fisher, Dan Murphy’s Emu Plains


Carmeli Moran, Woolworths Kiama


Cassandra Natoli, Best & Less Roselands


Dianne Lidden, Woolworths Corrimal


Joanne Wood, Bunnings Albury


Jocelyn Gardiner, Coles Camden


Kathryn Bate, KFC Kincumber NC


Mikhail Haddad, IGA Meadowbank


Marco Barbera, David Jones Burwood


Tracey Onley, Coles Mt Druitt

The following were some of the best entries:

As a new mother it’s important I provide the best for my “ daughter, working weekends allows me to get penalty rates. Me and my partner are trying to save for a house and I sacrifice family time so I can make some more money.

did you know...

– Member at Dan Murphy’s Weekends are for relaxing and hanging out with family “ and friends. Running on a weekend work week instead of

TerƟary EducaƟon Assistance from the SDA TERTIARY EDUCATION Members can apply right ASSISTANCE PROGRAM now for assistance with the cost of undertaking tertiary education Helping to Build Your Future through the SDA’s Tertiary Education Assistance Program (TEAP). The application form can be downloaded from the SDA website at 2016 APPLICATION FORM

The SDA is proud to help SDA members

who are studying at a tertiary level

with their

education costs.

The Union has $1,200 TEAP packages


SDA members to assist them with expenses relating to their university studies in 2016.

There are also six $600 TEAP packages

to help those studying at TAFE and


tertiary colleges in 2016.

Full details are set out in the “Conditions of Entry” on the back of this leaflet.

Members must use the Application

more space.


SDA’s Sydney office no later than 15 January 2016, and successful

applicants will be notified by post


February 2016.

– Member at Best & Less

I have worked every Sunday afternoon shift for 13 yrs “ now, penalty rates are important to me, because I work

But remember – the Tertiary Education

Assistance Program is available only to financial members of the Union.

Under this program, ten SDA members at University will receive $1,200 each and six members at TAFE will receive $600 each towards their educational expenses.



contained in this leaflet to apply. Please attach additional pages if you require

Applications must be received by

the usual weekdays, we miss out on all that. With no penalty rates we are treated the same as weekday workers who don’t have to sacrifice their social life.

Applications must reach the SDA by Friday 15 January.

unsocial able hours. Many family BBQs missed and many weekends away cut short. Most of my 24 hr a week wage comes from my Sunday, hence why I do it.

– Member at Coles

A big thank you goes to everyone who took the time to put together a message. Well done!

Save our weekend.

Penalty Rates Under Attack Penalty rates have been paid to workers as compensation for working unsociable hours for decades. But now they are under threat from the Federal Government.

“It’s disgraceful that the Prime

Business lobby groups have been pushing for a cut to penalty rates for years.

workers’ penalty rates, he will

They say that paying workers penalty rates is forcing stores to close their doors, but the reality is that it just another push to cut workers’ take-home pay.

and their families.

We’ve also seen the recent Federal Government’s Productivity Commission Review recommend a cut to Sunday penalty rates, apparently in an attempt to “increase productivity” in sectors such as retail and hospitality. Now the Federal Government has jumped in on the act, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently suggesting that a cut to penalty rates is inevitable.

SDA NSW Branch Secretary Bernie Smith said “The SDA NSW Branch is committed to the campaign to protect penalty rates.

Minister is willing to wave around the threat of cutting low income earners’ pay,” Mr Dwyer said. “The simple fact is that if the Prime Minister moves to cut weekend be cutting the take-home pay of thousands of vulnerable workers “We simply cannot and won’t let that happen, which is why we’re running a huge campaign aimed at protecting our right to penalty rates. “For many workers, penalty rates aren’t the icing on the cake – they’re the bread and butter.

How can you help


“Penalty rates are fair pay for those who work unsociable hours. Cutting penalty rates will not create one extra job. Cutting retail workers’ take-home pay will hurt workers and their families. They give up time with friends and family, sporting events and other social activities. If penalty rates are cut, they will lose this time and get no extra pay in return. “Our community still values the weekend, so those of us giving them up to work deserve to be paid a bit more”.

Protect Penalty R


Sign up to otectpenaltyrates.o Keep an eye out fo r events near you. Like our Facebook page at www.facebo naltyrates/ Ask your friends an d family to join the campaign too.

With SDA members in the direct firing line, the Union has sprung into action, teaming up with other unions to represent affected workers in running campaigns to protect penalty rates around the country. SDA National Secretary, Gerard Dwyer said that the Union is pulling out all the stops to protect members’ take-home pay.

Join the campaign at SDA NEWS I SUMMER 2015 I PAGE 9





17 - 30 MARCH 2016

 Order by Friday, 4 March 2016

I would like to purchase: No. of adult tickets:

@ $32.40 (incl GST) each =



No. of child^ tickets:

@ $20.00 (incl GST) each =



the SDA Union Office on 02 9281 7022, or

No. of concession* tickets:

@ $24.40 (incl GST) each =



visit and log in to the members-only section



this completed form to SDA, PO Box K230, Haymarket NSW 1240


I’m paying by:


Cheque or money order payable to SDA, or Visa


Credit card no:


includes children aged 4-15 years, and school children 16-18 years with a ROA School Pupil ID (Form 202) or School Transport Pass. Children aged 3 years and under have free admission. * Concession includes Fulltime tertiary students with transport ID; Pensioners; NSW Seniors Card holders; War Widow/ers withTransport ID

Children 3 and under: admission free! Tickets will be sent via Registered Post unless collected from the Union Office reception.

Plus postage:




4.00 .

Please send my tickets to: Expiry Date:


Cardholder Name:


SDA Membership No:

Phone No:

Postal Address: Signature:

Email Address:

Information provided on this group booking form may be deemed ‘personal information’ as defined by the Privacy Laws. This information is collected for the purposes of processing and assessing your booking and recording this information for RAS, its agents and administrative purposes, archival purposes. The provision of this information is voluntary, however, if this information is not provided, SDA or its agents may not be able to process your booking or otherwise affect the purposes for which the information has been provided or collected. This information will not be used for any other purpose unless required by law. You have the right of access to and alteration of personal information concerning yourself in accordance with the Privacy Laws.

Authorised by Bernie Smith, Secretary-Treasurer, SDA NSW Branch, Level 3, 8 Quay Street, Sydney NSW 2000

YOUR CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR PUBLIC HOLIDAY ENTITLEMENTS With Christmas fast approaching, SDA members should be aware of their public holiday entitlements. The simple rule is this: under most SDA Agreements, employees have an absolute right to refuse to work on a public holiday. The choice is yours. CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: This year, the following public holidays will be observed in New South Wales, and attract the public holiday penalty rate:

Friday, 25 December (Christmas Day) Saturday, 26 December (Boxing Day) Sunday, 27 December (not a public holiday) Monday, 28 December (Additional public holiday) Friday, 1 January (New Year’s Day)


CHRISTMAS DAY: Without a restricted trading or tourist exemption, your store must close on Christmas Day. It is an offence to engage staff to work behind closed doors on Christmas Day. BOXING DAY: This year, stores can open for trade on Boxing Day. However, stores can only trade with voluntary labour. This means you have an absolute right to say no to working on Boxing Day. It is your choice. CHECK YOUR AGREEMENT: Delegates and members should refer to their Enterprise Agreement. The SDA has prepared a range of company specific public holiday bulletins that detail entitlements for major companies. The one relating to your company should be available in your store or you can access it in your user dashboard on the SDA website: Alternatively, you can scan the code ?here, using your QR-enabled device. CONTACT THE SDA: If you have any questions or concerns, speak to your Delegate, SDA Organiser, or call the SDA’s Information Centre on 131 732.




Saying Thanks for all the Hard Delegates are the union’s lifeblood, putting in many hours of volunteer work each year for their workmates. Through October and November, functions were held around NSW and the ACT where Delegates were thanked for their dedication and awards presented to some especially long-serving Delegates. The largest event was held at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth on Friday 27 November; some pictures of the event are presented here.



Best of Luck, Myer Ladies by Vera Cavanagh, Organiser In September, ten of the longest serving staff at Myer Wollongong clocked off for the last time. I am sure they were very happy to take the voluntary redundancies offered and move onto new things, and retirement for some. We enjoyed a fabulous morning tea with many stories told and memories shared. I will miss them as will their union, the SDA. Remaining staff and customers will miss the 220 years of retail experience and excellence in customer service these staff provided. Good luck to all our loyal members.


In the Pink in October! Another wonderful SDA Breast Cancer fundraiser was held in Wollongong on 16 October. It was enormous fun with trivia, games, bottle toss and auctions. A great night was had by all. Many devoted Delegates, members by Vera Cavanagh and friends attended to contribute to Organiser yet another successful evening raising $11,000 towards Breast Cancer research. Many thanks to all our sponsors including Nikolovski Lawyers, McDonald’s Illawarra, REST, Novotel, Slater & Gordon, ME Bank, Woolworths, Coles and many others listed.


A big thank you to our Delegates Liz, Julie, Vicki, Maria and all our SDA staff that assisted on the night and behind the scenes. And, to our sponsors and helpers listed here, we can’t express our gratitude enough!



Nikolovski Lawyers McDonald’s Illawarra ME Bank Coles - all stores Woolworths REST Industry Super Dan Murphy’s Corrimal Suttons Motors Homebush Priceline Warrawong Priceline Kiama Big W Warrawong Big W Dapto Bunnings Warrawong Liquorland Wollongong Novotel Sydney Central Officeworks Fairy Meadow Blooms Woonona Priceline Wollongong Slater & Gordon



Murcotts Driving Excellence Albion Park Meats Centretown Newsagency KFC Illawarra Red Rooster Illawarra Mud Me Beauty Kurtosh Cafe Wollongong The Green Room Wollongong Coffee Guru Kiama Light & Lather By Bel BWS Brad Garlick Ford Julie Blanch Kath Thistlethwaite Helen for the candles and bows on the tables Noah Wayne for being the DJ

Annual Golf Fundraiser October also saw us celebrate a decade of fundraising by playing golf! The tenth annual charity golf day was held at Carnarvon Golf Course on 23 October, and was supprted by members, employers and SDA service providers. A big thank you to all our sponsors and raffle donors.

The SDA was very proud to receive the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Spirit of Giving Award this year. We’d like to dedicate this Award to all the members and Delegates who have been so generous in raising funds for this important cause over many years. This year, the total amount raised by the Branch was $26,700. A huge thank you goes to everyone who SDA NEWS Ihelped. SUMMER 2015 I PAGE 15


by Bernard Govind Industrial Officer

SDA members have no doubt seen media reports exposing systematic exploitation of international students working at 7-Eleven, which includes massive underpayments. Some estimates have put this number at $300 million in unpaid wages.

The SDA set up – with the NSW Branch acting as host – a national confidential hotline for 7-Eleven workers on 131 SDA.

Students have remained largely silent and reluctant to join the Union out of fear of deportation.


This is now changing. More and more people are coming forward, but many more remain concerned about being deported. The SDA has moved quickly and comprehensively following the breaking of the story in the media.

A WAY FORWARD The SDA called on the Federal Government to put a visa amnesty in place, to allow 7-Eleven employees to come forward with their stories telling of breaches of industrial laws without having to fear deportation. Others have since joined the SDA in making the same call on the Federal Government. The SDA also wrote to the Prime Minister urging him to declare the amnesty.

A national website has also been set up: where workers can confidentially tell the SDA their stories. The SDA was able to organise an employee to come forward in the days after the story broke. This employee appeared on ABC TV’s 7.30 and confirmed the systematic underpayment of workers at 7-Eleven. The SDA appeared at the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework and argued for better protections for workers, citing the 7-Eleven case as the reason why better protections were needed. The SDA commissioned The McKell Institute to produce a report on the impact of temporary visa programs in Australia, with a particular focus on 7-Eleven workers. The report, authored by Dr Joanna Howe (Senior Lecturer of Law at the University of Adelaide) formed the substance of the submission made by the SDA to the Senate Education and Employment References Committee. The National Secretary of the SDA, Gerard Dwyer, then appeared before the Senate Education and Employment References Committee, giving effect to the report . He called on the Federal Government

RAHUL’S STORY (AS TOLD THROUGH THE SDA 24SEVENHELPLINE) I really appreciate the effort that the SDA is making on behalf the people who have been exploited by 7-Eleven. I came to Australia in 2012, and started working at a 7-Eleven near my uni. I was working for a wage of $10 per hour, and my manager owns two stores in the city. I was told during the interview that it was the standard wage that every 7-Eleven would pay. I was new to the place and wasn’t aware of the law and legal wages; what I was aware of was the 40-hour-per-fortnight limit for students, which I did follow though I didn’t make enough money to support my expenses. I worked at both my manager’s stores for about 12 months (even though I eventually came to know that I was being underpaid) because I could not find any better job. I quit working when I had to visit home for four months and then never went back to work at the 7-Eleven. I came across articles in the newspapers recently and I thought I must give you the information I have. I would be more than happy to claim whatever he owes me but he was a smart man – he never gave me any payslips, and he used to get my signatures and save them. I am not sure if I legally have anything against him right now, but I wasted more than one year working for poor wages. Please let me know what I should do; I am prepared to come forward and give more details over this issue because there are many stores in Sydney who have been getting away with this practice and its time they start following the law. Hoping to hear from you. Regards, Rahul






Rahul Patil , SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer and Ussama Waseem about to give evidence at a Senate hearing into misuse of temporary worker visas. to offer an amnesty for 7-Eleven workers caught up in the rip off who have found themselves in breach of their visa. The SDA also called for an increase to the resources of the Fair Work Ombudsman to crack down on the exploitation of migrant workers like those working at 7-Eleven, and also submitted that Fair Work Inspectors should not operate as border protection officers but only work to enforce labour standards.

BRAVELY SPEAKING OUT The National Secretary was joined in his submission by three 7-Eleven employees who had bravely reached out through the SDA’s national website. Rahul, Ussama and Mr Nikhil Sangareddypeta spoke articulately, and gave compelling and credible evidence to the Senators, telling them their own stories of exploitation. Rahul’s story is shown opposite. His is just one account – many others have come forward to the SDA, telling stories of vulnerable workers, poor record keeping (or no record keeping) masking systematic underpayments, and of workers intimidated by the prospect of deportation; all amounting to exploitation on a grand and unparalleled scale. Appallingly, it has become apparent that the Head Office of 7-Eleven was made aware of the wage fraud, and deliberately ignored the rip off being perpetrated by their franchisees on vulnerable students.

THINGS MUST CHANGE In order to hold the Head Office of 7-Eleven accountable, NSW Branch Secretary Bernie Smith moved a resolution at the SDA National Council to call on the Federal Government to amend legislation and hold the Principal Franchisor liable for the remuneration paid to the employees of their franchisees. The resolution is as follows: “That the officers of the Association be authorised to lobby the Federal Government to amend existing legislation so as to provide liability of the principal contractor/franchisor for remuneration payable to employees of a sub-contractor or franchisees.” Today the SDA is continuing to reach out to 7-Eleven workers through the hotline and the national website. The SDA is assisting these workers in preparing underpayment claims and taking other legal action. We are working with agencies and lawyers to ensure that we drive this exploitation out of the retail industry. Importantly, in assisting 7-Eleven workers, we are not only shining a light into a dark corner of our industry, but we are also bringing justice and restoring dignity to vulnerable workers. In so doing, we are preserving and protecting the rights of all retail employees in Australia.


Uncomfortable Working Temperatures During the summer months, many SDA members may be faced with having to work by Jane Lui, in very hot OHS Officer environments. The majority of problems that occur are related to transient heat, that is, heat which has the potential to increase the temperature of a building or other area.

Some of these effects are: X

reduced ability to concentrate and therefore an increased risk of accidents;


increased discomfort in the use of protective clothing and equipment;


aggravation of the effects of other hazards, e.g. noise;


aggravation of pre-existing illnesses, e.g. heart disease;


heat cramps (painful spasms in one or more muscles);

heat exhaustion characterised by weakness and fatigue, vomiting, headaches and giddiness as well as unconsciousness and, in some cases, death. Working in hot conditions not only affects a person’s physical health but can also affect a person’s mental state, and often contributes to stress levels.

appropriate work and rest regimes relative to the physical fitness, general health, medication taken and body weight of each employee exposed to heat are implemented. Issues relating to transient heat in the workplace, particularly over the summer months, must be addressed immediately and resolved effectively. If you find yourself working in an uncomfortably hot situation, follow the grievance procedure contained in your Enterprise Agreement or Award.

What Can Be Done?

Contact Your Union

Your employer has a duty of care to provide you with a workplace that is safe and healthy, particularly in extreme conditions.

For more information about heat or working in uncomfortable temperatures, please speak to your Delegate or Organiser or contact the SDA on 131 SDA (that’s 131 732).

Health and Safety Effects Factors such as the type of work being undertaken, humidity, air temperature, sun penetration, clothing and air movement should always be taken into account when considering the health and safety risks associated with heat. Heat and uncomfortable temperatures can have different effects on different people. Working in hot conditions may result in health effects, ranging from mild discomfort and headaches to lifethreatening problems. These more serious health conditions can generally be grouped together as the effects of heat stress.

This extends to ensuring that heat risks are identified, assessed and controlled within the workplace when environmental conditions affect the health and safety of employees. An employer must ensure that: X adequate ventilation and air movement is provided in indoor environments that may become hot, and




Workload: a big WHS issue Workload, heat and cold, slips, and manual handling continue to trend as the top safety issues for workers in retail, fast food and warehousing. Over August, the SDA’s network of Delegates, Health and Safety Reps and Organisers spoke with over 6,750 employees about their health and safety concerns. The results of these conversations were captured during our safety chats. As well as capturing information from our conversations with employees about their top health concerns, we also asked some new questions about pregnancy and customer violence and abuse.

In order to gain a better insight into the level of awareness and experience our members had of the issue of workload, we put together our first ever national online safety survey: the SDA Workload Survey 2015. The response was huge. Over 7,000 workers, predominately SDA members, told us about the enormous impact workload is having on their health and their safety at work. The results have provided a sobering and alarming account of the systemic problems SDA members face at work – managing unsustainable, unhealthy and dangerous workload issues on a regular basis.

Key ndings






Workload issues are still the number one issue affecting workplaces. Customer violence or abuse was experienced by 46% of workers we spoke with. 20% of the workers told us they had a work-related injury in the last 12 months. Over 500 workers told us that pregnant workers experienced poor treatment at work.

What’s next? The SDA is working with Delegates and HSRs to address issues raised during Safety Demands Action week. A summary report of the results from the safety conversations will also be shared with major retailers and fast food companies. The SDA will continue to highlight the issues affecting you at work, and importantly work together on the actions that need to be taken to address them.

Overwhelmed by Workload Last year, the safety conversations we had as part of Safety Week enabled workers to tell us the issues that were affecting their workplaces. The issue of workload came in strongly at number one.

The SDA knows the enormous issue workload is for our members. These results give us further insights into the costs workload has on our member’s health and the impacts it has on pay and conditions. X 82% of workers told us workload was an issue affecting their workplace. This happens on a weekly basis, according to 40% of respondents. 22.52% said this was a daily occurrence. X Service and Night fill/Replenishment/ Recovery were identified as hotspots in many workplaces. X 21% of workers complete unfinished tasks in unpaid overtime. X Most people were able to identify the health and safety consequences associated with excessive workload, mainly anxiety and neck and back pain, with over 70% of workers telling us they have experienced an impact on their health and safety as a consequence of their workload. X Only 37% of people have sought assistance to help them - the main assistance respondents sought was via a doctor or by taking sick leave or personal leave.




While 55% of workers said they had raised issues related to workload, mainly with a manager, only 10% said it was resolved. Only 14% of respondents said their employer took meaningful action when it came to addressing workload issues.

The way forward Workers told us that more staff, a better understanding of the allocation of hours needed to complete tasks, and genuine consultation with employees would all be good steps towards resolving these issues. Over the next 12 months, the SDA will continue to work with members, Delegates and HSRs to make sure this important issue is firmly on both the SDA’s safety and industrial agenda. If you are experiencing issues related to workload and it is impacting on your health and wellbeing, you can take the following steps: X X



Raise the issue with your manager; Put the issue on the agenda of your workplace Health and Safety Committee; Talk to your workplace Health and Safety Rep and/or Union Delegate; Seek assistance if the issue is affecting your health.

If the issue is not resolved, contact the SDA for assistance.


t n u o c s i D

x i T e i v o M


Everyone loves going to the movies! And thanks to the SDA’s Discount Movie Tickets scheme, financial members of the Union can go to the movies at reduced prices across a wide range of cinemas.




order online at, phone the SDA on 131 SDA (131 732) with your credit card details, or purchase them in person at the SDA Sydney Office between 8.30am and 4.00pm Monday to Saturday (except on public holidays).

The SDA understands that you need a break from work to HOYTS/EVENT enjoy leisure time, so not only do we negotiate workplace E-TICKETS NOW entitlements and rosters to give you reasonable time off, wee AVAILABLE! also get you – SDA members – discounts on a SDA Movie Tickets range of entertainment benefits. for Hoyts and Eve nt cinemas are now So whether you choose to spend your available as e-ticke # leisure time with friends, family or both, ts , which you can pri nt at the SDA helps you out with these discount home or redeem on a movie tickets. smartphone. Order online at sd The SDA – It’s good to have a friend in the workplace. THE FINE PRINT Please note: All tickets are issued with an expiry date. #You must purchase a minimum of four tickets. Prices are subject to change without notice. Children’s tickets only available at Hoyts (valid for children aged 4-15 years), Village, Event, and Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinemas (valid for children aged 4-14 years). Event vouchers are not valid for sessions after Saturdays at 5pm, VMAX, Gold Class, 3D/Real D, group bookings, movie marathons and special events or in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Hoyts tickets are not valid for sessions after Saturdays at 5pm. IMAX tickets are not valid for the first 10 days of a film’s release.




YOU COULD GO TO THE MOVIES FOR FREE! It's that time of year when you’re looking for something to do with the kids, or you’d just like to get out of the heat and be entertained! So why not purchase movie tickets from the SDA at discounted prices (see opposite), and until 26 January, you’ll also go into a draw to win extra tickets! All you need to do is: + Purchase at least four Event Cinemas e-cinevouchers, and you’ll go into the draw to win 12 months of family passes (that’s 24 child and 24 adult tickets). + Purchase two adult Event Cinemas cinevouchers, and you’ll go into the draw to win one of 30 packs of 10 adult tickets.

Proudly sponsored by Village Cinemas



560 Free Places to G to SDA members an It’s an opportunity for us all to learn, to remember, to reect and to sleep out under the stars as the original ANZACs did over one hundred years ago.

The SDA is proud to be giving away ckets to aend 2016’s Camp Gallipoli – where you can camp under the stars with your family and friends and join in a special night of remembrance, entertainment, mateship and the birth of the ANZAC spirit. Camp Gallipoli is an important opportunity for Australians and New Zealanders to come together as part of the four-year centenary period and the birth of the ANZAC Spirit.


In a series of historic locaons around Australia and New Zealand, each venue will have spaces set aside for camping using swags, just like the diggers did. There will be entertainment, special guests, movies, documentaries, great food opons and a very special Dawn Service on Anzac day itself. Camp Gallipoli is fully supported by the Anzac Centenary Commiee, the Federal Educaon Department, RSL and Legacy. These special events will be respecul and informave but also most entertaining for all those who aend.

What You Need to Know WHERE: The Entertainment Quarter, Lang Rd, Moore Park, NSW 2021 WHEN: 24-25 April 2016 WHO: Those 15 years of age and under must have their own cket and be accompanied by a parent/ guardian or be part of a community group under adult supervision. YOU SHOULD BRING: X




You are permitted to bring one backpack or small bag plus what you’re sleeping in. Appropriate clothing/sleepwear. Swag/sleeping mat/sleeping bag/ pillow. Cash – there will be facilities to get cash but it is advisable to bring a small amount as well. Drink bottle. Medication, if required. Small amount of snack food (food will be available for purchase at the site).

Give Away d families

CAMP GALLIPOLI TICKET REQUEST FORM I am interested in aending Camp Gallipoli Name:


Camp Gallipoli will be providing an Australianinspired dinner and breakfast. Please be aware that you cannot have an open ame or raw food and no alcohol is to be brought into the event.



Campers will not have access to power, however camping areas will have adequate lighng to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests.

Home Phone No: ___________________________________

MORE INFO: go to

Employer: ________________________________________

The full event program, ckets and details for the 2016 event will be dispatched in early March 2016.

_______________________ Postcode _________ Your SDA Membership No:


Work Phone No: ___________________________________

Mobile Phone No: _________________________________ E-mail Address: ____________________________________

Suburb/Town: _____________________________________ Please send me

tt Tickets for Camp Gallipoli 2016

Proudly Supporting the RSL & Legacy Scan and e-mail this completed form to: or mail it to: PO Box K230, Haymarket NSW 1240 Camp Gallipoli supports the RSL and Legacy in recognion of their great support, leadership and service, with part proceeds of each Camp Gallipoli event being donated back to them.

by 26 February 2016


PICNIC DAY 2015 Picnic day is an additional public holiday for full-time and part-time shop assistants in NSW, and falls on the first Tuesday in November, which is of course also Melbourne Cup Day. And what better way to celebrate than with a racing theme! Once again, SDA members had a great day out at various events around the State.


WANT TO SEE MORE? Go to or scan this code with your QR enabled device. PAGE 24 l SUMMER 2015 l SDA NEWS

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SDA Young Workmate of the Year Award

The SDA knows that younger workers contribute a lot to our workplaces. That’s why we launched the SDA’s Young Workmate of the Year Awards. The awards, which were held for the second time this year, are designed to give the quiet achievers, the hard-workers and the cheery, helpful faces around the workplace the recognition they deserve. Hundreds of nominations were received as part of the competition, which was run through the 100% Pay at 18+ campaign website. The awards were open to workers aged 25 years or younger who: Q Q Q


Give 100% at work; Are great to work with; Give their workmates 100% support; and Make the workplace a better place.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said the awards highlight the number of fantastic young workers across the country. “The SDA believes young workers deserve to be recognised for giving it their all in the workplace,” Mr Dwyer said. “There are some very dedicated young workers out there. It’s been fantastic to be able to celebrate their commitment to their workplaces with these awards. “A huge thank you must go to everyone who took part in the awards – whether you nominated, were nominated, or voted. Our younger workers are giving 100% in the workplace, but they’re often not given the recognition they deserve. Thank you for helping us to change that. “Congratulations too to all of our winners. They are all fantastic examples of young workers giving it their all at work, and a

real indication as to why we should be paying younger workers the full adult rate of pay. “If you’re giving 100%, you deserve 100%.”

Congratulaons, Guys! Congratulations to the winners of the SDA’s 2015 Young Workmate of the Year Awards, who have each won $500. Q Q Q Q




Tasmania: Lauren McCarthy Queensland: Sarah Rasmussen Victoria: Asel Pandu Newcastle: Carly Parish. Runner up: Amma-Lou NSW/ACT: Kirsten Bayliss. Special mention: Liam Dudgeon South Australia/Northern Territory: Alysha Staska Western Australia: David Cann

To see the full list of award nominees, go to


It's time to splash out at...


on Sunday 28 February 2016 at Wet'n'Wild Sydney The SDA’s Family Day at Wet’n’Wild Sydney is a great day out for members and their families. For this day only, SDA members, their families and friends are entitled to a special $35 admission price (that’s a whopping 56% off the normal adult’s price, and 40% off the normal child’s price). Plus, you can pre-order your lunch for the special price of $12. With over 40 slides and attractions, including a whole zone dedicated to little water adventurers, and adrenalin-pumping action on some of the tallest and fastest water rides in the world, it’s so much more than a water park. So bring your swimmers and be ready to get wet!


APPLICATION FOR SDA FAMILY DAY 2016 TICKETS Mail this form, along with your payment to: SDA Family Day 2016, PO Box K230, Haymarket NSW 1240 OR if you’re paying by credit card, you can fax this form to (02) 9281 7050, or scan and e-mail it to

BY 5 FEBRUARY 2016 YOUR DETAILS Name: ................................................................................................... SDA Membership Number: .......................................................................... Address: ................................................................................................ ..................................................................................Postcode .............. Phone:

Home ................................... Work ......................................

E-mail Address: ....................................................................................... Employer:

......................................................................................... Suburb/Town .........................................................................

TICKETS AND PAYMENT I would like to order: [insert number] @ $35.00:


[insert number] ...............lunch orders* @12.00


Registered Post Charge:

$.............4.00 ............



Payment Method:


Cheque R Money Order R Credit Card [complete details below]

Credit Card Type:





Card Number: ....................................... Expiry Date: ................................. Cardholder’s Name [please print]: ............................................................... Cardholder’s Signature: ............................................................................. *You’ll get a choice of: beef burger, fries and soft drink; or chicken burger, fries and soft drink; or sh & chips and soft drink.


The Sydney Tower Eye

Madame Tussauds

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

t (02) 9333 9222 a

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Australian National Maritime Museum

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

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Sydney Aquarium, Darling Harbour

Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

t (02) 8251 7800 a

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast

Featherdale Wildlife Park, Doonside

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 25% discount upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

t (02) 9298 3777 a

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Gold Coast Attractions SDA members and their families are entitled to a 15% discount at these leading Gold Coast attractions:

White Water Skypoint World t 133 FUN t 133 FUN t (07) 5582 2700 (07) 5588 1111 (133 386) (133 386) a skypoint. t 133 FUN t (07) 5588 1111 t a whitewaterworld. a a a a dreamworld. Movieworld*


Wet’n’Wild Dreamworld Water World* *Please note: you must pre-purchase your tickets through the SDA website to access the discounts on these attractions.

Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures

ABC Driving School

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their children receive $25 o the standard cost of ve lessons with ABC Driving School. For more information, go to or see the White Pages for your nearest branch.

t 1300 362 881. a

Europcar Rentals

Coffs Harbour Driving School

SDA members receive exclusive rates when they rent with Europcar. Simply quote 47699503 when making your booking. No PIN or Velocity number is required. For more information, phone Europcar on 1300 131 390 or go to

Get ve one-hour lessons for just $275 – that’s a saving of $5 per lesson. Phone (02) 6652 1096 and speak to Julian or Kaye for more information.


Oer valid to 31 March 2016

SDA super summer across 1. ___ ___ (6, 8) are important opportunities to spend time with your family and friends. 12. After a large Christmas dinner, many people lie around feeling ___ (3). 15. ___ (2) a warm day, many people go to the beach. 16. Summer holidays are a great time to rest and ___ (10). 17. ___ (3), nil and nada are all words that mean ‘nothing’. 18. Most children have, at some time, had a picture taken sitting on Santa’s ___ (3). 19. Some people still jot their ideas down on a ___ (3). 20. ___ (7) at workers is a form of bullying. 22. Lions are known to ___ (4). 24. People often use the word ___ (3) instead of ‘person’. 25. Going ___ (2) work on a beautiful day can be a real drag! 27. Lots of people ___ (3) pictures of those they’re with at functions. 30. ___ (5) are a traditional toy that are still very popular. 32. Where has the year ___ (4)? 33. Many celebrations other than ___ (9) take place at this time of year. 36. ___ (2) is used as an abbreviation for ‘number’. 39. I would like a ___ (3) of presents this year! 40. Your employer is not entitled to call you at ___ ___ (3, 4) of the day or night. 43. It’s a terrible dilemma when you’re playing beach cricket: ___ (7) or bowling first? 44. You need to keep your ___ (7) up to date with the SDA so we can send you your magazine. 46. Some people call their mum ___ (2). 48. It’s ___ (2 - abbreviation) to eat too much at Christmas. 49. Your ___ (2) have been hard fought for over many decades by the union movement. 52. SDA members receive ___ (4) benefits than most 53. You must receive sufficient ___ (6) of a roster change. 56. Employer groups want to ___ (6) your right to penalty rates. 57. There are many kinds of windows, including sash, casement, sliding, and ___ (6). 58. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ is a ___ (4) first published anonymously in 1823. 59. Thursday 31 December is the ___ (5) day of the year. 61. Lack of Union membership was one of the reasons that 7-Eleven was able to ___ (7) their staff. 64. Together, ___ (2) are strong. 65. An ___ (3 - initials) is a note recording the fact that you owe someone something. 66. This year, it was revealed that 7-Eleven workers were being ___ ___ (6, 3). 68. It’s the time of year for ___ (7) Christmas carols. 69. ___ (6) is another word for ‘usual’. 70. We hope you ___ (3) everything you wish for this Christmas! 72. ___ (2) is a popular animated movie about a retired balloon salesman. 73. Instead of everyone giving everyone else a specific present, some workplaces (and families!) opt for a ___ (4) Kringle instead. 74. Long, hot days are a great time to relax and ___ (4). 75. ___ (4) is an abbreviation of ‘anonymous’. 76. People have reported ___ (6) reindeers and a sleigh in the sky on Christmas Eve. 78. You have many ___ (5) rights at work, which the SDA can advise you on. 79. You should never leave a ___ (5) flame unattended. 81. Many ___ (4) spend the lead up to Christmas running around trying to organise everything. 82. A ___ (3) of beer can be a welcome addition to the backyard barbecue. 83. Your Union is here to ___ (3) you in times of need. 86. Sometimes it’d be nice to be able to hit the ___ (3) key in real life! 87. If you’re planning on taking on a young one in an XBox battle these holidays, you’d better beware - they’ve probably ___ (5) their skills over the year.

crossword 1









15 17







18 19









28 30



33 36



















52 53




57 58






65 68 70










73 77

78 79




83 87




88 89

88. You could spoil your hair do by wearing a paper ___ (5) at Christmas dinner. 89. Nasty ___ (6) can be interpreted as bullying or harassment. Don’t do it. 90. If you get a lot of clothes for presents, no doubt you’ll have to empty some of your ___ (7) to make room for them. 91. Your Union is the ___ (3). DOWN 1. ___ ___ (7, 5) are under attack by the Government and employer groups. 2. The State Government is mucking around with ___ ___ (6, 3) trading. 3. It is ___ (7) for your employer to make you work without pay. 4. Merry Christmas and a ___ (5) New Year! 5. Leave ___ (8) are usually 17.5% of your normal pay. 6. Away ___ (2) a Manger. 7. Your Enterprise ___ (9) governs the pay and entitlements in your particular workplace. 8. This time of year is sometimes known as the ___ (5) Season. 9. The lead up to Christmas and New Year is a bit ___ (7) at times. 10. Orange juice is often abbreviated to ___ (2 - initials). 11. Most Agreements offer way rates well ___ (4) those of the Award. 12. Equal pay for those under 21 is only ___ (4). 13. You have rights ___ (2) work. 14. The SDA offers ___ (4 - initials) payments to assist members who are studying at a tertiary level. 21. Children need to ___ (2) to bed before Santa will come. 23. Some little ones get up at about four ___ (2) on Christmas Day. 26. It’s great to see the excitement when ___ (8) open their presents on Christmas morning. 28. Employers should treat their staff well, as it makes financial sense to ___ (7) and retain good staff. 29. Attendance at Midnight ___ (4) is an annual tradition for some families. 31. Small to Medium businesses are referred to as ___ (3 - initials) by some Government departments. 34. It’s generally accepted that Santa says ___ (2) three times. 35. When a new shopping centre begins construction, a politician is often pictured turning the first ___ (3).



37. The word ‘overtime’ can be shortened to ___ (2, initials). 38. ___ (3) person can’t make a big difference, but together we can. 41. If you’re lucky, you’ll get Christmas Dinner with all the ___ (9). 42. It can feel as though the attitude of some parties to the wages and conditions of ordinary workers are ___ (10). 43. ___ (3) is another word for ‘prohibit’. 45. ___ (4) members will work on upcoming public holidays, but at least they’ll get penalty rates to compensate them. 46. Attempts to remove penalty rates from low-wage earners are just ___ (4). 47. ___ (3) has been replaced by ROFL and other acronyms. 50. The lead up to Christmas involves a lot of ___ (8). 51. The SDA is running an ongoing campaign to ___ ___ ___ (4, 3, 7). 54. There is nothing more frustrating than realising you’ve forgotten the can ___ (6) when you’ve gone camping. 55. ___ (5) is often used instead of the work ‘boss’. 56. The Fair Work Commission can act as a ___ (7) in industrial disputes. 58. You hear many champagne corks going ___ (3) on New Year’s Eve. 60. ___ (5) membership is the best way to protect yourself at work. 61. Workplaces are required to be ___ (9) to protect you from injury. 62. If you eat too much, you may spend a lot of time on the ___ (3)!!! 63. ___ (7) hours are once again on the agenda with the Government’s attack on Boxing Day. 64. The ___ (9) can be chaotic at this time of year. 67. This year, Christmas Day falls on a ___ (6). 70. The State Government is acting like the ___ (6), trying to spoil everyone’s Christmas break. 71. A barbecue is great for ___ (7) and laughing with your friends. 72. The Summer move marathon could include the classic spaghetti western, The Good, The Bad and The ___ (4). 75. ___ (2) is often exclaimed when a person finds something. 77. Easy ___ (6) is required at workplaces, in case of emergency. 80. It often falls to ___ (4) to dress up as Santa Claus. 84. Your male offspring is your ___ (3) 85. ___ (3) is a system of rules that are enforced through social institutions to govern behaviour.


VISIT OUR WEBSITE TODAY! Our website is an excellent resource for Union members. From details about your work entitlements, to up-to-date information about public holidays, and access to a wide range of services and benefits, it’s your one-stop-shop! You’ll find the our site very easy to use:  Mobile-friendly page view.  Access information specific to your company by logging in.  Order cinema e-tickets that you can either:  • receive on your home computer, print out and take with you to the cinema; or  • receive on your phone via email and scan the bar code directly from your screen at the cinema. And if that’s not enough, the Frequent ValuesTM program has some exciting features too:  5% off Woolworths Wish cards can be printed at home; no need to wait for them to arrive in the mail.  You can redeem your ‘20% off the bill’ offer at establishments that accept the EntertainmentTM Cards discount right on your phone. Just log in to and save your details.


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