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Hi guys Welcome to our Awesome August edition of our newsletter. What a turbulent first half of the year we have faced, not only as a nation but worldwide. Although the fear and upset for everyone except those directly affected by the natural disasters are fading in the forefront of our minds, in the past couple of weeks the financial disasters have taken its place, to replace this fear. In any crisis you will find danger and opportunity, as wealth shifts hands during these financial crises from those unprepared to those who are prepared, who are educated, and can make cool, calm and collected decisions for the long term, while the rest are freaking out about the short term and selling. As Warren Buffet says “you should try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”, but without knowledge and the right mindset, that is just an ideal saying. Who would have liked to buy property 10 years ago? Everyone right, well let me ask you this; in 10 years time do you think it would be any different? I hear on the news about the financial markets crashing, while the public are fearful and sell, you should be getting excited and looking to buy. While others are complaining about the economy and how hard it is to make money in their businesses you should be looking how to add value and grow your business regardless of the “economy”. It’s not easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it. You shouldn’t want it to be easy, there is no fun in easy, there is fun in challenge. So look at the challenges in your life and get excited about them, these are where your next successes come from if you keep the right mindset and overcome the challenge. Always remember, if you’re going through it, someone else has already been through it, overcome it, so if you have a challenge that you are struggling to overcome, seek out advise from a mentor that has overcome it, and before you say Pat I don’t know anyone who has overcome it, a mentor doesn’t have to be someone in your life, it can be found in an audio cd, a book, an educational product or some other information product, just check out google. So where ever we find you this month on your journey, sit back, relax and enjoy this month’s newsletter. Yours in Prosperity

Learn to give and receive.

Be a transmitter… You have probably heard the old saying, “Give and it shall be given”. Most of us would rightly agree that giving is a virtuous thing. The prosperous person is a giver. But the prosperous person also knows how to receive. How many people feel uncomfortable about receiving? We need to become transmitters of wealth. A transmitter receives input and then transmits it out. In the same way, we need to be able to receive before we can be a giver. Why? Because unless you have something then you have nothing to give! The poor can’t help the poor because they are poor. It is the prosperous person, the person of abundance, the flourishing person who can be a transmitter of wealth. But to become this kind of person you have got to first learn to be a receiver.

Some people receive negativity and gossip all the time because they choose to receive these things. I choose not to.

How do you become a good receiver? Here are three keys: ■ Be clear about what you want to receive and what you don’t want to receive ■ Learn to give ■ Learn the art of being a ‘master asker’

How much you can receive is limited to your personal bigness. A jar can contain only so much. A house can contain so much but a barn can contain so much more. To be a bigger receiver you need a bigger capacity. James Baillie said, “To grow and know what one is growing towards – that is the source of all strength and confidence in life”.

Many people are not clear about what they want. As a result they attract all kinds of trash. A few years ago, I was the director of a youth drug rehabilitation program. Well meaning people were always wanting to give us things they had no use for – old beds with holes in them, smelly and worn clothing that was way out of date and so on. I made a decision not to receive stuff like this because I knew it would develop a wrong mindset. I wanted the boys in the program to sleep in clean beds with fresh, clean sheets and to have nice clothes. Amazingly, as soon as we stopped receiving the old stuff, we started receiving nice comfortable beds, new sheets and great clothes for the boys who were able to dress the way they wanted. Our input – our stipulation of what we were willing to receive – determined our output. Once you decide to be a receiver, it’s amazing what you will attract. You will attract what you are willing to receive. Some people constantly attract trouble because they are willing to receive it. In all my years of working in drug rehabilitation and working with young people, even though drugs were around me everywhere, I have never been offered drugs except one time in Hawaii. Because I choose not to receive that environment around me, I don’t attract it. Trouble can be everywhere around me, but I choose not to receive it. What are you choosing to receive? What are you allowing into your life that you don’t want?

You need to develop your capacity to receive the things you want to receive into your life. When you receive compliments, do you put on false humility or do you receive it with gratefulness? When you receive money, do you feel like you need to apologise for it or feel bad about it? If you do, then you are putting a lid on your prosperity. These responses reflect a sense of unworthiness. When you receive wealth you need to be comfortable with it – embrace it, acknowledge it and enjoy it.

To grow and know that I am growing towards being a receiver with a capacity for prosperity brings a strength and dignity to my life that I can never have with a limited mindset. Every one who believes in himself, no matter who he is, stands on a higher level and has a greater capacity than a wobbler who is unsure of who he is and what he believes. To be a receiver means that you will stand out. To be prosperous means you will be at a higher level. William J.H. Boetcker said this: “It has always been a crime to be above the crowd. That’s the real reason why some in public life are maligned, attacked and slandered, for they are beyond the reach of those who realise in their own heart that the greatness of others shows their own smallness and their own inferiority”. Never let your prosperity be hindered by other people’s inferiority and small mindedness. Never let other people hinder your capacity to receive. Your capacity to receive will always show up the smallness and limitations of others. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be great is to be misunderstood”. If you desire prosperity and increase, you will be misunderstood. People who are going nowhere, doing nothing and achieving little are left alone, but once you choose to flourish, abound, increase and prosper, you face attack from all directions – friends, colleagues and especially those who have no capacity to receive. PAT MESITI

Do you want to Unleash your Prosperity? How many times have you dreamed about what it would be like to lead a wealthy life? Many people spend their entire life wishing they had more money, but they never do anything about it. (By the way, buying a weekly lotto ticket doesn’t count!) The truth is you can live a more prosperous life if you are prepared to make some changes in your life. Before you can become a multimillionaire, you need to develop the mindset of a multimillionaire. The first place in which change needs to happen is in your mind. Our $1 Million Reason to Change Your Mind Live Event is all about helping you to shift your thinking from a poverty mindset to a millionaire mindset. Best of all, it can happen much easier than you think. Not only is this shift in mindset possible, but also in the right environment, it's easy to do. You can do it in a heartbeat when you have a reason "why". Wealth isn’t just about financial prosperity. It’s also about mental and emotional wealth; it’s about abundance and success in every area of your life. Prosperity definitely includes financial wealth, but it should never be limited to this. Prosperity is something that affects your whole life. My mission is to help make people prosperous and to be rich. To actually achieve the wealth and prosperity of your dreams. And that mission has a set goal: to create 10,000 multimillionaires. Will YOU be one of my 10,000 in training?

How can you achieve that? It’s very simple: we all need to have the right kind of mindset to achieve wealth and prosperity. Change your mindset, and you'll change your destiny. The problem with a lot of us is that we have viruses in our minds. These viruses are stopping you at the moment from moving to that new level. My friend, I want to help you change that! If you don't change that and get rid of the viruses, prosperity won't last. Having the right dream for success and the determination to succeed is not enough. You need to be able to change your mindset to consistently think how wealthy people think — thinking with a millionaire mindset. Otherwise, like many lottery winners, you may gain a large sum of money overnight, but without a millionaire mindset, it may soon disappear. The bottom line is that your income won’t keep you where your mindset can’t hold you. You can't have a million dollar income with $5 mindset. You have to decide that you’re going to be a wealthy person. Generally speaking, true prosperity does not happen by accident. It takes a decision on your part to become prosperous. You have to be committed to prosperity. If you’re not fully committed to becoming prosperous, then you c a n ’t b l a m e a n y b o d y o r anything else for your lack of prosperity. If you want to prosper, then there’s only one person that matters—you! You have to decide that you are going to be a wealthy person.

Being wealthy means not only changing your mindset to think differently about yourself (and overcoming your mind viruses), but also how you think about your future. Your future is not predetermined. Rather, you create your future by the decisions and choices you make today. What you need is a dream, a clear vision of the future you want to create for yourself. You might also need to change how you think about other people. Instead of seeing others as being in competition with you, or as obstacles around which you need to negotiate on your way to personal success, you need to see other people as part of the key to your own success. Other people need to become the ultimate purpose for your prosperity. I say that because we achieve prosperity so we can do something to make life better, not just for ourselves, but for others as well. Are you ready for a mind shift? Are you willing to get rid of thought patterns, ideas about yourself and your world, and mindsets about money and wealth that have kept you contained? Are you willing to kick out those thought patterns, ideas and mindsets that have prevented you from stepping into the truly prosperous life that you were born for and that is waiting to be discovered? So, do you want to Unleash your Prosperity? PAT MESITI For more information on $1 Million Reason Live Event 16th-18th September 2011 visit


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Just a thought‌

“Enjoy what you ha ve got right now, while pursuing what you really want .� Pat Mesiti

Coaches Corner… ONE SMALL STEP FORWARD IS STILL A STEP FORWARD – MOMENTUM I am a firm believer that real success in any endeavor is obtained through setting smart goals, stretching your current reality and the momentum of taking action. When we set goals, stretch ourselves, take action with the best intent and plans we can get knocked back further then where we started, leaving us deflated, lost and disillusioned. On the journey of success our forward momentum in an instant can get knocked back hard causing negative momentum, and along with it goes our confidence and our self-esteem. This my friend, is a crossroad! Now you can choose to turn left, right, turn back around or go ahead again. Sometimes a really hard knock back will push us into the darkness where we can no longer see at all. It can lead to depression, a feeling of lack, of loss and despair. You can find these stories in abundance, just go to the local pubs and listen to the guys drinking alone at the bar. So what can we do? We too can give up and put it in the too hard basket, hand over our destinies control and the ownership of our success to free reigning circumstances, bring out our beliefs on why we couldn’t make it and it wasn’t for us. When you think of where you were before the knock back and where you are now it may just seem overwhelming and you can only think of quitting. OR… You can do what the successful people do and take a small step forward, taking back ownership of your circumstances, even if the step is in the dark, creating just a small amount of momentum. There is also a place where these stories are found in abundance, it is in the corner office of the worlds largest corporations, in the books of leaders and inspirational heroes of our world, they are the stories behind every success story on the planet. You may be so far off track now that you are walking in the wilderness, but I am here to tell you that your success in life because of this knock back will be so much greater, pulling yourself up from the dust and taking that step forward will allow you to have a really great story behind your success. The harder the knock back the greater the final success is destined to be, that is, if you don’t ever give up and take another small step forward to your destiny.

Noni Clark

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THE POWER OF BODY LANGUAGE People can not live without each other; we are social beings. As soon as we are in contact with others we are communicating. Therefore, the ability to communicate is essential to us all. We need to let others know how we feel and what we want but, believe it or not, speech is only a small part of the communication process and the majority of what we actually ‘say’ is non-verbal or ‘body language’. For example, when you first meet someone, most people quickly make a decision as to whether that person is ‘likeable’. Call it a feeling or a gut reaction or even intuition, but the evidence suggests that much of your reaction is actually based on the person’s body language. Generally they are making the same appraisal of you, based on your body language. According to Allan and Barbara Pease, international experts on communication skills and Body Language, it takes less than four minutes to make an impression – good or bad! Non-verbal ‘Body Language’ accounts for 60-80% of the impact you make when communicating ‘face to face’, while the words you utter only account for 7-10%. “What you say face to face has almost no bearing at all” says Allan Pease. Often body language occurs unconsciously. Yet the body language we use decides to a large extent the quality of our communication. On that basis alone it would be good to become conscious of our own and others' body language. We can all learn to use our body language for a purpose, and learn to understand and interpret body language of others. It is important to note however, that body language has different meanings in different cultures. How we can interpret body language depends on the situation, the culture, the relationship we have with the person, as well as their gender, for example hand shaking – In England it’s usual to pump the hand three times, in Germany only twice and yet the United States average is five times. Eye contact is also culturally determined, according to Allan. “Australians will meet your gaze about sixty to seventy percent of the time when they speak in a non-threatening environment and then they look away for the other thirty percent,” he says. “The Chinese only meet your gaze about one third of the time or less. So if you didn’t know that and were talking with a Chinese person, meeting their gaze the bulk of the time, they may feel that you are in fact confronting them in some way, or even feel threatened by your conversation.” There is not one signal that has the same meaning all over the world and if you do not take this into account you may get yourself in some serious trouble! Body language is used often to express feelings. For instance if we do not like someone, it is often difficult to say that directly to the person. However we can

make it clear either intentionally or unintentionally through our body language. Or we may say that we ARE angry using words yet our body language may be saying loud and clear that we are NOT. In this way, people can give their true feelings away by not being aware of their body language. Research has shown that most people pay more attention to, and believe more readily, their impression of how a person acts through body language than what is said through words. As a consequence we tend to doubt the spoken words if they do not correspond with their body language. To leave a good impression behind, say at a job interview, it is important that we know, and to a certain extent can control, our body language. The person on the receiving end of our body language will have a feeling or impression that is often difficult to describe or to put into words. Haven't we all said at times: 'I have a feeling he/she likes me', or something like: 'I doubt if what he/she is saying is really the truth'. This type of feeling is called intuition and body language plays a big role in this as it gives us messages about the other person that we can interpret on a subconscious level. The bad news is that, no matter how hard we try, there is only a limited amount we can do to control or fake our body language and stop it from betraying our feelings. “There’s not a great deal you can do” says Allan. “The only things you can consciously control are the big movements, such as arm crossing, leg crossing, the position of your body relative to the other person and the clothing you are wearing.” Ultimately, rather than controlling your own bodies signals, the main purpose of understanding body language is to learn how to read others. To this end, here are a few types of classic body signals we should avoid or emulate depending on the impression we are trying to create – BODY TALK • MIRRORING Subtly mirroring another person’s gestures and body positions shows empathy with them and occurs naturally when in relaxed, open dialogue. • PALMS DOWN Gesturing with palms facing down is an aggressive, dominant signal. • PALMS UP This is a submissive, non threatening gesture, given more impact if the fingers are spread.

• EXCESSIVE HAND-TO-FACE CONTACT Can be indicative of deceit. This includes rubbing of eyes, ears, face and tugging of the collar. • HANDS CLASPED BEHIND BACK A gesture of superiority and/or confidence • RUBBING HANDS TOGETHER An indicator of optimism and excitement • ARMS CROSSED IN FRONT OF CHEST Commonly shows an attempt to hide from an unfavourable situation, but if done in a tense manner, it can be a sign of anger. • LEGS AND ARMS CROSSED Can show displeasure, withdrawal from a conversation and a generally negative or defensive attitude. • PICKING IMAGINARY LINT A common sign of disapproval. In a listener, it can mean non verbal disagreement with what is being said. • BASIC PREENING GESTURES Hair touching and twirling, and smoothing clothing are often used as courtship gestures.

“If they are in reflective mode, opened but leaning back, they are interested and receptive but not actively accepting. Trying to close the sale or asking for agreement now may drive them away into fugitive mode. This is the time to present further facts and incentives. It may also be a good time to keep quiet and let them think.” comments Allan. In fugitive or running mode, closed and leaning back, people are trying to escape physically through the door or mentally. This is the time to spark interest in any way you can, even if it's irrelevant to what you're trying to get across or sell. Finally, in combative mode, when the subject is closed and leaning forward, there is an indication of active resistance. This is the time to be very careful and defuse anger, avoid contradiction and argument, and to steer them into reflective and more accepting mode. Understanding all of this, Allan simply asks “Why wouldn’t you use the power of body language in every way you can to ensure your success both in business and your personal life?” ‘Definitive Book of Body Language’ is now available at all good bookstores, or online at


• STRADDLING CHAIRS This is a means of shielding the body, often used by dominant people to take control of a situation. As you can see, being able to read body language is an extremely useful communication tool. Knowing what a person's state of mind is can be invaluable in any kind of relationship, both business and personal. Give yourself an edge in business – from the moment you greet your customer, observe the customer's body language. At the beginning of the meeting, it is normal for customers to appear somewhat reserved or nervous. If this is a new relationship, the customer may not be ready to trust you yet. As the meeting progresses, the customer should normally warm up and begin to display more open body language. Pay particular attention to any changes in the customer's body language, both positive and negative. Positive moves are buying signals -- you are on the right track and should keep going in the direction where you are headed. Negative moves are objections. They mean that you and the customer are beginning to diverge. Stop the track you are on, and get back in sync with the customer. For example, in business dealings, when someone is in a responsive mode, if a person is leaning forward and in an open position, the person is actively accepting. This is the time to close the sale, ask for an agreement, or demand a concession.

Some exciting news for all our Millionaire Mindset Club Subscribers for Next month, Allan Pease's new book ‘Body Language in the Workplace’ and interview with Pat Mesiti will be in the September edition of all standard and Prosperity plus members. For anyone who was thinking about signing up for the Millionaire Mindset Club, there would be no better time than now, for this exclusive interview and best selling book will be available for September only. Contact to find out how you can join. Also for those attending La Dolce Vita in OctoberAllan Pease and is lovely wife Barbara will be in attendance, and Allan has insisted that he share some astounding insights and techniques you will not hear anywhere else. This is a not to be missed exclusive talk from the “Master of Body Language” himself, Mr Allan Pease.


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   %   #   SINGLE $397 RESERVE YOUR DOUBLE $697


A BIG THANK YOU TO PAT FROM TEAM MESITI‌ Team Mesiti were blessed this pass weekend with an amazing couple of days for the Winter Staff Retreat. The retreat for Winter 2011 took place in the lovely Hunter Valley, NSW. While the weather was wet and wild outdoors, the team enjoyed the Hunter Valley’s best experiences indoors with sensational food, wine tasting and great accommodation. A fun filled Friday was followed with brainstorming and implementing of new ideas for Mesiti and the Millionaire Mindset Club on Saturday morning. The team at Mesiti and Millionaire Mindset Club would like to personally thank Pat Mesiti for this years Winter Staff Retreat and we look forward to implementing our learnings and the ideas from this weekend. Thanks Pat!

BIG DREAM weekend turn your dreams into reality and define your destiny… Tired of having a dream and not fulfilling it? Discover the power of your dream and put it to work for YOU, your FAMILY & FRIENDS and BUSINESS ASSOCIATES Discover and develop the character, skills and attitudes of a successful dreamer…plus more! the events team today to find out more!

13-15 April 2012 — GOLD COAST

Want To Get FREE Promotion Of Your Business Or Just Want To Share A Story About Yourself To Encourage Others. One of the best ways to get motivated is to see other people do well at things. Seeing real life examples, people who are just like you. Doing it tough working extra hard to get results and willing to put in the effort to see results. So we’ve decided to add a new section to this newsletter. Introducing the…

“Limelight Corner” If you have any success stories from having used the Mesiti products or attended our live events and feel these may inspire more people, then we want to know about it. We want to feature you in this newsletter and let you promote yourself or your business. Why would we do this? Well it’s simple, we want as many people to achieve great successes utilising our personal development material. As mentioned earlier… the best way to motivate others is giving real life examples of how other people have utilised the materials. Secondly, we want to give back. We want to give back to our clients, our subscribers and our customers by giving you a chance to promote yourself to a large audience of likeminded people via this newsletter. You’ll be allowed to share your website, your business details and a short description of what you do, which will be added to your story. This is a great opportunity for you if you have an inspiring story to share, want to get FREE advertising for your business or just want to get the chance to be in the limelight for once. If this is you then please write an email to with your story and a picture of yourself. You will then be considered as our feature story for the next edition. We look forward to receiving many success stories and using them to inspire others to reach higher levels of success.

If you have a success story you would like to share and at the same time promote your business totally free please email with your details and you’ll be considered as our next feature success story.


How to think like a millionaire and uncover the fortune that lies hidden in your mind!


Issue 14 August 2011  

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